CSI: Miami s09e11 Episode Script


This is Horatio Caine.
I have a broken water main at fifth and Howard.
- Yes, I will hold.
- It's bad, H.
I got a female victim here.
She's a goner.
Looks like she got shot, then hit the hydrant.
Male victim, 40s.
Gunshot to the head.
Walter, we've got about two minutes before this crime scene washes away.
We have to do whatever we can to protect the evidence.
I'm on it.
Hurry, Walter.
Are you there, sir? Yes.
Where was the emergency? Fifth and Howard.
I need the main shut off immediately.
I'm trying to preserve a crime scene.
Come on, come on.
Damn it.
Walter! I think I see a gun! Walter! Do you hear me? Walter! Walter, the gun! What?! It's headed for the storm drain! Walter! Walter! Walter, the murder weapon is washing away! No! Walter! It's gone! What happened? Ah, hell! What's the matter? The murder weapon went down the drain.
Down the drain? Hi.
So, meet Marvin hill, 45.
Gunshot wound to his left temple.
Side of stippling.
So close-range shot to the head.
Was there an exit wound? Um, no, I don't see one on the body.
A close-range shot to the temple is usually the most common site for a self-inflicted wound.
So you're thinking it's a murder-suicide.
Maybe he shot her, shot himself.
It was a crime of passion.
Marvin was in love with who? Rebecca west of Miami shores.
Marvin's from surfside.
What's the connection of our vics? I don't know.
They don't have the same last name or the same address, so Not married.
What do you got? Found a casing from a .
25 over by our male Vic.
Let's see if we can match it to that weapon, okay? Yeah, I'll get it right to Calleigh.
Unfortunately, most of our evidence got washed away.
I agree with that.
But we still have to figure out what happened here, so we'll have to work with what we have.
Ooh, did you bring me a present? Yeah, this is the .
25 I rescued from the crime scene.
Unfortunately, somebody scratched off the serial number.
Ryan, I hate to tell you this, but, um You kind of smell.
I do? I had a, uh I had a fire hydrant raining down on me for 20 minutes.
Was it a purple one? Yes.
Should I change? Definitely.
How's it going? One expended round, at your service.
About a quarter of an inch in diameter.
Formed a protrusion right under the stratum corneum.
So it created a bulge under her skin? Right.
Didn't have enough momentum to break through and exit the skin.
So, this was a low-velocity shot? Mm-hmm, that's right.
west didn't die immediately.
She bled out.
Do you have anything on Marvin? Uh, no apparent exit wound, so I figure the slug's still somewhere in the gray matter.
I have to dig deeper.
Could take some time.
In the meantime, can I take all the clothes? Do you mind? No.
And I will take this slug over to Calleigh and let her take a peek at it.
Thank you very much.
Natalia, hey.
So, listen, the slug you brought me from Rebecca's skull was fired from the gun recovered at the scene.
It's definitely the murder weapon.
Thanks, Calleigh.
Hey, figured you could use a hand.
I can.
Thank you.
Can you grab all that for me, please? Yeah, got it.
Hey, is it me, or do Marvin's clothes reek? No, it's not just you.
But Ryan told me that they got sprayed by a purple fire hydrant which uses non-potable water as a source.
Yeah, so it's definitely not fit for human consumption.
No wonder the guys all had to change their clothes.
I am just getting pet hair and lint from Marvin.
I got lip balm and some gum from Rebecca's pockets.
Yeah, I don't have anything here that would link our vics.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'll bet those aren't very cute on Marvin, 'cause they're a size two.
Or our Marvin was into a little kink.
You know what, Tripp just brought his widow in.
Why don't you give me those, and I'll see if his wife knows what Marvin was up to.
I'll bet you margaritas she doesn't.
I bet you're right.
hill, we think your husband may have turned the gun on himself after he shot a woman.
No way.
Marvin hates guns.
He's been a fierce advocate against the violence they perpetuate for decades.
We both have.
Lots of people have secrets.
Maybe Marvin did, too.
What is that? That's a unmentionable.
Found in your husband's pocket.
Is it yours, by any chance? Absolutely not.
Look, we mentioned a woman That your husband may have shot.
I don't know anything about any woman.
This is a hard question to ask.
Was Marvin having an affair? I don't think Marvin would do that.
Have you, uh, ever seen this woman? No.
I've never seen her.
Is this the woman you think Marvin Was with? We-we don't know anything for sure yet.
He told me he was just going on his morning walk.
Do you think he's been lying to me every single morning? We're going to find out, okay? Where is she? Hey, that woman up there that's Mrs.
hill, right? Look, I saw her on the news, okay? They said her husband killed my mom.
Excuse me.
What's the problem? Her husband killed my mom! I just want to know why! Shh, shh, hey.
Hey You're Nick west, Rebecca's son, right? Right? Yeah.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Come here, son.
Come here.
Where's your father? He died three years ago.
Mom's all I got.
Nick, is it possible that she's seeing somebody you don't know about? What? You think she was hooking up with that lady's husband? I don't know.
My mom hasn't been on a date since dad died.
I think it's my fault.
Why do you say that? I missed my bus.
I made her drive me to school.
If she hadn't have done that Son, now listen to me.
Look at me.
It's not your fault.
Hey, doc, so I got your message.
You dug the bullet out of Marvin's head.
Oh! Tom! Little heads I A warning? I'm afraid it's way too exciting for etiquette, Walter.
This is Marvin's skull.
I see that.
See the beveling on the inside of the edge of the temporal plate? Uh-huh.
That's what's left of the entry wound.
A small hole, but it caused these radial fractures.
Then the bullet traveled through the frontal lobe, to the back of the left parietal bone and ricocheted.
Wait a minute.
So you're telling me that this bullet played pinball in Marvin's brain? That's right.
Small-caliber bullets can just bounce all over the brain.
And that's what happened here? Exactly.
The bullet deflected along the internal table of the occipital bone creating a gutter, only to slingshot through the brain and out here.
Wait a minute.
So you're also saying that the entry is also the exit? That's right.
The only reason the bullet had enough velocity to exit was the bone had been weakened by the entrance- wound fractures.
We got to get back out to that crime scene and find that bullet.
Thanks, doc.
But I already gave the bullet to natalia.
No, no, tom, that was the bullet that you took out of Rebecca.
I gotta find the other bullet.
No, no, no, you don't understand.
It is my belief that the bullet that killed Rebecca killed Marvin first! What?! Walter.
H! What do you got? All right.
Oh, natalia.
Perfect, the gang's all here.
All right, now, originally, we thought that Marvin shot Rebecca.
Right, and then turned the gun on himself.
Well, thanks to Dr.
Loman, we now believe that Marvin hill was shot first.
Really? As impossible as it sounds, the round that entered Marvin's skull here whipped around inside, exited here, killing Rebecca.
That does sound impossible, Walter.
A little, but it got me thinking.
What if Rebecca pulled up and shot Marvin? So then Marvin was the target.
No! No, that's not possible, because there's no GSR in the car.
Even with all the water, there would still be some left on the floor mats.
Ladies and gentlemen, that leaves us with the problem of where did the round come from? Exactly.
But I think I have the answer.
I'll show it to you.
Natalia, if you would indulge me.
You be Rebecca.
Okay, I will.
Careful, watch your eyes.
Now We know that if we line up the exit wound with Rebecca's position, it means that the entrance wound came from here.
So, there was a third player who took the shot.
And Rebecca Was an innocent bystander.
I thought you said Marvin shot himself.
Ballistics suggest that there was a third party involved.
Marvin was the intended target of that shooting.
Well, uh then there's something you're not telling us, right? What is it? Okay, okay.
Look, Marvin was spending a lot of time on the computer.
He'd come home from work and he'd go straight to it.
I just told myself he was doing research.
You think he met someone online? It's not like he was spending nights in seedy motels.
He was coming home.
So I didn't say anything.
I didn't want to push him further away.
Would you mind if we borrowed Marvin's computer for a little while? Yeah.
What'd you find? Check this out.
I routed it through the os and found a hidden hard drive partition.
What was he hiding? Who's Sean? Sean is a 19-year-old marine.
He just got back from a tour in northern Afghanistan.
He's from Gary, Indiana, and he graduated from hoover High School in 2008.
Why would Marvin have Sean on his computer? That's the thing.
Marvin created Sean.
I guess he just downloaded a picture off the Internet and created a social networking profile.
All right, why would Marvin want to pretend to be a 19-year-old marine? Because he is having a relationship with "Ashley x.
" "Sean, I can't sleep.
You're all I think about.
" There's hours and hours of chats, lots of heart emoticons.
I think that Sean and Ashley were in love.
Look here.
They were planning to meet.
"I can't wait to see you in person in Miami"" well, who's this Ashley? Oh, my God, she's a kid.
So maybe Ashley gets angry that her soldier stud is really an old man with a wife.
We need to find Ashley.
Are there any other pictures in Marvin's computer of Ashley? I'm gonna do a photo- recognition search.
Here we go.
Ashley at a pool party.
Ashley at Halloween.
Wait a minute.
Will you zoom in on that one? Yeah.
Looks like Ashley's a cheerleader at BHS, wherever that is.
Look at the lower left corner of the uniform.
See that? It's an owl.
Yeah, BHS; That's the Bayfront High School owls.
You know what? I'm gonna call the principal and see what we can find out about this girl.
All right.
Once you know something, I'll need a warrant so we can search the residence.
So, Ashley You have been chatting online with someone claiming to be Sean.
I don't know Sean.
And I don't chat online.
I'm not allowed.
His real name is Marvin hill, and we recovered your picture on his computer.
What's he talking about? She only uses the Internet to do her schoolwork.
Ashley, I need your help.
I sent the picture to a few friends, but that's it.
Then how did this guy get it? Marvin hill was a 45-year-old man posing as a 19-year-old.
Yes, he was.
As in past tense.
He was murdered this morning.
So we're gonna need a sample of Ashley's DNA.
DNA? Is that necessary? Absolutely not.
We found this in Marvin's pocket.
Ashley would never wear something like that.
We wouldn't let her.
You're making some pretty serious allegations about my daughter, lieutenant.
She has never had a sexual relationship, especially not with some pathetic old man.
Chandler, sit down.
Sit down.
Eric, I think it would be wise to test Mr.
Chandler for gunshot residue.
So do I, H.
Fine, but you're not touching Ashley.
We're gonna need you to hold out your hands, please.
You tested positive for gunshot residue.
What does that mean? It means that your father shot a gun this morning.
Do you own a gun, Mr.
Chandler? Yes, several, but I just used it earlier to shoot some armadillos off my yard.
Larry What's going on? Just go upstairs.
I'll handle this, okay? You think I killed that predator? You know what we think? We think that you found out Ashley was having an online fling.
You set up a date, you brought your gun, and then you realized he was a middle-aged man.
And so you shot him.
Hey, you stay away from my daughter.
Where's the gun? I keep the guns locked in here.
Step back, please.
Wait a minute.
Something's not right.
There's the .
22 that I fired, but the .
25 is missing.
So, you saying you own a gun that matches the caliber of the murder weapon? Maybe the armadillos took it off ya.
So, Larry Chandler has an alibi.
And he said he was at the DMV all day, so I sent homicide over there to check it out.
Yeah, he's also got a gun missing, so if we can get some evidence that he knew about Ashley and Sean's relationship, we can establish a motive for dad.
Family computer.
I don't think Ashley's got her own laptop, so she probably did her chatting here.
Let me see.
Let's do it.
Hey Hmm.
Parental control software.
Dad could have been monitoring Ashley's chats without her knowledge.
And can you pull up all of her old chats? Yep.
Software saves everything for a week, and then it purges.
Here we go.
Bayfront high study group.
Florida soccer moms.
Miami golf, pta Ah, here we go teen grapevine.
Same chat room as the one on Marvin's computer.
And there's all of Ashley's chats with, uh, marvin/sean.
"Can't wait to see you.
F-T-F"? That sounds nasty.
What is that? "Face-to-face.
" Look at you you're all hip to the lingo.
I'm cool.
I got nephews.
Oh, wait.
Who's this? Who's this Justin that just showed up all over this chat? I don't know, but he's pretty jealous of Sean, aka Marvin.
"He doesn't deserve you.
You can do better.
" "Wish he would r-I-h-a-d.
" "Rot in hell and die.
" Well, them's strong words for young Justin.
Yeah, and these are even stronger.
"If wishing isn't enough, I'll make sure he does"" okay, now, wait a minute.
Then he just threatened to kill Sean.
So do you think he followed through on that? I don't know, but he just logged in online.
Let's let Ashley set up a meeting with him f-t-f.
Let's do it.
"Are you there"" "need to see you in real life.
Are you up for it"" he's thinking about it.
Oh, where do we meet him? Uh, Miami and Brickell.
"Miami and Brickell.
Parking garage, "see you later"" Eric, it just hit 3:00.
What do you see? All clear so far.
You? All quiet on the Western front.
Hang on a second.
Got a plaid shirt in the northwest corner.
Never mind.
Scratch that.
Forget it.
Patience, brother.
Wait a second.
What do I have here? Southwest corner, Eric.
Right there.
You see him? I see him.
Go now.
Don't move! Miami-Dade police.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Don't move, kid.
Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! What the hell are you doing, man? I'm stepping out of my vehicle.
I didn't realize that was a crime.
It's not.
This is.
That's not mine.
I'm a little more interested in the murders of Marvin hill and Rebecca west, Justin.
I'm not Justin.
What the hell are you doing here? Talk.
I-I I answered an ad online.
He paid me 100 bucks to wear this shirt and walk up here.
What'd he look like? Brown hair, average height.
Yeah, yeah, mm-hmm.
We don't have all day here.
He was he was driving, like, a white car.
The make.
Uh, four-door.
Uh, it was, like, one of those Rental car models.
What else? Um, uh, out of Out-of-state plates.
Where was it from? Um, oh, I didn't What else? What else? Keep talking.
Look, I don't know.
Um, wait, it's, uh Yeah? Wait, it's it's New Mexico! New Mexico.
New Mexico.
Good job.
Yeah, have you, uh, recently rented out any cars with new Mexico plates on them? Okay.
Thank you.
Yeah, new Mexico plates on any of the cars you got any? What do you mean, you don't give out that information? Excuse me? New Mexico is not a foreign country.
What-what what did you say? Jiminy Christmas.
Uh, yeah.
Do you have any, uh Any cars with new Mexico plates? Uh, actually, we do.
I rented it out just this morning to a Justin Carson.
Young kid, late teens? Brown hair? Well, his I.
Said he was 25, but description sounds right.
Why? He's involved in a murder.
Uh uh, that's interesting.
Uh, if you could come in as soon as possible.
I'm sorry.
What'd you say? If you could come in as soon as possible.
Is he there with you now? Yes, sir.
That is That is correct.
Yeah, I'm returning my rental.
Could you just put it on the card, please? Run the card.
Tell him there's a problem, then put him on with me.
Put me on speaker, so I can hear.
And stall as best you can.
Okay, Justin.
It'll be just a couple of minutes while I run this.
Fine, fine.
I just need to go.
How's your day going so far? Uh, fine.
Just, please I'm afraid that there's a problem with the card, sir.
That can't be.
It was working this morning.
I can get a representative on the line for you.
Yeah, just hurry up, please.
Good afternoon.
This is Chris from odyssey.
I have a customer here who's having trouble with his card.
Here you go.
Hello? Hi, Mr.
How are you today? We're sorry for the inconvenience.
I apologize.
We're having computer problems this morning, and it's just, uh You know, when those little boogers go down, they go down.
And it just happens that way.
We certainly value our customers, and we're going to get down to the bottom of this in just a second Where'd he go? Uh, he's sitting on a bench.
He looks really mad.
Is he going to hurt me? Just stay calm.
Units are almost there.
Uh okay.
Oh, no.
He's coming back over.
Look, just take the cash so I can get out of here.
Don't let him leave.
Please! Put him on the phone with me.
Uh, let's get the ball rolling, Mr.
Uh, can you give me the full name as it appears on the card, please? This is ridiculous.
You have all that information.
I need to leave.
We really do apologize for any trouble you are having.
Like I said, Mr.
Carson, you can be assured that we're going to take care of you.
- MDPD! - Stop right there! Put your hands up! We hope you have a good day.
Put 'em up! Stop right there! Do not run! Bad idea! Don't move! Don't move! Get down on the ground right now! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Bad idea.
Get down.
I am so sorry.
We have just been really backlogged since Travers took that last-minute romantic weekend.
Travers has a girlfriend? Uh, well, he's not really exclusive with her or any of the others.
Uh, I'm I'm Rachel Brooks, the new girl.
Nice to meet you.
I'm natalia.
Natalia boa vista.
I know.
We studied you at the academy.
That's scary.
Bad? Good? Really good! Okay.
So, you smelled something on our suspect, Justin.
See you at the station.
It was the same smell that was present on the victim's clothes and all over the crime scene.
Did you smell him? Why, does he smell like me? Do you think we have Marvin hill's clothes in evidence still? But lack of personal hygiene doesn't exactly make someone a murderer.
So we definitely need to find what that odor source was.
So how do we prove it? Diatoms, because Marvin hill was soaked in a non-potable water source this morning.
And every water source has a different mix of diatoms.
Match those, you match the suspect.
So we just need to I.
The little buggers.
Let's do it.
So, we both have rhopalodia musculus, which is fan-shaped, and We both have navicula capitata.
They definitely both came from the same water source.
Which puts Justin at the crime scene during the time of the murder, right? Right.
I was only trying to protect Ashley.
"Protect Ashley.
" You mean from Marvin hill.
He and Ashley met up a couple of weeks ago, and he turned out to be some old dude, so Ashley freaked out and told him never to bother her again.
And how did he react to it? Well, he He wouldn't stop harassing her.
He was threatening to show up at her house.
I mean, I was worried that he was going to try to hurt her.
So you shot Marvin.
Marvin? This is for Ashley for lying to her and stalking her! You know, I never meant to hurt that other lady the one in the car.
All right, Justin, enough with the excuses.
Let's have some answers.
How did you know it was us online? It was easy.
Ashley doesn't have computer lab until last period.
So I thought it was weird when she I.
'D me.
And then at the end I wrote "s-y-s.
" "See you soon.
" Yeah.
That's what I always use to sign off.
And she always writes back "I-b-w.
" "I'll be waiting.
" When she didn't, I knew something was up.
So I sent that kid to the parking garage to meet you.
You committed murder for a girl you've never even met.
No one understands me like Ashley.
She's my soul mate.
And she said that once Marvin was gone, we could meet.
You used her father's gun to commit the murder.
Did your soul mate give that to you? She left it in my hotel room after I got into Miami.
So we need the surveillance tapes, Eric.
All right.
All right, so I told you guys everything.
Can I go meet Ashley, f-t-f? Son, you you just confessed to murder.
I think I just spotted the Chandler family car on Justin's motel footage.
So you got the silver audi.
Same make and model we saw at the house.
Check it out.
She goes into the room Yeah, 228.
Justin's room.
Boom, quick, she's out.
That was definitely a drop-off.
It was quick.
And she sure as hell is not our 17-year-old Ashley.
Let me clean it up.
H, who is this woman? It's the mother.
The mother.
I understand you got a man in custody.
So I imagine you're here to apologize.
No, actually I'm here for your wife.
What do you mean, here for her? She's under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
Oh, you people just don't stop, do you? She's going to need to come with me, I'm sorry.
Did you ever stop to think that maybe somebody else Larry? Let me go with them.
Honey, are you listening to this? I've heard it.
And I should go.
Diana Tell me they got it wrong.
I never wished this on anyone.
How could you?! You're my mother! You're supposed to protect me! How could you do that?! Mom! Mom! It was exciting.
That's how it started out.
The idea of this sweet, young man courting me.
I never should have brought Ashley into it.
But it snowballed.
Sean and I started sending things to each other.
Like the thong? I bought that at the mall.
Sean sent me his workout shirt.
But eventually, even that kind of thing wasn't enough.
Sean decided he wanted to meet.
Sean and I set the date together The day after he said he was returning to the states.
I couldn't tell him who I really was on a computer screen.
We shared too much.
If it was going to end, it had to be face-to-face.
And then you met the real Sean.
You and Marvin hill were playing the same game.
I was slightly relieved by that.
But he he was angry at who he saw there.
I lied? You told me you were in secret missions in the middle east.
You're going to be sorry you ever played this game with me.
He'd call me at all hours, threatening my life.
It's telemarketers again.
Don't you dare come to this house.
You should have been smart enough to call the police.
The idea of my family knowing what I was doing, that would have been worse.
That's when Justin Carson came in, said he could take care of all of it make it all go away? One day, there he was on my computer another young man falling for me.
Ready to do anything for me.
When he offered to help, it was a way out.
I-I asked Marvin to meet me one more time, put this all behind us.
He set the time and place.
But you sent Justin.
Of course, not before you brought your husband's gun to Justin's motel room.
Since your husband's such a gun enthusiast, you knew to file off the serial number.
And then Justin was on his way.
The problem is, you sent this Justin from your fantasy world, but this was a real who thought you were the love of his life, and he killed for you.
He doesn't know the truth.
But he's going to.
I thought I could just fall back into my old life.
It's not going to happen that way, Diana.
'Cause the rest of what life you have left, you're going to spend in jail, for the murders of Marvin hill and Rebecca west.
What's going on? You got a visitor.
Justin? Do I know you or something? "I-b-w.
" You're Ashley? Finally, f-t-f.
I killed for you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Oh, my What is wrong with you?! How could you do this to me?! Why did you do this?! What? You How could you do this to me?! You're sick! You're sick! No, no You are sick!