CSI: Miami s10e15 Episode Script

No Good Deed

Help! Help me! Over here! Name's Henry Duncan, age 42, his body washed ashore.
Found his paddle board about a mile from here.
Still trying to locate a vehicle.
Wound suggests he was gored by a boat going at high speed.
We got a time of death, Tom? Level of skin maceration He's been in the water two hours.
No boat crash was reported.
If it was an accident, it was a hit and run.
Believe me, this was no accident.
There are two distinctly-angled wound patterns here.
He was hit first here.
Suggesting he was on his stomach.
Maybe he was trying to swim away.
His body then flipped over.
It appears his legs got caught in the propeller.
The boater circled and struck him again, this second time, nearly cleaving his head off.
That's what left him with this hanging chad of a head.
Well, gentlemen, we've got to find that boat.
That boat is our murder weapon.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! You sure this is the right boat? I don't see any signs of a collision.
Oh, this beauty is made of extremely strong and flexible composites.
Human body wouldn't have done much damage.
The speed the killer was going, and most of the boat wasn't even touching the water.
Then it would have been hydroplaning, Eric.
take a look at this.
What's up? What's that on the propeller? Looks like human flesh.
Yes, it does.
Hey, Frank? Can I help you? Yeah, Dylan Perez.
I got a call.
I see you guys found my boat.
Are you the one that reported it missing this morning? That's right.
So did you guys figure out who stole it? We're working on that.
Who else had access to it, Mr.
Perez? Nobody.
I mean, I'm usually the I had a little too much tequila last night.
Left the keys in when I docked her and then I mean, this morning it was gone.
It was used to kill a man.
What? I mean, I don't I don't know anything about that.
And you don't know who took the boat? No, I-I'm sorry.
Eric, you get something? Yeah, some kind of grease on the steering wheel here.
Yeah, that wasn't there last night when I docked her.
Well, it's there now, isn't it? H, stuff on the dashboard is definitely engine oil.
So does it match the boat's engine oil? No, that's lithium-based with a corrosion inhibitor.
The stuff on the dashboard is calcium-based, used for trucks, cars, motorcycles.
Turns out our victim's son is Sean Duncan, motocross champ.
Odds are he knows his way around a cigarette boat.
Two witnesses say he argued with his son right before he left the race.
Okay, here's what we're going to do.
Let's focus on his job and nail down his timeline before the murder.
All right, I'll grab Calleigh and check out the vic's home life.
Sean Duncan? Henry's your dad? Yeah, he's at work.
He'll be back around 7:00.
Got to talk to you about something, Sean.
I'm late for class.
Who are you? We're MDPD, Sean.
What we have to say is not easy.
What? Your father was killed this morning.
I'm sorry.
Hey, hang on Just take a deep breath, all right, Sean? Just breathe.
Big motocross champion.
Still stayed in college, huh? My dad wanted me to graduate.
Sean, we know that you pulled out of a big race last week.
People said that they had overheard you and your father arguing.
Really? This is what's happening? I'm sorry, we have to ask you these questions.
Of course you do.
He thought that I was cheating.
Don't read me the regulations, Dad.
All right? It's not that big of a deal.
Everybody does it.
Answer the question, Sean.
If I strip and unseal that engine, am I going to find that it's oversized? Will you wake up?! I'm here to win! This is about much more than a race! I had to back out or he was going to report me.
Must have made you mad.
You follow him down to the beach this morning? No.
Did you and your father have any Stop! Stop, okay? I didn't do anything to my dad.
Look, what about Miss Jaden? She's crazy.
Talk to her.
I don't know who that is.
Connie Jaden, our neighbor.
She already tried to kill Tiberius.
Who's Tiberius? My dog.
She gave him chocolate.
He was throwing up all over the place this morning.
He's still at the vet.
Do you have any idea why she would do something like that? Because she's psychotic.
All right, one second, she's all neighborly and sweet, and then the moment that Tiberius lets out a yelp, she snaps.
And her and my dad really got into it yesterday.
I sleep to the sound of that dog barking.
I-I eat to the sound of that dog barking.
I bathe to the sound of that dog barking.
We're working on it.
I am so sorry.
If you can't handle the situation, I will.
She threaten your dad? Yeah, she did.
Where exactly does she live, Sean? Right across the street.
She's probably there.
I think she works from home or something.
She's always around.
See you next time.
It's a boyfriend, maybe? Something Another boyfriend, coming up.
Hm You looking for the lady of the house? Oh uh I must have the wrong address.
Yeah, I think you have the wrong address.
That clears things up.
Look at all this garbage.
Oh, yeah Well, a lot of chocolate.
Connie Jaden? Hi, we're from MDPD.
We need to talk.
I'm busy.
Oh, you don't have to worry.
Your next appointment just cancelled.
Come on out.
You know, I gotta say, you don't look like the type that eats chocolate by the boxful.
That's, uh, that's gotta be bad for business.
We know that you and Henry Duncan argued yesterday.
Look That dog is obnoxious.
Henry was murdered this morning.
He's dead? Henry? Mm-hmm.
Listen, that guy was a pain in my ass, complaining about the height of my grass, or when I left my trash cans out, but I wouldn't kill him.
Even if he found out you were tricking and he threatened to turn you in? He had no idea.
If you can't handle the situation, I will.
Tiberius is only barking because of all the foot traffic you have at your house.
What I do in my house is my business.
Your business is the problem.
Excuse me? I know you're a notary.
This block is zoned residential.
It violates the housing code, having your notary clients coming to your house at all hours.
My notary clients? I know it's hard to make ends meet since you've had to close your real estate business.
But it's not right.
And it has to stop.
Henry was an uptight Boy Scout.
But he was sweet.
I wouldn't hurt him.
No, just his dog, right? You said he was murdered this morning? Yes.
I was with a client.
What's the client's name? Will Kingsley.
He's actually a friend of Henry's.
I met him at one of his barbecues.
Do you know how they know each other? They worked at the same accounting firm.
Actually, if you see Will, can you give him this? 'Cause he left it here this morning.
Um, sure.
Thank you for your time.
I guess that means that Henry's coworker had a secret to keep.
I'll have Ryan bring him in.
So you were late for work this morning.
Maybe a few minutes, what? Did you check my timecard or something? No.
You know, we arrested Henry Duncan's neighbor Connie Jaden for prostitution.
And she said you were at her house this morning.
She has me confused with someone else.
You, uh, you left this behind.
So maybe I've been to see her a few times, including this morning.
Did Henry know about it? I mean, was he going to report you? No.
I'd never let him find out something like that.
Why? Because Henry believed everyone should play by the rules.
He wouldn't let you get away with anything.
It's what made him a great accountant.
It's also why his wife left him.
Did he have any contact with his wife? Hmm, not that I know of.
He was really busy with work.
Did he have anything at work going on? Any new clients? I don't know.
Was he having any troubles? Yeah, he did mention something.
It was keeping him up at night.
Wow, we are late for this meeting.
I'm sorry I made you wait.
Henry, what's up? Everything okay? You look like a wreck.
I have to go to Jane.
I was going over a client's financials.
And Will, our firm is overlooking a serious matter.
It's not your problem.
People's lives are at stake.
Let it go, Henry.
Look the other way.
I could never do that.
Do you have any idea what it was? He found something in one of our client files.
I don't know.
I didn't ask.
As crass as it may sound, maybe I was the smart one, huh? We're gonna need to see those files.
Well, contact our boss, Jane Caldicott, check his office.
But that guy didn't throw anything away.
There's a ton of files you'll have to go through.
Caldicott Accounting complied with our subpoena by giving us every piece of paper in that building.
Well, they're definitely hiding something.
And if we have to look at every page, we're gonna be here forever.
Wait a second.
I think I have an idea.
Maybe we don't have to look at every single page.
What do you mean? What if we just focus on the fingerprints on the folders? And if one of them contains the files Henry was worried about, he'll have handled it the most.
And that'll be the one with the most prints on it.
Good thinking.
What? You just have something on your Oh, is it, like, spinach in my teeth or No, no um Here, I'll just-- Just a little fingerprint powder.
Wow, look at all these fingerprints.
So these accounting files have Henry's fingerprints on them.
They also have the fingerprints of his boss, Jane Caldicott.
And then there's this file.
Scherner Developers As you can see, both Jane and Henry handled this folder multiple times.
His prints are in green.
Hers are in pink.
Now Scherner's building an environmentally-friendly housing development, and there doesn't appear to be anything strange about that.
Except we dusted the pages inside the folder.
Henry's prints are completely absent.
Jane Caldicott replaced the paperwork.
H, That's a multi-million dollar account.
Here's what we do.
Go back to the victim's house, and see if he keeps paperwork there.
Did your dad ever mention a client at his firm, Scherner Development? Maybe.
I kind of tuned him out when it came to work.
It would have been a major account worth millions of dollars.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember.
Do you know if your dad ever kept any of his work at home? There might be some stuff in his desk.
May I look? Yeah, please.
Were you always into racing? Pretty much my whole life.
Were you always good at it? Pretty much my whole life.
Do you need to get that? Phone's been ringing all day.
Just more questions from the funeral home, more stuff that I'm supposed to do.
Do you have anyone that can help you, any family? My mom moved to Arizona with her trainer.
And I've been blaming my dad ever since.
Why? My dad wouldn't have fun.
All he cared about were the details in everything.
And what was the point? I mean, he wasted his life trying to get people to follow rules that didn't even matter.
I know that I'm supposed to feel sad.
But all I feel is pissed.
I'm sorry.
Is this your bag? You know what's weird? My dad goes nuts if I ever leave anything on the floor.
Uh, those are shoes.
Any idea where this green paint came from? No clue.
What am I looking at? Chromated copper arsenate.
Looks like it wasn't just green paint on the bottom of Henry's shoes.
Well, that's poisonous.
Deadly at the levels found in that soil sample.
I'll, uh, give you one guess where Henry found that stuff.
Why guess? You ready for a field trip? Absolutely.
Green paint.
I'm sorry.
This is a closed site.
We'll be ready for showings soon, but if you're not authorized to be here MDPD.
I think we're authorized.
Who are you? Bob Scherner.
I'm the owner, and I'd like you to leave.
Well, Bob, when they say "green," they actually mean environmentally safe.
They don't mean you actually spray-paint the ground green.
It's just for aesthetic purposes.
Well, I'm not concerned about the plants, Bob.
What I'm concerned with is what's underneath the plants.
The dirt? Yeah, the dirt.
And if it the dirt's killing the grass, what do you think it's going to do to the kids who are playing on top of it? Check it, Sam.
You can't do that.
Oh, yeah? My warrant says I can.
It's positive for chromium, copper and arsenic.
I'm calling my lawyer.
Hey, why don't you do that? And, uh, why don't you tell him you can meet him down at the police station? Let's go, Bob.
I got nothing to say to him.
I don't want to talk to him, nothing, all right? Gentlemen.
So, the developer's lawyer won't let him talk to us, so I'm bringing in the victim's boss, the accountant.
Jane Caldicott? Uh, yes.
Will this take very long? I was in the middle of organizing rial ceremony for Henry.
Your client, Mr.
Scherner, bought land that was previously used as a wood pressure treatment facility, is that right? Well, that's news to me.
That's interesting to hear, considering your fingerprints are all over this file.
Henry crunches the numbers.
Scherner buys the property at below-market values.
And now he builds exorbitantly-priced houses on that same property.
And you helped Mr.
Scherner cover up the fact that the land is carcinogenic.
Listen, I add and subtract for my clients.
I am not responsible for Scherner's activity.
Then why did you swap out papers from the file? He was gonna cut you in, wasn't he? And Henry found out about it, didn't he? I will say it until you listen.
You are building on unsafe land.
This doesn't concern you.
So, you're just going to let this monster build homes where its residents are going to get sick and die? You don't know what you're talking about, chief.
I'm gonna advise you to get the hell off this site before things get ugly.
Henry, I will see you back at the office, okay? Keep your mouth shut.
I guess if Henry blew the whistle, you two would be out millions of dollars, and you'd end up in jail.
So, you and Bob got rid of Henry.
I was going to cut Henry a check if I had to, but I never got the chance.
I can't speak for what Bob may have done.
Now are we done? No, as a matter of fact, we're not.
We're gonna hold you for additional questioning.
Go with her, please.
Well, then, I'm calling my lawyer.
I recommend it highly.
Well, she and the developer definitely have motive, but I don't think they're gonna fess up to it.
Okay, you know what we need, Mr.
Wolfe? Leverage.
Let's get this car back to the garage.
Hey, Wolfe, it's Walter.
Henry's car finally made it to the garage.
I'll let you know if it leads us to anything new.
What's up, Sarge? Hey.
Took patrol all damn day, but they finally found it.
Let's see what we got.
Must be Wolfe calling back.
Not me.
Not me, either.
Maybe it's our vic.
All right.
Our vic just got a voicemail from an unknown number.
Check it out.
Duncan! It's me, Manuel, from yesterday morning.
I met you in front of the coffee shop.
I need your help.
I'm in trouble.
Okay, so the call came from a blocked number, which means we can't trace it.
Yeah, Benton's been collecting surveillance video, traffic cam footage, anything we can use to recreate Henry's day.
Okay, use that.
Find out where Henry crossed over with the boy.
Hey, Dave.
So, that kid on the call-- he referred to yesterday morning.
Does that mean anything? Well, according to the car's GPS, Henry left his house at 8:11.
The yellow dots are the surveillance cameras in the area.
I've pulled all the footage I could find of him along his route.
Okay, so, at 8:30, he parks in front of the Maplewood Coffee Shop.
Goes to buy a paper? Yeah, but he doesn't enter the convenience store.
Why does he stop, see? Well, it looks like he's talking to someone off camera.
You got another angle? Yeah, we have a camera in that direction.
Who are you talking to, Henry? Got anything wider? Yeah.
Ah, there he is.
That must be Manuel.
What's that at his feet? Can you get any closer? Looks like Manuel was sick.
No wonder Henry was worried about him.
Henry just gave him something.
Did you see that? Yeah, I think it was a business card.
This guy right here's walking up right onto them.
Can you zoom in on that guy's belt? He's got a knife.
Hey, if we can see this creepster's face, maybe we can ID him.
Good idea.
Come on, chump, turn around.
Let me try the security video again.
And Henry is watching them.
Switch cameras.
That's his car.
Can you zoom in on the license plate? Let me see if I can sharpen this.
We got a partial plate.
Okay, now, Henry's office is located north, but he's headed south following Manuel and tattoo guy.
Right, and the next time we catch him, they're still on the roadway, and he's still headed south.
We've got him right here in a taxi cab camera.
Still can't get that plate.
Whoa! Wow.
Man, that truck almost hit Henry.
All right, that threw him off the scent of tattoo guy.
And we also lost the taxi cab visual.
Henry takes the next exit.
he's arriving at his office.
And that's it? That's all we got? That's all we got.
You know what? Could you do me a favor? Uh, give me Henry in his car again, please.
Here you go.
You see that? He's talking on his Bluetooth.
Thanks, Dave.
We can trace that.
Hey, Calleigh-- that kid on the message-- he hopped in the car with this guy that was tatted up.
Henry tried to follow them, but he lost them.
What's your next step? I left Henry's phone in Trace.
You got a minute? Yeah.
Come on, baby.
Henry called 911 while he was following Manuel.
The call was routed to Miami Shores PD.
Here it is.
I saw a boy, about he looked really sick.
When did you see him, sir? Uh, about ten minutes ago.
He got into a car with a man who said he was his father, but it didn't feel right.
I'm following him now, I'm trying to get his license plate.
Let me advise against that, sir.
You could cause an accident.
I'm fine.
I'm hands-free.
It's a silver Chevy, license plate Oscar, Bravo, um, two I can't make out the rest.
Please, let us take it from here.
Hey! Hey, no! No! Damn it! Sir, are you okay? Yes, fine.
A truck just barreled in front of me.
I've lost them.
The report says Miami Shore PD tried to follow up, but there wasn't enough to go on.
Yeah, we got enough.
We got the other half of the plate on the surveillance tape.
These are the right plates, but the wrong car.
Somebody switched them.
Henry mentioned a Chevy.
Hey, you! Hey! Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait.
Police! Wait! Police! Police.
Hold on.
I need to check this car.
This looks like the duffel bag the kid had in the surveillance video, H.
What's this? Manuel Gonzales flew in from Nicaragua yesterday morning.
One way.
Oh, that's bad.
Walter, check that and see if Henry's number's on that call log.
It is, H.
This must have been the phone that he used.
It can only mean one thing, Walter.
They're using the boy as a drug mule.
If they're desperate enough for these drugs, they'll cut him right open.
One-way ticket means they're not planning on sending him back, H.
Walter, we got to find this kid.
There was a witness.
The driver on the surveillance tape.
Let's bring him in.
Olsen, you're registered as a driver at Clarion Tow.
Now I just need to know, is that you driving the truck here? Yeah, that's me.
I'm no longer with the company.
Oh, sorry to hear that.
What can I do for you? I got to get to the unemployment office.
Yeah, I was hoping you could help us find this missing boy.
Well, sure.
What can I do? See that? We believe, uh We believe the missing boy was in this grey Chevy here.
Now, did you see the driver? Dark-haired guy.
I didn't get a close look.
He had a tattoo.
Flames with a cross or something.
Did you see where the car went? I don't know.
He-He turned into that diner, Tabby's.
I remember 'cause I I thought that place was closed down.
You're okay now.
I got your man! I got your man! I'll trade him for the boy! I'll be back.
I'll trade him for the boy! Fair enough, but now I've got a trade for you: A 6x9 retirement plan, or a trip to the great unknown.
You decide.
So you like to torture little boys? Back the hell out of my face.
While you still have one.
Henry Duncan.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Henry Duncan is the man that you murdered.
He came between you and a mule, and you started hunting him.
I didn't kill nobody.
Say what you want-- that ain't going to change.
You know, my friend, everything is about to change for you.
I'll be back.
Uh, they told me to wait here for you.
Did you find that kid? We did, we did, and I just wanted to thank you.
I'm glad I could help.
I got to get going.
Uh, well, listen, a friend of mine owns a tow company and he might be hiring.
H, stuff on the dashboard is definitely engine oil.
Got some sand on your shoes there.
You at the beach today? The beach? You know something? Can you wait a few minutes? Sounds like you're gonna go get the mayor, give me a proclamation or something.
Hey, I just did what any good citizen would have done.
You did, and we appreciate it, we really do.
Just give me two minutes.
I'll be right back.
Sounds like our civic hero is worried about something.
Yeah, well, he should be.
I just saw a grease stain on his sleeve.
Could be engine oil.
That's what I'm thinking.
Do we have the victim's call record? Yeah, I got 'em right here.
This is it.
Henry, uh, Henry made a call at 8:55 a.
Right after he lost sight of Manuel's car.
Yeah, right after he got off with 911, he dialed this number.
It's, uh, 1-800-555-0199.
Check My Driving call center.
Would you like to report an incident? Eric, Henry was killed reporting this nitwit's bad driving.
Damn it! Check My Driving call center.
Would you like to report an incident? Yes, I'd like to report truck number 08-golf-321.
Uh, driver cut me off, nearly killed me.
You got to get him off the road before he hurts someone.
My name is Henry Duncan.
Thank you, Mr.
We have a zero-tolerance policy.
Our driver will be terminated.
You didn't even know the man you murdered.
I lost my pension, my-my job, everything because some four-wheeler didn't like my driving? How would you like it if you made one wrong move and somebody could just call your boss like that? Well, they do, Mr.
Yeah, they do, they file complaints against us, they take us to court.
We don't kill anyone.
Most people file complaints anonymously.
Not that guy-- Dudley Do-Right.
He left his number and name at the call center.
And when you found out his name, you started following him.
That guy dialed ten digits, and I lost everything.
You don't mess with a man's job.
Hey, Sam.
Hey, Wolfe.
Great work today.
You really worked that case like it was your job.
Well, it is my job, actually.
It is your job.
I should think about what I say before my That was awkward.
Um, you know what we should do? We should, uh, we should go and get a drink and celebrate having solved the case.
What do you think? Uh, that, that Hey.
Hey! Ready for dinner? Yeah! I am.
Wolfe, this is my boyfriend Josh Avery.
He, uh, he's with the state attorney's office.
Oh, wow, hey, I'm Ryan.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Keeping my girl safe? Josh, come on.
Oh, I forgot, Texas women don't need protecting.
Humor me, Ry, huh? You bet, Josh.
We actually just solved a case.
Uh, you should come with us and have some drinks before we have dinner.
Good idea, yeah.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I would, but I got, I got lots of stuff to do.
But some other time, maybe.
Aah, firm grip.
Good night, Wolfe.
Uh, I'll find out as soon as I can.
I just wanted to come by and let you know that we made an arrest in your dad's case today.
Yeah, I, uh, saw that on the news.
I just wanted you to know.
Uh, my dad was murdered because some trucker was a bad driver.
That's the punch line of a bad joke.
Sean, your dad was not a joke.
He was not an embarrassment.
That's very nice of you.
I'm not being nice.
I know your dad was tough.
I'm sure he was a stickler and very difficult to live with.
That being said, he was one of those rare people.
He noticed the little things.
He knew that if there was a little problem, chances are there could be a big problem.
His life was not wasted.
Because of him, today we made very important arrests.
You did? Yeah.
We stopped a housing developer who had endangered hundreds of families.
We broke up a drug ring that was targeting children.
Because of your dad, we saved a boy's life.
Manuel let's get you to the doctor.
Because of my dad? He cared so much about you, about everyone.
He just couldn't look the other way.
That's a hero.
A hero? Yeah.
My dad was a hero.
A hero.