CSI: Miami s10e01 Episode Script

Countermeasures (2)

Marisol, I'm sorry I'm late.
Actually, you're right on time.
You look amazing.
You don't look so bad yourself.
I missed you, Mari.
I miss you.
Anything look good? The best thing about this place just got here.
Let's not waste another second.
I agree.
You know you have to go back.
I know, sweetheart.
You have to get up, Horatio.
Go now, Horatio.
Help me.
Don't Randy! No! Hey! Hey! Hey! Please.
Nice deep breath.
Hang in there, buddy.
Hang in there.
Okay, check their pupils real quick.
- Try to keep them warm.
- Marisol.
Relax, sir.
Nice, slow breaths.
He's got good lung sounds bilaterally.
Hang in there.
What have we got? Two police officers, MDPD-- male, gunshot wound, right flank.
Vitals are stable.
Lieutenant Caine.
Hang in there, Lieutenant.
You're going to do just fine.
Lieutenant Caine Horatio.
Yes, sweetheart.
You know you have to go.
Stay with me, Lieutenant.
Stay with me.
Hey, Doctor, what happened? Bystanders say she was pulled from the back of a submerged vehicle.
Unknown depth, unknown time.
She does feel cold to the touch.
This is what everyone becomes when you strip it all away and you leave them with nothing! It's not my fault.
Everyone keeps telling me that! Blood work, EKG, please.
Going to two, guys.
Hold it here.
Randy! Ma'am, ma'am, leave this right where it is.
Ma'am! No, I got to get away.
Can somebody Ma'am, I need you to get back on the Lieutenant, you should not be up right now.
You suffered a perforating wound from a bullet fragment, post ricochet.
I understand your position, but I really need to leave, Doctor.
There's blood loss, respiratory distress.
We need to keep you here for at least Would you please talk some sense into him? I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I feel like I saw North down the hallway.
I could have sworn I did.
I-I know that I didn't.
Sweetheart, that is normal.
You've suffered significant trauma.
And I feel like I'm going crazy.
Are you okay to leave with me? Let's do it.
We got to go.
Let's go.
Oh, my God, let's Lieutenant, you could die if you leave.
Nurse, that man is not authorized to leave this hospital! For those of you who are just joining us, we have two violent fugitives still at large.
They are Jack Toller and Randy North.
There is a dragnet across the city at this hour Do not attempt to engage or confront these individuals.
They are both considered extremely dangerous.
Let's take it back out to our field correspondent.
Leslie, what's the latest? Yes, Jack Toller is a fugitive, a convicted killer responsible for the deaths of three young women five years ago.
Brutal deaths wherein the women were literally incinerated.
Toller is being considered the more dangerous of the two.
However, Randy North is now responsible We got all available units on the street.
Got help from Broward and Monroe.
Set up roadblocks on 41, 95 and all along the Causeway.
Ports are covered.
Let's get these guys.
Come on.
We got limo and taxi dispatches going through Metro, so if these guys try to take private transportation, we'll be on them.
Very good.
I want Natalia and Calleigh on Randy North.
You got it.
Where North goes, he's going to want his kids.
That's true.
I'll get on the foster care docs right away.
Do you really think this is a good idea so soon? Are you sure you're up for this? Toller's going to kill again.
We know that.
We got to get them both.
But be careful.
Agent Locklear.
Lieutenant, I just got off the phone with my task force supervisor.
What'd he say to you? Apparently, the currency-grade paper we seized was just the tip of the iceberg.
The stolen paper was not only resold to Bernard Ashcroft, but apparently, there's an interested party right here in Miami.
You get a name? We're working on that right now, but my guess is, whoever it is, they're going to try and make a deal with Toller.
Remember, Toller is a serial killer first and foremost.
He's not about the money.
That is his main obsession.
Priority number one.
What's your selling price? Quarter mil, cash.
Get your head out the clouds, my friend.
You're way too high.
Child Services, they pulled the paperwork on the Randy North kids.
I heard, and I know the kids were brought here.
I already let Natalia know I was on it.
You are? You're already signed out on the board.
Really? Yeah.
That must have been before everything happened.
It's all hands on deck now.
Well, you go talk to North's son; I'll talk to his daughter.
Hi, Austin.
I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
How are you? They can't separate us, can they? I'm supposed to look out after my sister.
What I know is that your counselors are making a lot of phone calls to make sure the two of you can stay together.
Austin, I think you know that we're looking for your dad.
Do you have any idea where he might be? You mean help you catch him? Mm-hmm.
I shouldn't do that.
He's my dad.
I understand that.
You wouldn't want him to hurt anyone, though, would you? No.
Will you think about helping me? What do you want me to do? Hi, Dad.
It's Austin.
Oh, my God.
Where are you? I ran away.
I didn't want to be at that foster care place.
I hate it there.
I just want you to come get me.
Okay, buddy.
Look, just take a deep breath, okay? Try and stay calm.
All right? You tell me where you are, and I'll come get you.
I'm at the park.
Shoreway Park.
Under the lifeguard tower.
It's been 15 minutes-- still nothing.
Have we got any sign of North? I don't see anything over here, either.
Maybe this is a wash.
No, that is a negative.
Hold your position.
He will be here.
There he is at 11:00 coming right toward you.
You see him? Do you see him? 11:00.
Go, go, go.
Got eyes on him.
He doesn't see me yet.
- Come to me.
- Randy! Stop! Austin! Come to your dad, Austin! - Austin, no! - Austin! Wait! Wait! Dad! - Austin! - No, no, no.
Austin! We meet again, Randy.
It's payback time.
Austin! Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Austin! Austin! Get your hands off of me! Hey.
Did you hear about North? Took him down.
Thought you'd be there after what he did to you.
I figured they had it covered.
Yeah, well, they have him in PD if you want to confront him.
You okay, Nat? Uh No.
No, I'm not.
Um, I thought that I was, but I just keep reliving that, uh-- being trapped in that trunk, and I, um I just really thought it was the end.
And I-I've had so many close calls this year.
Too many.
I don't, I don't know if I can, if I can do it anymore.
I really don't.
You know, after I had my incident with the nail gun I was afraid to go through a door.
I was afraid to show up at a crime scene.
I was afraid to look down a microscope.
And this friend of mine, she said to me, "You're bigger than any injury.
You're better than what this job does to you"" She said, uh, "You better get underneath that crime tape or you're gonna get tangled up in it"" Damn, I am profound.
You are.
You know what I think? I think you're gonna be okay.
Yeah, I'm gonna be okay.
Want me to walk over there with you? Yeah, would you? Okay.
I'm sorry.
Shut up.
I'm trying to apologize.
We bent over backwards for you.
I stood in that court and I stood up for you, and I told that judge that you were a changed man, and you tried to kill us? You know what you got me? You got me nothing.
Nothing! No, now you've got nothing! If you come at me one more time, I will put a bullet in your brain.
Do you understand me? Shh-shh-shh.
Natalia, it's all right.
Come on.
Just sit down and shut up and you're gonna answer the questions, right? Okay, ok Sit your ass down! Sit down! Sit down! Okay.
Randy, we need we need Jack Toller.
Look, I barely know the guy.
It's not like we pledged a fraternity together.
We shared a cell for a little while.
You shared more than that.
Knock it off! Answer the questions! Randy, clearly he knows how to reach you, and he needs a favor.
This is a man who incinerated three young women.
All I know is he kept bragging about some deal that he was gonna make when he got out.
Okay? Who? I don't know! Some guy that pulls ATM heists.
He said that he had to talk to three or four other guys before he would talk to the main man.
That's all I know! We'll check that out.
Check it out, please.
Oh, my God.
An ATM heist, that was, uh, that was last year.
You-You investigated that, right? It was a-a bank teller shot at point-blank range.
Do you know who it was? Yeah.
Leo Kendry.
How do we find him? Leo had a partner named uh Ricky Galindo.
Ricky Galindo.
I'll put out a BOLO on both Ricky and Leo.
H, are you okay? Yeah.
You okay? I'm good.
I'm good.
Go ahead.
What's it look like, Ricky? It's not bad, boss.
Not bad ain't gonna cut it for me, man.
Those plates are straight from the U.
Department of Printing and Engraving.
Bills they make are completely undetectable.
You better hope so, for your sake.
So, Toller, what's your final selling price? One-eighty.
And her.
Creative accounting.
I love it.
Come here.
What-What is going on, Leo? Shh! I don't want her to suffer, okay? All units, suspect vehicle spotted northbound on Ocean.
Black Porsche Boxer, Florida plates-- John-ocean-nine- two-three-alpha.
Ricky Galindo.
Get out of the car! What the hell is this? Tell you what this is.
What's up, Rick? Where's your pal Leo Kendry? Or should we say your boss? I got a regular job.
Nothing to do with Kendry.
Regular job, you sure as hell can't buy a car like this, renting out Jet Skis at the marina.
Oh, so you're profiling? Pulling over young, rich, good-looking guys that got more going on than you? Oh, come on, Rick.
I'm good-looking.
Besides, Leo owns you like a slave.
Who's Leo doing business with these days? Why don't you ask him? 'Cause he's hiding out with Jack Toller, that's why.
Tell you what, why don't you grab my cell phone out of my back pocket.
My lawyer's on speed dial and you can talk to him.
Shut up.
Hey, Sarge, what do you make of this? What, do you got a couple of sardines in your floor mat? Where you been walking? Oh, all over.
They could've come from anywhere.
Yeah, except this isn't a sardine.
It's a Garra fish.
Okay, Jacque Cousteau.
How the hell is that gonna help us on dry land? You ever get a pedicure, Frank? Hialeah? No, give me Bayside Downs.
Eighth race, sixth horse.
Agent Locklear, executing entry north side.
We are entering hot.
Repeat, we are entering hot.
Stairwell clear.
Moving into east office.
All units on the ground, on the roof, watch for movement.
You have a shot, take it.
5K to win.
MDPD! Get those hands in the air! Hold it right there! Don't move! Don't move, Leo.
Got the plates.
Where is he? Where's who? Toller! Where is he? Look, he was here, all right, but then he left.
Where did he go? Look, we closed the deal and he left with a bonus.
What kind of bonus? A girl.
A girl.
What's the girl's name? It's Melanie Garland.
That means he's going to kill again, Eric.
You planned this, didn't you? Do I look like I know anything about cars? Leo gave you a bag of money.
Fix it.
I don't need your opinion right now.
Not interested in it.
No! I choked out girls for less.
You get back in the car, you start it up.
It doesn't go anywhere, you get ready to die.
Okay? Okay.
Atta girl.
This, and a pack of ultras.
Hey, you got something smaller than this, miss? Sorry, that's all I have.
Come on, please.
Are you okay? He'll kill me.
Clerk was smart, he sensed something was wrong and called it in.
Well, what did she say to him? I mean, what tipped him off? I believe she said, uh, "He will kill me"" I don't get it.
Why would a man on the run take a risk like that? Because a man like that can't escape his M.
He's already killed three girls.
Clerk says she came in and bought a pack of ultras and some radiator fluid.
Then she paid for it with a Benjamin.
Could be having car problems.
Toller might still be in the area.
Hold on a second.
What did she just do? I don't know, roll that back.
Look at that.
Looks like she stole something on the way out of the store.
What is that? I don't know.
Tell you what, let's get this over to AV.
It's a disposable phone.
KQQ must be the brand.
All right.
You were right, here she is, the serial number.
Okay, well, if we find who that phone was calling, we might find that girl.
Yes, it's KQQ, D as in dog, R, L as in Lucy.
Thank you.
Okay! Oh, there it is, there it is, let's open it.
It's just the same number, over and over again.
I know that number.
Why do I know that number? You do? Yeah, let me put it in the directory.
It's Randy North.
Why is she calling North? She's not.
Toller is.
I want you to call him back, Randy.
Call him back.
No, he, he knows that I'm in here.
Toller doesn't know anything, or he wouldn't be calling you every five seconds.
Well, what do you want me to say? We want you to ask him I want you to ask him what he wants.
I-I know what he wants.
When we were in we were cellmates, and he, he, he mouthed off to one of the guards, okay? And they roughed him up a bit, and when they were when they were dragging him off to solitary, this this necklace, this stupid necklace, falls out of his pocket, and, and I picked it up.
Where you going with this? When I ditched the car for him, he went crazy on me over this, this, this necklace.
He knew that I had it.
You were just willing to forget the fact that you stole from me? Jack, I just didn't know that it meant that much to you.
I mean, come on, it's just a necklace.
Just a necklace.
That's not what I meant.
Where is it? I never thought that he was gonna hunt me down for it.
Where is it now? Well, you guys took it when you locked me up.
We're going to arrange a meet.
You mean face to face? We're sure as hell not gonna write him a letter.
You know what? We'll call him for you.
Dial it.
Take it.
I don't see him, guys.
Is there some way that you I mean, how am I going to know if you can see him if I can't? All right, we got him, he's on top of the train.
All right, what about Melanie? Do you see her? She's not with him.
Where the hell is this girl? I don't know.
I hope she's still alive.
All units, hold your positions.
He does not have the girl.
- I repeat, he does not have the girl.
- Guys.
Train coming up on them fast.
It's northbound on the number two line.
We don't have much time before the train cuts us off.
Get up here.
Up there? Yeah.
What the hell are they doing? Guys, we got to get this done.
This train is coming up fast.
It's going to cut us off from the suspects.
Rail yard said no arrivals for two hours.
Look Where the hell are they going? Look, I'm not going to ask you again.
Hand it over.
I got it.
I said I have it! Hand it over! Guys, this train's coming fast! It's coming real fast.
Does anybody have a clear shot at Toller? You know, you got the whole world out there looking for you, and you're about to give it up over some stupid necklace? What is it, for the girl or something? All right, we gotta stop this train.
We gotta stop this train right now! Oh, he got made! He got made! It's a women's necklace, I doubt it's for you.
Stop the train! It's just a thought.
You brought the cops, didn't you? No! Take a shot! Stop the train! Come on! Come on! I did everything I was supposed to do! Shut your mouth! All right? You just shut your mouth! Yeah, Horatio? Bastard's gone like the wind.
Damn it, Calleigh.
He was right there in their grasp.
They had him.
I know.
So you know what? We rip through every piece of evidence from Toller's trial, no matter how small.
We're looking for any sort of pattern, ritual anything that a serial killer like Toller would revert to as a comfort zone.
You're thinking we find that, we find him? Yeah.
I'd also like to come up with the significance to the necklace.
What do you think? My guess? It's some sort of trophy from one of the victims.
So Toller's case, it turned on a single tooth from the charred remains of his last victim.
And from there, they were able to link him to all three victims? Exactly.
So I'm thinking, no one ever really talked about the original crime scene where he killed the girls.
Hey, Calleigh, were Toller's clothes ever tested? I don't think so.
There wouldn't have been a need for it, because they already had the connection they needed for a conviction.
What are you doing? All of Toller's clothes smell like smoke.
Well, I would think they would; he burned his victims.
Yeah, so if we analyze the organic compounds of this soot, then perhaps we'll be able to find exactly where he did that burning.
We find the crime scene, we'll find Melanie.
What'd we get? More like what didn't we get? Creosote, CO2 off the chart levels of methane, styrene, chloroform, sulfur, formaldehyde, chlorine, presence of PC's.
What are you thinking? I got a hunch.
Inputting elements from the spectra: creosote, chlorine, PCs I don't think there's any sort of a database for killers who incinerate their victims.
No, but there is one for the Eastern Seaboard Air Quality Management.
Calleigh, these are all hazardous pollutants, flagged by the EPA.
It just connected me to their database.
Two sources produce chemical hazards that match this description.
The first one is Iraqi oil fires.
What's the other? Landfill fires.
Toller killed those girls at a landfill.
And based on his M.
he's gonna do it again.
Settle down! No! Don't do this.
They all say that.
If only one of you could figure it out.
What do you want me to say? I want you to try this on.
It was my mother's.
Come on.
What? Hey! There we go.
There we go.
That's perfect, that's perfect.
Don't move.
Don't move.
ay, now Perfect.
Say, "Jack, I'm ashamed of you"" I don't want to do this.
Say it.
I don't want to do this.
You say it, you say it! You say it, or I burn your pretty little face off.
You say it.
I'm ashamed of you.
Say my name! y my name, and louder! Jack I'm ashamed of you! Again! Jack I'm ashamed of you! Jack I'm ashamed of you! You make me sick! How many ways do I have to tell you that you are not to make my life harder than it already is?! I am so sick of you! You disgust me! I'm ashamed of you! Jack, I'm ashamed of you! What are you doing? What I couldn't do to her.
Help me! Please! Help! Don't do it! Help me! Please! H, I got it, I got it, I got it! Okay Stay with the girl.
Stay with the girl.
It's okay.
Toller! Don't move, Toller! Got it.
It's all right.
Let's go.
Get up.
Get up! Let's go.
H, I'll be back.
I won't see him again, will I? Your dad's going away for a while.
Actually, he-he's going away for a long time.
Will I ever see my sister again? Yes, everyone worked really hard and they found a family that was ready to take both of you.
Both of us? Yes.
Together? Together.
Does it have to be that family? Why? Were you thinking that you wanted to do something different? My dad's gone now, and my mom I thought maybe we could stay with you for a while.
Before that.
Oh, Austin Pretty stupid, isn't it? No.
That's not stupid.
I would love to be able to say that I could take you and your sister.
But I have this job.
And it's a big one.
And it takes a lot of my time.
And it it asks a lot of me.
Sometimes too much.
It's okay, forget it.
Austin, you are very special.
And I want you to know that this family where you're going is so excited to have you.
And I bet, if you give it a chance, you're gonna like it.
No matter where you go, I'm gonna find you and come and see you.
I'd like that.
I'd like that, too.
Austin! We got him.
Yes, we did.
Can I ask you something? Who's Marisol? How'd you know her name? Apparently, you kept repeating it in the ambulance.
She was my wife.
And she was murdered.
I'm sorry.
She kept trying to tell me to go back.
Well, I'm glad you listened.
You gonna be okay? I don't think so.
We, uh gonna get you looked at, huh? Okay.