CSI: Miami s10e14 Episode Script

Last Straw

Whoa! 911, what's your emergency? Yeah, I'm out here on Old Palm Road.
There's a horse running around out in the middle of the road.
There's blood on the saddle, and the rider's missing.
You best send someone quick.
All right.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Down, girl.
Whoa, whoa, down.
Okay, okay, all right.
Stay down.
Just relax.
No, no, no.
Ya crazy horse.
Uh Good girl.
That's it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Nope.
No, no, no, no, no.
Enough with the hooves.
You're gonna brain somebody.
Now I know why I'm not a Mountie.
Nope, no, no, no, no, no.
Girl, no, no, no.
He's a gelding, and I guarantee you he's more afraid of you than you are of him.
Do you have a mint? What? Not for you, for the horse.
It's okay.
Cal Leigh, that horse is nuts.
Be careful.
It's all right.
Cal Leigh.
Easy, fella.
There you go.
Cal Leigh, don't put your fingers in his mouth! Oh.
It's all right, sweetheart.
Whatever you saw, it's over now.
How'd you do that? I just got his mouth working.
It relaxes his neck muscles.
There's blood near the saddle, and there's some on the rope.
Yeah, but, um, the, uh, the driver said that he didn't see any injuries to the horse itself.
So this blood must have come from our rider.
They must have been injured when they were still in the saddle.
We need to figure out where this horse is from.
Yeah, witnesses saw the horse come over the fence.
So, I'll, uh, I'll followed the trampled grass, and you stay with the horse.
Hey, Cal Leigh.
Yeah, I found our rider.
There's another frayed rope, just like the one we found on the horse.
Yeah, from scraping back and forth against the branch.
She was hanged.
Guessing the killer tied the two ropes together, threw it over that branch, but then the knot broke when the horse ran away.
Well, it looks like a lunge line.
A kind of rope used to exercise horses.
The killer used the horse as a pulley to hang her.
Yes, he did.
He wanted her to suffer.
Which she did.
Let's make sure he does.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! CSI: Miami 10x14 Last Straw Joanna Toring? That's right.
An officer showed me a photo of the murder.
Said you wanted to talk to me.
You're the stable owner, right? Did you recognize the victim? It's Cassidy.
Cassidy Weller.
She started boarding her horse here, Chestnut, earlier this month.
Is there anybody she didn't get along with? Not that I know of, but we really didn't talk much.
You handle the clientele yourself? No, um, that would be my daughter.
Elle! This is Lieutenant Caine.
He's going to ask you some questions.
I really have to call my husband.
He's in Tallahassee on business, but he'll want to get back here as soon as possible.
You knew Cassidy? Um Not really, no.
I-I knew her horse, Chestnut.
She took him out every morning.
In fact, she took him out this morning.
- Where is he? - He's at the vet.
Is he okay? He will be.
Did you see Cassidy this morning? No, uh, she rides before I come here to feed.
I ask you because she was murdered with a lunge line.
We need to find out if it came from your stable.
So, the killer knocked her out first, then hung her.
It also explains the blood you found on the rope and saddle.
I take it you'll want the rope.
Hey, Tom, look at this.
Looks like a dangly necklace.
I'm surprised a seasoned rider would wear something like that.
It could get caught.
Greek letters on the chain.
Phi Gamma Alpha.
That's a sorority.
This woman looks to be in her early 30s.
You know, for some, a sorority is a lifelong commitment.
This young woman's commitment is over.
I think it's safe to say the lunge lines Probably came from these empty hooks.
Yeah, problem is hundreds of people have access to this tack room.
This is the stall where Cassidy kept her horse.
And Elle Toring said that Chestnut was taken out every morning.
So, what looks out of place? Nothing in here.
Just shavings, oats, some cleaning supplies.
Looks like someone was doing more than cleaning in here.
Looks like it.
Let's find out who, Eric.
There is tearing in the pelvic area, but the contusions aren't yellow or brown.
They're recent.
She had intercourse this morning.
Well, that explains the condom wrapper.
And the condom would explain why there's no DNA present.
I noticed a red mark here on her thigh.
What is that? An abrasion.
Could also be from sexual activity.
We got tears, an abrasion-- I mean, this doesn't sound like consensual sex.
Well willing or not, this hair could help you find out who was with her.
Sorry to hear about Cassidy.
She was a good one.
Really, Mr.
Quint? Is that why we found your DNA all over her? Because she was a good one? We found a torn condom wrapper in her horse's stall.
You were with her this morning.
Cassidy and I, we, uh, kept it really casual.
We both had busy days, so we met at the stable.
And And we baked pies and sang Christmas carols.
We had sex; that's not a crime.
I mean, you make it sound like it was consensual.
It was.
You're in our system for statutory rape, Mickey.
Well, you call it statutory rape, I call it a miscommunication of age.
We've got ligature marks and abrasions.
That looks like rape to us.
Cassidy liked it rough.
Kink's not a crime, either.
Just because vanilla people can't deal.
You're not in here for kink.
You just admitted to us you're the last person to see her before she was murdered.
So, Mickey Quint admitted to tying our victim up.
But we still need hard evidence to tie him to the actual crime scene.
And you expressed the desire to do field work, and here we are, literally in a field.
So where do we start? We start everywhere, 'cause the horse scattered our evidence.
Yeah, I heard that horse didn't like you very much.
What? I'm like a horse whisperer, man.
Who told you that? Walter? I'll start in this far quadrant.
Okay, I'll I got big news.
I found a half-eaten chili dog, and I think I might have food poisoning by proxy.
This rock has blood on it.
Maybe it was used to strike Cassidy.
It's terr-- Oh, God.
Samantha, I don't want to freak you out.
There's a snake over there.
- Don't-- no, don't touch it! - That is not a snake.
Don't touch the snake! It's a riding crop.
Yeah, it's a riding crop.
It is a crop.
You're right.
I was playing a practical joke on you.
And this riding crop belongs to RP.
RP? I guess we're gonna have to ask the stable owner who RP is.
That's right, ladies.
One more time.
Is she teaching them how to sip a straw? Sip.
She's teaching them the proper way to sip through a straw.
Phi Gamma Alpha, huh? Cassidy Weller was a member, as well.
And remember, a girl who slurps is bound to burp.
Yeah, proud day for the Greeks.
All right, ladies! Party's over! Put down the straws.
Rachel Petrella.
O-Okay, girls.
Everything's fine.
Till next time.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Rachel, I'm Cal Leigh Duquesne.
This is Walter Simmons.
We're with Miami-Dade Police Department.
Joanna Toring told us that you board your horse at her stable.
And that sometimes you rode with Cassidy Weller.
Yeah, that's right.
I heard about Cassidy.
It's just awful.
So, Rachel, do you mind telling us why we found your riding crop out at our murder scene this morning? I must have dropped it when I took Abracadabra out yesterday.
Abra has a soft mouth.
I didn't even notice it was gone.
So you did not see Cassidy this morning? No.
I-I didn't get a ride in today.
I had a court date.
I'm going through a divorce.
It's a bureaucratic nightmare.
I'm just glad I didn't take his last name.
And what would that be? Just for reasons of checking your alibi.
Mickey Quint.
May I? Yes.
Thank you for your time.
Mickey Quint.
That's Cassidy's last roll in the hay.
Quint, are you getting divorced because of Cassidy Weller? No.
I told you, the thing I had with Cassidy was casual.
There's nothing casual about murder.
Did you kill Cassidy Weller because she was sleeping with your husband? You mean my soon-to-be ex-husband.
Which is why we were in court this morning.
You know, that is the perfect alibi, one that would be on record.
Did you pay someone to kill her? We have you on camera at your office before the murder.
I have an alibi.
Yet your divorce hearing was scheduled at the exact same time.
Who did you pay to kill her? It's my understanding that you and Cassidy were friends.
All through college.
Both officers in the same sorority.
What happened? What happened is that homemaking ho started sleeping with my husband.
Normally, Mr.
Quint, someone is punctual when a judge is dividing their assets.
Why were you late to the proceedings with Miss Petrella? Mr.
Quint, answer the question or you're going to prison.
Why were you late? Rachel called me, okay? She said that she was gonna be late.
She asked me to be late, too, so that it wouldn't sway the judge one way or the other.
Rachel, thanks to your ex-husband, we know that you were late to court this morning.
Why were you late? Is that when you killed Cassidy? Please.
I wouldn't spit on that woman if she were on fire.
Hey, is that Chestnut's tack? His what? His tack.
It's the saddle, the bridle and the girth.
Um, the vet's still checking out the horse, but he sent it over.
Were there any fingerprints on the saddle? I haven't gotten to it yet; I'm still checking for trace on the bridle.
Do you mind if I take a look at the saddle, then? No, go right ahead.
All right, well, that's a bust.
No fingerprints.
Got some damage there, though.
Do you see that? Looks like white powder.
Uh, let me smell it.
Go crazy.
Okay, I think we should test it to be positive, but this might be sodium hydroxide.
Lye? Yes.
They use it to muck stalls.
It's the strongest base in nature.
Horatio asked me to get a list of all the Phi Galph members, class of 2002.
Same year as Rachel and Cassidy.
Think you ought to take a look.
Oh, my God.
Elle Toring.
That's the stable owner's daughter.
Phi Galph member, too.
She doesn't seem the type.
Maybe that's the problem.
Elle, you mentioned to us that you didn't really know Cassidy Weller.
We tested Cassidy's saddle for lye.
You have lye on your boots.
I muck the stalls.
And we know you were in the same sorority back in college.
Lots of Phi Galphs stable their horses with us.
My mom was a Phi Galph, too.
But Cassidy was your sorority president, and now she's dead.
Cassidy only talked to the other officers during house meetings.
We barely spoke.
What kind of president was she? She expected a lot from us.
But, you know, that was, uh that was Cassidy's job.
To make us the best, any way she knew how.
Inspection time, ladies.
You call that a flat stomach? How many crunches did you do today? And look at your skin.
It's so pale and coarse.
Do you moisturize? And you.
You, you, you.
You are just you're just so bland.
I don't even know what to do with you.
Sororities are not easy.
Girls can be pretty petty and mean and people hold grudges because of it.
Yeah, I-I'm sorry.
Um I I've been through a lot lately.
I I lost my job, I had to move home.
It's just been really hard.
I'm I'm pathetic.
I don't agree with that.
I-I'll admit I've dreamt of wanting Cassidy dead, of wanting all of them dead, but I would never actually do it.
Can you believe the cops thought I had something to do with the death of that tramp? I don't know who killed her, but if I did, I'd give the guy a medal.
I'm good, sweetie.
And then I'd give him another one if he took care of Mickey, too.
Hey, who's out there? Who the hell is in here? What the hell? Help! Help! Help me! Help! Hey! Can anybody hear me? Help! Help! Help, somebody help me! Can someone hear me? Is anyone out there? Someone help me! Help me! Help! Help! Help me! Can anybody Right through that door there.
Have an EMT ready for me ASAP.
Get out of the way! Give me cutters.
So you are the owner, and you're the one that called it in, is that correct, Mr.
Flynn? Right, right.
I came back from lunch.
I realized Rachel's appointment was going over, so I went in, saw the bike lock and un and unplugged the bed.
And none of your people saw anybody coming in or going out of this room? No, no, we're short-staffed, and it was busy.
This is gonna kill my business.
What an ugly way to die.
Cooked in a box? Yeah, I second that.
She didn't die from being cooked.
It would take someone several days in that box to get tanned to death.
Well, then how did she die? She died from hypoxia.
See the bluing of her nail beds and lips? Suggests a lack of oxygen.
I thought these self-enclosed tanning beds have their own oxygen supply system.
The air system button's in the on position.
Hey, guys.
The killer disabled the air system.
Still, there should have been space for oxygen to get in there, right? Yeah, except there's a piece of tape over the air vent.
- Help me! - And if our victim was stuck inside, thrashing around, trying to get out She would have run out of her own oxygen supply.
Walter? See this? Phi Gamma Alpha.
There's UV-resistant tape here.
It's in the shape of the same letters.
What were the initials that Calleigh found on Cassidy Weller's necklace? Phi Gamma Alpha, just like the sorority.
Killer's sending us a message.
Yeah, he's killing the women in this sorority.
Those the police reports involving Phi Galphs? Yep.
That's a lot of stuff.
Ah, just drunk and disorderly, drunk and disorderly.
Standard use of a higher education.
Surprise, surprise.
What's wrong? Liam Flynn.
He owned the spa where Rachel Patrella was murdered.
That's right.
He was also arrested in 2000 by Dade U campus police for pulling the fire alarm at the Phi Galph house.
Where he also locked the front door so the sisters couldn't get out.
So they thought that they were gonna burn alive.
You know what he used to lock the exit? What? A bike lock.
Just like our killer used to lock Rachel Patrella in the tanning bed.
Yes, it's a bike lock.
Do I get a prize now? You do.
Yeah, jail time, since you used it to lock Rachel Patrella in one of your tanning beds.
Look, we know you have a history with bike locks and Rachel's sorority.
You must have really hated Phi Galph.
I did.
In college.
Look, my girlfriend was a Phi Galph, and her sisters, they forced her to break up with me.
Who was your girlfriend? What's her name? Elle.
Elle Toring.
Look, that decision killed Elle to make.
How do you know? She came to me, like, a month ago to apologize.
Elle, what-what are you doing here? Liam, I, uh I wanted to say that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for breaking up with you.
A little late, don't you think? Look, that was a long time ago, okay? You and all that sorority crap, that's all in my rearview now.
Okay? Liam? Liam, I'm done with all of that sorority crap, too.
I hate them.
Why now? Why would Elle come to you now? She, uh, she got a ten-year reunion invitation.
It stirred everything up.
Look I got over Elle and her sorority, okay? Seems to me like Elle's the one who didn't.
I thought Liam and I were gonna be together forever.
And then Rachel and Cassidy found out about us.
And they told me he was too downscale for Phi Galph.
And they made you break up with him? They said they'd kick me out of the sorority if I didn't.
You're not good enough for me.
I thought you loved me.
Angrier, Elle.
Really sell me on it; say, "I don't date blue collar"" - Please, no.
- I can't do that to him.
Say it! Say it, or you're out, Elle.
I don't date blue collar, Liam.
I loved Liam but I thought I loved being a Phi Galph more.
Is that your bike? Yeah.
Could you open this gate for me? Do you have a lock for the bike? I used to.
Not anymore.
I got some UV-resistant tape here, H.
Same kind we found on Rachel Patrella's dead body.
You mind explaining this? I use it in the greenhouse.
We're done talking.
I agree.
Hands behind your back, please.
- Ma? - What are you doing? This is crazy.
You can't do this.
Elle, don't worry, we'll get you out.
Elle? What the hell is going on? Dan, do something.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you arresting her for? We're charging her with murder.
Murder? What are you talking about? Take her, please.
Elle, it's gonna be okay.
I'll get you out, I promise.
Toring, that may be a promise you can't keep.
Elle, don't worry, I'll figure out what's going on here.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I love you, Elle.
Toring, we've turned up some more information on your daughter.
According to the records, Elle was given sorority alumni status her sophomore year at Dade U.
Now, I happen to know that that means she was kicked out.
Yes, she was kicked out.
That doesn't prove anything.
Okay, well, what about this? We found this on Cassidy's body.
Now, I thought that it was odd that such a seasoned equestrian would be wearing such a loose necklace when they were riding, and then it occurred to me, this isn't Cassidy's lavaliere.
It's Elle's, isn't it? What if there were extenuating circumstances? Like what? Elle was picked on in high school and hoped that by going to college, and becoming Phi Galph, she could start over, but Rachel and Cassidy had it out for her.
Why? Because she was a legacy.
She was accepted because I was Phi Galph.
And I kept pushing her to do it because of what a great experience it was for me.
But for her, it was just the opposite.
They thought she didn't fit in.
What kind of things did they do? They treated her like an outcast.
And after everything she did to make them try to like her, they kicked her out.
We've tried so hard to mold you, Elle, but there's just no use.
We're pink-slipping you.
You're out.
She dropped out of school.
She couldn't socialize.
She couldn't hold a job.
Is that when she moved back home and worked at your stables? Yes.
And then, Rachel and Cassidy found out and started boarding their horses there.
And they just picked up where they left off, harassing Elle.
You forgot to brush Chestnut today.
No, no, I groom him every morning.
He likes it.
Rachel and I agree.
You're the most pathetic person we've ever met.
You should just kill yourself.
Why did you let them stable their horses there? Because Elle never told us these were the ones that were tormenting her in school.
I never knew until that day at the stable.
If my daughter did this, it's because she was driven to it.
She hasn't spoken since we brought her in.
Think she's good for it? The evidence points to it.
You know, Joanna did say that Elle brushed Chestnut every day after he came back from being ridden.
It's possible that if she did brush Chestnut today that there could be evidence from the killer on one of the brushes.
That is, if Elle's not the killer.
There's only one way to find out.
There they are.
You want me to get 'em? Um No.
No, no, no, I got this.
I got this.
Okay, all right.
Okay, all right.
Whoa! Whoa.
Hey, buddy.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
And you're not gonna you're not gonna hurt me, are you? Like that? Oh.
Well, look at that.
You really are a horse whisperer.
Hey, what do you got, Natalia? Well, I pulled epithelia’s from the hard brush, but the sample was too degraded to get an exact DNA match.
The sample is telling us that the DNA is male.
But then again, that doesn't help, either, because there are hundreds of male owners that are boarding their horses at the stable, so Yeah, but there's only one who had access to the area where we found the tape.
Only my wife and daughter deal with the horses.
I I don't go near them.
Listen I-I don't know what this is, but I'm sorry that I-I grabbed that officer I can assure you that's not what this is about.
So, you flew back in from Tallahassee early this afternoon, right? Yeah, I was up there for work.
Where is this going? What time did your flight get in? I don't know.
Um around noon, I think.
I took the first flight out after I talked to Joanna this morning.
Toring, attempting to lie to me is an unwise practice.
Airline said you flew in last night.
Checked into a hotel so your wife and daughter wouldn't know you were here? We found your DNA on the horse, Mr.
A horse that you said that you never went near.
But you did when you killed Cassidy, didn't you? But just killing her wasn't enough.
You wanted the people who found her to know it was the way she ran her sorority that brought this upon her.
And then you moved on to the spa, and you killed Rachel.
And just like Cassidy, you wanted people to know Rachel's cruel death was justified by the way she treated everyone else.
All that coming home in the airport van with the luggage-- that was all just for show.
Those girls ruined my daughter.
Elle had such a glow about her when she was younger.
She She was such a kind spirit.
And to see it all just extinguished by a sorority Those girls broke her.
You should have seen the open delight they took in her pain.
I couldn't stand to see her like that.
And it wasn't going to stop on its own.
It was for my little girl.
Do you understand? I do understand.
That doesn't make it right.
Excuse me.
Lieutenant Caine.
I heard about you bringing in my dad.
Elle? That's why you let me go, isn't it? He did it.
Elle Elle, what's going on? It's all my fault.
If I was only stronger, if I was better, none of this would have happened.
Elle, listen to me.
It's not your fault.
You hear me? It's not your fault.
Where are you? Are you at the stables? It doesn't matter.
I won't be alive by the time you get here.
Elle, don't do this.
I want you to stay right there! You were wrong.
I'm pathetic.
Elle, listen to me.
Elle? This is Lieutenant Horatio Caine.
I need immediate assistance at Possible suicide.
Send ambulance, send backup.
Immediate assistance.
South units, south units.
Possible suicide attempt in progress.
8238 Knudson Lane.
Toring Stables.
Ambulance en route.
Oh, no.
Elle! Elle.
Elle! Elle! Oh, God, no.
No! Breathe.
Elle! Breathe, sweetie.
Breathe Breathe.
Hang on, Elle! Help is coming.
- We need oxygen here.
- How are the vitals? 160 over 110.
I, um Thank you.
Of course.
Hey, uh I wanted so badly to be someone else, and, um then I-I just wanted it to end.
Elle, you've given these girls ten years of your life.
That's enough.
How do I start over? You choose a new road.
A new road.