CSI: NY s01e06 Episode Script

Outside Man

Dios mio, no! No! Por favor! Two DOA's in the basement.
These two, Octavia Figueroa and Terrell Davenport, were upstairs.
Another DOA behind the counter.
Hey, Flack, can you ask these guys to preserve the duct tape on the vics' hands? And the bags.
Use gloves, okay? Do us a favor, just be very careful with every piece of possible evidence that comes off these people, all right? First Uniforms on scene broke the door in.
It was locked, and they could see the two survivors on the floor next to the counter.
Other exits? Back door leads out to the alley.
It's open.
No alarm? Never set.
Place was closed? Sounds like an inside job.
Then that's where we'll start.
Team CSI : NY Zed22 - Eight Transcript Season 1 - Episode 6 Outside Man You guys are catching this one.
Danny, you're in charge.
You're three years in.
Promotion to second grade doesn't come easy.
Downstairs, upstairs, and the perimeter.
There's a big Dumpster out back.
If you get into a jam, you call me, 24/7.
Keep me posted.
This would be the deep end we've been thrown in.
Copy that.
All right, we process together, we double-check each other, we move out from the center, starting here with the bodies.
Okay, Flack ID'd these two already.
The female's Gina Robson, she's a waitress.
The guy is Jared Perkins, he's the cook.
They were robbed and they both took one to the head.
Looks like .
32 cal magnum.
No extractor marks on the rim.
Means the shooter used a revolver, a five-shot.
Must've reloaded.
You need a cool head to take that time, boy.
The manager Octavia was about to make the night deposit.
She was planning a trip.
Where's Glenmont? Upstate somewhere.
Near Albany.
These bags are the same type as the one on every vic.
Means the shooter didn't bring bags with him.
He got them from this roll.
Why bag the heads at all? Let's stick with the "how.
" I don't see any duct tape.
Means the shooter brought tape with him.
He knows the bags are already here so he only brings the stuff that he needs.
He takes the watches, the wallets and the jewelry off the DOA's.
Empties the safe and the register.
I mean, it reads like a straight robbery.
Why would he kill all these people for a few bucks? It's worth it to someone.
Night watchman called it in about an hour ago.
Danny catching the diner shootings? Mm-hmm.
Three confirmed dead.
Two en route to Trinity General.
Scene extends from the basement to the main floor.
Big case.
A lot of old wounds here.
What happened to this guy? Is it heavy? The lower leg constitutes 15% of a person's body weight.
Now all we have to do is find the other 85%.
Single medium-distance shot to the back : no powder burns.
Contact head wound : muzzle stamp and burns to the temple.
Misting spatter on the oven means he was shot right here.
Who called 911? Flack got his name from Dispatch.
Terrell Davenport.
Smear patterns, two parallel trails This guy's shot in the head carries someone else upstairs, and manages to call the cops ? I'd say that qualifies for hero status.
Shooter brings his own tape, uses bags already here.
He's cool enough to reload but careless enough to leave a casing behind.
Was Flack sure that he accounted for every employee? Yeah.
'Cause it reads like an inside-outside job, but if this guy knew someone on the inside, how come they all got shot? Stab marks, cuts This leg took quite a beating.
Several of these cuts are to the bone.
The scar tissue in this wound,plus the scoring on the femur itself is consistent with an injury caused by a power drill.
I've seen this kind of injury before.
Virtually point-blank.
Consistent with a mine detonation or high-velocity firearm.
This section of skin was removed to close the wound post-surgery.
A surgical amputation.
The flesh was cut with a scalpel, but the bone was cut with a high-speed saw.
Only problem is there's nothing wrong with this leg that would require amputation.
So we're looking for a professional.
A professional what? What kind of doctor drops limbs in empty lots? There's an intra-medullary rod inserted in the tibia.
It's a recent procedure.
Bone growth around the appliance indicates it's maybe a year and a half since the work was done.
You think you can get a serial number off this rod? Next order of business.
Why would somebody go to all that trouble to have a rod inserted in their leg, only to have it cut off a year later? I don't know.
This number will get us to someone who might.
Yes, I remember the surgery.
Frank Hertzberg was the patient's name.
Tibia almost completely separated.
I inserted a rod inside the bone.
Healed perfectly.
Said in the police report that his injuries were caused by shotgun fire.
Yes, he was cleaning the gun when it discharged.
Almost lost the limb.
Severe trauma to the tibialis anterior.
A lesser surgeon would have amputated.
A lesser surgeon did.
Then that is Mr.
Hertzberg's misfortune.
When was the last time you saw him? Several months ago.
I needed photographs for an article.
He seemed pleased with my work.
As pleased as you? Hospital staff will help you with any documents you require.
You think he makes house calls? Okay, we found two bodies in the basement, two bodies on the main floor.
Plus, one behind the counter.
bBased on the evidence, the shooter brought everyone downstairs.
One of these people let the killer in.
But the question right now is where did everyone start ? Sequence of events.
Let's start with Octavia.
She's downstairs getting the bank deposit ready.
And we found a cigarette with lipstick on it matching the DNA of Gina Robson.
Najiv Patel had traces of cleaning fluid on his hands, so that puts him upstairs leaving Jared Perkins and Terrell Davenport.
I found an empty dessert wrapper on the counter.
Like someone was interrupted mid-snack.
That'd be Jared.
We haven't lifted a print yet.
Fox found traces of sucrose on his teeth.
Terrell Davenport's three months out of Fishkill.
He just did three and a half years for armed robbery.
The spoon that I found under Octavia's desk ? It had traces of heroin.
He was a known user.
So that, plus the fact that he missed his last appointment with his parole officer? I put my money on him.
All right, let's examine the duct tape and prove it.
Why are there blue fibers on one edge of the tape? Possible hair fragment.
I'll hold it for Trace.
Would anything at the scene match these blue fibers? Nah, it's all concrete and brick down there.
What about clothing? No, they were in their uniforms.
They're, like, yellow and black.
Looks like we've got a print here.
Let's take a closer look at this blue fiber.
Trilobal fibers.
Eh, multiple apps: clothes, carpet, filters They could be from anywhere.
The prints from this tape, however, come from one person-- Terrell Davenport, one of our survivors.
Ugh Mac The other 85% of Frank Hertzberg.
These people wanna see a show, tell 'em to go get tickets to Rent, okay? What's the matter with people? Putrefaction indicates he's been dead about 24 hours at least.
That's fast decomposition.
It's warm in here.
And that sweet odor? - Gangrene ? - Accelerates decomposition.
's torn out.
When gangrene began to set in, he tried to get out of bed.
He knew he was dying.
Everything's wrong about this place, including the time.
Hand me the Luminol.
Somebody washed up.
The surgery was done here.
Looks like we have a Mrs.
Hertzberg somewhere.
What's this ? A finger ? Okay.
This place gives a whole new meaning to the term "chop shop.
" Doesn't belong to Mr.
Why would a dead man keep a spare finger in his freezer? Oh, God Please No ! Those are the kids from the picture over Octavia's desk.
And that's her brother.
Looks like she didn't make it.
Let's go talk to Terrell.
You saw the guy who shot you? No, I did not see the guy who shot me.
Damn! Y'all really act like I had something to do with this.
You got any idea what that's like, sitting there waiting to get shot ? Hearing people screaming with a bag over your head? We found your prints all over the tape, and all over the bags, Terrell.
And ? So ? Look, he made me do that.
All right ? He made me do that.
Tell it.
Tell?! All right, she calls us downstairs.
She? Who? Octavia, the manager.
She called me downstairs.
I go down there.
When I get down there, there's a guy with a gun to the back of my head, tells me not to turn around, he might let me live.
Makes me tape the other people's hands and put bags over their heads.
Then it was my turn.
You recognize anything about the shooter? His voice? Anything? Look, I just started working there about three weeks ago.
Man, I don't know anybody.
Just go ask Octavia, all right? Go ask her.
Ask the manager.
She'll tell you what happened.
Look, I carried her up the stairs and everything.
Octavia didn't make it, Terrell.
She what?! Yeah.
She's dead.
Apart from the fact of it not being attached to a person, there's nothing wrong with this finger.
We've got body parts from two different bodies.
I'm hoping the owner of this finger's in better condition than Mr.
What else you got? This caught my attention.
The cut through the bone Different cut patterns.
That's a normal oscillating surgical saw pattern, but these horizontal striations - Looks like a hand saw finished the cut.
- Yeah.
Why change saws mid-cut ? You buying Terrell? Check with Ballistics.
See if we get a hit on the casing.
Where are you going? We know he taped the vics.
Now I'm going to prove that he let the killer in the door.
It would be a right thumbprint from Terrell Davenport.
Well, it's not Terrell.
What do we got? Last person to touch the key is Najiv? Well, he wasn't tied up and there was no bag on his head.
Nah, the print is smeared.
All that gives us is that his thumb slipped trying to get the door open.
He could have been trying to get away.
He was already shot in the back.
Anything from Ballistics? No hit on the shell casing.
All right, we've got to do a complete 180.
Instead of working from the inside-out, we need to work from the outside-in.
Let's look at the stuff from the Dumpster behind the diner.
Got a match for our frozen finger.
Joe Garford, 3112 232nd Street, Queens.
Only takes one print to finger someone.
Frank felt for many years that his left leg was unnecessary to him.
He felt oppressed, that he couldn't be whole until he had it removed.
He was oppressed by his leg? That's how he felt.
The same way you felt about your pinkie? Yes.
You want to tell us what your finger was doing in Frank Hertzberg's freezer? Frank asked if he could keep it.
Why? Who would do this surgery? A doctor, I assume.
Not the sort of thing you'd try by yourself.
I'd take a name.
I don't have one to give.
You'll excuse me for asking, but who did the surgery on your leg? I can't say I've quite made it to Frank's level of determination.
They call us "wannabes.
" We wish we were amputees, so we pretend we are.
Some of us, like Frank, actually have the surgery.
We're liable to find anything in a Dumpster.
Drug works.
Be careful.
I got one, too.
One's a fluke.
Two's a pattern.
And three's a suspect.
Looks like a bloody fingerprint.
Jose Figueroa.
Octavia Figueroa.
That's her brother.
Recognize that? Let me help you.
That's a syringe with traces of heroin.
Your drug of choice.
Never seen it.
Jose Figueroa.
Octavia Figueroa.
That's her brother.
Recognize that? Let me help you.
That's a syringe with traces of heroin.
Your drug of choice.
Never seen it.
The fingerprint is yours, the blood, that's your sister's.
You remember her? I saw you crying at the hospital, Jose.
Who was the guy in the car? That was Luis.
Those are his kids with Octavia.
What happened? Your sister get tired of playing Florence Nightingale for your habit? Come on, Octavia ! let me stay here just a few more nights.
I swear, I'm clean.
She was a soft touch, wasn't she? The kind of people you work until eventually they get wise.
Maybe decide to leave their troubles behind.
Leave the city, the drugs, the crime.
Maybe move upstate.
I just wanted to talk to her.
Okay, good.
So how'd you get in? She would let me in before she locked up.
But last night, I go around there, and the back door is open.
So you go shoot up, and don't call the cops.
I'll tell you what.
I'm going to put you up for a few days.
But if I find out you did this thing, I'm going to put you away for good.
I heard Terrell's making progress.
Yeah, enough to take a look at Jose.
He confirm? Terrell say he never saw him before.
So, Jose walks in, sees his dead sister and starts shooting up? Leaving a bloody syringe in the Dumpster? Guy's a junkie.
Probably to him, made sense at the time.
We went back to square one.
Sequence of events.
We know where everyone started we know where everyone ended up, but the middle's a blank.
How do we move forward? By going back.
Follow up on trace you pulled from the tape.
See if we missed anything.
I'm gonna see if I can pull anything off the front door.
How'd that get there? Someone looked in the door.
Lamar Adams? Who wants to know? Lamar, you want to tell us what you were doing at Quality Cafe on Flatbush last night? If I was even there, maybe picking up a girl.
See anything unusual? It's unusual a girl doesn't wait to meet me, that's all.
She's lucky I didn't see her.
I'd have kicked her ass for sure.
Had run all the way to Flatbush for nothing.
Hey, a bunch of people were killed last night, smart guy.
Including one Gina Robson.
Mean anything to you? Y'all think I had something to do with that? I don't know.
You saying you were there? I pulled your prints off the door, Lamar.
Stop playing games.
I was there, I looked in the door.
It was a little after 11:00.
Look, I ain't seen nothing.
That's all I got to say to y'all.
You think? You like throwing a football around, Lamar? Or is that blue wristband's just a a style thing? This is taken on our honeymoon.
He preferred his version.
My parents were married for 50 years.
My dad would look at my mom, say she made him feel whole.
You were away when I was visiting my mother in Connecticut.
Can you imagine if I came home and found him? Did he even think about that? Did you know he was planning on doing this? It was pretty obvious that it was on his mind.
He used to strap up his leg and go to this rehab in Trenton and pretend.
That damned Joe.
what's is name? kept coming up with new ideas: "Here, try this, this will work.
They'll have to take it off now.
" He would drill himself, cut himself.
He froze his leg in dry ice once.
It's called apotemnophilia.
Body Integrity Identity Disorder.
People who hate some part of themselves think it's causing all their problems.
We're hoping you'll be able help us find whoever did this to Frank before it happens to someone else.
Why? Well, it's illegal to perform surgery without a medical license, and this case involves criminally negligent homicide at the least.
I didn't want to know.
I figured he would get over it.
I, uh, I guess he did.
You're going to need to call the M.
's office to make arrangements for Frank's body.
He didn't want his body when be was alive, I certainly don't want it now that he's dead.
You ready for some good news? I hope, I already have some.
Found a possible source for the blue fibers.
The handprint puts this kid Lamar Adams at the scene.
Maybe these fibers put him with the tape.
Fibers from the tape are synthetic.
Now, are you ready for some good news? Here, take a look at this.
What am I looking at? Duct tape analysis.
It determines the adhesive used for the tape found at the scene.
Looks like a common type of duct tape.
Wh-What's the good news? Trace came back on that unknown that I found in the tape used to tie Octavia Figueroa.
look at the XRF results.
I thought it was a hair fragment, but its main component is alumino-silicate, with traces of zirconium.
Zirconium oxide.
It's a heat-resistant material.
Its primary application is tape used for temporary auto repair, especially mufflers.
And they'd be in the same place because Two different duct tapes were used in the same shop.
All right, so if we cross-reference the distributors of the two tapes, we can narrow down our search criteria.
You got a manufacturer on the heat-resistant material? Yeah.
I'm punching it in right now and cross-referencing tape distributors.
Tox report on Frank Hertzberg.
Great Yup, he was pretty dopped up.
Acetaminophen, Tetracycline, Oxycodone, Antibiotics and pain-killers.
Standard post-op prescriptions.
It's a pre-op medication.
You can't get a prescription for it, you can only get it in a hospital.
You were instructed to stop removing healthy limbs by the Dutch government.
Completely legal procedures at that time.
But you have a history of cooperating with the requests of people like Frank Hertzberg who wound themselves to force doctors to amputate.
When you repaired his leg a year and a half ago, you knew the wound was self-inflicted.
And I knew it was only a matter of time before he tried again.
Did he ask you to perform amputation? Yes.
But I refused.
But you prescribed the medications that were found at the scene.
Those medications date from the operation on his leg.
And the preoperative antibiotics? Drugs are stolen from hospitals every day.
Patients, visitors, hospital staff I would have liked to help Frank, never at the risk of my career.
Five auto shops ordered both our duct tape and muffler repair tape, and one of them is owned by Otavia's boyfriend.
I've been meaning to take my car into the shop.
Two birds with one stone.
Let's go.
This is the same car we saw at the hospital.
So Octavia was your girlfriend? That's right.
And those children at the hospital, are they yours with Octavia? Yup.
We're sorry for your loss, Luis.
Did she talk about anybody at work making threats? Any customers? No.
I mean, there's always people trying to cause trouble you know, but nothing she couldn't handle.
Is this your car right there? Yeah.
It's nice.
Mind if I take a look at it? What for? Do you want us to get a warrant? No.
I mean Yeah, go ahead.
You always keep your tape piled up back there all together like that? Heat tape? Duct tape? Yeah.
What of it? You're gonna need to clear a few things up for us, Luis.
How long I got to stay here, man? My kids will be home from school.
That tape is from around the neck of Octavia Figueroa.
The blue fibers are from the carpet inside the trunk of your car.
It's got nothing to do with me, man.
Maybe she took it out of my car.
You think of that? We're going to go take a look at your place, Luis.
See if we can find anything from the diner.
My apartment, my shop, whatever, man.
I'll take that as informed consent.
I know my rights.
I can walk out of here right now.
What's the hurry, Luis? I mean, don't you want to stick around when we find the guy who killed the mother of your children? We found nothing in Luis' apartment, so this is where we look now.
We looking for anything in particular? Yeah, to put him at the scene.
You think we got enough experience going through other people's garbage? Notice how we always get put on trash detail.
Hey, when you make it to second grade, it'll be a thing of the past, my friend.
From your lips to God's ear.
Let's just get this stuff together and we'll get it back to the lab, huh? After I extracted the rod, I was able to reconstruct the bone.
Most of the end of the femur is still intact.
I also have a couple of sample femurs.
You see this dark edge at the bottom of the cut? Could that be a burn mark? It could be.
See how there's a slight curve to the cut? Which would cause the blade to jam.
All right, let's try it.
I matched the blades as well as I could.
These should suit your purpose.
Blade's almost identical.
Should behave in an identical way.
I'm putting a tremendous amount of strain on the blade.
It requires a lot more power.
The saw stopped when the electricity cut off.
Remind us, why were you there? I was responding to a police radio call.
Are you going somewhere with this ? 'cause I got to get back to work.
Look at this.
Look at the time on the clock.
Detective Taylor and I arrived at 10:45.
So the clock's broken? There's nothing wrong with the clock.
It's not set wrong, because all the clocks in the apartment are wrong by the same amount of time.
Something must have happened to the electricity, like blown fuse, maybe? And being overloaded by an appliance pulling too much juice.
Like a surgical saw? You started the surgery and everything was going fine.
Then you had some problems with the saw so you finished the cut with a hand saw, sewed up Frank Hertzberg, cleaned up and got out.
You say that, you got nothing that puts me there, cutting on this guy.
No, I got a clean print on the breaker box.
Matches the prints in your employment file.
The saw blew the fuse.
You finished the cut, you threw the switch, but you took your gloves off first.
He begged me to do it.
I called him a couple of times.
When he didn't answer, I figured his wife must have come home.
And you went back why? Cause you got a call on the scanner? Figured you'd go back to cover your ass? How'd you meet him? I was the respondent when he shot himself in his leg.
A few months ago, he he tracked me down.
He asked me if I could help him.
For ten G's.
I'm I'm studying premed.
I'm trying to get back to school, so I know what to do.
I figured maybe I could help him.
You ever hear of the Hippocratic Oath, Doctor? The part that says "First, do no harm"? That factor into your thinking at all? The guy was shooting himself.
How big a risk could it be? I wanted to help him out .
and make a few bucks.
I guess I thought, you know, what's the worst thing that could happen? Next time I say a case is in the garbage, remind me of this moment.
All right, I cleaned most of the blood from the bag, so we should be able to match the machine extrusion marks and perforations from one bag to the next, as it came off the roll.
All right, there's damage, but the tears and perforations are still intact at the end.
And what are we hoping to find? A match to the bag that we took from Luis' trash.
The end of this sequence should match the roll, but it doesn't because Luis took one of the bags with him.
I gotcha.
This case is in the bag.
Hey, Luis, we got a survivor said the killer made him tape the others.
What's he going to say when we put you in a lineup and have him take a look? I look like a lot of guys.
People tell me that all the time.
You use these to get in? We pulled pollen from the glass on the door.
You got them to open the door.
Come on, open up.
I have flowers.
You tried to get everyone downstairs.
Octavia wants us all to go downstairs.
Don't move.
But Najiv ran.
You made Terrell bag and tape, and you shot 'em all.
I wasn't there.
We found this bag at your shop.
And your fingerprints are all over it.
You tried to make it look like a robbery.
I wasn't there.
Listen to me.
Criminals are like animals, you leave tracks, we find them.
That's what we do.
Like flowers, like casings, like duct tape, like bags.
They all put you at the scene.
You got to understand, man Oh, we do understand.
Octavia was going to Albany to get away from her junkie brother and she was going with your kids.
It's hard, isn't it? To look somebody in the eye and shoot them at close range.
Thought it would be easy when you walked through the door, but it wasn't.
That's why you put the bags over their heads.
I read your preliminary report.
Good job, Danny.
You're on the promotion grid.
I can't wrap my head around it, Mac.
You get up go to work see the people that you know you talk, you laugh you're living your life.
And then, suddenly, boom it's just over.
Just like that.
You never even saw it coming.