CSI: NY s01e18 Episode Script

The Dove Commission

Dirty cops in the NYPD ? Maybe.
We'll find out tomorrow when the Dove Commission releases its long-awaited report on possible corruption in the Big Apple.
Gentlemen, I'd like to propose a toast to the Dove Commission.
Well done, gentlemen.
And to our fearless leader Commissioner Stanwyk.
All I can say is, he's a better commissioner than he is a dancer.
Welcome to the biggest case of the year.
Dead on the dance floor is the chief investigator of the Dove Commission, Dan Stanwyk.
Independent collection of judges and attorneys with one function : expose the weaknesses of the NYPD.
The last time they published their report was what 92 ? There's officers still in jail because of that document.
Word on the street is that this report is far more damaging than the one in'92.
Apparently, the Commission was having a little celebratory toast when the gunshots went off.
And rumor has it they're publishing the report for the media tomorrow at 5:00 p.
About the woman ? She's collateral damage.
Her name is Charlotte Dubois.
Her best friend Grace Walderson's sitting over there.
I'm sure there are a few crooked cops out there who wanted a man like this dead.
Our suspect could very well be in that report.
That's where we start.
CSI: New York - Season 1 Episode 18 - The Dove Commission S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Correction : Cordesh and Seth Cohen All right, people, here we go.
Mike, I want you to sketch the crime scene.
Joe shoot some overalls.
The rest of you, start collecting evidence.
But whatever you do, do not touch the bullets.
Those are for me.
Excuse me Cronkite.
You can't film here.
This is a crime scene.
Please, please, please.
I was here before the shooting covering the release of the Dove Commission Report.
I'm well within my rights.
You keep filming, I'm gonna give you rights and lefts.
Now take a walk.
Back to your nest, you vultures.
Ma'am, how's your shoulder ? Fine.
Just some flying glass.
Were you hit anywhere else ? I don't think so.
- Miss Walderson - Grace.
Grace You knew the woman who was killed tonight ? Her name is Charlotte DuBois.
She's a friend of mine from Kentucky.
She was in town for a couple of days so I brought her up here because she wanted to see the city at night.
Was anyone else with you ? No.
We ate together in the restaurant, then afterwards, we made our way to the bar.
Next thing I know, she's dancing with some man in a suit.
What am I gonna tell her sisters ? You tell them that every officer in the NYPD is doing everything they can to bring this killer to justice, okay ? Here's the thing.
The bullets go through glass at a high rate of speed.
So much so that the sheets of glass fall directly downward.
Okay, bag that glass.
We need to know where our shooter stood.
Anyone locate the weapon yet ? Flack and his men are searching high and low.
Nothing yet.
- Shell casings ? - Not a one.
Every bullet that I've found has either been embedded into the floor, or stuck into the wall.
Each one is more damaged than the next.
I'm halfway through the eyewitnesses.
Not one has reported seeing anyone with a handgun.
Well, I have news for both of you.
We're not looking for a handgun.
We're looking for a rifle.
Fernando Reyes.
- Jackson Heights, Queens.
- Gypsy cab driver.
The only ones who will come into this neighborhood.
- When are these guys gonna learn ? - Most dangerous job in New York.
Like, 180 drivers killed since 1990.
They do things on the up and up and get a legit hack license, maybe he wouldn't be number 181.
It's a little harsh, don't you think ? I got issues with gypsy cab drivers.
Oh, yeah ? What kind of issues ? Don't worry about it.
Let's finish the job.
I'm just saying, man's got to make a living.
Those medallion yellow cabs will run'em, like, the rest of his life to pay it off.
Pay it off for the rest of your life or pay it off with your life, that's an easy decision in my book.
Looks like a straight-up robbery homicide.
All his cash is gone.
You know, the M.
is weird, though.
These gypsy cab drivers are typically murdered with guns.
This guy was stabbed like an animal.
So the guy jacks the driver.
Stabs him.
Takes the cash.
Possibly dips out down the subway.
Potential witnesses ? Why don't you ask one of these Transit guys.
Excuse me, sir.
You working down below tonight ? Yeah.
I came up for air.
You see anyone weird or anything out of the ordinary in the last half hour down here ? Only every five minutes.
Bunch of whackos down there.
- No one hopped the turnstile ? - Not that I saw.
I came up from the subway to take my break, the guy was hanging out of the car.
- I think one of the neighbors called 911.
- Thanks.
These gypsy cabs have no dispatcher, no passenger log.
How are we gonna find out where this guy was going or who was in the cab ? Just saying it's gonna be tough.
We got the body start with that.
Pickling of the brain.
Takes about ten to 14 days for it to harden so that you're able to dissect it.
Any time before that J-E-L-L-O.
- Instant acquittal.
- Yeah.
Commissioner Stanwyk, shot twice; once in the upper torso, shattered his fourth rib, mushroomed and collapsed his lung.
Second shot entered just right of the spinal column, punctured the pericardial sac and right ventricle.
Exited the front.
Charlotte DuBois, his dance partner, was also shot twice.
One of the bullets was a through and through Through the both of them.
Pretty good shot.
Lucky for us, one of the bullets is still inside the Commissioner.
You know what my favorite game was when I was a kid ? Jacks ? Operation.
His nose didn't buzz red.
Well done.
Hey, Donna, is Lieutenant Johnson in ? No, sir.
He's "banging in" this shift.
Out sick, huh ? Bad card game or the wife ? Listen, Donna, I know it's customary for high-ranking officials in the NYPD to get a prelim copy of the Dove Commission Report.
A little bird told me the Lieu's got one.
Is that true ? Yes, it's true, but I can't let you take it.
He would kill me.
Well, if he kills you, I'll be the one processing your crime scene.
I'll know it's him.
Right ? Look.
I'll square it up with him tomorrow.
He owes me a favor.
I just need to thumb through it a bit.
See who's on the Dove Commission's "most wanted" list.
He's out for two days.
I guess it won't hurt.
How's our gypsy cab driver, Doc ? You bring him back to life so he can just tell us who killed him ? I haven't attended that seminar yet.
But his fingernails are doing an awful lot of talking.
Is that blood ? This guy put up one hell of a fight.
Look at these defensive wounds.
And it doesn't end there.
Didn't want to give up the money, did he ? Yeah, well, when you're making He died from a stab wound to the neck ; punctured the carotid artery.
And if that wasn't enough, the killer - sliced his throat.
- Sick.
Looks like the killer enjoyed himself, huh ? Ultimately, your victim was out-muscled.
Chief Robinson ? - Who the hell are you ? - Detective Taylor.
Crime Scene.
I'd like to talk to you about the Dove Commission Report.
- What about it ? - I've read it.
It implicates that men under you were involved in trafficking drugs with police cars in the summer of '01.
- Pack of lies.
- It also documents that two of your officers abducted a prominent drug dealer and dropped him off in a rival dealer's neighborhood in handcuffs in the fall of '04.
- That's just the first chapter.
- If those allegations were true, I'd be under arrest.
Chief, you are number one on the Dove Commission's "most wanted" list.
I'd like to know your whereabouts last night.
Lemme tell you something, Detective.
I don't know what you're up to, but you are going to a very dark place with me.
I'm investigating the murder of the man accusing you of a countless acts of corruption.
That's more than enough motive to kill.
Now, you'll hold out your hands, I'd like to check for gunshot residue.
You son of a bitch.
You're going to find residue.
I've just been to the range.
Hold out your hands, Chief.
The DNA under your cabdriver's fingernails is female.
You're saying a woman did this ? No way a female did this.
You get a hit in CODIS ? Negative.
I don't get it, Doc.
Everything about this case screams male perp.
Everything but the DNA.
You're looking at two bullets from the crime scene.
Different stria.
Two rifles.
Which means there were two riflemen.
Dual snipers.
Take a look at this.
I see reflective trace on the tip of the bullet.
Means it went through this first.
So the bullets didn't come from inside of the Panoramic Room, the shots came from the outside.
Nothing but blue sky.
Where were the snipers shooting from ? The crime scene's on the 65th floor.
That's 15 stories up.
- Broken glass all over the place.
- I'll betcha there's shell casings.
How many casings you got ? I got one.
I'm lucky like that.
No sniper could hit the 65th floor from here, so there's shell casingsfalling from midair.
I can't wrap my brain around this one.
At this point, neither can I.
Detective Taylor.
Inspector Marconi.
You got a second, Detective ? We need to chitchat.
Who can say no to Internal Affairs ? Is everything all right ? To you and your kin, everything is fine as wine.
Listen, uh I heard you leaned on old man Robinson.
You heard right.
Got an early copy of the Dove Commission report.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was reading the Robinson Report, with all those allegations.
Yeah, well, uh he's not happy.
He's been ringing the dinner bell about you ever since you paid him a visit.
So he sent you ? Well, something like that, but I'm not on his side on this one.
The report is out.
I just got a copy.
Between you and me and these four walls, I'd like to put this man to bed as soon as possible.
Precinct chiefs make good snacks for IAB.
So it there's anything I can do to put this cadaver on the golf course for life, just let me know.
I have some evidence pending.
When I know something, you'll know.
All right.
I appreciate it.
All right, let's process this cab.
You want the front or back ? I'll take the back.
Check this out.
I got a business card.
Oh, looks like someone used it to throw their gum away.
It's instant DNA.
Yeah ? You think you can get a name off it ? Let me see.
Yeah, no problem.
Hey, you know which is the Reyes residence ? - You Antonio ? - He's dead, isn't he ? You know I've been waiting ten years ? Ten years for you guys to come here and knock on my door and tell me that my dad's dead.
We're very sorry for your loss.
- How'd it happen ? - He was stabbed.
We think he was robbed, but you should know that your father didn't give up easily.
He fought very hard.
- Did you catch the guy ? - Not yet.
- We were hoping we could ask you a couple questions about your father.
Or maybe we could come back later, or Is your mom home ? We can talk to your mom.
No, she's at work.
What do you want to know ? Your father work any neighborhoods in particular ? He worked all over the place.
Washington Heights, Bensonhurst, South Bronx.
There are just better fares out there.
More fares for the illegal cab drivers, you mean.
Yeah, that's right.
Listen, if we hear anyth Is it possible your father was seeing someone on the side ? - You want to get this guy out of here before I do something stupid ? - Danny, let's go.
We got evidence that says your father was in contact with a woman - and it's possible that he attacked her.
- What ? - What did you say ? - You got a temper, huh ? - You take after your old man, am I right ? - Yeah, that's right.
I hope so.
What's the matter with you ? This kid finds out two minutes ago his father's dead, that's how you act ? Somebody's gotta ask the hard questions.
It's what you gotta do.
I'm reacting to the evidence.
No, you're not.
You're just reacting.
This is the sticky disc used to sample the precinct chief's hands.
This is a shell casing Stella found at the scene.
Next, I'm going to run the SEM for GSR for Y-O-U.
Skip the poetry, Chad.
Get to it.
Robinson tested positive for GSR.
Not what I suspected - GSR with traces of tin.
- Tin ? Shell casings from the roof of the Centuron Building had no traces of tin gunshot residue from the chief's hands did.
The difference is in the primer.
- So the chief was telling the truth.
- He was shooting at the range.
Not at skyscrapers.
Flack, it's Taylor.
Listen, you remember that reporter you 86'd from the scene ? He was covering the commission, right ? Yeah, I-I know it's a long shot, but I'd like to get my hands on that footage, see if he caught something on tape.
You know ? No.
forget it.
No way, pal.
"Vultures," I think, was the term.
you got a better chance of going to the moon than getting that footage out of me.
Look Morty ? NYPD wants that reel.
- I know my rights.
- You're gonna make me subpoena you on footage that's already aired ? No, you're wrong, see, 'cause I haven't aired everything.
I got enough footage to cut together exclusives for three days, maybe four.
I got it.
"Murder on the 65th Floor.
" That's worth a six share.
- Monster demos in the 18 to 49s.
- All right, I'll be back with a subpoena and a muzzle.
So, we found your business card in a gypsy cab last night.
- Oh, keep it.
I've got more.
- No, you don't understand.
The cab driver was murdered.
And, what ? You think I was involved somehow ? Wait a minute.
First of all, I wouldn't be caught dead in a gypsy cab.
Okay, uh, poor choice of words.
Look, I get a limousine service from work every night, an-and second, I've given my business card to half of New York.
- You give it to anybody last night ? - Not that I recall, no.
You sure ? I'm gonna go out on a limb here, Mr.
Arnold, and say the kind of people you do business with, the "What's in your portfolio ?", kind of people, they don't take gypsy cabs either, but your card ended up in one last night, so where were you last night ? Come on, what ? You want me to subpoena your credit card statements ? I can call your wife if you want me to.
I went to Lifestyles last night after work.
Lifestyles ? It's a strip club over on West 47th.
I slipped my card to, uh, one of the strippers.
I'm sure you were just sharing stock tips with her, right ? What's her name ? Savannah.
But, you know I don't think it was her real name.
Nah ? You think ? - Hey, what you got ? - I can't believe this.
Negative across the board.
I ran every shell casing.
But I have something better.
- Are you ready for this ? - Yeah.
All of your ballistics in this case are from a 30-caliber soft-nose with a copper jacket.
Hmm you didn't tell me that.
The only NYPD field units that would use that type of round are ESU and TARU.
Only TARU and Aviation Unit have the capacity to fire at a building 65 stories up.
- Tactical Assistance Response Unit ? - Ah We're not chasing snipers, are we ? No.
We're looking for a higher power.
I think we may have just found our murder weapon.
It's called a TAG.
It's a mini helicopter designed for assault in areas of narrow or high space or places too dangerous for human risk.
It's quite a machine.
on-board thermal camera.
Capable of shooting live ammo.
The only downside is, it's murder on batteries.
One to two and a half hours of flight only.
We're always recharging it.
We have reason to believe this weapon was used in the murder of two civilians.
That's impossible.
- I'm responsible for this equipment.
- Where were you last night ? I was right here, working the late tour.
- What time is that shift ? - 2:00 a.
to noon.
What's the range of the TAG chopper, Officer Jasper ? Line of sight, three miles.
- How many people are authorized to fly it ? - You're looking at him.
Yeah Well, that's not good.
- Is there more than one chopper ? - This is the only one I know of.
That's good enough for us.
We're going to need to take the chopper and the remote.
And you.
Test fire on the right.
Crime scene bullet on the left.
Ballistics confirm it's a match to our chopper.
Pulled multiple prints from the remote.
All came back to Officer Jasper.
Well, he's the only one authorized to fly that chopper.
We got him.
- Too perfect ? - I'm more concerned about the window.
Officer Jasper says he started work at 2:00 a.
The shooting occurred just after 10:00 at night.
- That's a four hour window.
- Point being ? Right now, all we can prove is the helicopter is responsible for was the weapon that did the shooting.
We still have to prove that he's the shooter.
Okay, you want to put him in a box, play "Good Cop, Bad Cop" ? I'll be bad cop.
I want to check out that window.
Every officer is equipped with "Pass-N-Go" counters for the toll bridges.
Right, so you don't pay the tolls in cash.
It's all tracked electronically.
I want to track his movement the day of the murder, check his whereabouts for those four hours, see if we can't build a stronger case against him.
Let's do it.
Keep your pants on, fellas.
Get your dollar bills out.
In a minute, we'll bring out all the fine young tenders one at a time, for the bump and grind, just don't smack her behind - Do me a favor.
Make it quick, yeah ? - Yeah, all right.
Holy boob jobs, Batman.
All right, ladies, do me a favor.
Listen up, eh ? Which one of you is Savannah ? Gonna need a word.
In private.
And I don't mean the Champagne Room.
- He's dead ? - Surprised, eh ? Come on, you slit his throat, Jamie.
Look, if he attacked you, if he forced himself on you, it could be justifiable homicide.
You guys have this all wrong.
Yeah, I did get into that cab - Washington Heights, 175th street.
- Not that neighborhood.
- Washington Heights, 175th street.
- Yeah, yeah, no problem.
Jump in.
When he dropped me off, I went through the front door of my building.
And a guy grabbed me.
- A guy ? - Yeah.
From behind.
I ran to my friend's house.
I haven't even been home yet.
That driver - he saved my life.
- Why didn't you just call the police ? A stripper crying and ??? to the rape.
Yeah, that would have gone over well.
- Did you get a look at his face ? - No.
He was behind me the whole time.
You still have the clothes you wore that night ? Yeah, they're right here.
Listen, Jamie, we're gonna need a sample of your DNA to validate your story.
Check this out It's an unknown gray substance on Jamie's shirt.
Looks mettalic.
Throw it in the electron microscope.
Magnify it.
See if we can get an elemental breakdown.
Is anything about this case making sense to you ? Everything points to a male suspect, right ? The brutality of the stabbing, the beating Fernando Reyes took, Jamie says a man attacked her when Fernando intervened, yet we still have female DNA underneath his fingernails.
Jamie's the only female involved, as far as we know.
And her DNA isn't a match.
Let's see Elemental breakdown's consistent with steel.
If everything's connected, I'm not getting it.
Yeah ? This might help.
Hair on Jamie's pants.
Attacker's ? First the Precinct Chief is cleared by GSR and now you're clearing Officer Jasper at TARU ? What's going on, Taylor ? I just pulled the "Pass-N-Go" photo of Officer Jasper from the Triborough Bridge.
He was driving north at 9:48 p.
The Centuron Building is south.
There's no way he could've made a U-turn on the Triborough Bridge and flew a chopperat approximately 10:00 that same night.
He just didn't have time.
IAB is going to take a big hit on this one, if it's somebody from the inside.
I need a name, Taylor, or I'm afraid we're going to have to step in.
And when we do, we're going to look under every rock.
Am I clear ? I can only look where the evidence leads me.
I understand.
Another day in paradise, huh ? I don't know, Stella.
This case is going backwards.
The deeper we get into this, the less and less I think it's about this report.
The precinct chief, he's in it.
He's been cleared.
Officer Jasper, he isn't in here.
He's cleared.
Why don't we try a different approach, Mac.
I say we process the Commissioner and Charlotte DuBois's clothes, and see if we can put us on a new path.
You're right.
Let's forget about the report.
Here we go.
Looks like somebody got a little hot under the collar.
Let's get that over to Chad, see if it belongs to our dead woman.
Hey, hey.
I had to call in every favor I could to break this reporter's chops.
Thankfully, I got a guy at "Subpoenas R Us.
" Here it is.
News footage from the night of the murder.
Got TAG footage and news footage.
In monitor one, scanning footage from TAG's thermal camera.
Monitor two, news reel footage from Channel Three.
You see what I see ? Let's see that again.
First shots hit the commissioner, center of mass.
Surgical precision.
One of those went through the commissioner and hit her, but then she tries to hold him up.
Check out the'copter POV.
That's when TAG takes another firing position - Where it can get a clean shot - At her.
Again, surgical precision.
She was the second target.
We believe the chief investigator of the Dove Commission was not the only target in the shooting.
The woman who was shot was also a target.
Charlotte ? No, that's impossible.
She didn't even know that man.
I think you know she did, Grace.
I think there's more to this than dinner and dancing.
Miss Walderson.
I'm Detective Bonasera.
We found lipstick on the collar of Commissioner Stanwyk's shirt, and our labs confirm that it doesn't belong to Charlotte DuBois.
Why are you involving me in all this ? 'Cause we think you are involved.
I don't know anything.
Sorry to upset you, ma'am.
Miss Walderson, you can be straight with me.
Were you having an affair with Commissioner Stanwyk ? Was the lipstick on his collar yours ? You're not a suspect.
You can trust me.
No, I can't.
Charlotte wasn't the target, you were, but you were both wearing red dresses.
Who are you trying to protect ? Me.
From who ? I'm sorry.
I can't tell you anymore than that.
I'll get this over to Chad, have him compare it with the lipstick on the commissioner's collar.
I'm going to go back to the Pass-N-Go computers.
Run every suspect we have, see if I can't find some kind of connection.
- I'll be at the TAG chopper.
- All right.
Meet you in the middle.
Oh, come on, Doc, I'm dying over here.
What's the verdict ? Analysis shows the hair to be female.
Female ?! What ?! Let me see that, Doc.
Well, not only is it female, but it matches the DNA from the blood under the victim's fingernails.
I don't get it.
There is one possible explanation.
Males have XY chromosomes, right ? But research indicates that a mutation on the Y chromosome within the primer binding site can produce a false reading, an XX reading.
It's a mutation that causes male DNA to come up female ? So it's possible that we're looking for a man.
It's possible.
Now the hair also had trace amounts of steel dust on it.
Could indicate prolonged contact with the subway.
You're down there long enough, steel from the tracks gets all over you.
We talked to him.
He was at the crime scene.
Son of a bitch.
- I don't what you're talking about.
- No, do me a favor.
Just shut up.
Save the song and dance, Paul.
Cause your DNA puts you on both the cab driver and Jamie Banks.
Who ? The girl you tried to rape.
You actually watched her come home every night, didn't you ? But watching wasn't enough for you, was it ? You almost got away with it, too, Paul.
You did.
But you didn't plan on a Good Samaritan coming to her rescue, did you ? That gypsy scumbag should've just stayed in his cab.
Fernando Reyes, he was just trying to help that woman, all right ? And we're trying to help his family by doing our job.
He has a kid at home and you go taking an innocent life.
I'm going to tell you something.
You know the subways where you work ? You're going to think one of those opened you up when they put you in that prison.
You hear me ? Huh ? Come on.
You all right ? - I'm better now.
- All right.
And for the record, that's harsh.
That's him.
Let's check his Pass-N-Go account.
Inspector Bill Markoni.
Internal Affairs Division of the NYPD.
Five years ago, you worked in the Tactical Assault Response Unit.
You had authorization to fly the TAG chopper.
Those rights were restricted the day you became IAB.
Your print was found on the battery.
You were flying the TAG chopper, Inspector.
The Dove Commission Report is going to look like a comic book when I'm through with you.
Do you know what's going to happen to your careers ? With what we've got on you I'd imagine a promotion is in order.
According to your Pass-N-Go and toll photos, you were driving a TARU van without authorization.
At first, we thought Commissioner Stanwyk was the only target, but we were wrong.
Grace Walderson was a target also.
Not Charlotte DuBois of Kentucky.
You were so anxious to take out Grace Walderson that you killed the wrong woman.
This was a crime of passion wasn't it, Markoni ? She was mine before she was his.
Dan Stanwyk knew it and he stole her right out of my bed.
Believe me, nothing cuts deeper than one man taking another man's woman.
Stanwyk was saying to me, "This is mine now.
Imagine what I do with this at night.
" he wasn't going to get away with it.
When we liked the precinct chief for this, you were ready to put the nail in his coffin.
Our guess is you wanted to pin this on TARU.
You'd head up the Internal Affairs investigation, send a man like Officer Jasper to jail for life.
Tell me something, Inspector.
Was it really worth it ? Honestly ? Yeah.
Yeah, it was.
A crime of passion.
What, you come here to insult my family some more ? No, kid.
I came to apologize to you.
I'm sorry.
Look, kid, you know what, when I was a kid my father and I got into the wrong gypsy cab.
I got beat up, my father got beat up.
I was ten years old.
Still eats at me to this day.
That's not my father.
I know that now.
And I wanted to tell you that your father was a good man, Tony.
He was killed trying to save a woman from being raped, and not many guys would do that and he did, all right ? There's a lot of honor in that.
I found this in his cab.
I wanted to give it to you.
Thought you'd want it.
New York City needs more men like your father.