CSI: NY s02e02 Episode Script

Grand Murder at Central Station

Hold on to Franklin tight, baby.
Okay, Mommy, I will.
Emily ! Mommy, where are you ? - Emily ! Emily, where are you ? - Mommy, where are you ? Emily ! Mommy ! Emily ! Excuse me.
Let me through please.
Get these people back, now ! I want this whole area roped off ! No one goes up and down these stairs.
Please get these people off the stairs, very carefully.
Move these people off the stairs.
Lieutenant, Secure this area, now.
PH 14.
- Where do you want me to start ? - With the vic.
- See if you can find out something.
- I'm on it.
Excuse me, people.
Excuse me ! You qualified to do that ? Five years in the ER.
You want my resume or you want my help ? Bellevue, this is EMS Number 323.
We have a male victim, approximately 40 years old, doused with lye.
Prepare for burn trauma.
- ETA is seven minutes.
- Sir, if you can hear me I need you to nod your head.
Can you hear me ? Yes.
You can talk even better.
Sir, did you see the people who did this to you ? Yes.
Can you describe them ? - He's going into cardiac arrest.
- He's suffocating.
We need to intubate him.
We're losing him ! Come on ! Come on ! The attack started here.
Any statements ? Nothing worth mentioning.
There had to be at least a thousand people around.
It's a crime in a crowd.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 2 "Grand Murder At Central Station" Chekdatas and Seth Cohen Corrections : Seth Cohen Victim's on a detour to the morgue.
- You get anything from him ? - Nothing.
His name is Dr.
Spencer Howard.
He's a prominent plastic surgeon with a Park Avenue office and a Westchester address.
Near as I can tell, he just got off the 8:30 train.
So, what do you think ? We got some whackadoo running around throwing acid in people's faces ? Not acid lye.
All right.
Well, I'll start with the nuts in this city and work my way up.
I'll start processing the area.
You okay ? Yeah, I'm all right.
You did all you could have done.
You know that, right ? You never get used to it though, you know ? Phenolphthalein ? We got a blood trail ? A lye trail.
Phenolphthalein also reacts with hydroxide.
Good thing that wasn't on the exam.
You ready to search for the Holy Grail ? You got to have a container of some sort if you're going to throw lye in someone's face.
You know, the Holy Grail is considered by some Yeah, yeah.
I know.
I read The Da Vinci Code, too.
Grab a bottle.
Hey, Hawkes.
Trail ends here.
- See the cast-off pattern ? - Yeah.
I didn't find any cups or containers around the perimeter.
Looks like someone made off with the murder weapon.
Honey, I'm just going to finish wrapping the bandage.
You'll be fine.
And what is your name, éyoung lady ? Emily.
Did you lose this, Emily ? Franklin ! Can I ask you a big favor ? Can I borrow Franklin for just a little while ? Why ? Did you lose yours ? No, but I think Franklin could help tell us who hurt your arm.
Yeah, he's pretty smart.
Well, he and I are going to get along just fine, then.
Honey My sun's gone away.
Got nothing.
There's no purse, no ID.
Clear cuts around the neck.
Petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes.
Just spoke to Mr.
and Mrs.
Butterball over there.
They don't know anything.
Landlord says he's never seen this girl in the building before.
And he claims he knows everything about his tenants.
There's a smudge here on her cheek.
Could be GSR.
Gunshot residue ? There's not a drop of blood around.
Yeah, and where's the gunshot ? No bullet.
Cause of death was definitely asphyxiation due to strangulation.
Still doesn't explain the GSR on her face.
I took a sample from her cheek and sent it over to Trace.
Hey, Evan, theses cuts on her throat is it rope ? It's hard to say.
Ligature marks are too thin to be traditional rope.
No fibers were found on the neck.
We didn't see anything at the scene.
I don't think she saw anything either.
I ran a CT scan.
She has transected optical nerves.
She's blind.
Who strangles a blind girl ? I'm investigating the death of your partner.
He's dead ? Yeah.
Someone burned up his face over at Grand Central Station.
I can't believe this.
I just talked to him last night.
What do you mean burned up his face ? Did Dr.
Howard ever mention any incidents of harassment or threats from anyone ? Not that I recall, no.
He was well-liked.
Did he ever butcher a patient ? You know, nip a little too much here, tuck a little too much there ? Do you mind ? Look, plastic surgery is an inexact science.
We try to make people into swans, but you can't always fix an ugly duckling.
Um, anything else ? 'Cause I got to get back to Miss Lafferty.
Tell you what I'll leave my card.
Call me the second the scrubs come off.
All right.
So, Franklin tell you anything, or did he lawyer up ? Take a look at this.
The little girl said she dropped her bear right where the victim was attacked.
After the killer dropped the cup, The killer must have stepped on Franklin here.
An irregular wear pattern on the sole of the left shoe, means he or she walks on the balls of their feet.
The wear pattern should be consistent on all soles whether the killer changes shoes or not, correct ? As long as they're not brand-new.
Make sure you document that.
Hey, Danny, how are you doing with that GSR on the blind woman's cheek ? It's not rouge, I can tell you that, and it's not gunshot residue.
It's not ? It's carbon.
More specifically, carbon steel that's been subjected to high temperatures, giving it its spherical shape.
Yeah, usually associated with grinding.
Oh, Detective Prada.
That's a nice bag.
Matches your shoes perfectly.
You're a funny guy, Messer.
What do you got, Scagnetti ? One of my guys found this in an alley.
Belongs to your vic.
Her name's Evelyn Danner.
She lived over on 45th Street.
The money's gone, but I found this in the bag.
What's that ? One of those "crackberry" things ? No, this is kind of cool.
It's a, uh a Braille GPS.
It's called a Trekker.
I could hack into this, retrace her steps, find out where she's been.
Yeah, start at her apartment, and go all the way to murder.
Looks like she was one hell of an artist.
It's hard to believe she was blind.
Such attention to detail, it's exquisite.
Landlord said she was a sculptor by profession.
She lived alone.
Who are all these people ? I don't know.
With this level of work, it's hard to tell.
It could be commission pieces or personal friends.
This guy's only half finished.
Got a letter here.
What does it say ? You read Braille ? Hang tight, I'm heading to the M.
's office as we speak.
Mac, you have a second ? Yeah, for you, I have ten seconds.
What's up ? The Regina Bowen rape case ? I got nothing, Mac.
I've been on this case for a week straight, and it's killing me.
I mean, this girl got raped twice by the same guy, and I can't do anything for her.
No hair, no fibers, no trace at all ? I wish.
Well, go over it again.
We need to get this guy.
I don't want you working any other case until we come up with some tangible evidence or a solid lead.
And have the case evidence sent to my office.
So what about the good Dr.
Howard here ? All right, this is what we got.
Sodium hydroxide burns through the mucus wall, inflames the trachea.
Must have inhaled a fair amount of lye.
Means his mouth was open when it was thrown in his face.
And I found an unknown brown substance on the front of the victim's shirt.
Could be transfer from the attacker.
I took a sample, sent it over to Trace.
Heavy circular burn pattern on the back of the right hand.
Virtually nothing on the palm.
Human instinct is to throw up your hands, palms out to block whatever's coming at you.
Maybe he didn't have enough time.
That's a good question for the dummies in the lab.
Okay, first dummy, hands up, palms out, natural instinctive reaction.
Second dummy, right and left forearms covering the face.
Third dummy Left hand down, right hand possibly extended.
Handshake maybe ? Is it possible he knew his attacker ? Could be, but right now, all we have to do is turn 'em and burn 'em.
Doesn't make sense, none of the spatter matches.
How did he get that burn pattern ? Like this.
That looks like our burn pattern, but that's me being slow and deliberate.
But then the lye pattern splashed up in the guy's face.
I don't get it.
Evidence without context get used to it.
Next move ? We have to find that cup.
Yeah, I think I got you.
Yeah, okay, thanks so much.
Oh, Stella.
What you got ? Check it out.
New York City.
That's so cool, it's our building and our floor.
Yeah, this what Evelyn Danner used to get around.
It's got vocal and text capability, right down to the spot you stand on.
How is it with memory ? It actually keeps a log from the minute you buy it and walk out the store.
Not to mention, I know where Evelyn Danner was the night before she was killed.
Cuddle party.
Hottest new scene.
I read about it in Time Out New York.
I'm gonna go talk to the cuddle lifeguard.
Excuse me, are you the lifeguard ? - Oh, cuddle caddy.
- Ah.
I'm sorry, you can't join the cuddle party if you're late.
I'm not here to cuddle.
I'm here about a murder.
Yeah, let's just take that energy to a sidebar, please.
How did you know Evelyn Danner ? Oh, she was a regular.
And we, of course, loved having her here, her being blind and all.
This was the one place she could come to be accepted mentally and physically.
Rules are simple.
Pajamas stay on.
No dry humping, no sex.
You're free to join the puppy pile, and, uh if you had a good time, send me a cuddle-monial.
A cuddle-monial ? Letter regarding your positive experience of touch.
Sure, sure.
Can we get back to the original question, Mr.
Feinstein ? How did you know Evelyn Danner ? She thought I was an interesting subject.
She liked my nose, thought I had personality.
I just love crooked noses.
Glad you like it.
It works for me.
Wait, you didn't think I have anything to do with this, did you ? I've dedicated my entire life to non-aggression.
Finklestein Feinstein.
Feinstein, was there anyone in particular that she cuddled with ? Perhaps in the doggy pile ? Puppy pile.
Whatever it's called.
Um Evelyn cuddled with a lot of men, although the person she spooned with most isn't here.
Who's that ? Ooh.
Don't remember his name.
Good looking fellow.
He amateur hockey player, I think.
Do me a favor, give me a call if you remember that name.
Oh, of course.
Thank you.
And if you ever need a cuddle, you know where to find us.
I don't cuddle.
Frankie, thanks for your help.
What do you want me to do ? I've never done this scientific thing before.
I know, I need your artist talents.
We found this unfinished bust at a blind artist's home.
I wanted to know if it was something professional that she was working on, or maybe something more personal than that.
First blush, I'd say it's personal.
How's that ? I don't see any distinct features.
Eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, nothing seems extraordinary.
As a sculptor, if you decide to spend time on something ordinary, it's usually more for the subject than it is for you.
Think you can make him whole ? I think so.
Yeah, left side of the face is pretty well established.
Defined cheekbone, single-brow ridge, I can manage.
My hands may be a little sore when I'm done.
I thought you liked working with your hands.
Stella, there's a man from the Braille Institute in the lunch room.
Um Frankie, I'm gonna leave you two alone.
"Dear Evelyn, "I wrote this letter in Braille to show you how much I care.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you.
Sorry it ended the way it did.
Please come back.
" Sounds like a man in love.
Crime of passion ? You got a request, mister ? Mind if I have a look at your cup ? Detective Taylor.
Y eah.
Where'd you find it ? Hey, it found me.
Spoke to a couple of Evelyn Danner's girlfriends.
Gave this Steve character right up.
Said he takes the nine train to the Sky Rink for hockey practice every Thursday.
Get a last name ? Samprass.
There they go right there.
Detective Bonasera, NYPD, I hate to break up the next Miracle on Ice, but we're looking for Steve Samprass.
I'm Steve Samprass.
All right, we need to talk.
We have a scrimmage.
How are we supposed to play without a goalie ? Who do I look like, Lord Stanley ? You'll work it out.
Let's go.
Let's go.
So, Evelyn Danner was found on the roof of your building.
You got anything to say about that ? No.
I mean, I can't I can't believe she's dead.
Her and I were getting back together.
Why did the two of you break up in the first place ? I was getting a lot of heat from the guys.
You know, they were giving me the business, 'cause What, 'cause she was blind ? Yeah.
I wrote her a letter I wrote her a letter a couple of days ago, you know ? Yeah, we know.
We read it.
You wanted her back.
Yeah, I did.
I mean, when were together, life was good, you know.
Relax, Steve.
You feel uptight.
I won't mess up your face.
I'm sorry, I've just I've never done anything like this before.
You're not allowed to talk.
Looking back, you know, I think I think that's what made me write that letter.
And it worked, too, because Evelyn called me, and she left me a message, and she said that she was gonna come over.
What time was she planning on coming by ? I had practice.
Usually out of there by 6:00, but, um, I'm a rep for the team.
I had to stay late for an inter-league scheduled meeting.
So, I guess you have a nice little alibi, but we're gonna need to talk to your teammates.
And I want that answering machine to confirm.
And I'm gonna take these.
And the skates from the rest of your team.
I think I got an idea.
You look serious.
Shut the door.
What's up ? Rape case Aiden's been working on Regina Bowen.
Rapist struck 18 months ago.
We never caught the guy, and ten or so days ago, he raped again, same girl.
You notice anything unethical about this ? Seal's broken.
- Oh, you don't think Aiden - Seal's broken, Stella.
She tampered with the evidence.
Aiden's the only one on the case.
- Yo, Hawkes ? - Hey.
So, it turns out, the good doctor wasn't all that good.
- Really ? You get something ? - Yes.
Our victim, Spencer Howard, has three lawsuits pending against him for medical malpractice.
- Damages are in the millions.
- Ah.
All three plaintiffs refer to Howard as, and I quote, "A butcher with a medical degree.
" Ah, revenge for the permanently disfigured.
You can say that again.
It's a pretty good motive to throw lye in his face.
Okay, I'm gonna start charging you guys for this forensic valet service.
Okay, uh, two things.
Tox came back positive for Meperidine Hydrochloride.
Translation ? Means he was on pain killers.
But the autopsy report showed no recent or preexisting injuries.
Well, maybe he's an addict.
It's easy enough to write yourself a prescription.
Second, uh, the brown substance found on the victim's shirt tanning bronzer.
One of the seven deadly sins.
Come on, you can say it.
What household pet do I resemble ? C Cat ? I could kill that man.
Spencer Howard did this to you ? He kept telling me that he could fix it.
I just went in there for a little eyelift.
I look like a freakin' cat! So, you decided to get even.
I decided to get a lawyer, and Dr.
Moreau decided to settle for one point seven million.
Oh, it's a pretty good chunk of change.
I deserve every penny.
His butchery damaged all the nerves in my face.
Hearing of his death brings me great joy.
If I could smile, I would.
Scott, where were you between 8:00 and 9:00 a.
on the day of the murder ? I was down at the courthouse, making an impassioned plea for a client's release.
I, uh, scan my I.
card every time I enter the courthouse.
Here it is.
Which Donald Scott do you think is handsomer ? Do I have to answer that question ? Do I have to answer yours ? If you want to make this easier.
How much were you asking for ? Five million.
But he said he wouldn't go above two.
What's that on your hand ? Vitiligo.
It's a pigmentation disorder.
You use tanning bronzer to mask it ? Sometimes, yeah.
What's that got to do with anything ? Dr.
Howard had tanning bronzer on his shirt when he died.
All right, look, we did have a settlement meeting that morning.
Look what you did to me ! Look at my face ! I swear, I will make it my life's work to see you rot in hell ! I was nowhere near Grand Central.
I want to believe you, but I'm more inclined to trust your shoe.
Specifically, the left one.
Well, what's the verdict ? Let's just say you got a lot to smile about.
Come on, Zack, you're kidding me, right ? The SEM doesn't take this long to kick up skate dust.
She's working as fast as she can.
You don't want this thing busting down.
All right ? Mac could have my ass.
So hard to find good help.
There you go.
How you doing ? Almost finished.
I'm just putting the final touches on the eyes.
Well, I wouldn't dare look until you're finished.
I know you don't like that.
He's ready.
I know this guy.
He's the one that gave Danny lip.
Uh Stell ? Guess who the metal shavings belong to.
Paul Deacon.
Steve Samprass's center forward and his roommate, as it turns out.
And they live in the same building where the blind victim was found.
It's good.
I just don't think it's enough.
Metal shavings and a sculpture don't prove murder.
We got to put him on the roof.
I'll drive.
I owe you.
You on a break ? I'm just taking five minutes to eat.
That's okay, isn't it ? Eating is frowned upon, Hawkes.
- What ? - I'm kidding.
All right, well, Flack struck out with the victim's patients.
- Said it was like a freak show.
- Yeah, I heard.
It's not the patients we should be focusing on.
- You get something off that cup ? - Yeah.
Zelco Pharmaceuticals.
Huge distribution company.
They gave about a thousand of these cups away as corporation gifts a few years ago.
And let me guess.
The victim's office was on Zelco's gift list, right ? Six were shipped to the doctors and support staff.
When do you want to move on it ? In a few minutes.
There's something I want to check out first.
All right.
Bless you, J.
Hey, Danny, come here.
Which one of those trees needs Viagra ? Did you know rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez's ass is insured for $1 billion ? Excuse me ? $500 million a cheek.
They're her trade instruments.
Like a soccer player's legs, or a super model's face.
Or a surgeon's hands.
I made some calls.
Howard insured his hands for ten million.
This whole thing was an insurance scam.
But for that kind of money, you can bet that the insurance company is gonna investigate hard.
And they'd need to question witnesses.
That's why they needed Grand Central at rush hour.
Will you all turn around and lift your left foot, please ? Turn around, sir.
Stanley Thatcher, the partner.
Better cancel the rest of your day.
We're you and Evelyn dating ? Yeah, we were together.
You go for the sloppy seconds, huh, Paul ? 'Cause your buddy Steve's going out with Evelyn before you.
Am I right ? Bet Steve had no idea you were skating off with his girl.
Skating, that's a good segue because lucky for us, you take pride in sharpening your skates.
Those tiny particles of metal, they stick to your skin for a very long time and I got transfer to prove that.
I bet you, you just sharpened your skates.
We have blood and prints on a ribbon found on the rooftop of your building.
Are you going to tell us what happened, Paul, or you want us to tell you ? I was at home around 6:00, okay ? I just couldn't believe what I was hearing on that machine.
So you got Evelyn's makeup message before Steve did.
Steve, it's Evelyn.
I got your letter.
I miss you, too.
I know we can make this work.
I'll stop by around 6:00.
Steve? Steve's on the roof.
I'll walk you up.
You're dumping me ? I was the one who was into all your art stuff.
Steve thought it was lame.
I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I love Steve.
You and I never went that deep, Paul.
You can't dump me.
You're blind.
Yeah, that's the difference between you and Steve.
Steve never saw me as a blind woman.
So what was I to you ? You were a hookup on a rebound.
Let me tell you something.
I didn't know Evelyn personally, but I give her credit for one thing : without being able to see, she saw right through you.
Turn around and put your hands behind your back.
Let's go.
Thatcher, you and Dr.
Howard are partners, - is that correct ? - Correct.
Did you know Dr.
Howard had a policy insuring his hands for $10 million ? That's not unusual for a surgeon to insure the instrumentations of his livelihood.
Your firm has over $3 million in malpractice suits.
We checked your record here.
It, it's clean, but your partner's record has more flags than the U.
Howard was becoming a liability; making too many mistakes, mistakes that ended up costing both of you millions, so you needed a plan.
I didn't go through four years of medical school and three years of residency to be in debt because of your mistakes ! I got into plastic surgery to make money, not lose money.
You got us into this mess, you're going to get us out of it.
Here's the plan : we cash in your insurance policy, split the settlement and part ways.
That's why Spencer Howard was on painkillers, to numb the pain.
He knew it was coming, but didn't go quite as planned, - did it ? - This is absurd.
I-I live in the city.
I was nowhere near Grand Central Station on that day.
- You weren't ? - No.
Well, we know from your shoes that that's a lie.
L-I-E ? Your plan had to happen in public in front of as many people as possible so that no one could accuse you of staging it, right ? Just some random act by some crazy New Yorker.
It would have worked, too, only you forgot about the one thing you couldn't control Grand Central Station during rush hour.
So you lost your license, the money and your friend.
It never ceases to amaze me how men of higher education can commit such stupid crimes.
Good luck in prison, Doctor.
You wanted to see me ? Shut the door, Aiden.
What were you thinking ? - I didn't - Sit down, please.
There are three things that I'll protect at any cost : the honor of this country, the safety of this city and the integrity of this lab.
As scientists, we have a great deal of power; the ability to assign guilt or innocence, but when we analyze a crime scene, we collect pieces of evidence, we make a promise to the people of this city a promise to handle that evidence with respect, integrity and good faith.
When you broke this seal, you broke that promise.
I didn't do it.
I didn't plant the evidence.
I wanted to.
Man, I wanted to, but I couldn't go through with it.
I knew I couldn't live with that.
Was it that you couldn't live with it or you couldn't compromise the integrity of this office ? You know how much this place means to me, Mac, but that son of a bitch raped Regina twice, and he's going to get away with it twice ? And if the credibility of our findings is suspect, how many more do you think will walk ? Ten ? 20 ? 100 ? Truth is, Aiden, I can't have someone like that working in this lab.
You're fired.
Truth is, I can't do this anymore, Mac.
I mean, I got to be honest with you.
If something like this ever happened again, I don't think I'd trust myself.
And I'm sorry I let you down.
Just do me a favor, huh ? Catch this guy for Regina.
I will.
This folder will be right here on my desk till we get him.
You okay ? Yeah.