CSI: Miami s09e22 Episode Script

Mayday (1)

No! We start our descent in 15 minutes, Horatio.
You know, I can almost hear it as the lead-in on the news.
Marshals, working closely with Miami-Dade's finest, "capture the last and most elusive of the Miami-West Prison.
" You guys are gonna get medals for this.
Funny coming from a guy we found cowering in a flower garden.
Hey, at least I got to spend the last seven months by the pool in Arizona.
What have you been up to, baldy? I won't forget what you did to those girls five years ago.
Oh, a shame you never found their bodies.
Found enough to put you away for life.
And if I get a medal, you can bet your ass I'm gonna pin it right in the middle of your forehead.
And you can count on it.
You guys should put your seatbelts on.
We're gonna be landing soon.
We're off course.
Gentlemen? Is there something I can help you with? Yeah.
I want to talk to the pilot.
Everything all right back there, Lieutenant? I want to know why we're off course.
Delay at Miami International.
I'm gonna have to put her down right now.
I don't think you understand the situation.
We are the priority landing.
Why don't you let me fly the plane, sir? Mr.
Groves? Take this man back to his seat, please? I want you to get this back on course.
Son this is a big mistake for you.
Would you put that gun down, while you have the chance? Put the gun down right now.
Oh! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Requesting emergency descent and landing.
Son?! It doesn't have to end like this.
Horatio! Frank.
He's gone.
Toller's gone.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! CSI Miami | Episode 06x22: "Mayday" Original airdate: May 8, 2011 Breaking news this morning in Miami where escaped killer Jack Toller is on the loose again Authorities confirmed the plane transporting Toller from Arizona, where he was apprehended, was forced to make an emergency landing Toller is the last remaining fugitive from the Miami-West prison break of October 17.
He was serving a life sentence for the murders of three teenage girls.
Dubbed "The Incinerator" because of the gruesome way he cremated the bodies of his victims, Toller's conviction hinged on the discovery of a single tooth.
Going with you.
No excuses.
Can't do that, Horatio.
I'm too pissed off.
Frank, that looks terrible.
You got to get it checked.
Yo! Yo! So.
So, who hired you? The client.
I'm a pilot.
You're not answering my question.
- Who hired you? - Jack Toller.
As soon as he knew he was being transported, he hired us to take out the pilots.
And then he paid us cash to fly him to the Everglades.
Why the Everglades? What's in the Everglades? I was paid to look the other way and not ask questions.
Where were you supposed to land? I wasn't given that information.
- You'll have to ask him.
- I'm asking you.
I don't know.
You ready for jail? What? Take him.
Hey, honey, I'm almost home.
I should be there in time to make you and the kids lunch.
Love you.
See you soon.
Jack Toller is considered armed and extremely dangerous.
Do not attempt Hello? Sir? Hello? Sir? Are you okay? Sir? Are you okay? Shut up! No! No! Shut up.
- Shut up! - No! Oh.
This is CSI Eric Delko.
No sign of Toller on Old Post Road.
Should we widen the search? That's a negative.
We're covered to the south.
Stand by for further instructions.
Roger that.
Hey, what you got? Listen, I've got a dead body, Shark Valley, along mile marker 19.
Fatal head injury.
This is right along Toller's escape route.
From the looks of it, I'm thinking he carjacked her.
Listen, I've got a purse here.
I'm gonna check through it.
And I'll send you her driver information so you can get a vehicle registration.
I'm also gonna look into Toller's known associates, see if he's trying to reconnect with anyone.
All right.
- Make sure an M.
's en route.
- Will do.
- Thanks.
- You got it.
Horatio, this is Randy North.
I arrested him four years ago for felony drug possession.
North, thank you for coming in.
I understand that you were Mr.
Toler's cellmate at the time of his escape.
Yes, but I didn't play a part in that, and I have no part in this.
Have you had any contact with him? -No.
Thank God.
Look, I've got 11 months left on probation, but if I screw up at all, they throw me right back in there.
No, I know.
I understand.
And believe me, you've done a great job since your release.
- I'm really proud of you.
- Thank you.
Okay, we've got a mother of three that's in the morgue, and we think that it's Toller that carjacked her car, so if there's anything at all that you can tell us Look, I'm-I'm-I'm very sorry about the mother, okay? But I'm a single father myself, and just being here puts us in jeopardy.
Just so you know, anything that you do to help us out does not put you in jeopardy.
You have no idea where he is or what he may be doing? I'm very happy to say that I don't.
I mean, I hope you bring him in.
Randy, promise me that you'll call us if anything changes.
Yeah, yes.
Thanks for coming in.
And that was just before the emergency landing? And that was the last time you heard from them? All right, great, thank you.
So Horatio told me that the copilot said.
Toller wanted the plane to go to the Everglades.
Okay, let's chart the intended flight path.
- Okay.
- This is where they veered off course.
We know that their original bearing was Right, and then the pilot turned the plane making our new route here.
That's over 300 miles of real estate encompassing ten airfields.
You got any idea of where we should start? Maybe.
Okay, this plane guzzles at cruising speed.
How many gallons were left when the plane landed? NTSB investigators are putting the total at roughly 125 gallons.
Okay, 125 gallons is about half an hour's worth of fuel left.
Half an hour's worth of fuel left, traveling at 100 miles per hour, burning about two and a half gallons per mile would leave about 50 miles before they had to land.
Is there an airstrip within 50 miles? Only one.
Can I help you? Yeah, do you guys have a G4 scheduled to land here this morning? Oh, I wouldn't know.
Hey, Marcel, the cops are looking for you again! I'm kidding.
Marcel, come on, where are you? I am right here! Then, are you deaf? Listen, these guys want to know if there was a plane scheduled to land here this morning.
What was it? - A G4.
- A G4? You're kidding, right? Have you had contact with a man named Jack Toller? Toller that guy from the news? Yeah, he's a fugitive.
Ditched the plane earlier this morning a few miles from here.
And what's that have to do with us? He intended to land it here.
Look at the aircraft I deal with here.
This is a utility strip mostly recreational flyers, light aircraft.
Whatever this guy Toller's up to, I'm glad he didn't end up here.
We're going to need your entire flight record, please.
After you, gentlemen.
That's not going to cut it; I need it right now.
All right, I'll hold.
You're back already that's not a good sign.
Me? What the hell are you doing here? People think I need my head examined.
Well, guess what I did.
I want that bastard so bad I can taste it.
Hey, Sarge, are you all right? I will be if people stop asking me.
You got eyes on our stolen Saab yet? Rolling on the BOLO every 15, tracking all the bogus leads.
Sergeant, I have a meter maid talking to one of our ground units right now.
- You hold that, please? - Yes, sir.
Sergeant Tripp.
What do you got for me? You know, I really thought I was onto some When? We'll be right there.
Got a car matching our description at a salvage in Seaside.
I bet he's ditched the dead mom's car.
That's the Saab.
Yeah, those are the plates.
Just talked to the owner.
Nobody saw the car dropped off.
Yeah, he's got to be here somewhere.
Let's split up, everybody take a row.
Okay, somebody watch the car and somebody take the front gate, make sure nobody gets out.
Toller! Toller! Stop right there, Toller! Do not move! What the hell, Randy? Look, I can explain everything, if you'll just give me a chance.
- Keep your hands up.
- I'll let you explain it to your kids.
- No - Let's hook him up.
- No! - Put your hands behind your back, let's go! - Okay.
- Let's go! Don't move.
BOA VISTA: You told us you hadn't even talked to Toller.
I know, and there-there's a logical explanation.
If you just let me explain, you will understand.
We'd better, Randy.
I, uh, I can't right now, okay, but if I could just make one phone call, my kids I have to pick 'em up from school in 20 minutes.
You lied to us.
No, I didn't.
He found me, after I talked to you guys.
I don't know how, but he did.
You're going to help me get out of this.
Jack, I can't do that, you know that.
And he threatened to hurt my kids.
How'd you like to lose your kids? You wouldn't dare.
See this car? I need it to disappear quickly and quietly.
You're gonna get rid of it for me.
Pretty please? I didn't have a choice.
I had no choice.
At that moment you should have contacted us.
Why is he still here? Did he tell you if he had a plan here in Miami? I don't know.
Yes, you do.
No, I don't.
All I did was, I dropped him off downtown and then I dropped the car off at the junkyard.
Where downtown? At the Axion Hotel.
My finder's fee just went up.
Nah, I don't think so.
You provided a buyer, you've been well compensated.
This is my deal.
I got you to the buyer, I delivered.
Now I want my cut.
Marcel I think you just cut yourself out of it.
Whoa, whoa, man, come on, put the gun down.
Let's talk this out.
Okay, good.
Have you seen this man? No.
Are you here about the gunshots? - Gunshots, when? - Just a minute ago on the 30th floor.
it off, gentlemen.
- Where's your elevator? - Straight to the back.
- All right, all right - Move and you die.
- Where's Toller? - He was here, - he shot Marcel.
- How long ago? - Just a couple minutes ago.
- Now, call it in, Eric.
Stay very still.
- Drive! - What?! Drive, shut up! Don't say a word.
Just drive.
They were arguing, and he just shot him.
What, he just spared you? He didn't know I was here.
Marcel, I think you just cut yourself out of it.
Whoa, whoa, man, come on, put the gun down.
Let's talk this out.
Why are you here? He's my boss.
You know, he tells me to come somewhere, I listen.
I, I didn't know there were going to be guns here.
What was the argument about? I don't know, I couldn't hear.
I Some sort of business deal.
I don't know what it was about.
You worked at the airfield with Marcel, you're going to tell me you had no idea? Look, I kept my job because I didn't ask any questions, all right? I can tell you what the business deal was about.
That's class-A work, Eric.
We got counterfeit bills.
You still don't know what this is about? That has nothing to do with me.
We're gonna get to the bottom of this.
You're coming with us.
Let's go.
We're assembled for an emergency hearing to address the continued custody of the two minor children, Austin, date of birth 10/11/02, and Patty 2/20/05, with their biological father Randy North.
What is Child Services' position in regard to these children? It has come to light that.
North has been in contact with a convicted felon, a triple murderer and escapee from the Miami-West Prison.
This association would be a violation of the conditions of Mr.
North's parole.
May I ask the type of contact to which you're referring, Mr.
Hillington? Apparently, Mr.
North assisted the convicted felon in the disposal of a stolen automobile.
The department believes that this contact presents a danger to the minor children, and that continued custody with Mr.
North will put the children at risk.
No, look, he threatened me, okay? Can you please tell them? He threatened to hurt my children.
Miss Boa Vista, you have been summoned because Mr.
North is part of an ongoing investigation.
Yes, Your Honor.
You have a history with Mr.
North, - do you not? - Yes, sir, I do.
And Mr.
North has made mistakes in the past.
But I do believe that today he did the wrong thing for the right reason.
He acted as a result of a direct threat to his children.
Did you hear such a conversation with Mr.
Toller and Mr.
North in which a threat against his children was made? Uh, no, I did not.
So you take the convicted felon at his word? I have direct testimony as to this man's transformation.
Since his parole, he earned a degree in accounting, he started his own business so that he could work from home so he could be a full-time father But you have no first-hand knowledge of such a conversation with Toller, do you? - As I said, I do not, but what - You have no direct admissible evidence to support the alleged threats made against Mr.
North's children, - do you? - May I continue, please? Thank you.
I feel that Mr.
North was under duress, because he fully cooperated with us when we brought him in for questioning, and he's not being charged with a crime.
Your Honor, this is an emergency hearing based on admissible evidence.
There is clear and convincing evidence to establish that these children are in danger.
- No.
- In danger? This is their father.
You don't think it would be more detrimental to take these children away from their only parent and enroll them into the foster system? The department requests that these children immediately be placed in the custody of Child Services.
What? I appreciate your coming here, Officer.
I will issue my ruling by the close of business today.
Thank you.
BOA VISTA: Thank you, Your Honor.
Thank you, Your Honor.
We're getting further away from the city.
That, little lady, is the whole idea.
Can I at least call up my parents? Sure.
I'll dial it for you, I'll introduce myself, and we can pick out a nice place to meet for lunch.
They're going to be worried about me.
They should be.
What happened? You were supposed to be my star witness.
The judge just took away my kids.
- Daddy daddy! - Oh.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
I love you so much, guys.
I love you, okay? Take care of your sister, okay? Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, Randy, I'm really sorry.
You were supposed to fix this.
I tried.
If you hadn't helped Toller, - we wouldn't be here.
- I had no choice.
Look, i-if you could just go back in there, okay, a-and talk to the judge without that lawyer in there, then maybe he'll listen to you, maybe I can get supervised visits, anything.
Okay, I will help you try to fix this, and if we can bring in Toller, we might be able to corroborate your story and the threats.
No, no, you don't know Toller.
He will die before he lets you take him back here.
Boa Vista.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Toller just kidnapped a 16-year-old girl.
I will try to help you, but I've got to go right now.
I'm sorry.
You sit there.
No whimpering, no crying.
No words.
If you're going to kill me, just do it.
I'm not going to just do it.
I promise, when I'm done with you, you'll be the first to know.
Just like those other girls.
Shut up! The other girls didn't listen, either.
I don't like repeating myself, all right? Just chill.
So Jack Toller had his hands on that bill? Take a look at it.
More importantly, take a look at the paper it's printed on.
There are no blue and red fibers.
And the watermark's missing.
Yeah, it doesn't have a security strip.
This paper is bad.
It's definitely counterfeit.
But look at the quality of the print.
Look at the micro-printing.
Look at the portrait.
- It's dead-on.
- You're right.
This printing is definitely raised.
It's not something you can do with your average color printer.
No, you couldn't.
You'd have to have an engraved plate to do that.
And Toller has them.
Yeah, but if he can make that good a forgery, why is he printing it on paper that wouldn't make it past the register of a supermarket? I'm guessing that even though he has the plates, he doesn't have the other ingredients the paper, the ink.
That's why he hasn't left Miami.
He must know someone here that has the paper, the ink.
Then he'll be able to print money for the rest of his life.
Find that person You'll find Jack Toller.
Look, I already told you, whatever Marcel and Jack Toller were dealing together, I was out of that loop.
Toller kidnapped a teenage girl.
If he murders her, that's on you.
I can't help you.
You know, I I don't think you have a choice.
I'm a Secret Service agent with Homeland Security.
And I'm President Obama.
Nice to meet you.
Call the Miami field office, if you need to check it out.
What name should we run? Renee Locklear.
Run that, will you, Walter? I have a specific mandate from the highest security in government to find those plates.
That's why I couldn't tell you before.
What else can't you tell me? a freight delivery from the Bureau of Engraving crashed in Georgia.
When the cargo was recovered, three sets of $100 plates were unaccounted for.
And you think Toller is up for all this? No, I think Toller wants to cash in.
It's his buyer that I want.
And who is his buyer? I don't know.
Tried to get close enough to him, but I couldn't get a name.
So this is the real thing, huh? Right off Uncle Sam's truck.
Creates a perfect image, but got to have the right paper.
My finder's fee just went up.
I don't think so.
You provided a buyer.
You've been well compensated.
This is my deal.
I think you just cut yourself out of it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, man.
Come on.
- You check out.
- Mm-hmm.
Obama, huh? What else, Agent? Before he took off, he crouched over Marcel's body.
I think he took something from him.
What do you think it was? I have no idea.
We have Marcel's clothes.
Yes, we do, Walter.
Let's process those.
Is this really the space for that kind of exploration, Wolfe? No, Tom, it isn't.
Frankly, I don't know what the hell I'm looking for, but I'm trying to prevent that teenage girl from ending up on a slab in your morgue.
I understand.
Got an I.
I got some credit cards.
I got, um Oh, there's some axle grease on the sleeve of his shirt here.
Found plenty of it under his nails, as well.
Comes from his occupation, I'm afraid.
Marcel did work on airplanes.
Not sure it's the case-breaker you're looking for.
Easy to punch holes, Tom.
Easy to punch holes.
It's a key ring.
Key ring.
Tom, you know what? I need an expert opinion, but you're here, so you'll do.
Come here and take a look at this.
How kind.
What do you think? Uh, it's bent, like someone improperly pulled keys from it.
In haste.
Toller ripped the key ring off here to get access to Marcel Largo's airport hangar.
And, God willing, the girl with him is still alive.
- Go.
- Yeah.
This is probably her sandal.
Well, she was here.
Hopefully, she's still alive.
If she's still alive, it's for a reason.
Let's check Marcel's office.
It may lead us to the girl and our buyer.
Hey, I got a desk calendar here.
Let's see.
There's a page missing from today, too.
Going to find out what was scribbled on here.
Might be the meeting place or the buyer, something.
What do you want me to do? Tell the man you have a delivery.
You get the bag from him first.
Then you hand him this case.
Got it? Eric? I can't make anything out.
What do you got? Marcel has been video conferencing.
And the conversation window is open.
Got a user name? How do I know you're not just going to shoot me in the back or something? Go.
User name is Ashcroft.
Bernard Ashcroft.
That's the investment banker that got arrested for fraud.
And he's also our buyer.
Toller's on his way to meet Ashcroft.
Randy, look, I'm really sorry.
I just can't help you right now.
We're right in the middle of working on a kidnapping.
I-I know.
He called me again.
All right, he's threatening me.
Toller? Did Toller call? What did he say he wanted? He wouldn't tell me over the phone.
He told me to meet him at the pier in 20 minutes.
I'm only telling you this because I want my kids back.
Look, you did the right thing.
You're not gonna go.
Let us take care of this.
Just let me know where on the pier he wanted you to meet him.
Get me Horatio now! Where's Toller? He, uh he told me to get a bag from you.
Got to be kidding me.
Get inside! All units, Sergeant Tripp.
Jack Toller's in the vicinity of Biscayne and Lardner.
He's armed, he's dangerous.
Let's bring the son of a bitch down.
Look, I don't know who you are, but you take that case back to Toller.
I talk to him face to face.
Not some girl.
I don't do business Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Stand right there! - Who is this? - Turn around, kiss the wall! - Who are you? Turn around, kiss the wall! This is a warrant.
- You okay? - You can read it at your leisure.
- Hook him up! - You okay? All right, it's okay.
You're safe now.
- Yeah.
All right? Is he here? Is he still here? - No.
He sent me.
Let's go.
You go with this man right here.
They're gonna take care of you, all right? - TRIPP: Shut up! - Tell me what I did.
- Hey, take a look at this.
What have you got? A crate of paper from the Carver Paper Company.
That's the company out of Massachusetts, right? They've got a contract with the government? This guy managed to get his hands on currency-grade printing paper.
This is the real thing.
Same fiber and linen content.
So you got your paper, Mr.
And your printing press.
I feel I should have counsel present should you have any further questions.
Shut up! I've got a whole phone book of people who want to talk to you let's go.
These are the plates.
Oh, my God! Looks like Toller got away with a set.
He's in the wind again.
Toller's deal for the plates went south.
I wonder if Randy's even still planning to meet him here.
Rest assured that if he kept a pair for himself, he's gonna sell them.
Now, what? Horatio! Oh, my gosh! Stay down.
Stay down.
Can you tell me where you're hit? Where are you hit? Where? They split up my kids.
Austin's in Fort Meyers, and Patty's with a family in Boca Raton.
They don't even have each other now.
It's not my fault.
Everyone keeps telling me that! But I fixed everything.
I did it all, and it didn't matter! You promised me, but you're just like the rest of them.
BOA VISTA: I'm not.
Remember, I tried to help you, Randy, because I believed that you've changed.
Don't do this.
You can't come back from this.
This is what everyone becomes when you strip it all away and you leave them with nothing! Don't do this.
Randy, don't! Randy! BOA VISTA: Come on! Please! Hey! No! No! Come on, come on, come on.
The wireless subscriber you are trying to reach is away from their phone or outside the range of cellular service.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.