CSI: NY s02e07 Episode Script

Manhattan Manhunt

Two nights ago, in Miami Hey, look at that plane ! - Let's flash them.
- Yeah ! - It's on fire ! - Dude, swerve ! You okay ? Don't ! Don't, please don't.
Henry Darius.
He's on a killing spree in Miami.
Please Shh I shot her.
Where'd you bury her body ? I took care of it.
You don't understand.
Look in that guy's eyes it's too late.
That younger woman is a hostage.
Let the girl go.
Oh, not yet.
He told me he was going to New York City to make things right.
He's not gonna stop until we make him stop.
Bring me, bring me this telephone The lights are on, but there's no one home Tick-tick-tock, it's a quarter to 12:00 And I, I'm hanging up on you Every little thing that you say or do Could I die from this ? That's the fun.
So what's it like to grow up with all this money ? What are you gonna do to me ? Oh, first things first.
You said nobody'd be home.
Nobody's supposed to be here.
- You trying to set me up ? - No, - No, really.
- Hey, look who's here.
Hey, everybody, it's Alexa.
I thought you were in Miami.
Um, where's my sister ? I am so high.
Alexa, you promised to show me your bedroom.
Will you excuse us ? Make all the noise you want.
Open it.
I didn't fly you a thousand miles for nothing.
Give me your hand.
Double-crossed me ? No, I didn't Oh, my God, Dalton.
You're bleeding.
It's not mine.
Where's Alexa ? Oh, my God.
I want everybody to get on the ground face down, hands behind your back.
You do what I say, I won't hurt you.
I promise.
You said you weren't gonna hurt us ! How did this happen ? There were security guards at every one of the Endecotts' Manhattan properties.
He's got to be here somewhere.
We sure this is Darius ? Take a good look at the position of these kids.
Look familiar ? Yeah.
Those nurses in Midtown.
He played in their blood.
Any one of these kids Alexa Endecott ? - She never saw it coming.
- No.
Safe is open and empty.
It's a biometric lock.
Explains why he brought her to New York.
Needed her hand, her blood vessels.
Why would he bring Alexa all the way to New York for money ? Thought he got money from the groupie in Florida.
It's not Endecott money.
And, as we know, money is only half of it.
Last thing Darius said down in Miami : he was coming to New York to make things right.
Think he has ? Not even close.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 7 "Manhattan Manhunt" Transcript : RaceMan Roger222 and OrionDeBmk Corrections : Seth Cohen Mac.
Darius is in the wind.
I got a broadcast out, Tri-State area.
The M.
's office finished bagging the last kid.
Alexa's next.
We found her younger sister, Sarah.
We're pulling her out of school, Hathaway Prep.
She's on her way to the precinct.
Parents ? On their way back from Australia.
It's obvious he targeted Alexa for money, but why her ? We're not finding evidence of any previous connection between her and Darius.
Then we'll work with current connections.
I need this lock taken back to the lab.
I'll get the company out here ASAP.
Room's been sealed, right ? Yeah, to the man.
Red fabric.
From inside the vault.
Make sure this gets to Trace.
I'll stay with the body till the M.
gets up here.
All right.
Guard on duty ? Yeah, M.
says that his neck was snapped.
I'm gonna run trace on the clothes, see if I can't find a transfer from Darius, we'll keep you in the loop.
Appreciate it.
I had my lab send up information on the bullet we extracted from Lydia Johnson.
Lydia Johnson, that's the Florida murder that Darius tried to pull off as his own.
Yeah, that's, um A promise of information got him out of prison, but it turns out the bullet is pointing to someone else, someone named Rosie.
Yeah, we got your information on the bullet.
Nine millimeter, probably a Glock.
I'm running it through local and state databases, as we speak.
I'll check its progress.
Are you this hot on every case ? Well, I made a promise to an eight-year-old boy, and I'm not gonna let him down.
Say no more.
Got your call.
Team's all here.
Great, thanks.
We came as soon as we could.
What's with all the pills ? It's a pharm party.
What's a pharm party ? Pharmaceuticals.
Empty your parents' medicine cabinet, and pop until you drop.
Rich kids' idea of fun.
At first glance, I've got lithium, sertraline, fluoxetine.
Most of these drugs don't even get you high.
Stella and I are gonna run with this one.
Danny, check the service entry area.
There's an elevator there.
A secondary exit.
Sheldon, bag up these bottles.
Get them over to Lindsay, she'll be in Trace.
Sir, I've worked big crime scenes before.
I've got two hands, I'm ready to work.
This is a high-profile case, Lindsay.
I want you in the lab.
I need your full attention.
And, remember, anything we find here can take us to Darius.
Be careful, be thorough.
Just finished bagging the script bottles.
You got something ? Yeah, multicolored fiber, caught in the elevator gate, so I'm thinking one of these kids tried to escape.
It's possible.
Let's get all this over to Lindsay.
Read my mind.
What do you got, Montana ? Danny, stop calling me that, it's "Lindsay.
" Lindsay Monroe.
All right, all right, I'm just joking.
Well, it's not funny.
Am I supposed to be the new girl and the butt of all of your jokes ? You upset that Mac dismissed you ? I can handle it.
It's not about that, he was looking out for you.
You saw that place, it was a slaughterhouse in there.
What, you think I haven't seen blood like that before ? I don't know, tell you the truth.
Have you ? Yes.
And a lot worse than that.
Here, take a look.
What do you think ? The one on the left is a fiber from the gate, the one on the right was taken from one of the dead girls'uniforms.
Looks like a match to Hathaway Prep.
Yeah, except none of the victims had a tear in their skirt consistent with the fiber on the gate.
So one of the girls got away.
All right, keep these fibers in play, 'cause we got to find that schoolgirl.
Ripped uniform ? From Hathaway Prep ? Yup Any suggestions on a lead ? We found her younger sister, Sarah.
We're pulling her out of school, Hathaway Prep.
She's on her way to the precinct.
I think I know where to start.
I can't believe this happened to my sister.
Can I see her, please ? Ms.
Endecott, I think it's best that we wait till your parents are with you.
You know, it never quite made sense to me that your classmates were in your house, but you weren't.
No, I told you, I-I had class, so I gave them the key.
Endecott, would you stand up, please ? Why ? Sarah.
How'd you rip your skirt ? Okay, I was there.
It was a pharm party.
But I must have been in the pantry or something when my sister came home, 'cause I never heard her arrive, and I never knew she was even in the house.
Why didn't you come forward with this information when my detective picked you up at school ? I don't know.
I just didn't want to get in trouble, okay ? I'm sorry.
Sit down.
Why don't you tell me what you remember ? whatever I took, I got I got dry mouth, so I went to the pantry to get some more water and some vodka.
Where's Alexa ? I want everybody to get on the ground.
You said you weren't going to hurt us ! He shot Paige ! And I went back to school.
I just tried to pretend it was all a dream.
You're lucky to be alive, you know that ? Yeah Got your page.
- You're going to like this.
- Oh, really ? That's a stria match.
Yeah, and the bullets are lining up like the Rockettes at Christmas.
Check this out.
Albert Grafton, nickname "Big Al," used the same weapon that killed your Lydia Johnson - four months ago.
- There you have it.
Let's go.
- I'll drive.
- After you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Parking structure's across the street.
- Sounds good.
- Horatio Caine ? - Yeah.
You've been served.
Sign here, please.
These guys are worse than the paparazzi.
I have my own pen.
Listen, I get named on these things all the time.
Our union attorney's great, if you want me to give you his number.
This is a matter outside the job.
I have a number of memories up here, not all are good.
So, I apologize.
Um Let's go get Al.
Hey, Mac ! I ran the script bottles I collected from the Endecott house.
Couple of Endecotts : Tom, Paroxetine - Alexa, Zolpidem.
- Zolpidem ? - Alexa was taking a sleeping aid ? - Yeah.
- Who's the family doctor ? - A Dr.
- Miles Feldstein ? - Yeah.
That name ring a bell ? He testified in Henry Darius' competency hearing murder of three nurses in Midtown.
He determined that Darius was sane enough to stand trial.
- This is big, right ? - Huge.
You just found the connection between Darius and Alexa.
Detective Taylor, NYPD.
This is Detective Flack.
We're here to see Dr.
Feldstein right now.
He's with a client You can't go in.
The yellow light means he's mid-session.
Session's over.
We're here about a murder.
Detective Taylor, NYPD.
Your uh yellow light was on - Where's your client ? - Uh, I had a cancellation.
I needed some quiet time to do my bills.
Doctor, uh, how many times did you meet with Henry Darius ? Why ? Did you reveal any information about Alexa Endecott at that meeting ? No, that would be against the law.
Darius targeted Alexa Endecott in Florida, brought her back to her parents'home where he robbed and killed her.
Uh, what does that have to do with Doctor, you're the only point of intersection between killer and victim.
Either you're an accomplice or you were duped.
All right, I may have unwittingly - mentioned some of my clientele.
- "Unwittingly.
" Now, how are you supposed to judge my competency, when you work for the county ? You see, I have a private practice that includes some of the most notable names in Manhattan.
Have you heard of the Buchenwalds ? Van der Griffs ? Endecotts ? Endecotts That's impressive.
Sounds like Darius out-psyched the pysch.
What else did you tell him ? I may have mentioned that Alexa would have come into $3 million on her 21st birthday.
You told a convicted killer that ? Well, come on, he was going away for life.
I mean, what was he gonna - do with that information ? - You'd be surprised.
- What's that ? - I cut myself shaving.
I cut myself shaving, it's nothing.
He was here, wasn't he ? He came in the "out" door.
He told me that if I gave him up, he'd kill me.
- Henry Darius was just here ? - He was just here, yes.
Flack ! Outside ! scaffolding ! Darius ! Show me your hands ! Turn around ! Slowly ! He put a gun in my mouth.
Made me take my coveralls off, put this hat on.
Mac ? Found these on the roof of the building.
He's probably long gone by now.
" I wonder if that could be the window washer's.
The washer doesn't put these on till he's at work.
Now, why would he make a mistake like that ? He left this on purpose.
He wants a meeting.
A four-digit code on the back, hand written.
That's the lead car number.
I think Darius wants me to catch the same train as him.
Where ? That's what I'm gonna find out.
Good afternoon.
Albert Grafton works here, correct ? He's security.
He's over by the chocolate fountain.
Thank you.
At my club.
Something happen I don't know about ? You were involved in a shooting four months ago at a club in Tribeca.
Security detail.
It was self-defense.
Judge dismissed the case.
Where's that gun now, Albert ? I don't know.
Albert, here's what I want you to do.
Very slowly I want you to open your jacket.
Do it.
Well, Horatio, that looks like our nine-millimeter Glock.
Same gun that killed Lydia Johnson, Albert.
I don't know no Lydia Johnson.
Well, striations from the bullet put your gun at her murder, back in Florida.
Hey, I bought that gun off some guy off in Union Square.
- When ? - About a year ago.
Okay, that's the same time she was killed, my friend.
This man look familiar to you ? Albert Answer the question or she's going to hook you up.
He looks a lot like the guy that sold me the piece ponytail mouth.
His eyes were more narrow set.
He had a bump on his nose, just underneath the ridge.
- You have an amazing memory.
- I work security, dawg.
It's my job to remember faces.
Well, that's great, because I need every detail.
That's right, dawg.
How are we doing ? Big Al's got a world class memory.
PIMS program will start comparing mug shots in a second.
Did you check out his story ? I did.
He was in Japan working security with some big rapper the week Lydia was killed.
Customs confirmed it for me.
- So, his story holds ? - Yeah.
So, somebody Somebody killed Lydia Johnson in Florida, and then sold Big Al the gun in New York.
All right, here we go.
Just gonna put in the PIMS data.
Latino male, 30 to 35, brown hair, brown eyes, 175 to 200 pounds.
Over a hundred hits.
Think we need to pare this down a little bit.
Big Al said that he had narrow-set eyes and a - lump on his nose, right ? - Yes, he did.
And then there's the ponytail.
Vincent Rosetti That's your Rosie.
Did time in Attica.
Same time as Darius.
Well, if Darius got information from the shrink you can bet that he got information from a convict.
I agree Let me check his current status.
Got off on parole two days ago.
His parole officer will know where he works.
In the meantime, I'm gonna get this to Al and double confirm it, all right ? - Good.
- No problem.
Hey, hey.
Watch where you're going ! Thank you.
You're quite the gentleman.
Detective Taylor.
I'm impressed you went through all the trouble.
You've been busy, Henry.
Here Miami You said you'd help me.
You offered me a deal if I confessed.
Those three nurses in Midtown I sat in your interview room, and I told you everything.
Except why.
I was hoping you'd tell me.
You're the only one who knows I can't control it.
That's why I came alone.
I want you to come with me.
I want to.
Next stop you and me.
I can't.
Who you gonna take care of now, huh, me or him ? NYPD.
Everyone stay calm.
It's under control.
Sir, tell the conductor to shut down right away.
CSI Detective Taylor to Central.
I have a male stabbed, heavy bleeder, on the train just west of the Woodside Station on the subway.
Need an ambulance right away.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Flack told me that the guy on the train is going to be okay.
Rescue stabilized him.
He was lucky.
- Lucky you were there.
- Never mind that.
I got every man in blue out looking for Darius.
Full-court press.
This is the manhunt of the decade right here, right now.
I hear you.
See this face ? I'll check in with you later, Mac.
Where you headed ? Got a lead on the guy that was in Attica with Darius.
He works at a parking garage on Fifth.
I'll keep you posted.
Looks important.
This is the fiber from inside the vault.
It's synthetic Okay.
Ripstop nylon with a polyurethane coating.
Probably some kind of protectant.
Against weather.
So, we're talking gym bag, backpack, some kind of carrier.
The eyewitnesses who remember seeing Darius enter the building with Alexa said neither of them was carrying a bag.
Fiber's telling us that somebody else was there.
Danny's on the biometric lock.
We'll find out who.
- Where's Vincent Rosetti ? - He parks cars here.
Hey, Vincent.
- What are you doing ? I'm in a hurry.
- Vincent, don't do it.
Vincent ! Midtown traffic's a killer.
Vince Rosetti, you're under arrest for the murder of Lydia Johnson.
And that's just the charge in Florida.
Selling your weapon in Union Square to a stranger, Vincent ? - That wasn't too bright, was it ? - No way.
Been in Attica the last six months on a stolen property bid.
Yeah, we know.
That's where you met up with Henry Darius.
So, I was in lockdown with him.
Big deal.
On the contrary Vincent.
It is a big deal.
A lockdown could take hours.
My name's Rosie.
Henry Darius.
Henry Darius ? Wow, man.
I heard about you on the news.
You killed those nurses.
Yeah, I killed someone once.
Tell me about it.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
Do it.
I got an urgent message.
What's up ? - We got a discrepancy in the timeline.
- Okay.
Yeah, I been working on this biometric palm analyzer.
All right, take a look.
Safe was opened at 1:30 p.
Consistent with the time of the murders.
But I checked earlier in the day.
It was also opened up at 10:30 a.
That's a half hour before Darius landed at Teterboro.
Hence, my urgent message.
There's no way Darius could have opened that safe the first time.
So, it's possible somebody else took the money out of the safe before Darius and Alexa got there.
Give me a second, and I will tell you who.
Endecotts loaded the safe up with approved palm prints.
The little sister.
Let's have Homicide bring her in.
I told you guys, I've never been to Florida.
Well, witnesses say otherwise.
which we matched to the shovel that you used to bury Lydia in Miami.
The key word here is "match.
" First, you shot her, and then came back here to New York and sold the gun.
But the striations followed you, Vincent.
Let's go, Vince.
Let's hear it right now.
Squirrelly little Eminem wannabe in Fort Lauderdale paid me.
Wanted to scare the husband.
I end up with the wife.
Scream and I'll blow your head off.
- What do you want ? - Drive.
How'd you go from scaring to murder ? The broad started to fight me.
I was just going to drive her around a couple hours 'til her husband played some song.
She grabbed the gun.
It went off.
She made the first move.
Oh, don't even blame her for what you did.
She was driving crazy, bleeding everywhere.
Screaming I had to shut her up.
So you put a bullet in her temple.
It worked.
It worked Where's Darius, Vincent ? Beats me.
I haven't seen him since that day after lockdown.
Okay, Vince.
Stella could I have a word with you, please ? Yeah.
I would really love first crack at this guy.
Right, Mrs.
Johnson's son.
I get it.
Look, as long as he's off the streets, it's fine with me.
Fair enough.
- It's Mac, he's got something on Darius.
- I'll catch up.
Vincent Sounds top secret.
It was top secret, Vincent.
So I want you to be the first to know that you are returning to Florida.
Cool, I like the sun.
Yes, well, you won't get to see very much of it, Vincent, because we enforce the death penalty.
Checked on the whereabouts of Sarah Endecott.
She's not at the house or the school, or anywhere in between.
That's what we figured.
We switched over to Plan B.
Yeah, no girl ever leaves her house without her cellphone.
At least, not at that age.
GPS the phone number.
Got it.
Tiffany's now you're talking my language.
You can tell from a map ? You kidding ? I could tell from the moon.
I love those little blue boxes.
Let's go.
Sarah ? Um, hi Detective Taylor.
A little retail therapy ? That's one way to get over the loss of your sister.
May I take a peek ? Let's see Nice.
$8,000 and she spent cash.
Well, it's my It's my money, I can use it however I want.
How'd you rip your backpack ? We found red fibers from a backpack in your parents' bedroom.
By the safe.
I thought you never went in there.
I-I don't I don't know I hardly ever do.
This is pretty heavy.
Mind if I open it ? Okay.
It's a lot more than just "walk-around" money, even for an Endecott.
You were in the house to steal the money.
The pharm party was just a ruse.
Well, the plan was : have some friends over, party and I'd take the money while they were there.
And if the cops got wind, I'd have an alibi.
This doesn't look like the full three million.
You couldn't have spent all this today.
Where's the rest of the money ? Mr.
Endecott, we're doing everything humanly possible to put this animal behind bars.
Where were you, Sarah ? Sarah's in a lot of trouble, sir.
She failed to notify authorities after fleeing the scene of a murder, robbery Wait, wait, wait, wait, slow down.
Sarah didn't steal the money.
I told her she could take it from the safe.
With all due respect, sir, I happen to know that the money was for Alexa.
I know all about the trust fund.
Money was for Alexa on her 21st birthday.
Coming from money, kids can end up with no ambition no drive.
I told them they stayed clean and sober, at 21, they'd get three million to do as they see fit.
Lex was going to start a day care down in Florida.
She was the one who loved kids.
Her whole life was in front of her.
Perhaps your youngest daughter stole the money because she knew that she'd never pass the clean and sober clause.
I lost one daughter today.
I'm not gonna lose another.
I told Sarah she could take the money.
You should know, sir, that we only found half the money.
Where's the other half ? Sarah.
Who have you got mixed up with this time ? I'm sorry, you can't go in there.
He's in a meeting.
We don't want him.
Warrant, with your name on it.
Where's the money ? Sarah gave you up.
End of the year bonus ? - Could we do this somewhere else ? - No.
These walls are insulated.
How'd you get access to Alexa's therapy sessions ? I type the notes from every one of Dr.
Feldstein's sessions.
Transcribed a session Alexa had three years ago, talking about her lump sum, how it'd come due.
I feel so guilty.
You know, I'm getting all this money and my sister won't get a penny.
And you knew Sarah was the black sheep of the family.
Parents sent Sarah in a few times, but it didn't take.
She spent most of her time on the phone with me, canceling appointments.
And you became friendly.
Well, I knew when Alexa would get her money.
Marked it in my calendar.
When the time came, I called Sarah.
I had the info, she had the access.
$3 million ? Where ? Your parents'safe.
Look, all I want is half.
I'm the Endecott here.
Why should I give you anything ? Because if you don't, I'll go to the cops.
Oh, and point the finger at me, right ? Okay, deal.
You're aware that when Darius found the safe empty, he killed Alexa, aren't you ? No, I I wasn't aware of that.
Well, you'll have plenty of time to think about it Put your hands behind your back, please.
You're taking a ride.
Heard there was a break in the case.
Stella already has you on speed dial.
Thought you had to duck out on personal business.
I got an extension.
Good news for both of us.
Blood evidence from Alexa's crime scene ? Oh, yes, gentlemen, I found something very interesting.
I compared reference samples from Alexa Endecott to Henry Darius.
They're related.
Related ? They are brother and sister.
Also ran the references from the Endecott parents.
Endecott is unrelated, but Tom Endecott is Henry Darius' father.
Well, that changes everything.
We think Endecott knows this ? I'm gonna have Flack look into a paternity suit in his past.
The question becomes, who's the target, Endecott or his other daughter ? We had to release Sarah.
I better GPS her.
Worked once.
I'll try and track down Endecott.
Come again ? Henry Darius is your biological son.
This killer, you can't be serious.
Endecott, DNA doesn't lie.
Look as a young guy, I sowed my share of wild oats.
Did you know you had a son out there ? I vaguely remember a girl years ago telling me she had a son, claimed it was mine.
Actually, it was more than just a memory.
Rosemary Martinkus filed a paternity suit against you 23 years ago claiming her son was yours.
The doctors couldn't prove anything.
There was no DNA testing back then.
I'd met my wife by then.
We were starting our own family.
Oh, my God.
Is that why he killed Alexa ? I'm beginning to think all the women you killed were stand-ins for your daughters.
He told you this ? He doesn't understand it himself.
See, getting Alexa's trust fund money meant he was a legitimate heir.
When the money wasn't there, he responded with rage.
My daughter Sarah, is she in danger ? We have concerns about that.
Darius said he came to New York to make things right.
My God.
Who is it ? Open the door, sis.
Sarah ? Where's Alexa's money ?! It's gone.
I want you to know who I am.
I'm your biological brother.
Open the door.
You do what I say, I won't hurt you.
I promise.
Come on in, Darius.
Step away, Sarah.
Turn around.
Put your hands on your head.
You're under arrest.
Darius it's all over.
Nice job.
Our pleasure.
Want to hop in a squad ? I'll take you red lights to LaGuardia.
That's all been arranged.
But do me a favor, and give my best to Stella, will you ? I'll see you, Mac.
Hello ? Hey, Adam.
It's Lieutenant Caine.
Listen, I've got some news for you.
I got him and I'm bringing him back to Miami.
- I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
- Hey, buddy, wait a second.
You never need to apologize to me.
Okay ? I'm here and I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere.
You'll be extradited back to Miami after we file on you here in New York.
Do you know what's wrong with me ? I'm not a shrink.
Better than Dr.
Feldstein, I'll tell you that.
Thank you.
For everything.
Pardon ? This may sound crazy to you, Detective Taylor, but you fought for me.
Chased me all over Manhattan.
That's my job.
But you came looking for me.
And that's more than my father ever did.
You think if he'd acknowledged me I wouldn't have done the things that I did ? It's not for me to decide.
That's between you and your own personal god.
Me, I don't pity you, Darius.
There's a lot of people with worse stories than yours.
They never hurt anyone.
You killed 12 people in two states over the last 72 hours, and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy didn't kiss you when you were a baby ? You asked for my help, I did help you.
You're where you belong.
You rot in hell, you son of a bitch.