CSI: NY s01e19 Episode Script

Crime and Misdemeanor

What do we have ? About, uh, 10,000 sheets and one dead body.
Safe to say she's not an employee.
Maybe she's a tourist.
Tough way to see the city.
So she came in with the sheets.
- Where do they come from ? - Hotels.
Don't worry, there's only about Right.
Gives us a 70000-to-one chance of finding out where she came from.
I'll take those odds.
CSI: New York - Season 1 Episode 19 - Crime and Misdemeanor S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Correction : Cordesh and Seth Cohen I'd say this laceration transected the left carotid.
It's hard to tell what type of weapon the killer used, but - this looks - Personal.
And pathological.
These are precise cuts.
Speaks to control over her body.
Yet there's no ligature marks.
And there's no bruising.
Killer had control over her somehow.
"Lynford Hotels.
" They have about what, It's a unique blood pattern.
The volume of the blood is consistent with arterial spray.
So she wasn't just wrapped in this sheet and dumped.
No, she was lying on this sheet when her throat was cut.
How do you read this area here ? Some kind of void.
Larger concentration being here.
And this looks like the blood is dripping off the side of the bed.
And now all we have to go on is this sheet and our victim's body.
Divide and conquer ? - I'll start with - Missing Persons.
I could have just as easily said the sheet.
Our victim is an attractive young woman with manicured nails and expensive lingerie.
We found her in upscale hotel sheets.
Odds are someone's looking for her and you want to make sure that they don't have to look any longer than necessary.
I'll take the sheets.
I'll meet you back at the M.
's office.
You're good.
Please be generous.
I have huge cell phone debt.
Yeah, who doesn't ? This is why I love New York.
Where you gonna find a guy pounding the buckets in harmony with a guy playing Mozart ? You love the atmosphere so much, how come I never see you drop any "love" in the tip jar ? Let me tell you something.
On a beautiful day like today big crowds.
These guys are pulling in maybe five or five bills.
They're doing just fine without my help.
All right, all right.
This guy, on the other hand, we can do something for him.
Human statue, that's a tough gig, man.
You got to stand perfectly still for hours.
Silver paint here.
No doubt he was leaning against the wall to make his job easier.
Messer and Burn ? No, actually, I'm Burn ; he's Messer.
Officer Lilly.
Omar Lilly.
Now we know each other.
Moving on.
What went down, Lilly Swedish tourists over there taking in the action.
Got a little more than they bargained for.
Buildings down here all have video.
We'll sweep, forward it on to you.
Well, you can forget robbery, because his tip jar is overflowing with cash.
Well, it's a heavy foot traffic area over here.
Everyone coming off of the subway streams in this direction.
So our statue is the first performer they pass.
First shot at their generosity.
Which makes this stretch of concrete some prime real estate.
- Who is he ? - I see him every day on my beat.
He's here seven, sometimes eight hours a day.
But I don't know what his name is.
Went through his pockets.
No ID.
I'll tell you this.
He's a rock.
Never heard him speak.
Never even seen him twitch.
- He was good.
- Yeah, that's'cause he was cheating.
He was wearing support braces.
Well, his prime real estate's back on the market.
Question is, did someone out here kill him to get it ? There's no dignity in death.
Hey, Eerie without the threads, no ? No evidence of recent trauma.
Wasn't shot, stabbed.
He's dirty, though.
- The pants reek.
- They're also too long for him.
Folded up at the cuffs.
Healed scars on his left side.
They don't look surgical.
Yeah, I'm guessing these weren't prescribed by a doctor.
I think I may be the first M.
to see him in a long time.
Chronic tooth decay.
Fast food receipt.
Hair is teeming with lice.
Dinner last night was a burger and a small soda.
I'm sure he didn't think it was gonna be his last meal.
Everything about this guy is screaming poverty.
But his tip jar is saying the opposite.
Performing for tips isn't a science.
Nothing the next.
Either way, show must go on, huh ? How are you doing, Chad ? Not as well as J-Lo.
- That's fairly self-evident.
- No, seriously.
Take a look.
That's what Chad Willingham sleeps on.
- A reference sample.
- Right.
made of combed cotton interlaced with a simple over-then-under pattern.
Gets you a couple hours of shut-eye.
Now check out what J-Lo sleeps on.
Same sheet as our victim.
Uh, there are only five Lynford Hotels in New York City that use this sheet.
- You find her ? - Uh, no.
What you got ? This.
It's caviar from the vic's stomach.
And not just any type of caviar.
It's Almas.
Means "diamond" in Russian and is priced like one.
An ounce will set you back $682.
Is it just me, or are you getting more thorough ? It's Anna.
A waitress I know from Petrossian.
She hooked me up one night.
What do you have ? Expensive fish eggs that you can only find at three of the Lynford Hotels.
How about you ? Expensive sheets.
Used in five Lynford Hotels.
And one in common.
The Dunsmore.
Home to diplomats from around the world when the United Nations is in special session.
According to hotel records, room service delivered one order of Almas caviar last night.
To room 523.
Registered to a trade representative from Tescara.
- It's this island - In the Atlantic.
It was admitted to the U.
in '91.
We had a base there during the Cold War.
It's currently known for its free trade zone.
Means no tax and less oversight.
What's his name ? Robert Costa.
You have a warrant, of course.
I'll take it.
Tony heads up security for the delegation.
He's paid to be suspicious.
So are we.
Yes, Robert meets with the Secretary General at 2:00.
That should put him in the hall at 4:00, no later.
Can I get you anything ? You can tell us what you were doing last night.
I was here.
And your boys were with you the whole time ? These are not my "boys", Detective.
- Downstairs in ten minutes ? - Sure.
Tom supervises my transportation.
- And I have your revised speech.
- Bring it.
And Frank is my chief aide.
We're here to promote economic ties with countries beyond our Atlantic region.
And all you guys'll back his story ? Hey, what are you deaf ? Frank suffered partial hearing loss last year.
When we went scuba diving off the coast of Belize.
Gentlemen, you can continue your "promoting" anywhere but this suite.
It's ours now.
I love the smell of a cover-up in the afternoon don't you ? If you're going to clean up this well, why dump the body with the sheets ? You can easily get rid of sheets.
But a mattress is a different story.
What do you do when you can't sleep ? Work ? No, I mean what do normal people do when they can't sleep ? They flip the pillow to the cool side.
Bleach city.
I'm getting frustrated.
Don't get mad, get even.
It must be February 2nd for Robert Costa, 'cause it's Groundhog Day.
Ten years ago, Robert Costa's a college student here in New York.
He gets accused of raping and murdering a coed named Susan Young.
Jersey state trooper finds her body in the wetlands.
NYPD tracks it back to Costa's dorm room.
Same cause of death.
Same linear cuts on her thighs and arms.
In the DNA analysis of her vaginal sample came back a mixture of an unknown male which helped Costa's defense play the whore card.
And Robert Costa.
Guess who took the stand on Costa's behalf ? His dorm mates : Tony Garcia, - Frank Barret.
- Tom Martin.
And the verdict came back "not guilty".
His embassy brought in serious legal muscle, and his dorm mates offered enough contradictory testimony that the jury couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did it.
Costa's employed all three ever since.
Driver, personal security and chief aide.
All pulling down 200 Gs a year.
Crime may not pay Robert Costa sure does.
Now, is this a great country or what ? I mean, back in'94, you're hangin'with your boys at a dorm, and now look at you.
Ten years and two murders later, you're working with the U.
, livin'large at the Dunsmore.
You have an active imagination, Detective.
Not that active.
I found blood matching a female Jane Doe on one of the coils of your hotel bed.
We're looking for the name of that woman.
It is a hotel.
That blood could have been there for a while.
Hey, look, pal, that may play where you come from, but you're in the big time now.
- Got to step up your lies.
- I'm as American as you are.
Andover, Columbia undergrad and a master's from Yale.
Yeah ? Guess what ? Where I come from, it still makes you a foreigner.
When we find out who she is, we'll track her back to you.
I don't know her name.
I met her at a function, and we went back to the hotel.
No, no, no, I can't, not tonight.
Menstrual blood has never bothered me.
Yeah ? How does your wife feel about it ? Even though I cleaned up the mattress, some of it might have seeped its way through to the coil after she left.
So this is who was under all that silver makeup, huh ? - Does he have a name ? - Not yet.
That's my job, huh ? - C.
 ? - A rarity for me down here.
Death was natural.
Cerebral aneurysm.
Quick and painless.
Mm, for him, not the Swedish tourists whose shoes he landed on.
Irony is he was dead long before they came by.
- Really ? - Yeah.
Bloated and discolored abdomen due to putrefactive gasses.
- Blood cells are breaking down.
- So, body's already in full decomp mode.
- How long has he been dead ? - At least 48 hours.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I mean, if he's been for two days then, he wasn't eating fast food for dinner last night.
So that receipt you found belongs to someone else.
Probably the same person who trimmed his beard.
Take a look.
Shaving cuts.
Post mortem.
Now, if he didn't shave himself, he didn't paint his face, don the costume, or strike the pose on his own, either.
All right.
Mysterious, yes, and a bit twisted, but this guy wasn't murdered, so whoever did this isn't looking at a felony charge, so our job is done here.
Oh, no, not so fast.
I mean, he may have died naturally, but everything that happened afterwards wasn't.
Something's up.
- Danny, got a sec ? - Sure.
What's up ? Heard your D.
died of natural causes.
Dish the case out of the crime lab.
Let the precinct detectives run with it.
Mac, with all due respect, there's a lot of suspicious circumstances running around this one.
The corpse was re-dressed, and then put back out on the street.
But not murdered.
You're chasing a misdemeanor.
I don't want it compromising active cases.
Last time I checked, a misdemeanor was still a crime.
I mean these, people who putting money in his tip cup, didn't even know the guy was dead.
I'm not condoning the behavior, Danny just prioritizing.
Something I shouldn't have to do for you.
Stay on track.
- We pull a new case ? - No, no.
We're still uh, running the human statue.
Really ? That's funny, 'Cause from where I was standing, it didn't look like Mac gave the go-ahead.
Oh, Aiden, when I say we're good, we're good.
How did we do with the hotel garbage ? Whoever killed her tossed everything away.
You pulled all this from the same bin ? Everything was together.
Green dress, bloody.
DNA belonging to the vic.
Bottles of bleach, most likely belonging to whoever cleaned up the mess.
And most importantly, a possible murder weapon with the traces of blood on the edge.
Did you find a purse ? With a Wyoming driver's license in it, name of Jenny Lee.
Stella's already on it.
You and Jenny were roommates for five years.
Was she seeing anyone ? Lately, she was dating Europeans, I think.
Europeans, as in more than one ? She started seeing one, and then she pulled a Jenny and moved up a rung.
The first one would still come by every so often.
Would you, uh, be able to describe him to a sketch artist ? It's really tough to get into Juilliard.
She was a good dancer you know ? If she'd stuck with it, she could have worked.
But that's not who Jenny was.
She was 22.
She never got a chance to find out who she was.
That our murder weapon ? Mm-hmm Chad said he found no trace of semen on the sheet.
Then he must have woren a condom.
Just got the tox report back.
Jenny Lee had an elevated blood alcohol level as well as a nasty dose of roofies in her system.
Here we are We didn't find any condoms in the trash.
And Jane didn't find any lubricants on the sexual assault kit slides.
Well, we've gone to trial with less.
And Robert Costa's beat a murder rap with more.
We follow the book on this one.
Chapter and verse.
Starting with this.
- Two distinct patterns.
- Could mean two bleeders.
Come on Give me some Nice.
Surveillance video from a building across the street came in.
I'm gonna get into it.
Victim's name is John Hawkins.
Look at that.
Your boy, Lilly.
You remember him ? - I'm Burn, he's Messer.
- Easy.
He busted that guy nine times on a 240-20.
Nine disorderly conduct charges.
That's excessive.
- Something's up.
- Yeah, and I'm gonna find out what.
There were two distinct DNA samples on the bottle, and one of them matched the victim.
The other one match the secondary reference sample - we took from Robert Costa's hairbrush ? - No.
Came back to Tom Martin.
- Robert Costa's driver ? - Mm-hmm.
Seemed Tom Martin knocked his girlfriend around four years ago, landed himself in the system for his trouble.
First, Robert told us he didn't know Jenny.
That was lie number one.
Then he told us he met her that night at a function.
Lie number two.
Robert meets many people when he's in New York.
It's possible he simply forgot.
Well, how's your memory ? According to Jenny's roommate, Jenny was seeing someone who looks a lot like you.
Until she moved onward and upward to dating Mr.
There are lots of men in this country who look like me.
- Fairly average.
- I wouldn't sell yourself short.
You're unique, or at least your blood is.
And we found it on a piece of glass used to kill Jenny.
Must have happened when you were cleaning up.
You're insinuating that I murdered her ? No.
We're just telling you we found evidence that you cleaned up after she was already dead.
How does that work ? Robert Costa steals your girl, he kills her, and then you help him clean up his mess ? Jenny was nothing to me.
Robert was through with her.
Take her home.
Forget it.
I'm going to find someone who wants me to spend the night.
That's the last I saw of her.
But I did cut myself that night.
It was on something stuck on the limos 'hubcap.
You know, you may have gotten away with perjury ten years ago, but it's not gonna happen again.
I heard you went through the hotel's garbage.
You know how everything gets mixed up in there.
Innocent until proven guilty.
It's still the basis of your legal code.
And what's your code ? Protect Robert Costa no matter what he does ? You're mistaking my loyalty for dishonesty.
- No.
You're mistaking cowardice for loyalty.
- Your tactics don't frighten me.
It's not my tactics you need to worry about, it's my results.
I'm gonna prove what happened to Jenny Lee, and this time, it's gonna stick to both you and Robert Costa.
We can place Jenny Lee in Robert Costa's hotel room.
No, these guys have their story down.
Robert's gonna stay with his half of the story about how her blood got on that coil, and Tom will stick with his half of the story about how she walked off down the hallway.
They bleached the whole room.
They flipped the mattress, and housekeeping comes in and erases evidence of their cleaning.
We also have blood on the murder weapon from Tom Martin on top of blood from Jenny Lee.
Well, the murder weapon we found in the garbage the defense is gonna scream cross-contamination.
We know Jenny was doped with roofies.
We couldn't find a trace of it in Robert Costa's room.
That's because you were looking in the wrong place.
The four Musketeers entered the country together last month.
One of them was carrying roofies : Tony Garcia.
- They let him keep it ? - Yeah.
Based on his connection to the trade delegation, he was, and I quote, "afforded the privilege of retaining his prescription.
" I have a legitimate prescription from a doctor in Paris.
Problem is, roofies aren't approved for sale in the U.
- The customs agent filed a report.
- What do you need roofies for, anyway ? I have a sleep disorder.
You provide security.
It's your job to stay awake.
So maybe the roofies are for someone else.
Like, say, Robert Costa.
He comes to you all jazzed up for his big date rape that night, you hook him up.
Robert has no access to my medications.
Okay, so you bring the drug to him I get it.
He's the queen bee.
- You're just here to service him.
- See, man, you don't understand.
Where we come from, your childhood friends are your lifetime friends.
And if you don't have friends, - you have nothing.
- Sure you do.
You have the truth.
That's Duncan.
He rides by each day.
Same time.
Same song.
Yeah ? You know everybody on your beat, or what ? I try to remember faces, habits, you know, I want to be a good cop.
Don't we all.
So does he look familiar ? This is our victim.
John Hawkins.
No way.
John's not a performer, he's a homeless guy.
Parks himself on Chambers Street.
Can't be John under all that paint.
His fingerprints disagree.
He was a good guy.
Down and out, yeah, but he never harmed anyone.
Then why'd you bust him nine times on a 240-20 disorderly conduct ? hat's a crap charge.
You making collars for dollars, or what ? No, John, he wasn't all there anymore.
Got confused a lot.
Last winter it was bitter cold.
Every now and then, I'd help him out.
John John how come you didn't go to the shelter like I told you ? That's all right.
Don't worry about it.
This is Officer Lilly, requesting a 10-85.
Only thing I ever heard him say was "thank you.
" All right, this makes no sense then.
If he's such a nice guy, why is somebody playing dress-up with his corpse ? I didn't find any other trace in the wound track, and parallel cuts on her thighs and her arms are consistent with glass shards.
So nothing new there either.
However Jenny Lee had a very unusual abdominal condition.
A fizzy navel.
I found traces of champagne in the dermis of her umbilicus.
- The sample's also positive for amylase.
- Saliva ? You can't tell the vintage if you don't know what it tastes like.
Also found traces of champagne on her chest and pelvic region.
The champagne was heavily dosed with roofies.
Well, that doesn't make sense.
Why would you put roofies in a girl's drink only to ingest it yourself ? I don't know.
But whoever touched the stuff, would have passed out within minutes.
And roofies has an amnesiac quality.
So Robert would have no memory of what happened that night.
Did you send the sample of saliva down to DNA ? Jane's already on it.
Well, there's only one man who drank from Jenny Lee's navel.
- Robert Costa.
- Mm-hmm.
The only thing he knows for certain is that he woke up with a dead woman in his bed, and the possibility of life without parole if he didn't get rid of her.
Oh, something else of interest.
The blood from the ring found at the laundry facility came from the victim, of course.
But there were epithelials on the ring.
And they have a connection to Robert Costa.
They come from a woman.
And they have one allele in common at seven loci.
- The epithelials come from his grandmother ? - Mm-hmm.
Has a man ever given you a ring that's belonged to his family for a couple of generations ? Once.
What did that ring say to you ? Oh, he was quite in love.
Please tell me you got something off the surveillance tape.
Because if I come up dry, Mac's going to chew you a new one, right ? Right.
Then you're lucky I'm good.
Check this out.
On the left is our victim, John Hawkins from yesterday moments before our Swedish tourists had the shock of their lives.
The picture on the right is from two days ago.
They look identical.
Ow Ow Ow, but two days ago, we know John was dead.
You saying he was on the street all that time ? I know both images look like the same person.
But pictures lie.
Math doesn't.
I'm using the length of his ulna as a measurement standard.
Assigning it a unit length of one.
Okay, so comparing the length of John's femur to his ulna, you get a ratio of 1.
63 to 1.
Okay, so I'm with you.
John's femur is 1.
63 times longer than his ulna.
What about the other image ? Human statue caught on tape two days ago has a femur to ulna ratio of 1.
75 to 1.
Two different ratios mean two different people.
And the clothes John was re-dressed in were way too big.
So there's a good chance they belong to "Mr.
75 to 1".
That makes our mystery statue our prime suspect.
Are we almost done here ? Replicating unique blood patterns takes time Chad.
Having fun, Chad ? How's it going ? This represents the blood pattern if Jenny Lee was alone in the bed.
It's inconsistent with the sheet that we found at the laundry.
Here's a sample of Jenny with Robert if they were side by side.
No match.
- Same with this one.
Let me guess.
Robert on top of Jenny ? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, Chad, you can go back to work.
Grab an end.
It's a match.
She was definitely on top.
Jenny Lee had significantly less body mass than Robert Costa.
So if they were drinking at approximately the same time, then the roofies knocked her out first.
If she passes out first, how does she get on top of Robert ? She was put there.
But if Costa didn't kill her, why the cleanup ? Susan Young was nothing to you.
Probably wasn't that hard to kill her, was it ? Jenny Lee was different.
Wasn't just a one-night stand or a fling.
You cared about her.
This ring is an heirloom, isn't it ? We found your grandmother's DNA on it.
You actually loved this girl, didn't you ? I didn't kill Jenny Lee.
I know you didn't.
But you know someone who did.
I'm setting our timeline back, before Jenny got her throat slashed, to when someone dosed the champagne with roofies.
Anything turn up ? Yes and no.
I found the same print on both the bottle of roofies and the champagne cork.
However, the print doesn't match either Robert Costa or Tom Martin.
So we're looking for someone else.
Lots of people had access to the room before Robert and Jenny drank the champagne, but after they passed out, how did the killer get in ? I don't think he ever left.
Then there's traces of someone else in that room.
Found another hair.
And once again, it's compromised by silver paint and has no skin tags.
It won't help.
What are you doing ? You giving up on me ? Don't even go there, because I had your back, Danny.
I followed you down this road knowing Mac told you to drop the case, did he not ? Look, we're following a hot lead all right ? So if we get heat on this, I'll take it.
There's nothing on your shoulders.
Don't worry about it.
That's not the point, Danny.
There were no prints on the buttons on the jackets or the snaps on the pants.
The hair from the sweater and the hat were a bust.
We've got to start facing facts here.
That's just the clothes.
What about the paint coating them ? Silver metallic aerosol.
Dimethylbenzene, acrylic resin, butyl phenyl methyl ester Silver spray paint.
Sold in You're right.
You're right.
I should face up to the facts.
Fact one-- these guys, human statues they stand still all day long, am I right ? That's a lot of time on your feet.
It's an orthotic insole.
This brings me to fact number two.
Orthotics are specifically fitted to an individual foot.
That right there is as good as a name.
Next time you get the sweater, I'll take the shoes.
Ulna-- You've got phenomenal balance, Mr.
- Is all this really necessary ? - Yes, it is.
Femur-- You've got a femur to ulna ratio of 1.
75 to 1.
Same as the guy who posed a dead John Hawkins on the street.
What were you trying to do ? Scare a few tourists ? - Get a laugh ? - No.
This wasn't a joke.
What did he do-- tick you off and this was your way of getting back at him, or what ? I barely knew the guy.
Then why'd you do it ? He didn't say "thank you".
There you go, my man.
I see him every night on my way home.
If I've had a decent day, I spread the wealth.
So, you're a good Samaritan ? No.
I'm just a big believer in karma.
I live off tips.
If people don't give, I starve.
If I don't give, he starves.
I get it.
What goes around, comes around.
But how does helping the homeless become "corpse on display" ? I saw an opportunity.
I took it.
So you posed him and then waited for the cash to flow in.
This isn't about the money.
Look, I may not move a muscle when I work, - that doesn't mean it's not exhausting.
- Yeah, well, you know what, we all got to make a living and it's not easy for any of us.
But we got to do it.
Yeah, but you get sick days and vacation days, personal time.
I don't.
For the last three years, I've been out on that street eight hours a day, seven days a week.
Hottest days of summer, coldest days of winter.
I'm dead tired.
I needed a day off.
That's all.
One day where I could be a real person and not a statue.
So, you figured there was a way for John to thank you after all.
By holding your place on the sidewalk.
What'd you do with your free day ? Nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Well, that's that.
A hearing aid.
You share a suite with Tom Martin and Tony Garcia when you're in the city.
That gave you access to Tony's prescription.
That's your print on the bottle.
It's commonly prescribed in Europe.
For sleeping disorders.
You've had one for the last ten years, haven't you ? A guilty conscience will do that.
That's also your print.
- Tom on the way with Jenny ? - They should be right here.
See you tomorrow.
But you didn't leave.
You hid in the closet.
Then all you had to do was wait.
You thought waiting would be the easy part.
But it didn't turn out that way.
That's why you didn't answer Detective Flack when he asked you if you were working with Robert the night of the murder.
You were missing one of your hearing aids.
I've known Robert Costa since childhood.
What possible motive would I have for going through all that ? Revenge.
Susan Young.
You cut Jenny Lee's arms and legs the same way Robert cut Susan's arms and legs.
You knew we'd match it to Robert.
Ten years ago there was a second DNA sample collected in the Susan Young case.
It was semen.
And back then they couldn't find a match to it.
Because there was nothing to match it to.
Until we found your hearing aid.
Robert killed Susan.
She didn't want him, and he raped her and killed her.
Who did she want, you ? Yes.
If you wanted to get back at him, why didn't you kill his wife ? He didn't love his wife.
He merged with her family.
Robert had never been in love until he meet Jenny.
You could have just left after you killed her.
No, you couldn't.
Because you had been waiting ten years, hadn't you ? You waited ten years, until you saw Robert come face-to-face with what he had done to the woman you loved.
And you were going to be there, no matter what.
I'll let Jenny Lee's parents know.
I'd hate for them to think that their daughter died for nothing.
Check you out.
You're lucky you and I work together, - you know that ? - Keep dreaming, Messer.
I mean, you're cute, but I'm way out of your league.
Where you off to ? Got plans.
Don't worry about it.
I'm not worried about it.
I'm out of here, Mac.
I thought we agreed you were going to pass your case off.
I agreed I'd stay on track.
I did.
I closed the case.
Against my orders.
I don't tell you one thing and then you do another.
That's not how it works.
That mean it doesn't count ? Sorry.
That was out of line.
Look, you got to learn you're not a one-man army.
We're all connected.
What you do affects everyone here.
You got it ? Loud and clear.
Good night.