CSI: Miami s10e03 Episode Script

Blown Away

This supercell is massive, folks.
It's parked itself over the entire county.
Expect rain and high winds over the next 24 hours.
Gusts of up to 80 mph have downed trees and power lines The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the day This tornado touched down just minutes ago Dispatch confirming a CSI unit has arrived at the trailer park where we have a report of a dead body.
Hello? I'll check the hall.
Clear! Three tornadoes have touched down in the last hour.
This has developed into a life-threatening situation.
Where are you guys? Horatio is recalling everyone back to the lab.
Get back to me as soon as you can.
, Ryan and Walter picked up a call on their way out of Hialeah.
They're at the trailer park near Kendall.
Kendall is in the evacuation zone.
Yeah, they're already reporting funnel clouds over there We go to get them out of there.
She's still warm, Wolfe.
Plus she's wearing her pajamas.
She must have just woken up when she got attacked.
Look at this picture.
- She lived here with her parents.
- Why did they leave her behind? I don't understand.
This place should have been evacuated.
The evacuation was, like, an hour ago.
like, 30 minutes back.
Maybe she got hit with a blunt object, like these golf clubs? Maybe so.
I'm going to call into Tom and see if we can get permission to move the body.
Dispatch, this is CSI Simmons, over.
Ryan, Walter, come in.
Come on, guys.
Eric, take a look at this.
Take a look at that.
Oh, yeah.
Dispatch, I repeat-- this is CSI Walter Simmons.
Dispatch, I repeat-- this is CS All right, I'm calling it, man.
We got to get out of here before things get worse outside.
All right.
All right, cut all around the body.
We'll save as much of the crime scene as we can.
This is getting worse.
Ryan, Walter, come on, guys, pick up the damn radio! H.
, we're not going to make it.
We're not going to outrun this.
We don't have a choice.
Here we go.
Hang on, Eric.
Hang on! We got to roll her up.
- We got to find a closet! - Yeah! Wolfe, I got it! Walter! Hold on! Walter! Catch! Hold it! You got it?! Pull the line! Hold on! Hold on! Wolfe! Hold it! Wolfe! Wolfe! Wolfe! Walter! Walter! Are you all right? Ryan? Walter, where's Ryan? Ryan?! Walter? Where's Ryan? Ryan?! Ryan?! Ryan?! Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Where was the last place you saw him, Walter? Here.
He was helping me move the body to the closet.
You guys risked your lives to move a dead body? It was evidence.
Stupid, Walter.
We got to get those hands looked at.
I threw him a string of Christmas lights.
Did he make it to the closet? Why-Why didn't he make it to the closet? It was a tornado! Hang on a second.
Did you hear that? I got him.
We got him, Eric! Where? He's right here! He's right here! All right, Ryan, ready? Here we go.
Ready - Get me a paramedic right here! - Hey, Ryan.
Here you go, buddy.
Let me see, let me see.
There you go.
Ryan, you hang in there! All right, you just hang in.
Multiple contusions! Paramedic, right here please! There you go.
Attaboy, attaboy.
There you go, there you go.
We still have to solve the murder of a young woman, my friends.
We no longer have her body, and we don't have a crime scene.
Cadaver dogs are here.
It was an F-2 tornado.
Her body could be in Broward.
Not necessarily.
The F-2 winds, they clock in at about 150.
So you convert that to force, and that should give us the maximum distance her body could have been thrown.
Dispatch said an unsub male placed a 911 call.
Where are the girl's parents? Parents are Gary and Laura Sutton.
The victim Ellie was their daughter.
Tripp's looking for them in the shelters now.
How-How much you think she weighed? No more than 110.
Hey, keep your eyes peeled for a set of golf clubs, too.
Red and black bag.
Could be our murder weapon.
According to these calculations, the max distance her body could have been thrown would have been 2,000 yards.
We need to find this girl.
Delko, I got a runner.
I need you to head him off.
Stop! Hey, you I told you to stop! Why are you running, huh? - That woman spooked me.
- You look pretty good for somebody that just went through a tornado.
What the hell were you doing? You stealing from these people? I wasn't stealing.
I'm scavenging.
Come on, what does it matter? What you do you mean, what does it matter?! These people just went through the worst day of their lives! You're going to steal from them?! Look at this.
I think this is the golf bag Walter found in the trailer.
That's what you did, didn't you? You came back here to get all your incriminating evidence.
What? Last time we saw that golf bag, it was next to the body of a murdered girl.
You had something to do with that? Whoa, hold on there.
I didn't kill nobody.
I'm just here for the swag, I swear.
And I'm going to take the word of a scumbag like you? Take him! All right, what the hell is this? Is this a satellite dish? I don't know.
I don't know.
We should process all this stuff-- see if we can put this guy at the crime scene.
All right.
Good boy.
Go on.
What you got? Sometimes he can throw a false hit.
Is he always looking up like that? Hey, buy that pooch a porterhouse and send me the bill.
Good boy.
Yeah, this is CSI Simmons.
We're going to need a bucket.
Chief Rawlings has requested that a CSI help search for bodies, Eric.
All right, no problem.
I'm on it.
- Just keep me posted, all right? - You got it.
I'm afraid this poor girl is a pin cushion.
Do I have anything to go on? Well, these hematomas are antemortem.
Someone hit her very hard many times.
This trauma to the torso, she probably died from a cardio-embolic episode.
Could this damage have been done with a golf club? Oh, no question.
Swing a club, you're hitting someone 120 miles an hour.
There's one more thing I can tell you.
Ellie had a boyfriend.
She's wearing a claddagh.
An Irish promise ring.
Heart's pointing up, means someone's missing her.
This is my neighborhood, and you can't keep me out of here, all right?! Doctor, would you stow the body, please? Thanks, Tom.
Officer? Officer? Are you in charge here? I am.
My name's Lieutenant Caine.
Look, one of your officers said that you found our daughter's body here.
Are you Ellie's parents? Yes.
We-We just wanted to explain that there's been some kind of misunderstanding.
This-this girl can't be our daughter.
Do you have a picture of Ellie? Of course.
I'm sorry, but this is the girl we found in your trailer.
It appears she's been murdered.
Wait, wait, wait.
Ellie wasn't with us when we left.
She, she lives in the dorms on campus at Dade U.
She wasn't She was dressed in pajamas, as if she slept here.
The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning until 10:00 p.
What about the family photos? I didn't check her room.
Did you? No, no, she's on campus.
Look, I want to see her right now.
I don't think that's advisable at this time, but I'll let you know.
Hey, I've been through everything in that scavenger's bag, and other than the golf bag, nothing really connects back to the victim.
So are you having any luck with this satellite dish? Well, it's not a dish, so my next guess is a flying saucer.
Oh, hey, congratulations.
- For what? - H put a commendation in your file, because Ryan told him how you saved his life.
Ryan doesn't even know.
Ryan doesn't know what? Never mind.
What is all that? The sensors, I think.
'Cause this is an anemometer.
For measuring wind speed.
So it's some sort of a weather-data-collecting thing? Yeah, and these are cameras.
This might be our first witness.
Where is the hard drive? Hmm.
Must broadcast to a remote station.
I can start calling the universities.
No, no, no, wait.
You might not have to.
Check this out.
Well, there were some sort of words there, but they're all scraped off.
Yes, but it was stamped.
And when you stamp metal, you weaken it.
Hey, where's that big magnet? Um, uh, yeah.
Okay, now if we apply a magnetic field to that area, it'll be stronger where the metal is weaker.
And the shavings are gonna stick where the lettering was.
That's brilliant.
"If found, please call" Well done.
So why were you guys conducting weather research at a trailer park? Or is it true they're really tornado magnets? No, that's a myth.
Our data models suggested there was a high chance that a funnel would drop near there.
So you guys are NOAA or some local U? More freelance.
We're storm chasers.
You mean, the idiots that drive into tornadoes? Well, we do it for scientific research.
But that is why we invented the Turtle.
Turtle? This.
It's an anagram for Total Remote Tornado Logging Equipment.
Like today we placed it in the trailer park, and then we drove out of there.
When the tornado hit, it sent us all the data safe and sound in the Armadillo.
What? Armadillo? Only armadillos I know are back home in Lubbock.
It's our research vehicle.
So, what? I mean, you guys, you guys have an animal fetish? No.
We sell our data, our footage to colleges, TV shows.
And our clients, they kinda like that we have cool names, weird toys.
So you're not risking your lives for science, you're in it for the money.
Did you guys see anybody when you dropped this thing off earlier? No, place was like a ghost town.
That's why we were in there.
We're the ones who called County to clear the area.
So where's the footage from the Turtle? No use lying about this, Leon.
Please don't tell our clients this, but we got a bug in the system.
It erased all our video.
Really? Good thing we got a few toys of our own.
I've rebuilt most of the video.
Have these cameras been rolling the whole time? Yep, from the moment they dropped it to when the tornado hit.
It's not pointed at the Suttons' trailer, but it should show us anyone on the street.
There's our intrepid storm chasers putting it down.
Walter, is that vehicle leaving? No, it's stopping, looks like.
Freeze that.
I can't make out that guy's face.
Fits the time for Ellie's murder, though.
Is that a uniform? You know what? Clean up that plate.
Car's registered to a Travis Renner.
Address over at Dade U.
, where Ellie went to school.
Walter, you just found the boyfriend.
So, you go to the school, but you're also in the Navy? Not yet, ma'am.
I'm on an ROTC scholarship.
I don't get my commission until after I graduate.
Travis, let me ask you a question.
Why would Ellie go home in the middle of the night? She said she was homesick.
Ellie was really close to her parents.
Is that why was she kept the relationship from them? She did that for me, sir.
Commander doesn't allow cadets to date.
You were at the house today, Travis.
I was worried about her.
All the storm warnings? I knocked, no one answered.
That's a whole lot of knocking.
You were there for 20 minutes.
I waited, tried calling her cell a few times.
Renner! These relief supplies are not gonna load themselves.
Look, I'm dying inside and I have to pretend that everything is great.
I keep going over and over in my head, if only I had seen something.
I'm sorry.
Think that's the whole story? It rarely is.
Dispatch, this is CSI Delko.
I've finished up with search and rescue at the trailer park.
Returning to the lab.
CSI Delko, we acknowledge.
We have you back in service.
Come here, boy.
Come here.
Come on.
It's okay.
Yeah, you're hungry, huh? Here you go, yeah.
That's a good boy.
Come here, eh.
What's that on your paws? That's not your blood.
Come here, eh.
Here come here.
Show me where you came from.
Come on.
- Loman.
- Hey, Tom, it's Eric.
What's going on? Yeah, listen, I got another body for you.
Guy's got some kind of, some kind of wound, near his throat; big hole.
I'll send someone out.
Wait a minute.
Tom, Tom, what do bubbles mean? Bubbles are coming out of the wound.
Eric, that means he's still alive.
I checked his pulse! There was nothing! Probably too faint from blood loss.
Hang on.
All right, tell me what to do! Okay, you need to make it so that he can breathe through the hole.
Do you have a pen?! Yeah, I have a pen.
Empty it out so that it's a tube.
Then feel around for the hole and stick the pen into it.
There's something in the wound.
Can you pull it out? Yeah, I'm pulling it out right now.
Yeah, all right, I got it out.
I got it out.
All right, He's breathing.
He's breathing.
Send an ambulance, Tom! Send an ambulance.
Hey, you're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
Ellie's father's still here.
Said he won't leave without her body.
Where do we stand on that? Still extracting debris.
Hope to send my results up to Trace soon.
Okay, find me.
Sutton? I'm not going, Lieutenant.
I can't leave Ellie alone in this place.
Sutton, Ellie's not alone.
She's with people who are doing everything they can.
But I'm her father.
I have to do something for her.
You know what? You know what the best thing you can do is go home and be with your wife.
And I'll call you when it's time, okay? This never gets easy, does it? No, it doesn't.
Just received the results from Ellie's blood work.
You should see this.
Are you sure about these, Tom? Yes.
Thank you.
Natalia, the ROTC commander, I need his number.
Travis, as a cadet, you swore to an honor code.
That's right, sir.
Well, you broke the code.
We just got these test results back.
Positive for HCG? What is that? It's a hormone that's only detectable in women when they're pregnant.
Pregnant? I didn't know Ellie was pregnant.
And that is the second time you've lied to us.
I didn't lie to you.
I just didn't tell you.
I spoke to your commanding officer.
What? Why did you do that? - Do you know what that means? - We know exactly what it means.
It means an automatic discharge for you if you got her pregnant.
Oh, my God.
You just ruined my life.
That's exactly what you said to her last night, isn't ? Isn't that why she ended up going home? It it'll be okay.
We know what we have to do.
Make an appointment tomorrow to get this taken care of.
Travis, this is our baby.
We already talked about getting married.
After I get my commission.
Ellie, if you're pregnant, there is no commission.
I don't care if you're in the military.
Yeah, I know.
You've been trying to get me to quit for months.
I just walked right into your trap.
You went there this morning to get out of the trap you're in, Travis.
No, I didn't.
I went there to apologize.
Really? You changed your mind just like that-- that fast? I didn't want to lose her.
God, even if it meant losing my scholarship.
But no one was home.
I didn't lie to you about that.
I swear.
I want a lawyer, sir.
I think that's a capital idea.
Found a found a new boyfriend for you.
He's really cute.
He's short.
Maybe more hairy than you're used to.
You got a lost dog? Yeah.
Animal Services is looking for the owners, but, uh, I just want to make sure he doesn't go to a shelter.
I remember you saying how much you miss having a dog around.
That's true.
I do.
You know, I never want to be accused of being a home wrecker, though.
Maybe the owners will come back.
I hope so.
So we've got two victims from the same trailer park.
That can't be a coincidence, can it? Well, don't forget we did just have a tornado.
I mean, winds were strong enough to turn this thing into a projectile I had to pull out of somebody.
What is that? Not sure yet.
But the material is a it's a ripstop nylon.
May I see it? Yeah.
It's a parachute.
What, a kid's toy? What do you think? Not exactly.
I have an idea.
Will you clear off a space for me on the top of the parking garage and meet me up there in five? Yeah.
What the hell are you making here? A potato gun.
Why would you want to shoot a potato? Because it's really fun.
I used to make these when I was a kid, and I have a feeling that our parachute was shot out of something like this.
What, you think this gun could shoot through a man's chest? Sure you can, with enough air pressure.
I've seen a potato go through the hood of a car.
Speaking of which, you should back up.
It's been a while since I've done this.
I saw NOAA demonstrate this once, but instead of a washer it had a probe attached to it.
So this could be used for tornado research? That's exactly what it's used for.
And Walter ran into some storm chasers at the trailer park the other day.
They were doing some research there.
God, Eric, it's possible that this was an accident.
They might have shot the tornado, and the tornado could have shot him.
Problem is we won't know until we find the probe.
We have no idea where that is.
Think the probe could be in the same place I found the parachute? - In our victim? - Yeah.
Eric, that could kill him.
I'm going to the hospital.
Call them.
Tell them I'm on my way.
At this point, I'm afraid he can't move or speak.
You have a few minutes before we bring him into surgery.
My name is Eric.
I'm the one that found you today.
I know this sounds strange, but we found a piece of a weather probe inside of you.
There-There's something still stuck in there, and doctors, they'll be able to get it out.
Hopefully, then, we can figure out what happened to you.
But you're in good hands here.
And I'll be here.
I'll be here every step of the way.
Hey, Wolfe, what are you doing here? I thought you were in the hospital.
Oh, no, doctor says I'm fine.
You know what the guys in Patrol are calling me? Dorothy.
Dorothy! Guess what.
You were in that tornado, too.
That makes you Toto.
Whatever, man.
Hey, uh, listen, I wanted to talk to you about what you told Horatio.
Okay, we can talk about that, but first, take a look at this.
Surgeons pulled this out of the guy that Delko found.
Calleigh says it's a weather probe.
Been waiting for this.
KPA Hmm.
"K" stands for kilo.
Don't know what "P.
" stands for.
You know, I took a a scale and measurement class in college.
Uh, we used these mnemonic devices.
, P.
, P.
, P.
Pa pa is a father.
Your father puts pressure on you to get good grades.
Pressure pascal.
Pascal is a unit of measurement used in barometric pressure.
Barometric pressure.
You use that in tornado research.
So that means the storm hunters did shoot our victim.
Yeah, and I think I know how to figure out whether or not they meant to.
These probes, they start recording the moment that they're launched.
So if we match its first registered recording with NOAA's barometric pressure data for the area, then we'll know exactly what time the victim was shot.
Yeah, yeah.
But somebody shoots you in the middle of a tornado, could be an accident.
Any other time, it's attempted murder.
I'll pull up NOAA's Web site.
All right, first reading is 913.
a 1:52, and I got a 10:35.
Delko found the body at 1:00, so it can't be the 1:52.
Has to be the 10:35.
The tornado was at 11:00.
Walter, this wasn't an accident.
Gentlemen, do those belong to you? Yeah, it's one of our vortex probes.
After a storm, we drive around for hours looking for these things.
Where'd you find it? We actually, uh, pulled it out of this guy.
Oh, my God.
That's Jared.
We just brought him on as a partner.
You didn't mention you had a partner.
Uh, you never asked us.
We just met the guy.
He's a meteorologist at a radio station.
He called us.
He wanted to work with us.
We must have fired the probe into the tornado and it caught a downdraft.
Well, yeah, that's what we thought, but turns out the data from the probe suggests it was fired a half hour before the tornado.
So it's not looking like it's an accident.
Wait a minute.
Leon, wasn't that about the time that he ran off in the trailer park today? He's supposed to work our Doppler, but all he ever wants to do is field research.
He's always running off with the air cannon.
Yeah, he's weird.
He he'd always come back with his bag all stuffed and saying it was air samples, but he never showed us.
And today, he never came back.
You didn't go looking for him? We warned him to be back in ten.
When he didn't show up, we left.
The storm was pretty bad.
He drove out there on his own, so we just figured he was going to his car.
Never figured he'd wind up dead.
He's not dead.
I just assumed, 'cause of the picture.
He just got out of surgery.
So we'll have to wait till he recovers to find out what happened.
Well, that's great.
Where is he? If there's anything we can do to help him.
Actually, there is.
Where is his car? You know what? I think this tornado threw this car 300 feet from where they said it was.
Got a backpack here.
Yeah, grab that.
The weather twins said Jared was very fond of it.
Yeah, well, I can see why.
Take a look.
Jewelry, watches.
Personal items.
You think he's a scavenger, like that guy you caught? No, I don't think he was a scavenger.
I think he was breaking and entering.
He was a thief? Think about it.
He hooks up with these storm chasers.
They go into an evacuated neighborhood.
Gets out, he says he's going to do research on his own.
Except he's breaking into houses.
So he dropped this off, went back for more.
He's not a victim.
Sorry, Eric.
Yeah, me, too.
Wake up.
Wake up, Jared.
Yeah, that's right, we know your name now, Jared.
We also know a few other things, like you like to pretend to be a storm chaser so you can break into people's homes.
We still don't know who shot you, but I don't even care right now, because as soon as you're able to walk, I'm gonna be standing at that door to take you to prison.
I tried Tried to what? Stop You tried to stop what? You tried to stop what?! Get out of here.
Now! Pressure's dropping.
Coming through.
Okay, Tom managed to eliminate all the tornado debris from Ellie Sutton's body, which left us with three possible sources of transfer from the murder.
You mind working the tablet? Not at all.
First up is a blade of, uh, Tif-dwarf Bermuda grass in her torso, in the wound on her torso.
- Got it.
- Right there.
Now, you know that grass is on every single golf course in Miami, so that's probably from our murder weapon.
Good point.
Secondly, we got acrylic paint under the nails.
Nothing odd about that, since she was an art student.
All right.
Finally okay.
All right, right here on her face.
The right side of her cheek, we got a mixture of ketchup and flour with traces of steel wool particles.
Steel wool particles.
So maybe that was left over from breakfast? You don't eat steel wool.
Good point.
Not tasty.
But you can make a homemade brass polish from a mixture of ketchup and flour.
Okay, now, how do you know that? It's a little trick I learned in the Boy Scouts.
Wait a minute.
If a Boy Scout knows it, an ROTC cadet would know it, too, right? My lawyer told me not to say anything.
And you don't have to, Travis.
That's all we needed.
I didn't do anything.
Save it for your lawyer, Travis.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
No, you don't understand.
Ellie died because I didn't do anything.
What are you doing here?! Whoa! Get out of my house! I'm gonna call the cops! I'm sorry! I'm going, I'm going! I made a terrible mistake, okay? Now! Get out of here.
I'm sorry.
Go! Just go.
I made a mistake I froze.
How could I tell you that? I watched that man beat her, and I didn't do anything.
I'm a coward.
You still want to help Ellie, son? Can you identify these men? That's all I need.
Eric, listen.
Can you tell us if these were the men that you saw in the trailer? Yes.
These were the guys.
These two-- they were robbing the place when Ellie walked in on them.
What about this guy? What was he doing? He was the only one that tried to help her.
What the hell are you doing? She's still alive! You got to call an ambulance! You-You've been robbing these places? You were supposed to stay in the truck, Jared.
This tornado touched down at 12:54 Jared Jared! Yeah.
That's what Jared was trying to tell me.
He tried to stop Ellie's murder.
But I wouldn't listen.
You were just trying to follow the evidence.
This isn't evidence, okay? This is bait.
These guys, they put that bag in his car to try and cover their tracks.
Well, this is not over.
It can't be that hard to find a vehicle called the Armadillo.
Well, let's hope so.
Eric! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got him, H.
I'll handle this, Leon.
Think that's a good idea, Ronnie? Don't say anything, Leon.
This is your only chance.
Tell you what, I'll make it easy for you.
Leon killed them both.
What the hell are you doing? I'm sorry, Leon, I can't cover for you.
You son of a bitch.
I didn't do it! You know I Ronnie killed that girl.
I didn't know he was going to do it.
Well, looks like a problem of "he said, he said.
" Sounds like reasonable doubt to me.
You know what, Ronnie, they're going to believe my side.
You want to know why? 'Cause I admit it.
I shot Jared.
You don't know what you're doing.
Well, I know I can't do this anymore.
Jared didn't know what we were doing.
I want to report a murder.
Okay, calm down, sir.
What's your location? I'm sorry.
I had to stop him from calling the cops.
But Leon, Jared did call the cops.
That's how we found her body.
Take them, please.
I heard you turned down the commendation from Horatio.
Yeah, I didn't deserve that, man.
Saving my ass doesn't deserve a little pat on the back? That's what I've been trying to tell you, Wolfe.
I didn't save your life, man.
I wanted to, but I let go.
You don't even know what happened, do you? You know, it's because you let go of those lights, I was able to anchor myself to those pipes.
So you did save my life.
Plus, do you realize what we've been through? An F2 tornado.
That story's gonna get us free drinks the rest of our lives.
So give it So give it here, give it here, man! Ooh.
I got to give you this.
I can't.
I hurt my Shoulder love? Okay, shoulder love.
Shoulder love.
Probably still dislocated.
Thanks, Wolfe.
You're welcome, Walter.
Let's go.
If you could talk, I'm sure you wouldn't want to talk to me.
I wanted you to meet someone.
This is Ellie.
She's the girl you risked your life for, when no one else would.
She'll be there when you wake up.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.