CSI: Miami s09e21 Episode Script


Excuse me.
Nice ring.
Excuse me, miss.
You got to know the secret hand signal to get a drink in here.
It's like I'm invisible.
Well, I see you.
What can I get you? Hi, I'm Neal.
Okay, Neal.
You thirsty? Oh, uh Mojito.
You got it.
You know that rum sales have grown the Mojito is so popular? I'm sorry.
I can get a little Rain Man; I see numbers in everything.
Oh I'm an accountant.
You're not a regular in here.
It's that obvious? Uh, my brother asked me to meet him here.
And he's late, as usual.
Oh I'm so sorry.
You clumsy cow.
Hey, buddy, she said she was sorry.
I'm not your buddy.
Look, let me get you a towel.
How about you get me your manager? Because you just lost your job.
Hey! You bumped into her.
Who the hell are you? How about you get out of my face? Oh, my God.
Really? Braden, stop! Hey! I'm calling security.
Everybody go back to your drinks.
Oh Are you okay? Oh I've never been in a bar fight before.
I couldn't tell.
Did you see that punch I landed? Your one, his ten.
Yeah, I saw.
You didn't have to do that.
Yeah, I did.
Um, why don't you go clean yourself up? And when you get back, drinks are on me.
I'll get back with you girls.
I got to go take care of business.
You killed him.
I didn't.
So that's what you saw? You sure that's what happened? I never saw a dead body before.
I freaked out.
I got out of here.
I called 911.
This place is not that big.
How's that possible? I saw them fight.
That's it.
You have a clear line of sight to the men's room.
I don't know what to tell you.
You know, he was just sticking up for me.
But then the last time you saw Neal, he was headed to the men's room.
I thought somebody called in a dead body.
They did, Eric.
Nobody out there knows where the suspect is or the dead body.
There's no drag marks on the floor.
And there's only one way out of here, gentlemen.
If you get out of the bathroom, there's an exit in the back hall, here.
No witnesses saw the suspect leave, though.
So how did they get the body out? Well, either somebody's lying or this Neal guy's Houdini.
And that's what it would take.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Do you know the victim's last name? I just heard the bartender call him Braden.
Braden, stop! We didn't find any Braden in the receipts from last night.
You said the man who fought with him told you his name was Neal? We did find three Neals.
Think you could pick the suspect out of these DMV photos? This is him, Neal Marshall.
He doesn't look like a killer.
Looks can be deceiving.
Look, um, we're going to shut the place down today.
So you can go home.
But will you do me a favor and leave me your contact information? Yeah, I need to put a BOLO out on a Neal Marshall.
Five-nine, brown hair, brown eyes.
I don't know if it's important, but he said he was meeting his brother here.
He never showed up.
I'll look into that.
Thank you.
Neal and I aren't just brothers, we run an investment firm together.
I know with absolute certainty that he wouldn't hurt anybody.
We have three little girls.
My husband's never been in any type of trouble.
Very nice.
Where do you think he could be? He said he had a business meeting last night, but he never came home.
It's my understanding that you were supposed to meet him at Bar 212.
I was held up on an overseas call.
I was running late.
You told him to meet you at a singles bar again? Witnesses stated that he was fighting over a woman.
Neal and I have been going through some difficulties.
Difficulties? She keeps him on a tight leash, and he's finally tugging back.
You can't blame the guy.
I mean, they got married right out of high school.
Was he supposed to stay single and irresponsible, like you, forever, Dean? You have been in his ear; I can tell.
Excuse me.
Was that about Neal? His car was spotted pulling into a parking structure in South Beach.
Please don't let them hurt my husband.
I won't, Mrs.
The parking lot is across from the home address that the waitress at the bar gave us.
Yeah, well, that's not a coincidence.
All right.
I'll go there now and check it out.
Natalia, that's it.
Clear here.
He looks like he fits the description of the guy they found stabbed in the bathroom.
Well, at least we know where Neal Marshall put his body.
Where's Neal Marshall? Olivia.
Olivia Hunter.
Miami-Dade Police Department.
Open the door.
Just a second.
Let's go.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm a little out of it, after what happened.
Can I come in? What's this about? Do you have any more questions about last night? I want to come in.
You here alone? Yeah, why? You can't go in there! Stay right there.
Neal Marshall? Put your hands up.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't kill that guy.
Put your hands up.
Turn around.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can, and will, be used against you.
I'm innocent.
Please Let's go.
Get over there.
Cuff yourselves together.
Me? Yeah, you.
You were hiding him.
What? I didn't do anything.
Leave her alone.
She was just trying to help me.
Oh, my God.
What did you do? I didn't.
I found him like that.
Take these keys.
Go to my place-- Ozone and Twelfth.
We'll-we'll figure this out.
I'll get there as soon as I can.
Why are you doing this for me? Because you said you didn't do this, and I believe you.
Now, go! It's called "aiding and abetting.
" Let's go.
Come on.
This is an insane misunderstanding.
I fought with that guy at the bar, but I didn't kill him.
Why is his body in your trunk, then? What? That's impossible.
I'm being set up.
Set up by who? I don't know! You should be quiet, Neal.
Someone needs to figure all this out! Oh, no.
What the hell was that? Hey.
It's them.
What do you mean, them? Who's them? Guys, we got to get the hell out of here.
How? However the hell way we can.
We can help! Uncuff us! Please! All right.
Grab the door.
On my count, right? One, two, three.
All right.
Come on, give me your hand! It doesn't look like it fell ten floors.
Car isn't even that damaged, man.
Yeah, well, trust me, it was falling.
Hey, Wolfe, you got anything in that control panel? Yeah, I think I got something.
Looks like a remote-control switch plate that's wired to the power line.
That explains what happened.
He turned off the power, triggering the electromagnetic brakes.
What the hell was that? Right, giving me time to get out of the car turn the power back on and release the brakes.
Yeah, the car falls, turn the power off, engage the brakes.
Gives Neal and Olivia a soft landing, lets them escape.
What was that?! Hey, did these two know each other before last night? Neal's married.
H spoke to his wife.
She said she was worried he might be stepping out on her.
I did a background check on Olivia Hunter.
I didn't find anything.
Well, someone must have been up here to help them rig the elevator.
That's how they got away.
Yeah, well, we need to find out who.
I need you to be honest with me right now, Mrs.
Marshall, and tell me where your husband is.
You know, covering I have no idea.
for him is a felony.
That's a whole lot of prison time.
Are you accusing me of something? We know that he didn't escape alone.
It was too well orchestrated.
I didn't help him, I swear.
Neal is the father of my children.
If I had any idea, any idea at all Do you know who Olivia Hunter is? No.
Who is she? She came up in the investigation.
Look all we know is that your husband is involved in something very dangerous, and I need your help.
You've got to tell me anything you possibly know that could help us figure out what.
I I don't know if it means anything, but Neal's been having some problems at work.
What kind of problems? They lost an account, a big one, and I think his brother Dean blamed Neal for it.
Could his brother be involved? I don't know.
I just want Neal back home.
Please find my husband.
Thank you for your help, Mrs.
You can go home for now.
Got your text.
There's an anomaly with the victim found in Neal Marshall's trunk.
This body's temp-- it doesn't seem possible, but it's actually warming up.
What are you saying? This man has been dead for several days.
So, he can't be our victim from the bar.
Couldn't have been.
A corpse normally loses two degrees of body heat the first hour after death, and another degree each hour after that.
So, by that calculation, he should be approximately 87 degrees.
Precisely, and this body temp is only 62.
So he started too low.
Are we saying he was frozen? Or held in some sort of cold storage.
Take a look at the knife wound.
There should be perimortem bruising, but there isn't.
I think it's a medical cadaver.
Who found his way into the trunk of our suspect's car.
Now, this incision is recent.
What is that, Doctor? It's an RFID chip.
Some medical facilities have started putting them in their cadavers so they can keep track of them.
Then the question becomes, who is this? I just heard what happened to you in the elevator.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just I'm getting nowhere with this remote control switch.
So, whoever rigged it must have been wearing a body glove, because it's totally clean.
Hey, do you have the RFID reader in here? Yeah.
Where did you get an RFID chip? It was in our victim.
Well, actually, it's not even our victim anymore.
What? The body that we found in the trunk-- it's a medical cadaver.
So our real victim's body is still missing? Yes, and so is Neal.
We have surveillance at his house, but he hasn't come home yet.
Okay, so we got a missing body, a planted cadaver A phantom crime scene.
And a rigged elevator.
What the hell is going on? Here we go.
The cadaver's name is Jason Norris.
Died of a myocardial infarction four days ago.
Donated his body to Silas BioTech.
I'm gonna ask Boa Vista to go by Silas BioTech.
Maybe she can get some answers.
Hello? Oh, I am so sorry.
We are celebrating Celeste's birthday today.
I need to speak to the person in charge of your research cadavers.
Oh, well, that-that'd be my boss, but he's out.
That's why we're having the party now.
He does not like to have fun on the clock.
Well, unfortunately, he's probably not gonna like this, either.
We found one of your research cadavers at a crime scene.
Pulled this off the RFID chip.
Okay, um let's see here.
Alisha, could you bring me, uh, the file on Jason Norris, please? All right.
Did you know that he was missing? Uh, actually, Mr.
Norris was reported misappropriated two days ago.
How does a body become misappropriated? Oh, there's lots of money on the black market for body parts.
Thank you.
We-We do everything we can to prevent it, but Did you file a police report? We hadn't officially determined, uh, if Mr.
Norris was stolen or just misplaced.
There was an inventory audit in mid-process.
Can you show me where you had his body stored? Oh, he never arrived.
The body went missing during transport from Dade General, so you might want to follow up with them.
I will.
Thank you.
All right.
Neal Marshall just called in to MDPD.
He's on the phone with Horatio right now.
We need you to come back.
I'm on my way.
Neal, listen to me.
Come in, and we'll work it out.
Why is this happening? What is happening, Neal? I didn't kill her.
I woke up, and she was dead.
Who's dead, Neal? Is it Olivia Hunter? I didn't want to get her mixed up in all this.
She said people must be after me, people who want to kill me.
Okay, Neal, why would they target you? I'm an accountant.
Maybe I saw something.
Some financial statement I wasn't supposed to see.
I don't know! Okay.
Where are you, Neal? I can't trust you.
I can't trust anyone.
Neal? I got a location.
He's at the Brio Hotel on Thornton Avenue.
Don't forget to send backup.
On their way.
I got the room key.
They checked in under the waitress's name.
It's clear.
She's gone.
I don't get this guy.
The victim at the bar, and now her.
I don't know what he's trying to do.
I don't either, Eric.
Look at this damage on the molding.
That looks like forced entry.
Yeah, it does.
But when would that have taken place? Is it possible that somebody other than Neal killed this girl? Or that's what he wants us to think.
Let's do a full process and see where that takes us, okay? Dr.
Looks like our poor lady sustained a broken neck at C-3.
Spinal cord was severed; death was instantaneous.
How could that have happened? She fell.
Significant damage to the back of her head, damage to the occipital bone along the lamboid suture.
And what about the bruising on her chest and under the eye? That bruise and this welt under that eye lead me to believe this fall was no accident.
It looks like she's been in a fight.
Evidence seems to indicate.
And the tattoo on the hand.
Chinese symbol for "long life.
" Pity she was denied one.
She was covering it with body makeup.
She also has tinted contacts.
And her hair was dyed.
She's attempting to conceal her identity.
Now, why would she do that? Hey, Natalia, did you run the DNA on our new vic? I did, but Olivia Hunter didn't show up in any database anywhere.
Yeah, but when I ran her prints, she matched this girl in AFIS.
Lisa Blackhall? Uh-huh.
Olivia Hunter's real name, in the system for DUI.
Wait-wait, so Lisa was pretending to be Olivia Hunter? Exactly.
And since Olivia Hunter doesn't really exist, I wondered how she charged a hotel room where she and Neal were hiding out.
And? Turns out she used a corporate credit card issued by Silas BioTech.
Now, you were there, right? I was there, and they lied to me, because I just talked to Dade General, and they told me that the misappropriated cadaver was in Silas's custody when it went missing.
See, it's sounding like there is some sort of conspiracy against Neal.
Especially with that whole Lisa-slash-Olivia.
She had to have been part of it, right? You know what, I'm gonna go grab Horatio and head back to Silas now.
Thank you.
Hora Horatio, I was here.
Right here.
Hello? This was a working office.
There was a reception desk, there was workers coming out of this back room.
I'm so sorry.
We are celebrating Celeste's birthday today.
This is crazy.
I mean, they completely stripped the place.
There's nothing here.
I don't get it.
Let's get a team here to go over this place.
Horatio, wait a minute.
There's something in here.
I'm not crazy.
I'm not cra This is what that receptionist was wearing earlier today.
He does not like to have fun on the clock.
I'm gonna take all these documents and try to get them reconstructed back at the lab.
What the hell is going on here? I thought this software was supposed to make reconstructing documents easier.
It's searching for patterns and repeated text, but with all of this we're gonna be lucky to even find segments of information.
It is gonna take some time.
You think? Hey, we're working as fast as we can.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Look, it's just that I've got to figure out what the heck is going on here.
I do not like to be made a fool of.
I know.
Hey, can you put in a search term? Yeah, sure.
What are you thinking? Olivia Hunter rented that hotel room with a Silas BioTech corporate card.
So if Silas doesn't exist, it really is a front.
Then who's actually paying that bill? I see where you're going.
Okay, here's the credit card number that I have-- so let's just search through the documents we've already scanned.
That account number's coming up several times.
The billing statements for that account were also being mailed to an office suite out by Miami International.
I'll go check it out.
Yeah, sure.
Don't mention it.
Thank you.
Excuse me? You killed him.
These are all the witnesses from the bar.
What is going on? Let's find out.
Ladies and gentlemen, could I have you all stand against the wall, please? Whoa, whoa.
Excuse me.
I think I can help here.
This is the lady from before.
She's from Silas BioTech.
Norris was reported misappropriated two days ago.
Actually, I'm sorry, I was not completely honest with you before.
I am Wendy Colton.
I am the CEO of L.
Nice to meet you.
If you are investigating the murder at Bar 212, I think I can ease your minds.
This is Braden Wilkinson.
And, uh, he was the man who fought with Neal Marshall at the bar.
I'm not your buddy.
As you can see, he's alive and well.
There was no murder.
So we know how the dead body got out of the men's room; it walked out.
And everybody here was in on it? I'm afraid so.
You do know it's illegal to be planting cadavers and wasting our time, right? Well, you can discuss that with my fleet of lawyers.
We have a young lady who's lying dead in the morgue.
Who? Her name is Lisa Blackhall, a.
Olivia Hunter.
Um could we please discuss this in private? She's gone.
When was the last time you talked to Lisa? Well, she was off the grid for a couple hours, but that happens sometimes-- I thought she was gonna check in soon.
What exactly do you do here? We solved the problem of virtual reality.
We make it real.
Listen up! Okay, everybody, get in position.
We're ten minutes out before Neal's arrival.
How hard do I hit him? Make him feel it, but don't break anything.
Cue the music.
We create actual, tailored, immersive experiences for our clients that changes their lives.
MAN They're getting into the elevator now.
I'm on it.
Kill the power.
Well, you certainly changed Lisa's life.
We had nothing to do with her death.
You put her in that situation with Neal.
She took Neal to that hotel because it was in the script.
It was supposed to look like they'd slept together.
That was part of the fantasy.
What are we going to do? This is insane.
We need to lay low, okay? Figure out what you stumbled into.
Make a list of all your clients.
I want to know who killed her.
I don't know.
You're saying Neal paid for this? No.
He had no idea what was going on.
His game was a gift.
From who? Contractually, I can't say.
Consider the contract null and void.
We're talking about one of your employees here.
That's fine, we'll just get a warrant.
No, I really, that that won't be necessary.
This will tell you everything you need to know.
You're under arrest.
For what? Reckless endangerment.
And obstruction of justice.
It's just a game.
Game over.
Come on, let's go.
Let go of my arm.
Lieutenant Caine.
Okay, I'm on my way.
What is it? Neal just broke into his own house.
Neal, you're acting crazy.
We have to go now.
What about the kids? We'll pick them up from school.
Listen, I love you.
Then just stop.
No, we're running out of time.
Neal, just calm down, okay? We can work this out.
Put it down.
This is a mistake.
Wouldn't be my first one today.
But it'll be your last.
Neal, listen to me.
This is just a game.
What the hell are you talking about? Please, baby, I don't want to see you get hurt.
Neal, look, you're taking this way too far.
You're innocent, we can prove that.
Put the gun down.
Listen to what he says.
Your brother knows what he's talking about.
He doesn't know anything.
Explain it to him, Dean.
Okay, he's right.
Look, none of this is real.
You're not making any sense.
I just want my life back.
You'll get it back, but you've got to put that gun down first.
I can't trust you.
I'm all you've got right now.
Look, please, the gun is not loaded, so don't, don't shoot him, please.
I keep this gun loaded, Dean.
How did you know that? How did you know it wasn't loaded? It's always loaded.
D-Did you take the bullets out? Would somebody explain to me what's going on? That's exactly what Dean's going to do right now.
Aren't you, Dean? What, do you know something, Dean? Tell me.
Tell me! Look where we are.
A woman is dead.
Why would you do this? No one was supposed to die.
I was framed for murder.
I did it for you, for us.
For us? I needed to get you out of your comfort zone.
My brother is a coward.
We can take his whole world and tilt it.
We'll strip him of everything he has and take him on a classic hero's journey.
Once he succeeds in overcoming the worst we can throw at him, he'll come out of the game with a new confidence, afraid of nothing.
This is very expensive.
It'll be money well spent.
Why? I was happy.
It was killing our firm.
This is about money? This is about the Dunlevy account? I had them.
They were going to invest millions until you told them that it wasn't prudent.
I gave them a risk assessment.
You gave them an accurate risk assessment.
Who does that? We lost them, how many others? I needed you to man up.
I was actually starting to believe your crap about how I needed to loosen up, have fun, but you know what I learned from all this? What? That I love my wife and kids and I want to be with them more than anything else, and that makes me more of a man than you'll ever be.
So, Dean, did the game include murder? No, I swear.
This was all just supposed to be pretend.
I didn't kill her.
Who did? I have no idea.
She called me from the hotel, she was pretty worried.
Did Neal just call you? No, is he okay? Well, he's freaking out just like he's supposed to.
So what's the problem? I've kept him off his cell, but I just caught him talking to somebody.
He didn't call you? No.
If he compromised the game, it could be dangerous.
I got to go.
I don't remember making a call.
That's because you were drugged, Neal.
That's the last I heard from Lisa.
Could I have your cell phone, please? You did make a call, Neal, just preceding the murder.
He called me? I must have missed it.
It's okay.
You're lying, Mrs.
Pardon? Can we see your left shoulder, please? What? Why? Why are you doing that? Because you were at the hotel, and you forced your way into your husband's room, didn't you? I knew Dean wanted you to go to bars, to see other women Jenny, I never did any You were tempted.
I could tell.
So you did get that phone call from the hotel? Yes.
Jenny, I don't think you're safe.
I need you to get the girls and go to your mother's.
Neal, what's going on? The police said you were fighting over some woman, that you killed a man.
No, I didn't kill anyone.
You sound strange.
Where are you? Jenny, please, I'm at the Brio Hotel, but I think I'm being followed.
It's not safe.
OLIVIA: Neal? Who are you talking to? Are you alone? Just do what I said.
Get the girls and go to your mother's now.
I went to the hotel.
I wasn't sure what I would find.
Can I help you? Who the hell are you? Where's my husband? I never thought that Neal would get blamed.
I just got out of there.
How could I know that it was only a game? For me it was very real.
There was Neal with another woman.
I'm sorry that I ever gave you reason to believe that I would do that.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
We have to go.
Please, no, there has to be a way.
Tell the girls I love them, okay? Can you do that? Please.
Can't you do something? It's not her fault.
Please, it's the game.
I'm sorry, she killed someone.
She's looking at manslaughter.
Is this part of the game? Please tell me this isn't real.
Neal, I can assure you, this is all too real.