CSI: Miami s10e12 Episode Script

Friendly Fire

Wake up, Mr.
Stone, wake up.
Wake up, Mr.
Stone, wake up.
Wake up, Mr.
Stone, wake up.
Alarm off.
Welcome to Solamyrge.
The time is now.
phone in my parents' basement.
Now I give to you the Solamyrge SP, a phone to revolutionize the way we communicate.
A mere three ounces, voice-activated and solar-powered, the Solamyrge knows who you want to call before you do.
At Solamyrge, perfection isn't just an ideal it's a reality.
Open blinds.
Shower on.
We're here to take America back.
Down with corporate greed! Down with corporate greed! Down with corporate greed! Down with corporate greed! We're taking America back! Down with corporate greed! Down with corporate greed! Down with corporate greed! Down with corporate greed! If you're not mad, you're not paying attention! Down with corporate greed! Hey! Stop it! Matthew Stone.
I can't believe it.
This guy's bigger than Steve Jobs.
A lot of people are going to feel this loss.
At least one person won't.
What about the girlfriend? She's in shock.
She is the one who called 911, though.
What are you thinking? Curious lack of stippling, indicating a long-range shot.
Sniper? From where? Look at the direction he's facing.
No line of sight makes sense in this case.
Bullet can't just materialize.
Got to come from somewhere.
You know what? Not necessarily.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Ms.
Yang? You up for answering a few questions? He's not coming back, is he? Look, I am so sorry.
I know how difficult this must be.
Matthew was bigger than life.
No matter how bad the cancer got, I knew he'd get better.
I just knew.
But I read online that he was dying.
He was gonna beat it.
Were you home this morning? Is that how you found him? No.
Matthew and I don't live together.
He didn't have time for a conventional relationship.
But we had breakfast together every morning.
And how does one meet a billionaire? I used to be a coder at Solamyrge.
Amanda, do you know if Matthew had any rivals? Too many to count.
Everybody envied him.
I mean, there was Matthew and there was the rest of the world.
Hey, Walter, check this out.
It's Stone's personal Solamyrge.
I mean, this is like holding a piece of, uh, history.
It's just a phone, Wolfe.
It's not just a phone.
It's not just a phone.
Would you call an Aston Martin just a car? People wait in line for days for these things.
Yeah, and the moment they break it out of the box, it's obsolete.
You're a hater.
You're a hater.
You know, for somebody so tech savvy, Stone led a pretty unplugged life.
I don't even see a television, do y'all? Right? I thought I saw a TV on, but I don't know How'd you do that? I don't know.
Wait, I got an idea.
Ready? Football.
Ha-ha-ha! Whoa! This thing is voice-activated! It's so cool.
Oh, oh.
He's going back, eh? Oh! Oh! Oh! Whoa, he's airing it out.
Oh, go, go, go! Television off.
Whoa! - Hey! - Why would you do that? - You're a meanie! - Guys, we're here to process a scene.
No, no, but I saw something on screen, for the case.
Are you being serious? Yeah.
Yeah, really.
Television on.
Ah! Ah! - They didn't throw a flag.
- No.
- No.
The, uh - You see that? The little Mute TV.
What is that? Little crescent-moon-shaped thing on the wall.
What is that, a bug? Someone was listening to Stone.
- Maybe whoever it was killed him.
- Think we're gonna be able to trace the transmission? Might not have to.
Whoever put this thing on the wall did a sloppy job.
They left a print.
You can't just deface private property in the name of free speech.
Make sure you clean up all that graffiti.
Blackburn, answer the question, please.
Why were you spying on your boss? Matthew was a loose cannon.
Between the chemo and the radiation, he'd lost his grip on reality.
- In what way? One minute he was totally lucid, the next he was spewing all sorts of lies to the press.
So bugging him is your attempt at damage control? I was afraid he'd give away company secrets.
I had to know what he was saying at all times.
You know what I think, Mr.
Blackburn? I think you were planning a coup.
You are the acting CEO.
Matthew out of the way, you get to take over the million-dollar salary, the stock options, the company jet, everything.
Maybe you got a little impatient waiting for the cancer to kill him.
I was simply protecting the company he created.
And he would've done the same for me, if I were in his place.
Yeah, well, he can't do that now, can he? He's dead.
It breaks my heart.
Sounds like it.
I have a business to run.
This thing is amazing.
Quadcore processor, AMOLED screen.
- Solar-powered battery - Mr.
Right, H.
I'll just get going here.
So what do we got? Well, the data's encrypted.
Looks like this guy Stone here has this thing locked down like Fort Knox.
Can we crack it? A buddy of mine just sent me the latest encryption-breaking software from Russia.
Let me give it a shot.
It makes a logical image out of the data, allowing me to see the directory structure of the phone.
Did he make or receive any calls today? No activity.
Well, he did receive a series of text messages before he was killed.
"The time is now.
Three, two, one.
"" "The time is now.
Three, two, one.
" Could be a countdown to his death.
Who sent those texts? Girl named Heidi Taylor.
Can we track her? I'll ping her phone number right now.
See if I can't pinpoint the last cell phone tower used.
Benton, they were sent in the last hour.
She could still be at the location.
Wall Street subjugates the 99%.
We must instigate a revolution! I didn't even know this movement was still going on.
Hey, man, you know where I can find this woman? Know where I can find this woman? and reseat America atop the throne of greatness! Excuse me, man.
You know where I can find this woman? Thanks.
I've got a thousand people ditching the snow and coming down from New York and D.
, and those numbers are growing.
We are going to shut this place down.
Do you hear me?! Is that her? Ooh! Heidi Taylor? That's me.
You the A.
reps? Oh, yeah, we love protecting people's civil liberties.
We have a permit allowing us to demonstrate here.
Yeah, not why we're here.
You sent several text messages to Matthew Stone this morning.
Stone? I wouldn't send him anything.
He's the symbol of economic inequality.
On the front lines of the battle for financial reform, he represents everything that we're here fighting He's dead.
He was killed this morning.
And we traced his last incoming texts to your phone.
That-That's impossible.
You just told us you hate him.
I hate what he stands for.
The man is worth ten billion dollars.
He designs phones to unite the masses, and then charges He is He was the epitome of corporate greed.
Sounds like motive to me.
I didn't kill Matthew Stone.
Okay, until we're sure of that, let's grab your phone.
- You're coming with us.
- Come on, let's go.
This is this is ridiculous! Hey, Wolfe? Hey.
Did you hear Sam-O made detective? Yeah, yeah, I heard.
Actually, I got her a little congratulations present.
- Like, what, a diamond ring? - Get out of here.
A diamond ring.
I got her a little bracelet with a little charm on it in the shape of Texas.
Why Texas? Because she's from Texas, and she mentioned she misses home.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What? What? You wearing cologne? Yeah, I'm wearing cologne.
I want that crime scene stank to Crime scene stank? Yeah.
Hey, heard your 15-88 came through.
Congratulations, Detective.
So, uh, you sure you're ready? Oh, yeah.
When was the last time you were at the firing range? - 5:00 a.
this morning? - Every morning.
Hope you got a receipt for that.
I got a Oh, this is cool.
Oh, no.
Hey, Wolfe? - Yeah.
- Wait up.
You got a sec? - Yeah.
- Hey, you're not gonna believe this.
Heidi Taylor-- she didn't send those texts.
- Her phone got hacked.
- What? Trojan Horse virus extracted all her SIM information.
So she got framed for Stone's murder.
Is the virus traceable? Unfortunately, no.
It also wiped out the sender's IP address, but I could do some digging around, see if she has any enemies.
Yeah, you do that.
I'll contact Stone's lawyer, see if I can't get a hold of his will.
You think this is about money? Stone's worth ten billion dollars.
A lot of people would kill for that.
Thanks, man.
Stone's will's not in here.
The lawyer said it would be.
Yeah, well, somebody beat us to it, then.
Didn't know you and Samantha were so close.
We're not, really.
Is that right? I was actually thinking of, uh Gotcha.
Hey, whoever took Stone's will might have left something behind.
What is it? A hair.
Still in a lab coat? Just waiting for a callout.
So, I just released our protest girl, Heidi.
She's a trust fund kid.
Well, you're just in time, because Detective Owens is about to analyze some hair for us.
That's right.
Congratulations, Detective.
Doesn't really feel any different.
It will.
Yeah, I know.
Hair's fine.
The medulla pattern doesn't occupy more than half the shaft.
- It's human hair.
- Yeah.
It's unpigmented, so it's not head hair.
So it must be body.
No, it's finer than that, and it has scales along the cuticle.
Scales? I mean, thought it was human hair.
It is human.
It's lanugo hair.
Of course.
Lanugo hair.
Lanugo hair is shed in the sixth month of gestation.
Pretty safe to say that a fetus did not take Matthew Stone's will.
Right, but lanugo hair is also found in anorexics.
Stone have a teenage daughter? No, but he has a very skinny girlfriend.
Well, would you like to come with me to interview her? Yeah, of course.
Uh, no.
I'll go.
Because she knows me.
I interviewed her this morning.
Maybe next time.
Next time.
I think we get it, Amanda.
You wanted to sneak a peek at the will to see what Matthew left you.
Was it too much or too little? Either way, it's motive for murder.
My boyfriend is dead, and I get accusations? You're being accused because we found your hair in the safe.
Trying to be perfect for him-- the perfect weight, perfect looks.
And so what? He did not leave you anything, is that it? You're both wrong.
Matthew asked me to take the will yesterday.
He said people were listening.
You feeling better today? Amanda.
Amanda, they're all over me.
Blackburn-- he's got ears everywhere.
Turned me into a prisoner in my own home.
Blackburn wouldn't do that to you.
It's just the chemo, babe.
It's making you paranoid.
I need you to get the will.
And keep it hidden, make sure no one can change it.
The cancer meds affected his mind.
I didn't think the threat was real, but I did whatever it took to keep him from worrying.
We're going to need to see that will.
It's in a safe deposit box.
We're gonna need the key.
We'll have to collect it and log it as evidence.
Hey, Tom.
I am astonished Mr.
Stone lived so long with a grade four glioma.
He was truly a special man.
Have you got a bullet for me yet, Tom? Not yet, but I'm just about to go fishing in his cranial tissue.
I don't know that I've ever retracted the dura mater of a genius.
The bullet fragmented through the frontal lobe, penetrated deep into the parietal.
Got a piece.
That's not a piece of bullet, Tom.
You're right.
That looks like a microchip.
Can you grab me another fragment? Calleigh is that some sort of rudder? May I? It's incredible.
This is from a smart bullet.
I thought that it was purely conceptual.
- A smart bullet.
- It's a fully programmable projectile.
The gun sends information about the target to the microchip, and then these fins act like little rudders that steer the bullet.
Are you saying it changes direction in the air? That's exactly what I'm saying.
It explains why our shooter didn't need a clear line of sight.
The only person that I can think of that would be smart enough and have access to the technology needed to make this bullet is Stone.
There may be one other person as smart, if not smarter.
Who? I read an article about the company.
Said Stone had a partner years ago.
They made the first Solamyrge in his parents' basement.
That sounds vaguely familiar.
I imagine this person is on their own private island by now.
He walked away the day before they went public.
Said money didn't matter to him.
Maybe he changed his mind.
Why would I kill Matt? Maybe you were tired of being the forgotten man.
He got billions, you got zilch.
Easy for a techie like you to build a smart bullet and kill him.
Smart bullet? I don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't care about the money, and I still don't.
Then why did you change his will? See that paragraph that mentions you? - The typeface doesn't match.
- Somebody altered it recently.
And Stone's doorman said that you came by two days ago.
What happened? Matt asked me to come.
But changing the will was his idea, not mine.
Raj, don't leave.
The company needs you.
We can do great things together.
Hey, you're confused, Matt.
All that's in the past.
You deserve your money.
I want you to have your share.
Here, I want you to change it.
Why don't you call your lawyers, and have them take care of it? I don't trust them.
I need you to do it.
He had an old typewriter in his closet.
Asked me to use it so no one could trace the change.
Wait a minute, so, he invited you over to give yourself That's pretty generous.
Look-- 121,591 shares.
That's the date we met at computer camp.
They nicknamed us the Siamese Twins.
We were inseparable.
This just proves that you know each other.
He was my best friend.
I could never have killed him.
It's happened before.
I'm so glad you're here.
I've been dying to show this to somebody.
Well, I hope it's good, because Stone's former business partner denies making that smart bullet.
You got anything that can lead us to the manufacturer? I'm almost there.
Is that it? Check it out.
You're not gonna believe this.
What is it? Stone was killed with his own bullet.
Where did you find this? In Matthew Stone's head.
You want to explain why a cell phone company was manufacturing bullets? Three years ago, Matthew's kid brother, Tim, was killed by friendly fire in Iraq.
That's when he had us start designing the PW-ten rifle.
We're going to design a weapon that is so accurate that no American soldier will ever lose his life to friendly fire again.
Matthew, with all due respect, we make cell phones, not guns.
Tim's gone, Jerry.
And we could have stopped that.
I could have stopped it.
I don't want another family to go through that.
Still not ready for market.
Matthew wouldn't be satisfied until the gun was perfect.
Well, one of those guns killed him.
Seems like, to me, it works just fine.
We need to see those, now.
I'd love to show them to you, except both prototypes were stolen from the lab 48 hours ago.
Did you call the police? We put our own security team on it.
Matthew was a very complicated guy.
He was very protective of this project.
He didn't want our competitors to know that we were developing weaponry.
If the guns were such a secret, how did anyone know to steal them? We had a leak.
What kind of a leak? Matthew.
Matthew was telling anyone who would listen about the guns.
By the time I caught wind, it was too late to stop him.
All right, stay down! Everybody stay down! You, empty the till! Fill that up! Now! Horatio, robbery in progress, a bank in Sweetwater.
two gunmen with weird rifles.
Hey, Detective Owens.
You ready for next time still? Yeah.
It's right now; let's go.
Got a robbery in progress.
Officer down, they need us for backup.
Where are we headed? We're headed for Miami National Bank.
All units, be advised.
Two armed gunmen reported at scene, officer down.
Proceed with extreme caution.
Anybody see where the shots are coming from? Hey! Hold it right there! Aah! Mike! Go! Hey, wait! You! You! Nice shot, Horatio.
Problem is, it wasn't mine, Frank.
Look at that wound.
This thing backfired.
You saying he shot himself? That's exactly what I'm saying.
Look at that.
Gang tat, A Street Assassin.
Why would a street gang want to kill Matthew? You're looking at the answer.
What the hell is this thing? What was that, Eric? That's what I was just gonna ask you.
My tactics were textbook back there.
- There was a standard diagonal deploy.
- Who made the call? - I did.
- That was your mistake! Wasn't your call to make; this is your first firefight.
Just admit it; you don't trust me.
These weren't regular nine- millimeter bullets coming at us.
You think I don't know that? I think that you could've gotten yourself killed.
Look at this thing.
Laser range-finder, thermal infrared, electronic chambering.
I mean, these rifles are perfect.
No wonder you can't miss.
It's not as perfect as you think; this one malfunctioned.
- Well, was it human error? - No.
It was a design flaw.
Do you see this screen? The way this weapon works is that the guidance system marks the target, and then it wirelessly sends the coordinates to the smart bullet.
Right, which allows the bullet to guide itself to the target.
Except with this one, what happened was something was off with the guidance system, so the bullet turned sideways in the barrel.
Okay, well which one of these rifles was used to kill Stone? Neither one.
The ballistics came back negative on both.
Blackburn said there were only two prototypes.
So, if neither one of these is the murder weapon There's got to be a third one out there.
Also means that Blackburn lied.
It is possible he doesn't know about the third one.
Regardless, we're gonna be able to use these two guns to determine the location of Matthew's shooter.
According to my tests, the maximum range of the PW-ten weapon is a mile.
So, the shooter wasn't anywhere beyond that distance.
And the bullet also would've needed another quarter of a mile to curve and then flatten out and hit Matthew the way it did.
And that would eliminate anything within a quarter of a mile.
So, see these red lines? Those are the paths the bullet would have traveled.
Well, it's unlikely that it would have turned at a 90-degree angle, so that eliminates the marina and the street.
Which basically leaves us two options.
The hotel to the east Mm-hmm.
and the apartment building to the west.
Okay, well, I'll take the hotel.
Do some knock and talks.
Okay, great, I'll take the apartment building.
Will you give me the address? Sure.
It is, uh It's 55 Olsen Street.
Why does that sound familiar? That's Raj Andari's address.
Are you guys actually looking for cash from the will? You know, it doesn't really work like that.
Hey, genius, it's not about the money.
Why don't you just save us the time, Raj, and tell us where the gun is? I don't know what you're talking about.
No? Eric, the balcony's clear.
He's clever.
He's apparently thought of everything.
Know what? Maybe not everything.
There's something up here in this vent.
Hey, you can't just look in there.
That's destruction of property.
Just stay there.
Hey, just shut up.
I hope your warrant covers that.
This looks to me like this is the third prototype.
Single round missing.
This is the gun that killed Stone.
You pull the trigger? He paid me to.
He said it wouldn't come back to me.
Who paid you? Jerry Blackburn? No, Matthew.
Turn around.
Turn around! Come on.
Let's go.
So you're saying that your best friend had you shoot him in the head? Frankly, I thought you'd have a more authentic story than that, Raj.
It's the truth.
And all that talk about not wanting the money-- that was a lie.
It's funny how naive you can be at 20.
I thought money was evil.
I got older, I saw Matt's life, his mansion, his private jet-- I wanted that, too.
I wanted my money.
You think I'm still clomping around in Birkenstocks going to sweat lodges? I want my share! You gave it up when you walked out on me and the business we started.
Yeah, that's right-- our business.
I deserve the billions just as much as you do.
TV on.
another gorgeous sunny afternoon Shower on.
Stereo on! What the hell are you doing? You think you can drown me out? If you want the money so bad then earn it.
Earn it how? Kill me.
Complicated way to commit suicide.
I thought it was the cancer talking.
Then he showed me the prototype for the PW-ten.
He was serious.
I designed it myself.
You want me to kill you with this? You're out of your mind.
Do you want the money or not? Matt planned everything.
So he had you hack into Heidi Taylor's phone to frame an innocent girl in your place? Matt said she wouldn't be, said there was a reason to do it that way.
And he didn't share that reason with you.
He said it was the only way to save Tim's life.
His dead brother? It didn't make any sense; I didn't argue.
His plan for me was clear.
And the inheritance was a payment for killing him.
He had me change the will the same day.
Have a seat, please.
So if Stone's dying of cancer, why would he go to all the trouble to kill himself? - 'Cause he's sending a message.
- He could've done that online, he could've had a press conference - He would've had no credibility.
That's why he selected Heidi Taylor.
And again, why Heidi Taylor? It could've been anyone.
He knew it was the last place Blackburn would have looked.
You have got to be kidding me.
So you're saying that someone's trying to pin the murder on me? Just like a power-crat, trying to blame the working class.
We actually think he was trying to draw attention to you for a different reason.
- Did he ever give you anything? Oh, you mean when he came down here and we shared a hookah? Look, I have been e-mailing that douche for over a year now, and he only just sent me a "Dear Insert-name-here.
" - Can we see that e-mail? - It wasn't electronic.
It was it was snail mail-- one of those form letters.
Do you still have it? "And thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns.
"We look forward to hearing from you again.
Sincerely-- Mathew Stone, CEO.
" It certainly sounds like a form letter.
You know, Calleigh, the logo on this is in ink, it's raised I think it's magnetic stripping.
I think you've been reading too many spy books.
I'm not kidding; take a look.
It's possible.
Credit card companies use magnetic stripping to store personal information.
Maybe Matthew embedded information on this for us to find.
Okay, here we go.
You were right.
"2:30, Overwatch Point, PW-ten, 10,000 units"" Calleigh, those are the details of a weapons sale.
Overwatch Point is the headquarters of a private military contractor.
Those guns weren't just prototypes.
Jerry Blackburn lied.
He's been mass producing faulty weapons.
Ryan, this deal's going down now.
We got to go.
Let's go.
I see.
Yeah, let me call you back.
Is there a problem? Want to get out of the car, please? This transaction has been cancelled.
On what grounds? On the grounds you're selling defective weapons.
The ATF approved our designs The ATF has revoked your license.
We let them know you falsified test results of the prototypes.
You have no proof of that.
Matthew Stone pointed us in the right direction.
Matthew wanted the impossible.
The perfect gun-- there is no such thing.
I'm not gonna let you sell those weapons, Jerry.
They're not ready.
Do you realize how leveraged we are on this thing? I'm CEO now-- I say what's ready.
Then I'll go to the press, and we'll see what the authorities say when they find out - You're delusional.
The cancer treatment impaired your thinking.
Who do you think's gonna listen to you? Nobody.
I couldn't let him bankrupt Solamyrge on his obsession.
I was just trying to protect the company.
You just protected yourself into a penitentiary.
Take him, Frank.
Turn around.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back.
Let's go.
Hey, so, uh, I heard you got into it with Sam today.
Yeah, not really sure how to clear the air on that one.
Um I think this'll do the trick.
You sure about this? Yeah, you need it more than I do.
Hey, Wolfe, don't look at me like that.
What look? We've been down this road before, when Natalia first got here.
- Let's not do that again.
- Yeah, let's not.
Besides, man you don't think you really have a shot with Samantha, do you? No, no.
So we're, uh, we're cool? We're cool.
Thanks, man.
You're welcome.
You rea you don't you don't think I have a shot? Well, maybe.
Come here, you got to see this.
Hey, man, look, if one more person tells me how this phone's gonna change my life Will you just look? I found this hidden on Stone's phone.
I bet you're wondering why it had to be like this.
It was my last resort.
The only way I could get people to believe me.
No one knew what I had put in motion.
But I knew the officers of the Miami-Dade Police Department could decipher my message.
I needed people with no agenda, people who could right a wrong, who would follow an investigation no matter where it went.
We make choices every day.
Some we're conscious of, others we're not.
These choices they affect others, not just ourselves, and not always in good ways.
For that, I'm truly sorry.
But we all must follow our own path, no matter where it leads.
I hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes.
I'm not perfect.
But then again, none of us are.
These choices they're up to all of you now, and I pray you make them with the same ethic I've tried to live by.
In the end that's all that matters, is that you tried to leave this place a little better than when you got here.
The time is now.