CSI: Miami s10e11 Episode Script


Welcome, everyone, to the Royal Azalea Pageant two-day extravaganza! Tomorrow night, one of these lucky beauties will be named the overall winner! Kierra, you're up next.
There's one down.
No! I don't want to wear the flipper! Melrose, without it you get the runner-up ribbon; with it you get the big crown.
I will give you one of your special treats.
Okay? I feel like a bunny rabbit.
Well, you look like a winner.
Got to keep your energy up.
Okay? Oh, hey, Suze! Today might be our day.
Good luck, sweetie.
All right! Next we welcome to the stage, Kierra! Mr.
Chambers, why is my age group now moved up to 3:00? Blakely is at her prime between 8:00 and 11:00 a.
Well, my wife handles those aspects of the pageant.
Ow! Stop, Mommy! You're hurting me! Beauty is pain, baby.
If you want to beat Melrose, your hair has to be perfect.
And now welcome Tori! Go, honey.
Go, honey.
Aw Go, Tori! - Now we welcome to the stage - Come here, honey.
Good job.
two-time Royal Azalea champion, Melrose! Hi.
I'm Melrose and I'm six.
My favorite color is magenta, and I want to be a ballerina when I grow up.
Get it, girl! Hit those exes! You are a star! Whoo! Yeah! Work it! Good job, hon! Smile big! Smile! Say good-bye to Melrose! Melrose? You in here? Mrs.
Gramercy? We're ready for Melrose in the beachwear lineup.
Gramercy? If you don't get downstairs in five minutes, you're gonna lose points.
Mommy says I have to learn how to do my own makeup.
Where is your mommy? She's sleeping.
Of course she is.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
This woman was murdered while her six-year-old daughter was hiding in the bathroom, Tom.
Did she see the killer? That's yet to be determined.
There's my cause of death.
The spike penetrated the ocular cavity and passed into the frontal lobe.
Caused intracranial bleeding.
Seems to me like someone in the pageant wanted to send a message.
I think the message is clear: There are no winners today, Tom.
Not today.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Smile, Molly.
You know, even without the murder this is looking a little creepy.
You know, as a former pageant princess, I'd completely agree.
What? Oh, I see it.
Well, it's just like a rite of passage, you know, for Southern girls.
Sort of like football is for boys.
We spent thousands of dollars getting Tori ready for this and you're canceling? Thousands? Thought the top prize was a $200 college savings bond.
Excuse me, we're looking for the pageant director.
Yours truly.
Darla Chambers.
I'm Calleigh Duquesne, this is Ryan Wolfe.
We're with Miami-Dade Police Department.
Excuse me, what about crowning? My daughter was on track to win.
Officers, you have to understand that our contestants, they spend months preparing for Royal Azalea, and their moms spend a lot of money.
I understand what you're saying.
It's just that one of your mothers was murdered.
What? Oh, my God.
Yeah, I hadn't made that announcement.
Okay, ladies, I'm going to need you all to back up, please.
Just back up.
Edwin! You want me on mom patrol? Yeah.
Ladies, I can try and get answers for all your questions.
There are complimentary refreshments in the banquet room.
Follow me.
We're gonna need a list of all the contestants in the pageant.
And I see that you have video cameras taping the event.
It's for our Sizzle reel.
Okay, we're going to need all of the footage.
I can get that for you.
It's gonna take a little while.
As soon as possible.
Do you know where the victim's family is? Right through that door.
So the two of you were staying in a separate room from Melrose and your mother? Yeah, my mom likes to keep everything calm for her the night before the pageant.
Is there anyone else who had a key? Absolutely not.
Okay, Mr.
Gramercy, I'd like to ask Melrose some questions, and it is our protocol to talk to a child separately in a neutral location away from the family.
Keep her out of it.
She's six years old.
I understand your concern.
However, your wife was murdered, and we don't know what happened in that room.
It's best if Melrose spoke to a doctor.
This nice lady is going to ask you some questions, okay? But Hoppa, I want to be here when Mommy wakes up.
We're going to see about that, okay? It's okay.
Please look out for my daughter.
I will.
Let's go, sweetie.
You see this? She doesn't even look real.
She looks like a doll.
I don't understand why parents put kindergarteners through this.
Just let kids be kids.
It's disgusting.
Check this out.
It looks like a pink bead.
Maybe it's from one of those dresses.
You see anything? That rack there.
Um No, I don't think it came from any of these.
Well, if it didn't come from one of her dresses then maybe the killer tracked it in.
You said that this crown was already in the room, right? Yeah.
Melrose won it in her last pageant.
Mommy brought it for motivation.
And this was used to stab her? Maybe someone thought Melrose didn't deserve the title and they decided to take it out on her mom.
Sam O.
, I got something.
Oh, way to go, Simmons.
Was that supposed to be funny? Well, seeing that you're holding biological evidence in the trace lab I figured you came in here for an ego boost.
Oh, no.
Always appreciated, but I'm good.
You see, this hair has no follicle.
Ah, so no DNA.
Yes, which is why I came to you.
- Are you thinking a drug test? - I'm hoping if we can find any prescriptions, then we can cross-check it against the other registrants at the pageant.
Yeah, but for that kind of analysis, I usually have several strands to work with.
I know.
Isn't it funny? But you can do it! Ah It worked.
Your hair shows me that the only drug this person ingested is Isotretinoin.
And what's that? Prescription acne medication.
So, most likely from a teenager.
Jan, we found a strand of your hair on the murder weapon.
You told the police earlier you were never in that room.
Well, I wasn't.
My hair was.
Your what? Yeah, my mom-- she makes me grow out my hair so she can cut it off and use it to make Melrose's wiglet.
A wiglet? Oh, it's a little hairpiece, makes her hair look fuller.
Are you always that generous with your sister? I had my chance, winning crowns and stuff.
I hit puberty, and, well, it was Melrose's turn.
Were you angry about that? No.
My mom liked the pageants more than I did anyway.
You still go every weekend to cheer on Melrose.
Look we're a close family.
You know, if you want to find her killer, you really should look at the other kids' moms.
They're competitive.
They're crazy.
Especially this one woman, Alicia Haverford.
Melrose beat her daughter in the last four pageants.
She was beyond pissed.
So, Haverford's here in 107.
Yeah, she must be crazy competitive.
- Just open your mouth.
- No! No! No! No! Hey, Miami-Dade! - Miami-Dade Police! Open the door! - Mommy! What's going on? What are you doing here? What are you doing?! What's going on in here? What is happening? - Are you okay, honey? - I was just bleaching Tori's teeth.
You're just bleaching her teeth.
She's six years old.
Mommy says beauty is pain.
They're just baby teeth.
What? We're gonna get her some real great caps when she's ready.
This says 16 and up.
You know, what you're doing, lady, is borderline child abuse.
Everybody here does it.
Great, well, then, I'll have Child Protective Services start with you.
Is she doing anything else that's hurting you, or that you don't like? These pins she pokes into my hair.
They hurt my head.
I bet they do.
Well, you know what? I'll just take them, okay? And what about this? What about this? No, that one's my favorite.
I hope you plan to reimburse me for those.
Yeah, I don't because they're part of a crime scene.
Every single thing in this room is evidence in a murder investigation.
Uh, sweetie, why don't you go brush your teeth? Okay.
Why? Am I a suspect? The hotel's computer key log system has you leaving your room at 2:43 a.
, and Suzanne Gramercy's door opening at 2:45.
Must have been around the time I went to get some ice.
Really? Because I found a bead just like this one at the murder scene.
Well, I didn't want to speak ill of the dead.
Why don't you try the truth? Suzanne tried to sabotage Tori.
Hey, hey, what are you doing? Melrose is sleeping.
You ripped Tori's dress.
I didn't touch your cheap costume.
Cheap? This dress cost five grand.
It's custom.
Look, Melrose is taking that crown.
Don't go counting your chickens yet.
We've got a backup outfit.
Oh, would you just get out? Get out before I call security.
Go! And? And then I went back to bed.
You sure? Because the door never fully closed.
Oh, please.
I would never kill someone over a Regional.
Sweetie, I need to leave the room for a minute, okay? Please don't leave.
How about this? Do you see that mirror right there? It's actually a window.
And I'm just gonna be on the other side of it, and I can see you the whole time.
But I won't be able to see you.
That's a good point.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you hold my necklace for me, okay? Okay.
It's very delicate.
This way you'll know I'll be right back.
It matches your shirt.
Thank you.
Medically, Melrose appears to be unharmed.
- Thank goodness.
- But I think she knows more than she understands.
Do you think she witnessed the murder? I can't say for sure.
I'd like to revisit this morning's events with her.
Melrose? My job is to listen to kids.
And today, my job is to listen to you.
Now, I have some rules.
If I ask you a question, and you don't know, just say, "I don't know.
" Think you can do that? Mm-hmm.
Now, what's my favorite color? I don't know.
That's exactly right.
You don't know my favorite color, so, "I don't know" is the right thing to say.
What do you remember about the last time you saw your mommy today? She fell down.
And then what happened? I got scared, and I closed the door.
To the bathroom? And then I did my makeup.
Did someone say angry words to your mommy before she fell? I don't know.
Did anyone hurt your mommy? Do you know who that person was? It was Hoppa.
Tripp, it's Calleigh.
I need you to bring in Melrose Gramercy's father.
Have a seat, Mr.
What's going on? This year, you and your wife spent $60,000 on the pageants.
That's more than half the annual income from your garage.
You-You checked our tax returns? You wasted your hard-earned paycheck on tiaras and ball gowns for a six-year-old? Yeah, that has to be a little aggravating.
I wasn't happy about it.
You ever fight about it? Occasionally.
Did it ever get ugly? You think I killed Suzanne.
You told us the last time you saw her was about 8:30 last night? - That's right.
- That's a lie.
Your daughter put you in your wife's room several hours later.
She also said that you hurt Suzanne.
I thought Melrose was asleep.
Can you please tell me why my credit card was denied today? I canceled it.
What? How is Melrose gonna win this pageant without the Deluxe Confetti Avalanche at the end of her runway strut? $250 for a bunch of cut-up paper.
They are flower petals.
I can buy 20 of these for $250.
Well, you obviously don't care about making your daughter happy.
I had no idea she heard all that.
How far did you take it? I raised my voice.
That's it.
Are these the tapes from the sizzle reel? All 263 of them.
Okay, let's pull up all the images of Suzanne Gramercy.
If this was, in fact, a premeditated murder, maybe we can catch someone on tape stalking her.
And there's Suzanne in the lobby.
Hey, Ryan, why do all these images have snow around them? Do you see that? Oh, when the videotape is paused or freeze-framed, the tape gets damaged.
So, are you telling me that people have reviewed these tapes and paused where these images are? - Yeah.
- Can you find other artifacts? Yeah, sure.
It's every image of Suzanne Gramercy.
It's as if the person is studying her.
So, you're thinking that the killer had access to these tapes? Maybe.
Well, here's Suzanne right here-- no artifact.
Ryan, see if you can find an image of Melrose without Suzanne in it.
All right.
There's one of her alone.
Look at how blurry it becomes.
I'm starting to think the focus wasn't on Suzanne.
I think our killer was after Melrose.
Maybe Suzanne died protecting her daughter.
Hey, it's me.
Listen, do you know where Melrose Gramercy is? She's here in MDPD with her father.
Keep an eye on her for me, would you? You know what I say when it comes to kids? Yeah.
Trust no one.
I know.
Calleigh? Hang on, Eric.
What? Take a look at this.
I found another artifact.
Melrose wasn't the only little girl being watched.
This one, too.
Oh, my God.
Eric, get to Tori Haverford's room right away.
I think she's our killer's next target.
All right.
Hey, watch her.
Don't take your eyes off of her.
Tori! Tori! Mrs.
Haverford! What is it? What's going on? Where's Tori? Where's your daughter? She's in the room, napping.
Open the door.
Open the door now.
Tori! Tori? Stay back.
Stay back! Tori! Where's my daughter? Tori! Tori? Tori?! She's not here.
She was sleeping in that bed ten minutes Well, she's not here right now, okay? Please, where is she?! Tori! Tori! We're gonna find her.
This is CSI Eric Delko.
I have a critical missing: Tori Haverford, six years old, brown hair, green eyes.
She was last seen at the Casa Bena Hotel, room 107.
Send search-and-rescue dogs here.
I need an Amber alert put out right away.
I don't understand.
Just 'cause I organized the pageant, you think I know where Tori is? They are your promotional tapes.
Whoever watched them was targeting Tori.
So, who had access? You think that I'm somehow responsible? Did you give someone the tapes? Oh, so ridiculous! You know what I'm doing? I'm calling my lawyer.
In fact, I will scroll through your contacts myself, because I'm sure whoever you let watch the tape is in here.
You know you have no right.
I have probable cause.
I am focused.
You sure? Oh, I'm sure.
I'm sure you're gonna like this.
I can't wait to see it.
Who's a pretty girl? Head and shoulders, knees and toes.
Oh, my God.
It's your husband.
You're helping him.
Where's your husband, Darla? Where did he take Tori? Sweetie, this is where I insist on a lawyer right now.
Edwin Chambers! MDPD! - Clear.
- It's empty.
H! Listen, I found something in the backyard.
You need to see it.
The yard, it looks like it ends here, but it doesn't.
What is this? This is set up for a little girl.
It's a jail cell.
This is Tori's.
She was here.
So where is she now? Okay, how about if I take the house and you take the tent? Yeah, there should be something in there that will lead us to where he took Tori.
Oh, no, Tori's mom's here.
I'll go take care of it.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
You can't pass.
- Excuse me.
- What are you doing here?! - I had to come here.
I need to know My baby! No, no, no, no.
Tori is not here.
That's just evidence.
She's not here.
We're still looking for her.
You don't understand.
She's never spent the night without me.
I need to do something.
Well, what you can do is you can give me the pictures that we asked you for earlier.
That would be very helpful.
Haverford, this is not what Tori looks like right now.
Do you have a picture of your little girl that your little girl actually looks like? Is this okay? This is perfect.
Thank you.
I-I just This is my fault, isn't it? I put her on display.
I'll be honest.
It-it made it easier.
But you're not the criminal here.
The person who took her is.
And I promise you we are doing everything that we can.
I promise you.
Jan, we found your fingerprints on this box at the Chambers' house.
Oh, well, that's impossible.
I was never there.
Jan it was your fingerprint.
But it was smaller like a child's.
Please I just don't want to talk about it.
What is it, Jan? Did-Did Edward Chambers kidnap you when you were little? It's vague and it's mixed up.
I just don't know what happened.
Jan, anything you can remember may help lead us to Tori.
I can't remember.
I'm so sorry.
I just can't.
So, you and your husband used the pageants as a hunting ground.
Save the accusations, Lieutenant.
My client was a victim of Edwin Chambers as well.
He would have killed me.
I'm a survivor.
Have the State Attorney grant her immunity and she'll cooperate.
A six-year-old girl is missing, and you're working for a deal.
I've seen the video of the girls on your phone.
Do you know what they do to a pedophile in prison? Don't listen to him, Darla.
They're gonna tear you into little pieces.
Where is your husband? There's a place that he likes to go on Tuesday afternoon.
Tuesday afternoon.
Where would that be? I don't know, I don't know.
It's his private place.
I think Edwin Chambers left these smudges on the murder weapon.
I'll run an analysis.
Maybe it'll lead us to where he's keeping Tori.
Hold on a second.
These marks weren't there before.
Is it makeup? Mmm.
Well, we found this tanning gun at the crime scene, so my guess is that it's bronzer.
Bronzer darkens over time, which is why we haven't seen it till now.
Yeah, Wolfe, but how is that even possible? DHA darkens skin cells by reacting with its amino acids and proteins.
This is cotton.
It's the sweat in the lining.
It contains a protein which reacts with DHA.
Hey, Doc, it's Walter.
- Are you close to Suzanne Gramercy's body? - Yes.
- Could you check it out for me? - Anything specific? - Uh-huh, her hands.
- Okay.
Does it look like she's been using bronzer? Her right hand does have some dark markings on it.
Honestly, I don't know how I could have missed this earlier.
Not even your fault.
Don't worry about it.
They're just starting to show now.
Do you need me? Hey, hey are you with Melrose right now? What do you need? Does it look like there was bronzer applied to her? It does on half her neck, her arms and her hands.
Mmm-hmm, back of her hands? Yes.
Is this important? Maybe.
Uh, I'm working a theory here.
I'll get back with you.
So, uh, what's up? Suzanne had to be murdered while she was applying bronzer to Melrose.
Okay, so you're saying that her attacker would also have bronzer residue? No, no, you're totally missing the point.
Look at the crown's lining.
There's voids in the bronzer.
Oh, yeah.
They're too small to be fingers.
Unless We're not talking about adult fingers.
Sweetie, will you just hold this for me? Do you want to talk about it? Come here.
It's okay.
It wasn't your fault.
What's going on? Daddy There's a reason why Melrose saw your wife fall.
What's that mean? I made Mommy fall down.
Oh Melrose, stop jumping around.
Stop! You are not behaving like a winner.
Don't you want to win? No! It's stinky! Melrose Don't you want to win another one of these? Now, let me make you pretty! I don't want to be pretty! Melrose Princess Gramercy! Melrose Princess Gramercy! I didn't mean to hurt her.
Oh, hey, I know that.
Hey I know that.
It's okay.
What happens now? It was an accident, Larry.
It was a tragic accident.
We'll close the case.
So you're sure? Melrose isn't in trouble? No, she's not.
But there's another little girl who's still out there.
Look I'm sorry.
I wish I could help you.
But I have no memory of who took me, or where.
It's blank.
I have a specialist here who may be able to work with you.
God, what makes you think it would even work? I'm not sure it's going to work.
But if it does, we can save this child.
Look, you can ask me what he did to me a thousand times.
I just can't remember.
Your father says he remembers you went missing for a few hours during one of your pageants.
Do you remember that? That time I got lost.
It's like shock therapy.
The doctor's trick is to not dwell on the perpetrator.
When did you know you were going to be okay? When I saw my mom and dad.
When you were lost, what did you see? It was dark.
There was this little light.
We'll have fun.
It was like a flicker.
Please And I kept trying to move my hands, My special friend.
But I couldn't, because they were tied.
And he had these gloves.
We'll have fun.
White, fuzzy gloves.
That doesn't sound like latex gloves.
Gardening, maybe? The room you were in, was it a house? No.
It wasn't a house.
My special friend It was cold.
And it smelled.
Like what? Like like butter, or or oil.
Butter or oil? Do you think that's Popcorn.
That would explain the butter smell.
And Eric found popcorn stuck to candy wrappers at the Chambers' house.
And what about the man that was with you? Quiet.
The man had this pet mouse.
But it wasn't like a normal mouse, it was Will you be my friend? It was big.
Do you recall anything else about that day? The man he was looking through this little window.
My special friend There was this clicking noise.
And I was trying to undo my ties.
But I was scared, I was so scared that he was going to come back.
Clicking could be a film projector.
And maybe he was looking through a window in a projection booth.
And projectionists wear gloves to protect the film.
A movie theater.
You did really good, honey.
You're really going to like this movie.
I went over Chambers' work history.
There's no record of him being a projectionist, ticket taker, usher, candy vendor, nothing.
Really? So then why a theater? - These are all the theaters in the area? - Mm-hmm.
In a 20-mile radius of the Chambers' house.
There were two movies with cartoon mice out ten years ago.
These are the screens they played on.
I don't get it.
How would you hide a child during work hours? It would be hard, right? Yeah.
Wait, wait, wait.
What? Chambers' wife told Horatio he went to a special place on Tuesdays.
That one.
It's closed on Tuesdays.
Yeah, that's it.
That's where he's got Tori.
Yeah, I got an address.
So how's my sweet little friend? This is playtime.
Okay? I'm going to undo your chains, now, and we're going to play, okay? All my friends like to play.
- No.
- We'll have fun.
No! No, let me go! It's time to play.
You know what? You're so pretty when you cry.
That's enough, I've had it.
Everything stops right now.
Right now! - No, let me go! - It's our special moment, Tori.
No! Fine, just sit.
I want Mommy.
I'll be right back.
The thing is I don't mean to.
It's just that bad luck follows me around wherever I go.
Bad luck? Is that all? Man, listen to what you're saying My special friend took me here when I was your age.
I brought you some treats.
Now, I'm going to ask you one last time will you be my friend? No.
I want to be your friend.
Get away from that girl.
No, no, no! No! Edwin You let me out of here, right now, or she gets it.
Right now! I mean it! I will kill her! Edwin That's not necessary.
You know what, Edwin? Go ahead.
Go! Stay with the girl.
I got her.
Are you okay, sweetheart? He didn't hurt you, did he? What's going on here? Edwin Am I gonna get shot? You are not going to get shot.
You are going to be fine, okay? I promise I am going to make sure that you're safe.
Did you see where he put the key? No.
Oh, I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
This is a little trick that I learned a long time ago.
All right.
That's far enough, Edwin! Here we go.
We got it, we got it.
You're all right, sweetie.
Sweetie, come here with me.
- I want Mommy.
- I got you, baby, I got you.
I'm sorry, okay? I can change, I know I can.
None of us changes that much.
I think you're going to fall.
Then you gotta help me! Do I? Ah! Come on!