CSI: Miami s09e12 Episode Script

Wheels Up

Now, keep an eye on the pack.
And from the back, it's the jammers minnie tears and tricked up treat.
Tricked up treat is jammed up.
And there goes minnie tears, getting some leverage.
Oh, here comes minnie tears up and around a trap Nothing going on, trying to get on the inside, trying to get up high on the rail.
Looking for tricked up treat.
Quickly jamming up.
She's losing it all to minnie tears.
Tricked up treat got schooled.
Minnie tears setting the standard.
Oh, my God, has she got the moves.
Yeah! Are you ready? Ready? Yeah, I'm ready! Ah! Come on.
Let's do it.
Let's do this.
Let's go.
And the jammer guard for the Boca ratons, we have Miami spice.
And for our own Miami masochists, the crowd favorite, wrath of Connie! You're going down, wrath of Connie! Good luck.
Up yours.
Here goes the pack.
And now the jammers bring it from the back of the pack.
Miami spice and wrath of Connie.
Remember, they got to catch the pack, past the blockers to get points.
Miami spice out in front.
Keeping pace.
Connie, come on.
Check out Miami spice, getting the early lead on wrath of Connie.
Here comes wrath of Connie.
She finally broke through.
Wrath of Connie looks like she's struggling a bit with her game.
Wrath of Connie's out there But look at Miami spice continue to sizzle on the track.
Setting the pace! Connie, come on.
Let's go.
Look at her on a high rail.
Miami spice getting involved.
Come on.
Come on.
Go, go, go.
Watch these jammers bringing the leverage.
And there's bodies flying everywhere.
Wrath of Connie trying to catch up.
You're going down, wrath of Connie! Wrath of Connie can't keep up yeah! With Miami spice.
She doesn't look like herself.
I don't know what's wrong with her.
Miami spice coming up, jamming on the pack from behind, looking for an opening, going high on the rail.
Oh, my God! She gets thrown into her bench! That was a dirty move.
Did you see that? D'beat down getting all ugly.
What the hell is your problem? She threw Miami spice into her bench.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did that hurt? Bite me, bitch! Oh, here they go.
Oh, you can't handle it? They're gonna start it up.
Cry me a river.
Start it up.
Head to head.
A little help There's bodies flying.
There's bodies flying.
Somebody could lose an eye.
The refs are trying to break it up.
- These refs are - Miami spice, you're in the sin bin; Five minutes for roughing.
Sin bin! Sin bin! Sit down for five, honey.
Five minutes for roughing.
She's still yelling and screaming at the refs.
I got it.
They got to sit her down and shut her up.
Watch the jam.
Oh, look at minnie tears.
Going with 7-mile midge with an elbow to the midsection.
Minnie tears flying with Chaos on the track, bodies flying everywhere.
Miami spice doing five for fighting in the sin bin.
Midge in front of tears.
Here comes minnie tears Look at the masochists.
Gonna pull away and get it done.
At the end, it's gonna be A chance to win it all! So it all boils down to this, baby.
Minnie tears and 7-mile midge.
Tricked up treat can't do Jack on the track.
And at the end of the first half, the Miami masochists head into the locker room with a 12-point lead.
Connie! Connie, we did it! Connie Call 911! Connie?! Oh, my God! What's happening? Connie? Bring the gurney in asap.
We detained as many spectators and staff as we could.
Did anybody see anything? Doesn't sound like it.
She left the track during a bout, and team found her in here.
Loman? This is wrath of Connie, aka Connie Briggs.
Sizable hematoma on her upper thoracic arch.
Ah, dorsal rib compound fracture.
Significant wound means a significant hit.
Cause of death? Pale conjunctiva.
Minimal lividity.
She bled out internally, perhaps.
From just the hit like that? Takes about 150 pounds of pressure to break a rib, so yes.
I need to get her back on the table to know more.
Needless to say, something very wrong happened inside wrath of Connie here.
Yeah, these girls, they take a pretty good beating out there on the track, tom.
Maybe she got hit and rolled in here to die.
Nope, there was intent here.
Size and shape of the wound she was hit with something, an object.
So, we're talking about a weapon.
Well, I mean, someone would have noticed one of these girls wielding an object out there.
So, she was murdered in here.
Gentlemen It's called blunt force trauma.
Skater struck down in her prime.
Like that movie in the '70s starring Raquel Welch? No, roller derby's real, man.
Wait till you see it.
Wolfe, you never been to the roller derby before? I haven't been on roller skates since junior high.
You're missing out, man! That was 50 pounds ago! These women these women are badass.
They're badass? Hell, they're girls on roller skates.
How badass can they be? So, how long you gonna make us wait here with these skanks, huh? Yo, who the hell are you calling a skank? I wasn't talking to you, spice.
I don't care if you're talking to me Oh, my God, that's the sexiest, scariest thing I've ever seen.
I told you! What the heck?! It's starting, huh? We got to get the refs in here! Oh, here they all come in on it! Oh, shoot.
Starting up.
They can't stand each other.
Masochist and a loca Boca.
There's haymakers breaking out.
There's beer cups being tossed in the crowd.
This is what they pay to see.
Haymakers! Oh, God, just A left and a right Heat can't even control 'em! The heat can't even stop 'em.
Oh! There's bodies flying.
The crowd's whipping beers.
That's it! Hey, hey, that's it, stop it! All right? Geez, Louise! There's haymakers breaking out, chaos You! Come here! Come here.
Miami spice? I got to talk to you; Come on.
Hey, somebody get Dave benton down here, set up a mobile av unit.
And shut that guy the hell up! Chaos in here! Whoa, 5-0 wants a piece of me.
Shut it down, huh? You got it, po-po, chill.
Witnesses saw you get in a fight with Connie before she left the track.
Fighting's just a stress reliever.
Better to have it out on the track than the alley afterwards.
Besides, Deb was the one who took the cheap shot.
Deb? Who's Deb? Oh, that's d'beat down? Beat down is Deb? Where do you guys come up with these names? Derby names? Yeah.
We make 'em up.
Like your favorite wrestler, except we don't fake it.
Well, I don't think that you were faking your anger towards Connie, were you? My blood was boiling, yeah, but yours would be, too.
Angry enough to follow her in the bathroom, start a fight? You really think I killed her because of a dustup on the track? Look, I was right where I was supposed to be in the sin bin.
You were in the what? It's like a penalty box in hockey.
I got five minutes for roughing.
Well, I'll be looking into that.
I bet you will.
That's not professional.
Not bad.
Looks like the victim and d'beat down were pretty close.
You know, we got a helmet over here.
Think it got knocked off during the attack? Maybe.
You, uh, you find anything that resembles a murder weapon? No, not yet, but you know, these girls wear a lot of gear.
All the girls were out on the track when the murder happened.
Yeah, it's true.
Toilet full of vomit here.
Mouth guard.
Yeah, she probably spit this out when she threw up.
Or it got knocked out.
Oh, you know, I don't think so.
I think she was using the stall to hold herself up.
She was violently ill.
That's why she came off the track, I bet.
Wonder what made her so sick.
I don't know.
I'm gonna have tom run a tox on what's left in her stomach, and he can tell us.
Hey, benton? Yeah.
Got that game footage cued up? Yup, ready for playback.
Going high on the rail.
But look at d'beat down with a throw down into her teammate Girls are hardcore.
I've been trying to tell y'all.
Head to head With bodies flying Coach caught the brawl on video.
Was anyone targeting the victim? There's Olivia adler.
She was in the sin bin.
Headed to the sin bin.
And that's the last time that we see Connie.
She's headed to the locker room to throw up.
Well, that confirms Olivia's alibi.
What is a sin bin? Uh, don't ask.
Oh, that's got to hurt.
Oh, d'beat down got beat down.
She flew off the track.
Wait a second.
Where's Debbie? Where'd she go? She never came back on.
This is five minutes ahead.
Uh, now ten.
It looks like the masochists are gonna pull away and get it done.
Try 15.
And the crowd is Oh, there she is.
She's back now.
But we have no idea exactly when she came back.
Where is she? Where is Deb? That's a 15-minute window she's not on the rink.
That's enough time to kill Connie Briggs.
I know it's fun to watch, but landing in the crowd like that hurts.
A lot.
It took a lot of work to walk it off.
Why? Because you went missing around the time that Connie was murdered.
I didn't kill Connie.
We're just collecting as much information as possible so that we can catch the person who did.
I wouldn't hurt Connie.
She was my derby wife.
Derby huh? Partner in crime, on and off the track.
She had my back, and I had hers.
I was supposed to have hers.
So you guys were a couple? Not like you mean it.
We weren't sleeping together.
But Connie and I we had a Bond.
She was a riot girl, like me.
We just got each other.
She give you any of those bruises? No.
What is your problem? I didn't do this.
Look, derby is a full-contact sport.
It hurts.
Fights, punches, scratches.
It's all part of the competition, and the competition is the show.
Deb, we are just checking your bruises to see if they could have come from a struggle with Connie.
I have nothing to hide.
Except for the 15 minutes that you went missing.
Look, I landed in the crowd.
It took a while to get out.
I had to handle some fan relations.
Is that another euphemism? I posed for a couple of pictures, signed some autographs.
That's it.
While your derby wife was beat to death.
Loman? I was right.
She bled out internally.
Chest cavity is completely filled.
I can see that.
You're looking at a massive vessel rupture, probably caused by the broken rib, but I won't know what ruptured what until I clean out the cavity.
What do you make of the bruising? Contusions from cranium to phalanges.
Apparently, injuries like this are a way of life for derby girls.
Or a way of death.
Poor choice of words.
In any event, tox screen on her stomach contents shows she ingested ipecac.
Ipecac used to induce vomiting, which explains why she was sick.
It's going to be difficult to conclude how it was administered.
Ipecac syrup has a sweet flavor.
Could have sneaked it into a sports drink without her knowing.
But why ipecac her at all? Maybe to get her alone.
What else? This.
Irritation of her upper gums.
See the bruising here, here and here? Mm.
From her mouth guard, maybe? There's one amongst her effects.
Maybe an ill-fitting one? It fits, but barely.
Maybe it's not hers.
Or maybe she mixed it up with one of her teammates.
Or maybe it got swapped out.
Connie, let's go.
The jam's on.
This is one of those, uh, do-it-yourself mouth pieces.
The ones you boil to soften, and then you mold it to your own teeth.
Whoever swapped them would have had to use their own mouth to do it.
So we have our killer's dental impressions, but there's no database to compare them to.
Yeah, see, DNA's still the best way to go, but the only problem is, it's only the victim's DNA profile I've been able to find.
Here's another DNA profile.
More of the same, or another skater's? Definitely not.
This is male.
All right, look, I know how this looks, and what you guys might be thinking, but I did not hurt Connie.
Explain, then, why you swapped out her mouth guard with one laced with ipecac.
Uh, I didn't.
You molded it yourself, idiot.
Which means we can match it to you.
Okay, not my finest hour, I will admit that.
It's also gonna bring you an assault charge.
Look, Connie was a monster on the track.
Okay, the only chance my team had of winning is if she wasn't playing.
All right? Besides, ipecac is harmless.
Unlike the beating you gave her.
No, I didn't.
I just I wanted to get her a little sick so she couldn't play.
You got money riding on this? No, I just want to see my team win.
Well, I'm the biggest sports fan you'll ever meet, but that is just plain stupid.
Yeah, well, it's the truth.
So you say now.
Um, I'm Lucy strickland.
Lucy, you're Connie's emergency contact? Yeah, I'm her roommate.
I got your message.
Is it true? I'm afraid that it is.
I am so sorry.
Lucy, I do have a few things I'd like to ask you, if you feel like you might be up to it.
Yeah, okay.
Please have a seat.
Lucy, how did you know Connie? We've been friends since we met freshman year.
When we graduated, we made the big move to Miami.
Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt her? No.
No, Connie's a sweetheart.
She likes to put on that tough act, but that's all it is.
It's an act.
She treats everyone the way she wants to be treated.
What about this gentleman? Does he look familiar to you? No.
Is he the one who did it? I'm sorry; I can't give you any information like that.
Yeah, I understand.
Let's talk about the derby.
It seems to me like it was a very rough place.
Did Connie ever say anything about that? No, we didn't really talk about the derby all that much.
That was kinda her thing.
I do remember she said something about a player named Tara 'n feathered.
I guess they got into a thing when she first started out in one of her competitions.
That was, like, four months ago.
You said "Tara 'n feathered"? Yeah.
She always used the girls' derby names.
I don't even know her real name.
Lucy, thank you.
So, I just finished interviewing the rest of the team.
And they all love Connie.
She's their star jammer, although she was quite a scrapper.
What about an opponent? Well, her roommate mentioned a girl named Tara 'n feathered real name Tara Werner and I guess, uh, they got in a pretty big fight about four months ago.
Where was she during the murder? Well, she was in physical therapy, so she says.
I think she might work there.
Okay, maybe she took a break.
Excuse me, ma'am Tara Werner? Thank you.
Excuse me.
Tara Werner? CSI boa vista.
I talked to you on the phone earlier today.
No, that's Celia.
I'm Tara Werner.
You're Tara 'n feathered? Guilty.
And you're a patient here? Severed my t-9 and t-10 vertebrae.
As a result of your scuffle with Connie Briggs, right? Oh, I'm good.
Thanks, Celia.
No, Connie and I got into a jam.
Neither one of us wanted to give in.
I clipped a wheel, hit the rail haven't been outside of this lovely place since.
Why didn't you mention this on the phone? Well, I don't lead with "I'm a paraplegic.
" And I don't blame Connie.
There's no sorry in roller derby.
That's just part of the game.
We've been hearing that a lot lately, haven't we? Excuse me! Tara, I'm sorry I'm late.
Kessler, what are you doing here? She's my sister, and she has nothing to do with this.
Your sister? Werner's my married name.
What are they talking about, Vince? Don't worry about it.
She's in a wheelchair, man.
She couldn't have hurt anybody.
You know what? - You guys have to go.
I know my rights.
- Mr.
Kessler You know what? Why don't you and I take a walk, then we'll discuss your rights outside.
Werner, is there a place that we can talk? Yeah, we can, we can go out here.
Ow, that hurts.
Hey, take it easy.
You lied to us.
About what? You lied to us about your sister.
I didn't mention Tara because I didn't think it was important.
Really? So the girl who got beaten to death today just happened to paralyze your sister.
I'd say that's motive enough.
That happened a long time ago.
Tara's dealing with it.
You know what I think you did? I think you used the ipecac to get Connie into the locker room so that you could kill her for what she did to your sister.
No, no, no, no.
Look, it was just a dumb prank, okay? I know what I did was stupid, but Connie ruined my sister's life.
All right, Tara had been skating for years, and that rookie came and destroyed everything.
My sister's career was over just like that.
Connie had to pay.
With her life? That wasn't my doing, but if you ask me, karma's a bitch.
Can I go? Yeah.
Sorry about my brother.
Do you think it's possible he had something to do with Connie's death? No.
This has been tough on him, but he wouldn't hurt anybody.
Sometimes people will do drastic things for family.
What if I told you that he was with me all morning? I'd say that you were being less than honest with me.
Look, my brother knows I wasn't mad at Connie.
I never blamed her, not for one minute.
I'm fine here.
You know, sure, I miss skating, but as long as I'm making progress, I'm happy.
You know, it's possible that your experience as a skater might be helpful.
Connie was struck with something from the rink or the locker room, and I was wondering if you recognize that pattern.
Yeah, I've seen that.
Where have you seen it before? On me, after a bout.
Used to have bruises that shape all the time.
It's from an elbow pad.
An elbow pad, and you're sure about that? Yeah, there's lots of different kinds of pads, but some of the girls wear some with the harder edges.
Leaves a mark like that.
That help? It does very much.
Okay, ladies, this is called an evidence bag.
What I need you to do is take your elbow pads, put 'em in the bag, zip it up, hand it to this handsome fella right here.
Thank you.
Sorry about earlier.
That's all right.
You got a nice cross.
I know.
Chop-chop, ladies, let's go.
We have to find the elbow pad that will make the same impression as what killed Connie.
Can you ink me up, please? Yeah.
Thank you.
Ready? Okay.
Here's the impression on Connie's back.
Now, I didn't hit it with enough force to break a rib, but, hmm, not a bad match, though, so let me hang on to that one.
My turn? Yeah.
Will you try to hit him a little bit higher? I think I hit him too low.
Uh, 69.
Well, let's look at the shape.
No, it's not the right shape either.
Well, we'll keep trying.
Okay, let's hang on to that.
It's a pretty good match shapewise.
Bring the heat this time.
That was better.
That was better.
Sounds like women's tennis in here.
We're trying to replicate the bruise on the Vic's back.
Actually, we've gotten pretty close with two of 'em.
We've got the right shape with these two, but we just can't get the right force.
Hmm, mind if I give it a try? What are you trying to say? I'm just saying force equals mass times acceleration.
And I've got a little more arm mass than either one of you.
Ah, elbow pad.
Oh, yeah.
I fear you've met your match, Rick.
Need some ink? All right.
All right.
Now, Loman says it takes 150 pounds of pressure to break a rib, right? Right.
All right.
Nice! You broke a rib.
Let's see.
It's a perfect match.
An elbow pad is definitely the murder weapon.
Guess it's safe to say that our killer is a male.
I don't know; Did you see some of those girls? It could be a really strong female.
Definitely stronger than either one of you two.
Oh, I've got to go.
I just got a 911 text from tom.
All right.
Hey, got your text.
I found the source of the internal bleeding.
Her thoracic aorta was penetrated.
Shredded, actually.
Now, do you think that that was from the hit, or do you think that was from the broken rib? From this.
A piece of bone? It was dislodged by the attack, then pierced the aorta, causing a catastrophic tear.
But here's the strange thing.
I pieced together the fractured rib.
This shard didn't fit in the puzzle.
Okay Look This bone has an older fracture that predates today's break.
Oh, well, then that could have come from another derby injury.
Except the remodeled bone has formed a hard callus over the older fracture.
That amount of healing is at least six months old.
That's before she was ever in the derby.
There's more.
I looked over the x-rays my assistants took when they brought her in.
She has other, older fractures.
Zygomatic bone, at least six months old.
Oh, yeah Radius fracture around the same time.
And look here.
She's got an old healed burn.
At least eight months old.
Okay, so these are all very intimate injuries.
Are you thinking domestic abuse? That's what it looks like.
Which means Which means the abuse contributed to her death.
The shard was just hanging on before being completely dislodged by the attack in the locker room.
We've got to find her abuser, 'cause more than likely that's her killer.
I'll do anything I can to help.
I shared an apartment with her, but her medical history how would I know that? Well, her autopsy had revealed that she had sustained some severe injuries prior to ever being in the derby.
You think she was seeing anyone? Uh, yeah, she was seeing this one guy, but they broke up like four months ago.
Do you remember his name? Jake McGrath.
Um, he was one of those biker-dude types.
I didn't really know him.
Do you think he was ever physical with her? Physical? Yes, we think the relationship may have been abusive.
He's gonna know that I told you, lieutenant.
He's gonna come; He's gonna hurt me, too.
Lucy, you had to have seen something.
She had a broken wrist, she had a broken cheek bone.
Would I have to go to court? No, you wouldn't.
Okay, um I used to hear them argue out on the phone, by her car.
I thought it was just typical stuff, though.
She would call him a stick of dynamite and say she didn't know what to do with him.
Did she ever explain the injuries? No, no, she wouldn't even discuss it.
It's funny, 'cause she doesn't seem the type to put up with that kind of abuse.
Well, I think that's kinda why she joined the derby in the first place.
She liked the way it made her feel you know, empowered and in control.
Yeah, it's probably the only place that made her feel that way.
Sounds like she was trying to take a stand against the guy, though.
Do you know where we can find Jake? Well, he would always take her on rides out in Miami shores.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey, buddy, pull over! Pull over! Damn it! Pull over! Pull over! Damn it.
Come on, shut the bike off! Let's go, Jake McGrath, hands on your head, now! Put your hands up, now.
Get off! What? I guess I couldn't hear you, man; I'm sorry.
Take those off; It's illegal to use those, dumbass.
And so's running from the cops.
We tell you to stop, you stop.
I stopped.
Why the hell the hassle? Connie Briggs is dead, Jake.
Wh how? Why don't you tell me? I know I told you you could look around, but take it easy.
Like you did with Connie, Jake? You think you know something about me? You do like to hit women, Jake.
You put her in the hospital on more than one occasion.
You have no idea.
She was defenseless, and you kept coming at her.
You know what you are, Jake? What? You're a coward.
I'm a coward.
If that's what you're trying to prove, you're not going to find anything here.
What the hell was that? I'm not surprised you have one of these.
Hey, h? What do we got? Look at this.
Indentations that match the ones from the murder weapon.
Elbow pads.
Exactly right.
Did you practice on this before you killed her, Jake? Wrong.
I got that thing for Connie.
She used it more than I did.
Kinda got me going when she got all Angelina Jolie on it.
What, are you saying you never used it at all, huh? No, I used it, but those marks Connie made those.
She and a friend would take turns practicing blocking or something.
I was just hoping they'd get worked up and take turns on me.
Her friend you mean Deb Taylor? No, her roommate, Lucy.
They were both hell-bent on being roller derby queens.
Is that Lucy strickland? Let's bring her in.
This time, with a warrant.
You got nothing on me.
I'll make bail in a couple hours.
That's all I'm gonna need, Jake.
So, you didn't mention that you were a derby girl.
Uh, I'm not.
That's odd, 'cause we found this in your trunk.
Yeah, I I tried out; I just didn't make any of the squads.
But you still had access to the locker room, right? Y-you guys think that I killed Connie? See, this is exactly why I didn't want to say anything about Jake.
Why? Because he's a master manipulator.
I mean, he screwed up Connie so bad she kept going back to him, and now he has you guys thinking that I killed her? What is it? It's an elbow pad.
It's heavier than any of the other ones we tested.
Yeah, I use a heavier grade for more protection.
Much heavier grade.
This isn't plastic.
No, this is steel.
You replaced the plastic with this to make it more lethal, didn't you, when you were trying out for the team? We were looking for brute force, but steel would definitely do the trick.
Try this one.
Here we go.
It's positive for blood.
That's probably from a practice bout.
Maybe, yeah.
But why don't we just cut to the chase, then, and see if this doesn't have Connie's DNA on it? Okay, look, I just I just I needed an advantage in the game, okay? I wasn't trying to kill anyone.
Yeah, but you were jealous of Connie because she made it onto a team and you washed out.
No, I was I was happy for Connie.
She loved the derby.
She loved it more than anything.
Loved it more than you.
It was my idea to join the derby.
I wanted us to do it together, but all of a sudden she couldn't give me five minutes of her time.
You all right? What are you doing here? Why are you wearing a uniform? You could say hello, you know? I'm sick.
I just wanted to try it on.
I wasn't going to take it.
They told me to clean out my gear.
I don't know, I guess they needed the locker space.
I'm sorry, luce.
Yeah, it's fine.
You know, there's always next season.
Just need a couple of killer moves.
You can help me with that, right? I don't know.
Maybe you're just not cut out for derby.
What? It's like Deb's always saying.
You got to be fierce.
You know? You're just not fierce.
We were best friends, and When a friend hurts you, it's like everything else they do hurts.
And I couldn't take it anymore.
Friends forgive.
I just I wanted my Connie back.
I just, I I wanted her back.
I'm sorry.
Come on, let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, it's a horrifically sad day at Miami-Dade roller derby with the passing of a rising superstar, wrath of Connie.
Her tragic death has stunned all of us, and the derby world.
So, in her honor, her teammate from the masochists, d'beat down, will skate around in her memory and show her love and respect for one of the fans' favorites.
Wrath of Connie, rest in peace.
Now, fans, despite how difficult this must be, are you ready to strap in and get your derby on? Let me feel you, Miami! Are you with me? Yeah! In honor of wrath of Connie, bring it! Let's get crazy.
How 'bout a little action? Whoo! Whoo! Show me what you're made of, Miami.
So, what, my helmet's with my bike? Ow.
Hey Hey! God! What the hell is your problem, man? You caught your killer.
It means I get to leave.
You should be going to prison for murder.
Sit down.
You've lost it, man.
You broke the lady's rib.
Had that not happened, she may still be alive today.
That never happened.
She fell off the back of my bike.
She can be clumsy that way.
Your abuse took her life.
Whatever, man.
You know, if I'm gonna be treated like this, I'm gonna want to talk to a lawyer.
Fair enough.
It might take him a while to get here.
I'll wait.
So will I.
What are you doing? Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Wait! Wait!