CSI: NY s01e16 Episode Script


Out of the truck ! Get out of the truck ! Move ! Shooter fires three times only hits the driver once ? They were kids.
Oldest one was 15.
We picked'em up Their truck ran out of gas.
How's our vic ? EMTs said he'll be okay.
He took one in the shoulder.
You didn't really wake us up this early in the morning to tell us that you already solved the case, did you, Flack ? - Figured you'd want to check this out.
- Okay.
That's a lot of blood.
Could be human.
It's still wet.
Our mystery donor is between the container and the flatbed.
And it looks like he's going to need a hand getting out.
You're lucky we still got a qualified operator on-site.
This is a bit more than a bag and tag.
I'm gonna call Hawkes.
Tell him to bring his spatula.
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This is only half a body.
- Where's the rest of him ? - Out there somewhere.
Well, good luck with that.
I'm looking for Mac Taylor.
I'm Detective Taylor.
I'm Kevin Hannigan, facilities foreman.
I'm hearing rumors about you shutting down my terminal.
Hannigan, part of a man's torso was found under a container that came from this terminal.
We're going to need to track back through every place it's been to find the rest of him.
I can't just shut down this port while you guys browse around.
$100 billion worth of cargo comes through here every year.
500 million a day.
You want to mess around with that kind of money ? We're here investigating a fatality, Mr.
We'd appreciate your cooperation.
We're going to need access to your tracking databases.
All right, fine.
Hey, Tiny ! These guys want to see the route numbers on this box the dead guy's on.
Take'em to the office.
Get the crew working ! All right, let's go.
What are you guys standing around for ? Go back to works.
The office is this way.
Yeah, I would.
I wouldn't worry about it.
I would I'd Hey, you want to identify yourselves ? - Excuse me ? - Uh-uh-uh, I'm not recognizing the faces.
- You want to identify yourselves ? - Who are you ? The crime scene troll ? We got to identify ourselves ? You see the kits.
You know who we are.
We're not here to fish.
Who the hell are you ? Detective Vicaro.
Yeah ? Danny Messer, Aiden Burn.
One Two This is our crime scene.
So why don't you do me a favor and stop busting my friggin'onions and fill me in on the dead woman behind you.
on the side of the road.
I responded and here I am.
Good for you.
- Thank you.
- Aiden, do me a favor, tell him what's what.
We got it from here, Vicaro.
I'll bet you do, bet you do, CSI.
She looks pretty mangled.
So does this tree.
We got an indention here in the bark.
Not to mention some blood.
You see this ? - Headlight glass all over the ground.
- Yep.
No detail.
I don't know, maybe she was a hitchhiker.
Who hitchhikes nude ? I don't know.
Maybe vehicular manslaughter followed by rape ? First thing I learned in this job : anybody can do anything to anyone.
Charlie, move your ass.
I'm busy, let's go.
We got a tracking code on that trailer ? Yeah, this number came off the driver's manifest.
The victim's blood was still wet, so time of death is likely within the last few hours.
This indicates exactly where the container's been in the last 12 hours, correct ? Yup.
Can you make a copy of this, please ? If it'll get you outta my hair.
Thank you.
All right.
This is where we start.
Got a little blood over here.
Our DOA's better half.
The container from the truck was here when ? Hey ! What's the matter with you guys ? Brenneman, you sick of having a job ? I told you not to move anything until I say so ! Sir, I asked these men to move the container.
Port Authority's on the way.
Now that we have a body, the M.
's office takes charge of it until it's identified.
Then we'll wait for him, too.
That won't be necessary.
You're looking at him.
Hawkes what's under the sheet ? "Spatula man.
" You don't want to know any more than that.
Prints on your roadside girl.
Still a Jane Doe.
What got me curious as a cat in a fish house were these candy cane ligature marks along her body starting just below the neck and the collar bone, continuing across the chest pelvis just under and over each kneecap ending at the base of the ankles.
She was tied up.
Rope, maybe, or tape ? Well, rope and tape are haphazard tools of restraint, usually used in haste.
The resulting bruises would look off-center and random.
Look at this bruising.
It's evenly spaced across the body.
Precision binding.
The bruising is too precise to be duct tape, too clean on the edges to be rope.
Straps, maybe ? Someone tied her to a tree and then rammed her ? Move it up ! I'm way ahead of you, C.
I found your vehicle.
Got an '04 F-150.
As you can see, we got a damaged front end here.
Got a metal hitch on the front grill.
I'll tell you something, if you can figure that out you got my respect.
We found this pick-up about a mile east of Clearview Expressway.
I figured you two'd want to take a sniff.
I ran the plate.
Anything else I can do you for ? But you didn't go through the truck, right ? Come on, get out of here.
I got another call.
I take that as a "no.
" What the hell is this thing ? What the hell is this thing ? Both airbags are deployed.
I got glass on the passenger side floor.
No obvious source.
Out of context, I gotta be honest.
I don't get this.
Got a bag of something here.
What have you got ? Latex body suit.
Pulp Fiction.
Look at the teeth impressions.
Must've got that through an impact.
What is this ? "Place shoulders here" This girl was strapped upside down.
What the hell was going on with this woman ? Wow.
Good job.
He actually almost looks human.
I'm thinking that if I can piece him together, I can get a clearer idea of the exact cause of death.
Well, we do have an ID on him.
His name's Paddy Dolan.
He was a longshoreman.
He died a hard death.
Crushed by the container, but the defensive position of his hands makes me think He saw it coming.
Guy really went through the wringer.
You see these tears ? - Broken bones pierced the skin.
- Jagged, irregular wounds.
But this isn't from a bone.
It's too clean and pointed at the end.
- It's a knife wound.
- Yeah.
This guy wasn't just crushed to death.
He was stabbed first, and then they lowered the container on him.
It's a cover-up.
Wojewedski, we identified the remains we found last night as a Mr.
Paddy Dolan.
A longshoreman.
Anyone have it in for him ? He was a lifer.
Bound to create a few enemies along the way.
I mean, the docks get pretty rough.
You ever see that Brando flick ? - Anyway, maybe it was just an accident.
- He was stabbed before he was crushed.
Who would have seen him last night ? He had his usual crew on.
They pulled a double, so they're still on call, filling in wherever.
That's them over there loading the truck.
Hey, don't keep'em too long, okay ? Don't wanna have to re-train'em.
Moraga, when was the last time you saw Paddy Dolan ? Last night.
You were working last night ? - Yeah.
I didn't see him after 10:30.
- You didn't wonder where he was ? He was the boss, you know.
Busy all the time.
Look, I gotta get back to work, okay ? Sorry.
It was like, you know, you have your work to do, and that's it.
- Was Paddy a good boss ? - Yeah, he was a good guy.
Looked out for his crew.
- He had a reputation.
- He was running this whole place.
It's not an easy job.
He never did anything to me.
He was a supervisor, you know.
Collect a fat check, don't really lift a finger.
Not a lot of people liked him.
Honestly, he treated folks bad.
Hey ! Move it ! You think I'm paying you to stand around ? You got any idea who might have killed Dolan ? Man, we're not even supposed to be talking to you.
We'll lose our jobs in a second.
Maybe not just the job.
I got a wife and a couple of kids.
She don't have work papers, so she can't get a job.
Anything happens to me the kids, they, they go hungry.
That for decoration ? We need them for work.
We all carry them.
Sorry Mike.
I'm going to need to take that.
The real crime is going on right here.
Every day.
Right under your nose.
- I want their hardware, too.
- You got it.
It's nice to get out of the city, uh ? The registred owner of the F-150 is a Ron Bogda.
Married to Debbie Bogda.
What do you think ? Think she's our dead body ? We'll find out.
Actually, you're gonna find out.
Me ? Oh, no.
Isn't it your turn to break the bad news ? Don't get all Oliver North on me, Aiden.
All right ? It's your turn and you know it.
- All right.
- Go ahead.
Bogda, do you know this woman ? Yeah, that's my wife, Debbie.
We're sorry for your loss.
You want a glass of water, Mr.
Bogda ? Want to take a minute ? We have some follow up questions that we need to ask you.
Yes, that's our truck.
Debbie uses it when she works in the city.
Bogda, your wife was in a car accident, but we suspect that she was involved in a fetish stunt of some sort.
My wife is a very decent and conservative woman.
You sure there isn't a chance that she was into something but she just didn't tell you about it ? The truth is Debbie and I live separate lives during the week.
She works in an office in Manhattan and and sleeps at the Waldorf.
I I never question what what she does when she's away.
How'd you get that cut above your eye ? My my daughter kicked a soccer ball in my face the other day and uh broke my glasses.
The glasses are inside.
All All I have left are the frames.
One of the lens shattered.
I think you might've left pieces of that other lens in your F-150.
We're gonna need those glasses.
Somebody call for some oils ? What are you, a scientist or a massage therapist ? Why ? You want a rubdown or a refractive index test ? These are our samples ? Try to match these glasses from a suspect to a shard of glass we found in his truck.
The halo effect, around the glass fragment.
It's called a Becke line.
Watch what happens when I raise the focus.
Oh The line's moving away from the fragment.
It means that the oil has a higher refractive index than the fragment.
So so what happens when the oil and the glass match ? There's no optical difference between the oil and the glass.
You can't see the boundary line, and the fragment magically disappears.
It's still there.
That's because your unknown fragment had a different refractive index than these glasses.
They're not the same glass.
Rob Bogda may not be our man.
I'll do some more tests.
See if I can't find out what kind of glass it is.
I just finished processing those knives.
I can't turn my back for a second.
I just picked up where you left off.
All right, none of our dockworkers'knives match the dimensions of the stab hole in Paddy Dolan's shirt.
When I processed them, none of them had any trace of blood, and Sean Bally's knife was really immaculate.
What worker keeps their tools so clean ? - That isn't a science-obsessed criminalist.
- Hmm I pulled something interesting off one of the pant legs of Paddy Dolan's jeans.
Take a look.
Insect eggs.
Why would those be on Paddy Dolan's jeans ? Especially this time of year.
Determine the species, you determine the source.
I'm going to find out what would inspire Sean Bally to spit-shine his knife the day after Paddy Dolan was stabbed.
I like to keep my tools clean.
You think I stabbed Dolan ? With this ? - What happened ? - It was a week ago.
Dolan liked to finish a load early so he could take a long lunch.
Yeah, Paddy thought it was funny.
You didn't report it ? I put in a claim, I kiss any overtime good-bye.
and things happen to people who talk too much around here.
Found my bug.
The southern pine beetle.
Dendroctonus frontalis.
Way out of its natural habitat, southeastern U.
all the way to Nicaragua.
Sounds like a sunshine bug.
You can tell by the sunglasses and little shorts.
The question is, how did they get on Paddy Dolan's work pants in New York, in February ? Must have hitched a ride in an empty container returning from the south.
What was Paddy Dolan doing in the empty container ? He was a boss, he wouldn't get his hands dirty.
One thing's for sure, he wasn't working.
Let's go talk to Mr.
Well, this is the last of the bunch.
Are we almost done here ? You normally lock containers that are due to be returned overseas ? No.
Wanna open this one ? We'll take it from here, Mr.
At least this one's still in one piece.
James Prineman, dock worker number two.
Same address as Mike Prineman.
They're brothers.
Second longshoreman dead in as many days.
- Dangerous job.
- In more ways than one.
Multiple blunt force trauma to the head.
Fractured orbital and maxillary bones, primarily on the left side.
Somebody used him as a punching bag.
With some sort of brass knuckles for that extra oomph.
Very little decomp even though bleed-out puts death at a couple of days ago.
- Couple of days ? - Mm-hmm.
The body must've been put in that container at Cutter's Hook Terminal and was preserved by the cold.
And his clothes were covered with these bugs.
- Dendroctonus - Frontalis.
I've become quite the bug expert.
It's the same beetle that we found on Paddy Dolan's jeans.
Okay, so if this guy died a couple of days ago, that would've given Paddy Dolan enough time to be involved in his death.
Even if he wasn't involved, he was still in that container.
Why ? A latex body suit holds prints like a sponge holds water.
If you take the bottom, I'll take the top.
No, I like being on top.
You're getting all freaky on me because we drew a bondage case ? You wish.
Hit the lights.
All right, what do we got here.
I got something.
Let me get set up.
Jennifer Stupaine.
That's the West Village.
Ah, you must be the Andersons.
You're late for class.
Yeah, traffic was murder.
Nice to see you both back again.
- Oh, honey, I think the Andersons - Oh, come on in.
There's plenty of room.
I am Jennifer Stupaine, and this is my John, and we're And we're here to teach you how to practice safe bondage.
More specifically, forniphilia, the art of human furniture.
This is Diana, our chandelier, hanging up here, and over here is David, our side table.
We also have machinery brought to you by Garage Joe.
He is our resident mechanic.
And these are just a few of his contraptions of pleasure.
- May I ? - Good choice.
So, please, feel free to buy.
Hey ! NYPD ! He's gone.
How long is she gonna hang like that ? Until we tell her to come down.
Same with the side table.
They are furniture, and they should be treated as such.
Well, we're taking, um, Garage Joe's contraptions back to our lab, all right ? Um, does this Garage Joe have a last name ? We only know him as Garage Joe.
We don't require background checks for people who take our seminar.
And everything we're doing is perfectly legal.
We're licensed and bonded, so Ms.
Stupaine, what's with all the base on your eye ? Base ? But Yeah, you're concealing a black eye with base makeup.
I see it on abused women cases all the time.
Oh, it's it's not abuse.
It's a donkey punch.
Jennifer likes it in the face, not the ribs.
No, no, no.
I know what that is.
I-I I don't think so.
I mean, the bruising's distinct.
It's almost square.
Oh, and not to mention the bruising on your collarbone.
I'm gonna need you to step into the back room.
I need to photograph you.
For what ? Vehicular bruising.
Did you get that from a donkey punch, too ? The bruising goes from right to left, so that means you were on the passenger side.
Who was driving ? Well, you weren't the driver.
It's time to visit Paddy Dolan's house.
You have an address ? Yes, I do.
Mike Prineman was fired from his job at the docks.
Everybody down there saw me talking to him.
There are other jobs.
He's young, he'll be okay.
I had Flack pull his file.
Everything points to this kid being a stand-up guy, a family man.
I got to make this right, Stella.
You will.
Well, well.
The plot thickens.
Welcome to Paddy Dolan's electronic superstore.
I've been wanting a toaster.
You came to the right place.
Well, one box here, one box there, gets written off as a shipping loss.
The money goes into somebody's pocket.
Found the bank.
Just under three grand.
Maybe he had a falling-out with one of his partners in crime.
I always thought there was honor amongst thieves.
Missing brass knuckles.
Paddy Dolan did kill Jimmy Prineman.
It would seem so.
What do you see ? A lot of blood.
And our next port of call.
You guys seen your buddy Mike ? Nah, man.
Not since you got him fired.
Let's go, man.
Excuse me, lady.
Excuse me.
These guys look familiar to you ? Yeah.
Yeah, they were in the other night with those two guys that just went out the door.
Uh, it was quite the difference of opinion.
in the first six months.
You want me to pay you so I can work ? It ain't gonna happen.
You hear me ? It ain't gonna happen.
Hey, hey, hey ! Take it outside.
Did Dolan come back in ? I don't I don't remember.
But, the other guy, he, uh, he followed Dolan out.
This the guy ? No.
No, it wasn't him.
It was, uh it was him.
The bartender told us you followed Paddy Dolan out.
Yeah, I went to make sure Jimmy was okay.
I went outside, but I didn't see anything, and I went looking for him, and I never saw him again.
We're gonna have to hold you here, see if your story checks outs, Mike.
What about my kids ? It says "Robo-Spanker.
" You believe people actually make this kind of stuff ? Apparently so.
Garage Joe does.
That's got to hurt, no ? - Who wants to try it ? - No ! Try it.
That's sexual harassment, Danny.
What's this ? What's this thing ? The Guillotine ? Your head in here, your hands It's a wrap.
You're done.
This is crazy.
Actually, it looks like somebody's still in there.
Get that to Jane Parsons in DNA.
Now ! It's affirmative.
The hair from The Guillotine belongs to a Joe Strahil.
Warrants outstanding.
That good enough for you, Vicaro ? Yeah, that's good enough for me.
Here we go.
On my lead, boys.
Be on three.
One, two NYPD ! Put your hands in the air now.
Hey ! NYPD ! Stop what you're doing, put your hands in the air now.
Don't be stupid.
Easy ! Relax ! Joe Strahil, I got to tell you, I'm not at peace with this taste.
Neither am I.
Come on, let's get him up.
Where were you the night Debbie Bogda became a hood ornament on one of your fetish contraptions ? I was tied up.
At the auto shop.
Yeah, well, Debbie Bogda's dead.
She died ? Yeah, she died, is that a big shock to you ? Yes.
It is.
I made the Screamer Hitch as an optimum mode of speed and fear for those who fetish such.
Debbie was up for it.
So I sold her the art.
Then you tied her up and you took her for a ride.
No, sir.
I only sell.
You use at your own risk.
Do me a favor, stand up.
We want to check you for seat-belt bruising.
No bruises.
Hey, Jane.
I'm sorry, looks like I'm catching you on your way out.
That's all right.
What can I do for you ? Your office called about the results on our Cutter's Hook DOA ? Oh, yes, the brass knuckles.
There were two samples on the brass knuckles.
Blood from the victim, and epithelials from the assailant, which don't match Paddy Dolan.
They do come from a male donor, but I guess that's no surprise.
Brass knuckles aren't exactly a woman's choice of weapons.
So Paddy Dolan did not kill Jimmy Prineman.
Not according to the DNA.
- You get any other hits at all ? - No.
- Sorry not to be more help.
- That's all right.
Some days are like that.
I have to start all over again at the computer.
- Did you figure it out yet ? - Figure out what, the button ? Started the car.
Got that far.
Every time I press the button, the dome light goes red.
It's obviously for the person hanging upside down.
Maybe it's a signal.
I mean, how else do you communicate upside down at that speed ? Make sense.
How do you say "stop" ? Mad Chad, what's our progress on our glass ? Uh, it's a Cady Zugo lens.
They make after-market optics.
For movie cameras from Fujihama.
Sorry I couldn't be more specific.
No, no, no, this is about as specific as it gets.
I think I know how she got that square bruise on her eye.
Thanks, Chad.
How you doing, Mr.
and Mrs.
Stupaine ? We got a warrant to search your residence.
You look for the camera, I'll look for the film.
Aiden Sex, lies, and Super-8.
Stupaine who were you being filmed by while you're strapping up Debbie Bogda ? You're never going to get that out of me.
Trust is not negotiable in my world.
My function that night was simple.
Make sure Debbie Bogda had a safe experience.
Yeah, well, you did a lousy job cause we got it all on film.
The danger wasn't outside the car, it was inside.
You strapped her into the Screamer Hitch and you took her out for a drive.
But everyone got carried away, specially the driver, am I right ? When she hit the panic button, you ignored her.
All right, she's hitting the safe button.
Slow down.
Nine years of marriage and this is what gets you off ?! You want speed, sweetheart ?! You got it ! Damn it, Ron, you can't violate her trust ! Slow down ! But power over someone in a submissive position can be quite a turn-on for a guy like you, huh, Ron ? Ron that's your wife ! - Back off ! - Ow ! Ow ! That's when everyone lost control.
Ron, what are you doing ? Stop ! Ron, stop ! We don't have the rest on film, but we suspect we know what happened next.
You took her off the Screamer Hitch, you stripped her down and you left her for dead.
Upon impact, Jennifer's passenger-side airbag deployed.
But you didn't have your seat belt on, did you, Mr.
Bogda ? Got two little kids at home.
Two little kids now with no mother or no father, for what ? For what ? For some kicks ? Mr.
Bogda, you got anything to say for yourself ? Or you just gonna sit there like a piece of furniture ? You know what ? Sometimes play life's got real life consequences.
And now we're going to put the two of you in a submissive position.
- You hungry ? - Yeah.
- Get a bite to eat ? - Yeah.
I'll drive.
Put you on the hood.
Put you on the hood.
Got something ? There are GPS transmitters on every container.
This is the one we found Jimmy Prineman in.
It was supposed to stay in storage for an extra three weeks.
But we found it here in the area assigned for immediate shipment to Hong Kong.
Someone wanted this container out of here quickly.
It could only have been moved by someone with the authority and the training.
- One of the bosses.
- Mm-hmm.
The container holding Jimmy Prineman was meant to go there.
But it ended up over there on the pier.
Could Paddy Dolan have operated that crane ? I guess it's a possibility, but I doubt it.
Paddy didn't like to handle the equipment all that much.
Well Mac ! Hey ! You ! On the ground ! You want to be careful, Hannigan, using that equipment in my jurisdiction.
Someone could get hurt.
Hannigan, your DNA matched a sample we retrieved from the brass knuckles used to kill Jimmy Prineman.
And Paddy Dolan's blood is on your knife.
Dolan was a rat.
Just got his is all.
You were in the bar the same night that Jimmy Prineman was killed.
Hey, calm down ! Paddy started cutting deals with the new guys.
Time was, he'd come to me begging for a half a shift painting cables.
All of sudden he's Mr.
Employment Broker.
You want a job at the Hook, you come to me.
Sit down ! It's fine.
That's a reason to kill Jimmy ? I just wanted to teach the kid a lesson, tune him up a little.
Didn't think I'd Hey, homeboy ! You want a job ? And Paddy the Boy Scout offered to help you out.
He was my partner.
And that's what partners do.
Helped you hide the body.
- He's dead, Paddy, I killed him.
- Give me the knuckles and your shirt.
What are we going to do, Paddy ? Meet me with the body at Pier Eight in 20 minutes.
Yeah, then the son of a bitch turns around and tells me if I don't pay up, he's going to the cops.
I gave him three grand, he wanted more.
The container was just to make it look like an accident.
Hey, Leon Spinks, you got my cash ? He was still alive when that container crushed him.
Yeah, well, not for long.
We're done here.
You really made me jump today.
Glad you were paying attention.
Didn't want you to end up like Paddy Dolan.
Anyway, thanks.
That's what partners do.
Hey, wait up ! Hey, Mike.
Good to see you got your job back man.