CSI: Miami s09e14 Episode Script

Stoned Cold

In your dreams, Steven.
I see they let anyone into the cheap seats.
Nice muffin top, Marcy.
Bet you get all the guys with that look.
Looking sporty, Hasselhoff.
Bieber? Really? What are you, like, 12? Make way, common people, make way.
Blaire! You were supposed to be here, like, an hour ago.
Yeah, sorry I'm late.
Isn't it great? Do I know how to throw a party, or what? Beer? Really? My parents have a fully-stocked bar.
I can make you anything you want.
Vodka martini.
With an olive.
What's the new girl doing here? She's so going to ruin my party.
I invited her.
You did? She's the entertainment.
You got me.
It's really funny, you guys.
Blaire is such a bitch.
There's a special place in hell for her.
Dylan? Is that you? I wish you'd just rot and die.
Okay, untie me, or I'm gonna tell Zoe that you cheated on her.
Blaire is cruel.
She sucks.
Untie me.
Blaire is evil.
She has to be stopped.
Untie me now! Blaire deserves to die.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Untie me! Stop! No! - All right, keep 'em back now, please.
- What's going on? Pull it back.
Slow down.
Stay back.
Stay back.
I need you to stand back.
Step away, please.
Who is it? Take it easy.
Girl's over there, Horatio.
Construction crew's putting in a new path.
We told them to clear out.
You know what, Frank? Let's move these kids.
They don't need to see this.
All right, let's clear out.
Let us do our jobs, please.
Let's go.
Natalia? Meet Blaire Hawkins.
She's a senior here at the school.
Who found her? The groundskeeper.
Lights were on discovered her body.
Yeah, the coroner's here now.
What do we know? We don't know much yet.
Just that she was tied up and beaten.
You know, Natalia these abrasions didn't come from fists.
This wasn't a beating.
It was a stoning.
You serious? That's archaic.
Downright biblical.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! All right, there we go.
My very first death by lapidation.
La-pi what? Lapidation.
Otherwise known as stoning.
Barbaric form of capital punishment.
Used on Mary Magdalene, St.
Stephen, amongst others.
Rarely employed in modern society.
Thank God.
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
" So our killer busted right through the lock on the front gate.
That's how he got our victim on the field.
Yeah, but from where? Where was Blaire last night? Well, Delko went to go notify the family, so, maybe he'll be able to get that question answered for us.
Hey, guys.
I found something in her mouth.
Some sort of fiber.
Which would normally suggest smothering.
Except she was stoned, not smothered.
Maybe she wore a hood? Let go of me! So our killer didn't have the stomach to look her in the eye? Or maybe he didn't expect Blaire to die, and maybe he was trying to hide his identity.
Time to beef up security, Principal Lieber.
Well, find me the money, and I'll do just that.
Look, I'm not to blame for Blaire Hawkins' death.
And quite frankly, I think you've got your work cut out for you.
Why do you say that? Blaire was a notorious mean girl.
I think one of her victims did this.
You have no idea how many complaints I've gotten about her behavior.
Blaire hurt a lot of students.
You mean physically? Emotionally.
I mean, you know how what teenagers are like.
Blair was the worst kind of bully.
Why didn't you just suspend her? I tried.
Her parents threatened a lawsuit.
And the school made me back down.
I'm going to need the names of the students that complained, Mr.
Every one of them.
You know, you got to be really angry to stone someone to death.
And yet remain calm enough to replace all the rocks afterwards.
Walter? Think I found something.
What is it? Piece of a broken CD.
That could've been there a while, Wolfe.
No, I don't know.
The elements would have degraded the paper label on it more.
Looks brand new.
Maybe the killer dropped it when they were replacing the rocks.
Tell you what.
I'm going to bring this fragment and the fiber Loman found to the lab, to see if I can come up with some answers.
You handle the rest of the rocks.
Sounds good? Great.
Huh? Hi.
Oh! Oh.
Oh, thank you.
That's all right.
Hi, I'm-I'm Molly.
Just transferred in from Tampa.
Hi, Molly.
I'm Ryan.
Welcome to Miami-Dade.
Thank you.
Huh? You have a fiber checklist.
Oh, yes, um I have a lot of checklists.
But please don't tell anyone.
I heard there's a high turnover rate in this lab and I really don't want to get fired.
Oh, no, organization is great.
I mean, you're talking to a guy who alphabetizes his cereal boxes.
Really? Yeah.
That's weird, right? Maybe, just a little.
Yeah, a little weird.
Did you get anything from the fiber on our victim? It's manufactured, as opposed to organic.
Specific material: polyester.
Length: 11/16ths of an inch.
Spinning method: slight right twist.
But there is something I can't quite figure out, though.
Will you take a look? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Um, you see that blue speck within the fiber? Uh-huh.
What is that? That could either be dye or ink from screen printing or an iron-on.
That's good, right? The-the more unique the sample, the better.
Yeah, definitely narrows it down.
Now, if we could just find something to, uh, compare it to.
So, good work, new girl.
Very good.
Hawkins, you say Blaire went to a party last night.
Anyone you can think of that would want to hurt her? Blaire was universally loved.
She was voted homecoming queen two years in a row.
I have to tell you that Principal Lieber gave us a long list of kids at school who claim that Blaire was mistreating them.
Lieber is a spiteful and bitter man.
And he is unhappy in his job and he takes it out on the students.
Blaire was better than every other kid in that school.
All parents feel that way, I'm-I'm sure.
She was better.
And people were just jealous of that.
This the friend's house? Yeah.
It's Blaire's Mercedes.
Mom said she was at a party here last night.
Maybe somebody saw something.
Mean girl has a mean mom, huh? I was waiting for the mother to tell me that bullying builds character.
There might be something to that.
You sound like you're speaking from experience.
When I was in the seventh grade, I had this beautiful, 9 1/4-inch reflecting telescope.
I saved up every penny of my allowance for that thing.
There was this guy, Tommy Lazareski.
He was, uh, he was piece of work.
He used to stand on the roof at the school and he'd shoot pigeons with his BB gun.
Well, what'd he do? Shoot at you? No, he didn't shoot at me.
One day, I'm riding with the telescope, on my bike, to school.
He comes up next to me on his Huffy, big piece of wood in his hand.
Sticks the wood right in the front wheel of my bike.
I go head over the handlebars.
Broke my collarbone.
Broke the telescope.
You know what he says to me? "Wolfy, you seeing stars now?" Yeah.
You ever been bullied? No.
Hey, we got drag marks by the door.
Hey, check this out.
Bet you this is Blaire's pocketbook.
Got her shoes on the front seat.
Yeah, it's her.
This is her cell phone.
She didn't leave this behind willingly.
Well, I think it's safe to say between the shoes, the purse and the drag marks this is the spot where Blaire was abducted.
No! Let go of me! Let go of me! I think it's time we talk to the girl who threw the party.
Somebody took her from right outside? If only she'd spent the night.
Then she'd probably be alive.
So Blaire left at 2:30, is that correct? I guess.
I didn't actually see her leave.
I was really messed up.
One too many vodka martinis.
Huh? And you're what, now, 16? glasses of milk.
No underage drinking here, officers.
You and Blaire, you guys were friends, right? Besties.
She really took me under her wing this year.
Did Blaire get into it with anyone last night? There was this one girl.
Megan Wells.
Hooked up with half the football team, on my parents' bed.
I mean, what a ho, right? Blaire kicked her out.
Did you just do what I think you did? Yeah, so? I think you should go.
This isn't your party.
You can't tell me what to do.
Get out.
She trashed my parents' house.
Just look at the damage she did.
So, why do you want to talk to Megan? We want to find out what she did after the party last night.
I went home.
I was in bed by 11:00.
You sure you didn't go back to Samantha's house, at, uh, say around 2:00, 3:00? Are you implying our daughter had something to do with Blaire's murder? Well, we know that she had motives.
We were wondering if she had opportunity.
What motive? We want to talk to her alone.
No way am I leaving my daughter.
I find your sudden concern impressive, Mr.
Are you criticizing our parenting? Do you have any idea what it's like to raise a teenager? As a matter of fact, I do.
Megan, come on.
Let's go.
I'll talk.
But only to her.
Honey, you don't have to do this.
She's made her decision.
Go with Natalia.
Until eight hours ago, I was a virgin.
So Samantha's story's true.
Blaire invited me to the party.
But she said there was one condition.
You can totally come if you want.
You just have to pay your dues.
My dues? I don't understand.
Come on.
Do I have to do all of your thinking for you? I guess I was just so desperate to fit in, to get her "stamp of approval," that I didn't care.
So this was a set-up.
Three guys from the football team came up to me at the party.
Said that Blaire had sent them to collect.
Megan, were you raped? No, no.
God, no.
It was nothing like that.
I I went along with it.
I don't know, I just I thought that if I did what Blaire wanted that she would leave me alone.
I need to go home.
You did it? All three? You slut! But you said I had to pay my dues.
So, what? If I said jump off a bridge, you would? Don't you have any self-respect? What? Get out of here, you skank! No one wants you here.
I felt so stupid for trusting her.
After everything she'd done to me already.
So this wasn't the first incident.
I talked to Principal Lieber about it, but he couldn't stop her.
I thought about it.
Killing her.
Like I was the hero in some movie.
And did you kill her? No.
But I'm relieved she's dead.
Has Megan Wells signed a confession yet? No, because she's still adamant that she didn't do it.
And we can't get the judge to give us a search warrant because there's not enough probable cause.
Okay, what about Blaire's other victims? I've questioned all the other people, but Megan's the best suspect.
Stay on that judge, please.
Doctor Will do.
We got slammed, Horatio.
Dade General's basement flooded.
They sent us all their DBs.
I'm just getting to Blaire Hawkins now.
So the cause of death is blunt force trauma.
X-rays show multiple skull fractures.
It's likely, intercranial pressure prevented blood and oxygen from getting to her brain.
What about DNA under the nails? Nothing visible.
There's fluid coming from the left ear.
Could be an inner-ear injury.
But won't know what till I open her up.
Hold on.
Did you get something? An earbud cap.
Looks like one of the rocks jammed it into her ear canal.
But why on earth would the victim be wearing headphones during the attack? 'Cause maybe she was forced to listen to something.
I wish you'd just rot and die.
The ear discharge will likely compromise any suspect DNA you'd find on this.
You know what, Doctor? We may not need that DNA.
Okay, if we get anything off this frag, I'm telling you, it's going to be pretty rough.
But we'll give it a shot.
Okay, I think I have something.
t Cordero I'm a sophomore Bl Bl Blaire That was a male voice.
Well, we know that Megan wasn't the only person that Blaire was harassing.
Will you take it back, though? I thought I heard a name.
Yeah, sure.
t Cordero I'm a sophomore Bl Bl Blaire Something, "Cordero sophomore.
" That's what I heard.
Me, too.
I'm gonna check it against the list we got from the principal.
Cordero a sophomore Bl Bl Blaire ruined my life That's your voice, right, Nate? Voicing your frustrations about Blaire Hawkins? I said those things to Principal Lieber.
In confidence.
I had no idea he was recording that.
Walter, this bag looks like it has very similar fibers to the ones we found on the victim.
It's a laundry bag.
Every student in school got one on Earth Day.
It's supposed to encourage us to waste less.
Well, what it is, is the second link between you and the crime scene.
The laundry bag and the CD.
Can you explain that, Nate? Please okay, these last few months have been extremely difficult for Nate.
Look, we understand that she was tough on you.
Tough on me? You say that like I should've just gotten over it or something, like it's just some sort of rash you rub a cream on.
That's not what we're saying at all, Nate.
I was taking a shower.
In the locker room.
After gym class.
When I got out, everyone's gone.
My towel, my clothes; also gone.
And then like an idiot, I fell for the oldest trick.
Blaire set the whole thing up.
And now Now I can't make it through a day without the looks or the jokes.
I'll always be the one.
Sweetheart, you can't keep doing this to yourself.
I didn't do anything, Mom.
It was Blaire.
She did it.
Over and over.
Humiliating me.
And she never let up.
And everybody sided with her so that they wouldn't have to deal with it.
I just I couldn't take it anymore.
What are you saying, Nate? Huh? What did you do? My mom stopped me.
And now doctors are telling me how to turn the page.
How to deal with the pity on everyone's faces.
She deserved to die.
No trace from our victim off of Nate Cordero's laundry bag.
He probably washed it.
Well, at least we had enough probable cause for a search warrant of the house.
Speaking of which, were you able to analyze that rope Nate used in his suicide attempt? I did.
I compared it to the bindings that we cut from the victim's wrists and ankles.
They're both natural fiber rope made predominantly from hemp.
With the restriction bands indicating a second component, which is hibiscus.
You were able to extract DNA from a rope? Plant DNA.
It's as precise as human DNA.
And these two samples of rope had the same exact combination of components.
So you're saying that these bindings definitely came from that bundle? Yes.
This rope that we found in the Corderos' garage is definitely the rope that tied Blaire Hawkins to the goal post.
Then I would say Nate is definitely our number one suspect for murder.
I need y'all to tie me a knot.
Both of you.
Like the first move on your shoelaces.
Go ahead.
Do it.
Just like I thought.
See, your basic knot-tying is a habitual exercise.
Wolfe, you're a southpaw.
, you are a rightie.
All right.
Check this out.
Wolfe, you drew what's called a Z-hitch.
Okay? Natalia, you went with the S-hitch.
Note the differences in tendency.
Fun with knots.
Thank you, Walter.
What are you getting at? These are sections of rope taken from her wrists and cut from her ankles.
Look at the knots.
You're saying there's a Z-hitch on the ankles, and there's an S-hitch on the wrists? Because they were tied by two different people.
Let go of me! So we're looking for more than one murderer.
Good job.
So, I spent the last couple of hours going all over the emails and text messages from Blaire Hawkin'' cell phone.
And you got something.
Principal Lieber was sending her explicit messages.
How explicit? Oh, very.
Bring him in.
I didn't write these.
I-I don't know how, but Blaire.
She's behind this.
So you're blaming a dead girl.
You never really tried to stop Blaire's bullying because you had a thing for her.
No, that's not true.
And then she threatened to expose you, so you killed her.
Now, did Nate Cordero help you? What? No.
Blaire could have come into my office and sent these emails to herself.
Why would she do that? Because, I told you.
That's the kind of girl she was.
A manipulator.
She knew I was building a case against her, and this was her way to attack my credibility.
You were building a case? Is that why you recorded Nate without his knowledge? How many other students did you record? I interviewed dozens of students.
I wanted them to speak freely.
I was going to get their permission once I had enough to go to the school board.
And Blaire figured this out, didn't she? She threatened me.
She said if anything happened to her, she'd ruin me.
I'll say that you touched me.
I'll tell everyone.
Good luck proving you didn't.
So you put the recordings on a CD and forced Blaire to listen to them while you killed her.
Look, I was afraid of her.
But believe me, I never acted on that fear.
Who else had access to the recordings? I kept them all on my hard drive at school.
Security's not great.
So anyone that went looking for it would find it.
I'll have Benton download a copy.
Thank you, Eric.
Can I go now? What do you think? Now, Dylan, I know this is difficult for you.
But try to be as honest as possible.
Blaire is such a bitch.
We were at this party.
She wanted to hook up with me.
I wasn't into it.
I wouldn't let her cheat off of me.
So Blaire started calling me "Piggy.
" Me and Blaire both liked the same guy, but he was into me.
So Blaire started rumors that I had herpes.
She started saying I was gay.
She put bacon in my locker.
She told everyone that.
My parents heard about it.
I mean, everyone.
My parents.
Now, her and those girls walk by me, they make, like, pig noises.
I mean, this is pure motive, H.
Any one of these kids could have helped Nate.
This is a place for you to be candid.
Please tell me what's going on.
Blaire is evil.
She has to be stopped.
Isn't that Megan Wells? Before she really hurts someone.
I appreciate your candor here.
Do you have anything to add? I couldn't have made it through last quarter without Megan.
And you, Megan? Nate and Megan.
Together? Sometimes, I wish we had a magic wand.
Then we could make Blaire Hawkins disappear.
For good.
Our two main suspects were friends.
Yes, both with a common enemy.
You think they killed together? Eric, contact Judge Porterson.
We have enough for a warrant.
Megan, you lied to me.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You have to believe me.
Look, I would like to believe you, but we found this in your trash when we searched your room, this emergency contraceptive.
And I know that you got it late last night at the same time you told me you were in bed, asleep.
And I know that you weren't alone.
That right there is a receipt for an emergency contraceptive that was paid for with your debit card.
Nate, it also tells us that you and Megan were together right around the time of Blaire's death.
Son, you could have easily gone back to the party and killed her.
We went to the pharmacy, yes.
But we didn't kill Blaire.
Withholding information isn't helping your case any.
I didn't tell you I was with Nate because he's fragile.
I didn't want him mixed up in all this.
You know, Megan, I want to help you.
I really do.
And I can't, unless you tell me the truth.
After the party, I was desperate and angry.
I called Nate, because he's the only person who could help me sort it all out.
After everything she did, I still wanted her to like me, you know? What's wrong with me? Nothing.
It's Blaire.
She's a bitch.
I hate her so much, Nate.
I can't take it anymore.
I know.
Can you sneak out? Yeah.
I'll come get you.
So Megan picks you up.
You go to the pharmacy.
Then what? Then nothing.
We drove around for an hour, bitching about Blaire.
After that, she dropped me off and went straight home.
And that's all that happened? You didn't go back to the party, and you didn't wait outside for Blaire? And you didn't grab her? Let go of me! No.
I swear.
We did not touch Blaire.
We fantasized about killing her.
I'll admit that.
That's as far as it went.
Well, we impounded your car.
And we're searching for any sign of Blaire.
And you better hope to God, for both your sakes, that we don't find any.
I got no fibers, no usable prints, and the trunk's clean.
Well, that's ditto for the glove compartment.
There's no evidence that Blaire was even in Megan's car.
Maybe Megan and Nate didn't abduct her.
Hang on a second.
You got something? Yeah.
Portable CD player.
Old school.
It's a bit banged up.
That earbud looks just like the one we pulled out of Blaire's ear.
It does, and the left one's missing.
You know, the other one was compromised.
Maybe we can take this back, see if we can't tie it to Megan.
Yeah, will do.
We found that CD player in your car, Megan.
We also found this green earbud cap in Blaire's ear.
Comes from those headphones, doesn't it? You and Nate forced her to listen to the interviews with the principal.
And then you stoned her to death.
Stop! What? Let go, Nate! I did it.
I killed her.
You mean you and Nate did.
Nate didn't help me.
After the pharmacy, I dropped him at home, and I went back to the party.
By myself.
Oh, come on.
The rope that you tied Blaire up with came from Nate's house.
I stole it.
Megan, are you sure you want to do this? Yes.
I hated Blaire.
I wanted her to suffer.
I took her to the field, and I killed her.
I'm telling you the truth.
The knots prove more than one person killed Blaire.
Megan couldn't have done this alone.
She's covering for someone, Eric.
Yeah, but who? Nate? Her demeanor changed the minute she saw that CD player.
Did we get a hit on the earbud? I did.
Two donors.
One's the victim, and the other one I'm running against the reference samples from Megan, Nate and Lieber.
You know, what teenager uses a portable CD player now, anyway? I mean, those things went the way of the eight track.
Well, that would mean she's protecting an adult.
The principal had good reason to want Blaire dead.
Take a look at this.
Megan and Nate, I'm gonna need you to come with me, please.
What-What are you doing? Where are you taking her? What's going on? You're under arrest for the murder of Blaire Hawkins.
I told you, it was just me, not him! What?! Mom, we didn't hurt Blaire, Mom.
I swear, we didn't.
I know.
Is this really necessary? As a matter of fact, it is, ma'am.
Take them, please.
Like hell.
You are not taking our daughter anywhere without us.
Wells, don't make this worse.
Can't you do something? What do you want me to do? Do we have a winner yet? We've got a room full of 'em.
What's going on? Well, we found familial DNA on the earbud we recovered from your family car.
And it's male.
I go for a run almost every night.
What? You can't find enough on my kid, so now you got to put the spin on me? Is that it? What kind of investigation are you running here? It turns out, an effective one, ma'am.
You can't do that.
What about our right to privacy? There's no expectation of privacy in a police station.
We can't just let this happen.
We have to say something.
The whole reason we did this was to protect our kids.
Don't say another word.
You all killed Blaire Hawkins.
Megan figured it out.
She tried to cover for you.
She was going to take the fall for you.
Principal Lieber played us the recordings he made of our kids.
We burned a copy onto a disk.
And when Nate came home and told me what happened to Megan, I knew this girl needed to hear it.
That's when I called the Wells.
We just wanted to scare her.
Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me! We thought this was as far as it would go, and at the very least she'd back off Megan and Nate.
But she wasn't getting the message.
She thought it was a joke.
Blaire is such a bitch.
Okay, guys.
There's a special place in hell for her.
You got me.
It's really funny.
Blaire is evil.
Megan? She has to be stopped.
Is that you? Blaire's worse than cancer.
You think that you can scare me? I will ruin you.
No one will be your friend when I am done with you! Ow! Listen to me, you little bitch! If you ever come near my daughter again You Megan's parents? Does the little slut know that you're doing her dirty work for her? And you you're Nate's mom, right? He must be such a disappointment for you.
Don't you dare talk about my son! Kid can't even off himself right.
Shut up.
Shut up! It's not my fault your kids came up short.
You raised losers.
I'm just the one who pointed it out.
Shut up! You shut up! Shut up! You shut up! Ow! Stop! Oh! Stop! Stop! Oh, my God.
Judge, jury and executioners.
Take 'em.
What's with the telescope? Mm it's a long story.
Hey, so, we're going for Cuban.
Want to roll, Wolfy? So Delko told you.
It was far too good a story not to share.
Whatever happened to that le-hoozer, anyhow? He's a congressman.