CSI: Miami s10e13 Episode Script

Terminal Velocity

(beeping) DIGITAL VOICE: Approaching 10,000 feet.
Whoo! Geronimo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! Whoo! (indistinct yelling) Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! (laughing) Whoo! This is friggin' great! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! (whoosh) (whoosh) Whoo! Whoo! (laughs) (snapping) Kev! Kev! Greg! Greg! Greg, help me! Kev! Oh, God! G Geez! Oh, God, help me! Greg, Greg! Greg! Greg! (thud) (sirens wail, horns honk) I don't know; no one's telling us anything.
We're just stopped, nobody's moving.
WOMAN: We got to get out of here.
We've got to find out.
They can't keep us TRIPP: The guy came down in the middle of the morning rush.
You get an ID, Frank? Name's Kevin Ramsey.
Okay, we need to clear the scene, ladies and gentlemen; clear the scene, please! (indistinct radio transmission) Oh, my God.
Look at this guy.
It always fascinates me that skin holds together after a fall like that.
He's like a bean bag.
Every bone in his body is broken.
Wolfe? Take a look at these suspension lines.
They look burnt.
Horatio, this guy said there was another parachute.
Another guy fell? No, he looked fine to me.
After, uh, this guy turned into a rock, the other guy floated off west of here.
I'll grab the body bag.
(indistinct radio transmissions) Ready? Yeah.
One, two (groaning) (groaning) Sh whoo! (coughing) (gags) It can't be decomp, right? Not yet? Wow, let's turn him over.
(groans) Hold your breath.
BOTH: Ugh Oh, what in the? It's got to be acid.
Look, it's dissolving our evidence.
And it's turning his skin yellow.
You have any ammonia? Yeah, um You got it? In here, in here.
Yeah, here it is.
Get it on there.
Go, go, go, go, go.
(sizzles) Ah Okay, what is that? Looks like some kind of sandwich baggy.
I thought it was heat that burnt the ropes, but really it was the acid that came from that sandwich bag.
Dilute the acid.
Take at least a couple hours to burn through the plastic.
(sizzling) We're looking at a poor man's timing device.
I think we need to figure out who packed that chute.
REPORTER: Pretty slow commute if you're heading southbound (sirens wail) Police are on the scene, and have shut down I-95.
That site is northbound of the I-95.
That's solid to the county line (branch creaking) (siren wails) TRIPP: Miami PD.
(car doors close) Oh, thank God.
My leg is totally falling asleep.
Hey Oh, come on, guys, aren't you going to get me down? TRIPP: What do you know about your partner's murder? Murder? What? You mean Kev? Oh, no, what the hell, man? Th-That was an accident.
I saw the chute fail.
I tried to get down to him, but he was falling too fast.
How do you think I got stuck in these trees? See, here's the problem-- somebody sabotaged his chute.
Was it you? No, no, everybody packs their own chute.
It's the only way you know it's right.
But I checked it, and everything was in order.
Does that include the baggy of acid that was shoved in that pack? That had to be a little hard to miss.
Where does he store his equipment? We flew out of Holmberg Airfield.
We have lockers there.
Hey, where you going? Come on, you can't just You can't leave me up here.
We'll know exactly where you are.
Guys? Guys? Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! (digital voice speaking indistinctly) Whoa, whoa, Walter? You hear that? Hear what? DIGITAL VOICE: Approaching 3,010 feet.
Oh, yeah, where's that coming from? Approaching 3,010 feet.
Approaching 3,010 feet.
(louder) Approaching 3,010 feet.
Get this off.
(squishing) Approaching 3,010 feet.
Approach What is that, some kind of radio? No, that's an audio altimeter.
Tells a skydiver their altitude above sea level while they're jumping.
The helmet must have protected it.
Or did it? We're what, ten feet above sea level? Shouldn't it be saying ten instead of 3,010? Oh, yeah, it's set 3,000 feet above the actual altitude.
You know, the pilot's supposed to check this before the jump.
Some guys when they jump, they don't pull the chute till 2,000 feet.
Kevin must've thought he was good, when really he was below the safe pull level.
This pilot's got a lot of explaining to do.
This what you guys call police work? Just throw accusations at people till something sticks? I already told you, I don't touch a jumper's chute.
I'm just the pilot.
As the As the pilot, you're responsible for calibrating the altimeters, is that right? You asking me if I did my job? I marry it to the planes before a jump.
Well, then you must've had a really hard time landing, because Kevin's altimeter was 3,000 feet above the correct altitude.
You have any idea how much it costs to run a business? Fuel's killing my overhead.
A few thousand off my vertical saves me a ton of cash.
So much for flying the friendly skies.
These guys are trained to pull at five thou.
No one's gotten hurt.
Yeah, not until now.
You call it savings.
I call it reckless endangerment.
Either way, you're under arrest.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
Come on.
You guys are so hot to blame someone, why don't you find the guy who ruined Kevin's car? Somebody vandalized his car? Couple days ago, in our lot.
Had to have it towed back to his house.
Guess what? You're still under arrest.
Let's go.
Do me a favor, pop the hood.
(mechanical whining) Even sounds cool.
DELKO: Ugh! Oh, this is a crime.
Someone tried to start an engine fire.
Oil cap's missing.
Give me that crime light.
Walter, smell that? They put bleach in the oil.
Causes the engine to overheat (engine revs) (popping) Hot engine would explain this.
Looks like burnt skin.
(sizzling) BOA VISTA: That little piece of skin belongs to one Cameron Locke.
And look at this.
The vandal is the victim's kid? They don't even have children.
They don't have kids, but I guess Kevin does.
And I can see why he wouldn't mention him, 'cause the kid's only 19 years old, and he's already on the sexual predator list.
DELKO: There's no listed address.
I'm gonna have Tripp make some calls.
Okay, bye.
(phone dialing) Yeah, Cameron Locke, please.
Uh, yes do you have a forwarding address for Cameron Locke? I'm Sergeant Tripp with MDPD; do you know the whereabouts of your nephew? Yeah, this is Sure, I'll hold.
I'm sure he is a handful, okay.
Uh, he's living with a friend.
Hello, may I please speak with Cameron? My name is Leanor.
No, I am not a creditor.
(chuckles) I wanted to let him know, his dear aunt has passed away, and she has left him some money.
Oh, that would be great.
Thank you so much.
Okay, bless you.
He's living at a playhouse.
(indistinct radio transmissions) Excuse me, could you show me Cameron Locke, please? Thank you.
Hey, what are you doing with that knife and those parachute lines? I'm making a prop.
We're doing a play.
(laughs) What the hell? You here to stick another made-up charge on me like the last one? So that wasn't indecent exposure? I just took a whiz behind the theater here, and now I'm some kind of pervert.
Yeah, well, I got proof on this one.
That burn on your arm-- you vandalized Kevin Ramsey's car.
He was murdered this morning.
Sounds like, to me, you got daddy issues.
Daddy issues? Guy isn't my dad.
Just 'cause you drop your stuff in a cup doesn't make you father of the year.
You saying Kevin was a sperm donor? He got 200 bucks; I got life.
I thought donors' names were confidential.
Fertility clinic has this Web site where DK's can find each other.
What's a "DK"? Donor kids.
I put in his donor tag and came up with his name.
I was hoping he'd help his kid out.
Are you Kevin Ramsey? Yeah.
Do I know you? Kind of.
I'm your donor kid.
RAMSEY: Kevin, honey, I need your help in here.
Name's Cameron.
Kevin! Yeah, hey, it's, uh it's good to meet you-- you said Cameron? But, uh, Cameron, I'm afraid this this really isn't a good time.
You got time for your car.
You don't have time for your long-lost son? Look, some other time.
All right? I appreciate you reaching out, but you should go home.
It's because I'm gay, right? Not the sort of son you thought you'd have.
Kevin! (sighs) Go! (sighs) So, what, then you killed him? I just spiked his car; I didn't kill the douche.
Sounds like a confession to me.
I said I didn't kill him.
You admitted to destruction of property.
I might add murder to that list, how about that? Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
(handcuffs click) WOLFE: Oh.
Take a look at this.
Little bits of brain in there.
Well, the back of this guy's T-shirt looks like he just got out of a Poison concert.
(chuckles) Hey, Walter, when are you and I going up? Up? Up where? Up in an airplane, when are we gonna jump out of an airplane together? No.
No, no, no.
No? No.
The parachute is made for when the plane is crashing.
You see, jumping out of a good one is just stupid.
Oh, you're being such a baby.
You know, statistically it's actually pretty safe.
Let's ask Kevin how safe it is.
Kevin? K That's right, Kevin's dead.
Walter, too soon.
Too too soon, too soon.
Speaking of which, I'm not finding any evidence of Cameron on the pack or the chute.
That's okay, I think I just did.
That look mucousy to you? It looks like somebody spit on him.
(spits) And I bet it's got Cameron's name written all over it.
We did not get a hit in CODIS, but Walter was half right.
What do you mean? How can he be half right about DNA? The saliva doesn't belong to Cameron, it belongs to his half-brother.
So Kevin's got to have other kids out there.
How many kids can one donor have? I guess as many times as you can donate.
It only means 200 bucks a pop to him.
All right, well, if Cameron found Kevin on the Web site, maybe we can find the other kid online, too.
So, I spoke to Dr.
Purwin at the fertility clinic, and he said this is the Web site that Cameron used.
It's the sibling registry.
Oh, yeah, I've heard of those.
The clinic set them up so that the kids of the donors could find each other after they turn 18.
Yeah, but they don't use the donor's name, they use his number.
And here's Kevin's-- it's 40385.
Can you imagine not knowing how many kids you've got running around out there? They're not his kids; they're not his responsibility.
Oh! Spoken like a single dude.
(laughs) Oh, my God.
That's the point.
That's why he signed away his rights-- so he wouldn't have to.
That's the deal.
Well, legally, yeah, legally.
But, you know, there's a higher law at work here.
Okay, if the kids don't show up, then fine.
But what if your kids show up at your door? How can you just walk away from your own flesh and blood? If the kid had my nose, I'd be able to.
(laughing) I think it's cute.
What's this "103"? Uh that's how many kids Kevin has.
He has 103 kids?! That's 103 suspects.
(scoffs) Madre de Dios! His boys can swim, huh? (whispers): That means we have 103 suspects.
(sighs) Whoa.
Okay, maybe it's not that bad, 'cause there's a couple of posts on there.
Hit that one, that one.
"If you're looking for good old Dad, "his name is Kevin Ramsey.
But don't bother, the guy's a jerk.
" All right, so this guy outed him, and that's how the other kids knew his name.
Scott Vance.
We're gonna have to compare Scott Vance's DNA to the contribution left on Kevin's T-shirt.
I'm on it.
That means you have to tell the wife.
I don't understand-- It's 103, actually.
You live with a man for 20 years.
You think one of these kids murdered Kevin? Mrs.
Ramsey, did you ever meet anybody who introduced themselves to you as, uh one of Kevin's sons or daughters? (sighs) (laughs, sobs) You all right? Actually I am.
(laughs) I'm older than Kevin, and when we got married I told him I didn't want any kids, and I just can't stop thinking that there's nothing left of him.
But now there's still a whole part of him out there.
(laughs) Do his donor kids look like him? Do you have any photographs? I'll tell you what, Mrs.
Ramsey, we'll take this step by step, and when we're done with the process (sighs) maybe we can arrange something where you could meet some of Kevin's children.
Does that sound all right? Yes, of course.
I (sniffles) Thank you for letting me know.
You're welcome.
Vance, are you aware that Scott posted a threatening comment against our victim, Kevin Ramsey? I'm sorry, Lieutenant, I don't know a Kevin Ramsey.
But Scott does.
Don't you, Scott? Scott, who is he? He's your son's biological father.
What?! Mom, I'm sorry.
I only met him a couple of times.
Scott, you went behind my back! Why didn't you tell me? Because you'd freak out, like you're doing now.
How'd you find him, son? I was just messing around in computer lab.
I hacked the clinic's files.
When I found his name, I I thought it'd be cool to meet my dad.
Sorry, but just because we share biology, doesn't make me your dad.
You understand? Yeah, man.
Get it.
Your board's old-school.
I don't see a lot like that around anymore.
Yeah, I'm into the retro stuff.
Yeah, I started skating on one just like it.
Then he said we shouldn't meet anymore.
I think the dad thing spooked him.
That's why I left the post.
I was mad.
I I haven't seen him in over a month.
That's not altogether true, is it, Scott? Kevin was murdered this morning, Scott.
BOA VISTA: We found your saliva on the T-shirt he was wearing when he was murdered.
Wha I-I didn't do that.
I-I was with my mom.
Mom, tell them.
Scott's telling the truth.
We were at a parent- teacher conference.
Call his school.
We will.
But in the meantime, do you mind if I take a DNA test? Go ahead, sure.
BOA VISTA: Okay, so Scott's DNA does match the saliva on Kevin's T-shirt.
I called the school-- they said the kid was there.
He couldn't have been in two places at once.
I don't know I mean, I know this is kind of out there, but there's only one other explanation.
A twin.
But it would have to be an identical.
And the records show that she only had one son.
Okay, you know what? Talk to her alone.
This is insane-- Scott does not have a twin brother.
DNA doesn't lie.
So if Scott doesn't have a brother, he's guilty of murder.
I cannot believe this is happening! Well, did you give birth to Scott yourself? I used a surrogate.
I was single.
I had a career.
I had to keep working.
Okay, were you there when he was born? No, it was an emergency C-section.
They handed Scott to me when I arrived at the hospital.
The doctor never said anything about a twin.
We need to talk to that surrogate.
(siren blaring) (dogs barking) I'm sorry.
Which family are you referring to? Uh, how many families have you been a surrogate for? I've given birth to 14 babies.
Is there a limit? Why would there be? Lord blessed me with easy births, so it's my calling to help as many families as I can.
Well, we're only interested in Jill Vance's children.
We understand that she had twins.
Twins? I don't remember giving birth to twins.
But then, that one was a long time ago.
I'm sorry.
You can't remember giving birth to twins? Considering that you're the birth mother (thudding) I thought you said you were alone.
(dog barking) (mechanical whirring) (barking continues) Freeze! Put it down! Put it down! (whirring stops) Scott.
Who's Scott? I'm-m Trent.
Don't say anything, Trent.
TRENT: Why? What are they doing here? I guess we're here looking for you.
BOA VISTA: He looks just like Scott.
Please don't take my son away from me.
I don't think he's yours.
That's my son.
He's my son.
I raised him.
No! You stole him! No, I didn't! You paid for one.
That's what you got.
I'm not rich like you.
I-I couldn't afford a donor or a doctor.
I just wanted a child of my own.
Vance, please go sit down.
OFFICER: All right.
Don't worry, Trent.
I'll-I'll be right here.
WOLFE: Come on.
(sighs) Please sit down.
Can I use the bathroom? WOLFE: Yeah, it's right this way.
Here, I'll take him.
Go ahead, that way.
(sighs) (toilet flushes) (sighs) (sighs) Hey.
This is weird.
You kill our donor dad? Well, one of us spit on him.
I guess I did that.
Why? That's a good question, Scott.
What, you were listening? You can't do that.
WOLFE: Anything you say in a police station is admissible in a court, even if it's in the bathroom.
Let's go, Trent.
WOLFE: So, Trent, why didn't you inform us as to why you decided to spit on Kevin? Look, can I get a glass of water or something? No, you can't have a glass of water.
Answer the question.
So, this is like torture? No food or water until I talk.
This is not a joke.
You're a primary suspect in your father's murder.
Look, I just need a glass of water.
Are you on something? Are you sick? Your eyes are jaundiced.
Do you have a liver problem? I guess I have this thing called Wilson disease.
It's genetic.
Body's inability to process copper causes liver failure.
And you inherited this from Kevin? Doctor said I need a transplant, but we can't afford the insurance.
And that's why you went after him.
Look, I am sorry I did that, but he was the best chance I had.
(clears throat) Dad? (sighs) Look, I told you last week, I don't think it's a good idea if we hang out anymore, all right? Yeah.
I wasn't here last week.
I've never seen you before.
I'm gonna tell you what I tell them.
I'm not your dad, all right? I'm a guy who needed rent money in college.
Fine, but I'm not here for that.
(sighs) I'm sick.
I I need a transplant.
So, wait.
You want like, my kidney, or? Liver.
Just part of it.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I-I don't I don't think so.
You'd You'd be a perfect match.
I'm I'm not gonna do that.
Man, I'm gonna die! Yeah.
I am sorry.
I don't think so.
(spits) Did you kill him? Listen, you got handed a bad hand.
You're 17 years old.
You'll be tried as a minor.
Then the jail doctors would have to treat me, right? Yeah, I killed him.
I murdered my dad.
WOLFE: It's a false confession.
Trent's just looking for a free treatment.
The problem is, Kevin passed on his bad genes to 103 kids.
Odds are there's some angry ones out there who want to speak to him.
So, what we need to do is find out if anyone else has contacted the clinic.
(siren blaring) MAN (over PA): Michael Crawford, three-four-zero.
Michael Crawford, please call three-four-zero.
Excuse me, gentlemen? What the hell are you doing? You're scaring my clients.
Well, they should be scared, Doctor.
We have a court order to shut you down.
Shut me down for what? DELKO: Why don't you take your pick? Fraud, kidnapping.
We know about your deal to hide the Vance twin.
SIMMONS: Yeah, and don't forget murder.
You knew Kevin Ramsey was passing off Wilson disease to his offspring.
You can't hold me accountable for that.
We aren't required to screen for Wilson.
Chances of it manifesting in a child are almost nil.
When the donor has 100 kids, those chances grow exponentially, Doc.
DELKO: Anyone contact you regarding Kevin Ramsey? SIMMONS: Come on, Doc, give it up! We're gonna read it in your files anyway, so you might as well tell us now.
Someone has been calling angry about selecting Kevin as their donor.
Any idea who this person is? No, but one of our specimen vaults was broken into today.
All of his samples were destroyed.
Don't you keep the door locked? Not during the day.
Get him out of here, Perez.
What do we have here? DUQUESNE: Your strange substance is drum roll Vegetable oil, virgin wheat germ oil and benzoin extract.
It's the ingredients for something called Invisible Fingers.
I don't even want to say what that sounds like.
"Smear it on your hands "to create an invisible layer of protection against harsh elements and chemicals.
" I bet it's also used to cover up fingerprints.
People would never know you had it on your hands.
SIMMONS: Yeah, it also protected their hands while they handled the vials in the cryo-lab.
Who knows about this stuff? It's on an airplane mechanic's Web site.
You know, we met a pilot today.
He messed around with Kevin's altimeter.
Um Was it Arnie Tish? Yeah.
He made bail an hour ago.
H? (garbled radio transmission) CAINE: Arnie? Arnie? Stay where you are! Arnie! Stay where you are, Arnie! Stop! (fabric tearing) (propellers whirring) (door rattling open) (Arnie panting) DELKO: So you killed him this morning, then you went to the lab, destroyed all of his samples.
Like you wanted to wipe Kevin Ramsey off the face of the earth.
CAINE: I'm guessing that this is why.
DELKO: We checked the records, Arnie.
used Kevin as a donor.
Your daughter's dead, isn't she? From Wilson disease.
Do you know what it's like to hear them scream in pain and you can't do a thing? To see their face swollen and yellow? That's all I remember of Kyla now.
This donor guy never told the lab he had that disease.
He killed her.
So when you altered Kevin's altimeter, you weren't saving fuel.
You wanted him to open his parachute too late.
Yeah, but he jumped before I dropped low enough.
Whoo! What the hell you doing, Ramsey? I'm not at altitude yet.
Geronimo! I failed her.
I failed my little girl.
The acid did work.
You sabotaged his chute.
I wasn't lying about that.
I never touched his chute.
DELKO: You're saying you didn't kill Kevin? I wish to God I had.
And when you find out who did it, you can thank 'em for me.
SIMMONS: So, you believe Tish? Well, I think if he was lying he wouldn't have admitted to attempted murder.
But I don't know.
A sick kid's a powerful motive.
I think we're on to something.
Well, we have that list of his other kids.
I'll get on tracking them down.
I'm not talking about kids, I'm talking about parents.
We know surrogate mom would do anything for Trent.
Yeah, but we don't have anything to hit her with.
(glass shatters) DUQUESNE: Ah! Damn it! DELKO: Hey, what happened? I was pouring nitric acid, and some splashed onto my arm.
Grab the ammonia.
All right.
Okay, you all right? SIMMONS: Calleigh, what were you working on here? DUQUESNE: I was timing to see how fast the acid would eat through the baggies at different concentrations.
Oh, that's smart.
Then we'd have a timeline of when the killer put the acid in the pack.
I don't know if we're gonna need it; look at my arm.
I think I found the smoking gun.
Nitric acid turns the skin yellow; ammonia turns it orange.
Killer would've had these stains on their hands.
Walter, I think we just got something to hit our surrogate with.
Eric, will you take a look at that? Those from scrubbing off orange stains, Ms.
Burton? What are you talking about? Talking about the reaction on your hands to nitric acid.
DELKO: From when you sabotaged Kevin's parachute.
I don't know what nitro acid is.
This is from bleach.
I take in laundry to make some extra money.
I already told you, I never met Trent's donor.
Can I see my son now? Please? BOA VISTA: Jessica Wyatt? Yes? I'm gonna need to take a look at your hands.
I-I don't even know why I'm here.
A CSI Simmons told me to come down but didn't say why.
Because on October 18, 2011, you accessed the Purwin Clinic's sibling registry looking for your donor dad.
Kevin Ramsey.
Yeah? He was murdered this morning.
And we know that you had contact with him.
I I never I never had contact with him.
We accessed your phone records.
We know that you talked to him on January 7.
But I didn't talk to him.
Who did you talk to for ten minutes, then? His wife.
You talked to his wife? You talked to Mrs.
Ramsey? Did you tell her that you were his kid? Yeah.
Told her he had, like, a hundred others, too.
I wanted to leave him a message, but she freaked.
Told me to never call again.
But you're sure that it was his wife? Yeah.
My husband this, my husband that.
"You stay away from my husband.
" (dialing phone) Ryan, when you talked to Mrs.
Ramsey, she said she didn't know about the kids, right? Okay, we're gonna need to get her back in here really fast.
Yeah, just-just make up something, anything.
Thank you for coming back, Mrs.
They told me I could collect my husband's body.
Does this mean that you found out who did this? Well, we are still working a lead, but we're close.
I just need you to sign this form to release his body to the funeral home.
(chuckles): Thought I had a pen in here, but (click) Oh.
Thank you.
(clears throat softly) Tough to get those stains out, isn't it? So this means that I'm your lead.
How did you know to use nitric acid, Mrs.
Ramsey? Well I taught high school chemistry before I met Kevin.
BOA VISTA: And when CSI Wolfe told you about the kids, you pretended not to know.
But you found out a month ago when his daughter told you.
Is that why you killed him, because he lied? I killed him because he lied to me every day of my marriage.
How does someone who says that they're sterile have, like, a hundred kids, Kevin? Look, that was back in college.
I No.
See, I spoke with your doctor, and he told me that you had a vasectomy after we were married.
So, you never wanted kids, did you? (sighs) Meredith I'm sorry.
So all those years of trying, of you making me believe that I was going to be a mother, all that's just a lie? Because you don't see what I do.
We're great together.
I don't want kids to mess that up.
We can do anything we want.
(wry chuckle) You can.
It's too late for me now.
So you did want to have children.
That's why I married a younger man.
So that he could keep up with the kids.
(quiet chuckle) But it was just all skydiving to him, and car racing.
Whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to do it.
Oh, so you made sure that's what killed him.
He took my best years.
So, yes.
Tish? Yeah? This belongs to you.
BOA VISTA: We got you a van to take you guys home.
Can I ask you something about my brother? Sure.
I overheard you talking earlier, and he's really sick, isn't he? Yeah, Trent needs a liver transplant.
He's on the donor list, but it doesn't it doesn't look good.
Unfortunately, there was only one van, so sorry, you're gonna have to share.
We got a dozen MDPD vans and only one available? So weird, right? Almost like they were supposed to be in that van together.