CSI: Miami s09e20 Episode Script

Paint It Black

Where does Jared think you are? Uh, I told him he was free for the night; That I had to help a friend.
Okay, but really, how's sitting in a spa going to help me get a date? Relax you, for once.
Guys like a relaxed, confident girl.
I'm confident when I'm painting.
Less painting more dating.
I don't trust people.
Never have.
Roomie, you trust me; That's a start.
Do you get the feeling someone's watching us? Well, now I do.
I'm going to get my cell.
So, what you can take a picture of the sky? Call campus security.
Don't you think you're being a little paranoid? Corinne.
Did you hear me? My name is Monica Dow.
I think my friend is dead.
All units.
All units.
Suspect in the campus stabbing's on foot, heading northbound.
Move! Move! Stop! Hey! Don't move.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Corinne's my girlfriend.
I was just watching her.
Got him? Yeah.
Well, now your girlfriend's dead.
Let's go, Jared.
So you were Corinne's roommate.
And best friend.
Monica, what were you doing up here that late? I've been so stressed, working on a piece for my final show.
I understand you called campus security.
the second call you made.
Are you okay? You seem cold to me.
Can I grab my sweater? Sure.
Hey, Monica? Is this your bag over here? Oh, right.
That's my bag.
I'm not usually this out of sorts.
Monica Did you see the person that was watching you? No.
Nothing like that.
What was it like? It was just a feeling.
A feeling.
This was taken by security cameras.
And we just captured him.
Was that the man who was up here? Do you recognize him? That's Corinne's boyfriend, Jared.
Corinne's boyfriend.
Officer, could I have a minute, please? Sure.
So, Jared you were spying on your girlfriend.
Every guy on campus knows girls hit the spa behind McPherson.
I was just looking.
No harm, no foul.
When Monica got out of the pool, I felt creepy, so I left.
Where'd you go when you left the spa, Jared? I swear, when I left Corinne she was alive.
I didn't know it would be the last time I'd see her.
You know, Jared, if you killed this girl, it's going to be the last time anybody sees you.
Mild petechiae in the oculi.
Multiple antemortem stab wounds to the neck and torso.
Somebody tried to drown her, and then moved on to stabbing, when Plan "A" failed.
Anything to indicate the kind of weapon that was used? Sharp blade goes through flesh cleanly.
Take a look at these wounds.
Messy, ragged cut.
Dull weapon.
What's that in the wound track? Do you see that? Is that blood? If it is its coagulation process has progressed further than that of its neighbors.
I'll have to take a closer look at that.
There you go.
So the victim definitely lived on this floor All right.
So she shared the common area with two other girls: Monica Dow That's the girl who found the body.
And Alexis Taymor, the other roommate.
There's our victim's Corinne Palmer.
Looks like she was quite an athlete.
It's Ryan.
Could you do me a favor? Check under our victim's fingernails for DNA.
I think she worked hard to fight off her attacker.
Checking them now.
That's odd.
There's scaling present on her palms.
What kind of scaling? Could be eczema.
Could be a reaction to medication.
And I'll let you know as soon as I do.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, Wolfe, you want to help me do something, or you want to look at the trophies all day? I don't think it helps us much to flip through her sheets.
We already know she has a boyfriend.
But if we want to find out if she has enemies, we should check her computer.
All righty.
Here we go.
Okay, "TTYL.
" "You're the best.
" No.
"Loved the party.
" This girl doesn't have any enemies; she only has friends.
It's oily.
Oh, wait.
This guy right here "a 4.
0 between the sheets" No, fool, I was referring to the keyboard.
Got some kind of shiny substance That's funny.
Tom said that Corinne had some scaling on her hands.
What do you got there? Gold metalo-cryptand.
Binds with thallium.
That's right, and thallium causes scaling on the palms.
It also glows under UV light.
Good call, man.
Positive for thallium.
Absorbed through the fingers day after day, this is toxic.
Somebody's been trying to kill our vic for a while.
Yeah, take a look at this.
You see this note? "This computer is for you.
Let's be friends.
" Monica Monica Did you hear the question? Why would I give Corrine a computer? Just write down this sentence, please.
Thank you.
That's not a match, Frank.
What does this have to do with Corinne's murder? Whoever gave her the computer was poisoning her.
Through the keyboard.
And we confirmed presence of thallium in her system.
What When did she get that computer? A couple weeks ago.
Monica, there are files on the computer that date back more than two months ago.
Did I say "weeks"? I meant months.
Tell us about the third roommate.
She wasn't really our roommate.
Really? Alexis Taymor was registered to your suite.
She was a registration-day roommate.
Officially, she lived with me and Corinne.
You know, for her parents.
But really, she lived with her boyfriend off-campus.
I haven't seen her in I don't know when.
Okay, basically, you're our victim's only roommate, you had consistent access to that suite, and you're the last one to see her alive in that spa.
You think I'm somehow involved in this? We're going to have to detain you, Monica.
Uh, could you give word to my classes that I won't be there? Aren't you a cool customer? I'll do it personally.
Let's track the computer through the serial number.
Horatio, why are you coddling this girl? I mean, am I missing something here? Well, the reason she's forgetting things is called cognitive deficit.
Cog-what? It's a form of memory loss.
I want to talk to her professors, see if they can enlighten us.
All right.
You do that, you ruin a girl's career.
Oh, I thought a little jail time might pump up an artist's reputation.
A poseur, yeah.
Monica Dow's the real deal.
You know, her work is part of a show tonight that's getting worldwide attention.
Buyers have already reserved her paintings.
Well, I'm sure, as her professor, you would want the best for her.
I'm not her professor.
I'm the artist in residence.
William Oslo.
Doesn't ring a bell.
But then again, I wouldn't recognize Rembrandt if he was standing on top of you.
This kid's not capable of murder.
What if she couldn't remember if she did it? What? She may have memory issues.
Look, this show is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Monica.
Is there anything that we can do to make sure she doesn't miss it? Yeah.
Polygraph her.
If she passes that, she goes to her show? As I said before, yes or no answers only.
Is your name Monica Dow? Yes.
Are you currently studying art with an emphasis in modern painting at Dade University? Yes.
Have you ever tampered with your roommate's computer keyboard in any way? No.
Were you in the spa last night with Corinne Palmer? Yes.
Did you exit the spa to call campus security? Yes.
Did you drown Corinne Palmer? No.
Did you stab Corinne Palmer in the throat? No.
Did you hurt Corinne Palmer in any way? No.
Thank you very much.
We're going to have you wait outside on the bench.
So? Look at these spikes.
Here and here.
Her answer about being at the spa with the victim shows deception.
But we know she was there.
I didn't want to say anything to you because I didn't want it to skew the poly, but Horatio thinks she may have pronounced memory loss.
Really? Idiopathic? X rays at the university medical center show no prior brain injury.
You realize what that could mean? Yes.
She could have witnessed the entire murder and doesn't remember any of it.
Hey, BV.
So I traced Corinne's computer.
Turns out it was a resale by the university, paid for in cash.
No way to trace it back to the buyer.
You ID that coagulated blood from Corinne's wound? I did.
Starting with the fact it's not coagulated blood.
What? What is it? We're going to find out.
Let's see what we get.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's Polyterpene, linseed oil, and paraffin.
Sounds like paint.
That would be your specialty.
Hue green.
Celadon, to be exact.
This isn't just any kind of paint.
In these proportions, this is a very expensive oil mix used to mimic what the Renaissance masters used.
Although ICP analysis shows traces of copper in it.
Why would there be copper in the paint? Is it a secondary transfer? No, no.
Some artists mix in unconventional ingredients.
It's kind of like the artist's DNA.
Monica? She's a painter, right? She is, but so is an entire classroom full of suspects.
Step away from your work stations.
What's going on? This one's clean.
Ooh, what are you doing to my painting? We want to make sure that all of your tools are excluded as murder weapons.
But I took a polygraph.
Isn't that enough? No.
It was inconclusive.
Monica's painting is clear for celadon.
Wait, wait.
I thought we were looking for light green.
That's because you don't know your color wheel.
It's okay.
Oh, we got a winner here.
This one's got the copper in it.
" Is that you? Yeah, I'm Perry Carmichael.
We need to see the tools you used to make this painting.
Yeah, yeah.
Um Why the knife? It's actually called a palette knife.
Painting is what it's used for.
It was also used to slash Corinne Palmer's throat last night, smart guy.
That's right.
The trace in her wound matches the paint in your work here.
So you think I killed Corinne, only to put the knife back in my own stuff? Where were you last night? I was participating in a sleep study.
You have an alibi? Time, place? Yeah.
9:00 p.
to 9:00 a.
Psych Building.
Okay? They logged me in, scanned my ID, and everything.
So we have a murder weapon, but its owner has an alibi? We still haven't spoken to Alexis Taymor yet.
Yeah, well, campus police popped her for jaywalking yesterday.
She said she was in a hurry to visit her hometown.
Monica says she's a registration roommate.
She spent every night at her boyfriend's.
Well, the problem with that is we're looking for him, too, but nobody has a clue who he is.
You know what, Frank? These are college kids.
I think I know a way to find him.
Let's see what's in here.
I've got some pills here.
In Alexis Taymor's name.
That's an anti-depressant.
I bet every third girl on this campus takes a mood enhancer.
And I bet you they give their parents' address at the pharmacy, so all the bills get sent home.
I'll text Tripp, see if he can get the address.
I bet I have a faster way.
I'm sure at some point, Alexis's boyfriend shared this bed with her.
What, do you read sheet formations now? No.
UV light, my friend.
I just got an address.
Don't get smart.
Just sit down.
I told you, I didn't sleep with her.
Then explain why your reference sample matches the DNA on Alexis's sheets.
Alexis? I've never even met that girl.
Hey, you want to go down for Corinne's murder? Look, it-it happened just once.
We did it in Alexis's bed.
You and Monica? Yeah.
Last week, I went over to their suite after track practice.
I was going to wait for Corinne to get back from the library.
But what? Monica was there already? Only she was acting different than usual.
Different how? She said she wanted to rock it in every room.
So we did.
Is there any chance that Corinne found out about this? No, I don't think so.
I was watching them in the spa last night to make sure Monica didn't tell her.
And did she? I don't think so.
They were laughing and having fun.
So I left.
I'll be right back.
Think Monica tried to kill off her competition? Could be.
Hang on.
Lieutenant Caine.
Lieutenant Caine? Yes, Monica? How can I help? Someone's watching me.
I feel like something bad's going to happen.
I'll be right there.
Monica, it's Lieutenant Caine.
Who did this to you? After I hung up with you, someone attacked me.
What do you mean, they attacked you, Monica? I told you someone was watching me.
Then they came out of nowhere.
Did you see the attacker? It was completely dark.
I was trapped.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't stop him.
When I came to, he was gone.
You said, "he.
" Are you sure it's a man? No.
Monica, the truth is, you're not really sure about any of it, are you? Just like Corinne's murder.
But something happened.
Someone was here.
Someone tried to kill me.
We need to process Monica.
I take it the pocket knife we found at Monica's was no help.
This is all we have for now.
Don't see any evidence of vertical pull or bruising under her chin.
Suggests Monica's attacker was the same height or shorter than she.
A woman, perhaps.
Or a man of slight stature.
What else do we have? Majority of the injuries occur on her front torso and limbs, especially her left arm.
Monica said the attacker was standing behind her, yet there are few cuts on her dorsal side.
They all seem to be fairly uniform and shallow.
I know this sounds strange, but these wounds on Monica well, there's no charitable way to say this.
They're all self-inflicted.
Monica could only injure what she could reach.
There remains one mystery.
Monica's left arm was extremely damaged, and it escapes me why she would use her non-dominant arm to inflict that level of injury.
That said, this is a very troubled girl.
Loman is ruling Monica's injuries as self-inflicted.
I've been doing some checking on Monica.
It turns out she's registered at Dade University, Eric.
But there's a problem.
What's that? She doesn't exist anywhere else.
She's got no Social Security number? I mean, everybody born in the U.
gets one.
Loman had a problem with the attack, didn't he? Yeah, he can't figure out how she knifed herself with her non-dominant arm.
What if it was dominant at the time? She blacks out, she loses time.
No birth record.
She isn't real.
What if the host personality is, and Monica is the alter? Ah, that's a pretty big stretch.
I mean, are you guys sure? Most of the medical community doesn't even believe dissociative identity disorder exists.
Yeah, look, we know, but the theory fits.
Somewhere in her life, she experienced some unbearable emotional trauma.
Because she's got the memory loss? Yeah.
I mean, she loses time authentically.
And the polygraph supports that, even if it's not 100% accurate.
You know, she-she can't remember her movements during the murder, or her attack.
Yeah, but you guys actually think that her alter attacked her? I do, and I want to find the third roommate, Alexis, because she may have experienced the violent alter.
Well, Tripp got her home address from the pharmacist.
She lives in an apartment across town.
I'm gonna call him and head over there.
Alexis? Alexis, Miami P.
Alexis Taymor, Alexis Taymor, Alexis Tay She really needs to get her mail forwarded.
I'm gonna check out the bedroom.
"Monica Dow.
" So they obviously know one another.
This is one of hers.
Hey, Tripp, I got a diary here.
Check it out.
It's locked, though.
Hold on a minute.
She's definitely not here.
What have you got? I got a diary that was locked, but These writing systems and pictorial representations are far too dissimilar to have come from the same source.
Hold on a second.
I know this handwriting.
Let me see that.
It's Monica Dow.
She gave us a sample this morning.
So Monica and Alexis took turns writing in a diary? Not exactly, Walter.
They're two personalities, two handwriting styles in one girl.
Hold up.
You're telling me Alexis and Monica are the same person? That's what I'm saying.
H and I knew Monica had a dual personality.
Now we know who the other one is.
So wait a minute.
You're saying that one personality wrote in some of the entries, and another personality wrote in Yeah.
Right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, literally.
Monica, no one broke into your room.
What? A medical examiner tells us that your injuries are self-inflicted.
Which means that you attacked yourself.
Why are you doing this to me? Have you ever met your roommate, Alexis? No.
That's because when she's there, you're not.
And you black out for hours at a time, don't you? Listen, Jared told us that you had sex with him.
That you weren't acting at all like yourself.
You don't remember that, do you? Because it didn't happen.
I would never sleep with Corinne's boyfriend.
But Alexis would.
Alexis Taymor, your birth name.
She would.
We found this in your apartment, and it's a story about the fact that your parents died in a plane crash when you were five.
And it is our belief that to cope with the pain, you created an alter ego named Monica Dow.
Monica doesn't have a birth certificate or a Social Security number, because she's not real.
Because she's not real.
Because she's not real.
Because she's not Monica What are you thinking? What you're saying could explain a lot.
The world never seems to make as much sense to me as it does to other people.
Which is why you were being honest on the polygraph about the killing of Corrine.
You couldn't possibly know the truth.
But you still think I did kill Corrine.
But we think there's a chance that Alexis did.
Monica, could we meet Alexis? We brought you back to your old apartment because the doctor thinks it may trigger some memories for you.
Keep in mind that you've been making these switches on a regular basis for a long time, all right? Everything will be okay.
Have a seat.
What are you thinking? Could we meet Alexis? Yes.
Did you drown Corinne Palmer? Did you drown Corinne Palmer? My name is Monica Dow My name is Monica Dow You make that little slide show? You're pretty sick, you know that? We'll just need a signature.
We're dealing with Alexis now.
Yeah, I think everyone's pretty much figured that out by now.
So you can't hear what's going on when Monica is on the surface? I can hear everything.
So I know you think I killed Corinne.
Did you? No.
You did sleep with her boyfriend, didn't you? Yes, yes, yes, yes.
That's one time for every time we did it.
Did you attack Monica at the dorm? Was that attack the reason that you harmed your own body? Our body, but yes.
You have no idea what it's like being me.
I'm basically watching my life from the side of a stage while Monica's playing my role.
I feel like someone's watching me Like something bad is going to happen.
I'm sure that can't be easy.
You have no idea.
She used to make an appearance a few times a month, but lately Little Miss Art Show's been logging more time than I have.
Which is why you attacked her.
Monica is everything I'm not.
She is edging me out.
I wanted to hurt Monica, not Corinne.
That was you in the spa with Corinne, right? Yeah.
I felt like someone was watching us, so I went to get my cell.
And when I came back and saw Corinne it triggered a switch seeing her like that, just like my parents all over again.
My name is Monica Dow, my name is Monica Dow.
My name is Monica Dow.
I think my friend is dead.
Monica copes when I can't.
Sure you didn't make that switch while you were slitting Corinne's throat? Stop asking me the same question.
I did not kill Corinne.
She was nice to me, to both of us.
She knew your secret.
She never told.
In return, you slept with her boyfriend? Impulse control has never been my specialty.
Okay? Corinne was a good roommate.
She wanted me to get help, go see a new doctor.
Why did she want to get you a new doctor? Ever since I got to college, the ziprasidone stopped helping.
Ziprasidone that's the antipsychotic? Corinne thought I needed a new prescription.
Was that change gradual or sudden? Sudden.
We're gonna need to see those pills.
Any luck with the meds? I think I found out why Monica or Alexis or whoever's pills weren't working.
The contents have been replaced with sugar.
So it's sabotage.
What about those red flakes in there? Yeah, I was just about to find out.
Solid polyurethane with an oil-based coating.
So what's that used for? Everything from jackets to refrigerators, but in this gravel-like form, my guess would be some kind of outdoor sporting surface.
And judging from the color, it could very well be from an outdoor track.
So you were at track practice before you tampered with Alexis' pills.
What are you talking about? Little bits of outdoor track surface that we found mixed with the sugar that you used to dump into Alexis' medication.
Why the hell would you do that? Sugar in some pills Is that really that big a deal? It caused her to lose contact with reality and to mutilate herself, you stupid fool.
Answer the question.
He paid me 500 bucks a month to swap out the meds.
Who did? Oslo.
William Oslo.
Our artist in residence.
Yeah, put that up.
Oslo, we believe you tampered with Alexis' medication.
Need to test you for the presence of sucrose.
Knock yourself out.
Stick your arm out for me.
See your sleeve here.
This wasn't a test for sucrose.
Oslo, we already know that you paid Jared to do your dirty work.
So what was that a test for? See this? It's carbomine.
When it interacts with chlorine, it turns white, the way it did on your jacket.
It means that you murdered Corinne in the spa.
You know, you should talk to Perry Carmichael.
He had the, uh, murder weapon.
Wouldn't make a difference, would it? Because you placed the murder weapon at his station to frame him.
Monica was losing more and more time to Alexis, but you wanted Monica to devote more time to her art, so you tried to suppress Alexis.
Corinne understood her condition and tried to help, so you poisoned Corinne.
You have proof of that? "Let's be friends.
" Care to give us a writing sample, Mr.
Oslo? When that didn't work, you took a faster route, right? You know, you don't understand.
Monica is a once- in-a-generation talent.
I first saw Monica's work at a coffee shop.
I started mentoring her immediately.
I wanted to enroll her at Dade, but Alexis kept showing up.
You want me to go away? Well, I'm not.
You can be roommates.
So you created an identity on paper for Monica at the school, encouraged her disorder.
A lot of the greats suffered from, uh, mental illness Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Pollock.
Monica's talent was on that level.
Corinne had no respect for that talent.
Talent isn't worth the life of an innocent.
By the way, you're under arrest.
Let's go.
We did it.
We got you a spot at the best treatment center in Miami.
All right, no one's going to get in the way of your progress there.
I saw the way you and your boss looked at me.
I'm a horrible bitch.
You don't think I know that? Monica is the nice one.
She's the one people can actually stand to be around.
She's the one with the amazing talent.
There is no Monica, Alexis.
She's only a part of you.
The minute you put those pieces together, you're going to be able to accomplish amazing things you.
What if I wake up one morning, and I'm Monica and I can't remember any of this? Tape this to your alarm clock.
It's my number.
And you'll explain everything to me all over again? As many times as it takes.
They put my real name up.
Thank you.
Have a great show, Alexis.