CSI: NY s01e23 Episode Script

What You See is What You See

New boyfriend ? The usual ? Uh-huh.
Order's up.
Oatmeal, raisins with a side of maple syrup.
That's your usual, right ? You're very observant.
I just noticed that you like the oatmeal, and I come here for the French toast, so I was just wondering, am I missing something ? Or maybe you're just an oatmeal person.
I am an oatmeal person.
I hope everything was all right.
- You done with this ? - Wait ! No ! I said not to touch that.
Okay, take it easy.
Damn it ! Nothing's happened yet.
Let's just put the gun down.
We'll get this sorted out right away.
You stop moving ! No ! Detective Mac Taylor.
I need emergency response at Avenue C Coffee Shop.
We have an armed male suspect fleeing the scene.
I need those paramedics right away.
Just save it for your new boyfriend, Amy.
Huh ? You're gonna tell him all about how you survived this.
All right ? Come on, Amy, breathe.
Come on, Amy.
Be strong, breathe ! CSI : New York - Season 1 Episode 22 - The Closer S Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbed b Subbed by Correction : Cordesh and Seth Cohen Amy we've got your information, and we'll make sure your family gets to the hospital.
They'll be waiting for you when you get to your room.
You're gonna be all right, Amy.
She gonna make it ? Absolutely.
- How about you ? - I'm fine.
Danny and Aiden already processing ? Yup, they're working on it.
Well, I'm never gonna get a better eyewitness account than this.
What'd you see ? Three shots were fired.
First shot ricocheted off a metal chair.
Went through a pastry tray and landed in the wall.
Second shot hit the waitress.
Third shot killed the male victim, entering his thigh.
I left my prints on the cell phone when I dialed 911.
The killer was sitting alone.
Left behind a possible DNA sample.
Well, I'll get my guys started based on your description of the shooter.
There was another man sitting alone in the booth farthest from the wall.
He asked for his check, dropped a 20.
There's no sign of that guy.
Means he left sometime between when I reached the waitress and when the paramedics responded.
You notice anything specific about him ? It's hard to tell.
Could have just been scared.
I'll get with a sketch artist, see if I can come up with something to follow up on.
This wasn't just a nickel-and-dime robbery.
There's more to it.
How do you mean ? Two guys with no apparent connection, both carrying, end up in a shootout in a coffee shop ? Something was going on in there.
Maybe someone else can fill in the blanks.
There was a woman sitting at the counter before I walked in.
Until the gun fell on the floor, my back was to the rest of the coffee shop.
Well, did you see anything ? Truthfully, I I don't know what I saw.
The gun dropped, and the rest was a blur.
I was distracted.
I was working up the nerve to talk to this guy.
So, your focus was on him ? Okay, uh, can you describe the man you're talking about ? Yeah, he's over there in the white shirt.
- Is that it ? - Oh, yes.
You're free to go.
All right, Mac, I'll catch up with you later.
Are you all right ? It's Rose.
And, uh, I wanted to say thank you.
For what ? Well, you kind of sort of saved my life in a way.
Well, I don't know about that.
Main thing is that you're not harmed.
Um there's this place that I like to go to on Monday nights, so the least I could do is buy you a drink.
I have to get back to work now.
I understand.
Well, thanks again.
What's up, Doc ? Hey.
What do you got for me ? Vic's name is Adam Baxter.
He's got a minor rap sheet.
Mostly low-level assault stuff.
According to Mac, Adam was playing hero for a change.
And ended up a corpse.
Thanks for the head start.
Thought it might help, huh ? - As might this.
- Ah.
Bullet got caught in the bone ? Don't want to risk scratching the striae.
Looks intact.
Could get something from ballistics.
Yeah, maybe he'll be able to redeem himself after all.
- Thanks.
- Yeah ! You pull anything from the bullet Hawkes found ? Comes from a gun that's been used in multiple crimes.
Three armed robberies and a homicide.
That's something to go on.
Maybe maybe not, 'cause they're all unsolved, and they took place between '99 and 2002.
So you got three years of activity.
Then the gun goes silent.
Any names come up in connection with the bullet ? Negative.
How about you ? Yeah.
I'm headed to DNA.
Hey, wait.
Is there anything else you want to tell me ? What ? Come on, Danny.
I didn't go yet, all right ? - What, are you my mother ? - No, I'm not your mother, but a couple of weeks ago, you were in a shooting of your own.
I am very aware of that.
I'm just saying, it's not that bad.
You go in, you say the right thing, and that's that.
I'm just looking out for you.
Don't worry about it.
I can handle it.
Mac, Aiden got a CODIS hit on the swizzle stick.
Recognize any of these guys ? That's what I like about you.
You always get the details right.
Well, technically, you're a witness, so if I only showed you one photo You're leading me.
That's him.
Stop moving.
His name's Steve Collins.
He spent a year and a half in Riker's, which might explain the lack of activity with his gun.
Let's see what Steve has to say.
Steve Collins, NYPD ! Closet.
Got it.
He's long gone.
This could be a piece of tape.
And it looks like blood.
He left a part of himself behind.
Clothes he wore in the coffee shop ? He was in quite a hurry when he came back here.
It's cash.
He would have never left this behind, at least not intentionally.
Envelope sealed ? Very much so.
Getting anything off the clothing ? Nothing that's gonna help me understand beyond what I already witnessed.
Nothing from the tape found inside his shirt, either.
Not enough surface area for a print.
Well, you don't need it.
Got good news.
DNA came back on the envelope.
It's female.
One allele in common at 13 loci with Steve Collins.
Sometimes I give Steve money for rent.
But, uh I don't know where he is.
So you haven't seen him in the last 24 hours ? Mrs.
Collins, we don't have a warrant to search your house, but if you have any information regarding your son He's not a bad kid.
I swear.
He just got mixed up a while back.
You love your son, don't you ? You'd do anything to look after him.
Pay his rent.
Give him a place to stay.
The best thing for your son is to turn himself in.
Collins, do we have your permission to look for your son ? NYPD.
Hands out in front.
Fall out.
Damn it.
Mom, what is wrong with you ? This is not your mother's fault.
Your mother's the only one who cares about what happens to you.
They told me you were the one who stayed with my sister, Amy.
Is she out of surgery ? She's still critical.
Doctors say it could go either way.
I only know your sister from the coffee shop, but I can tell she's a fighter.
I've never thought those could be a good thing.
My parents died.
I went from brother to father overnight.
Amy's fought me every step of the way.
How could this happen ? You'll put him away, right ? We'll deal with him, okay ? That's our job.
Your job is to take care of Amy.
You understand that ? Yeah.
Go back to the hospital, James.
I want to know how Amy's doing.
Steve talking yet ? He hasn't said a word.
All we need is evidence.
Ballistics confirms that it was his gun that wounded Amy Madoff and killed Adam Baxter.
That combined with your eyewitness testimony and He walks free ? Hey ! Where are you going, Steve ? We just locked you up.
How'd you get out of there ? Live remote in 30 seconds.
Gunshot came from over there.
Single gunman.
Well, let's go.
You take it.
Call Aiden for backup.
Where are you going ? With him.
Detective Taylor.
Detective, this man needs to be treated.
I won't get in your way, you don't get in mine.
Who's handling you ? What kind of ambulance is this ? - Letting the psychos ride shotgun ? - You murdered a man.
- And you put an innocent girl in the ICU.
- You got me confused with someone else.
You'd better start praying Amy Madof's the kind of fighter I think she is.
- You had your eyes checked lately ? - I saw you pull the trigger.
And I have evidence to back up what I saw.
How many fingers am I holding up ? Two, three ? There's only one way you walk out of NYPD that fast.
You're working as a confidential informant on someone else's case.
That's why we found tape inside your shirt.
You were wearing a wire in that coffee shop.
You can't touch me.
Sure I can.
Okay, now you're in my way.
I don't care what kind of information you have to offer.
At the end of the day, you're mine.
So we know he shot from here.
Hey, Steve.
What are you doing ? Might be able to get a tread comparison.
Stell, check this out.
Got a foot plant.
Might have left more behind.
Why don't you take it back to the lab, see what you can get ? All right.
So, what you need is extensive road testing.
Say, I take each one up the Taconic and back ? No.
I need tire impressions from a 180 spinout.
In order to match the bikes, you need to match the tires.
What about just the Harley ? Maybe I take that for the weekend ? It's all about the tires, Flack.
Not the bikes.
Speak for yourself.
It's a match.
- Hey, did you get ahold of the D.
? - Not yet.
- Heard you found a casing.
- Yeah.
Ran it through IBIS, and came up empty.
Anything from COBIS ? You're not gonna like it.
New York is one of only two states to employ the COBIS system.
It means all guns lawfully sold here are test-fired.
Firing pin and breech face impressions from the gun you purchased last year are in the system.
And I found a casing fired from your gun outside at NYPD tonight.
I didn't even know the gun was missing from our apartment.
If you're not gonna keep track of it, why buy one in the first place ? Last year Amy had a boyfriend who hit her.
So you bought the gun to make sure that never happened again ? I wanted to make sure that if anything were to happen, and I wasn't around that Amy would be able to defend herself.
You want to tell us where your motorcycle is ? It's a class M license.
For motorcycle riders.
I sold my Suzuki.
To whom ? I don't remember the guy's name.
He paid cash.
I sold it so I could help pay for Amy's tuition.
I thought it was the responsible thing to do.
Amy decided to drop out.
Look I made a lot of mistakes, but I did not shoot anyone.
Been at the hospital the whole time.
The whole time ? Maybe I went out to clear my head.
We canvassed this whole neighborhood.
Garbage cans, Dumpsters, sewers.
Leaves us with one suspect in custody that we're not sure about and one confidential informant that we know is a killer, but is somewhere out of our reach.
You make any headway with the D.
finding out who's handling our CI ? Textbook example of a departmental turf battle.
Steve Collins might as well be handled by ET as far as I can find out.
That means until we get to him, the best suspect we have is already in custody.
We're looking for a Metzeler MEZ4 tire.
It's original equipment for a Suzuki.
Like James Madoff claims to have sold.
Any unique characteristics ? Not enough detail.
What about the trace you pulled ? I'm still working on it.
There's just a mixture of components with a wide range of properties.
Run it through the GCMS and vary the parameters.
Nothing upstairs.
Killer gained entry through the broken window.
Absolutely nothing's been touched.
Once he's in the house, it's over.
Innocent victim.
What do you have ? Killer beat the victim first.
Damage appears to be consistent with an object of significant weight.
Then He strangled her.
Well, this wasn't a robbery.
But it's a way to get Steve Collins's attention.
Excuse me, Detectives.
Found it in a garbage can down the street.
- Take it back to the lab.
- Okay.
Got something here.
Someone's trying to send a message.
On a blank piece of paper.
But what are they trying to say ? Can't even get a straight answer about who's handling Steve Collins, means it's Federal.
Also means no one in the D.
's office is going to go near him, because he's a valuable asset.
He used to be a valuable asset.
How do you see it ? Someone's using Steve as bait to lure a big fish.
That's why he was wearing a wire in that coffee shop.
But there's no evidence that he was doing anything other than sitting alone, chewing on a swizzle stick before he ends up killing one person and putting another in the ICU.
And after we arrest Steve Feds got him back in the street ASAP.
They were hoping that their big fish doesn't catch wind that Steve's locked up at NYPD.
The minute he hits the street, someone takes a shot at him.
Means the big fish the Feds are after has to know.
Then how does James Madoff's gun get involved in all this ? You, yourself, said the guy's got a temper.
And, uh, since it was his sister who got shot, well, we have nothing to offer the Feds.
There's nothing confidential about Steve Collins anymore-- he's out.
No, the Feds can still use him to testify to everything he's learned up to this point.
Steve's gonna bargain.
They cut him a break on the coffee shop shootings and he goes to court for them.
That's exactly right, end of story.
Now, uh, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go home.
I'm gonna have dinner with my wife.
Where are we at ? Where are you at ? Oh, oh, look.
I went, it's done.
And ? The clock's ticking, come on.
Fill me in.
We got two cases we're trying to connect.
And we think, uh, the guy on the motorcycle is involved in both.
We got trace from the shooting outside NYPD and the murder weapon from the mother's house.
Take your pick.
Good luck with trace.
Here's what I got on trace pulled from the motorcycle pivot.
Got glucose and fructose, along with palmitic and stearic acid and caffeine.
All that from the sole of the boot.
Our shooter was in the coffee shop.
Adam Baxter's first shot ricocheted off one of the metal chairs.
And hit a pastry tray.
Glucose and fructose.
Amy dropped a plate before Steve fired his weapon.
Palmitic and stearic acids.
When I knocked Steve Collins down a cup of coffee spilled on the floor.
Someone walked through all that on his way out the door.
And you didn't see I was focused on Amy.
What do we know about the missing man ? Nothing.
Then find out.
We get the guy the Feds are after, maybe they give us Steve Collins.
Got something on the paper from Mrs.
It's rag paper, made of cotton and flax.
It has everything except for the red and blue security fibers.
Almost perfect for printing counterfeit bills.
And we may have one in our evidence locker.
Security thread runs top-to-bottom on the left-hand side.
Watermark of Andrew Jackson on the right-hand side.
Right down to the color shifting ink.
Explains why we can't get to Steve Collins.
He's being handled by the Secret Service.
Used as bait to lure a counterfeiter.
Who was in the coffee shop the same time you were.
I don't get it.
If Steve was wearing a wire, means he was ready to meet.
So if Steve is there, and the counterfeiter is there how come there was no evidence showing that Steve was doing anything other than sitting alone, chewing on a swizzle stick ? You notice anything that said the counterfeiter may have sussed out Steve already ? Maybe they were waiting for somebody else ? That's why we don't rely on eyewitness testimony.
And I saw what I saw, but the evidence knows what was really going on.
The Secret Service isn't talking, but the color-shifting ink on this bill might be.
Take a look.
Those are cholesteric liquid crystals, composed of polymer helices.
Which allows the ink to shift colors, depending on the viewing angle, of course.
But independent of an applied electrical field, if I reverse the polarity surrounding the crystals the polymers reverse, rotating light in the opposite direction causing a color change even when the viewing angle is fixed.
These CLCs are electrically bi-stable.
It makes for a great optical illusion.
But it's not what the U.
Treasury uses.
And it's certainly not something you can go into a print shop and just buy in bulk.
It would take a lot of research to figure out how to use CLCs to print counterfeit bills.
And how many people are doing that kind of research right now ? I'm not sure I follow you.
your work involves cholesteric liquid crystals.
And you're the leading researcher in the field.
Thank you.
It's not a compliment.
We're actually here because we're interested in the applications of your research.
There aren't any yet.
My work is strictly theoretical thus far.
What happens if there are applications ? Well, the technology is licensed by the university, so any commercial applications would generate fees for the school.
And for you ? Of course.
Anyone else ? The university is not noted for its munificence when it comes to licensing revenue.
What about your research assistants ? Indispensable.
And undercompensated ? For them, knowledge is its own reward.
Do you have a list of your current and former assistants ? Of course.
Smart Board.
Could you run through them, please ? Hold it.
Got it.
- Don't lose it.
- I'm not gonna lose it.
Direct order.
That our guy ? He's not the one who left the $20, but he was in the coffee shop.
What do you know about him ? Well, that's Dennis, the most gifted research assistant I've ever had.
Last known address.
maybe we can go back to the university.
They might have some other information.
I doubt he's updating them on his whereabouts.
Puts us back at square one.
Maybe not.
You know something I don't ? But I know someone who does I found out a few things about your new boyfriend, Dennis.
How do you know his name ? He's not a graduate student.
I think Dennis had something to do with what happened in the coffee shop.
What do you mean ? He wasn't even there.
Not when you were shot, but - he was there before.
- So why did you arrest my brother ? Someone tried to kill the man who shot you in the coffee shop.
We recovered a casing from that shooting, and that casing lead us back to a gun registered to your brother.
I told him I didn't want it.
We can't find the gun.
Of course you can't.
Ever since our parents died, James has tried to protect me.
But having a gun in the house made me feel less safe, not more, so I asked my boyfriend to keep it.
Amy, Dennis is a criminal, and he's dangerous.
I'm gonna need you to make a phone call.
Why ? Because you've been holding the key to the case the whole time.
Keep him talking as long as you can.
Hey, Mac, that's a Metzeler MEZ4.
That's our tire.
This is it ; let's go.
NYPD ! Dennis Sporco ! Drop the phone, put you hands in the air, and turn around and face the wall.
Put your hands on top of your head.
One hand at a time, behind your back.
Long time no see.
Your print work was excellent.
The only thing that stood between you and an undetectable counterfeit bill was paper.
That's why you were meeting Steve Collins.
He had the real deal.
Treasury paper.
I have no idea who you're talking about.
You were hiding in plain sight.
Even then, you were still careful.
You sent Clark Boyd in first.
While Clark was waiting inside, you were circling around outside.
Just to be safe.
Where are you getting all this from ? From someone who wanted your new cell phone number.
What if I suddenly decide I want you to come over ? Okay.
Here's my new cell.
Once Steve came out of the bathroom, it all would have gone down as you planned it.
Except something happened.
I walked in.
You may be an expert on the manipulation of bistable cholesteric liquid crystals, but you wouldn't know a police officer if one walked right by you.
Clark made me the second I walked in.
All right, thus far, all you've told me is that yesterday I saw my girlfriend in the coffee shop where she works.
You hold no interest for me, Dennis.
You're just a means to an end.
I deliver you to the Secret Service, they give me Steve Collins.
We found Clark's motorcycle outside of your loft.
The treads from his tires match treads found at the scene of the shooting outside NYPD.
We found this in the motorcycle.
It's the 40 caliber Smith & Wesson Amy Madoff gave you because she didn't feel safe with it in her own apartment.
If Clark was a better shot, you wouldn't have needed to kill Steve's mother with this.
Its components are consistent with the metal used in the press in your loft.
You killed an innocent woman to make sure her son wouldn't talk.
Clark is the murderer.
You should be talking to him.
We are.
And he's talking a lot about you.
Good to see you alive, Steve.
They're gonna get me out.
Just like last time.
Last time, they needed you.
You're useless now.
I know things.
I know more about Dennis Sporco and Clark Boyd than you ever will.
They killed my mother.
If I could try you for her murder I'd do it.
But you will be tried for the murder of Adam Baxter.
And I'll be the first one on the witness stand.
Mac so I did the evaluation.
I know.
Felt like it was all good.
What about me and you ? We good ? We'll see.
We'll see.
All right.
Good night.
You just talked to Danny about the eval ? You like it ? Hopefully my date will, too.
It's all here.
He went.
He's trying, but And then this comes across my desk.
Hawkes wants to work in the field.
Yeah, I should have seen that coming.
Yeah, you and me both.
What do you think ? I think it can wait till tomorrow.
Right now I have someplace I got to be.
I'm impressed.
I think it's time.
Let me fix your tie.
You just need to loosen up, Mac.
Have a good time.
I didn't think you'd come.
I'm here.
I'm glad.
You know, I never really got your name.
My name is Mac Taylor.