CSI: Miami s09e18 Episode Script

About Face

It's him, isn't it Clarkson? It appears to be his M.
, Frank.
He was part of the prison break last October.
I thought everybody that escaped had Miami in their rearview.
This is on us, Frank.
This is all us.
Good morning.
I'm here today at the dean's request to talk to you about the off-campus murder that happened last night.
We believe that the assailant is this man.
The Barter Killer.
Exactly, yes, good, you're watching the news.
His name is Patrick Clarkson, and for those of you who weren't here four years ago on campus, Clarkson used the Internet to stalk and kill a female student here named Helen Sherman.
Then why is he out? Unfortunately, Clarkson is one of a few inmates that escaped from Miami-West Prison last October.
I-I know many of you are really scared, and quite honestly I would be, too, but that's why I'm here today to help you take precautions to keep yourself safe.
First and foremost, and I know that this is going to sound cliché, but you absolutely have to be careful on the Internet.
I know it seems like a safe place, but it's anonymity that gives someone like Patrick Clarkson his power.
H, it seems our victim Cara Landry left an online classified open on her desktop.
Be right back, Eric.
He uses the Internet as a hunting ground.
It's where he targets his female victims.
He uses the guise of being an Internet shopper to gain access into their home.
He will ask to meet at your place and before you even realize who he is, you would be dead.
H, jamb's intact, no forced entry.
She let him right in.
Just give me a minute, Walter.
So to me it's very simple.
Don't meet people online.
If you're using Barter Party to sell something online, don't invite a stranger to your home, especially if you're alone.
If you do have to meet somebody, meet them in a public place.
Bring a friend with you even.
There's just no such thing as being too safe.
Excuse me.
We're talking about life and death here.
We're talking about a man who is clearly capable of taking advantage of somebody's trust.
It's up to you to protect yourselves, so please be vigilant, be smart and stay safe.
Thank you.
So if you see or hear anything that you think might be suspicious, just call the number on that card.
Just think of something pleasant.
It'll bring your heart rate down.
Just be calm.
You need to be calm to hear what I'm gonna say.
Come on, Benton, give me something.
Sorry, man, I'm still waiting on a warrant to get the IP address.
It's going to take some time.
We don't have the luxury of time.
Okay, Patrick Clarkson will be sipping on spiced rum in the Caiman Islands - by the time we get a warrant.
- Sorry, man.
All right, get back to me.
What's up? I thought you had the day off.
Yeah, so did I, but with Natalia on public relations duty, H thought an extra set of eyes might help out.
I didn't bring my kit.
Mind if I borrow some gloves? Go ahead, they're right there.
What do you got here? Tripp tracked down four people who responded to Cara's ads.
All of them have alibis for the time of the murder.
This last e-mail "A.
Face 2011.
" Yeah.
He came to see the bookcase she was selling.
E-mail syncs up to the time of the murder.
The problem is, Benton can't track the IP address's source.
She's been dead ten to 12 hours.
Suffered more in her final half hour than she did in all her previous 21 years.
Couldn't bear to look at her as he defiled her.
Cervical lordosis is in pieces.
He nearly twisted her head from her torso.
That's exactly what he did to Helen Sherman four years ago.
This seems more extreme, more brutal than his last murder.
How is that? Her right arm is broken in three places.
Her skull is fractured.
It's like that darkness inside of him just grew stronger and stronger while he was in prison.
After he escaped, he finally just lost it.
There are signs of sexual assault vaginal bruising and lacerations but I won't know for sure until my autopsy.
So there's a chance he could have left behind DNA? Clarkson raped his last victim with a soda bottle, but I'll do a rape kit.
Thirsty? This is not going to end well for you, Patrick.
Look, li-listen to me No, you listen to me.
What? What do you want to say, that you're sorry? That the voices in your head made you? Shut up! Shut up.
Shut up.
I read the books.
I mean, I did my homework, I did my homework.
I-I-I did my homework, I read the papers.
I you know, I-I'm It's all you'll do some days.
You're not some narrow-minded homicide detective.
No, you're smart, you know.
You know your science and you can help me.
You're going to help me.
What? Oh, I get it.
You want me to cover up your crime scene.
Well, I'm not going to do it.
I'm not going to help you kill someone else.
Don't patronize me! I just want to Don't Yeah, I mean, don't patronize Don't patronize me.
If I If you're not going to help me, why are you still alive? I don't know.
Hey, Natalia, it's Ryan.
Where are you? We got our hands full here.
We could really use your help on scene.
Give me a call when you get out of the university.
I was walking home from dinner, and that's when I saw him Right.
Bolt out of that apartment.
He left the door open, and-and I saw that something was wrong.
That's when I went in there and I I saw the body Can you describe the man? Oh, uh, I-I don't need to.
It was Patrick Clarkson the Barter Killer.
And you're sure it was him? Absolutely positive.
I mean, the guy's face has been all over the news, so It was him.
Is that good? Is that helpful for you guys? Yeah.
'Cause I heard the news say there was something about a reward? There is a reward, yeah.
When could I like, when-when is that kind of thing given out? Traditionally it happens when we get a conviction on the killer.
Oh, well, then, I'll just have to put this guy away.
You hear from Natalia? No, I left her a message an hour ago.
Yeah, I left her four messages.
I haven't heard back from her.
Hmm, four, huh? This is my first day off in two weeks.
Well, enjoy it.
Hey, Frank, listen, can you get me a 20 on Natalia? Little worried.
I don't I don't understand.
Killing me in your van is not your M.
You've always killed your victims in their homes.
Yeah, of course.
What are you doing? What-what is your next step here? Going somewhere we can talk.
Okay? Maybe your place.
I don't think that's a very good idea, because the second they find out I'm missing, my house is the first place that they're gonna look.
We'll see.
I've got to take you somewhere.
Do you know what it's like to have everyone think you're a monster? No! Do-Do you have a? Do you know what it's like to everyone think? My kid's sixth birthday.
I need her to know.
For your own wife not to be able to look you in the eye? It was I just wanted I need for her to know.
I need to prove it to her.
I wanted, just wanted God! I thought today was your day off.
It was supposed to be, but I didn't realize you were following my schedule so closely.
I'm not.
Just a good memory.
Tom, were you able to process Cara Landry's rape kit? If you're referring to the resulting DNA strand that would convict her killer, I'm sorry.
No, nothing.
Okay, do we know whether she was raped or not? Oh, she was raped, just like his previous victim, with an object.
I was bringing Molly a swab to analyze.
Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you what kind of object was used.
The vaginal swab I sent to DNA is badly degraded, but there is this.
Amelogenin shows the presence only of an X chromosome.
There's no indication of a Y.
So it's a female specimen? Yes, but not from our victim.
- Another woman.
- What?! Transferred from another victim? Or another participant? So, we have a female accomplice? I have no idea, Wolfe.
Excuse me, Molly.
So, I heard our victim let the Barter Killer right into her home.
Yeah, she thought she was selling him some furniture, so I can't believe people would do that just let someone they've exchanged e-mails with come into their home.
You haven't met anyone online? You have? No.
Once, actually, I did.
Technically, twice.
I got to go.
Apparently, Cara Landry had a roommate moved out not too long ago named Cheryl Brown.
She works for the school's hospital.
Excuse me.
Are you the guys I'm supposed to be meeting? It's about time.
I only have an hour on my lunch break.
Oh, sorry.
We just wanted to ask you a couple questions about your former roommate, Cara Landry.
It's pretty simple.
She quit paying rent, so I moved out.
This was fun.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, ma'am.
Um She owed you a little bit of money, so you took off? A little bit of money? Have you seen that place? You think I could afford to cover both her share and mine? How much money did she owe you? Over three grand.
She kept promising to get the money, but her schemes never panned out.
Schemes? What schemes? Well, first, she was going to donate an egg for cash, but couldn't handle the hormones.
Then she was gonna write papers for undergrads, until she realized that involved real work.
Mind you, never once did she consider getting an actual job.
But the real problems started when she discovered Barter Party.
Barter Party.
Yeah, we're familiar with her ads on that.
Furniture, textbooks.
Men were constantly coming by the apartment.
Never saw them leave with anything, though.
Wait a second.
You're saying that she was Earning cash the old-fashioned way? Yeah.
What?! It was pretty obvious.
Look, I only have a few more minutes left on my shift.
Are we done here? No.
Have you ever met Patrick Clarkson? Are you kidding? Where were you last night? Dinner and a movie with a friend.
I didn't kill Cara.
Haven't thought about her in months.
Do I look like a serial killer? We found Natalia's keys three feet from her Hummer.
Somebody grabbed her, they got a big head start.
I should have known something was up.
I've been trying to call her all day.
Everything considered, this was the last place she was seen.
Whoever took her was in this audience.
So, who were the attendees, Frank? Students.
Standing room only.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
At least we've got the eye in the sky.
Let's call Mr.
Benton, please.
Right away.
All right, so I've uploaded all the security footage from when Natalia was here.
All right, so what are we looking at? There's a software I've been designing.
It allows me to analyze behavior by reading facial expressions, body language.
That's profiling.
It's kind of a little Orwellian, isn't it? It's a lot Orwellian.
I'm not saying it's gonna hold up in court, but as an investigative tool, it's pretty cool.
This thing will read thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of facial cues, breathing patterns, body language indicators, everything.
Take this girl, for example.
Matrix identifies her as "mildly deceptive.
" This guy right over here next to her? He shows signs of anxiety.
Girl on the other side acute shyness.
Well, that guy's asleep.
Make our way around.
Hold on.
Red flag.
What is it a deceptive expression? No expression at all.
Looks like he's trying to hide himself from us.
Could we get a better look at this guy? No.
We might not need to.
Let me try facial recog search.
Scar on the chin.
It's Clarkson.
Clarkson has her.
If I If I did hurt anyone, why would I still be here in Miami? I don't know.
I don't know.
You tell me.
I'll tell you.
Because I To prove that I'm innocent.
Okay, then you're innocent Shut up! You know that kidnapping a cop is not exactly the way to prove that you're innocent.
It's the only way.
Don't you get it? It's the only way.
And I'm gonna show you.
You're gonna see when I show you.
You're gonna prove to them that I didn't do anything.
I didn't kill anyone.
Are you saying that you didn't kill Helen Sherman? And I'm gonna prove it.
I'm going to prove it, and you're gonna show You're gonna tell the whole world.
And then my wife will know.
What about Cara Landry? Where were you last night? Did you kill her? No.
I wasn't anywhere near that girl's place! Where were you? I was at my wife's house.
Stalking her? No.
I was at was my son's sixth birthday party.
You know, I just wanted to be part of it.
I was wanted to be there.
I just I watched him open his first baseball mitt.
He was so excited.
Listen to me.
If you're really innocent I am really innocent.
Then let's do this the right way.
Come to the station with me and turn yourself in.
We'll work it all out together, okay? I'm not going back in.
I am not going back inside.
Never again.
Never again.
I'm not! I'm going I'm not going back inside.
Look, if you can't help me, you're no damn good to me.
Natalia? Natalia? - I cannot believe he got away! - Easy.
Are you okay? I'm okay.
Are you sure? It's-It's just this this one arm.
This Easy.
My shoulder.
He kept saying that he was he was innocent.
He kept He had an alibi for the Cara Landry murder.
Did he say where he was going? No.
He said he wanted me to prove that he was innocent.
He said he saw his kid last night.
He was gonna go see the ex-wife.
I've got to get to her.
Okay, hang on a second.
First, the paramedics are gonna have A very good look at you.
I'm okay, though.
It's okay.
All right? No, I'm good.
Ready? I-I've got to get to the ex-wife.
I'd like to see your arm, please.
He was following us? Yes.
Patrick has been watching you.
He said he was watching last night during your son's birthday party.
Oh, my God.
Are we safe? Patrick hasn't tried to contact us for the last six months, since he escaped.
Why now? We think he might have killed again.
And we're gonna post a unit outside of your house, make sure that you're safe until we bring him in.
God, I can't believe this is happening again.
Patrick ruined his life.
And, I mean, if it weren't for Bruce, I don't know what would have happened to me and my son.
And the woman that was killed last night that was Patrick? Yeah, that's what we think.
Patrick says he was innocent.
He says he was here.
He said that to you? You were with him? I was, for a short time, yeah.
Your injuries are? Yeah.
Patrick was my husband.
Loving, the nicest guy I'd ever met.
And I thought that there was no way he could have done the things they were accusing him of.
And all along, he said he was innocent.
He pleaded with me to believe him, and I did.
Then came the trial.
The evidence.
And the conviction.
And I felt so stupid.
I just can't hear that anymore.
I think someone wants to work on his fastball.
Excuse me.
As far as Ross knows, Bruce is his father.
And I want to keep it that way.
Did he get that mitt for his birthday? Yeah, last night.
How did you know? Patrick mentioned it.
Don't tell me you believe him? Mrs.
Moore, we know better than to take the word of a convicted killer.
If he does try to contact you again, will you give us a call? Yes, of course.
If you catch him, do something for me? What's that? Throw away the key.
He had to have been there to see that glove.
Patrick's alibi checks out.
Which so didn't see coming.
What? You think she's covering for him? No, I don't, actually.
That's the problem.
So what are you saying? You think he's telling the truth? I just do not know what to think anymore.
Well, I can tell you what.
I see why the jury convicted Clarkson four years ago.
Evidence against him is damning.
See, I don't necessarily think so.
I think some of it can be explained away.
Come on.
You're going to tell me after what he did to you, you really think he's innocent? Look, I just am saying that it's worth a second look.
Okay, for instance, investigators said that they found Patrick's handprints on the fence of the victim's house four years ago.
Yeah, prosecutors argued that he cased Helen Sherman's house the day before he murdered her.
But, in Patrick's testimony, he says that he was just out chasing his dog right by their house.
He so easily could have just put his hands on the house.
Come on, Natalia.
The husband caught him outside of the house.
I don't know.
Look, how do you argue this away? This bottle was used to sexually assault his first victim.
It's got Patrick Clarkson's fingerprints all over it.
It was found right next to her.
I know.
That's the tough one.
Yeah, that's a tough one.
The only way that bottle got in the house is if Clarkson brought it in himself.
The day the victim was murdered, she received an e-mail from someone interested in buying her refrigerator.
IP address was traced back to a wireless router at Clarkson's house.
Patrick says he never wrote those e-mails, and investigators never found any record of it on his computer.
He just kept rambling this stuff off.
This some sort of Stockholm syndrome you're going through? No.
I just feel like there's some big piece of the puzzle still missing.
What did you say the victim was selling on Barter Party? Her refrigerator.
Why? I'll be right back.
Okay, so what am I looking at? Crime scene photo from Patrick's first murder four years ago.
Look at the refrigerator in the background.
It's full.
And if Helen Sherman was really selling that refrigerator, it would be empty.
Because the ad was bogus.
Now, we know that Cara, this morning's victim, was prostituting herself online.
And we think that maybe Helen was doing the same thing.
If she was, anybody who responded to her ad online was probably one of her clients.
At the very least, we don't know the whole story.
We have to go back to the beginning.
Which would be four years ago.
We start there, then.
I'm going to bring in the first victim's husband.
We talked to the men who responded to your wife's ad.
They weren't interested in the fridge.
They were johns.
I saw her ad on Barter Party.
Recognized a few code words, we set up a meeting.
I paid her, we had sex, and then I left.
That's it.
Why should I believe you now? I don't know.
Ask the girl's husband.
He was there.
Ted Sherman liked to watch? No.
He showed up after and collected the money.
He was her pimp? He's lying.
Sherman, there are half a dozen men on that tape that confirm the story.
Don't make us play them all.
It's-It's not what you think.
It's nothing either of us ever expected.
We'd just bought our house when I lost my job, then the mortgage ballooned.
We were still paying her tuition.
We were desperate.
So Helen started seeing clients? I don't know what we were thinking, letting strangers into our house.
Where were you during all this? We both thought it was best if I wasn't around, but I was always close by.
She'd give me a call when the guy arrived, and then five minutes later, she'd give me a safety call.
But you didn't get a safety call the night she died, did you? I drove home as fast as I could.
Everything go okay? What about Patrick Clarkson, was he a regular? It's like I said.
I saw him that afternoon, peering in the window.
We got into a scuffle.
Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? Oh, my dog just got into your Get out of here.
The sick son of a bitch must have gone straight home and e-mailed her.
But the truth is, Mr.
Sherman, is you didn't see him later that night when your wife was murdered.
So? We believe that there are other suspects.
Patrick Clarkson murdered my wife and was convicted.
There are no other suspects.
Please don't let my wife be remembered for one bad decision.
Hey, did you hear about Helen Sherman's husband? That he said Helen had been prostituting herself? Yeah.
I mean, that's a pretty big piece of information that we missed.
There's got to be other dots we haven't connected.
Natalia I know.
Everybody thinks I'm nuts, but hear me out.
Okay? Look at this.
This is the trace report from four years ago that was run on the bottle that was used to assault her.
The one that has Patrick Clarkson's fingerprints all over it? Yeah, but it also had traces of latex, like, as in gloves, like the real killer planted the evidence.
You know who else uses latex gloves? It's us.
That easily could have come from the collecting investigator which is why they took it out of pertinent evidence to begin with.
Buy you know who else wears latex gloves are nurses.
Cheryl Brown.
That's a good point.
We should talk to her.
Boa Vista.
Oh, I'm so glad you're alive.
I hope you believed me when I told you I wasn't going to hurt you.
Patrick? You remember my voice.
That's good.
Yeah, uh, yes.
Did you call to turn yourself in? That depends.
Are you ready to believe me? I know you went to see my family.
You talked to Lyla.
You know I was telling you the truth now.
Look, I can't help you unless you turn yourself in.
I will turn myself in when you clear my name.
You're going about this the wrong way, Patrick.
It was the only way.
Just tell me you believe me.
Hello? Natalia? Yes, yes, I believe you.
But there's a lot of people that are still wondering why there was an eyewitness that saw you coming out of Cara Landry's apartment last night.
That's a lie! I wasn't there! I thought I could trust you.
You can.
Patrick! Patrick Damn it! Natalia, I have to say, I think you're entering into dangerous territory here.
I Where are you going? I-I'm going to go talk to the eyewitness.
Not to sound indelicate, but does this have anything to do with the reward? It doesn't, actually.
We're here to talk to you about the man that you saw last night outside Cara Landry's place.
Patrick Clarkson.
Are you absolutely sure that you saw Patrick Clarkson last night? Yeah.
Oh, I see.
You don't believe me.
FYI, this is why most people don't come forward as witnesses.
We're pretty clear as to why you came forward, but sometimes a $50,000 reward can make you see things that just aren't there.
I know what I saw, Detective.
Really? If I told you that Patrick Clarkson had a pretty tight alibi for where he was last night at the time of the murder, that doesn't change your mind in the tiniest? He had-he had an alibi for? What kind of alibi did he have? I think that's pretty irrelevant.
Did you see him or did you not see him? I Yes or no? I guess it's possible that it was probably somebody else.
Can I ask you guys a question, though? This is gonna affect the reward money, and my getting that, right? Wow.
'Cause it's information Thanks for your time.
You know, I'm starting to think Patrick Clarkson isn't guilty.
If the real killer's still out there, he could kill again.
Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl.
You've got a small problem.
Apparently, your alibi is on a flight to Kenya? Yeah.
He's volunteering at a clinic.
Yeah, I'm not an aeronautics engineer or anything, but I'm pretty sure that plane has to land at some point.
We discovered some latex on a piece of evidence from four years ago.
Latex, as in gloves.
Like the kind nurses wear.
You went to nursing school at Dade U.
, correct? You're asking me questions you already know the answer to.
I am, and according to your transcripts here, calculus wasn't your strong suit.
But what I find more interesting than that is that you just graduated three years ago, which means that you were on campus when the Barter Killer murdered Helen Sherman.
This is a joke, right? I didn't kill Cara.
I don't even know Helen Sherman.
Really? That's weird, because you guys were in the same calculus class.
What else are you hiding? I'm not hiding anything.
This is completely ridiculous.
You guys have taken up my entire day with this.
We can take up the next I'm not going to say anything until I talk to a lawyer.
Why you want to ruin a perfectly good conversation? We have any sightings on Clarkson? No, nothing yet.
We got a live one in there.
Yeah? Think she did it? I think she's nervous.
She had some sketchy answers to my questions.
That's not really the hard evidence we're looking for, though.
Excuse me.
Natalia? Here comes Molly to save the day.
Well, don't get too excited.
The swab from the Cara Landry rape kit this morning came back negative for trace.
So we're at a dead end? Yeah.
How do we explain the presence of foreign female DNA found? Well, we know she was raped, we just don't know with what.
Hey, Natalia, you're familiar with those case files, right? Did they find foreign DNA on the victim four years ago? No.
They found latex trace, and they discontinued processing.
So, it wasn't checked for any other trace? No, because at that point, they focused solely on the fingerprints.
You know what? I got to re-run this bottle.
Cheryl's lawyer just filed a writ of habeas corpus.
We're not gonna be able to hold on to her for much longer.
Okay, I'm working as fast as I can here.
All I've got is print dust on that stupid bottle so far.
I'm just the messenger, but we've got to kick this into a higher gear.
All right, all right.
We got propylene glycol dye water That's a bacteriostatic agent.
This is a hyper-ionic lubricant.
That's like an ultrasound gel, right? Yeah.
What if the victim four years ago wasn't raped with a soda bottle? What if the object used was an ultrasound wand? Oh, my God.
And if he used that same object on our victim this morning, that would explain the foreign female DNA from the rape kit.
It was a transfer from the victim four years ago.
That sinks Cheryl.
No, not necessarily, because hospitals stopped using ultrasound gel that had dye in it because so many patients were allergic to it.
Let's see.
What are you doing? I'm trying to find somebody who still uses this thank you who still uses this stuff, because if we can link Cheryl to an actual supply company, then we've got her.
There we go, right here.
Calomar Medical Supplies.
As in Greg Calomar? As in our reward-happy eyewitness.
Put Greg Calomar in the search engine, let's see what we get.
He was in OB-GYN.
And he lost his medical license because of a malpractice suit, and now he's a medical supplier.
I think he's a lot more than that.
Let's go.
All units be advised, the suspect's name is Greg Calomar.
CSI units are en route to 2113 Cutter Road.
You killed Cara Landry and Helen Sherman, didn't you? No, you're making a mistake.
The real killer's Patrick Clarkson.
Shopping for some new furniture, Greg? Or selecting your next victim? What? That doesn't prove a thing.
I'd say that this does.
The ultrasound wand I just found in your bathroom that you used to rape Cara Landry with, it still has blood trace all over it.
Greg, I think you were trying to set up Patrick Clarkson.
I saw him that day outside of Helen Sherman's house.
I saw her husband beat the snot out of him.
Bucky! Come here, boy.
Oh, my dog just got into your Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? So, I followed him, got on his Wi-Fi, sent her an e-mail.
He didn't even have the password protected.
So stupid.
So stupid.
That's why the e-mail originated from Patrick's IP address.
So you killed Helen Sherman, and then you placed the bottle.
Well, I mean, I couldn't believe my luck.
Guy was, like, a perfect patsy.
It was, like, a sign that what I was doing was right.
I mean how can we live with these women selling themselves? Knowing that these disgusting, disgusting animals are defiling themselves and everyone they touch.
It is an infestation.
And there's only one way to deal with an infestation.
Well, I guess you figured you were even luckier when Patrick broke out of prison that gave you the perfect opportunity to kill again.
I freed them from their dirty lives.
I saved them.
They didn't deserve to watch me while I purified them.
No, you didn't, Greg.
This was about you and your need for attention.
You're pathetic.
I'm proud of what I've done.
They say pride goes before the fall.
I guess they were right.
So, I'm concerned about your online proclivities.
You know, it was only a couple coffee dates.
Let's grab some.
Would you be more comfortable if I asked you over e-mail? Probably, yeah.
I get off work at 7:00.
Pick you up then.
Patrick? I'm here just like I said I'd be.
Sorry about the arm.
Well, we got him.
You don't have to run anymore.
I knew you'd do it.
Look, I'm sorry, but I need you to get on the ground, get on your knees.
Just like that? Just like that.
They know? Lyla knows.
It's all been pretty tough on her.
That's not her fault.
She knows that, right? Yeah, she does know that.
Can I just, uh No.
Just say hello? No, you cannot, Patrick.
You still have a lot to answer for: Breakout, kidnapping.
I'm sorry.
I know.
Look, I'm gonna be with you every step of the way, okay? I can't go back to jail.
You lost four years of your life.
I don't think anybody wants to see you lose any more.
You ready? Three down, two to go.
Can't leave them on the street, Mr.
What's the intel from the Marshal's office? We're taking the lead on the manhunt.
Okay, what do you need? Everything.