CSI: Miami s09e19 Episode Script


Dante Kroll's one of five fugitives that escaped Miami-West Prison last October 17.
He's in prison serving 20 years for murder.
Why the manhunt now, six months after Kroll's escape? We have reason to believe he's still in Miami.
We're gonna canvass the city and ask the public to help apprehend him.
What can the public do? If you have any information that could lead to his capture, please call our tip line.
All calls are anonymous.
And do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances try to engage or approach the suspect.
He's trained in martial arts, he was once a competitive fighter, and he's considered extremely dangerous.
Sergeant Tripp, do you have any idea why Kroll is still in town? No comment; it's an ongoing investigation.
That's all for today.
Sergeant Tripp! Sergeant Tripp! Sergeant Tripp! Sergeant Tripp! MDPD.
Tipster hotline.
Yeah, the fugitive that's been on the news, Dante Kroll, I just saw him at the Liberty City Gym.
Miami-Dade Police! Dante Kroll, we have a warrant for your arrest! Show yourself right now! Dante? Dante, we know you're in here! We clear? Kroll's not here.
He's not here.
Tripp, can you hear me? I hear you, Eric.
Your visual is picture-perfect.
Kroll's not here.
I think we might've gotten some bad intel.
Eric, step closer to that table.
That's Kroll's brand of cigarettes he was there.
Well, he ain't here now.
Wolfe, can you hear me? Yeah, loud and clear.
Kroll's associate still there? He's on the move.
Don't lose him.
He might lead us to the hideout.
Hey! Mike Darrow! Get up.
Listen where is Dante Kroll? Look, I don't associate with him anymore, man.
Hey, listen, you made me run.
Don't make it worse on yourself by lying to me where is Dante Kroll? Last time I saw him he was on Filbert Street.
Did you get that, Tripp? I'm sending a guy right now.
Is there a problem, Officer? Step out of the car.
Did you say a cop killed this man? Yes.
I was just coming from class, and then I I saw him pull the guy over.
Did you catch a license plate? No.
But it was an SUV, dark, uh, maybe black.
What do we have, Ms.
Boa Vista? Well, our witness here said she saw a police officer pull over and kill the victim.
You don't believe me? Look.
Oh, my God, that's not a cop.
No, it's not.
That's Dante Kroll.
I got to find Logan.
Thank you.
Your old rival and former training partner, Dante Kroll.
His recent escape from Miami-West Prison this fall, does that loom over you? Look, I I try not to let that affect me.
Yes, but you're the one who testified to put Dante behind bars.
Aren't you afraid he's gonna come after you? I just got to live my life.
You have a chance to do something no fighter's ever done before that's to repeat as a champion in the city you grew up in.
Does that make things more special? Yeah.
Yeah, I think it does matter.
Being back in Miami is, uh, well, it's a homecoming of sorts.
You know, when things weren't so great, there were people here that, uh, that picked me up and pushed me.
It changed everything for me.
So, yeah, today's championship is it's about them in a way.
All right, man, thanks for the interview.
Appreciate it.
Good luck today.
Thanks for having me.
All right.
See you.
Look at you.
Haven't seen you since the trial.
Pay-per-view, eh? I want you to meet my wife, Brooke.
Very beautiful.
You're a lucky man.
So, um, you know that Mr.
Kroll is out, but what you don't know is he murdered someone in Coral Gables this morning.
Son of a bitch.
Has he attempted to contact you? No.
I think we should consider postponing.
No way.
Today is my day.
Dante is not gonna take this away from me.
Lieutenant Logan, it might not be a bad idea till we get a line on him.
Now, the fight goes on, man.
Um, nice to meet you.
Watch your back.
Okay? Nothing, huh? No I.
? Wallet? Does our vic have a name? No.
Let me check the registration.
Car's registered to a body shop in Kendall.
Looks like Kroll took his wallet.
Guess it's John Doe for now.
Our poor John Doe.
He took some serious abuse today.
I've got blood spatter in several locations.
It's really No murder weapon, though.
Yeah, well, that's because Kroll is the weapon.
Guy's a highly trained fighter.
He was a rising star in the mixed martial arts circuit until, uh he got in a bar fight, killed a man.
Judge gave him ten to 15.
What's he doing still hanging around here? Maybe for revenge against Logan Shepherd.
Him and Kroll, they came up together.
Logan was there the night of the bar fight, testified against Kroll.
Till now he's never been able to get to Logan.
But today's the championship fight.
It's the first time Logan's been in town since Kroll escaped from prison six months ago.
So he's got good reason to hold a grudge.
Ahem What are you doing to my John Doe? I'm sorry, Tom.
I had to start processing him.
That's against protocol.
You have to wait until he's prepped.
Tom, there's a fugitive at large in Miami.
I had to start this man is our only connection to him.
But it's highly unorthodox.
Hand me a comb, will ya? It seems that he has some sort of dirt in his hair maybe it could have come when Kroll beat him.
Might give us some sort of idea where he's been hiding out.
I'm taking this with me; returning the body to you.
By all means.
Heard you were a big hero out there today, catching all the bad guys pretty impressive.
You know, sometimes I fight crime out in the streets; sometimes I fight crime in here using a microscope.
You're making fun of me, aren't you? Yeah.
Your guy Darrow got out on bail, didn't he? Yeah.
This is weird.
The dirt from Dante Kroll's shoe contained Lewisite.
Lewisite? Why does that sound so familiar? The "Dew of Death.
" That's what they called Lewisite in World War II.
It's a chemical weapon? It became obsolete in the '50s.
You know, I had this A.
chemistry professor who was convinced that our town was built over an old weapons dump.
All this time I thought he was drinking a lot.
You know, I think I remember a story about that a couple of years ago.
Oh, here it is.
In 2009, developers discovered contaminated soil when they demo'd an old World War II weapons depot.
Says the plans were scrapped and the place has been deserted ever since.
Seems like a perfect hiding place for Dante Kroll, doesn't it? It does.
Hey, why don't you come out in the field with me? I could use an extra set of eyes, if you're up to it.
Really? You still do target practice? Every other week.
Then you're good to go.
Yeah, uh, the license plate number is KP919O.
The car is registered to your shop.
I was hoping you could give me the name of the owner.
Excuse me, she said that you were in charge.
Okay, can you tell me who you loaned it out to? How can I help you? It's my husband.
I haven't heard from him since yesterday.
He works night shift, but he never came home.
I don't care how busy you are.
I just need a name.
You sure he didn't stop off for Bloody Marys with his buddies, lost track of time? No, I know my husband.
I mean, he's nothing if not predictable.
All right, starts with a "G"? Okay.
All right.
Thank you.
Ma'am, what's your husband's name? And I'll file a missing persons report.
His name is Tim Tim Garrigan.
Uh Mrs.
Garrigan there's no real good way to tell you this.
No, no.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no.
I'm sorry.
Baby Tim was, um, working night shift for a while now, and it was so hard, but I had gotten used to seeing him just a few minutes every day.
Hi, baby.
How was work? It was fine.
Go back to sleep.
But I knew when I woke up this morning to an empty bed that something was wrong.
I just never thought that I mean, do you have any idea who did this? A fugitive named Dante Kroll.
We think that his motive was robbery.
And I hate to do this to you now I'm so sorry but do you know if your husband Tim did he carry a lot of cash or any valuables, anything? Not that I'm aware of.
He was always very careful about that sort of stuff, probably because of his security training.
He worked in security? He was a guard at the Metro Arena.
He put in extra hours this weekend for some big event, and today was supposed to be his last day.
Did your husband have any sort of special security clearance? He had an I.
that got him into any area of the arena.
Okay, so it would be pretty safe to say that he would have had that I.
on him today.
Along with his uniform and his weapon.
None of that was in his car.
Can you give me a second, please? And take all the time you need.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
Horatio, the victim was a guard at the arena.
Kroll stole his gun, his uniform, and his I.
I think he's going after Logan at the big fight.
Garrigan's I.
card was swiped entrance number five.
So, Kroll is already in the building.
Yeah, more than likely he's armed.
Are you telling me I have a gun-toting fugitive running around my arena? I'm saying that you need to stop this fight right now.
No way.
I'm not letting you shut us down.
Besides, we have our own security, and they are totally capable of handling any threat to our fighters.
And what about the rest of the people that are in danger out there? You got to listen to me he's going to try to kill you.
I can't back out now.
This is the biggest fight of the year.
Do you know this Logan kid is the golden ticket in today's main event? This kid generates millions of dollars in ticket sales, concessions, merchandise.
He keeps a lot of people employed.
He has made you a rich man, hasn't he? You know what, gentlemen? This is a nonstarter.
Now, I'm gonna let you go do your jobs, but under no circumstances am I calling off this fight.
Mason, you're going to live to regret this decision.
You know what, Lieutenant Caine? I don't regret much.
That's why I own this building, and you don't own your cell phone.
If I let Dante scare me off, I don't deserve that belt.
No, but I'm telling you, if you go through that door, I cannot protect you.
I'm not asking you to.
Ladies and gentlemen, live from Miami, it's the MMA World Championship.
You're about to witness the most crucial and electrifying three rounds of the year.
But first, let's welcome our fighters to the cage.
In the red corner, weighing in at 175 pounds, with a record of eight wins, one loss this year, the challenger Cole "The Menace from Memphis" Gryder! And in the blue corner, weighing in at 168 pounds, undefeated this year, your returning champion and our man from Miami, Logan Shepherd! Dante Kroll.
He's going to try to kill you.
I think we should consider postponing.
It's the biggest fight of the year.
Watch your back.
Watch your back.
Watch your back.
If Kroll's gonna kill Logan here, he's not gonna rush the cage.
I agree, and if he were to assassinate him, he would probably start from a high position.
That's a lot of real estate to cover.
It certainly is, so we work from up here down.
All right, I'll get the gang, split into quadrants.
Round two! No sign of Kroll here.
How's it looking by the cage? Sweaty.
Nothing suspicious, though.
You guys actually like watching this stuff? Yeah, what's not to like? Hey, there's a guy setting up a tripod on the tech level.
Walter, he's right above you.
I'm on it.
I don't see any Got him, I'm on it.
All right, I'll meet you there.
You, get your hands up right now.
Hands up.
Stand up.
Up, up, up.
Step away from the case.
What's in it? It's just a camera.
What? I'm taking pictures, that's all.
This is the best angle in the arena.
Where's your press pass? I don't have one.
I'm strictly freelance.
Paid to get the shots no one else can.
You believe this guy? There's nothing on him.
He's clean.
Let's go.
Pack it up.
Let's go.
Get this crap out of here.
Before we arrest you for extreme stupidity.
Where the hell is Kroll? Fight's in the second round already.
What's he waiting for? This matches the dirt we found in our vic's hair.
Clear! Looks like this is where Kroll was hiding out after he escaped.
Are you sure this is his stuff? Yeah, judging from that dirt outside.
And look at those gloves.
How do you know they're his? You see the writing on there? February 12, 2003, That was Kroll's one and only victory.
Before he got arrested.
What's this? This looks like a blueprint.
The ink's been bleached by the sunlight.
Well, we can bring it back to the lab, see if we can't recover the writing.
Hold on a second.
I have an idea.
I think I may be able to recover the writing here.
Hey, Ryan, will you grab me an IR light from the Hummer? Yeah, sure.
Horatio? I've been going through Logan's phone records, kind of crossing the T's from your conversation you had with him this morning.
All the calls are accounted for, except for five from a city pay phone.
Started a week ago.
Do you think it's Kroll, Frank? Odds are.
Looks like your boy Logan's lying to you.
That's great work.
Keep digging.
All right.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
Inks contain metals, which are impervious to sunlight.
This is gonna enhance the metal, so we can read the blueprint? All we have to do is apply the water and glycerin mixture.
And then apply the infrared light.
The metals reflect the infrared light more than visible light.
This is a blueprint of the arena.
Look at this room here that's circled.
Well, it's not labeled.
What is it? I know what this is.
Horatio? Mr.
Wolfe? This whole thing isn't about killing Logan.
What did you get? Kroll's got a blueprint of the arena.
I just sent you a photo.
See the room that's circled? Got a reinforced steel wall.
This is a vault.
This is a heist.
Round three! Natalia, Kroll has blueprints for the arena.
He's not going after Logan.
He's going after the cash.
Keep your eyes open, but stay at your quadrant.
Walter, we're going to need you to head back downstairs to your quadrant.
Eric, meet me downstairs at the vault.
Dropping off from Merchandise.
Logan still winning? Man, there's no way he's losing.
He's beating the hell out of this guy.
Are you going to open up the vault for me, or what? All right.
Dante! There's no way out! Seal it off, Eric.
He got it all.
Garrigan's ID was just swiped at door number four.
Where does that lead? Onto the arena floor.
Hey, Wolfe! Yeah, it's me.
Hey, where are you? Uh, I'm in the arena.
Hey, I'm going to need your help.
Kroll stole a uniform belonging to a security guard named Tim Garrigan? Copy that.
Where did you get this ID? Some dude gave it to me.
He said it could get me into any part of the arena, even ringside.
Was he a big, muscular guy, about my height? Yeah, yeah.
That's the guy.
Which way did he go? You just missed him.
He went out that door, like, two minutes ago.
Hey! This is stolen property.
What? What? Oh, my God.
All right, Dante.
All right, all right.
Drop the bags.
Drop the bags.
Very good.
Put your hands on your head.
That's it.
Logan Shepherd goes down.
He is down.
He's out.
This looks serious, fans.
The medical staff is going in.
Wolfe, are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Kroll got the jump on me, then I lost him.
Those calls Logan got from Kroll? I did some research.
Recovered a deleted message sent three days ago.
"Need help with a job I'm planning.
Contact me when you get this.
" I thought Logan said he wasn't speaking to him.
Apparently, he's not on the straight and narrow.
And get this.
Three hours ago, a video message came in.
But I haven't been able to recover it.
I don't think it matters.
Logan just got knocked out.
Gentlemen, wait a minute.
This is a diversion.
A diversion? The money's in the ambulance.
Everybody out of the way! Out of the way! Nice work, bro.
Dante! Dante! Put out a BOLO, Frank, right now! All units be on the lookout for a hijacked Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue vehicle.
Suspect at the wheel is Dante Kroll believed to be armed and extremely dangerous.
Now what? Now we're even.
Stolen ambulance spotted at Flamingo and Hudson.
All units respond.
Approach with extreme caution.
Logan I'll call the paramedics.
What happened? He took the money.
Logan, you looked me in the eye, and I believed in you.
It is not what you think, Horatio.
We know Dante sent a video to your phone.
I want to see it right now.
Take a look for yourself.
Now you'll see why I had no choice.
I had to throw the fight.
I fought my own way into that arena, but now you're gonna have to help me to get out.
You're gonna take a dive.
One minute in, third round.
And just in case you have second thoughts, let me give you a little preview of what'll happen if you don't do as you're told.
Next time it won't be empty.
Do as I say, and you can have her back alive.
Don't betray me again.
He sent that message after you came to see me today.
Logan, why didn't you just call me? I was afraid he'd kill her.
I still think he will.
Now he has the money.
He's got no reason to keep her alive.
Logan, let us worry about that.
Gentlemen, to the hospital right now.
H, check this out.
Dante and Brooke are both in the shot.
Means somebody else is filming.
Means there's a third player, Walter.
Can you zoom in on that? Mike Darrow.
Hey, take it easy! I'm trying to make an honest living now.
This ain't helping.
Where's Brooke Shepherd, huh? Got no idea what you're talking about.
Look, we saw the videotape.
We know you're working with Kroll.
If she's dead, you're gonna end up with a needle in your arm just like he will.
You two guys got quite a show here.
You should really take this on the road.
You want to go to the lockup and see how you do with some real tough guys? Pretty guy like you might do real well in prison.
Hold on.
Hold on! Look, I give you something, - you give me something.
- Yeah.
Where is she? She's alive.
Kroll asked me to watch her.
That's all I did.
What about Kroll? Kroll dropped off my cut, and said he had to pick up some gloves, and then he'd be on a fast bus right out of town.
What? Gloves for what? He didn't mention.
He's trying to pick up his gloves, he's at his hideout.
I'll call H.
Tell me where she is.
What?! Tell me where she is, I said! No, I wasn't gonna hurt her, I promise.
Brooke! Brooke Shepherd! It's okay.
Hey, hey, you're gonna be okay.
Okay, it's all right.
Is Logan okay? He's fine.
He's fine.
All right? We're gonna take you to him right now.
Can you stand? I got you.
All right, come on.
It's all right.
Come on.
Fan out.
Fan out.
Freeze right there! Down! Down! Down on the floor! Don't move.
Get down on the floor.
That's far enough, Dante.
What took you so long, Lieutenant? I could have been out of Miami Then why aren't you? Unfinished business! And that's exactly what I have.
You're not gonna take this kid's life from him.
Logan stole my career! I was the best fighter, and he knew it! He couldn't take me in the cage, so he made sure I went to prison.
So this is how it feels to be on your back.
Well, life is about discovery, Dante.
Discover this.
You okay? Yeah.
You know, every day for the past eight years, I felt like I didn't deserve my life.
Dante wanted it that way, Logan.
I was there that night, Horatio.
I could have stopped him from killing that man.
But I didn't.
But you know what? You can't carry that alone.
Speaking of which Oh.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Did he hurt you? No.
It's okay.
Look, I am so sorry about your fight.
Don't worry about that.
What matters is that you're safe.
Just give me one Okay.
So what happens now? You move on.
How? By doing what you do best, Logan.
Keep fighting.