CSI: Miami s10e16 Episode Script

Rest In Pieces

Chelsea Chelsea! Chelsea Chelsea! Chelsea! Victim's name is Kirk Armstrong.
He's headed to the hospital, not the morgue.
So that's a good thing.
Got some blood in the sand here, huh? Which is consistent with a stomach wound.
Chelsea! Kept mentioning somebody named Chelsea, Walter.
Chelsea Got some possible sand displacement back to front, so maybe some digging.
We got more than that, Walter.
I think that's Chelsea right there.
Medical alert bracelet.
Says her names Chelsea Bartlett.
Allergic to penicillin.
She was just 19.
You have a cause of death, Tom? Throat slashed, carotid severed, based on blood volume.
And her eyes.
They're gone.
The signature of Esteban Navarro.
Exactly like Nikki Cervano and Vanessa Tillman.
Can't really explain the gentleman you found alive.
Maybe as simple as, he got in the way, Tom.
Horatio, I've been doing this work a long time.
I've seen my share, but Esteban he needs to be stopped.
And stopped Excuse me, Tom.
Hey, help me with this tent.
Start bagging the evidence! We got a crime scene to protect.
No, no, over there.
We need two more people to help out.
I need two guys to help What are you doing? I'm coming home.
This is an active crime scene.
And that was an illegal landing.
But I own this land, almost 1,000 acres, to be exact.
That's our family beach house.
I haven't been there in 25 years, but I have every right to be here.
Vina Navarro.
I know who you are, Mrs.
Your grandson, Esteban, is the subject of a murder investigation.
I want to see this case closed, no matter where it leads.
This negative publicity is making our customer base very nervous.
So, this is about the business.
My luxury yachts? Yes.
I want this case over.
Bring in your grandson.
I'll see what I can do.
Appreciate the help.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Toes on the line, eyes on the mirror in front of you.
And keep that hole right below your nose shut.
So, um, any idea when I can expect to be out of here? I have a charity event-- a lunch date I'd like to keep.
Why don't you show some respect sometime? Just, you know, once.
I'm here.
That's police brutality.
Armstrong, would you like some water? Sure.
You sure you feel up to this? I have to be here, for Chelsea.
How'd you know her? She was my girlfriend.
We had a really good thing.
She fought her way back from a really hard life.
Only to have it taken from her.
When I turn on the lights, there's gonna be five guys on the other side of this glass.
The suspect may or may not be in our lineup.
If you do see the man who attacked you, just give us his number, okay? Okay.
Here we go.
Lights, please? It's number three.
It's definitely number three.
Okay, I'll take it from here.
CSI Delko, correct? Yes, that's correct.
I want to thank you for bringing your grandson in.
Unfortunately for him, our witness has positively identified him as his attacker and as the killer of Chelsea Bartlett.
I'd like to see him.
Hm, I'm sorry.
We're going to hold him.
My lawyers couldn't help but notice the men in the lineup.
Excuse me? Don't you think it would have been proper processing to have another Latino present with Esteban? I mean, it smacks of racial profiling.
Our witness, who your grandson bludgeoned, was 100% certain that it was Esteban.
But that isn't credible.
It's bias.
So much for cooperation, huh? I said wherever it leads, and I meant it.
But don't you think we should all play by the rules? I think your grandson's killed three women.
I think he'll do it again.
I suggest you find some hard evidence against my grandson.
My lawyers tell me your ID is flawed.
I'm taking him home.
Aw Abuela.
Oh! Good to see you.
An angel from heaven.
Question Do you validate? Esteban, not necessary.
We'll see you again.
Besame el trasero cubano.
Tu vas a conseguir que te quede eliminado in prison, you punk.
I thought the Navarro matriarch was going to get down off her high horse and help out.
What are we going to do now? She's right.
We need some physical evidence.
Okay, gentlemen, one, two three! There we go, perfect.
Taking your show on the road, doc? The site is all yours, Walter.
That dog is going crazy.
Land crabs have been known to snack on the dead.
What? That eight-legged little bugger could be stealing vital evidence.
All the phalanges, including the metacarpal.
A human finger.
From another body? Get ready to get dirty, Doc.
Okay, uh Hear that? Sounds like bone.
And there's a hand.
Found the nine remaining fingers and the body it belongs to.
There's the femur, ball joint.
So this should be the pelvis.
A woman has an elongated pubis bone for the purpose of childbirth.
This is truncated.
So, the victim's male? Mm-hmm.
No, this isn't adding up.
All of Esteban's victims are female.
Well, this is his land, and his family owns this beach.
Here's the skull.
Ocular cavity looks pristine.
No eye removal.
We got to ID this body.
Well, I'll need to bake these bone samples to more effectively extract their DNA.
I don't suggest waiting by the phone for the results.
What about that? Ah, GSW to the skull.
I was just coming to find you.
So, the stria from the expended round matches a .
22 caliber gun registered back from 1980.
Check out who it's registered to.
Diego, the father.
I'm gonna take your son off the street one way or another.
Unless I take you off first.
We've been looking at the wrong Navarro.
Yes, we have.
Requesting assistance at the Navarro estate.
Assistance at the Navarro estate, over.
Come on.
Don't pretend like you're here for the family.
You're here for your image and your rich Arab clients.
I can't believe you're my son.
I always thought it was my paternity that was in question.
You're his.
You're just like him.
No spine.
Navarro? Sir? Policia.
I'm coming.
Why don't you give them a tour of the house? Diego.
Lieutenant Caine.
Tell him what he's won, Frank.
A little warrant for you to read at your leisure.
A pile of bones is found on our property, so you think that I did it? At 1,000 acres, we've seen our share of trespassers.
Diego, the .
22 caliber handgun used to kill the man is registered to you.
I owned a .
22 once, when I was 14, a long time ago I'm afraid.
Coincidentally, the man was buried a long time ago.
Take him, Frank.
I'm gonna have a look around.
My pleasure.
You're under arrest.
Let's go.
Hello, Lieutenant.
Staying for lunch? This is the heel of a woman's shoe.
Now, who would dispose of their shoes in a fireplace? That's a very good question.
Maybe somebody who's disposing of evidence.
I don't even live here.
No, but you do own the house, don't you, Mrs.
Navarro? Looks can be deceiving.
Not if you look closely, Mrs.
You rang? Ah.
You're here.
Okay, I need a shoe expert.
That's me.
We've got some fancy high heels here.
That's my area.
Excellent, I'm trying to find it on the Internet.
Look on Shoe Xanadu.
They have all the best ones.
Here we go.
This is a three-inch heel, so why don't we start with three-inch heels? Maybe try that one, because it's in the three-inch category, but it's got the metal heel.
Yeah, it does.
It has the same wavy shape to it.
And it looks, um professional, if you get my drift.
Our living witness did say that Chels had done some hooking.
Yeah, I know somebody that might be able to help us tie the shoe to the victim.
Oh, great.
Who? Elizabeth Clark.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Oh, why not? I mean same line of work in the same area.
I don't like it, Eric; I just don't.
I got it covered.
It'll be all right.
Okay, be careful.
I will.
How you doing? Good.
Thanks for coming in.
Look, I need your help with something.
You, uh, know anybody that wore a pair of shoes like this? Me.
You have a pair of shoes like this? Had.
I loaned them to my friend Chelsea.
Chelsea Bartlett? No I'm sorry.
I'm sorry; we found her body at the beach this morning.
It's Esteban, isn't it? Just like the others.
We think it might be Esteban's father.
Esteban's father? Yeah, Diego Navarro.
I'm gonna close the books on this, but I'm gonna need your help.
You think you'd be willing to testify in court that you loaned Chelsea these shoes? Will it lock Diego up? I promise.
The prosecution now calls to the stand Elizabeth Clark.
Yes, they were my shoes.
I bought them a little over three months ago.
And, Miss Clark, you're saying you loaned the shoes to the deceased, Chelsea Bartlett? I did.
She liked them, and I wasn't wearing them that night.
It was no big deal.
Clark, isn't it true that you have documentation of this shoe purchase on your credit card statement? Yes, I do.
And isn't it also true that Chelsea Bartlett told you she had a sex-for-hire appointment with not Esteban Navarro, but his father, Diego, on the very same evening that she disappeared? One date, yes.
CSI Delko, did you run a scientific test to determine the validity of this shoe fragment? Yes, we found a match between a shoe fragment collected from Diego Navarro's fireplace and a specific brand of shoe.
The very same one that Miss Clark loaned the victim.
Mm-hmm, is it true that over the last three months, you spent personal time with the witness, Elizabeth Clark? No, that's not true.
No, Mr.
Delko? No.
Please look at this photo.
I'm gonna ask again.
People were tailing me? I was taking her to a safe house, Your Honor.
I-I was just trying to help her.
So very helpful.
And in return, she would help you.
Correct? Soon as you could land a Navarro, she'd testify to whatever you wanted? No, okay, that's not what this is.
Your Honor, the only connection between the smoking shoe and the victim is the analysis performed by CSI Delko and his female friend's testimony.
Amazing coincidence.
Judge, this is a cheap attack on CSI Delko.
The prosecution is trying to present evidence that is not credible and not admissible.
Therefore, we are asking that the shoe evidence be suppressed.
We found the shoes in his fireplace, Your Honor.
He was covering up - evidence of murder.
- Noted.
Thank you, CSI Delko.
With the facts before me, I'm not sure if I can overlook CSI Delko's relationship with the witness.
The court has no choice but to grant the defendant's motion.
There will be no mention of any shoe evidence at trial.
Note to prosecution I recommend that you go back to the drawing board.
Hey, did you hear the shoe evidence got thrown out? Yeah, I know, we're toast.
All right, but this is what I'm thinking: The indictment was based on the shoe and the bullet.
But how are we gonna put the gun in the hands of a 14-year-old from 32 years ago? That's why I was coming to see you.
I say we go back to the burial site.
Connect the body to Diego.
Search crew really trampled this spot all around the Bone Man.
The remains were found at approximately four feet deep.
So I say we just widen this ditch.
All right.
I won't have to go to the gym tonight.
Thank you, sir.
You got anything? Just a shell.
Look at this.
Looks like a little lapel pin.
I'd say based on the damage, it could've been buried with the body.
Both were about five feet deep.
What are you thinking? Didn't Diego belong to a yacht club? That's right.
When he was a kid, right? I read that in the report.
I think he could've lost that when he was burying the body.
I can't wait to see Abuela try to get him out of this one.
So what am I looking at? Well, we found this on your property along with the skeletal remains.
And we think it could belong to the killer.
Does it look familiar? Not offhand.
Would you mind taking a closer peek at it? I'm sorry.
I don't recognize it.
I think you do.
Will you look at that? Has been awhile, hasn't it? You and your son Diego at his yacht club graduation.
He was 14 years old.
That was when he was in the Junior Nautical Training Academy.
There were 20 boys in that club.
They used to come over to our house and play all the time in those days.
I doubt any of those other boys put a victim's shoe in their fireplace.
We're done here.
A shirt clip? So what? Anyone could've placed that there.
It's totally irrelevant.
If you were only half as smart as you think you are.
Diego, I love you.
You're my son.
But you're a royal screw up.
And what do you plan on doing? What I should've done from the beginning.
You think you're going to turn me in? to keep your secret.
You think you're You're not going anywhere! Get back here! This is Lieutenant Caine.
He's gone crazy! He's trying to kill me! Who's trying to kill you, Mrs.
Navarro? Diego.
You're not gonna do this! Get off the phone! I've got myself locked in.
But he's trying to break down the door.
Please help me.
Okay, ma'am, stay where you are.
I'm on my way.
Vina? Vina?! Vina? Quedate conmigo.
Quedate conmigo.
Oh, Diego! Don't go, please.
My son I never saw him like that.
No Vina.
He came at me.
I-I-I had no choice! He broke in the door.
Call a paramedic.
The bones from the beach? Our 30-ish male.
Not finished yet.
I'm baking and pulverizing the bone material to extract the DNA.
We'll have a great sample, but nothing to compare it to.
We might now.
That's Diego Navarro's blood.
It'll still take some time.
We don't have much, Tom.
I'll speed this up so we can compare the two.
You believe how lucky this guy is? Paramedics said they couldn't find a pulse, and that he flatlined for, like, 20 seconds.
Okay, this will be everything that Diego had on him at the time of the shooting.
Thank you.
Could you excuse us, please? All right, get into it.
Open it up.
Don't wait to get back to the lab.
Like father, like son.
Does that sound like hard candy to you? I don't know, Wolfe.
Last time I had one of those I was, like, nine.
You just gonna eat the man's candy? It isn't.
It isn't hard candy.
It's plastic.
It's fake.
Why carry around a fake lollipop? Walter, to hide something in plain sight.
It's definitely some kind of data storage chip.
Can you get the information off of it? Very carefully.
One nick and it's not gonna tell us anything.
Oh, great.
It's in Greek.
It's code.
I know it's code.
I know code.
Easy, guys.
Let's let the software find the translation.
Okay, there.
South gate.
What's that? Main entrance.
Numbers next to that.
More code.
That looks like an actual code.
Security code.
What are you hiding? Whatever it is, the Navarros have properties all over the world.
No, no.
This has got to be in our backyard.
Scroll down.
See if there's any more data.
Kelser Square.
It's in Little Haiti.
Access series? That usually means the common denominator for all codes listed.
So, 4341 Northwest 101st Avenue.
That must be the address.
Want to take a ride? Yeah, but not without this chip.
Good job, Benton.
Looks like we stumbled on the Navarro family museum, guys.
This car has got to be from the '30s.
Hey, hey.
I got some stairs.
Okay, I got surgical equipment.
This whole place is sound-proofed.
Why do you soundproof a basement? So the neighbors couldn't hear the victims screaming.
I got a light over here.
Oh, my God.
This is a killing chamber.
Booties and gloves.
It's Esteban Navarro's work.
So, it's a family affair.
Yes, Walter? H, we scrubbed this place top to bottom-- nothing implicates Esteban.
Okay, what are you telling me? The place is clean; the guy made no mistakes.
All due respect, we all make mistakes, Mr.
Bring it all back to the house.
Let's go! We'll go over it again! Ms.
Boa Vista.
Take a look at that.
Looks like it could be latex.
From a glove? Yeah, maybe.
Let's get that to DNA.
Everyone take your seats, please.
Court is now in session for the preliminary hearing, The State of Florida v.
Esteban Carlos Navarro.
CSI Wolfe, you entered what appeared to be a storage facility.
Can you tell the court what you found? Yes.
I found a soundproof room.
What did you find in the soundproof room? We found a wooden chair with leather straps covered in blood, surgical instruments a mattress spattered with blood a blood-covered tarp.
What else did you find? I found a jelly jar that was filled with human eyeballs.
They were treasures from the victims.
Objection! Speculation.
Anyone could've placed those items in said room.
Prosecution calls Lieutenant Horatio Caine.
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? I do.
You may be seated.
Lieutenant Caine, when you examined this jelly jar, could you tell the court what you found? I found a small piece of latex threaded inside the lid.
What else you find? We found Esteban Navarro's DNA on the latex.
And what are the chances that said DNA does not belong to Esteban As forensic science would avail us, there is zero chance of a no-match.
The Court finds sufficient evidence to hold the defendant, Esteban Carlos Navarro, over for trial for the murders of Nikki Cervano Vanessa Tillman and Chelsea Bartlett.
I'm innocent.
I don't even know a Chelsea or any of these girls.
This can't stand.
This can't stand.
It can't stand.
You want to talk about the gifts? Sit down, young man! Sit down! Bailiff! Bailiff! You want to talk about the gifts I sent you?! Do you want to talk about that? Bailiff, remand this man into custody! Do you want to talk about your Bailiff! Bailiff, cuff the defendant! You sit down, young man! Transport him to Miami West.
Your Honor, may I step down? Yes, you may.
You sure you want to do this? Control him.
You're you're useless.
Forgive me for not congratulating you.
I don't blame you.
This is not how I hoped things would work out.
In case you're interested, Diego is going to survive.
Can he communicate? The doctors are very optimistic.
Oh, that is good news.
Thank you.
I better be going.
They're not gonna let you see him.
I beg your pardon? You heard me.
We get something? Yeah, we did.
The DNA on the towel you gave us from Diego is a paternal match to the Bone Man.
So the Bone Man is Diego's father.
Was a missing persons report filed? Let's see.
Uh yes, by Vina, for Alfredo Navarro.
Take a look at this.
Diego's father; Vina's husband.
Looks like he was being investigated for bank fraud at the time, and the authorities just thought he fled the country.
So he was killed and buried on his own property.
By his own son.
Maybe not.
Alfredo, honey, time for dinner.
He's gone crazy! He's trying to kill me! Who's trying to kill you, Mrs.
Navarro? Diego! I've got myself locked in, but he's he's trying to break down the door! Please help me! Hey, Frank.
She lied to us-- she left the door unlocked.
Find her.
This is Lieutenant Caine.
We didn't have our proper good-byes, Lieutenant.
Where are you, Vina? Wouldn't you like to know? Vina, you need to come in and answer for your husband's death.
I'm afraid that won't be possible.
You see, I'm otherwise engaged.
Why did you kill Alfredo? Unfortunately, my husband was very shortsighted.
Once he left Cuba, he refused all business opportunities with the island.
And our boating business was dying.
You see, I had no choice-- I couldn't just stand aside and let him ruin it.
Diego spent his life keeping family secrets for you, Vina.
I'm afraid that burden was too much for him.
You led him to the room, but you left the door unlocked, didn't you? You killed my father.
And then you made me bury him, with my bare hands! I was 14.
14 years old! And I've been covering for you ever since.
But all that is over.
Are you listening to me?! They'll never believe you.
I'm gonna find you, Vina.
I'm not gonna rest until I put you down a dark hole.
Ah I can't wait.