CSI: NY s01e05 Episode Script

A Man a Mile

Fire in the hole! You got a smoke? I thought you quit.
That was drinking.
Pete Riggs.
Ten years on the site.
Who moved the rocks? The guys who found him.
Looks like the curtain contained the blast to this area.
You bathophobic? I'm not anything phobic.
Just a few things that shake me up and one of them is 700 feet of granite between me and daylight.
I don't know how these guys work down here.
Same way we're going to rock by rock.
Team CSI : NY Zed22 - Eight Transcript Season 1 - Episod 5 A Man A Mile Isn't this OSHA's thing, workplace fatality? It would be if Pete Riggs worked down in the tunnel.
He worked up top loading and unloading.
And he wasn't wearing any protective gear.
That makes this our scene.
You still a sandhog if you work above ground? A sandhog is anyone who helps build one of these tunnels.
Just because you're not 700 feet down there doesn't mean you're not one of them.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Let's go.
Doesn't appear he was shot or stabbed before the explosion.
Possible trace.
All right.
Take him up.
Personal visit from the D.
's office? What happened, you got lost on your way to a press conference? Or you just checking up on us? I never check up on Mac.
What brings you down? I'm looking for 1.
3 billion gallons of water.
Because that's how much New York City uses on a daily basis.
And every hour you hold up construction on Water Tunnel Number Three, that's another hour closer to tunnels Number One and Two reaching a catastrophic failure.
And infrastructure's on the mayor's radar.
We got a dead guy on our radar.
All right, enough.
We got guys on the clock wasting taxpayers' money.
Just clear it and get this site running.
I'll let you know what we find.
- Open it up.
I want to see him.
- Can't do it.
He's my brother.
You Joe Riggs? You need a ride to the M.
's office? No.
I'll drive.
You're telling me you guys are the only ones who in New york City ? If it's deeper than a grave and it's in New York City, the sandhogs built it.
Commuter tunnels.
Subway tunnels.
Water tunnels.
Without us, there's no New York City.
Without Tunnel Number Three, there's not going to be any more water.
What was Pete Riggs doing down there? I'm sure he had a reason.
He had no protective gear.
We got a lot of moving parts here.
Sometimes a guy will run down into the tunnel and come right back up.
Are you describing this as a an accident? I'm trying to help figure this out.
But accidents come along with the territory.
And you've got a tunnel to build, so there's no need to hold up your progress.
We want to know what happened as well, but You know how a sandhog measures progress? A man a mile.
'Cause that's the death rate down there.
Every mile of rock we move we lose one of our own.
Why you guys so desperate to get back to work? What was Pete Riggs doing down there? 'Cause he wasn't working.
We have a floater at Dry Dock Number Four.
Female Caucasian.
Mascherasi dress.
Miglioro shoes.
Definitely upscale.
Ligature furrow.
No outward sign of sexual assault.
Ballpark age? Single female, dead on arrival.
Her name is Hannah Recchi.
Ready to weigh her in? ???? for the gurney.
Make her 60 kilograms.
- Thanks a lot.
- ???? You notify the next of kin? Mother.
She coming in? Yeah, from Bronxdale.
Might take a while.
The victim lived in Bronxdale? Why, what's odd about that? Well, it says in the Missing Persons Report that she went to Chase School for Girls on the Upper East Side.
Not a lot of students from Bronxdale, I'd imagine.
What else did you get from the mother? Her daughter left the house three nights ago and never came back.
Hannah say where she was going? To a friend's house to study.
And you did get a name.
Melissa Wesley.
Hannah never showed, which isn't a surprise because when you go to a school like this I went to a school like this.
Your headmistress says you two were her best friends.
Did she ever tell you about a guy or someone that didn't like her? Everyone loved Hannah.
Boyfriend? So she went home every night and did her homework.
Do you know how much homework we get here? I don't miss that part.
Thanks a lot.
Got a polo with the label cut.
Means "outlet shopper.
" A Chanel cap on a Rite Aid lipstick.
Uniforms are meant to level the socioeconomic playing field.
Shirts and skirts only do so much.
If you go to a school like this, you're going to make sure you fit in, so you get a little Bulgari.
Yeah, until you remember that your mom's scraping by to give you the education she never got.
Last time I checked, you didn't go to a school like this.
Cuts through a whole layer of attitude if they think you're one of them.
Easy for you.
Maybe not so easy for Hannah.
Trace came back from the fragments under his nails.
Generic steel with ferric oxide.
What do you got? The face of a man who works up top.
This could be antemortem.
You got a read on this? All we have is a body and construction trace.
I'm on it.
The adult human skeleton contains 206 bones.
About 200 of which are broken on your vic.
Multiple fractures Impacting primarily front to back.
So the explosion hit him head-on.
What's the official cause of death? Asthma.
Guy literally never knew what hit him.
He died before the explosion? Alveolar eosinophils.
Common in allergic reactions.
Like asthma.
Muscle hypertrophy indicates a chronic condition.
You said you found this guy In Water Tunnel Number Three.
Bad place for an asthmatic.
Especially one who's not carrying an inhaler.
Split the tunnel in half and work backwards.
We've got to find that inhaler.
What's he doing in this part of the tunnel? He was looking for the emergency phone.
But he couldn't find it.
Why not keep looking? Maybe he couldn't.
I think I found it, Mac.
Bad time to run out.
The evidence says he's moving in this direction.
And if he died here how did he get there? This thing doesn't move without someone manually operating the controls.
Know what I'm thinking? That this wasn't an accident, and tha we're not clearing this site, 'cause someone left him down here intentionally? He was trapped 700 feet below the surface of Manhattan, and he knew he was gonna die.
Petechial hemorrhaging.
Horizontal furrow.
Consistent with strangulation.
So she was dead before she hit the water.
Sexual assault? No sign of it.
Anything from tox? Preliminary report.
BAC of .
Heavy drinking for a 16-year-old.
Postmortem decomp can add anywhere from .
08 to .
10 grams per 100 milliliter, but she was well above the legal limit on her own.
Anything else? Check out her throat.
Looks like a gold fleck.
There you go.
You got the clothes? They're in the drying locker.
This is the real deal.
Label's not cut.
Money's not coming from Mom.
You see Pete Riggs leave? I saw him get out of the cage and go back to the hog house.
Then what? Then nothing.
Riggs ended up back in the tunnel, and you're the guy who operates the elevator, Mike.
I clocked out, I went home to Pearl River to be with my wife and kids.
My father was a Sandhog.
I'm a Sandhog.
I got muck in my blood.
He was your brother.
There's two things that are certain on this job: that tunnel's gonna get built, and men are gonna die.
And nothing gets in the way of either, that it? Not even a funeral? I'm going to bury Pete.
Whatever happened was an accident.
If you want to talk At the end of the day, every man comes out of the tunnel.
That's the goal, isn't it? That's our code, and the day before yesterday was no different-- we all clocked out together.
Well, let's see if your clothes tell the same story.
Brother's got something to say.
Based on? I can just tell he knows something.
Why not have Flack bring him in? Danny, your intuition is great.
But let's see what the evidence has to say first, right? Right.
I got a positive KM.
Get it to DNA.
See if the blood matches the vic.
I got a sample from the foreman's shirt.
See what Trace can pull from this.
She may not have had money, but our vic had expensive taste.
Crocodile skin.
Matches the ligature marks on her neck.
Here's what we found in her throat.
Gold leaf.
She was a floater.
This could have come from the East River.
What do you have? Diatoms.
Skeletonema Costatum.
Algae? What does that get us? Hannah Rechhi can't tell us where she entered the water.
Maybe these guys can.
Diatoms are like sponges.
They absorb whatever's in the water.
Our diatoms are toxic.
Assuming the vic wasn't laced with lead and cadmium.
Wherever she picked up the diatoms was.
Veneziano's theory of quantum physics, right? Everything's connected.
You're not gonna be satisfied until you figure those out, are you? No.
What do you have? Evidence is starting to talk.
The blood on Al McGrath's boot came back a match to the vic.
Pete's blood on my boot? Any idea how that might've happened? It was nothing.
We got into it after work day before yesterday.
even if the season wasn't canceled.
The Rangers got seven more years before they sniff the playoffs.
How old is Messier? Like, 80? You hit him because he insulted the Rangers? There's three things I take seriously.
My family, the Rangers and this.
This is all that matters.
We look out for each other, you understand? So how is it that someone intentionally leaves Pete Riggs down in Tunnel Number Three? Somebody left Pete down there? Maybe somebody who got into it with him.
Somebody who left work before we got there, so we wouldn't see how he had his ear Tyson'd.
So what? He took a bite out of my ear after I hit him.
Do you mind if we take an impression? Maybe this'll help.
No match.
Doesn't make sense-- if Pete Riggs didn't make the bite mark, why lie about it? Depends on what the truth is.
Thank you very much, gentlemen.
Al McGrath wasn't lying, he was covering.
Not to a Sandhog.
One of their own is still a murder victim.
This isn't just a murder anymore.
It's a conspiracy.
What do you care if I got into it with Al? I care because Al lied to us.
He said he had a fight with Pete Riggs, but he didn't mention you were present.
Al's a standup guy.
Unlike the vic? You see this? That's the kind of guy Pete was.
I was off the job for two months.
You're divorced.
Your wife's got an order of protection against you.
Remain 500 feet away at all times, do not harass by phone, custodial exchanges must take place at the 1-11.
They let you take your kids out of the precinct, or do they just set you up in a cell? That's because of Pete! The order of protection's against you, not Pete Riggs.
It wasn't like this before the accident, was it? You take a blow like that, it changes you.
My own kids are afraid of me.
So what happened? - You don't pay attention.
- It was like two years Hey, Tom, come on.
Come on! You didn't remember biting Al? Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm doing.
Remember taking Pete back into the tunnel? I left with Al.
Well, I guess that dent in your head only affects stuff you want to forget.
All right, so we found her here.
Wallabout Creek.
At ebb tide there's an eddy effect there.
The current travels south until it hits an obstruction, creating a reverse current.
Which means she entered the water north.
Which is where she picked up the diatoms.
Check with the Department of Ecological Protection.
See if they have any illegal dumpers.
Okay, here we go.
Whiteridge Enterprises.
Cited in 2002, 2003 and 2004.
"Lack of state permit required "for sandblasting paint off marine vessels.
" "Improper storage and disposal of toxic materials including lead and cadmium.
" All right, that whole area is industrial.
This could just be a dump.
Or maybe she was clubbing.
- Guess who our dumper's new neighbor is? - Who? Matt Paulson the club owner.
Brother of Tina Paulson.
Right there with Hannah Recchi.
Tina's one of Hannah Recchi's best friends.
Opened the club there a few months ago, and I hear it's pretty popular.
Especially with the underage crowd.
Good work.
Anything from Tom Zito? He's got a lot of anger.
What about the inhaler? No prints, no trace.
But take a look at this.
Samples you cut from one of the shirts.
Beclomethasone dipropionate and hydrofluoroalkane.
Anti-inflammatory medication and CFC-free propellant.
Common to asthmatics.
If you can't find someone else on the inhaler Then find the inhaler on someone else.
Yeah, that's my shirt.
These stains are from an inhaler.
Same medication as prescribed to Pete Riggs.
Look, Pete was careless.
How much is this worth ? How much you think a life down there is worth? Full inhaler might have saved his life.
He's responsible for his inhalers.
I'm responsible for these men.
So, you're making a point.
Somebody had to.
The Sandhogs are a father-son, brother-brother union.
Once you're in, you're in.
So it was easy to kill him? These guys are a lot like the Marines.
They work in a dangerous environment on a day-to-day basis.
You form a a bond that's based on experience.
He was one of them.
And in their world, the group takes precedence over the individual.
So maybe the group got together and decided to take precedence over Pete Riggs.
We have pieces of evidence.
There's nothing conclusive yet.
Well, if the evidence isn't talking, we've got to fill in the blanks somehow.
And Joe Riggs is going to wake up one day and realize he's short a brother.
In my world, a guy's got to protect himself and his family.
Who would you back-- your brother or some union? That's the first time my dad took Tina on one of his trips.
She wanted Hannah to come along.
Nice of your father to bring Hannah along.
She practically shared Tina's room at that point.
You know how girls get.
Your sister ever bring Hannah here? No.
She was underage.
That'd make you the first club owner in the history of New York City who didn't stock his place with teenage girls.
Have you ever been in here at night? Yeah.
Look, it's possible that my sister and Hannah were here, but You never saw them.
What about your surveillance camera? It's just for show.
Maybe we can get it to work.
Please knock yourselves out.
This guy will have another 16-year-old before the sun goes down.
Without evidence, it's just a theory.
Nah, he's careful.
He won't miss a lot.
Personal experience? Anything that can help us out here? Yeah, you want to know what's happening, you go to his friends, or, in this case, his neighbors.
A lot of factories here, warehouses.
A lot of people with money invested in machinery and inventory.
People with other security cameras.
That work.
There's Tina.
Looks like she came without Hannah.
Time code would be nice.
VIP treatment.
There's Hannah.
And there's Matt.
What I wouldn't give for some audio.
Whoever that is, has bad timing.
Okay, so Matt lied to us about seeing Hannah the night she disappeared.
These yours? They were my father's.
Were? He died six months ago.
Not the way he wanted to go.
Left you the duplex? Me and my sister.
Where's Mom? Stepmother.
I'm Tina's legal guardian.
What did he teach you about lying? Your neighbors were more than happy to share their surveillance footage with us.
Okay, look, Hannah had a little crush on me.
It was no big deal.
Is that what you told her when you whispered in her ear outside your club? May I use your restroom? We went to England for a fox hunt.
That's when Hannah was blooded.
You put the blood of a fox on the face of someone who witnessed their first kill.
It's tradition.
I thought they outlawed fox hunting in England.
They did.
Did this come from the same trip? My father gave it to Hannah, but she didn't want it.
Change your mind about the brother? I'm trying to find a way to get there.
This guy's got inhaler on him.
This guy bit Al McGrath who has the victim's blood on his boot.
Pieces of evidence.
Yeah, you made that very clear.
I just don't see your point.
My point is, you're not seeing the connection.
It's what we all look for.
Yeah, but don't you ever just feel it? All the time, but I don't act on it until I can prove something.
I can't do this job your way.
Well, you can't do it yours either.
You're coming up on your three years.
That means you'll be taking the exam to bump you up to second grade.
When I put you lead on a case, i want to make sure you're bringing me evidence, not intuition.
All right.
What's our next move? We talk to the brother.
He's in the hospital.
He was beaten outside of Tunnel Number Three, and according to the sandhogs, no one saw who did it.
Who did this to you? Is there anything you want to tell us? We'll get you protection.
Come on, pal, we're talking about your brother here.
It's over.
I'm going back to work.
That's the only thing Joe Riggs is ever going to say to us.
We could process him.
Even if we pulled anything, he'd never testify.
They beat him to insure his silence.
Unlike the Marines or NYPD, there's no investigative branch of their organization.
Well if he's not going to give us anything else and the evidence has gone silent, what's left? The only one who's been telling us the truth the whole time.
Mac, you've seen this X ray a million times.
The fourth metacarpal is dislocated, that's inconsistent with his other injuries.
Possibly inconsistent.
Without context.
Slight swelling and a void.
These guys set their own rules.
And they answer to no one except themselves.
No, there's no way we're gonna get a warrant off this.
She was 16.
Still, we're not gonna get in the Paulson duplex based on the fact that Matt was endangering the welfare of a minor.
Why not? It's just a kiss.
Maybe if there was more going on, we could get the D.
to find a judge to write paper on it.
I see what Hannah gets from being Tina's friend, but what does Tina get? Noblesse Oblige.
The "haves" acting selflessly towards the "have-nots" for the better of society.
Usually works until the "have-nots" usurp the "haves.
" Hannah was supposed to be Tina's friend.
She was never supposed to be part of the family.
Do you recognize this? What? I think that's Tina.
How about now? No.
How about now? It's the same bag but different.
There's a strap in one, no strap in the other.
Okay, if the strap was there, then, where'd it go? Aiden, we thought this was footage of Tina arriving.
This is actually her coming back.
You know, you don't have to answer these questions.
Is this going anywhere? Hunting.
That's what your father loved.
Must have been a big deal for him to take you to England.
I've been to Europe.
Well, not for a fox hunt, and not with Hannah.
She'd never been out of the country.
I thought it would be good for her.
I'm sure it felt good to have a friend there, with all those strangers, first time your father ever took you on a hunt.
And then there was the blooding.
I knew about that.
Blooding actually dates back to King James I.
Do you recognize this? It's from the fox horn.
It has blood on it.
It isn't human, though.
Probably from the fox? Right.
Did you know that your dad was going to choose Hannah for the honor? Must have made you so angry.
After all those years of waiting to go with your dad, he picks Hannah.
And after he dies, who does your brother take an interest in? Do you know what this is, Tina? It's the strap from your purse.
We found it in your bedroom.
The crocodile skin matches the marks around Hannah Recchi's neck.
It also has her blood on it.
What's your problem? I'm so tired of "All About Hannah.
" I'm going back.
Don't walk away from me.
You wrapped that strap around her neck.
Did your dad ever tell you bedtime stories? No.
Mine did.
Except his were real.
Tracking big horn sheep in the Yukon.
Landing marlin off Baja.
Shooting bison in the Great Plains.
You know what he remembered most about every kill? What? There's no feeling in the world like watching the life drain out of an animal's eyes.
No ring.
I don't remember having a voucher How could you? He wasn't wearing it when he died.
Sandhogs did our work for us.
The explosion was meant to cover up evidence, not preserve it.
I thought the sandhogs beat you to insure your silence, but that's not the case, is it? You broke the code.
You left Pete down there.
He was my brother.
He was a problem, and you were gonna teach him a lesson.
Come on ! Guy's gonna get somebody killed.
Let's go, come on ! I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
You want to earn this, Pete? Spend some time down here.
See what it's like.
Don't leave me down here, Joe.
Don't leave me, Joe! Your brother was alone down there, with an empty inhaler and no one to help him.
But you did leave him with one thing, didn't you? When you went back in the morning, you found his body, and you used the explosion to make it look like an accident.
When we were growing up I was the guy who made sure no one picked on Pete.
I was the one who dragged him through school.
I got him the only job he was ever gonna get.
I was responsible for him.
You have any idea what that feels like?