CSI: NY s02e08 Episode Script

Bad Beat

Yo, Eddie, whose deal is it ? Come on, let's shuffle up.
Let's go.
Fellas, blinds are raised.
Joel ? You go.
Call the big blind.
I'm gonna raise you.
Kelly ? Nope.
Not this time.
South Street Seaport.
What's up, Joel ? I call.
Turn and burn, fellas.
Check to you.
I am all in.
I believe that's $25,000.
What ?! Do it, do it.
You in or out, Nancy ? Ah, take it, you striped shirt.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Come to Daddy.
Buy yourself some new shades.
Take that chip.
Ever take those stupid things off, anyway ? Oh, when I'm having sex.
Your sister likes looking in my eyes.
Ooh, yeah ! He went there ! Joel's terrible.
Joel ? Joel ? Yeah, what's happening ? Who'd you say vouched for this guy ? - Who, Kelly ? - I don't know.
A friend of a friend.
Why ? What's up ? - Is there a problem ? - Yeah.
You bet your ass there's a problem.
Cigar Aficionado here is dealing seconds.
- Dealing what ? - You know what you're doing.
Dealing from under the top card.
Are you serious ? Come on, guys.
Are you for real ? All right, all right.
Let's settle down, ladies.
Get the door ! I see your face again, you die.
The son of a bitch was probably rooking us all night.
Mike, your nose.
I can't believe that guy.
Look, fellas, I I say we keep playing, huh ? Whose deal is it, anyway ? Are you freaking kidding me ? Some people never learn.
We caught him cheating.
He clocked me in the face, and then we beat the crap out of him.
And how long after you's kicked him out did the doorbell ring ? - 30 seconds.
- 20 seconds, 30 seconds.
Does this Kelly character have a last name ? Couldn't tell ya.
This was his first time at the game.
Looks like you guys cracked open more than your piggy bank.
You let just anyone in the game ? Joel said he was good to go.
All right, I'm gonna have you two sit with a tech, see if we can get a digital composite of this guy, and then, I'm gonna come back and talk to you two some more, all right ? Don't tell me, he had an ace up his sleeve ? Cheater's in the wind.
This guy was drawing dead.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 8 "Bad Beat" Transcript : RaceMan OrionDeBmk and Seth Cohen Corrections : Seth Cohen Looks like he broke his hand.
Shooter's gonna have some serious bruises.
You boys used this Kelly guy as a punching bag.
Yeah, well, he's lucky we didn't kill him.
The shooter was smoking that cigar.
Wasn't just a friendly home game, huh ? Poker's no longer a hobby.
It's a profession.
As far as these kids are concerned, desk jobs are for suckers.
Hey, did you guys keep playing after you kicked him out ? No, that was the last hand we played.
Blinds are 500 and 250, and the hole cards had just been dealt.
- You play poker ? - Occasionally.
- You got a problem with that ? - Yeah.
You're physically incapable of keeping a straight face.
- Really ? - Now, Mac.
There's a man with a poker face.
Who knows what he's thinking ? I'm thinking where'd the gun come from ? Stashed in the hallway, maybe ? Unless he was expecting trouble, who comes to a poker game with a shotgun ? Blood mixed with saliva.
They beat this kid pretty good.
Blood swipe.
Directionality moves toward the victim's apartment.
You hear that ? Peepholes.
Everyone's watching.
Anything ? This new girl stuff has got to stop.
Well, it's better than sifting through tiger dung.
F unny.
No, I didn't hear anything unusual.
- What happened ? - Guy was shot down the hall.
Oh, yeah.
I heard that.
Did you call 911 ? No.
Why ? That looks fresh.
Looks like blood.
Good evening.
Are you serious ? Do you know what time it is ? I'm sorry to disturb you, ma'am, - but I was wondering - I asked you a question.
Do I know what time it is ? Yes, ma'am, I do.
It's 3:00 a.
You people are crazy.
I ought to sue for harassment.
You have a good night now.
Never mind.
Carry on, sir.
Uh, yeah, see, that's a shame.
What's a shame ? Somebody went and threw away a perfectly good shotgun.
- Morning.
- Hey.
Tara Stansfield.
Weather girl, Channel Eight local news.
That explains the pancake makeup.
And the clothes she's wearing, she might have just came from work.
Or on assignment.
She's been doing small stories lately.
Moving up from the weather.
Patrol says a jogger found her about an hour ago.
No apparent cause of death.
No signs of strangulation.
Nothing indicating sexual assault.
Doesn't appear to be a robbery.
Still wearing her jewelry, her watch.
Pockets aren't turned out.
We got trace on the hands.
It's a yellowish color.
There's no blood, no damage to the nails.
Although they are fake.
With only traces of dirt.
Coat's damp.
Just a sec.
Lividity on her face and neck.
Put time of death at least eight hours ago.
Actually, ten hours and 13 minutes.
It's impossible to be that exact on TOD.
- You think so, Einstein ? - Danny, I'm a certified pathologist.
- I know so.
- Her coat is damp.
I got caught in the rain last night.
A 20-minute torrential downpour at 8:45.
Only the makeup on the right side of her face is streaked, which means, she was lying here dead when the rain began.
Show off.
However, this is not good.
Any evidence we gather is gonna be compromised because of the rain.
It's the tiniest shard of glass a little black line.
Your weather girl received a blow to the head.
I recovered the glass from inside the wound.
Only it's not related to the cause of death.
So, our victim suffered blunt force trauma, but it didn't kill her.
This is the point of impact.
There is some hemorrhaging, but there's no hematoma, or fractures in the skull, or swelling of the brain.
So, what was the cause of death ? She drowned.
Drowned ? But we found her in Strawberry Fields, and there was no water anywhere near the scene.
Then she was drowned somewhere else and dumped in the park.
However, lividity suggests she wasn't moved.
The killer would have roughly six hours to dump the body before lividity was fixed.
I did find trace amounts of blood sheltered between the real and fake fingernails.
Sent it to DNA.
And I still have to take a closer look at the cross sections of the lung.
Admit it, you're jealous.
Yeah, a little bit.
- Just let me know what you find.
- And what's your first move ? It looked like she was coming from work, so seems like the logical place to start.
So, how's it going with the shotgun and the jacket ? This is definitely the gun.
It was fired recently, but I couldn't get a usable print off it.
What about the jacket ? Positive for GSR.
It's our shooter's.
We any closer to locating him ? It's gonna take a while for DNA to get a profile and run it through CODIS.
But in the meantime, I think I know how to get this guy.
How ? Smoke him out.
You recognize this guy ? No, not ringing any bells.
Smokes your cigars.
He's got good taste.
I like Cubans, personally.
You like Cubans, Mr.
Dulcet ? They seem like decent people.
I'm gonna make this very simple for you.
One phone call, and ATF will be all over this place confiscating any Cuban cigars you might be selling.
You recognize him now ? His name's Kelly.
He rents one of the humidors here.
Number 11.
And where would that be ? There.
Thank you.
What do you want with this guy, anyway ? We just want to talk to him about some unpaid parking tickets.
Does he have an address on file ? Pay with a credit card ? No, most guys come in here pay cash.
You know where he likes to hang out ? What do I look like, his groupie ? Oh ! Hey, you know how much that cost ? Now ? Nothing.
- Hey, Stell.
- Yeah ? That smell Cuban to you ? - Can't tell, better break another one.
- All right, all right, all right.
I hold a nightly poker game in the back, big money game.
Knowing Kelly, he'll be here.
All right, what time's the game ? We start in a couple hours.
See ? That wasn't so hard.
All right, looks like I have a beautiful print here.
I'm gonna run this through AFIS.
But we'll probably have better luck catching him here.
I was her cameraman for two years.
I can't believe she's dead.
I just saw her yesterday.
Doing a big story on how slow the city fixes potholes.
That was taken during the blizzard of, uh, of '96.
It was so cold, uh my video equipment got icicles on it.
Did you come right back to the studio after that pothole story ? Yeah, I drove the van back, she took a private car.
She could have been big, you know ? - She was going places.
- Leonard ! What the hell is the matter with you ? Everybody's waiting downstairs.
Let's go ! Well, I'll, uh, let you guys do your thing.
Coming up at 11:00, - are your city's restaurants - Thanks.
clean enough ? We will take you inside the kitchens of 15 of the most popular Character.
You will be surprised what we found there.
From inadequate storage to indescribable meat, this is a report your stomach and you cannot afford to miss This is interesting.
Obviously, she didn't want anyone to see what was on that tape.
All right, Adam, work your magic.
Adam, when you're done with that, I got a pair of slacks that need to be ironed.
I have no response to that.
Okay Let's see what Tara Stansfield didn't want the world to see.
The male walrus and the female walrus may appear slothful, but their mating habits would make even the most Walruses.
Are you serious ? Those aren't walruses Footage from your 30th birthday party, Messer ? Walrus documentary, actually.
It's Tara Stansfield, our victim from the park.
Who's the other walrus ? Go to commercial after the cat hairball prevention story, then come right back in with sports.
Fallon, we're gonna need a minute.
This is a news room, Detectives.
You can't be in here, and I don't have a minute.
Okay, remember we're going remote, right ? There it is, good, good, good.
even the most sexually active couples jealous How about now ? You got a minute ? Teddy, handle this from the floor, would you ? Watch this move.
Oh Is Mrs.
Fallon fond of that one ? I can't believe that she taped us.
We're supposed to believe you didn't know about this, huh ? Detective, I could lose my job.
- That could ruin my marriage.
- That's what we call motive, Mr.
Come on, what, you're accusing me of killing Tara ? Well, she was trying to blackmail you, wasn't she ? She played you pretty good.
Hidden camera and everything, right ? What'd she do, threaten to send this tape about Weather Girls Gone Wild to the missus ? I want my lawyer.
Is your lawyer going to be able to explain those scratch marks on your arm ? You know, Tara Stansfield was found with skin cells underneath her fingernails.
You saw the tape She's aggressive in bed.
I'm not saying another word until I get my lawyer.
That's good'cause you're gonna need one.
There's our guy.
The dealer.
Bet's to you, Rob.
Bet ? I think I'll sit this one out.
- I'm out.
- Me, too.
Bet's to me, huh ? I think I'll Fold.
You want to tell me what this is all about ? When did playing poker become a felony ? Recognize that jacket ? What are you, the lost and found ? Keep it It's worthless.
No, actually, it's invaluable It places you at the murder scene.
Throwing the jacket and the shotgun down the garbage chute ? Man, you're worse at covering up a murder than you are cheating at cards.
What are you talking about ? What shotgun ? The shotgun you used to kill Joel Ivey.
Joel is dead ? This is Joel ? What, you don't recognize him with half his face blown off ? Wait a second.
I got caught cheating.
Obviously, you know that.
Then they, uh tuned me up pretty good.
Tore my jacket, got some blood on it, so I threw it down the garbage chute, and, uh then I left.
I swear, I don't know anything about a shotgun.
Wow well, the evidence disagrees with you.
There's gunshot residue on your jacket.
That's not possible.
I did not kill him.
That wasn't part of the plan.
The plan ? Come on, Kelly, where did you keep your shotgun ? In the stairwell ? You knew things might get ugly that night.
We were supposed to clean up.
Clean up how ? I'm not saying any more.
Oh, guess what ? You don't have to.
Your cards are already on the table.
Cards from the crime scene ? Yeah, I collected them in the order they were dealt.
What are you thinking ? Kelly said that he wouldn't have killed Joel.
That wasn't part of the plan.
Something about how they were going to clean up.
Then he just shut down.
So you're thinking the answer is in the cards ? Yes, I am.
- Deal'em up.
- All right.
All right, Kelly's got pocket aces.
Actually, everybody looks pretty good at this point.
Designed to get everyone's money in the pot.
Let's see the flop.
Eddie's ahead with a full house, queens over tens.
Mike's working on a flush draw, Joel and Kelly, two pair.
Eddie's still ahead with a full house.
The only way Kelly can win is if the last card's an ace.
Here we go.
This should be the one.
It's not an ace This is your last chance to talk, pal.
When I walk out that door, I'm going home, cook myself up a nice steak, watch Letterman.
You You'll go down to Central Booking, get a nice lean slice of bologna on stale white bread.
I didn't kill him.
Our vic would've been the winner.
Kelly and Joel were cheating together.
He wouldn't have killed his partner in crime.
Kelly stood to split half the winnings.
So if he didn't kill him, who did ? DNA came back on the blood in the victim's hallway.
Blood mixed with saliva on the floor, and the blood swipe on the wall.
The blood and saliva mixture belongs to Kelly Lindgren.
The blood on the wall ? It's not Kelly's.
It had no hits in CODIS.
Somebody else was bleeding in that hallway.
Our possible shooter.
Exhibit A.
Hammerback found gravel and a leaf particle in the victim's lung tissue.
We need a reference sample, so the logical starting point is Strawberry Fields, where we found Tara.
- All right, let's go.
- Not quite yet.
Exhibit B The DNA results from the skin cells under Tara Stansfield's nails.
I take it it wasn't that sleazy news producer, 'cause you'd be more excited.
No, it wasn't Ethan Fallon.
DNA results were female.
And get this It's an exact match to the DNA of the victim.
To Tara Stansfield.
She didn't scratch herself, 'cause there were no marks or abrasions on her body.
Means only one thing.
Other than being identical twins, Tara and I were nothing alike.
She was always in the spotlight, and I well, I'm a school teacher.
We weren't that close.
I suppose we spent more time trying to be different than trying to understand each other.
What happened to your face ? Tara and I had an argument.
An argument that got out of hand ? My DNA test results tell me that it was a bit more than a conversation.
Where were you the night she died ? Am I a suspect ? - Detective ? - No, I'm sorry.
It's just, uh, amazing how much you look like her.
If I'm a suspect, Detective You know what ? You know about the videotape, don't you ? That's it.
That's it, isn't it ? That tape goes public, who would know the difference ? Somebody could easily think it was you.
That must have ticked you off.
- Did you hit your sister, Kayla ? - I didn't touch her.
Distribution through the Internet.
You could even download this thing onto your phone, and every time somebody does it, I get paid and become more famous.
Do you ever think of anyone other than yourself ? Tara, please don't do this.
I'm a school teacher.
Oh, trust me, Kayla, no one is going to think it's you.
My face is your face.
Now people can tell us apart.
When I left this apartment, she was alive.
When I got home, there was a message on my voicemail.
She said she was sorry and that she was wrong and that she was crazy to even ntertain the idea in the first place.
Then she thanked me and promised not to release the video.
Do you still have that message ? No, I erased it.
Look, if we're through here, I'd like to get back to my sister's belongings.
You can see yourself out.
Yeah, I heard a big blast, like a shotgun or something.
- What's your location, sir ? - 705 East 83rd.
- Hurry.
Someone might be shot.
- Police are on their way.
Hey, Lindsay.
- Hey.
- Got your page.
I have 911 calls from the victim's building on the night of the murder.
- Anybody see anything ? - No.
They all heard something, but, uh, nobody ventured outside their apartment.
The interesting thing is this.
A flood of 911 calls came in at 1:23 a.
, all stating that they had just heard what sounded like a gunshot.
And then there's this.
A hang up.
What time was the call made ? Two minutes before the calls about the gunshot.
Well, maybe a neighbor heard the fight at the card game.
Or possibly saw the shooter in the hallway.
We need to talk to that caller.
It was nothing, really My boyfriend and I got back from a party, and this guy followed us into the elevator.
He was obviously drunk, and reeked of marijuana.
He kept bumping into me, and you know rubbing my hair.
Whoa, easy there, pal.
Then what happened ? He followed us out of the elevator, and we just kind of ignored him and rushed in the apartment.
It was nothing.
Well, it had to be something.
Enough for you to call 911.
Well He banged on the door a couple times, but then he left.
Why'd you hang up ? Um, I'm subletting.
I'm just trying to keep a low profile.
You're not going to say anything, are you ? - No, you can trust me.
- Thanks.
What about the 911 caller ? She and her boyfriend were being harassed by some guy in the elevator.
- So it turned out to be nothing.
- No apparent connection.
Mac, Stella.
What's up ? The recent advances in DNA are unbelievable.
The blood swipe from the victim's hallway belongs to a Caucasian male with brown hair and green eyes.
Ooh, that narrows the pool.
Oh, and Mr.
Green Eyes likes to take bong hits.
I found trace amounts of THC in his blood.
Yeah, I know what it is, Lindsay.
Check the profile against recent drug arrests.
I'm on it.
Can this be right ? Heather Davison, the 911 caller I was just telling you about, said that the guy who was harassing her in the elevator reeked of marijuana.
- What's the connection to the victim ? - I don't know.
But she lives on the ninth floor.
How did this guy's blood get on the eighth floor ? Heather said she called 911 after the guy started pounding on her door.
Quite aggressively.
There's blood on the carpet.
Something happened up here that Heather's not telling us about.
Detective Bonasera.
Heather, you didn't tell me the whole truth, did you ? There's blood outside your door.
I-I don't know what you're talking about.
I do.
I didn't want to scare you, so I didn't say anything.
Say anything about what, Scott ? Remember when I rushed you back into the apartment ? You think I'm scared of you ? I'm not scared of anybody.
Not anymore.
I'm not going to tell you again.
- Get the hell out of here.
- Are you a tough guy ? Can you give us a description ? Yeah.
I was staring him right in the face.
White guy, five-ten, brown hair, green eyes.
Had you ever seen this man before ? No.
After I went back inside, I looked through the peephole and saw him go to the elevator.
That was the end of it.
I'm not so sure that was the end of it.
Looks like our drunk guy went up.
And then he came back down.
He came back down to kill you.
Only he went to the wrong floor.
Oh, Rain Man.
You know what, they're making great strides in weather gear these days, Doc ? It's called an umbrella.
Actually, the umbrella dates back to the Wei Dynasty, 386 A.
Here What is it ? Broken glass I found embedded in the soil at the crime scene.
See if you can make heads or tails of it.
- Beautiful.
- Somebody mention tails ? I went down to the bodega to get some gum, and somewhere between like the Red Hots and the Chocolate Balls I discovered this.
I thought you said Tara Stansfield decided to not release the tape.
That's what her sister told me.
Someone got hold of a copy and decided to release it anyway, huh ? Yeah, - And that someone could be our killer.
- Yeah.
Yo, Hawkes.
Our weather girl was killed by the weather.
- Am I supposed to know what that means ? - Check this out.
I scanned the ground where the victim was found.
Her head was lying in a slight depression in the ground when it started to rain.
So she drowned in two inches of water in the park.
I guess it wasn't a dump job.
Not only did the rain wash away our evidence, it washed away Tara Stansfield's life.
The missing piece is who hit her over the head ? I got a big piece of that puzzle right here.
The glass shards from the victim's head are the same as the ones from the crime scene.
- Looks like a cylinder.
- Yeah, and look at those black lines - right there.
They look - Wait till you see this.
The ground in the park was altered by the rain, but the scanner was still able to pick something up.
I noticed if you look from underneath Seems to form a triangle.
Like from a tripod.
Leonard Curson.
Oh, Detectives.
Hey, what can I do for you ? This your van ? Yeah, yeah, one of the perks, I guess.
No one else has access ? Not unless they have these, they don't.
- Mind if we take a look inside ? - Uh, sure, yeah, go ahead.
You didn't know you broke it, did you ? Broken level and blood I know that doesn't look like much, but there's actually an image that's transferred onto that plastic.
And my partner is a very good scientist.
Tara needed it to look like someone stole her private sex tape and sold it for profit.
That's where you come in, buddy.
You give her your camera, so she can videotape herself having sex with her boss.
And you make the copies and you sell it on the Internet.
Am I right ? I know what you're thinking, right ? A little plastic cover couldn't possibly get anyone convicted.
No but you know what ? Your broken tripod definitely will.
I didn't mean to kill her.
We had a deal.
But your deal went south when Tara had an argument with her sister and decided not to release the tape.
I know.
So you lured her to the park.
You brought me out here for this ? I told you, I'm not doing it.
You're wasting your time, Leonard.
I already destroyed the tape.
Yeah, I thought you might do that, so, um I made a copy.
You still took a copy and distributed it and profited from her death.
Look, I didn't mean to kill her ! You left her in the park, Leonard ! You didn't even make an anonymous call to 911 ! - What am I supposed to think ?! - That doesn't make me a killer ! Yes, it does.
And you can keep telling yourself that.
All right ? Because I'm going to take you to a place now where they have sex for no profit.
All right, get up.
Get up ! We know the shooter lives above the ninth floor.
Well, if he went back to his apartment after the shooting, he might have gotten some G.
on his doorknob.
- How many floors in this building ? - 18.
Bring it on.
This guy could be a loose cannon.
You ready ? Yeah.
Is your daddy home ? Daddy.
Daddy, wake up.
Daddy, wake up.
- Doesn't ring any bells, does it ? - Am I supposed to know who this is ? You blew his head off with a shotgun.
I never met this guy before.
How about this guy ? You were a different man two years ago, weren't you, James ? Great job, beautiful wife, beautiful daughter.
Life was good.
And that all ended the day you were mugged.
Two years ago you came home late from the office and you were attacked by two guys.
They pistol-whipped you, poured gasoline all over you.
Threatened to light you on fire.
H-How long were you in the hospital, James ? I don't remember.
I don't remember.
The wounds went away, but the nightmares the trauma that never went away, did it ? So you did what a lot of people do to try to escape.
You drank.
And you drank.
And you swore that you'd never be a victim again.
That's why you went upstairs and grabbed your shotgun after being punched in the face.
But when you went back downstairs, you were too drunk and pissed off to know you went to the wrong floor.
So you killed someone you never laid eyes on, James.
And there's nothing you can do to escape that.