CSI: Miami s10e04 Episode Script

Look Who's Taunting

(clock ticking, thunder rumbling) (horn honking) (horn blaring) Hi.
Um, sorry to call so early, but I was wondering if maybe my sister came by to visit you and the girls.
(horns blaring) No? (sighs) (distorted scream echoing) (distant siren wailing) Did you see this girl last night? WOMAN: Please don't hurt me.
Did you see this girl last night? Angela, it's me.
You never texted me, (woman screaming) so I'm worried about you.
Give me a call back when you get this.
(woman screaming) Okay, thanks.
Have you seen my sister? (phone rings) It's Angie.
No, she didn't come ho-- Hello? (groans) No, no, no, no, no.
No, you don't have to call Dad.
Hello? (phone rings) Angela! Thank God! WHISPER VOICE (distorted): I'm not Angela.
Who are you? Where is my sister? WHISPER VOICE: Angela is a bit indisposed at the moment.
What do you want? Money? WHISPER VOICE: I want you to say good-bye to your sister one last time.
No, please don't hurt her.
Who are you? WHISPER VOICE: Anton LeDoux.
Oh, no (gasps) SIMMONS: Angela Olsen's been missing less than 24 hours.
Suspected abduction.
This is her sister Jennifer.
She received a phone call from the kidnapper and came straight to the station.
Okay, Walter.
What did the man say? He just gave me his name: Anton LeDoux.
CAINE: LeDoux.
- Does the name seem familiar to you? - No.
You're going to send officers to his place, though, right? - We've just gotta determine what-- - H? Yeah.
Anton LeDoux did live in Miami Uh-huh.
But he died in 1948.
Well, whoever he was, he said he was gonna kill Angela.
It just seemed so real.
Please Walter, let's find out where Mr.
LeDoux is buried, okay? Jennifer, I'm gonna need your cell phone.
Thank you, Jennifer.
JENNIFER: Are you gonna find Angela? CAINE: What did the man say? JENNIFER: He just gave his name-- Anton LeDoux.
(helicopter flies overhead) (distant siren wailing) You're not Angela Olsen.
I got here as fast as I could.
Judging from the lividity, I don't think she was killed at this location.
What do you make of the blood on her face? Oh, my This girl's eyes seem to have been removed.
And they've been replaced (squishing) with what appear to be glass ones.
I have never seen this signature before.
Neither have I.
She is literally covered with wounds.
Scabbing has formed over this incision.
Suggests the injury occurred more than 48 hours ago.
Angela's only been missing for less than 24 hours.
So, if this pattern of abuse repeats, she could still be alive.
And so we still have a chance.
But who is this girl? And what's going on? Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! (gulls screeching) (indistinct police radio communication) You haven't found my sister yet, have you? No, ma'am.
Not yet.
WOLFE: It would help us if you could fill in some details about Angela.
Jennifer, the information may save her life.
Angela's not a bad girl.
But our father threw her out when she was 16, and she fell in with a rough crowd.
She did everything she could to stay off the streets, including selling herself, and that's where she was last night.
Okay, where'd she work-- Hotels? Night clubs? Somewhere in Liberty City, I think.
I overheard some officers saying that the the girl you found was tortured.
That her eyes are gone.
That's true.
Please don't let that happen to my sister.
BOA VISTA: What'd you find? Got a footprint.
You mean a shoeprint? No.
Take a look.
We might find some epithelials.
Got wide-set toes and it it measures What is that, like, an 11, 11 1/2 size men's? Yeah.
And the lateral heel and the medial toe are the deepest set.
Classic over-pronation.
Most likely we're looking for a flat-footed male.
The ground had to have been pretty wet to retain that kind of detail, and the rain stopped at around 4:00 in the morning? Yeah.
Killer had to come shortly after that.
Jennifer got the call at 8:00.
So, likely, the body got dumped in that four-hour window.
(sighs) Why would he have been barefoot? Maybe it was part of some sick ritual.
- Hey, Tom.
- Mm-hmm? This girl doesn't have fingerprints.
Maybe the killer burnt them, so we couldn't I.
No, they're not burnt, they're, um they're puffy.
Puffy? Yeah.
There's a drug called Hmm Ah, here it is: capecitabine.
In some cases, a side effect is digital inflammation, which can lead to loss of fingerprints.
Okay, what's capecitabine used for? Cancer.
Well, it's unlikely that a working girl would have insurance.
I'd start with the free clinics.
BOA VISTA: Look, we really appreciate you talking to us.
Thank you.
Yes, yes, I treated this woman.
Nikki Cervano.
Our medical examiner believes she had cancer.
Uh, her name is Angela Olsen.
Have you seen her, by any chance? Uh, yes, she brought Nikki in once.
It seemed like someone had roughed her up.
Nikki, what happened? I fell down the stairs.
This is, what, the third time he's done this to you? It was my fault, okay? Just can you fix it? Should have said something.
I'm sorry.
BOA VISTA: Look, thanks a lot.
We really appreciate your time.
I'm not finding anything about eye removal.
Well, they say that eyes are the window to the soul.
Maybe, in some sick way, our killer thought that he was taking Nikki's soul.
(bell tolling) (sobbing): I don't want to die.
Maybe he just gets off on other people's pain.
And maybe the eyes were a way to have power over Nikki.
Or to enhance her other senses.
According to the tox report, she had epinephrine and atropine in her system.
But her medical file shows no reason for either.
So our killer gave it to her.
DUQUESNE: First, he choked her out.
SIMMONS: Then he used epinephrine to revive her when she was near death, just so he could torture her all over again.
(screaming, gasping) Shh NIKKI: No, no, please let me die.
(laughing) Don't bring me back again.
Epinephrine-- anyone with an allergy can get epinephrine.
Torture Hey, what have you got? Check it out.
What I've got is a map identifying all the prominent hooker strolls in different parts of town.
Buddy of mine in Vice helped me work it up.
Now, he also tells me that most prostitution murders are caused by the johns.
I'm not surprised.
I mean, 50 bucks, these guys think they can do anything to a prostitute.
I just need to know where she works.
- You have that information? - Yeah.
Uh, Nikki was last arrested for hooking at corner of Reed and Hauser.
Reed and Hauser.
Reed and Hauser, that's Liberty City.
That's the same place Angela works.
It's gonna be hard to find somebody to voluntarily talk to a cop there.
I've got a way around that.
I'm going to the impound.
I'll see you guys later.
What's your name? Names are overrated.
It doesn't matter.
Let's talk about money.
How much you spend on this car? A lot.
- Funny, that's my price exactly.
- Really? But I'm BCD only, so we're gonna need to get a room.
Hop in.
I'll get you behind closed doors real fast.
You new at this? Yeah, actually.
It's, um, it's my first time.
What? Is this some kind of sting or something? Am I under arrest? - Not if you decide to help me.
- Help you with what? I'm investigating the murder of a girl that worked here in your area.
So it's true about Nikki? Yeah.
We suspect it might have been one of her clients.
Someone one who drives a van.
My manager finds out I'm talking to a cop, he's not gonna be happy.
Your manager's not gonna find out.
All I need to know are the names of any of her clients you think had a tendency towards violence.
You don't understand.
Some of these guys are just passing through town using fake names.
Well, think hard.
This man's a predator.
He killed one woman and he's kidnapped another one named Angela Olsen.
He's got Angie? DELKO: Yeah, why? You all know each other? We try to stick together.
Have each others' backs.
I can promise you that Angie's never needed you more.
You know I may know a few names.
You start writing.
(kids clamoring) Great, okay? Here we go, sweetheart.
CAINE: Fred Massey, please.
I'll be right back, honey, okay? Come on, guys, come on.
Spin her around.
What is this about? We wanted to talk to you about Nikki Cervano.
Oh, that dead hooker I heard about on TV? That's sensitive.
We understand you retained the services of she and Miss Angela Olsen.
I had nothing to do with either of 'em.
Then we want a footprint sample from you.
I'm not giving you a damn thing.
Turns out that Nikki was given repeated doses of epinephrine, and you represent a company that manufactures it.
You have a prescription for that drug.
We're talking about whores, not schoolgirls.
That's pretty big talk for somebody who's got a half a dozen domestic violence call-outs.
If you think my wife is gonna press charges, you must be dreaming.
CAINE: All due respect, Fred, you know what I think.
I think you tried to teach Nikki that lesson, she resisted, and you killed her.
I'm gonna get back to my family.
Nikki went into Dr.
Navarro's office with a lot of injuries.
I'll bet you I can connect that guy to them.
You do that, and I'll put Tripp on this nitwit.
(indistinct radio transmission) (horn honks twice) Really? Guy just went to his kid's birthday party.
Horatio, he's got a girl getting in the van.
(horn beeping) Get out of the way! What the hell are you doing?! Damn it! (beeps horn) (tires squeal) Horatio, I lost him.
I need birds in the air, people! Frank, Frank, we cannot lose this van.
PILOT (over radio): Visual, over.
(sirens wailing) but I can't make out a face, over.
(murmurs) (whimpers softly) (shrieking) (sirens wailing) Step out of the car! What the hell's going on? Get out! CAINE: You're being placed under arrest, that's what's happening.
What are the charges? - Solicitation.
- Solicitation? That's crazy.
This is consensual! Yeah, well, this isn't.
You just added resisting arrest, my friend.
Ma'am, you're bleeding.
It's part of the gig, that's all.
You should probably get that looked at.
Would you come with me, please? Come on.
I'll take you to a doctor.
Come with me.
(indistinct radio transmission) The left one has some kind of substance on it.
Well, it was touching human tissue.
Yeah, but it doesn't look organic.
No, it certainly doesn't.
All right.
Formaldehyde, polyvinyl acetate and naphthalene.
It's hide paste.
But the guy in custody is a pharmaceutical rep.
Maybe he's not working alone.
Might have a partner.
So maybe we're looking for a leather tannery, belts, jackets.
That's used to mount hides, not tan them.
- Taxidermist.
- Yes.
But with nearly a quarter million hunting licenses granted in Florida every year, would be a pretty large pool to draw from.
You know, the cemetery where we found Nikki's body backs up against the Evergreen Preserve hunting grounds.
Maybe that's a start.
(bird squawking) (flies buzzing) (guns cock) (flies buzzing) (flies buzzing) Miami-Dade Police Department! Put your hands up now! Drop the knife! Drop it! Move out of the building.
Move towards me! Let's go.
Move towards me.
Don't move.
Don't go in there.
I didn't do nothing wrong.
Wolfe, is she in there? No! Where you hiding Angela Olsen, huh? Where? You working with Fred Massey? I don't know who that is.
I didn't do nothing wrong.
Hey, what about Nikki? Hey! What about Nikki, the girl you killed? You left a few of these in her.
Turn around.
Keep your hands up.
(handcuffs click) Let's go.
The size is off, and there's no pronation.
I told ya I ain't no murderer.
But you did put a pair of eyes in Nikki Cervano, didn't you, Dennis? Yes, sir.
I, I fixed her up real nice.
When I come upon her, she was so so broken.
DELKO: You came upon a a dead body, and you didn't think to call the police? MAN: I just made her whole again, but that's all I done.
That's all I done.
Dennis, are you receiving any psychiatric treatment? You on any medication? No, sir.
When a being dies violent like, their spirit gets trapped.
I recreate that body, and I resurrect that spirit.
Did you see anybody else out there? Well, best as I could tell, there was a van out there on the fire road, and that's when I saw the other girl.
The other girl? Yes, sir.
The one with tape on her mouth.
DELKO: You saw a woman being captive, you don't do anything about it? You go back to collecting raccoons? Well, you don't take time off when you're doing your life's work.
(bell tolling) Dr.
Navarro, we're trying to tie Nikki's injuries to a guy we have in custody.
But I thought those were from her pimp.
No, actually we're thinking it's from this john.
So if you can give us some dates, we can link them to this client, and that would give us probable cause.
I really want to give you Nikki's file, but I think I need the clinic's approval to release any documents.
I already got it cleared.
(chuckles) Perfect.
Let me see what I can do.
In the meantime, while you wait.
(eerie whispering) (eerie whispering continues) (whimpering) (screaming) (yelling) (eerie whispering) This is her file.
Everything I documented is in there.
Very unique shoes.
Oh, these? These are, uh, great for running.
They really improved my foot strike.
I was just about to head out on a run before you came in.
Where were you this morning between 4:00 and 8:00? You really don't want to go down this road with me, Ms.
Boa Vista.
(yelling) (screaming) Just doing my job.
And I bet sometimes your job gets you hurt.
(pistol cocking) Do not take another step.
(siren wailing) DELKO: Back against the wall.
Eyes forward.
And step forward into this mold.
So, Esteban, you left your footprint at the body dump this morning.
Thousands of those shoes in this city.
You said you worked the early shift this morning.
Yeah, that's right.
According to the clinic, that shift started at 8:15.
The security guard at your complex had you leaving at 3:30 a.
Went for a jog.
Helps me gear up in the morning.
You went for a four-hour jog? Training for a marathon.
This will be my third.
(whistles) That's impressive.
That run take you by the cemetery on Allen Street? You know, I'm not sure.
'Cause I try to change up my route as much as possible.
Yeah, I bet you do.
You can talk to anyone in my running team.
We're even online.
Pretty cool.
Your father owns a company that has a number of vans.
I should hope so.
He develops condos.
Have you ever borrowed one of those vans? Is it true that if I say the word "lawyer," this is over? Where is Angela Olsen? Even if I knew that information, telling you could be construed as an admission of guilt.
What kind of person would incriminate himself? An amateur would, Esteban.
Where is she? Lawyer.
A pleasure.
We going to let that little creep walk out of here? We are going to let that little creep lead us to the girl, Frank.
(horn honking) Hey, hold up.
Not interested.
Hey, hold up.
I don't do cops.
This is police business.
My team identified a suspect in the Nikki Cervano murder.
You recognize him? Yeah, I've seen him jogging around here.
Thought it was a strange place to go running.
You promise me that you're gonna stay away from this guy? And you spread the word, you tell all the girls.
Of course.
And I'm sorry about earlier, if you felt used.
Why, because you lied and intimidated me in order to get what you want? I'm used to it.
But usually I get paid at the end.
If you want to make a change, there's programs through my department for women like you.
You're one of those, huh? You gonna save me? You can't imagine why I got into hooking.
You told me Massey was a violent man, and you got in a van with him a few hours later? Do you have a death wish? I got bills to pay like everyone else, and freaks like him pay more.
Who hurt you? Huh? Who hurt you? I just want you to know there's a way out, if you want one.
Why do you want to help me? You don't even know my name.
Names are overrated, right? How can I help you? DUQUESNE: Tom, Esteban isn't talking.
I came hoping that you could find something to tie our body back to Dr.
It's funny you should mention tie.
Eye wounds were closed with sutures.
This is a purse string stitch used for closing internal organ wounds.
That's interesting.
It's closed off with an instrument tie knot.
By instrument, do you mean some sort of tweezers? Yeah.
Let me show you.
Some doctors knot their sutures one-handed, others use both hands.
But a select few like to use one of their surgical instruments to make the knot.
So, now when you're working with catgut these leave a little crimp in the thread.
(intercom beeping) WOMAN: Paging Dr.
Paging Dr.
Bender, please.
Tom, three months ago Dr.
Navarro sewed up Nikki's leg and he used the same knot technique.
About ten percent of doctors use this method.
So it's not a signature.
Maybe not, but it's enough to finally get us a warrant.
(garbled radio transmission) Stop right now.
I have a writ prohibiting this search.
Search warrants are supposed to be sealed.
Back from Tallahassee, Inspector O'Shay.
Yeah, well, I got a better offer.
Running the mayor's Civilian Oversight Panel.
BOA VISTA: Wait a minute.
So now you're policing us? The panel feels this case is being mishandled.
We got a certain judge to agree.
I have a missing girl who may be dead already, Inspector.
You don't have enough evidence to support that search warrant.
Navarro sutured up Nikki Cervano's knee.
And those are the same exact stitches that the killer used.
Actually, I dug a little deeper on that matter; I did my homework.
The sutures on Nikki Cervano's knee were done by one of Dr.
Navarro's attendings, not by him.
And how much did that cost? Those are the kinds of unwarranted accusations that really concern me.
Ever heard of Duke lacrosse? This county can't afford a costly Neither can you, Inspector.
The kid that you're searching for is a Navarro.
His dad holds the purse strings on Miami.
Inspector, if this girl dies, it's gonna be on you.
Well, let's just see what happens.
Until then, cease and desist.
Take that.
O'Shay isn't letting us anywhere near Navarro.
That's all right; I think I got another way we can track him.
- Through his running club? - Exactly.
Esteban was bragging to Horatio about his running team and how he logs his runs.
This information is from a GPS pedometer.
So, whenever he runs, it logs exactly where he is and uploads it to this site.
All right, let's take a look at Esteban's activity from this morning.
He started his run from the clinic at 6:00 a.
Somewhere along this run of his, he had to pay Angela a visit.
What do those markings indicate? The GPS-- it marks the runner's speed every tenth of a mile.
Like this, look-- 7.
4, 7.
That's fast.
Yeah, but then it slows all the way down to 0.
Or he stopped.
That's where he's hiding her.
Yeah, send me those coordinates ASAP.
(siren wailing) (siren stops) Plus or minus 100 meters, this is where Navarro stopped along his run.
CAINE: Did you see anybody else out there? KEMP: Best that I could tell, there was a van out there on the fire road.
(panting) Hey, Eric.
Swamp guy said he saw a van out there, didn't he? DELKO: Yeah, that's right.
CAINE: Maybe he meant an ambulance.
This is CSI Delko requesting backup to the corner of Sixth and Crestline.
That's Sixth and Crestline.
Search the building now! It's her.
It's her, Eric.
Angela? Angela? She's alive.
She is alive, gentlemen.
Angela? Angela, we're friends.
I'm a friend.
Here we go.
Good job.
You're okay.
Good job.
I'm not getting a signal.
I'm gonna get an ambulance.
Hurry! Good job.
You made it.
Navarro used the ambulance to transport all the women.
Yeah, well, we can't get any of Esteban's fingerprints from either the vehicle or the building.
And all that running route evidence, that's circumstantial at best.
Angela can't I.
her attacker, either.
You know, I just We should be holding this guy.
I know.
Well, we would be if Navarro wasn't who he is.
O'Shay did such a number on the state attorney, he's not gonna press charges.
Nat, this is, uh Elizabeth Clark.
Okay, I'll, uh, catch up with you later.
All right.
So Elizabeth, huh? What were you expecting? Angel? Trixie, maybe? No.
I'm just glad you're here.
Well, you were right.
Someone did hurt me, and I should probably deal with that.
But I'm not making any promises, okay? Well, I am.
And I'll drive you to the center right now.
All right, let me just go get my stuff and clock out.
Then I'll wait here.
All right.
Thank you.
For everything.
I'll be right back.
I assume you're not here to turn over your son.
Just here to talk.
Lieutenant, all that I need in this life is my family.
There must be something that you need.
You know, Diego, offering a police officer a bribe is a crime.
(laughs) So is allowing these girls to be murdered.
Diego, I'm gonna take your son off the street one way or another.
Unless I take you off first.
Hey, Diego.
It might not be that easy.
(line ringing) (cell phone ringing) (sighs) Jennifer.
Jennifer, Jennifer.
I guess next time, I'll have to take you and your sister.
Then there will be no one left to go to the cops.
Like I said, Esteban, it's not gonna be that easy.