CSI: NY s01e21 Episode Script

On the Job

Our killer was probably after cash.
DOA's name is Jay Knight.
High-velocity blood spatter.
- From the vic ? - Could be.
Why don't you sweep the rest of the apartment ? All right.
Mac, he's running ! NYPD ! Hey ! Hey ! NYPD ! Out of the way ! Stay down ! Down ! Down ! Get down ! Stay down ! - You all right ? - I'm fine.
Is he alive ? Give me your gun.
He's a cop ? He was shooting at me.
He's a cop ?! - This is the guy you were chasing ? From the apartment ? - Yeah, that's him.
- He was shooting at me ! - I didn't ask you if he shot at you.
- Are you sure this is the guy you were chasing ? - Yes, I'm sure, Mac.
I think that's the guy.
CSI : New York - Season 1 Episode 21 - On the Job S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Correction : Cordesh and Seth Cohen The undercover officer was Detective Third Grade Rodney Minhas.
- Eyewitnesses ? - Half a dozen people saw the whole thing, and their stories are consistent.
A guy came down the South stairs, ran to the middle of the platform and hid behind that column.
He sees Danny come down following him and fires at Danny twice.
At this point, people start diving for cover.
Then Officer Minhas comes down the North stairs and starts shooting at the same guy Danny was chasing.
Danny and the undercover are chasing the same guy ? Exactly.
So there's three people down here shooting.
Danny's suspect.
- Any lead on him ? - No.
He took off up the tracks.
- Put a description out ? - Yes, plus, there's a team searching the tunnels, there's a million ways out of here.
Any other fatalities ? No.
There're two civilians that got hit.
They'll both make it.
It ain't dangerous enough out here, we gotta worry about getting shot by another cop ? Come on ! You kidding me ? He was coming at me ! He fired at me first ! - Yeah ? - Yeah ! - Should've done a better job, then ! - All right, knock it off ! Get out of here ! Get out of here ! I don't want anybody making up their minds about this until we know the facts.
Danny, what happened ? I chased the perp into the subway.
We came out on the platform right there and then he shoots at me.
And then he turns and he starts running at me and he fires at me again.
And that's when I fire.
You can check my gun.
Anyone else fire after that ? No.
I I fired the last two shots.
Did you hit him with both your rounds ? I can't say for sure, I don't know.
Defin Maybe Definitely one.
Maybe both.
I followed my training by the book, Mac.
- Minhas identify himself ? - No.
He didn't I didn't hear nothing.
He turns, he starts running at me and he fires at me and was clearly an imminent threat and that's when I took him out.
IAB's gonna want a statement.
But you keep your mouth shut until we issue a preliminary report.
Go to the hospital, get that cut taken care of.
Call me when you get home.
Hey, Mac.
Got something.
One of the injured civilians was complaining he lost this.
He was standing right next to the guy Danny was chasing when the firing started.
A message recorder.
Still recording.
You may have found our only reliable witness.
I'll get this back to the lab.
You process with a team.
- I'll see you back there.
- You got it.
Detective Taylor, I'm gonna take a statement from your officer, but I thought I'd inform you first.
He's got 48 hours before he's required to talk to Internal Affairs.
No, only uniforms get that pass from IAB.
Detectives don't have that right.
He's going to the hospital for an assessment.
Let me just tell my story.
I got nothing to hide.
I'm ordering you to the hospital.
You make your statement later.
We'll be talking to you.
Sandra Lopez.
Nineteen years old.
I just talked to a couple of her friends.
They were the ones who called 911.
I'm going to need to talk to them, as well.
- Matrice Singh and Glenda? - Wallace.
How did you ladies know Sandra Lopez ? We're all nannies.
We meet up at the park around noon every day for lunch.
Hey, watch the baby for a second, will you ? I'm gonna run to the restroom.
- Who did she work for ? - Roland and Raquel Myerson.
They're the biggest antique importers in Manhattan.
I'm sorry.
I'd better get her home.
Do you need anything else ? I have your names.
If we need you, we'll contact you.
Where's the baby ? EMS contacted the Bureau of Child Welfare.
She's going to be with the State until we can contact the parents.
Where are the parents ? We're trying to locate them now.
- Detective Bonasera ? - Yes.
I'm the Child Welfare Representative for baby Daniela.
- How is she doing ? - Quite well.
- I must say, she is a happy baby.
- Sure she is.
- Any idea when she'll be released ? - When the parents arrive.
These people are on their own timetable.
I'm just here to do a cursory exam, rule out any harm.
- Well, take your time.
- Okay.
Look at you.
Hello, Daniela.
I'm Stella.
See my gloves ? Oh, you are a good girl.
Hello, there.
Hello, there.
There we go.
There we go.
Let me see your toes.
Yeah ? Do you want to talk to me ? Hold on.
Oh, my goodness.
Such a good girl.
Mommy and Daddy better come get you soon.
I don't know if they know what they've got here.
Here you go.
Can I take your picture ? That's a camera.
Guess what ? We're all done.
- Everything all right ? - With Daniela, everything's fine.
There you go.
Oh, my goodness.
So what did we get - from Detective Minhas's body ? - I took this round out of his shoulder.
A hollow point which mushroomed and lodged just under the clavicle.
- Not a fatal wound.
- No.
The only other wound on the body entered the upper abdomen and exited between the seventh and eighth ribs, most likely nicking a major vessel on the way through, causing him to bleed to death.
Based on the position of the wound, most likely the inferior vena cava.
Danny fired twice.
Is there any way to find out if both rounds came from his gun ? Based on the information we have, or lack thereof, there's no way to say who fired the fatal shot.
Let's get the round from his shoulder over to Ballistics for analysis.
I recovered this track from the injured civilian's recorder.
This is the event from the first shot to the last.
Because the shots came from three distinct sources, and the recording device was stationary, we can determine which of your subjects fired when Making these the final two shots which Danny said he fired.
We have a single voice shouting before the final two shots.
I'm undercover ! I'm on the job ! Don't shoot ! That must be Officer Minhas.
And those are Danny's shots.
Danny fired after Minhas ID'd himself.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Nice move.
- Inventory.
It's okay.
Your nanny No, someone's nanny, died from blunt-force trauma to the head.
Single blow.
The first hit is free, so don't expect to find any blood on the murder weapon.
- Any idea what they used to hit her ? - I did find granular particulate matter, in her wound.
At first I thought it was dirt, but then I took it under the autopsy scope.
Feldspar, quartz and a pinch of Mica.
- Granite.
- Yeah.
So the murder weapon is a rock.
And judging from the head wound, I'd be looking for a rock with a V-shaped edge.
Oh, well, that's good to know.
Narrows down my search.
Last, but certainly not least I did find evidence of burn trauma to her nasal cavity.
Singed hairs.
And somehow I don't believe this is from a sore throat.
- Edema of the oropharynx.
- Strange thing is there's no burns on her face.
- What about the sexual assault kit ? - Just came back Positive.
No name in the system.
Okay, I'm going back to that park.
Go get'em.
We need to account for all the bullets.
These are the stairs Danny chased this perp down.
The guy Danny was chasing fired twice at Danny from behind this column, hitting here and here.
We recovered those bullets.
Then Minhas came down the stairs and fired once - At the perp.
- Then the perp fired twice at Minhas hitting this civilian here.
We haven't recovered the perp's second bullet.
Minhas fired once more, hitting the wall near Danny - another of our recovered rounds.
- Then Danny fired twice at Minhas.
One round hitting him in the shoulder, which we recovered.
And the other round which we haven't recovered.
So, there are two bullets unaccounted for, right ? One fired by Danny, and one fired by the perp.
And one dead cop, killed by a through and-through bullet fired by one of them.
Question is which one ? Excuse me, Nurse.
How long I gotta wait ? I gotta I gotta get back to work.
The doctor will be with you soon.
I'm a police officer, all right ? I just can't sit around here all day, waiting.
He won't be much longer.
My friend said, uh, he went to the bathroom.
He said wait.
He'll be right back.
So, you're the butler for the Myerson family ? Yes, ma'am.
How long has Sandra Lopez been working for the Myersons ? Ever since Daniela was born.
I'd say seven months now.
She was a superb nanny.
Got along with the Myersons for the most part.
- For the most part ? - She seemed a bit odd, as of late.
- I couldn't begin to tell you why.
- Have the Myersons been informed of her death ? Oh, yes.
- Where are they ? - They're away on business.
- Where ? - I'm not permitted to say.
The Myersons are a very private people.
Especially since the robbery.
Robbery ? Well, about a month ago, someone stole one of their most prized nesting dolls.
And then it was anonymously returned.
The police were never called, and no report was filed.
Anonymously returned.
So, it was an inside job ? - I'm really not permitted to say.
- Oh, listen, Jeeves - Randolph.
- Randolph I'm going to need to process that nesting doll at some point.
- Do you have any objections ? - If it's a legal matter, no, ma'am.
Any idea who might have wanted to harm Sandra Lopez ? I suppose I'd look into one of her guy friends the bartender.
- He seemed a bit dodgy.
- What's his name ? Steve Dark ? Name says it all.
Same here.
Sandra Lopez do you know her ? Lady, there are so many sick women floating around this joint, they all look like ham sandwiches to me, you know ? This woman isn't a ham sandwich, Steve.
She's been murdered.
We have evidence that she was raped within the last 24 hours, as well.
- You mind giving us a DNA sample ? - Raped ? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait.
Slow down here, listen Sandra and I, we hooked up last night, okay ? But she came on to me I wanna breathe fire.
Well, you wanna breathe fire, you gotta sleep with the devil.
Let's go.
Sandra Lopez.
It may look easy, but I gotta say, you know, you play with fire, you get burned.
Give me your hands, Casanova.
No match.
Take another look through that platform.
Detective Flack will join you.
- How you doing ? - Aiden Fine-tooth comb.
You're off this case, Danny.
Why are you here ? I don't know Thought maybe I could help while my memory's still fresh.
You know the drill.
You're assigned to a desk.
If I were you, that's where I'd be.
What's up ? What do you know ? You know something ? Your story doesn't match the witnesses', and we have an audio tape of the shooting from a commuter's recorder.
The evidence is damaging to you.
You said Minhas didn't say anything; he did.
- He ID'd himself.
- Mac, I didn't hear anything.
I swear to you, on my mother's grave One of your bullets is still missing, Danny.
My fear is, it's the one that killed the officer.
Come here.
I want you to go home.
I want you to call this guy.
He's a good lawyer.
- He's expecting your call.
- I don't need a lawyer, Mac.
The D.
decides to prosecute, you will.
Give him a call, anyway.
It'll do you some good to talk to someone.
Go on.
We know that Danny fired twice from this direction, one round which hit Officer Minhas in the shoulder And another round which is still missing.
Two rounds missing overall.
All right, well, let's find those rounds.
Just check every surface.
Flack A bullet skip mark.
Directionality indicates it came from the south end of the platform.
That could've been fired either by Danny or the guy he was chasing.
Got another round.
No blood.
So, we'll get a comparison of this round with the test round from Danny's gun.
If this is Danny's missing round, he didn't kill Minhas.
The round on the right was taken from Jay Knight, your apartment DOA.
When our day started.
The round on the left is the one Aiden just pulled from the subway stairs.
Fired from the same gun.
Guy Danny was chasing killed the apartment DOA.
Hid in the closet for some reason and ran when Danny found him.
Which leaves only one fired round unaccounted for.
Danny's Danny killed Officer Minhas Hey ! How you holding up ? To tell you the truth I'm sick to my stomach, man.
I might've killed a cop, Flack.
Did you call that lawyer that Mac recommended ? What am I gonna do with that guy ? What's he gonna do ? I'm not gonna call him.
- Don't do this.
- Don't do what ? Don't start taking things into your own hands.
Okay ? Listen to me, Aiden and I are going back to the apartment.
We're gonna tear that place apart - until we get some answers.
- It was a good shoot, Don, - and I feel like I got to do something about it.
- No, no, no, listen to me, you don't have to do anything but keep your mouth shut and let Mac handle it.
- Mac's worried about the reputation of the unit.
- You're wrong.
He's got your back.
It doesn't feel like that, I feel very alone in this.
I feel like there's people out there talking about me, and I got no chance to defend myself.
You've got to trust the system.
I know what it's like when the system gets you in their sights, - and I'm not gonna let that happen.
- Take it easy.
What do you mean, take it easy ? Take what, take it easy ? What, you think I can just shut this off ? You think I can just shut this all down ? Why didn't anybody step up to me and say, "Danny, I got your back"? Don't hang yourself, Danny.
You wanna know what this feels like ? It feels like I'm already being hung ! You want to run a DB through the system ? Yeah, something about this nanny's just not right.
She's got a double life of some sort.
I figure if I take her prints, could be something else that I can learn about her.
Anytime I can lend a hand.
You're a little crazy, you know that ? Hey, boss.
Got something ? I'll tell you in a second.
She's a thief.
Who ? Sandra Lopez ? Yeah.
Just got a hit off a print in an open theft case.
Her print popped up, but no name.
You got an address.
Miss Wallace, what's a coincidence ! Our robbery squad found Sandra Lopez's fingerprints on a jewelry box at your employer's residence.
A ten-carat blue sapphire necklace was stolen, do you know anything about that ? I remember the robbery.
It was about a month ago.
But there's no way Sandra was involved.
She came by with the baby a couple times to visit, but the help wasn't allowed anywhere near the master bedroom.
Oh wait a minute.
So you girls were playing dress-up ? We were just having fun.
Dreaming a little bit.
A couple days later, some of the jewelry ended up missing.
My bosses, of course, tried to blame me.
Do I look like Halle Berry ? What am I gonna do with the jewel from Titanic ? Wear it to the Oscars ? Then let's see what kind of actress you really are.
This spatter on the wall's the only blood in the apartment that didn't come from the DOA.
So I figured maybe the guy Danny found in the closet was shot, and that's why he hid in there, but there was no blood in or near the closet.
Leaving that kind of spatter, he would've bled pretty badly.
There were three men in this room.
The guy Danny was chasing, Jay Knight, and the source of our mystery spatter.
Jay Knight was on the couch.
Knight must've pulled a gun.
Danny's perp and Knight fire at the same time.
Knight takes one in the chest as he fires his own gun.
Spatter Man takes Knight's bullet.
Yeah, but Flack, we would've found that round in the apartment.
Flack, when they were here, the window was open.
So where's the bullet ? I'd say out there.
We can split the piece along the grain.
Hopefully, we won't destroy any evidence.
Hawkes you are a man of many talents.
There was a time I wanted to be a sculptor.
With any luck, this is our through-and-through.
Damn it.
No match.
Glenda Wallace never touched that rock.
I'm gonna run her prints through AFIS.
Yet another thief.
Glenda Wallace's prints came back to a robbery at your employer's address.
Care to explain that ? I don't know anything about that.
I don't want any trouble, lady.
I-I'm here on a working visa from India.
I'm new to this country.
I understand.
I'm still gonna need to get your prints.
I want a lawyer.
That's what the embassy told me, if I get into trouble.
Why ? Are you in trouble ? The round pulled from the tree was definitely fired by Jay Knight's gun from the Lafayette Street apartment.
The blood sample from the bullet in the tree is a perfect match to the spatter next to the window.
And they both match The undercover officer, Rodney Minhas.
He's the mystery man from the apartment.
And he was shot there, so it can't be Danny who killed him.
So we know Minhas was in the apartment, right ? But what was he doing in the subway ? What's the connection ? We know that Minhas was shot in the apartment and then ran to the subway.
But there were no traces of blood in the street ? Well, he probably tried to stop the bleeding.
He didn't want to leave drops.
But if he was bleeding all the way to the subway, there's got to be a drop of blood somewhere.
Well, maybe he didn't take the direct route.
There's another subway entrance down a block.
Hey, Flack, check out that car.
That's a full day's worth of parking tickets.
Got blood ? Here's what he used to stop the bleeding.
Circular gravitational drops.
It indicates no motion.
Got here and waited.
For what ? To get in this car.
Minhas was waiting for his ride out.
Problem is, his driver was in the apartment.
With the keys.
I'll run the VIN.
First off, I want to say I followed procedure In a routine sweep of a crime scene, I encountered a hidden suspect who fled the scene.
I chased him into the street, down into the subway, at which point, the suspect fired at me.
And I took cover.
I heard a few more shots, and I looked out from behind the column.
He turned and fired at me again.
You saw the man you shot turn and fire at you ? And that's when I fired at him.
Two shots.
That's when he went down.
The suspect.
Subsequently identified as NYPD Officer Rodney Minhas.
I didn't know he was a police officer.
I It was an armed man running at me in the subway firing at me.
I followed my training.
Uh, Detective Messer, what did you hope to achieve by coming in here ? I just wanted to say my piece.
I just wanted to tell you my side of the story, on the record.
Yeah, well you've done that, all right.
It's all recorded.
Y-You should know that the preliminary investigation shows that your account of the incident is inaccurate.
Witnesses state that Officer Minhas wasn't turning when he fired.
He did identify himself to you.
The suspect you chased didn't fire until you instigated the confrontation, which resulted in a shoot-out in a crowded subway.
Officer Minhas's behavior is irrelevant.
The department is going to review whether you are fit to be a police officer.
You'll receive a transcript of your statement in 24 hours.
I gave you a specific order not to talk to IAB.
You know what this is ? My findings on the Minhas shooting, which clear you of any culpability in his death.
If IAB decides to go after you for this, you've given a statement that could contradict everything we've determined.
As far as defending you, this information is essentially useless.
Yeah, what's with the nesting doll ? There was an unexplained robbery at the Myersons'residence, this doll was stolen and returned.
Funny thing about these dolls, Chad, people can't keep their hands off of them.
No match to any of the prints we have.
Out of all our suspects, there's only one name left.
We got you, Matrice.
The print that we found on the rock that killed Sandra Lopez is the exact same print we found on the nesting dolls at the Myersons'.
Your print.
My client's never been to the Myersons'.
I'm on to your little theft ring.
Bonasera Sandra steals from Glenda's house.
Glenda steals from yours you steal from Sandra's.
- Ms.
- Let me finish.
You and your nanny friends intentionally leave your prints at each other's homes.
None of you are in the system, so the prints come back to ghosts.
Very clever girls.
How am I doing so far, Matrice ? When I processed that nesting doll, I found evidence that all of them had been wiped clean but one.
How cute is this one ? Am I right ? You do not have to respond.
I want to.
Sandra stole a blue sapphire necklace from Glenda's house.
Glenda stole a Rolex watch from my employer.
And what did you steal ? I took the nesting doll from the Myersons.
Glenda wiped it down because we were supposed to pawn all the items the next day.
Out of nowhere, Sandra got cold feet and put it back.
The plan was to pawn the items and split the cash three ways.
When Sandra backed out, I confronted her.
I put the doll back.
It's over.
Now leave me alone.
You're going to keep up your part of the bargain and let me steal something else.
Leave me alone or I'll call Immigration.
I was just trying to make some extra money for health insurance.
These people are millionaires and they make you pay every time you get sick.
You have no idea what these people are like.
Matrice Singh gets deported, case is solved.
What's the problem ? The problem is that the real crime is within this family.
This little baby has everything a child could want, a mom and a dad, a house on the Upper East Side, money to burn.
And it turns out these parents wait two days to pick up their own kid.
There's a lot of bad parents out there, Stella.
Sometimes I just I just want to fix it.
It's not our job to fix it.
You know, you can talk to these parents until you're blue in the face the sad thing is, they're not going to hear one word.
Maybe not.
You're the strongest person I know, Stella.
That child needs anyone right now, it's you.
Michael Armstrong.
Registered owner of a 1984 Grey Impala that we found on Lafayette Street in Brooklyn.
I never even go to Brooklyn, man.
What's in Brooklyn ? Then what was your car doing on Lafayette Street ? Someone stole it.
And left it locked on the street ? Hey, who knows what secrets lurk in a criminal's mind ? Recognize that ? They found it in your apartment.
Your prints are all over it.
These rounds were fired from your gun.
This round killed Jay Knight.
Found your car in front of his apartment.
This round was found at the scene of the shooting of a police officer.
I had nothing to do with that.
Then you want to tell me how bullets from your gun ended up on the subway ? Otherwise, we're looking at you for killing that cop.
We had this thing going, me and Rodney.
Minhas was your partner ? Yeah, we we heard this guy had some cash from some bootleg DVDs he was selling.
We were going to go shake him down.
The guy pulls out a piece, we fire at the same time, the guy shoots Rodney in the gut.
Rodney takes off.
And you figured you'd done the dirty work, so you wanted your cash.
Then the cops showed up, and you hid in the closet.
Yeah, yeah, well cop found me, so I had to run.
Must have come as a surprise to you when Minhas ended up down in the subway.
Yeah, I don't know how he got down there, but he was trying to help me out when he got shot.
He was trying to help you out ? We have witnesses saying you fired at him.
I didn't know it was him, man.
I was jumpy, I saw somebody running, I popped off a couple shots.
You think he was trying to help you out ? He was a cop.
He knows all about tough guys like you.
Get you downtown, you start singing like the Vienna Boys Choir.
He was trying to kill you.
He needed an explanation for why he was shot, you were going to be it.
And if you ended up dead, so much the better for him.
No, man.
That's impossible.
We've known each other for years.
He dated my sister.
He dated your sister ? Yeah.
Get this moron out of here.
I'm done.
's declined prosecution.
Hillborne called IAB off, said I got to give a statement, wouldn't be a problem.
You don't win in this kind of situation, Danny.
Mac, I am not saying I won anything.
IAB's calling it a good shoot.
IAB's not saying that.
They're only saying there's not enough evidence to go forward with an internal investigation.
That's not an exoneration, it's a pass.
Something like this happens again, it's gonna come up.
Never again.
There's two things I want to say that you should know.
One I thought I'd never tell you.
I was strongly discouraged against hiring you.
But I followed my gut.
For the last five years, I thought I made the right decision.
Who was bad-mouthing me ? It doesn't matter.
But they said that the decision to hire you was mine, and one day I'd realize I made a mistake.
You made no mistake.
I made no mistake.
I can account for every second of that shooting.
Every every breath, every shot.
No, you can't, Danny.
You want to know why ? I can't.
Eight shots were fired in that subway station.
We've accounted for seven of them.
The eighth bullet was from your gun.
We still have no idea where it went.
You fired wild, Danny.
That bullet could have gone anywhere.
And your story, about Minhas turning ? - That's what happened.
- No, Danny.
I've examined every inch of that platform.
The position of the columns, where Armstrong was hiding, where Minhas came from you couldn't possibly have seen him until he came into your field of vision, running at Armstrong running at you.
You're off the promotion grid, Danny.
Pick it up.
Take it.
We won't have this discussion again.
Hold on.
Put him through.
Chief Hillborne Hey.
It's me, Stella.
Remember me ? Come here, you.
Detective Bonasera ? Tell the parents I'll be right there.
Take your time.