CSI: NY s01e20 Episode Script

Supply and Demand

Turn it down ! Jerk ! I'm going to call the building manager.
Hello ? Oh, my God.
Shouldered the door, broke the lock.
This place is totally trashed.
So is the victim.
I don't think I've seen this severe of a tossing in a long while.
Oh, yeah, they were definitely looking for something.
Thoroughness of the search says it probably wasn't found.
You search, you find, you stop.
Blood trail, positioning of debris says the victim was shot here and dragged to the door.
The killer used the body to send a message.
He wanted the world to know that this vic messed with the wrong guy.
Hey vic's Will Novick.
He's 19 years old, from Hoboken.
He was a business major at Chelsea University.
Severe beating before an execution-style murder.
It's too hardcore for a fratboy beef.
What'd the witness see ? Nothing.
She heard a ruckus through her wall, then the shot, discovered him here.
She ran toward the sound of a gunshot ? Must not be a New Yorker.
From South Carolina.
The whole building's full of students.
What about her roommate ? Yeah.
Her name's Jordan Benson.
She's a freshman at Chelsea University.
She ditched her classes today.
May not have been by choice.
Let's find Jordan.
The killer could have come for one thing, left with another.
CSI : New York - Season 1 Episode 20 - Supply and Demand S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Correction : Cordesh and Seth Cohen A lot of prints ? Nothing usable.
Blood spatter from the gunshot occurred after this damage was done.
No evidence any restraints were used.
I'm thinking there was one guy beating up the vic, and another guy doing the search.
Two-person job.
King Lear on Broadway.
It's a pricey ticket for a blue collar college kid.
Pricey boy toys, too : got the flat-screen TV and the game console.
What do you have ? Razor blade scratches on the glass top.
Yep, that's what I thought : fine white residue.
Positive for heroin.
Looks like we know the source of Mr.
Novick's nice lifestyle.
And what the killers were after.
Put a dispatch out on Jordan Benson.
Spoke to her father, who lives on the Upper West Side, but he's in San Fran on business.
He can't get ahold of her, either.
He's on the next plane back.
Get four uniforms and canvass a six-block area for any sign of her.
The fatal shot to the head was an act of mercy, after the beating he took.
His attackers were on a mission.
Yeah, and they knew how to inflict pain.
They broke three ribs causing him to lose his breath.
Kicked him in the kidneys hard enough to bruise the organs.
It'd be excruciating.
Stomped each kneecap.
The intruders were desperate for something inside that apartment.
Probably a stash of heroin.
Did they find it ? We don't think so.
Signs of heroin use ? I'm running a tox.
But there are no needle marks, no inflammation of the nose or lips.
Weight was good, heart in great condition.
I'd be surprised if he's a user.
The smartest dealers never dabble in their own product.
His father came up from Jersey to do the I.
I did not detail the torture to him.
No need.
He's waiting for you outside.
We found traces of heroin on a table in Will's room.
My son didn't do drugs.
Sir, we know that, too, But we need to follow every lead.
I need to ask you some uncomfortable questions.
Do you have any knowledge whatsoever of Will dealing with drugs ? His mother found a joint in his jeans pocket when he was 16.
He caught hell.
He promised he'd never do it again.
Is that it ? Yes.
What about his roommate Jordan ? Do you know anything about her ? I never met her.
Will said her father paid her rent.
How did he pay for his rent and his tuition ? He had a job working maintenance for the school.
He owned some pretty expensive items.
My son wasn't mixed up in drugs.
He was a good kid, putting himself through college.
You're wrong about what you're saying.
You're looking at 90% pure China White, cut only once with quinine.
That's the purity level of China White enters the U.
Yeah, and it's cut by every distributor who handles it from six to ten times before it becomes the dirt that hits the street.
Average heroin user is lucky to get 40% purity.
This is major product.
Makes our victim a major player.
Any luck with Jordan Benson ? None.
We expanded the canvass a few more blocks.
What's this ? Will Novick's financials ? Yeah.
We didn't find any cutting agents or drug paraphernalia at the scene.
I figured he set up shop someplace else.
Trying to find another property he's paying rent on ? Exactly.
We follow his drug connections, you find his killers.
Only nothing's coming up.
He makes weekly deposits from $500 to $3,000.
And no paychecks since high school.
He's a typical dealer.
Lives large, but not for long.
Eventually they all get too careless or too greedy.
Either we catch up with them, somebody takes them outover a score or they themselves try to rip off the wrong person.
And then, game over.
The worst part is the people they leave behind.
You should've seen this kid's dad.
- What do you have on those King Lear tickets ? - Ran the DNA on the blood on the top ticket.
It belonged to the victim.
Prints ? Two usable, the victim and an unknown, not in AFIS.
But there is something odd that you don't need a microscope to see.
What's that ? Two tickets are missing.
G-13, G-14.
Matinee day.
Show's going on right now.
Kill someone, scam his tickets ? Kind of brazen, isn't it ? I've seen stupider.
I'm sure.
and'tis are first intent to shake all cares and business from our age confirming them on younger years while we unburthen'd crawl towards death.
Our son of Cornwall.
And you, our no-less-loving son of Albany, These seats are taken.
Someone killed Will ? Coincidentally, you are enjoying his seats.
Where's Jordan Benson ? Who ? You got two seconds to tell us how you ended up with these tickets.
I'm Will's digger.
I wait in line and buy tickets.
He gives me the money, pays me ten bucks for every hour I wait, and lets me keep a pair.
Will Novick was a ticket scalper ? The theaters love scalping.
They can advertise their shows as sold out.
Dustin Hoffman.
Here's 60 bucks.
Thank you.
Have a good evening.
You help your enterprising boss move his heroin also ? Heroin ? Heroin.
I get sick from milk.
You see Will with heroin ? I got my job because Will last digger was a stoner, Will said he hated druggies.
All right.
When's the last time you saw Will, then ? Yesterday, on campus, when I gave him the tickets.
You remember her ? It's Will's roommate.
The blond.
I saw her about a month ago.
I've only been to his apartment, like, twice.
Saw her passing through.
Please don't arrest me.
I'll meet you there.
All right.
This kid's about to wet his pants.
Cut him loose.
Uniforms found Jordan's purse in the canvass.
Bad sign.
Purse still has cash and credit cards in it.
The strap's broken.
Yeah, the brass connection was stretched.
It was taken by force.
A hunting knife.
Possibly used in the home invasion.
Synthetic fibers consistent with those ??? furniture pressions ??? But it was no reason for him to take the purse.
Unless of course Jordan was holding onto it when the killers forced her out of the apartment.
Fresh blood on the ground.
High-velocity spatter on the wall.
It gets worse.
There's a gunshot.
There's a ricochet mark on the wall.
I don't see a bullet.
Must be inside the target.
Another blood drop.
Good sign.
Gravitational drop.
About six feet from the last.
Elongated spines point toward the end of the alley.
That means Jordan ran.
The gunshot may not have been fatal.
Blood trail stops here.
Police ! Freeze ! Don't shoot ! We're good, guys.
Give me your hands.
- Where's the girl ? - Got nothing to say.
If the bullet in your shoulder matches Will Novick, it's enough to connect you to the home invasion.
You flip on your partner, you may escape a life sentence.
- The bullet's mine.
- You're going to have to get it out.
I know my rights.
Fourth Amendment.
You can't force me to have surgery.
- Where's the girl ?! - Don't know any girls.
You're not dealing with kids anymore.
You keep your bullet.
We've got rights to everything on or outside your body.
You'll give us plenty.
Your perp's cell phone is only a few days old.
Well, he's got priors for drug distribution.
These dealers change their phones as much as they change their socks.
There's no record of him calling Will Novick's number.
And there's no record of Will calling him.
Six nights a week, all of Will Novick's cell phone calls emanate from source power cells near Broadway.
Except for Mondays, when most theaters are dark.
How does a full-time theater scalpe have time to sell heroin ? More to the point, why does a dealer handling China White need to scalp tickets at all ? Excuse me.
Bonasera So, I ventured uptown to Jordan's parents' place to ask the doorman when the last time he saw her was.
He tells me she's upstairs.
You know, you had us worried there.
You skipped your classes today.
We left about four messages here.
I'm sorry, I just needed the day to veg out and do my laundry.
I never answer my parents' phone.
We found your purse in an alley.
The strap had been broken as if somebody took it by force.
I didn't take it with me.
I, uh, just threw my keys and some money in my laundry bag this morning and left.
Doorman said you got here just before 2:00.
I had breakfast in the Village before I came here.
How well did you know Will ? Barely.
Friend of a friend at school.
- We split the rent.
- We think Will was killed over drugs.
Like Ecstasy ? Did you ever see him handling drugs of any kind ? No.
I would've been out of there so fast.
He always had a lot of money, though.
Jordan, if you had some kind of run-in with these guys, you could be in extreme danger.
Please, I don't know anything.
Poor Will.
- Her story add up to you - No.
I don't think she went to breakfast with her laundry bag, and as far as I'm concerned, people don't leave home without their I.
s, unless they're bolting.
Right, and her college apartment building has its own laundry room.
The doorman places her here at the time of the home invasion.
She saw or heard something in that apartment that indicated the kind of trouble Will was in, so she took off and ran the hell back to her parents' apartment.
She should be cooperating with us.
There's a killer out there who's got a hold of her information.
- Let's keep a uniform out here just in case.
- Yeah.
- Hold your hands out.
- What's the magic word ? Hands.
Wonder how much damage I could do in the two seconds it'd take that cop to get in here.
Palms up.
I asked you a question, girl.
I'm telling you to step back.
Well, why don't you step Oh, God ! Should've listened.
- I can't feel my ribs.
- Oh, you will soon, and this gonna hurt like a bastard.
How was Jordan ? Safe, but she knows something.
She's too afraid to say it.
And, unfortunately, we still can't get warrants against reluctant witnesses.
But we do have a right to look at anything found in her purse or at the crime scene.
You know what, I'll check out her PDA, see if I can't find something.
I'm on my way.
Thought you'd want to be here for this one.
Paul Collins, 18 years old.
Wasn't breathing when the R.
found him.
- Overdose ? - All the signs.
Constricted pupils, red face, blue skin, blue lips.
And a fine white powder in a baggie, right there on the bed.
- Send it to Trace.
- I'll process the room, see if I can find any signs of where he got the stuff.
Maybe Deroy's name will come up.
Also check for any connection to Will Novick a class in common, activities, anything.
- That Jordan's PDA ? - Yeah.
Figured it might give us a clue as to what she was afraid to tell us.
Found two incoming text messages from today in her physical memory from her in-box.
"See you 11:30 in SC.
" Came from a restricted number.
Well, she said she went to breakfast.
Maybe that's short for a restaurant.
What's the second one say ? "Outside my dorm at noon.
" Local number.
- So she was on campus today.
- Little lie, big lie.
The heroin from your O.
'd college kid is set up for a microcrystal test.
Here are his clothes for process.
Fast rate of crystal growth.
Textbook morphology.
High purity.
- Was the vic a habitual user ? - Didn't appear to be.
- The high concentration probably killed him.
- Run this through the GCMS.
I want its content matched against the drug sample from our earlier crime scene.
You got it.
That's an obnoxious ring, Chad.
It's not mine.
It's the vic's.
Mac ? What are you doing at this number ? Stella turn around.
Why you calling my vic ? Jordan made an appointment to meet with him this morning.
Paul Collins O.
'd two hours ago.
Looks like China White.
This investigation just made a left turn.
- Will Novick isn't our drug dealer.
- Jordan Benson is, she's selling it pure.
My client already told you everything she knows.
The fact that she's your client tells us otherwise.
My daughter was nearly killed today.
Please she's in shock.
Two teenagers were killed today.
Jordan, the heroin that you sold to Paul Collins was 90% pure.
It killed him.
We're going to ask you to leave now.
Lipstone, I can assure you that, at this time, we are more interested in preventing another fatal overdose than arresting Jordan.
If you sold heroin to anyone else, the other person that you met this morning, just give me a name.
Detective Bonasera, please leave.
This is what Paul looks like right now.
- Tell her to stop ! - Just make the call yours - Get out of my house now ! - Detective, you are way out of line.
Let's go.
Keep this as a souvenir.
Quite a kid you got.
When I'm the cooler head, you know you blew it.
I blew it ?! What about Buffy the Friend Slayer back there ? When people lawyer up, they're clams.
You know that.
I was just hoping for a shred of humanity.
Forget it.
There's a Chinese wall around her now.
We're on our own.
What was the substance on Deroy's hands and clothes ? Superglue.
You know of a use for superglue in the drug world ? - Not off-hand.
How about DNA ? - Not Will's.
Some unknown female.
Compare it to a DNA sample of Jordan Benson's.
- You think Deroy assaulted Will's roommate ? - Yes.
We're now focusing on Jordan as the source of the heroin, not Will Novick.
We know Jordan was uptown during the home invasion, and the purse appears to have been physically wrested from its owner.
If Deroy and his partner got the purse from her first, that's probably how they got her Village address.
Poor Will was collateral damage.
Process that purse : look for traces of heroin, contents that give us a timeline, links to Deroy.
Anything and everything.
- You'll get a novel out of it.
- Good.
White residue.
Isolate and run it, please.
Have we got enough to get a search warrant for the Benson place yet ? Aiden's working on it.
You know, in the meantime, maybe Jordan's financials here will help us figure out who she was with yesterday.
There's nothing more depressing than looking at a rich kid's money line.
Ah, but this kid's not flush.
She's broke.
Check it out.
Her cards haven't been active for weeks.
Her bank account went from 18 large to 50 bucks in four months.
Clothing, restaurants, shoes.
I mean, looks like she blew through her savings, and then moved straight to plastic.
Credit cards secured by her father, Martin Benson.
Here we go : Six weeks ago, he paid off two balances over $10,000 each, and then her froze her account.
It's the uptown version of being grounded.
It's tough.
This kind of thing could make a girl desperate.
Traces of China White were found in her purse.
We got her.
Eh, it won't stick.
We found her purse in an alley.
She'll claim it was put there after it was stolen.
We got her in two lies.
See, the DNA from her lipstick was a match with the DNA under Deroy's nails, which proves he assaulted her.
Further, Q.
restored this receipt for me.
She bought a coffee on campus yesterday at 11:00 a.
, proof she didn't leave the bag behind when she left her apartment.
Deroy probably snatched the bag at the school.
That's mine, girl.
Hey, what's going on ? somebody call Security ! Well, this helps us piece everything together, but we can't get a warrant based on evidence that Jordan was a victim.
And she has no legal obligation to report that she was assaulted.
This is bogus.
You got anything else ? Yeah.
Her father cut her off about a month ago-- all her credit cards are frozen.
Gives us a motive for the amateur drug dealing.
She wanted to get her lifestyle back.
Like it's Avon.
Still doesn't explain how an uptown teenager could get her hands on pure China White to sell.
And that doesn't tell us who else might've bought from her.
Well, maybe you can use her student I.
, try to track down what she did yesterday.
You must get a dozen civilian complaints a day.
Bonasera pushed the buttons of a legitimate suspect.
Why is hers marched over by a brass band ? She pushed an autopsy photo into the face of a teenage girl.
She was trying to save another kid.
This is Bonasera's fourth complaint in three years.
Two of those complainants are felons marinating upstate.
The other is a murder suspect in the wind, thanks to an ADA's screwup.
Taylor, there's only but so many grenades you can jump on for your people.
I don't need management tips from Internal Affairs, Chief.
You run your staff, I'll run mine.
Your department is not above scrutiny.
No department is.
Keep Bonasera away from the Bensons.
You should've told me.
You know I hate getting surprised by Hillborne.
Lipstone's just trying to get us on the defensive, Mac.
And you handed her ammunition.
Benson's just trying to protect his daughter like any father would.
Yeah, well, I was thinking of Will's father, how long that drive back to Jersey must've been after what we said to him.
You should've been thinking about Lipstone.
She's an expert at turning a criminal trial into a referendum on how cops screw up.
I know how trials work, Mac.
Act like it.
I got something.
Chad wanted a second sample for reference, so I went back in the purse to look for more heroin, but nothing.
But the bag's a designer knock-off.
The fakes are so good now, I couldn't tell the difference until I took it apart.
The leather's good, dye's good.
It's just the stitching on the inside isn't as good as the real Italian stuff.
Her father cut her off, she bought a fake-- okay.
So I took the bag apart, and there was a substance on the insignia that looked familiar, so I processed it.
It's the same superglue we found on Deroy.
These bags cross the line into illegal knockoffs, once the seller affixes the phony designer insignia.
If they put the insignia on earlier, they risk confiscation.
The superglue that was applied to this insignia was all gobbed on.
It wasn't fully hardened yet.
Which means Jordan bought her knockoff very recently.
You said Deroy had glue on his hands and clothing-- more glue than would come from a transfer during a purse snatching.
Unless you were gluing purses all day.
Retail's a nice cover for drug dealing.
Until you make a mistake and give someone the wrong bag.
I have stats class tomorrow at Jordan must've said something that Deroy remembered in order to track her down yesterday.
Hold on.
One mistake, two kids dead and counting.
Well, they sell a lot of fakes in Manhattan-- I mean, especially downtown.
Well, there's that mini fashion district on Beech Street, it's perfect.
It's between her school and the Village apartment.
Let's find the right store, fast.
Yeah, Jordan Benson swiped in yesterday at 11:15.
They use their cards to swipe in but not to get out.
- Were you working yesterday ? - Yeah.
Picture on the I.
look familiar ? I'm trying to see if she met anyone here.
You know, all these girls, they look alike.
Does "SC" mean anything to you ? Yeah, Special Collections.
What's that ? It's a room with old documents, Revolutionary War stuff.
No one really goes in there, though.
Does that room have its own security system ? Yeah.
Stuff's pretty valuable.
Yeah, Jordan swiped in at 11:31, and so did a freshman by the name of Andrea Allix only two minutes before.
- That's weird.
- No, it's not.
Give me Andrea's campus address.
Something's wrong.
Open up.
Call 911 ! Come on, Andrea.
Hang in there, Andrea.
Come on.
Come on ! Her body went into shock.
She's lucky to be alive.
Yeah, thanks to Danny.
Andrea wants to avoid a drug possession charge.
She's going on record saying that Jordan sold her the drugs in the library, told her it was cocaine.
Then we have enough for a warrant.
We can go get'em.
I'll step off the collar.
because of the complaint.
You ran with it.
Finish it.
You sure ? Yeah.
How are we on the handbag tracking ? Um, very good, actually.
Each of these bags come from a different store on Beech Street.
All were assembled with the same benzene-based fabric glue, which makes sense,'cause they all come from the same manufacturer overseas.
Benzene fumes are toxic.
Seven stores that sell this bag use the same benzene-based glue to affix fake designer insignias.
But not this one.
This insignia was attached with superglue, the same that I found on Deroy and Jordan's bag.
Wish I had a barrel of ice water.
I'd dump it on your head.
Good job, Coach.
They closed the front gate.
We'll take the back door.
How you doing ? You going to pay for that broken lock ? We've got plenty of locks for you after what you did to Will Novick.
Who ? tortured and murdered yesterday.
Mac, I got white powder on the table.
I employ at least a dozen vendors here in the last few months.
You find anything illegal, they brought it in.
It's a nice setup.
To fend off takedowns, you distribute your product in plain sight through merchandise.
Things get hot, pack up, move shop.
I sell leather goods.
That's all I do.
Oh, yeah ? Well, this is positive for heroin.
You've got your story.
We'll get the evidence.
I'm going to start with your shirt.
No, you're not.
I'm not giving you my shirt.
I'm not giving you blood, DNA, nothing.
You don't have anything to connect me to any murders.
Not yet but you are under arrest.
Oh, yeah ? For what ? Selling fraudulent designer merchandise.
You can't be here.
We're looking for drugs.
I've already filed a complaint against you.
But we've got a warrant.
Guess which one's the ace ? Diane ! On what basis ? A student nearly died this afternoon, after ingesting drugs she claims Jordan sold her.
So it's some druggie's word against Jordan's.
See, that's why evidence collecting is so important.
People lie.
When you come up empty, we're going after your badge.
Excuse me.
I have a job to do.
Techs checked the library, kitchen, bedrooms nothing.
She'd have been crazy not to have dumped the stuff by now.
You know, Flack, I think you're right.
Hold this for me.
My favorite part of the job.
What do you got ? A weak positive.
"Weak", that bad ? No, it's good.
It's real good.
People think if they flush a couple of times, the drugs are gone.
But the water just dilutes them.
My client has nothing to say.
It's okay.
I'm in a chatty mood.
And Jordan, when you opened that purse and saw what you walked away with, my guess is you figured out a way that you could regain the lifestyle your father cut you off from.
Coke at a serious discount.
Text me, it's safer.
And you had two buyers the next day.
So you hid the drugs at your apartment, took the two portions to campus to sell, and after you sold to Paul and Andrea, Deroy was waiting for you, and grabbed your purse.
But the drugs weren't in the purse.
Now you had his drugs, and he had your address.
You couldn't call the police.
You went back to the apartment, got the rest of the drugs and took off, so you could sell them.
Taking off for a couple days.
See ya.
But you never gave Will a heads up.
It didn't matter that he was brutally, brutally murdered.
At some point, when you came back here, maybe after Detective Flack and I told you what happened to Will, you realized that those drugs were bad news.
And up until that moment, everything that happened was a series of stupid mistakes made by a spoiled, sheltered little girl.
But what a jury will find most unforgivable is that there is no record of you ever trying to contact Andrea Allix.
Knowing that those same drugs killed Paul Collins.
Perhaps on your lawyer's sound advice.
Jordan Benson, you're under arrest for negligent homicide and heroin trafficking.
Di Diane.
Um, without admitting any wrongdoing, my client understands that there's a dangerous killer out there.
Now, maybe there's information that she can provide that can help you find him.
Bad timing, Diane.
We arrested Will Novick's killer about two hours ago.
You have nothing to offer.
Turn around and put your hands behind your back.
Dad ! You don't need those.
She's not dangerous.
We'll forgo the handcuffs, Mr.
Benson, but I'll have to disagree with you.
Unfortunately, your daughter's the most dangerous kind out there.
You were more thorough than most.
Disposed of your gloves, shirt, shoes, your weapon.
but you kept your T-shirt, and we analyzed it.
The blood speck on it is a match to Will Novick's DNA.
A beating that intense, there'd have to be stray blood.
Where is it ? Where is it ?! It's not here.
Turn it down ! Jerk ! You realized will didn't know anything about the drugs, no one's that tough.
I'm going to call the building manager.
Let's leave this bitch a note.
You wanted Jordan to know the lengths you'd go to get your heroin back.
Later, you lost your patience with Deroy.
She has another address.
We can track her down.
You had two chances, Shaun.
You don't get a third.
Hey, what are you doing ? Will was just a kid who scalped tickets to pay for college.
You killed him for sport.
You may not care about that boy's life, but his DNA on your shirt was enough to get a warrant for your apartment, and that warehouse you rent in the Bronx.
We're about to break the back of your distribution.
Much like Deroy did, you're about to piss off the people you work for.
People who make you look tame.
And at some point, while you're in lockup, they will get to you.
You were right.
Will was a good kid.
I'm sorry if it sounded like we thought otherwise.
I never doubted my son.
His mother and sister wanted to help me pack up, but it would've been harder with them here.
You think that girl will go to jail ? I don't know, but the evidence is solid.
Thanks for clearing Will's name.
You're welcome.
There are good victim support groups.
They called us.
Take care.
Detective ? Save you a trip.
Appreciate it.