CSI: NY s01e15 Episode Script

'Til Death Do We Part

Hannah?? Hannah?? There's no pulse?! Call an ambulance, please Still warm.
What were the doves supposed to do?? Fly above the couple as the father hands off the daughter to the groom.
Guess no one's superstitious around here.
They say that it's bad luck for a bird to fly indoors.
Well, according to the hotel brochure, "The flight of the doves is a symbol of the couple's union and eternal love.
" - It could happen to you, you know.
- What, marriage?? Love.
Don't even say stuff like that, Mac.
That's not even funny.
Excessive redness in the eyes.
- Brides do cry on their wedding day.
- This one didn't.
There's no evidence of lacrimation or streaks in her makeup.
She doesn't wear contact lenses.
More than likely, the redness was caused by some kind of external irritation or allergy.
No external injuries, lacerations, or ligature marks, but Look, there is abnormal discoloration of the skin.
Here on the shoulders, and along the chest.
The epidermis is rough, hard.
This type of trauma is usually associated with chemical exposure.
Two dead doves, one dead bride Looks like "fowl" play to me.
Team CSI: New-York Moustou, Cpt Archer, Bendef et Cordesh Shadow et Cordesh Season 1 - Episode 15 Til Death Do We Part Gives new meaning to the words "cold feet.
" You know, if I would say something like that, you'd call me insensitive.
No, I would have asked you if you wanted to grab a drink later.
I'm attracted to a man with a dark sense of humor.
You two want to be alone?? I'll drag the body outside.
- Sorry, Mac.
- She started it.
So, what do you got on the bride?? Well, other than the alcohol the maid of honor said they consumed last night and the champagne that they drank this morning, Hannah Bloom was in perfect health.
She did complain of a headache and dizziness during the wedding photos, but everyone just assumed that it was a hangover.
- And the birds?? - Fed only the finest seed.
They were part of the hotel's deluxe wedding package.
They were placed in the basket just before the wedding party marched down the aisle.
That rules out suffocation.
Doesn't rule out poison.
- But what's the motive?? - The motive to kill two birds and a bride on her wedding day?? This one I want to hear.
Start by processing the bridal suite.
I'm gonna find out how and if our bride was poisoned.
Hannah and her bridesmaids really trashed this place.
Please, sir?? Sir?? Please?! I am sorry, but you cannot come marching in I am here about my daughter, Hannah Bloom.
Who's in charge here?? - Is there a supervisor here?? - Abe?? Abe, please I can't believe you did this, Walter.
You know how Lin and I feel about this.
- Mr.
Bloom, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.
You cannot go - Jenny?? Thank you.
I'll take care of it.
I'm Dr.
Sheldon Hawkes, the pathologist.
- You cannot perform an autopsy on my daughter.
- I want to know what happened to my wife.
The sooner there's an autopsy She is not your wife.
There was never a wedding, Walter.
She's my daughter, and she died - We're Jewish.
- Orthodox?? Traditional.
That's-that's how how Hannah would describe us.
You do it because you believe it, not because you fear it.
That's what she always said.
I have, uh contacted a Rabbi to say a prayer over the body.
So, no incisions are to be made until then.
And afterwards, only what's absolutely necessary.
Of course I'll do what I can to respect your wishes.
But any significant delay could compromise the autopsy and our findings as to the cause of death.
I appreciate that.
But if you'll just be patient Okay.
Dispatch, we're headed to Staten Island Monastery.
We found an abandoned car and a hand.
- What do you mean, just a hand?? - A hand.
A right hand, to be exact.
Below the wrist.
All fingers intact.
- You didn't find anything else?? - I haven't gone in yet.
What??! Flack, you little scaredy cat.
You don't believe these stories about this place being haunted?? I was doing my job, Aiden.
Getting statements from witnesses.
- Stella, you smell that?? - Yeah, chicken.
Uh, but I did hear the one about the monk who went crazy and killed the others is true.
The One-Two-Two gets calls of strange noises coming from this place all the time.
Will you stop?? That's just an old urban legend.
Uh, Aiden, I think you'd better hold Flack's hand.
Yeah, okay.
Ladies first.
So, which way do we go-- left or right?? Left.
Officer Tucker said to keep walking till we feel a little draft, then look down.
- And we should see it.
- This place is old.
Been vacant for about 50 years.
A lot of high school kids hang out here.
Initiations, gangs, satanic rituals.
It's a good place to get high or get laid.
Got something here.
All right.
Okay the legend of the Staten Island Monastery continues.
Now that's kind of creepy.
Only question is, where's the rest of him?? Hey, guys?? Looks like he saw a ghost.
Dermal tissue?? He chewed his own hand off.
It was his only way out.
Looks like someone was trying to dig a hole.
Or a grave.
There's nothing there.
I found a buck-50 and a bus pass in his pocket.
It's the only thing they give you when you get off the transport bus at Queens Plaza.
That's right.
Our dead guy's an ex-con.
Where are we towing the vehicle, Detective?? From Staten Island to the CSI garage.
This is Dispatch.
Go ahead.
You got an address on this SUV?? We're structural engineers.
Just here to take some measurements.
Our company is surveying the space for Belcrest University.
They're thinking about buying the property.
You know, renovating it.
- Who found the hand?? - Me.
I sort of tripped right over it.
Thought it was just a rock or something.
Picked it up to toss it away.
- And, uh - And then he came and got me.
And we called you guys.
Didn't think you'd find a whole body down there, though.
You said you were here last week?? Preliminary stuff-- sketching the building, going over the plans.
Did you see anything?? Anyone?? - Anything unusual?? - No.
- Not like this.
- Okay, thank you, guys.
Ran the plates on the vehicle.
It was reported stolen four days ago.
Owners live in Queens.
- Doesn't make sense.
- What?? You get out of jail, you steal a car and your first stop is an abandoned monastery?? Clearly evidence of alcohol use by the brides and the bridesmaids.
Mostly just wine and champagne.
I figured maybe they were enhancing their high, you know?? - You tested for GHB?? - Yeah.
The only thing that came up red was my positive control.
I found a hypodermic needle.
Figured that was connected to drug use.
- No ? - No.
Noticed a lot of water bottles around the room.
Ecstasy makes you thirsty.
I couldn't even get a trace of nicotine from backwash.
If the poisoning was intentional, the answer should have been in that suite.
Move on to plan B.
What's plan B ? Birds.
What's that all about ? Jewish tradition requires that the body be watched at all times, because the soul doesn't leave until the burial.
Well, I understand how he must feel, losing someone so close to you so suddenly.
- You have an ETA on the Rabbi ? - I'm going to give it another hour.
After that, my duty is to the city and our investigation.
Printed your vic.
Name's Rick Amadori.
He's got quite a rap sheet.
I'm listing the cause of death as exsanguination.
But starvation and hypothermia are running a close second and third.
He also suffered trauma to the side of the head due to blunt force.
Let me see.
- Black trace here.
- Yeah.
- I collected a sample for you.
- Thank you.
Whoever hit him, swung hard enough to knock him out, but not to kill him.
He would have lived a lot longer if he hadn't chewed off his own hand.
- You see these ? - Laceration on the knuckles ? Yeah, probably suffered by throwing a punch to someone's jaw.
The recipient's mouth was open, his canines sliced into the surface of the knuckles.
Happened within 48 hours of death.
Healing was slowed due to lack of food and nutrition.
The fact that he was chained there, starving and freezing to death.
Here's the last of show-and-tell.
- Meatball surgery.
- Very recent.
You get what you can in jail.
Take a look at this.
Obviously he was stabbed.
And They didn't remove the tip of the shank.
They just stitched it up.
Now, if you stab a guy that deep in the stomach, there's a good chance he's going to bleed to death.
- And if he doesn't die, you may try again.
- Yeah.
We need to find who was on the other end of that shank.
- Cleaning products.
- Same chemical compounds found in the stomach and lungs of our doves were found on the interior of the basket.
Somebody actually wanted these birds dead.
It wasn't an accident.
They knew they'd be trapped inside the basket.
- They suffered respiratory failure.
- Probably 200 or more employees at that hotel that have access to those type of cleaning products.
But only certain people would have access to the doves, the cleaning products and the basket.
We know it was you, Della.
There are only three people have access to the doves and of those three, you were the only one working that day.
Why would you kill the birds ? I know you punched in at 8:00, and you punched out at 10:00 am.
- Right around the time the birds took a dive.
- Cruelty to animals is a crime, Della.
You know what, maybe we're going about this the wrong way.
Maybe this isn't about the birds.
- Why'd you kill Hannah Bloom ? - I didn't kill that woman.
- She speaks.
- All right, maybe that wasn't part of your plan.
You just had no idea things could go so wrong.
Nobody dies from ammonia and toilet bowl cleaner.
What happened to that woman was terrible.
But it had nothing to do with me.
- You just wanted the birds dead.
- I came up with that idea, okay ? I did, the doves in the heart, shaped basket.
I trained those birds.
And then the hotel and the head of catering took all the money, all of it.
It's not going to happen anymore.
Thank you.
Can you escort her out, please ? She definitely didn't kill Hannah Bloom.
Yeah, Amadori and I, we got into it a couple times.
But after that, we was cool.
That's how you earn your stripes in here.
You gotta show 'em what you're capable of.
He was getting out within a month.
And besides, how could I kill him ? I'm in here.
I'm sure you know people who know people.
I'm not gonna waste a valuable favor from someone on the outside on a guy like Amadori.
What about his friends ? He say he was going to see anybody when he got out ? Amadori don't got friends.
He has enemies that friendly give up.
What was the fight about ? He has a big appetite.
He stole my food tray in the cafeteria.
Happened one too many times.
So you stabbed him ? Come on.
What did he do to you ? I'd show you the rest but they might add a few more years onto my stay.
Put your shirt down.
How many of these have you done ? Oh, six or seven.
Doesn't happen too often.
Praised is the righteous judge.
Thank you.
No match to the bride or each other.
The bride was poisoned and the birds were poisoned, but their deaths are completely unrelated.
The discoloration of Hannah Bloom's skin is the result of coagulation necrosis of the skin.
Tissue death due to clots in the bloodstream.
- A result of exposure to what ? - Formaldehyde.
And it wasn't orally ingested.
There is no trauma to the lining of the esophagus.
- Inhalation.
Through the nose.
- And through the skin.
Toxicity was accelerated by the victim's intake of alcohol, a contributing factor to the cause of death.
Alcohol expands the blood vessels, increasing absorption into the bloodstream, as well as through the skin.
Hannah could have come in contact with formaldehyde any number of ways.
How do you come in contact with enough to kill you ? - Could have been an accident.
- Could have been murder.
- You teach at New York University ? - Yes.
Biology and Botany.
- You have access to formaldehyde ? - It's a chemical found in most science labs.
You have access to large quantities of formaldehyde ? Yes Look, I was her maid of honor.
Why would I want to kill her ? Curly dark hair.
Looks a lot like yours.
You ever see Hanna in her wedding dress ? Before the ceremony, I mean? No.
Hannah was adamant about tradition.
Well, I found this on her dress.
Okay ? On the buttons of her sleeve.
It's male.
And it looks a lot like yours.
- Yeah, you said that.
- I did, didn't I? We found this in the lining of Hannah's wedding dress.
Doesn't belong to Hannah.
She's a brunette.
You're a natural blonde.
You dated Walter before he met Hannah ? Yes, Audrey and I went out a couple times.
What does that have to do with my Hannah's death? Just questions I need to ask you.
Is this now a murder investigation? Am I a suspect ? Is Audrey a suspect ? Walter dumped me and I was angry, but I got over it.
Look, Walter introduced to me to Hannah.
I liked her.
We became friends.
What motive do I possibly have to kill her ? Walter Lisco is worth over $50 million.
Well, I promised my mother I'd marry for love.
Who couldn't love $50 million dollars ? I snuck into the bridal suite to see Hannah.
- It was a perfect opportunity to poison her.
- No.
I wanted to surprise her.
Audrey was in there.
What are you doing ? Just imagining what it could have been.
Audrey, take it off.
Can I give the groom a kiss at least ? I tried the wedding dress on.
That's all.
She bought at a resale shop anyway.
I figured there wasn't any harm in just trying it on.
Somebody else had already worn it.
I just tried it on.
Hey, Flack, go right back up those steps.
We're on our way out.
Stella, makes me nervous when you have plans.
Okay, we know two things about this case.
- Where Rick Amadori ended up - The monastery.
- And where he started.
- Queen's Plaza - right off the bus from jail.
- Exactly.
Now, we gotta fill in the middle.
I want to know everywhere he went and everything he did before he got to that monastery.
- I'm driving.
- No, please, let me drive.
You at least got a cracker or a piece of candy in the glove box ? - Why ? - Because when you drive, we don't eat.
Got off the bus about four days ago.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, he'd been in here maybe two minutes before he caused a big old thing about a seat at the booth.
A big old thing? Yeah, him and this other thug that got off the bus with him.
They were throwing punches until my manager kicked them both up out of here.
Did they continue their big old thing outside? No, they went in two different directions.
First guy, he took off.
And then, if I remember right, when I went outside five minutes later, I saw this one driving away.
Can you describe the car? Gray SUV, I think.
Are you sure it was only five minutes later? Yeah.
Thank you so much.
The owners of the car said it was taken from outside their house.
That's 20 minutes from here.
Rick Amadori had just gotten off the corrections bus.
I mean, he didn't have time to steal a car.
There must have been somebody with him.
Maybe he had a partner.
Yeah, a partner who may have killed him.
Lady, I've got a possible suspect, with motive.
Okay, show me what you got.
Lifted prints off the gun I found in the car.
No match in AFIS, but found traces of flesh under the nails of "the hand.
" Rick Amadori's hand.
We sent it to DNA.
There were no matches in CODIS.
All right.
So, there's still a chance it's the ex-con that Amadori punched at the coffee shop.
Or any New Yorker who's never been arrested.
-Oh, come on.
Patience -Well -Look The DNA had one allele on 13 loci in common with another name in the database.
That name is Victor Mulcahy.
So, we're looking for a close male relative of Victor's.
He has a son.
What's his motive? Rick Amadori killed Victor Mulcahy three years ago in a bar fight.
My guess is, Victor's son was seeking revenge.
Well, if you're right, he got it.
You steal a car four days ago, Connor? No.
See? This is not going to go well for you.
You're already starting off with a lie.
We printed you when you came in here, Connor.
You want to change your answer? No.
Then I'm gonna change it for you.
Your prints were on the steering wheel, the rearview mirror, the radio and the gun we found under the seat.
That doesn't mean I stole the car.
A friend of mine gave me a ride.
Was that friend Rick Amadori? Did you kill him? How'd you get that scratch? I fell.
Hey, you know what? We have all day.
Keep playing.
You can be charged with murder in ten minutes or two hours.
Personally, I don't care.
Foster care can get kinda lonely, huh? How many homes have you lived in since your father was killed? I forget.
I'm not in the foster care program anymore.
Looks like you got into a lot of fights.
"Connor is more trouble than he's worth disrespectful, unable to communicate violent" Does that sound about right? Look, my father was murdered when I was 14 years old.
They packed my stuff up and sent me to live with strangers.
What? You want a confession? I did it.
I-I knew when he was getting out, and I was waiting for him there at the bus station when he got off at Queens Plaza! I killed him.
You feel better now? Not a single picture of his dad.
Hey, check this out.
It was a bar fight.
Amadori threw one punch; it killed Victor Mulcahy.
This kid has collected everything he could on Rick Amadori.
He's even got the name of his parole officer.
Doesn't mean he killed him.
Any D.
would say that this was proof that it was premeditated.
But this kid wouldn't admit that he stole a car, and yet he confessed to murder just like that.
He killed a man.
He's a little mixed up.
He didn't know what to say, so the truth just came out.
Yeah, so, you commit murder.
Wouldn't you get out of town? I mean, we knock on the door, and he's here.
He killed the man who killed his father.
Maybe he didn't care what happened after that.
I'm still not convinced; I'm just not convinced he did it.
The evidence is not conclusive, Flack.
Stella, his prints were on the gun and the car.
You found his DNA under Rick Amadori's nails.
Yeah, under layers of dirt.
Which proves that Amadori was still alive after he scratched Connor.
That gives us our timeline.
But what's wrong with good old-fashioned motive? What more do you need? The motive doesn't put him in that monastery.
You got a car that puts him outside of it.
"Outside"-- keyword.
Come on! Not at the crime scene.
There's a long list of people who wanted to see Amadori dead.
I'm starting with that next name.
I'm done.
I'm going to the D.
Mac, I found our killer.
Who is it? It's not whowhat Tox came back from the wedding gown.
Every fiber of that dress contains a large concentration of formaldehyde.
Hannah Bloom was killed by her wedding dress? No other explanation.
Tell me how that eliminates Audrey Davis as a suspect? She was with the bride for two days, had access to her room and the wedding gown.
She had access to laboratory- grade formaldehyde, not a solution consistent with the formaldehyde that killed Hannah Bloom.
If there was so much of it, why didn't Hannah smell it? Also found traces of a deodorizing powder.
And get this-- the most potent concentration of the formaldehyde was found on the lining.
On the inside of the dress.
It seeped into the dress from the inside? What are you thinking? Audrey Davis said that Hannah bought the dress at a resale shop.
Expensive clothes worn, resold Formaldehyde is in embalming fluid, and the dress absorbed the toxin from the inside out.
Danny, Hannah Bloom's wedding gown came off the body of a dead person.
Oh, yeah, I remember her.
Last-minute shopper.
She was very excited about the dress.
There are only two other like it made by the same designer.
And who did you buy the dress from? Oh, it was new guy.
Came in with some quality stuff.
I got receipt right here Somewhere.
Uh Oh, yeah.
Here it is.
John Smith.
John Smith? That's the name he gave me.
I don't ask too many questions.
He bring in a wedding dress and two suits.
I pay him good money for them, huh? No address or phone number? No place of employment? Like I say You don't ask too many questions.
This is cash business, you know? You bring in some clothes, I only ask if they are clean.
If I like them, I buy them, I sell them.
Cash only.
Can you give us a description of this John Smith? A lot of people come in here Other than the wedding dress, did you sell anything else he brought in? No.
Did he mention where he got the clothes? I don't ask too many questions.
It's cash business, you know? Truman, we'll need to take the other two items you bought from John Smith.
Yeah, sure, sure.
I get them for you.
I tell you what.
You two look around.
You see anything you like, I'll make you a sweet deal, huh? So, what's next? We answer the first question we asked.
Why did Rick Amadori go to the Staten Island Monastery? Here we go.
Wanna swab that? He didn't want to lose this letter.
This was really important to him.
All right, stop right there.
It's definitely right-side-up.
The arrow definitely indicates direction.
So, is it 15 miles, Okay, I'm just gonna go with whatever comes to mind.
What if that small "t" wasn't a "t" but a cross? Maybe it means intersection or hospital or - Church.
- Or monastery.
That's it.
The cross indicates the front of the monastery.
It's definitely a map.
We know it's not on 15th Street.
And you can't go From the steps.
That's exactly where he was digging.
He wasn't digging a shallow grave.
He was digging for something in the ground.
Yeah, but there wasn't anything there.
We processed the scene.
I used ground penetration radar.
Stella, someone set him up.
You lured him to the monastery, didn't you? What did you tell him was there? Buried money? You knew he would go.
And then I killed him? No, you had someone else do it.
You got a vivid imagination, lady.
I'm in jail.
Nah, this is just the appetizer.
Pack your stuff; you're going upstate.
Having any fun? I'm always having fun.
It's the best part of the job-- putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
I got a call from Flack.
I can't believe he brought you into this.
You know what? If he wants to arrest the kid, then fine.
But I'm not going to court to testify that the evidence was conclusive.
No, Stella No, this kid has had a bum rap every step of the way.
I mean, his mother dies when he's young.
His father gets murdered.
-He gets into .
-Stella? - The foster care system, which is a beaut, let me tell you.
And now he may be convicted of a crime that he didn't commit, - and Flack had no right - Stella ? Stella ?! What ? Your cell phone is off, and you haven't checked your messages.
Flack called to say that he wouldn't go to the D.
until you both agree, and that he didn't mean to be so I think he said "thick.
" Oh.
Guess I may have overreacted a little.
You didn't have to be so quick with your "yeah.
" Here's the jail visitors log.
Thank you.
Bobby Lugano-- he's got quite a few visits from Lance Moretti.
Best part of the job.
????? What you got for me, Danny ? I found large concentrations of embalming fluid and the same deodorizer we found on the wedding dress on both the suits.
Find any traces of the original owners ? Nothing in the pockets.
Hair fibers everywhere.
But they're all telogen, so there's no DNA.
Someone who works in the funeral business is removing expensive clothing from the dead and then selling the items for profit.
Lot of mortuaries in New York City.
How do we find this guy ? Let's try dusting the buttons and zippers.
Whoever's doing this had to undress the bodies, right ? So, there's a chance there's a partial print.
Cross our fingers he's in AFIS.
We gotta do something.
Cause somewhere in this city, someone could be wearing another killer outfit.
Gordon Samuels.
He just stepped off the curb to flag a cab.
Girlfriend says they wereout partying last night, celebrating his promotion.
She doesn't know where he got the suit.
Could possibly be the initials of the previous owner.
I'll start with the obituaries and DNA.
Coagulation necrosis.
Same discoloration and skin irritation as Hannah Bloom.
Means our mystery mortician's selling to more than one shop.
We've got to find this guy.
- Yo ! - Yo.
I've narrowed the obituaries down to five initial "PD"s who died in the last three months.
Any of them named Peyton Davis ? Bachelor number three.
- Found traces of his DNA on the handkerchief.
- Right Found him in CODIS.
He was twice convicted of robbery.
- Held up a couple clothing stores.
- Now, that's justice, huh ? Guy's lying naked in the ground somewhere.
So, he died two weeks ago and was buried by Swinton Mortuaries.
I really appreciate you guys coming back here on such short notice.
- Sure.
- I was hoping you could, uh - answer a few questions for me.
- Yeah, sure.
Uh, Henry how stable is this building ? On a scale of one to ten.
About a four, maybe.
It's pretty old.
So, you would have to know about the structure and strength of these walls in order to drill a hole, place a hook in there, attach some shackles that would hold a 200-pound guy, in hopes that the wall wouldn't fall on him.
- Oh, yeah.
- Right.
And Lance, you said that you were taking measurements when you found the hand, right ? Yes.
Can you show me how that's done ? Mind if I try it ? Thanks.
Oh, wow ! Looks light.
It's actually really heavy, huh ? Yeah, you could take somebody out with this, right ? Is that how it was done ? What ? We found traces of rubber on Rick Amadori's head.
He didn't even see it coming, did he ? And what happened next ? Lady you're crazy.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, sure you do, Lance.
He was digging for money that wasn't even there.
Lugano wanted you to know he hasn't forgotten.
Hey! Don't you leave me here ! I'm gonna hunt you down.
I'm gonna find you! - It was payback.
- Starve him to death.
Right? Is that what Lugano wanted ? I mean, it all started over food, it was going to end that way.
Henry, tell them we just came in and found the body.
We found a hand Lance.
Just a hand.
That's right, Lance.
You know the body was here.
It was all your idea.
You scouted out this place a couple of days before.
It was the perfect place to chain up Amadori.
Nobody would find the body for weeks or months.
This is crazy.
That's probably what you were thinking when Henry got the call to come back.
You had to make a decision.
Yeah, you decided to cover your own ass, find Rick yourself.
And then you got creative.
Just find the hand.
- Didn't want to make it too obvious.
- Hey, I don't know anything about this.
We know that, Mr.
But you do.
You owe Lugano.
I read the witness accounts.
You were the unidentified guy.
The two of you broke into a home.
He got caught, you got away.
He didn't flip on you, so you owe him.
I've got visitation logs, a shackle, and somewhere on this little gadget, Rick Amadori's blood.
I Lugano said he'd kill me if I didn't do it.
When he got out, he'd hunt me down and kill me.
And he would, too.
He would.
Henry, I came down here to let him go.
I was gonna let him go if he was still alive.
But he wasn't.
How many more pieces of clothing are out there, John? I want a lawyer.
You're gonna need one.
Desecration of countless burials, theft, two counts of murder.
That beautiful, young woman died on her wedding day.
I made a mistake.
I wasn't thinking of the chemicals in the fabric of the clothing I just thought I could make some extra money.
How many more pieces of clothing are out there, John? One.
I swear to you, just one.
Hey, guys? Can I have a minute? Why'd you say you did it? Let me tell you something.
You do not want to end up in the system.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
I know what it's like-- not to have parents.
So, don't crown yourself the poster boy of that little crisis, okay? There's a lot of us out there, and it's tough.
But the alternative is not jail.
It wasn't about that.
Then what? I punked out, all right? Whoa, hey, kid.
I just got out of jail.
I don't got anything you want.
Stupid punk! I said I did it, because I I wanted it to be true.
Rick Amadori killed my dad, and he was charged with a misdemeanor.
They couldn't prove that he intended to do it.
And you get less than a year for that.
So, you took care of it.
He was my dad.
One punch You'll most likely end up getting probation for the auto theft.
You said there's a lot of "us" out there.
You were in foster care? I lived at St.
Basil's Orphanage ever since I can remember.
Until I was 18.
Did you ever meet your folks? No.
You're lucky.
How's that? You don't know what you're missing.
It's a fingerprint.
Lifted off the steering column of the car you stole.
Until that moment.
you had no rap sheet, no mug shot, prints weren't in the system.
Now it's up to you whether or not that thumbprint comes up as a match in AFIS.
And if it does.
the only person you can blame is yourself.
You understand? a bond everlasting in the eyes of our Lord.
If anyone here feels that these two should not be joined in marriage, - speak now or forever hold your peace - I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
- I'm gonna have to stop you.
- Who are you? NYPD crime scene investigator.
Sir, I'm gonna have to get you out of that suit.
What is this about? I'm here to save your life - So you can live happily ever after.
- Excuse me.
Just come with me, please.
Do you have an extra pair of pants?