CSI: Miami s09e13 Episode Script

Last Stand

Now, you see this stuff coming out of the house.
This is what the Mala Noche use to cook their drugs.
You can tell by the type of equipment, they were cooking meth, but I'm not sure what the baking soda would be used for.
Um, Sergeant Swanson? Uh, they were also making crack cocaine, sir.
This is a good day for Miami.
MAN 2: Thanks, Susan.
This morning, the MDPD Gang Task Force raided this suburban home.
What they found inside was a fully-operational drug lab, believed to be operated by the gang known as the Mala Noche.
Coordinating today's arrests is Miami's newly-appointed State Attorney Nicholas Chandler.
He's about to make a statement.
Got to turn around, kid.
Hey! Hey, you can't go that way.
This is the fourth major bust against the Mala Noche in a month.
A weapons stash, prostitution ring, distribution hub, and now this cook house.
So I have a message for the Mala Noche.
Your days are numbered.
- As you know, Miami is the crown jewel - Hey, kid! Hey, come on! Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where do you think you're going? I just got to get through here.
fall in love with our citizens.
And once again, the MDPD has proven that Miami is also safe.
I want to thank our Gang Task Force leader.
Sergeant Jennifer Swanson deserves more credit than anyone.
She has executed my orders with precision Everybody down! Yes, shots were exchanged.
Not at this time, Susan Got a DOA on the State Attorney.
So I hear.
Are you hit? I'm fine.
It's not my blood.
I tried to save him.
I know his family.
Stay with him, please.
Son of a bitch is still alive.
Lieutenant Caine, do you have any idea who was behind this attack? You'll know when I know.
Hey, get back behind the line.
Okay, Susan, we'll be back with any further details on the Mala Noche story.
Dead-center shot, Bubba.
Mala Noche has a message for you.
What's the message? This is just the beginning.
You know what? I agree.
What did he say? He said "This is just the beginning.
" Lieutenant? He's here now.
Lieutenant? Lieutenant? Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Hey! Hey! Hey, Detective.
Quit stomping all over my crime scene.
This area is not clear yet.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
Did you step on something? Take off your shoe.
What? Just take off the shoe for me for one sec.
Come on.
You have something, Wolfe? Yeah, I do.
It's a shard of tinted glass.
There you go.
That could be from the car.
The car didn't have tinted windows.
I got the same type of glass right over here.
And here.
And I got a pair of sunglasses with the lenses busted out.
Was the shooter wearing glasses? No.
No, but several officers I interviewed said the driver was.
Let's get the glasses back to the lab.
Well, the sunglasses from the scene are Salon, which is a high-end brand, but it doesn't narrow anything down for us.
Well, the lenses I found were concave, which means they're prescription.
Unfortunately, that won't help, either.
There are a lot of people with prescription glasses.
That's weird.
What? The glass I collected at the scene was tinted; this is clear.
Let me see that.
It's photochromatic.
It responds to ultraviolet light.
So those glasses aren't the driver's sunglasses.
These are his regular, everyday glasses.
That narrows things down.
Let's get some glue.
Somewhere out there, there's an almost blind gangbanger.
High-end frames, and they're prescription.
And they're chromatic.
Think that's enough to narrow it down? I'm gonna make some calls.
Jen, they haven't done this kind of thing in years.
Hey, Natalia, I'm a little busy right now.
Scott, where's that info I asked for? I'm working on it.
I want that list of Noche players in my hands right now! Jen, you know these gangs better than anybody else.
What is going on? You know what's going on? I have two men in the hospital and a dead state attorney, and it all went down on my watch.
Okay, look, come here, don't do that to yourself.
This is not your fault.
We want to catch these guys just as bad as you do.
All right, look, I shouldn't be telling you this, but What is the big secret? The reason we've been so successful at hitting the Mala Noche is because we've been getting calls on the tip line.
Well, why keep that quiet? S.
's office made me.
They wanted it to look like they were kicking butt on their own.
Do you know who's calling in? Well, traces lead to disposable phones.
That's pretty unusual for Mala Noche to have a snitch.
Things have changed since you guys took out the original leadership.
Memmo Fierro.
The current shot-caller, Armando Salazar, is nothing like Memmo.
He runs the gang like a business, doesn't like to get his hands dirty.
We're hearing some of the Noches miss the old days.
So targeting the State Attorney was Salazar's way of proving he can push back? Let's see if he got his hands dirty.
Thanks, Jen.
Hey, H.
Excuse me.
Stop right there.
Where do you think you're going? MDPD.
Step aside.
Excuse me.
You cannot go in there.
Salazar, I'm so sorry, but the police are here to see you.
Sorry, but you're gonna have to wait outside, gentlemen.
What the hell? That was a client.
I bet it was.
Why are you guys here? We are here to say hello.
What are you doing? I'm swabbing your phone for gunshot residue.
Yeah, you probably already washed your hands, but I bet you touched something before you did.
I didn't shoot anyone.
No, but you made it happen, didn't you? I don't know what you're talking about.
I run a financial advisory firm.
Yes, you do-- the Mala Noche.
I see.
Look, I walked away from that life a long time ago.
No, there's no gunshot residue.
All right, Felix.
Have a seat.
Where are your glasses, Felix? I don't wear glasses.
You don't wear glasses? Felix, look at me.
Can you see me? Tell you what.
I have a proposition for you.
If you can read what I'm writing down right now I'm assuming you can read.
If you read from where you are, I'll let you leave.
Come on, man.
No, I'm going to let you walk out of here, Felix, free, no harm, no foul.
I might even apologize.
You ready? What's that say? What's that say? You need a little help? I know.
I've got an idea.
Why don't you try these on, just see? Huh.
Just see if that helps.
Put on the glasses, Felix.
Put them on now.
"I'm guilty.
" Case closed.
Very funny.
These aren't my glasses.
Really? 'Cause the eye doctor says otherwise.
You know, Felix, between the glasses, and your lifetime membership card to the Mala Noche gang, it leads me to believe you were driving the car when the State Attorney was killed.
Everybody, down! And since none of you Mala Noches seem to be able to do anything on your own, I'm wondering, Felix, who put you up to this? Was it Armando Salazar? I want my lawyer.
Felix, do you have a lawyer on retainer? No.
I want one of those free ones.
He wants a free lawyer.
Of course you do, 'cause all you guys want to do is tear down the system until you actually need it.
I want a lawyer.
Then get this fine, upstanding taxpayer a lawyer! You see this file? That's the case they're making against you.
I am your lawyer, Mr.
You have to give me something to defend you with.
Why don't you use one of those big books? Okay? Like they use on those lawyer shows.
That isn't the way it works.
Look, you got to trust me.
Yeah, I might work for the city, but I'm not a cop.
Have you heard of attorney-client privilege? Yeah.
So whatever you tell me stays between us, okay? But what if I want what I tell you not to stay between us? You mean, you want me to make a plea deal? No, what I mean, what's been happening It's not what you guys think.
Not at all.
Those tips the Gang Task Force has been getting? They're not coming from inside the Mala Noche.
Let me write it down.
You got to promise me something first.
Yeah? What is it? Is this Lieutenant Caine? Hi.
This is Sharon Kirby.
The court appointed me as Felix Medina's lawyer.
I understand you're heading up the S.
's murder investigation.
I'm not sure if this is protocol, but Mr.
Medina told me something that you need to hear.
It's very important.
No, I mean, right now.
I'll meet you at the PD in ten minutes.
Sharon Kirby was a public defender all of eight months.
Walter, she called me right before she was murdered.
Felix told her something.
Place was crawling with people, yet somehow, nobody noticed Sharon Kirby's throat get cut.
How's that possible? That's because a trained killer did this.
How do you mean, Doctor? Slicing the carotid artery is what killed her, but they also cut her trachea in the same cut, which kept her from screaming and let the blood fill her throat before coming out the wound.
Also, it delayed the bleeding for an escape.
This is Mala Noche, gentlemen.
Well, why kill someone who's helping their own man? It could be a message.
In which case, Felix isn't going to tell us anything.
No, he's not.
Doctor? I have a substance tangled in her hair.
Let's get a sample of that.
It could have trace on it.
Excuse me, Doc? H, when I got to the scene, this reporter was already set up.
I thought he just beat me to the scene, but this footage took place before the murder happened.
So maybe his camera saw the murder.
Walter, get the footage.
I'm on it.
We have received reports that MDPD has apprehended the driver in the drive-by shooting that claimed the life of State Attorney Nicholas Chandler All right, roll it back from the beginning.
All right, Grant.
Take three, in three, two, one.
We have received reports that MDPD has apprehended the driver in the drive-by shooting that claimed the life of State Attorney Nicholas Chandler.
Now, go forward.
Got two Mala Noche hits in one day.
What is this? They all of a sudden come out of hiding, and they start acting like the Mexican cartels.
Guess we've been hitting them where it hurts.
Wait, wait, wait.
There it is.
Got it.
There it is.
Right there.
Stop it.
There's our victim.
Let's go forward.
They were keeping a low profile.
Outside of the work of the police, no one Oh, wait.
There it is.
You see it? That's right when she got attacked.
But is that an old man? I'm gonna zoom in.
Our killer's this old man? H is convinced this is a Mala Noche hit.
Let's see if we can get him in focus.
Look at that.
You see his hands? Never seen an old guy have that many tattoos.
How weird is that? So the substance found in Sharon Kirby's hair turns out to be SD alcohol 35.
Otherwise known as glue.
But not just any type of glue.
Spirit gum.
They use it to make prosthetic masks.
The guy who killed Sharon Kirby was wearing a mask, H.
That's how the glue made its way into Sharon Kirby's hair.
But this isn't the kind of thing that Mala Noche's known for.
So why would our killer need a mask? H, I don't think this is the first time they've used a mask.
When I was on patrol, we picked up a guy who escaped from Miami-West Prison.
He was wearing a mask that looked exactly like one of the prison guards.
H, this is the guy.
Cesar Soto.
He's Mala Noche.
At least a year ago, I guess he brought his hobby back to the gang.
Walter, do we have that mask? No, but I got a screen grab of it.
What is it, H? You got something? I've seen these tattoos before, gentlemen.
Where? Memmo.
Where's Memmo, Felix? Last I heard, he was in prison for killing your wife.
Come on, Felix.
You and I both know he escaped from prison.
I hear that he's back with the Mala Noche.
Look, I'm just a dog.
I do what I'm told.
I don't know anything.
Felix, why would he kill the public defender? She was on your side.
I'm not stupid.
I don't want to wind up like her.
H? Mm-hmm? Gang Task Force just got another tip.
There's a cook house where you would least expect it.
The corner of Walton and Coral.
A full-service drug lab right in the middle of suburbia.
That was one of the earlier tips we received.
And this is the one that came in 15 minutes ago.
Mala Noche is planning something bigger than before.
He said that they're going to rip out the city's heart.
That they own Miami.
S-Something about a bus.
I don't know what, but it's going to happen in the next 60 minutes.
Well, that sounds like a little kid.
I don't think so.
We think he's been altering his voice, and this is just another change-up.
You think this is credible.
It's always been, before.
Ladies, we have 45 minutes to set the city to Code Red.
Sergeant Swanson, call the Mayor.
Eric, I need Salazar right now.
Sources tell us the threat comes from the gang known as the Mala Noche.
Already responsible for the death of a State Attorney and a Public Defender, it seems the cartel-style violence that has crippled Mexico has finally spilled onto our shores.
Scenes like bomb-sniffing dogs searching buses is being Where's Salazar? Where is he? I don't know.
He left in a hurry.
He wouldn't tell me where he was going.
Call Salazar.
If he picks up, let me know.
People's lives are at stake, lady.
We're running out of time.
What did he tell you? What do you know? He said he left without a choice.
Yeah, he's getting ready for the attack.
He's finally getting his hands dirty.
Salazar is a legitimate investor.
Yeah, right.
Get out of here before I charge you with obstruction of justice.
There's got to be something around here to tell us what they're up to, man.
Hey, Wolfe? Yeah.
Come here, take a look at this.
Got something here.
It says, "bus.
" Bus.
H said the tipster mentioned a bus.
Uh, it says the 14th.
Yeah, problem is, how do we know these are from the same piece of paper? Only two or three pieces of paper here.
Hey, this one says, "Sun.
" Sun? I got a "state" with an S here.
Sunshine State? Sunshine State Tours.
"Sunshine State Bus Tours.
" These are tickets to a tourist bus.
Nobody takes a tourist bus in their own city.
The tipster said the Mala Noche wanted everyone who comes here to know they own Miami.
This ticket's from a dry run from last week.
Target's a tour bus.
Hey, this is Eric Delko.
I need to know when the next Sunshine State Bus tour leaves.
Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay, but if you line up single file against the bus here, I can check your tickets, and we'll be on our way.
Beautiful tour of Miami.
Thank you very much.
Enjoy your tour.
Thank you so much.
Enjoy your tour.
Thank you so much.
Enjoy your tour.
Thank you.
Enjoy your tour.
I'm sorry, sir.
This ticket's for a different tour.
If you just wait over here for one second, we'll get you squared away after I get the customers on the bus.
Enjoy your tour.
Enjoy your tour.
H, it's Soto, the mask maker.
Don't do it.
Don't do it! Stay down! Don't you move.
I didn't miss from there.
I'm not gonna miss from here.
Salazar! Salazar! Memmo.
Here you go.
Don't fall asleep.
Don't fall asleep on me.
Right here.
Don't fall a Ooh! So, Salazar is dead.
You knew that already, didn't you? 'Cause you helped Memmo do it.
Memmo? Who are you talking about? You made him a mask.
That's what the hell we're talking about.
I don't know anything about killing Salazar.
I didn't even know Memmo was here.
What does he want? I thought he wanted me to make him a mask or something so he could skip town.
Well, he didn't skip town, did he? No, he didn't.
I'm bleeding here.
I want a hospi So, if you want to go to the hospital, you're gonna tell me what he wants.
I don't know.
What does he want? All right! All right! If he killed Salazar, that means he wants to take over.
And that means he's coming after you next.
You and your buddies, pig.
Which is exactly what we want.
Isn't it, gentlemen? Thank you, Mr.
Hey, where's my hospital?! You ain't got the insurance.
Mala Noche is planning something bigger than before Still working the tipster voices? Yeah.
All right, let me hear the original call.
Well, it's not gonna really get you anywhere, because it wasn't electronically altered; it was only muffled.
I was hoping to prove that Soto was working with Memmo.
That Memmo was behind the tips? Think about it.
Memmo gets one of the gang members to tip us off.
We take out their sources of income.
Rank and file gets upset.
They want to go back to the old way of doing things.
Okay, right, and then get Salazar to come out of his cozy little office and fix things.
That's right.
Memmo pounces, takes over the Mala Noches.
Okay, so this tipster could lead us to Memmo.
Can you, uh Can you compare the second tipster call against the first one that came in? Mala Noche is planning something bigger than before.
There's a cook house where you would least expect it.
The corner of Walton and Coral.
Full-service drug lab Tell anyone who comes here Look at that.
That means there are two callers.
That really is a kid.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
We've been looking at this all wrong.
Pull up the Task Force's files on Mala Noche members with, uh, with sons.
So Felix is the snitch.
That's what happened.
While we had Felix in custody, his son tipped us off to the bus attack.
What do you guys want? Turns out, Felix, that you're working with Memmo.
You don't have a choice, do you? What are you talking about? Talking about this.
Mala Noche is planning something bigger than before.
He said that they're going to rip out the city's heart.
Tell anyone who comes here that they own Miami.
That's your son on the tape, isn't it, Felix? Look, if I talk to you guys, Memmo will kill Miguel.
He may do that, anyways.
Look, my son-- he's not like me.
Okay, he's a good kid.
He's the only good thing I got.
Okay, fair enough, Felix.
You help us with Memmo, we find your son.
Okay, the only way to get in touch with him-- is with his cell phone, but he's not gonna answer if he's with Memmo.
Leave that to us.
Armando Salazar was a loyal foot soldier.
In fact, it was I who took him in ten years ago.
But I always knew one thing about Armando.
He could never be a leader.
Because he put money before Mala Noche.
And you-- all of you-- you let him do it.
Were your men paid for their loyal service? Memmo Or did you give away something you know that cannot be bought? I'm asking you a question.
It's okay.
You have something to say to me? I wanted to, but Salazar Salazar-- he made Salazar made you do nothing.
Does anyone else have any excuses for their cowardice? Okay.
It's okay.
Because I forgive you.
Because I'm your brother.
Mala Noche is not a business.
Mala Noche is a brotherhood.
Right? Okay.
Do me a favor.
Take that piece of trash out.
Two guys with tattoos checked in about an hour ago.
I will not hide while you risk your lives.
I will fight beside you.
We will learn from our Mexican cousins, yeah? And Miami will be ours once again.
¿Sí? Frank.
You okay, son? They're still here.
This is Lieutenant Caine.
I am at the Ventana Verde Hotel, and we are taking on heavy fire I'm requesting tactical backup immediately.
We have officers down.
You were very brave in there today, Miguel.
I appreciate your help.
Got the ball rolling at Child Services.
I'll take care of him.
I'll see you, Miguel.
Thank you.
They knew we were coming, H.
This was a trap.
Let's set one of our own.
Miguel is safe.
Your son is safe, Felix.
Child Services is going to be taking care of him from now on.
And now, Felix, we delivered.
It's your turn.
Whatever you need.
Felix, we need Memmo to think Salazar survived the shooting.
¿Qué pasó? "Salazar is not dead.
" Is Salazar your new leader? Mira.
Then tell me where the coward hides.
Salazar! Mala Noche's not yours! I'm here to claim it! I guess Salazar's dead, huh? That would be correct.
That's far enough.
That's far enough.
Are you a righteous man? I am a servant of the taxpayers, Memmo.
You and I are not that much different.
You do what you have to do to protect your people, just as I do.
Which included killing my wife.
I did what I had to do.
It was never personal, Caine.
It was to me.
It was to me.
So my question is is this personal now? Or is this the act of a righteous man? Let's put it this way, Memmo.
Killing you would be a righteous act.
Are you at peace with your decision? I am.
Well, then, be at peace, Caine.
You're under arrest.
Beautiful day.
It is.