CSI: Miami s10e10 Episode Script

Long Gone

Good morning, South Florida.
All the activity working right now is in Miami-Dade County, so we're going to get started with some police activity.
It's actually a homicide investigation.
This is a live look at 122nd Street.
Northbound lanes are looking good.
That crash is northbound at Northwest 25th Street-- that's in Doral.
And then finally, a live look at your drive on I-95 Come on, boy.
at Cypress Creek in Broward County-- you're accident-free this morning.
About an 18-to-20-minute drive northbound from 595 Come on.
to that Broward County- Palm Beach County Line.
And then finally, a live look at your drive this morning on I-95 at Griffin Road.
Again, everything looks 25 minutes if you're heading from Griffith southbound Good morning, South Florida.
All the activity working right now is in Miami-Dade County Hi, you've reached the Nolans.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Andy, it's your neighbor Louis.
You've got a whole bunch of water pouring down your driveway and nobody's answering your door.
Just trying to figure out where everybody is.
Now, we're also working two crashes on the roadway, so first off, we have one working right here south Dad, that's the second day in a row that Okay, you haven't picked up yet, so W-Why is this happening? What's happening? Okay, you haven't picked up yet, so I'm really nervous now.
Anyway, call me when you get this.
I'm on my cell.
That crash is northbound at Northwest 25th Street-- that's in Doral.
And then finally, a live look at your drive on I-95 at Cypress Creek in Broward County-- you're accident-free this morning.
About an 18-to-20-minute drive northbound from 595 to that Broward County- Palm Beach County Line.
And then finally, a live look at your drive this morning on I-95 at Griffin Road.
Again, everything looks This family was in the middle of making breakfast.
So where'd they go? I don't know, but I can tell you, wherever it was wasn't by choice.
If they were taken against their will, I'm not seeing a single sign of struggle.
You check the front door? Yeah, no sign of forced entry, but, um, let me check the windows.
House belongs to Andrew and Carol Nolan.
They live here with their 13-year-old son Bobby.
Don't tell me something bad happened in there.
When's the last time you saw them? That's the thing-- I see them every day.
I don't understand why they wouldn't be there this morning.
What about visitors? Their daughter Olivia-- she's living with a boyfriend now.
Stops by a couple times a week.
Can't think of anybody else.
And you didn't hear anything-- sound of engines, voices? I'm sorry.
You know, I could have Ace here sniff around the property for you.
He's a hunting dog.
I appreciate that.
How would I find the daughter? This the daughter's apartment? Yeah, right here.
You want me on the perimeter? No, you're coming inside, too, Delarenzo.
Olivia Nolan! Stay on our hip.
Hey, I know.
I got three years in St.
Yeah, how could I forget? Miami-Dade Police.
Olivia? MDPD.
Olivia? On the ground.
Whoa, whoa.
Get down on the ground right now.
Hands above your head.
What the? He's clean.
Who are you and what the hell are you doing here? I should be asking you the same thing.
I live here.
Answer the question-- what's your name? My name is John.
Okay, John, where's Olivia? She's at work.
What is going on? How long ago did she leave? - About an hour.
- That's great.
We need to talk to her.
Get your phone, call her right now.
Okay, it's in the bedroom.
Move! - Yeah.
- Looks like she's with her boyfriend in a lot of these pictures.
It's not this guy.
Who the hell is that? Sir, come out into the hallway Take the front, I'll take the back.
Lorenzo, call for backup, hurry up! Horatio, we just walked into an ambush.
Yeah, suspect's armed and on the run.
Could be linked to that family's house.
Ambushed? I'm on my way.
Stay where you are, stay where you are.
What do we got? From what I'm seeing, it's forced entry, Lieutenant.
Shooter picked the lock.
Okay, Frank, you okay? Yeah.
Calleigh's in there pulling rounds out of the wall.
I'm glad they're not pulling 'em out of me.
Shooter said he lives here, said he was the boyfriend till Renzo sniffed him out.
What about the actual boyfriend? We found his cell phone.
We're calling him now.
His name's Tom Granger.
He wants to talk to you.
Thank you.
Hey, Tom, this is Lieutenant Caine.
Do you have Olivia there? Can you put her on, please? Okay, here.
Um, yeah, she won't take the phone, sir.
Tom, I need you to do the right thing and get me your location.
I'm gonna send somebody to you right away.
Okay, okay, yeah, we are at Ocean Park Walk, south entrance.
I know how upsetting this has been for you, but this morning three of my people were almost killed by a man masquerading as Tom.
Who could that have been? I don't know.
Lieutenant, my mom has severe asthma.
On a good day, she's at 50% lung capacity.
Wherever she is, if she doesn't have her inhaler, there's a real chance she could die.
Okay, what do you need from us? Okay, time is of the essence, every second counts.
Think, please.
I need the names of anyone Olivia's parents could have argued with.
They're not the kind of people who have enemies.
Until now.
W-Why is this happening? What's happening? Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Hey.
Hey, they okay over there? Everyone's okay.
Calleigh is processing the scene.
H and Tripp have the daughter.
Maybe she can help make sense out of this.
It's still like The Day the Earth Stood Still around here.
Yeah, I found this inhaler.
It was in the master bath.
Yeah, the girl said her mom had bad asthma.
The prescription's written for yesterday, so she needs this.
Also come take a look out here with me.
Hey, thanks, Ben, we got it from here.
Well, there it is.
Looks like somebody needs to visit the dentist, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, it looks like somebody got clocked right here in the driveway.
Yeah, or it could have happened in the garage and that little guy could have taken a white water rapid ride all the way over here.
As soon as Ballistics is finished with that round, find me.
What'd you get? I extracted that second bicuspid that the guys found in the driveway.
Is it a family member? No.
The genomic DNA told a totally different story.
Tom Granger.
The boyfriend.
Why was he in the system? He was a substitute teacher for 16 months at Glenview Heights Academy.
Prints and DNA records are a staff requirement.
Let's talk to him.
Is there any news? As a matter of fact, there is.
What is it? Well, we'd rather talk to you about it in private.
Olivia and I have no secrets.
You can tell us.
We found your tooth in the Nolan driveway.
What? What are you talking about? Tom? Look, uh Tuesday night I went over to talk to your dad to tell him that I planned to move in with you in your new place.
Not unless you're prepared to put a ring on her finger.
A ring? Mr.
Nolan, we've only been together for seven months.
And you just proved my point.
Nolan, with all due respect, sir, we're both old enough to make this decision without you.
Then what the hell are you doing here, huh, besides disrespecting me? Okay, I'm just trying to do the right thing.
The right thing?! Why didn't you tell me? That wouldn't have changed anything.
You know that.
So you're saying this happened two days ago and not this morning? Tom has nothing to do with any of this.
He's been with me.
Can we go? I'll make sure she's safe.
Your place is still an active crime scene.
You know, you had me write down names of people who might be angry with them.
There's no one.
Everybody loves my mom and dad.
My brother.
Nobody would just walk in and pull them out of that house.
Somebody did, Olivia.
Dad, this is the second day in a row there's no newspaper out there.
Hey, check this out.
See this footprint? Definitely not left by us.
Probably by an intruder.
Yeah, you know, just took e shoes from the kid's bedroom closet, and, uh it looks to be about the same size-- it must be an old print.
What is it with you? You can't let me have two minutes of enjoyment here? We're getting killed.
The kitchen got flooded; the only piece of evidence we have is from her boyfriend who has an alibi.
You hear that? Air-conditioning blows air out, and this is sucking air in.
Oh, well, maybe it's a dehumidifier.
They suck in damp air, remove allergens.
They probably put it in when the mother's health got bad.
Yeah, and maybe it sucked in some of our evidence.
Okay, I know that look.
Wolfe, you don't know my looks.
No, I know that look-- that look says that Eric and I didn't get information that the dehumidifier did gather.
I thought Delko was the primary on the Nolan house.
He's still there.
If I don't bring him good news, he gets pissy.
Okay, well, try this.
Can't tell you who was in the house, but I can tell you what.
Benzoylmethyl ecgonine? What are traces of cocaine doing in there? Mass spec doesn't provide an explanation, but I can tell you one thing: there are enough particles in the air for that dehumidifier to find.
Hey, Calleigh, it's Ryan.
Yeah, about the missing Nolan family.
It has something to do with cocaine.
Cocaine? My parents don't even drink.
You sure about that? I'm sorry, what does this have to do with finding her family? I don't think the two of you understand what's going on.
I was shot at this morning, and we found cocaine in your house.
Now, someone in your family is in serious trouble.
All my mom does is needlepoint while watching PBS.
My dad rebuilds engine blocks in the garage.
Bobby plays violin.
I am telling you, nobody is doing coke in that house.
What about selling it? Did your dad ever mention any money problems? No! Never! My dad's a big-time national sales director.
He's been at his company According to employment records, he was laid off about two years ago.
That that can't be.
He was going to work every day.
The shooting that occurred at your place, the perpetrator, he was posing as you.
Why would he do that? I have no idea.
Was he there for you? Was he there for something else? No, but, you know, I remember an SUV.
I saw it two different times this week parked in front of our house.
Did you get a good look at the driver? Not really.
It did have one of those grills, though, that look like a spider web.
I definitely remember that.
It looked custom.
They're installed over the manufacturer's existing grill.
Okay, I'll make some calls.
- My name's John.
- Hey, John.
Where's Olivia? Sir, come out into the hallway We've located the black Escalade registered to Kurt Riggins.
License plate: Juliet-Papa-one- one-one-Oscar.
No activity at the residence at this time.
Units en route.
Let's check on the status of the backup This is Frank Tripp.
Officer down at 26 Ortega.
I need a medevac here ASAP! Gas him! Oh, Renzo, look what you did.
Oh, God It's all right, buddy.
Am I gonna die? No, you're not gonna die.
What's wrong with you?! Hang in there, buddy.
Hang in there! I can't breathe! My eyes! I'm right here, buddy.
I'm right here.
Get out.
Come here.
Stand up.
Stand up! Ah, this tear gas! You know what that is? It's a badge.
It's a badge that belongs to Paul Delarenzo, the young man you killed.
I started patrol with his father.
I've known that kid since he was ten years old.
Where's the Nolan family? No idea.
This is about cocaine, isn't it? Look, man, I move a little bit of weight at the clubs, the colleges.
Doesn't hurt anybody.
Then all of a sudden, this dad starts taking my business? Like, just walking product out of the house like he was cutting it himself.
What the hell were you doing in the apartment? Taking him and his family.
It was supposed to be a statement.
Brother we invented statements.
I'm gonna ask you again.
Where are they? You can do what you want to me, man.
That's all I got.
Take his cuffs off.
Caught the guy from the home ambush.
Oh, yeah? Good.
But Delarenzo went down.
Delarenzo was killed? Yeah.
That's tough to hear.
Let's focus on the work.
Look at this.
The water that flooded, with oil deposited in it.
It's draining under here.
I think we should move this car and see what's underneath it.
You want to get out? Yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
Okay, what we got is an oil catch.
It's great.
It's worth a shot, huh? All right.
Something down there.
Yeah, looks like our missing daddy is an amateur coke dealer.
Traces of a pesticide called N-Phosphonomethyl Glycine.
Pesticide? Oh, from 1994 to '96, the US government paid Colombians to spray all coca plantations with it.
So, this sample is from Colombia during that time period? Mm-hmm.
How in God's name do you know that? I was a special consult for the DEA Task Force two years ago.
I I really miss being in the field.
I don't know.
I think it's so much safer being in a lab coat than having a gun strapped to your hip, believe me.
Oh, well, I'm actually already firearm certified.
I won the Rifle and Handgun Competition in Detectives Training.
Oh, Detectives Training.
Yeah, this lab coat's temporary, I hope.
Filled out my I'm just waiting for the word to come down.
Um, we should probably go to the range sometime, then.
Well, you know where to find me.
Yeah, I know where to find you.
Nolan's house was built in '97.
Cocaine was manufactured and likely buried at that time.
We need a list of all the coke dealers who were on the task force radar for that period.
Let's start with Oscar Duarte.
Back then, he was bigger than Scarface.
Nolan's neighborhood was his territory.
He was just released from Miami-West Prison seven months ago.
- The very same.
- Bring him in.
Still working for the old city wage, eh, Sarge? It's been 18 years, Duarte, and I'm as happy to see you now as I was back then.
four weeks, three days.
Give or take.
I stopped counting when I got out seven months ago.
There's a family missing, Oscar.
So what? So, their disappearance is tied to some buried cocaine, which I believe belongs to you.
Now, here's what it is.
I had a corner cell, one window high on a wall.
It was under an overhang, so the sun never made it through.
Is this going somewhere, or should I brew some tea? I spent all my time inside waiting on that sun.
I feel it now, on my face, every day.
I'm not gonna give it back.
You know, you haven't changed, Oscar.
You don't have it in you.
You go back digging up old treasures, you're gonna be looking for that sun for a hell of a long time.
Good to see you again Sarge.
You buying it? I think he's a bad person, and we need to watch his every move.
Shouldn't be hard to do.
He's part of an in-house work program.
He hasn't left the halfway house since his prison release.
So it's true.
He hasn't even left the premises.
What about visitors? Uh, yeah, I just got forwarded the visitation list.
He's only had one visit in six months.
It's a college student from Dade U researching the cocaine cowboys of the '80s.
Who's the student? You're not gonna believe this one, Walter.
Oscar Duarte was just one living reference in my term paper.
Tom, you can cut the act.
We know you went to see him four times.
You're his errand boy.
I You know, I really shouldn't I shouldn't say anything else.
Really? Your girlfriend's family's missing, you're not gonna say anything? Tom, just tell them it isn't true.
Oscar buried 125 kilos in a hay field outside of Waterton Village before he got locked up in '95.
He sent you to go get it before he got out? Yeah.
But what he didn't realize is that the hay field was bulldozed, and a housing development was built in its place.
Her family was living on his two-million-dollar cocaine stash.
You get in with the girl, you get in the house.
It was in the back of the lot, all gated.
What else was I supposed to do? Tell me this is just a story or something.
Did her dad get in the way? Yeah, you could say that.
He caught me in the act.
That what you were looking for out there? This, uh this belongs to somebody else.
Where's the rest of it? Some of it's in there.
Some of it? I sold the rest.
What, you dig up 15 kilos in your yard, and suddenly you're a dealer? You used my daughter.
Hey, man, if you ever thought that someday, somebody might be coming to look for this-- well, that day is today, okay? And that somebody's not gonna be me, man.
I am the least of your worries.
Are you threatening me, you little punk? He had dug it all up.
Oscar's entire payload.
Why would he do this? Olivia, why? If he didn't sell it, none of this would have happened.
Nobody would have to get hurt.
Where are they, Tom? Where's my family? It wasn't supposed to go down like this.
My mother could be dying.
Where are they? Tell me! Tell them! I don't know.
This is bigger than me now.
I have nothing to do with it.
I'm sorry.
Where's my family?! Why?! Why did you do this? Okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Sergeant? Yeah? Did you order the radio car to stakeout Duarte's halfway house? Yeah, I did.
What's up? There's been some sort of mix-up with house management over there.
Oscar Duarte's in the wind.
What the hell are you talking about? Who was on that post? Get his ass on the radio.
I want to talk to him right now.
Yes, sir.
Horatio, we got issues.
Duarte's AWOL.
All right.
Shut up! Shut up! Now you shut up! My wife can't breathe.
If she doesn't get her inhaler, she's not going to make it.
And you should have thought of that before you stole from me.
I didn't steal from you! Ah.
I found it.
It was in my yard.
Finding it got me out of some trouble.
I don't have a job.
I found a couple buyers.
I could pay my mortgage again.
My taxes, our-our medical bills.
That was mine, friend! Almost two mil in street value.
Give me the chance to make it right.
I'll get your money right now if you let me.
I'll-I'll bring it to you right here.
How can I trust you? You've got my family.
Eh? I've got your family.
You've got one hour.
Or the kid goes first.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
I need a gun.
Once a day, only once a day.
Yeah, you're gonna need to get refills on both of these.
You need to call your doctor so that you can do that for next time.
That's your paroxetine, And, uh, you need to take this just Yeah, that is I know.
Your insurance company will only pay for this.
And then, um, here is your paroxetine.
It's 25 milligrams, and, um, you're gonna want to call your doctor because you don't have any more refills for that.
- Okay? So - This one? this one is for your husband.
It's 50 milligrams.
Okay, because it's a really high dosage.
Okay, and then, there is your receipt, and the I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
This is an emergency.
I'm sorry, sir.
You're gonna need to wait in line.
No, I-I need albuterol.
High-Highest dosage you have.
I need it right now.
My wife is in the middle of an asthma attack.
Perhaps you didn't hear me.
You need to wait your turn.
Look, don't mess with me, lady.
That's a powerful steroid.
I can't dispense it over the counter without a prescription.
Just give me the damn medication.
Okay? Now! Here.
Five milligrams.
Two boxes.
- Put it in a bag! Put it in a bag! - Okay! No! No! Why did you do that? - Give me the cash in the drawer.
- Okay, okay.
- All of it! That's good.
That's good.
- Here, here, here.
Were you the one behind the counter? Yes.
Was this the man who robbed you? No.
That's not him.
Okay, what did he look like? Uh, he was tall and thin, brown hair with a little grey in it.
He kept saying that his wife was dying from an asthma attack.
It's Andrew Nolan.
Did you see where he went? Yeah, through the storage room and straight out the back.
Why would Andrew Nolan be on the run? About to ask you the same question.
This is one-40 Sam.
We're looking for Andrew Nolan.
He's armed and possibly on foot.
Get me air units out here right now! Oh, man.
Go ahead.
You think I'm stupid enough to give you a loaded gun? She needs this.
My money first.
What is this, man? What? Tens, twenties? There's less than two grand here.
I-I I promise I'll get all of it somehow.
I will.
Just-Just give my wife her medicine.
Huh? She wants her medicine? You want your medicine? Huh? Huh? You brought the cops on us.
I-I can get you out of here.
How? By plane.
I can fly you anywhere you want to go-- Cuba, the Bahamas.
You have a plane? What about the sob story about you paying your bills? It belongs to my former company.
The guys at the airfield might not know I was laid off.
Take me to that plane.
She can't breathe! You shut up, and you get out to the van.
Yeah? We caught a break.
Where are you? At the front of the pharmacy.
What about you? I'm picking you up.
Hey, what's up? A woman had a near-miss with an Econoline van near Vladimir Airfield.
All right, let's go.
We got to get you in the air as soon as possible.
Where's the pilot? He's on he's on his way.
Don't worry.
They're pros.
You got any planes taking off in the next few minutes? I got two twin-engine privates prepping in hangar 19 right now.
Where's 19? Down there on the right.
Get on with the tower.
No take-offs, no landings until further notice.
You got it.
Tower, this is ground.
I got a Code Blue, MDPD on the ground.
They'll fly you straight in, then you're on your own.
You're going with me.
That wasn't our deal.
There is no deal.
If I get on that plane, my wife's not gonna make it, man.
We don't have time for Put the gun down! Let him go! Drop it! Don't move! You keep your hands where I can see 'em! It's over now.
Just lie still.
I'm gonna try and stop the bleeding, okay? My-My wife and son are at the Bayline Motel.
Hey, focus on breathing.
Come on.
Just breathe.
Tell them Horatio.
I love them.
I know where they are.
They're at Bayline Motel.
I'm sorry.
All right, just keep breathing, come on.
Hey, stay with us.
Come on.
Come on! Are you alone? She's unconscious.
Right away! Hurry.
Fast, please.
Nice deep breaths.
Nice deep breath.
Hang in there.
Hang in there! We got her back, son.