CSI: NY s02e01 Episode Script

Summer in the City

You can leave now.
That's unbelievable.
Pick up.
Pick up.
Oh, my God ! Oh, wow ! That's right Grab your case, Hawkes.
We're walking.
My third crime scene already this morning.
I haven't moved at this pace since I did my residency.
Is this normal ? Sounds like someone's missing the ME's office.
Maybe a little bit.
You know, air-conditioned environment, jazz on the radio.
You were the boss.
Now you're the rookie.
Yeah, but don't worry.
I can hang.
Just tell me one thing.
How long exactly does rookie status last ? Excuse me.
Hawkes ! Hope you like puzzles.
Our climber's brain.
Uh, patrol's searching for more pieces.
And the body ? Landed on the sixth-floor terrace.
Fell from high enough to reach terminal velocity.
The impact of the fall knocked his brain right out of his skull.
This is a portion of the occipital lobe, the inferior temporal sulcus.
I'd say at least 50% of his brain is still out there.
Well, I've recovered a shoe that contains about 10%.
ESU is currently scraping a jello-like substance from a sewer grate.
My guess is, they're wasting their time.
It's about 98 degrees, out here, the pavement is very hot.
Any remaining pieces are more than likely fried.
I knew this would be a no-brainer for you.
She didn't just say that.
- She did.
- She did.
Hawkes you start processing the scene down here.
We'll start with the body.
I'm on it.
Okay, that's dispatch.
I don't know whether it's the heat or humidity or what, but this city's crazy today.
- We got this one.
Go ahead.
- All right, I'm on to the next.
See you.
On to the sixth floor ? Right behind you.
Head hits here brain pops out, falls to the ground.
You ID the vic ? His name's Paul Gizner.
Climbed the Sears Tower in Chicago, and a year ago, the Chrysler Building here in New York.
Now, I spoke to a guy named Craig Landeck.
He's a buddy of Paul's who videotapes his climbs from the ground.
He says Paul's too careful and too good to just fall.
Anything on that videotape that can tell us what happened ? Scanned through it quickly.
Nothing stuck out.
But I sent it over to the lab.
- A cell phone.
- Yeah.
Landeck told me that when Gizner reaches the top, he calls his daughter to let her know he made it.
He wasn't at the top.
He wasn't even close.
Resin powder.
Used to absorb sweat and add friction.
A fresh abrasion on his cheekbone.
No bruises or scratches on his hands.
Nothing under his fingernails that says he was struggling to hold on.
If he knew he was gonna fall, he didn't try to save himself.
So maybe he just let go.
Possible suicide ? Tried to make a call in the middle of a climb ? Something happened up there.
CSI NY Season 2 Episode 1 "Summer In The City" Corrections : Moustou et Seth Cohen Hold it, please.
All right.
No chalk at all above the Hawkes, meet me on the 34th floor.
Okay, Mac.
Done down here.
Paul Gizner was pounding on this window.
Maybe he wanted to quit the climb.
These windows open.
If someone was in here, they could have easily let him in.
I don't think he wanted to come in.
What makes you say that ? Traces of high-velocity blood spatter on this chair.
What a way for a guy to go, huh ? All dressed up in a fancy bra.
What's that called, Aiden, when a guy, uh is more comfortable wearing women's undergarments ? - It's like a syndrome or something.
- Danny, do you mind ? Can we just process the scene, please ? All right, snapper.
Just trying to have a little educated conversation, all right ? Got traces of mud here.
And it's not from this guy's shoe.
Hey, guys, what do we got ? A dead guy in a rhinestone bra.
Thinking a 36B.
Just a guess, though.
He's got blood around his mouth, but no apparent trauma to the jaw.
There's no signs of strangulation, stab or gunshot wounds.
No petechial hemorrhaging.
Minimal trace under the fingernails, and I didn't see any bruising on the arms or wrists.
You know, it's as if this guy didn't even struggle with his attacker.
The guy definitely looks like he was mugged.
His pockets are turned out, and there's no wallet or cash.
So, what, he just, uh sat there and took it, and then he dies ? Well, maybe he was dead, and then he was robbed.
We have positive ID on him ? Sketchy at best : he was new to the building, and he lives right here.
Name on the buzzer was what ? - Price.
- Price.
- What'd you say ? - Price.
Sure those are rhinestones ? Why, you think they're real diamonds ? I don't know.
Let's check it out.
Consistent with pure carbon.
That little brassiere is worth over eight million dollars, and this is the guy who designed it.
Whitman Price.
Whitman Price Diamonds.
Guy's all over the paper.
Just designed the Dazzle Lingerie diamond bra.
Why would somebody rob the guy and not take an $8 million bra ? I've been modeling for this lingerie company for three years now.
We always shoot the holiday line in September.
I shot the diamond bra photos yesterday, and, well, what happens before or after I wear it, I couldn't tell you.
I understand the bra is watched every minute of every day.
The bra security is handled by Mr.
Price's diamond company.
Yesterday, did you notice anything strange about Mr.
Price ? Yeah.
He left the photo shoot alone.
In the three weeks I've worked with him at fittings and design meetings, he always travels with security.
What about you ? Do you have your own security ? The lingerie company provides me with a bodyguard.
He's the only consistent person in my life.
Where I go, he goes.
See, I'm a commodity.
They need to protect their investment.
I make $10,000 a day just by getting out of bed.
So much for privacy.
I can't complain.
Yesterday morning, I was modeling furs in Central Park, and the day before that, I was in Paris.
Well, that's fantastic, really.
But do you know anyone who would want to kill Mr.
Price for a diamond ? I don't know anyone who wouldn't.
I should get back.
I yeah.
I can see you're busy with Mr.
- I'll come back.
- Uh-uh-uh.
Get back here.
Not getting off that easy.
Something I want to show you.
We ran your vic through the CT scanner.
It's great stuff.
Wait till you see what I found.
Now, there's no evidence of blunt-force trauma to the head.
Everything seems perfectly fine until we move into the chest cavity area.
- See it ? - Yeah.
What is it ? Look closely.
You'll notice that on either side is the esophageal wall.
So, he swallowed something and choked to death ? He swallowed something, then soon after, received a blow to the chest, causing internal bleeding.
But the ribcage acts as protection.
Yes, but similar to a bumper of a car, there's still a slight collapse from the impact.
Now, whatever this is, slice through the wall of the esophagus, and the right ventricle of the heart, he was dead within minutes.
And since Price died so quickly, there was no bruising.
Yes, but there is bruising on the underlying tissue on the lower dermal layer of the skin.
And the guy who punched him left an imprint.
So, we can use subdermal photography, find our guy, and match the bruise to his fist.
I think it's safe to say that it's not a piece of bread.
Question is what is it ? Oh, you're asking me to stay ? Bingo.
Diamond in the rough.
Hawkes ? There's this little mosquito just taking it easy standing on the table.
It's humid out there, and the mosquito population is at its peak.
They feed in early evening and early morning.
But mosquitoes don't usually fly this high.
Probably transported here this morning.
We start seeing mosquitoes on the 34th floor, you know it's gonna be a long, hot week.
Gunshot residue.
Escaped from the cylinder of a revolver.
Our climber may have witnessed the shooting.
That explains the call to 911.
But where's the victim ? No trail of blood on the floor, hmm ? This is a recently buffed floor.
There's a scuff mark.
There's another one.
They lead to the door.
Lee Dillard.
Senior partner of this firm.
That look like a mosquito bite to you ? Oh, yeah.
It's plump and fat Feilled with blood.
Mosquitoes don't bite the dead.
Which means it was in this room when our victim was alive.
May have bitten the shooter.
This little mosquito is our only witness.
We'll take care of it.
Uh excuse me.
I-I understand a young man fell from the building this morning.
I'm just a little confused on exactly how my law firm is involved.
We won't be too much longer, Mister Eli Bishop.
Bishop and Dillard.
I'm a senior partner, and, uh, I'd love an answer to my question.
Well, your partner, Lee Dillard, was murdered in your conference room, so you'll be able to continue the work as usual in about an hour.
That-that can't be true.
What ?! Lee ? We were partners for seven years.
- When was the last time you saw him ? - Yesterday.
What time did you get to work this morning ? - A little after 7:00, I think.
- And you didn't see Lee Dillard ? The, uh Uh, the law firm occupies two floors.
My - My office is downstairs.
- How did you hurt your hand, sir ? A sailing accident.
Uh I'm sorry, I have to, uh make some phone calls and, uh talk to my staff.
All right.
You just told him his partner was murdered, and he didn't even ask what happened.
Overwhelmed by the news, I guess.
Or maybe he already knows the answer.
You need some help ? No, thanks.
I got it.
This is the last box I have to unpack, and then I'm officially moved in.
So, I hear you've been catching mosquitoes.
The only witness to our crime.
She bit the vic, but there's also a chance she bit our shooter.
A mosquito feeds until she's full.
She ? - Only the female of the species bites.
- Good for her.
Did you know that Hawkes is a walking encyclopedia of tidbit information ? That's good.
We can go to him instead of Google.
So, have you started torturing him yet ? No.
It's testing, Stella.
Just testing.
All the rookies get the same treatment.
So, where is he ? Right now, he's performing a little mosquitotopsy.
How you doing ? Yeah, Zack, see if you can get a hit from this.
Now let's fill in the print and let AFIS work its magic.
Hello, guys.
Here's our diamond.
Wow ! I've been processing dirt all day, and you've been shopping at Tiffany's.
This is what our thief was looking for.
And the most expensive piece of evidence I've ever pulled out of somebody's guts.
of the $8 million price tag of that bra.
- Well, where'd you get it ? - Whitman Price's throat.
You're looking at cause of death.
He swallowed it to keep the thief from stealing it.
So, if the thief didn't get what he's looking for, why not just take the bra ? Yeah, but these diamonds are laser-inscribed, so you can't fence them, you get pinched.
Can't cut them'cause they're too small.
But this, you can cut and sell.
Excuse me.
Hello ? So, why was the, uh, vic wearing a bra ? It's one of the unanswered questions.
I'll be right there.
All right.
- Stell, I got to go.
- Okay.
Hey, Zack, can you take care of those bacterial colonies for me ? And I'll call you later.
Yeah, bacteria's really not exactly my area of expertise.
- Okay, we got a hit.
- Nice.
Fred Becker.
He's a paroled jewel thief.
Now, works as a security expert in the diamond district.
- You and me, Stell ? - Yeah, absolutely.
Was that supposed to happen ? - No.
- No.
You're Mr.
Dillard's assistant.
Where were you this morning, Adam ? Outside this building.
I was at the doors at Fifth Avenue when I saw that guy fall.
So, you didn't see your boss this morning at all ? No.
Is this pen yours ? - I don't know.
- It's from the Dandridge Hotel.
Lee Dillard never stayed there, but, according to the records, you had.
Yeah, I've stayed at the hotel lots of times.
When I have to work late and be up early.
Lots of people at the firm do it.
We found this pen on the floor of the conference room.
After the cleaning crew had finished for the night.
You're sure you didn't see your boss this morning ? Yes, I'm sure.
You should be talking to Mr.
His name is first on the letterhead, and he makes sure everyone knows it.
He was planning to split the partnership.
Everyone knew that except for Mr.
So, he has motive, but you didn't answer my question.
- Is this pen yours ? - The pen.
The pen.
The pen is mine.
Dillard takes things from my desk all the time.
He must have taken it, and brought it into the conference room.
Simple as that.
I understand he was very demanding.
And demeaning, but that's no reason to kill him.
- When was the last time you saw him ? - Yesterday.
I told Mr.
Price to wear the bra.
It's the best way to conceal it.
No briefcase or bags.
So, you work security for Whitman's diamond company ? Yeah, yeah, on and off.
A lot more lately since he designed that bra for the, uh, Dazzle Lingerie Company.
Diamonds are a multimillion-dollar business.
Look around you.
They got armored trucks, bulletproof cases, bodyguards, off-duty cops.
Crooks are always looking for new ways and quick opportunities, believe me.
And who better to guess their next move than an ex-jewelry thief ? You're kind of like the wolf guarding the henhouse, Fred.
Might get tempted.
I liked Whitman Price.
I didn't steal nothing from him.
Night that he was killed, I, uh messed up a little bit.
We were, uh on a promotional shoot for the bra.
So, I got distracted.
When you're around all those beautiful women, it's, uh it's a little hard to resist, so, yeah, I kind of felt like the wolf.
Anybody else handle the bra besides you and Whitman ? Yeah, yeah, one other person.
The model that the bra was made for.
Nicole Jordan.
This is a really great story, Fred, but I-I'm I'm having some trouble with it.
Why's that ? You got that diamond, Danny ? Here you go.
It's, uh, the diamond that Whitman Price swallowed.
Take a look at that.
See that glow ? Means it's a synthetic.
It's fake.
Why would he go to the trouble of swallowing the synthetic diamond, huh ? - Hey.
- Hawkes, how's it going ? Well, the job's great.
Mac is I feel like he's always looking over my shoulder.
He is.
Just don't look back.
And know the answers to his questions before he asks them, which means you're also gonna have to know his questions.
In about a week and a half, what you just said is gonna make sense to me, right ? You know, if you keep playing defense, you're never gonna get the ball.
Have fun.
He found me, and and he raped me again.
It was the same guy, Aiden, I know it.
Pratt ? But you said you didn't see his face.
He smelled the same.
Like paint thinner.
I'm gonna need the clothes you were wearing that night and to take a sexual assault kit.
Regina I was with you every step of the way the first time, and I'm gonna be with you again.
Is this your husband, Mrs.
Dillard ? Thanks, Evan.
Dillard, what time did your husband leave for work this morning ? I don't know.
I'm staying at my sister's right now.
Lee and I are were having a rough time.
How rough ? I didn't kill him.
- Where were you this morning ? - I was jogging in the park.
Did you run into anyone who could say you were there ? I jog alone off the main path.
Did you love your husband ? Nobody loved Lee.
Except his first wife, Connie.
The only person that hated him enough to kill him was Eli Bishop.
When was the last time you saw Mr.
Dillard ? Two weeks ago.
- Thank you very much.
- This way.
Take care.
Three suspects.
All three are lying.
I'm gonna put my money on Eli Bishop.
Good, good.
So, we, uh, have all the evidence we need for the DA to get a conviction.
That's what you're saying ? Bishop claims he wasn't in that conference room this morning.
What he said was that he hadn't seen his partner.
And he has an alibi : his secretary.
She said she was with him all morning.
But Bishop's palm print, wart and all, was on that conference room table after the cleaning crew had been there.
You're making a scientific leap here, Hawkes.
We haven't forensically connected that print to Bishop's hand.
I thought these machines were new.
All right, the assistant Adam Sorenson that's our guy.
He doesn't deny that the pen in the conference room was his.
Hawkes, you have to admit his explanation does make sense.
His boss could have easily been a pen thief.
Then we missed something because Brenda Dillard didn't do it.
You sure about that ? Oh, yeah.
Because the print on the pregnancy test wand matches the print on the glass of water used by Brenda Dillard.
Which means she lied about the last time she saw her husband.
Two weeks ago.
She was in that office some time after the cleaning crew left and before the climber fell.
But she said she was jogging in Central Park this morning.
And you believe her story ? She's lying, which could explain why we found her pregnancy test in the trash.
I suspect she was there to tell her husband she was pregnant.
She brought the test for proof.
But lying doesn't make you guilty of murder.
And neither does being pregnant.
Well, the fact remains, Brenda Dillard is still a suspect.
Until now.
I've been doing my homework.
Withholding information.
You've been chatting with Stella.
These are the DNA results from our mosquito.
There were traces of blood from our vic and someone else extracted from the mosquito's abdomen.
That someone else has male DNA.
Takes the heat off Brenda Dillard.
Means we'll need to get a reference sample to determine if the DNA belongs to the assistant, Adam Sorenson, or the partner, Eli Bishop.
My guess is that those guys aren't gonna give up a damn thing.
We lifted that palm print, if its Eli Bishop's it'd contains his epitheliums.
Those epitheliums have DNA.
If it's a match to the blood from the mosquito, Bishop could be our guy.
If not, by process of elimination Still doesn't point to the assistant.
Adam is the shooter, we need something else.
I'm gonna go back to the mosquito.
Fibres, no hairs.
There's nothing here.
Hey, Mac.
I was just coming to talk to you.
I was hoping I could be reassigned to that Already done.
Make sure we get him this time.
Aiden's soil microbes are done incubating.
So, based on the bacterial colonies in this petri dish, we can conclude that the soil found around Whitman Price's body is consistent with the soil found in Central Park.
Nicole Jordan said she was in Central Park.
I don't buy that.
She's too skinny.
What ? To throw a punch hard enough to kill Whitman Price.
Where I go, he goes.
"Where I go, he goes.
" All right, that's good in the snow.
It's hot a little bit, huh ? What the hell are you wearing a jacket for ? Ah, my mother still dresses me.
Look at this.
Christmas in the summertime.
Here he is.
I got him ! I got him ! Hey, NYPD ! CSI, I need backup at 581 Myrtle Street.
I got you, big guy.
Don't move ! Looks like, uh, you hurt your hand roughing somebody up.
You're talking nonsense.
You know what ? Do me a favor.
Shut up.
I'm too tired to listen to you play stupid.
Shut up.
- Got him ? - Yup.
- D.
Pratt ? - Yeah.
Detective Burn.
Crime Scene Investigator.
I know who you are.
Where were you three nights ago ? I think I was eating a nice steak at some corner joint in the Bronx where nobody knew me.
Don't really remember the name of the place.
He smelled like paint thinner.
You know, you can make this a lot easier.
- And what ?! - Just turn around Cooperate ? I don't appreciate you coming down here.
Just exactly what crime did I commit ? Oh, you know what you did, and I know you did it.
This is a photo of the guard's fist.
And that's a photo of the subdermal bruising on Whitman Price's chest.
It's a match.
Whitman ! Tell me, where is it ? You'll take it over my dead body.
We've got Whitman's killer.
Now, where's the real diamond ? - Stella ? - Yeah.
- Got a minute ? - Sure.
How do you tell someone who was raped for a second time by the same guy that he's gonna go free again ? Nothing, huh ? We did everything right 18 months ago, and this guy was acquitted because she wouldn't testify.
Now Regina Moore is asking for a miracle based on paint thinner and gut instinct.
Did he do it ? Without a doubt.
Then we keep trying.
We're scientists, Aiden.
We want to come to the rescue, but we can't.
It's not our job.
We analyze evidence and determine whether somebody's guilty or not.
I just want this to end for her.
I I just feel so powerless.
We all have that one case that haunts us and strings us along.
Trust me, when you solve it, no matter how long it takes, it's so worth it.
It will work out, Aiden.
It is so worth it.
It's there.
Uh you're gonna be okay, all right ? Yeah.
Forget where you hid it ? What ? Very clever, Nicole, very, very clever.
I beg your pardon.
You stole the diamond.
I didn't steal anything.
You must have been so nervous, wondering if you'd get away with it.
There it was, right there.
You couldn't resist it.
You had to try.
You made the switch in the one place you knew you'd be alone : your dressing room.
What I couldn't figure out is how no one else knew, not even the bra's designer.
Your plan was as flawless as the diamond itself.
Until your bodyguard killed Whitman Price for a diamond they both thought was real.
You ever seen one of these ? Really fascinating how it works.
See, basically, you can detect if there's blood, semen Saliva.
And, in this case the real diamond.
It doesn't glow.
I'll hold it.
It was beautiful.
And you hid it in plain sight.
So you left the diamond on the tree.
That way it wasn't in your possession, just in case we got suspicious, and you could take it down any time.
Maybe your plan was to take it tonight ? You have no proof of any of this.
I will when I dust that diamond.
And they say models are all body and no brains.
And this is a perfect example of how wrong they are.
Ah, easy, come on, come on, come on.
Our mosquito couldn't fly because she was weighed down.
She bit the shooter as he was firing the weapon.
GSR coated her wings.
The unknown blood in our mosquito was from our shooter.
And it's not Eli Bishop.
That leaves Adam Sorenson.
He wasn't just nervous.
Possible mosquito bite.
I'm liking Adam more and more.
What is it, Mac ? I want to move on this, but I'm stuck on one thing.
This is a video Flack recovered from Paul Gizner's friend.
He stopped, but you can't tell what he's doing.
There's something there.
See it there ? The muzzle flash of the gun.
The blinds were open.
When I rode up on the platform, there were hundreds of people watching me from all these buildings.
Why would you shoot someone in a high-rise building and leave the blinds open ? So someone else could watch.
This room is the perfect view to the murder.
I'm, uh, here for my ex-husband's funeral.
Nothing more.
I just arrived this morning.
You came here two days ago to watch him kill your ex-husband.
And he's here right now to close the deal.
Am I right ? It's not too much to ask.
In fact, it's the least I could do, after my husband traded me for a younger woman and stiffed me in the divorce.
You signed a prenuptial agreement.
Doesn't change the fact that everything he was, he would never be without me.
You know the part that really pisses me off ? The new Mrs.
Dillard, she got all the fringe benefits my husband and my money.
And then you came to the rescue.
You noticed he hadn't taken his first wife Connie off his lucrative life insurance policy, and you figured you'd take advantage of her anger, cash in, get a cut.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What's in the bag, sir ? Gym clothes.
Your cut.
This room is in your name.
Lee Dillard treated me like I was his slave.
I was happy to do it.
And you might have gotten away with it, but what you both didn't count on was the climber.
It's unbelievable.
Your plan to get the body out of the building : impossible.
Too many cops, all on the scene for the climber.
And you and you were afraid that the climber just might be a witness, so you picked up the phone and you called Adam.
Pick up.
Pick up.
Come on.
Answer your phone.
We subpoenaed your hotel phone records.
The call you made from that phone to Adam's cell made all the difference.
That and a mosquito.
Regina Moore ? This case evidence is 18 months old.
It's gonna take me a minute.
Take your time.
It was him.
I know it was him.
There's nothing here.
Make sure we get him this time.
It was the same guy, Aiden.
I know it.
He smelled the same.
We want to come to the rescue, but we can't.
It's not our job.
Make sure we get him this time.
Just exactly what crime did I commit ?