CSI: NY s02e06 Episode Script


*People* *They don't mean a thing to you* *They move right through you* *Just like your breath* *But sometimes* *I still think of you* *And just wanted to* *Just wanted you to know* *My old friend* *I swear I never meant for this* *I never meant* *Don't look at me that way* *It was an honest mistake* *Don't look at me that way* *It was an honest mistake.
* Jason Kinsey.
He lived in the penthouse on the 25th floor.
Shotgun blast.
These footprints definitely belong to a woman wearing high heels.
It's not exactly a woman's M.
to commit this kind of crime.
Directionality of these smaller stains indicate the weapon was probably fired from outside the elevator.
Okay, so our heel-wearer either shot the guy, then got into the elevator and then got back out, or she was standing right next to Mr.
Kinsey when he died.
And witnessed the whole thing.
Doorman was away from his desk.
And he didn't see anybody come out, 'cause he was out in the street flagging a cab.
Comes back in, finds this in the lobby.
- Get the security video.
- Done.
Our vic was big in real estate, major holdings all over town.
Top to bottom, high-rises to parking lots.
You don't get that big in this town without stepping on some toes.
Someone was listening to show tunes.
- He doesn't look the type.
- Could be registered.
If not to the victim, maybe the mystery companion.
Belt's undone.
Our woman in heels either knew him or was about to.
Arts and crafts ? Chopsticks for dummies.
Guy has dinner, comes home, gets in his elevator, figures he's done for the day.
Instead he's done for good.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 6 "YoungBlood" Transcript : RaceMan Roger222 and Seth Cohen Corrections : Seth Cohen Gunshot residue.
Shooting was up here.
Confirms the shooter was outside the elevator.
You need a key to access this penthouse via the elevator, so the killer must have had one.
Got up here and waited for the vic.
No ridges, no prints.
Shooter left through this door, wearing gloves.
So our woman in heels was in the elevator, saw everything, and, for some reason, she was allowed to get away.
Now, she was taking the elevator down.
That's why her bloody shoe prints were in the lobby.
So she was a witness, not a killer.
All right, great.
We have a DOA in Central Park.
Hawkes is on it.
But, this time of day, there's no way I'm going to make it there, so I'm gonna meet him at the lab unless you need me here.
I'm good.
Flack and I can handle this one.
This guy was quite a player.
Looks like it's been here a while.
Circular pattern, and the flaking at the edge of the drop indicates drying.
Top layer is dust.
It's definitely not from this shooting.
From the amount of gunshot residue here, I'd say that the shooter was almost to the door when he fired.
But there are no shotgun pellets in the elevator wall where the victim was standing and the wound wasn't a through and through.
Either the pellet load lost its power or the shooter was standing ten puts him beyond that wall.
- More than one shot ? - There's nothing to indicate that.
Our shooter didn't use a conventional weapon.
It's improvised.
Something we've never seen before.
Body's right here.
Come on in front.
Come around here, come around the side.
Not much bloating, so time-of-death's anywhere between 24 hours and three days.
There's a lot going on with this guy.
Swollen throat and petechial hemorrhaging.
- Asphyxiation.
- But not by strangulation.
There's no bruising or ligature marks on his throat.
And no water in the lungs.
So he was DOA when he hit the water.
You send blood to Tox ? Just checking.
You miss this ? - The M.
's life ? - Yeah, but I like being in the field.
In here, all I ever saw was the victim.
Out there, I see the crime.
I like it in here.
Why is that ? It's quiet.
What's this ? Some kind of ink.
And there's trace on the hands that looks like paint.
Samples of both have gone to the lab.
Same with his personal effects.
The watch ? No, I kept that.
What ? It was a nice watch.
We were right.
Jason Kinsey died from a single shotgun blast to the chest.
The volume of gunshot residue and burns on the clothing confirm the weapon was fired no more than eight feet from the victim.
None of the pellets penetrated deeper than three inches.
Tox results show high levels of performance-enhancing drugs in his system.
Steroids ? Viagra.
Kinsey was being all that he could be.
According to dental records, he was 54 years old.
His I.
said he was 42.
You saw the photos in his lobby.
He liked to run with a younger crowd.
I'll let Danny and Lindsay know.
They're on our mystery witness.
You and I are going to establish the weapon that caused this wound.
We find the weapon, we find the killer.
Mac said I'd find you here.
What do you got ? - Did you read the field report ? - Missing weapon, low projectile penetration, high residue quotient, missing second party, iPod, chopsticks, blood.
- Did I miss anything ? - The missing second party was wearing size six shoes.
Seven tops.
So we're looking for a small woman.
Or a young one.
And the report said there was a likely sexual connection.
DOA was in his fifties.
Do you want the elastic or the paper ? I should probably handle the paper 'cause there might be something on it.
You done ? Waiting on you.
The amount of GSR around the entry is inconsistent with the depth of pellet penetration.
When the shell's loose in the barrel, powder blows out faster than the shot.
The blow-by, weakening the power of the blast.
A sawed-off maybe, but this blast is like nothing I've ever seen.
I'll go down to the NYPD Property Clerk's office.
Pull some possible weapons.
- See if we can't find a match.
- Good.
No indication he put up a fight.
He was probably dead or unconscious when he went in.
Either way, it's an odd place to hide a body.
A lake in Central Park ? It's bound to get found quickly.
Whoever did this must have been pretty panicked.
Panicked enough to leave a nice piece of jewelry behind.
It's not important.
Let's get an I.
on this guy.
What do you got, Hawkes ? Mismatched shoes.
Magic markers on the legs to hide holes in the socks.
No keys, except for one, brand new, tied very securely on a string.
Empty plastic wallet, except for two neatly folded dollar bills.
I'd say a homeless guy, probably living where we found him, in the park.
Park Avenue, maybe.
I've got a really nice pair of pants, a tailor-made shirt, fancy watch.
Traces of paint and lipstick on the shirt.
I'd say he's a very wealthy guy.
Well, he must've found the clothes.
Shoes never lie.
Yeah, well this little watch here is worth four or five grand.
Quite a find for a homeless guy.
- Yeah.
- Why don't we check missing persons ? Someone notices when a guy with money doesn't come home.
By definition homeless people are missing people.
Yeah, well, I'm going to start with the tailor who made this shirt.
I'll work on the key.
This evidence gives us a profile of two completely different people.
Both of whom are right here.
Which identity is real ? I went to the NYPD Property Clerk's office and I got as many different barrel lengths and bores as I could find.
We know the weapon was between four and eight feet from Jason Kinsey, so let's let's average this at about six feet.
This cloth will record the gunshot residue pattern.
I'll simulate the condition of the shooting using the same ammunition as the killer.
We want a shallow pellet penetration and a large volume of GSR.
What do we got, Mac ? I'm looking for something similar to this.
Short barrel, too wide for the shell.
Too dangerous to be a legitimate firearm.
But what is it ? And who used it to kill Jason Kinsey ? Detective Taylor asked me to call you if I found anything in the Kinsey case.
Obviously, this is the back of his skull.
See these impressions ? Our client here suffered from Paget's disease.
- The bone-softening condition ? - Very pronounced in the cranium Letters ? Imprinted by something on whatever caused the lesion in the scalp.
How long ago you think this wound happened ? Two or three days, tops.
Maybe whoever did this came back to finish the job.
Can you get this cleaned up, and get an image up to the lab ? Will do.
Nigel Ballantyne.
Oh, sorry.
Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
I can see that I spoke with your tailor, Amir Sabot, He gave me your name.
You boys playing dress up ? It's a who-would-you-be-if-you could-be-anyone sort of deal.
I'm looking into the death of a man who was wearing some of your clothing.
Oh, my God, I know him.
That's Wesley.
- That's Wesley Harding.
- Is he a friend of yours ? I wouldn't say a friend.
You had to know him well enough to give him your shirt.
That's how we thought he was you.
Guilty as charged.
I lend people stuff.
Hey, guys, what's going on ? Wesley was in an accident.
Did you know Wesley ? No, I mean you know, he kind of hung around, but I didn't really know him.
He was a bit of a mystery man.
Always kept to himself.
Where did he live ? His parents had a place in the Hamptons.
He invited us up there a couple of times, but we never went.
His parents didn't really like people out there when they were home.
That's a great shade of lipstick, so pretty.
- Where did you get that ? - Bergdorf's, I think Sheer Pink.
I bet Okay, well, thank you very much.
If you can think of anything else Just give me a call.
Yeah, absolutely.
Letters and a date These impressions on Kinsey's skull were definitely made by a violent impact.
A plaque maybe ? The L shape looks like a corner.
The Historical Society keeps records of these commemorative plaques.
History never made much of an impression on me.
Well, lucky it made one on the victim.
So we're only a couple of blocks from the victim's apartment.
Whose last name is Kinsey, right ? What's up, man ? You work here ? Nah, it's my day off.
So I'm thinkin' what, do I go fishing off of Sheepshead Bay or come hang out in this box for a few hours, huh ? - Maybe get robbed, whatever.
- All right, all right.
- Jason Kinsey, you know him ? - Yeah Yeah, this is his lot.
He's the big boss.
- Does he come by here much ? - Yeah, every night.
That's his Lexus right here.
He have a beef with anyone ? - He had his fair share.
- Anyone in particular ? The guy who owns this building.
They've been fighting over this lot for years.
Got into it bad the other day.
- It turned pretty nasty.
- Really ? Got a name ? Oscar Bowers.
No one cares that piece of garbage is dead.
Well, thanks for sharing that with us, Mr.
Bowers, but we have to investigate just the same.
You ever get into a physical altercation with Kinsey ? Come on, I could take him with one hand tied behind my back.
Police blotter says you did.
Two days ago.
He provoked me.
He threw a punch, I threw one back.
I was talking to this girl the other night, he gets all possessive on me, We run into each other on the street, we have some words.
That girl, she wouldn't happen to be on the very young side, would she ? I didn't figure you for a player, Detective, but now that I look at you, I can see how you'd know about a girl like that.
A girl like what ? You know, these young girls.
They like to come out and play.
You were talking about Jason Kinsey.
He's a real piece of work.
Every day he pulls up to the lot, leans out of his car, he waves.
Oh, he waves at you every day ? That's the reason why you two end up throwing punches.
Him and me bid on that lot.
He buys it out from under me, and now he rubs my nose in it.
That's the reason you two start brawling in the street ? Look, am I glad he's dead ? Sure.
Now maybe I can get my hands on the lot.
Did I kill him ? No.
And I'm sure you have an alibi for your whereabouts last night.
You'd be right about that.
I was at Nabokov's.
Criminal history check on Wesley Harding was negative.
Likewise Missing Persons.
It's as if this guy doesn't exist, the parents in the Hamptons don't either.
I just did a mass-spec analysis on the paint I found on his shirt.
I should get an exact color match.
Stomach contents came back on him as well.
Some vegetables some seafood lobster of some kind, probably in a soup.
Lobster There's no sign of strangulation on our vic, yet he died from asphyxiation.
- Allergic reaction ? - Exactly what I was thinking.
He only ate about ten minutes before he died.
I thought you only got to choose your last meal on death row.
- Guy didn't know it was his last meal.
- Thus the allergic reaction.
Here we go.
Paint something in Central Park you use that green.
Assuming he died near where we found his body, and he ate ten minutes before he died Right.
He ate that lobster somewhere nearby.
We just have to figure out where.
Ten minutes travel, tops.
Average walking speed is what ? - Four miles per hour ? - Yes.
So he had have been within 1,000, All right, let's slow him down to half normal speed.
He was having an allergic reaction.
Now, the only place he could have been coming from is Preston's on the Park.
- But why walk into the park ? - He was trying to get away from someone.
Yeah Get somewhere safe.
Somewhere safe I've got to go check something.
This key is brand new I'm looking for a brand new lock.
This girl hasn't been I.
'd as a resident of the building.
And here she is in the lobby at the same time as Jason Kinsey.
She looks nervous, playing with her jewelry.
Could be nerves, but it looks more like flirting.
See how she's holding her head how she looks at him ? She wants him to look at her.
Then there is this guy who came into the lobby a little while before the vic and the mystery woman.
Apart from the girl, he's the only one we haven't been able to I.
So did you find anything on the iPod ? Startup I.
had just initials, "MSD.
" She's listened to show tunes for days.
She had a three-song playlist set to play over and over again.
"Popular," "Defying Gravity," - "What is This Feeling" - That's Wicked.
The, uh the Broadway musical.
Well, I pulled up the paper from the chopsticks gadget.
It said "Audition.
" She was learning the songs.
And the audition is after third period at Delmore.
- Delmore Prep.
- We're going to school.
Excuse me You mind if I ask you your name ? Melanie Dobson.
Your father's on his way.
Did you want us to wait until he gets here ? So, you were trying out for the play, right ? Auditioning.
Although I already know I got the role.
Jennings, my voice coach He told me.
We found your iPod at the scene of a crime, Melanie.
There's thousands of those.
What makes you think it's mine ? DNA sampling.
Okay, so maybe it's mine.
So what ? Where were you last night ? At my boyfriend's place.
Would that be Jason Kinsey ? Your father knows where you spend your time ? Who I see and what goes on in my family is none of your business.
If it's related to a murder, it is our business.
I have no idea of what you're talking about.
We found chopsticks on Jason Kinsey's body with an elastic band around them.
That belongs to you, Melanie.
Whatever We were at Nabokov's.
Not like that.
Let me show you.
Tie it at the top.
Slide this between the sticks, all the way up.
Put the sushi slowly into your mouth.
You hang out at bars a lot with guys like Jason Kinsey ? - Is there a new law against that, or - He just seems a little old is all.
I don't have to explain myself.
Older guys, they have a way, you know ? Makes me feel important.
Look, I'm a straight-A student Okay ? I take all AP courses.
I've got accepted to two Ivy schools, and I speak Spanish and French.
I've never missed one class.
So after school, I like to go out, you know ? Dress up, have some fun.
Why don't you just tell me what happened in the elevator, please ? We got into the elevator, got to his floor, the doors opened, there was an explosion, a flash of light.
Did you see who fired the shot ? No.
I'm Brad Dobson.
Melanie ? What's going on ? Mr.
Dobson We're questioning your daughter about the murder of Jason Kinsey.
These are results from the blood samples in the Kinsey foyer.
Unidentified male.
But I also ran the hair from the elastic.
Common alleles, right ? Male family member ? How'd you know that ? Something about the way her father looked at her.
We believe that this man was involved in the murder of Jason Kinsey.
- It's not me.
- Looks close.
Given the fact that you and Kinsey were duking it out at his place a few weeks ago, makes you look good for the killing.
What are you talking about ? We found dry blood at the murder scene.
I think it belongs to you.
- Why would I kill him ? - I don't know.
Maybe the fact that your little girl couldn't stay away from him, for beginners.
She's been trouble since she was 12 years old.
You try to set a good example, try to do the right thing but, there's too much temptation.
Jason Kinsey was a pig.
I went up to his place, sure.
We had words.
We got into it.
Maybe a little blood was spilled.
We clear ? But I didn't kill him.
I assume you got an alibi for the night Kinsey was killed ? I was with my wife.
She'll tell you.
She's right outside.
That's your wife ? Yeah.
That's her.
- Ever shoot a gun, Mr.
Dobson ? - Not in years.
Then you won't mind if I take a little gunshot residue test on your hands ? Test away.
So this is the infamous Nabokov's.
Bartender had to run a few errands.
Can I help ? Oh, maybe.
You here much ? Yeah, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
You know Melanie Dobson ? Yeah.
She got around.
Did she keep her nose clean ? When she wasn't being harassed.
She let this guy buy her a few drinks and, he spent some money.
Not really a high roller or anything, but, he kind of freaked out on her the other night.
Yeah, I don't think so.
What did he look like ? Just a guy.
Tall ? Short ? Fat ? Yeah, short and fat.
Like I'd remember.
Do you know this guy ? He in trouble with his wife ? No, he was actually killed last night.
That's a shame.
Yeah, I knew him.
He was okay.
He's dead too ? He was in here last night.
With me.
I went back to his place.
I was with him all night awake.
And let me tell you, he didn't go anywhere.
Wait, this is in confidence, right ? His wife knows my mother.
Yeah, I remember this guy from a couple of nights ago.
He was with these two loudmouth trust-fund jerks, real winners.
Did he eat any seafood that night ? No one gets sick from eating here.
No, I just need to know what he ate.
No seafood.
See this note ? He said he was allergic when he ordered, but both the other guys ordered a lobster bisque.
There are four orders here.
There was a girl with them.
When your guy went to the bathroom, she started arguing with the others and she left.
Then the guy came back, and he took off and those two jerks went after him.
So you have no idea why Wesley Harding would have your copy of the Bishop Cochran yearbook ? Like I said before, I've never heard of him, so I couldn't really tell you.
You know, we're trying to identify a victim of a crime here.
I realize you're a busy man, Mr.
Weston, but maybe a second to look at a photo ? Okay, sure.
You do know him.
Since we were kids.
But his name's not Wesley, it's Richard.
Richard Collins.
Last time I saw him, he seemed fine.
He said things were looking up.
He also went to Bishop Cochran ? No, his family couldn't afford it.
So the only reason I went there was I qualified as a "charity student.
" Do the names Nigel Ballantyne or Ben Lowell ring a bell ? Yeah.
They were my year.
Silver spoon in the mouth types.
Gave me hell every single day.
Richard would have me tell him stories about them, and then he'd mimic them exactly, just from my descriptions.
He just wanted to be an actor, and things got tough for him.
Like a lot of guys from the neighborhood.
You did well, though.
Yeah, I learned how to fit in.
Learned how to be like them.
Did Richard have a girlfriend ? Abby Kirhoffer.
This graph tells me that the lipstick I found on Richard's collar is the same one that you wear.
Been together for a while ? - We weren't "together" together.
- Hmm.
Yesterday, at Nigel Ballantyne's, you told me you didn't even know him.
Yet, you were at the restaurant the other night.
Yes, I was there.
And you didn't say anything.
They were laughing at him, saying stuff.
They knew who he really was and they wanted to play a joke on him.
So I left.
You just left.
What was I supposed to do ? I didn't want to have to choose between the people I grew up with and No, you did choose and now your boyfriend is gone.
Good choice.
Brad Dobson came up negative for GSR.
With his wife backing him up, he looks clean.
Let's go back over this tape.
All these old guys with these super-young chicks.
I mean, what goes on in a family to make that seem okay ? You know, look at Melanie and her father.
No love lost there.
Here's our mystery guy, coming in.
And here is leaving.
See how he switches arms when that woman passes ? He's got something in his sleeve.
Let me enhance that.
It's a steering wheel lock.
Go to the footage of him entering the building.
So he carries the lock into the building, and then he conceals it when he leaves, does that make sense ? A kitchen knife is a kitchen knife until you stab somebody with it.
He didn't care if anyone saw him carrying it in the building, but he didn't want anyone to see him carrying it out.
Could that be the murder weapon ? What's going on with that ? With what ? You always pick up.
I didn't recognize the number.
You expect me to believe that ? Well, New York's finest.
Here we are.
We're gonna need to talk to you.
The both of you.
Nigel, what's going on ? Nigel's just finishing up.
Nigel made a statement.
No way.
He's very articulate.
Has us all convinced that he had nothing to do with your friend's murder.
You're lying.
Nigel's version of how it went down.
You know, he's smart enough to know that he's got a lot totoos Can I read it ? Oh, you'll hear it at your arraignment.
You need anything more from me ? No, I think we've got this all wrapped up.
Don't you, Ben ? Wesley, Richard, whoever, that guy was a phony.
What does that mean exactly ? He was always trying to fit in where he didn't belong.
You ever heard about that guy that pretended to be that famous singer's son ? You know how stupid those people felt when they fell for that ? Oh, so, that's reason to kill him ? We weren't trying to kill him.
We were trying to have fun with him.
We knew he was a fraud for weeks.
You know, he fooled a bunch of other people.
When he did it with us, we figured, hey, let's have fun with this guy.
We were playing around.
I got it.
You're allergic to seafood.
Playing around ? Somebody tells you they're allergic to something, so you dump it in their food ? It's perfect.
Come on, you guys.
Leave him alone.
What do you care ? You going to hook up with that deadbeat ? Yeah, mix it up-- another spoonful.
Go for it.
Didn't take him very long to get sick, did it ? Soup a little rich for your taste, Wesley ? Did it ever once occur to you to call an ambulance ? Or was the joke just getting better ? He left.
We figured he was all right.
No, you followed him.
Wesley, Richard, whoever you are.
Come on, Wesley.
You can't fool us Wesley.
You can't prove I was there.
I can prove you were at the restaurant, and I can prove that you tied him up and threw him in the water.
You know the knots you use for climbing ? You used them to tie up your victim and dump him in the lake.
Pick him up.
He's dead.
What ? All right, pick this up.
Pick him up ! Give me that rope.
Come on, you ready ? Come on.
Come on, man.
All right, pick him up.
Fitting in.
You're going to be doing a lot of that, Ben.
I'd say for the next 15 years.
I constructed this weapon using data from a series of test fires.
The GSR spread has virtually the same characteristics as the weapon used to kill Jason Kinsey.
Also, this shot has an equally shallow penetration.
Now the outer diameter of this pipe is identical to the shaft of a steering lock.
By cutting off the end of the shaft, and using the other arm as a firing pin, the killer made a gun out of a steering lock.
We've got to find this weapon.
I think I've already seen the one we want.
What's all this about, anyway ? There are seven sets of keys.
Only six cars, Mike.
Where's the seventh car ? My guess is that that's your car, Mike.
Let's go.
You've got no idea how it got like that, right ? It's a mystery to me, man.
Join the club.
Like I told you, I don't know anything about it.
I just took that steering lock off the rack.
There's like a dozen of them, you know.
Anyone could have put that there.
I took a look at your record.
You did three years for domestic assault back in'99.
I paid my debt.
Sure you did.
And then there's Melanie Dobson.
She humiliated you at Nabokov's last week.
So I'm thinking me and you can go somewhere more private.
I don't think so.
What, I buy you drinks, you just blow me off ? Can you believe him ? What a loser.
You piece of trash ! Then you saw her with Kinsey.
That pissed you off, didn't it ? We got hold of your pay records for the last six months.
He was docking you for parking in the lot.
It was policy that you could park in the lot on your shift.
Okay, and then one day it's this big problem.
So me and the guys were hoping you'd reconsider about making us pay.
What do you think, Melanie ? Now, go park my car.
Run along now.
You were going to get even, but with a felony conviction, you couldn't buy a weapon, so you improvised.
Now you waited for the perfect opportunity.
And then Kinsey pulled into the lot with his girlfriend.
Let's go for a drink.
Then we'll go upstairs.
Kinsey had an extra elevator key on his key ring.
You had a key to operate the elevator.
You had access.
You waited for them in Kinsey's penthouse foyer.
Your shot was meant for Melanie but Kinsey walked into your line of fire.
You tried to reload, but your weapon failed.
You couldn't get the shell out and she got away.
The steering wheel lock we retrieved from your car had that shell with your prints on it.
She deserved to die.
They both deserved to die.
Treating people like they're nothing.
And the girl when I shot Kinsey, she looked right at me.
She didn't even know who I was.
Like she'd never seen me before.
Like I was a nobody.
I bought her drinks.
I checked the maintenance records on the Rolex.
Abby gave it to him.
The spoiled rich have big hearts after all.
Hey, ever figure out who was calling ? Sheldon Hawkes, mind your own business.