CSI: Miami s10e05 Episode Script

Killer Regrets

Geraldo! Geraldo! Geraldo! I can't get it out of my head.
Sorry for your loss.
I grabbed my brother, Carlos.
We drove straight to the airport.
We were gone before they knew to look for us.
After years patrolling the streets, I was the new sheriff in La Cancion.
I talked so big.
I made myself a target, and Geraldo paid with his life.
These are your husband's personal effects? Gathered as much evidence as I could from the car bomb.
Can your lab run forensics on it? Who do you think called for the hit? The man who killed your wife, Memmo Fierro.
Memmo is in jail.
My intel says he's still calling the shots for Mala Noche, from here, in Miami.
How do you know that? A few weeks ago, I put his number two in prison in La Cancion.
This is his payback.
I got nothing for you.
Your daughter does.
What does that mean? Horatio, is she okay? That's up to you.
Be a shame if the state had to take back custody from her mother.
That sounds like a threat, man.
The Torres family, Memmo-- did you order that hit? The order came from a Mala Noche chief in Mexico.
How long ago? Eight months ago.
That girl-- she's been putting Mala Noche soldiers away.
She has shamed them.
She won't get away with it.
He assigned El Asesino.
El Asesino-- who's that? Deadliest hit man in Mexico.
He likes to kill up close and personal.
He won't stop till she's dead.
What's his real name? Only his victims know, and they ain't talking.
So you'll get it for me.
You're asking me to betray Mala Noche.
I'm asking you to earn some of that grace you've gotten.
Hit me.
They can't know I told you anything.
Yo, homie, what'd you hit him for? That's police brutality! Damn, you been holding on to that for a while, huh? I want that name.
Ese, esta bien? Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Hey, Calleigh, what's that? I can't tell you.
If that's the evidence from the car bombing in Mexico, we have no legal right to process it.
Look, Anita was a cop, and her husband was killed because of her job.
I understand that, but you're gonna lose yours if O'Shay finds out about it, and I don't know about you, but I still got student loans.
I don't think that assassin is gonna give up looking for her, do you? I want to find him before he gets to her.
Those belong to the husband? Yeah.
He was a teacher.
Damn it.
My dad's a teacher.
Man This looks like cast iron with some sort of orange sand on it.
It's nitrocellulose with inorganic nitrate.
It's E.
That's an old-school explosive.
I've got a grenade spoon.
So the car bomb's explosive source was a rigged grenade.
A World War II Mark-Two Pineapple, to be exact.
Military stock number's on the handle.
What the hell is a grenade from 1942 doing under the Torres's car in Mexico? Since when are murders in Mexico in our jurisdiction? Scott, you head up the Civilian Oversight Panel.
You know that if Memmo Fierro's calling murders from inside Miami prison that's on us.
You have evidence of that? I'm working on it.
Maybe you'll find this interesting-- I processed the detritus from the bomb.
Turns out the grenade that was used in the Torres car explosion came from an ATF facility in Brownsville, Texas.
First Mexico, now Texas? Do I need to remind you what city you're in? The guy who heads up that facility has an office in Miami-- he's in town.
- It's a car ride.
- Yes, a car ride is exactly what I'm talking about.
Hank Craddock is on my panel.
He donated your Hummers.
Well, be sure and tell him I said thank you when you see him.
He's not gonna be happy they're being used to clean up Mexico's mess.
Copy that.
MDPD? Yes.
Agent Dwyer.
Agent Dwyer, CSI Delko.
CSI Duquesne.
I, uh, I heard about the Torres car bomb.
Mala Noche has put Anita at the top of their hit list.
Means she's doing a good job.
How can I help? I found shrapnel from a World War II pineapple grenade in the car bomb, and I linked it to an ATF in Brownsville.
Our, uh, weapons cache was raided last June.
Stockpiled weapons were stolen.
Not our proudest moment.
Raided by who? Well, that close to the border, had to be Mala Noche.
I was there.
Took a bullet.
So the bomb-- it was attached to the sheriff's husband's car, right? Yeah, you know something about it? Well, I hear things.
Uh, there's been cross talk across the border that the husband was communicating with Mala Noche.
Are you telling us that he was associated? That's the rumor.
That's crazy.
He was a school teacher.
He played soccer on the weekends.
So, he had no contact with them at all? He had nothing to do with the gangs.
Carlos, is there more to the story? Mala Noche did approach Geraldo once.
When? A few weeks ago.
Oh, my God.
We were getting something to eat after a soccer match.
He put the money in a church box.
Swore me never to tell you.
He said you had enough on your plate.
He knew I wouldn't back down.
Neither will they, ma'am.
So our lives are in danger even here? They want it known that if you stand up to them, you die.
Make yourselves at home.
I'll keep an eye on things outside.
This is nice, Anita.
But how long do we have to stay here? As long as it takes.
Anita Didn't you hear Lieutenant Caine? El Asesino is still after us.
What are we going to do in the meantime? You brought your books, right? - Yeah.
- Study.
Better yet, help me with my bag.
I'm gonna get cleaned up, and later, we should eat something.
I'm hungry.
Carlos! Carlos! Anita! All units, all units.
Shots fired-- Coral Breeze Condos.
All units respond.
That's Anita.
All units, all units.
Shots fired.
Coral Breeze Condos.
All units, all units-- shots fired, 29th and Caitlin.
Coral Breeze Condos.
All units respond.
Oh, come on! Carlos! Anita! Anita? It's me.
You're hit.
Carlos, call an ambulance.
Damn it! Wait, wait.
It's not my blood.
It's the attacker's.
It's okay, Anita.
Give me the gun.
Officer-involved shooting.
Suspect last seen heading northbound on foot.
Consider him armed and extremely dangerous.
H? Yeah? Here's the situation.
We have two deceased.
One of them is a cop.
I don't know where this guy went.
- He just vanished.
- Okay.
What about the blood on Anita? Running it against the database.
No hits.
Guy wore gloves, no prints.
It's El Asesino.
He found us, and now, someone else is dead because of me.
How did you burn your hand, Anita? I grabbed his gun.
Carlos! The silencer was hot.
Would you mind if we took a picture of it? Not at all.
Did you do something to my car? Craddock heard about the car's foreign use, so he had it cut off, remotely.
I was on my way to a shooting.
An officer was killed.
Until that moment, the case was not in our jurisdiction.
Give Craddock a message for me.
You tell him, the next time he touches my car, at the very least, I'll have him arrested for obstruction.
Excuse me.
Are you the new transfer? Jamie Mitchell, Tallahassee.
Walter Simmons.
This a photo of Anita's hand? Yeah, she grabbed the assailant's silencer.
It left this really weird burn pattern.
It's because silencers work like car mufflers.
They absorb heat as the bullet is fired.
Thanks, Professor.
I know how a silencer works.
The thing is, I've never seen a pattern like that.
It's 'cause this one's homemade.
Now we'll never have a shot at ID'ing it.
Don't give up so easily, Newbie.
You ever hear of a frequency-shifting silencer? I thought those were a myth.
No, they're real.
They quiet the gunshot by causing the heated gasses from the shot to collide, shifting the frequency from audible to ultrasound, out of human range.
Kind of like a dog whistle.
If we digitize the pattern, we can create a 3-D replica.
Let's compare it to the silencers we've collected from felons.
Why not? See who pops up.
Okay, let's see this.
Okay two, dash, two, six.
Four, zero.
Ah, that's not it.
I've looked at at least six dozen silencers, and not one match.
I know.
I think I'm going blind.
I need coffee.
Two sugars and a dollop of cream.
What am I, your barista? What? I'm taking you up on your implied offer.
What, Jamie? You want two dollops of cream? I got a match.
Sit down.
So, one of your silencers was used to kill an officer today.
You recognize this frequency shifter? Some of your work.
I stopped making that design years ago.
I can't help it that my stuff is still out there.
Yeah, well, who'd you sell that type to? Look, man, I got a constitutional right not to get shot at a stoplight.
I can make you an accessory to murder, or you can give us a name.
These guys kill people.
You can talk, or I can put you in a cell with one of them.
Take your pick.
You got to promise me this don't come back on me.
No one else has to know.
I made that silencer especially for Memmo Fierro, like, six years ago.
What is this? It's a silencer, Memmo.
Just like the one you had, just like the one used on Anita Torres.
I had a silencer like that back in the day.
Who knows what happened to it? I think you lied to me.
I think you ordered the attack in Mexico, and then blamed it on some made-up assassin.
El Asesino exists.
I can prove it.
I think you better do so right now.
I want to see my daughter first.
Nothing's for free.
No daughter.
I'm sorry.
Aim a little lower, Memmo.
I'm hungry.
Steak grilled over an open fire.
Time's running out till El Asesino kills the girl.
These are Mala Noche hit men who operate in and out of the United States and Mexico, right? Do you recognize any of these guys as your attacker in the condo? We didn't get a good look at him.
Couldn't really see his face.
Um, I don't know, I think this guy here is the right height and build.
How'd you break your fingernails? Fighting with the assailant.
Too bad you didn't get his mask off.
Well, I was concentrating on the gun.
What is that? Is that paint? Well, it wasn't there before.
Is that spray paint? It must have come from the attacker.
You know what? I think we just narrowed down our suspect list.
How? Tripp here.
Frank, hey, you want to ask that little weasel who said he made that silencer for Memmo if he's come in contact with any Mala Noche that are huffers? Paint sniffers? Right.
El Asesino likes to sniff paint, huh? Who? Ow! Take a look at this.
Oh, yeah.
Is that where you got shot by Anita Torres, huh, when you tried to attack her in her condo? You got the wrong guy.
We got PD at your place right now, and they're looking for a gun with a silencer that looks just like this one right here.
You'd better wise up and make a deal before that gun walks through the door.
Yeah, otherwise it's out of our hands.
You know what happens then? You get a needle right here in your arm.
How long have you had Memmo's silencer? Picked it up a few years ago.
I was holding onto it for him.
Few years ago? Memmo had you kill Anita Torres at Coral Breeze, yeah? No.
Yeah? Order came from Mexico.
What? So you're responsible for the car bombing at La Cancion, too? That job went undone.
I was called in to clean it up.
You're El Asesino.
I'm not, but he was at that condo today.
Well, you'd better start talking.
That girl didn't shoot me.
El Asesino did.
I didn't really get to see him.
Carlos! But I know it was El Asesino.
Carlos! Why would he shoot you? Pride.
Because he knows that it's his job and that no one should get between him and his target.
We got to talk.
Know what? Luis is good for the Coral Breeze shooting.
Yeah, I know, I found this in his car, but when the car bomb went off in Mexico, he was talking to his parole officer in Miami.
I just talked to the guy.
So he's not El Asesino.
And if he's telling the truth, that means El Asesino is going after Anita.
I don't like it, but whatever Memmo knows, we got to have it.
Wish we didn't have to make a deal with that scumbag.
Yeah, well, sometimes you got to dance with the Devil to get out of Hell.
That's what we got to do.
Come on.
I don't like this; it's too pink.
Memmo, who is El Asesino? I can't tell you that.
You'd better give me something, Memmo, or that is the last steak you're going to have on this planet.
I can tell you that he's here in Miami to finish the sheriff.
Okay, what else? I can give you his weapons supplier.
He thinks he's meeting Mala Noche in one hour for a buy.
My men won't be there.
I assume you will be.
Where is the buy gonna be, Memmo? The port, terminal 231.
Enjoy your steak.
Any sign of him, Frank? Negative.
This place is quieter than a church on a Monday morning.
Wait, scratch that.
I got a little activity at the gate.
Green truck approaching.
No way.
This guy's name's Brendon Dwyer.
Calleigh and I just met with him.
He's an ATF agent.
ATF agent? What is he doing here? He's opening the back of the truck.
Let's go.
We got him.
You're kidding me with this, you're kidding me.
Put your hands where I can see them.
You guys are kidding me.
Put your hands in the air, Agent, right now.
You're kidding me with this.
- Get 'em up.
- Please.
Do you know how much work is down the drain because of this? Enough AK-47s in there to supply a small army.
Look at these tags-- these are all U.
Department of Defense weapons.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Educate us.
I work for the United States Government.
Yeah, right, the government.
Selling guns to gangbangers? Oh, guns with sensors.
We're tracking low-level Mala Noche gun buyers so they can lead us up the food chain.
And what was the result? The Mala Noche found the sensors and pulled them.
But we got some good intel.
Good intel?! Sheriff Torres' husband was murdered with your weapons.
You got to believe that wasn't our intent.
Have you ever sold weapons to El Asesino? I don't know that name.
I guess we'll see about that, won't we? Give you a hand.
I've got the sensor Dwyer was talking about.
I'm gonna run this gun for numbers.
Oh, my God.
What's that? There's a second sensor in this gun.
Dwyer never mentioned that.
The weapons you sold to Mala Noche all had second sensors.
That's classified.
Not after it appears on the local news, it won't be.
All right.
On the most expensive weapons, we hid a second sensor.
We assumed they'd end up with priority targets.
So the special requests all had second sensors? Yes.
And the Mala Noche hasn't discovered this yet? Not yet.
Did you sell an assassin a weapon designed for close proximity? Yeah, mostly it was automatic weapons, but there was a special request for a .
22 with an extended barrel.
And that had a second sensor? Definitely.
How do you track these weapons? I'm accessing the ATF tracking system now.
Is the sensor active? Yes, the .
22 is in Miami, which means that so is the hit man.
Where? I don't know, give me a second.
Eric, that's the Coral Breeze.
Anita and Carlos just went back there to get their stuff.
That means El Asesino is still hunting them.
Unless he's one of them.
Anita, where's your gun? Where's your gun? What are you doing? Check every room.
Where's your gun? In my bag.
What is this? What's going on? Carlos, what are you doing? I was getting my books.
Get up, get up.
Let's go.
Let's go, Carlos, have a seat, sit down.
He had this on him.
Those are my books.
What are you doing? Hey, don't I have a right to privacy? So you are a history student, huh, Carlos? That's what you were looking for? What do we have here? What is that? That is proof that this El Asesino's gun.
That's what that is.
Anita it's not what you think.
Anita! - That's not my gun! - Yeah, whose gun is it, then? - I found it! - You found it, yeah.
Where? Under Geraldo's dresser.
I took it for protection when we left for Mexico-- that's the truth! - So it's Geraldo's gun? - Yes! Is that possible? Well, I've never seen that before.
La Mala Noche must have planted it in our house.
Did you hear what she said, Carlos? I swear, I don't know how it got there! Okay.
What do you want to do? We got to go back to the beginning.
Car bomb.
What's wrong? - This is impossible.
- What do you mean? H, I did HemaTrace, and I got nothing.
Now, we know blood can't hide from luminol even after it's burned.
Absolutely not.
Take a look.
Look at that.
No blood.
There never was.
He wasn't in the car.
What are you saying? Geraldo faked his own murder? I'm saying that Geraldo is El Asesino.
I can't believe this.
Do you know how that sounds? When did you meet him? Eight months ago.
That's the month they assigned a hit.
So why couldn't he go through with the hit? Because, I believe, he fell in love with you.
So, today he was at the condo.
He was at the condo today not to kill you but to protect you.
I told him the one thing that could make me second-guess doing my job was if if it put my family in danger.
He faked his own murder because he thought that would make me quit, and now I became even a bigger target by coming here and finding you.
I agree.
We have to bring him in.
How can I betray him? He's a killer.
You took an oath.
Geraldo is my husband.
If you don't help me, I can't protect you.
I can't do it.
With or without your help, I'm gonna bring him in.
Anita Torres, a sheriff from La Cancion, Mexico, was gunned down today.
Now, police don't have a suspect in custody, but sources say the Mala Noche drug cartel is responsible for the shooting.
Right now Mrs.
Torres is in critical condition, clinging to life at Dade Memorial Hospital.
I'm so sorry.
Let me see those hands.
And get up slowly.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Anita, you betrayed me.
Get those hands in the air.
Don't do it.
Hands in the air.
Don't do it.
Hey! Your hands! I love you.
Don't do it.
So, El Asesino ain't so mythical.
Looks like your face paid the price for talking to me.
- I guess you've been demoted.
- Yeah, well, you know, nothing's for free.
Elsa is she okay? She's okay.
You know, I've been thinking Grace.
It's like forgiveness, right? It can be.
So what I did today might have earned me a little? That's up to you.
O'Shay? I think you have great potential.
But if Horatio continues to ignore procedure, your whole team could be in jeopardy.
And I don't want to see that happen.
What is it that you want, Mr.
O'Shay? A little cooperation.
- Cooperation? - Yeah.
Think about it.
I would never work with that guy.
I know you wouldn't.
But it might not be a bad idea for him to think you would.
I love it here.
If you and Carlos wanted to stay, I could arrange that.
I can't.
I'm needed back home.
But if you go back to Mexico, they're gonna kill you.
What would you do? Thank you.
You take care of yourself.
You, too.