CSI: NY s02e11 Episode Script


* Gonna check her out, she's my latest attraction.
* * Gonna hang around, wanna get a reaction.
* * Gonna take her home, 'cause she's over romancing.
* * Don't wanna hold hands and talk about our little plans.
All right ! * * Cold hard bitch, just a kiss on the lips.
* * And I was on my knees.
* * I'm waiting, give me.
* * Cold hard bitch, she was shakin' her hips.
* * And I that was all that I need.
* * I'm waiting, give me.
* * Cold hard bitch, just a kiss on the lips.
* * And I was on my knees.
* Okay, boys, who wants Kandy ?! Pick me, please ! Pick me, pick me ! Come on ! * Yeah, I'm waiting.
* * Yeah, I'm waiting * Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes ! * I'm waiting, give me * D.
is Joanna Kelton, stage name Kandy with a "K.
" She's a featured stripper here.
Who found her ? Manager, Andy Kula.
His girls hang out in the alley between sets.
He came out here looking for Kandy, and he found her like this.
He give us anything else ? Yeah, he said the vic was lube wrestling earlier in the evening with an overly aggressive customer.
He got thrown out of the club.
He's not a regular here, and nobody got his name.
That light's 1,000 degrees, burn your eyes.
Scagnetti, get somebody to turn this light off.
Got it.
Signs of a struggle.
Same shade of lipstick.
So the vic comes out here to have a smoke Someone attacks her And it's lights out.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 11 "Trapped" Transcript : RaceMan Corrections : Seth Cohen Just in time.
- You want to get that side ? - How horrible.
That end.
- Ready ? - Yeah.
One two three.
Extensive burn trauma.
Skin's reddish brown.
I don't see anything that indicates she was dead prior to hitting the light.
Take her over to Dr.
Pino for official C.
Take the light with you for processing.
Lindsay, you're inside with me.
Might be something in there we can use to I.
the customer our vic was wrestling.
Well let me know if you find anything.
I'll get my boots.
I just can't believe it.
Two years have gone by, I haven't heard one word.
And out of the blue, Louie leaves me a message.
He says, "I'm in the city.
Want to grab a beer ?" Could only mean trouble.
Ah, Danny, he's your brother.
Cut him some slack.
I know, you're right.
But if not trouble, he's probably looking for a handout.
Why don't you just call Louie back, I mean, before assuming the worst.
Whether it's really a beer he wants or he needs your help.
After all, he is family.
Throat slashed with a knife.
- You sure that's him ? - Yep, that's him.
Hunter Hudson.
Billionaire recluse.
The Howard Hughes of the computer industry.
There was a picture of him in the paper last year.
Actually, it was more like a composite.
Rumor is, he didn't get out much.
I got some pills here.
Our vic was on a daily dose of antidepressants.
I got a blood trail.
Is it just me, or is this bedroom kind of giving you the creeps ? No windows.
That is kind of weird.
Know what ? You stay with the vic, I'm gonna go find Flack.
He caught this one.
See what he knows.
Housekeeper was the first to arrive for work this morning.
Linda Cortez.
She says she walked in and found her boss dead.
My boys swept the area.
No signs of forced entry.
This place is tighter than Fort Knox.
- Who's the guy Linda's with ? - It's Roger Hagler.
He's a bodyguard.
He just showed up.
All right, who else has access to this house ? Dr.
Lyle Penn, Hunter's personal physician.
He works here out of the house.
- He's late today.
- That's it ? - No butler ? - No.
Too bad.
I thought we could wrap this one up quick.
- What ? - Mansion like this, it's always the butler.
- Didn't you ever play Clue ? - I was a Monopoly guy.
All right.
Big money always comes with enemies.
Let's make a few phone calls, find out who stood to gain from Hunter Hudson's death.
That was fast.
Funny how a little lube speeds up the processing.
Wedding ring, male.
What about you ? Found blood.
And this.
Our vic was cheating on someone.
We may have a motive.
What's cooking ? John Doe.
Nice teeth.
Sheldon Hawkes, the man we all want to be when we grow up.
How's the field work, Sherlock ? Never a dull moment.
How was the sabbatical ? Tan's fading.
But then there's always spray on when I start looking like the inventory.
Well, glad you're back.
Giants jersey ? - You know it.
- Mm-hmm.
What did we find on our burn victim.
I found antemortem defensive bruising, which means that she got into a fight just before she was killed.
Your official C.
? Severe burn trauma caused by contact with the klieg light.
I did find something you might like.
This is interesting.
Oh tattoo on the inner thigh means eyes only, means our vic had a lover.
You're thinking lovers' spat ? Things got a little heated ? Literally.
You got a camera ? Hawkes is sending us a picture.
Our vic had artwork.
Heart, with a letter "A" in the middle of it.
Wasn't the manager's name Andy ? Dr.
Penn, what were you treating Mr.
Hudson for ? Was he sick ? Hunter suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and O.
Medication and daily hypnotherapy helped him to cope.
So the stories are true.
What, that Hunter was crazy ? a severe emotional trauma.
His younger brother was kidnapped and murdered.
And it was something he never really recovered from.
All right, well, thank you, Doctor.
Please, whatever I can do.
When you're rich enough, you try things.
Hold on a sec.
That's not good.
What the?! Danny ! What? Hey ! Hey, Danny, can you hear me ?! You kidding me ? What the hell's going on ?! Hey ! It's called a panic room.
It's like a bank vault for homes.
Hudson built his bedroom inside of it.
It was his sanctuary.
Staff weren't allowed inside.
- He had security issues.
- How do we open it ? I'm afraid Mr.
Hudson was the only one who had the security code.
Well, that's beautiful.
I can see you guys.
Hey, Danny.
All right, look, there's got to be another way to get in the room.
This is the only door.
Hudson had it preset to close at 9:00 p.
, and reopen again at 9:00 a.
when the staff arrived.
- Is that the time you got here ? - No, 9:30.
I usually arrive early to prepare breakfast, but I stopped at the market this morning.
You're telling me that this spaceship doesn't open up again till tomorrow morning ? It doesn't open, period.
You just said he had it preset to open at 9:00 a.
That's under normal operating conditions.
Once the panic button is hit, the room thinks an intruder is inside.
It will not reopen until the security code is entered.
- How many numbers in the code ? - I have no idea.
This is getting better and better.
I'm not spending a week in here with a crazy dead guy trying to figure out the code.
So, do me a favor, call the locksmith.
Jerry Gordon.
He built the room for Mr.
- I'll find him.
- Thanks, Flack.
Okay, well, I'm going to start processing out here.
Danny, we've got it under control.
Help is on the way.
I'll be in here.
You said Kandy got into an altercation with a customer last night.
That's right.
Creep would've killed her if I didn't throw him out.
What about you ? Looks like he wasn't the only one to get physical.
Look, half my night's spent hauling drunks out of here on their asses, Detective.
This is all I go home with, it's a good night.
What ? - Oh, you think I killed Kandy ? - You're jumping the gun there, Andy.
All I asked you was how you got that fat lip.
And I told you, okay ? It gets kind of messy in here sometimes.
What about in Kandy's dressing room ? If I run the blood I found and it matches your DNA, what's the story going to be then ? Yeah, okay ? I was in her dressing room, okay ? Kan Kandy and I were close.
Close enough to have your initial tattooed on her inner thigh ? Whoa.
That was there way before I came along.
Tell me about the fight you had.
She was cheating on me.
I saw that online.
So when you found this, you were surprised, you got angry, you confronted Kandy and things got out of hand.
Define your definition of "out of hand", Detective ? Murder.
Not even close.
Why should I believe you ? Look, obviously you never been in here on a night when a stripper isn't killed.
the place is wall-to-wall honeys.
I do all the hirings and firings, I got the pick of the litter.
Saves on the wining and dining.
Look, all I'm saying is, you're right, I didn't like her playing behind my back.
But I didn't kill her.
Wouldn't even waste my time.
We'll talk again.
Hey, Danny ? You find something ? Yeah.
I've got a blood trail that strangely seems to to lead to the sink first, then the phone.
Maybe the housekeeper got sick, went to the sink.
There's an awful lot of blood in here.
I got short strides.
Tells me she wasn't running.
She knew Hunter was dead.
What's the rush ? Then she probably checked for the pulse.
I don't know.
This blood pool looks undisturbed.
There's no signs that she checked for vitals.
Okay, Linda finds her boss in a pool of blood, yet doesn't check to make sure he's dead.
And then she takes her time to call the police.
She's got my attention.
Cavalry's here.
This is Jerry Gordon.
His company built Mr.
Hudson's panic room.
Unfortunately, there's no master code that can override the system.
Only way in here is if I cut a new door.
How long is that going to take ? Minimum, 13 hours.
Excuse me ? Thirteen hours ? Yeah, I'm gonna have to shut down this power to do it.
The backup generator will kick in when I pull the plug, but it's only got limited power.
Forget fresh air circulating.
These vents aren't hooked up to any kind of auxiliary power feed.
That's beautiful.
Might get a little toasty in there.
I suggest you conserve your oxygen.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Hey, Danny ? You got to start processing in there right now.
Process ? With what ? - I don't have a kit.
- I know.
You're going to have to improvise.
You heard what Jerry said, it's going to get hot in there.
If you don't start now, that body's going to decay further and we're gonna lose evidence.
We can't let the killer get a head start.
Stella's been calling every half hour with updates.
I have a city engineer reviewing blueprints of the room to see if there's any other points of entry.
So just stand by, I'll keep you informed.
Is he gonna be all right ? They have a locksmith cutting a new door.
- How long is that gonna take ? - They estimate 13 hours.
What do you know ? I went through the data on Kandy's computer.
Found her last bit of Internet activity.
She was logged on to "cheats-on-you.
com" There's her picture in the list of cheaters.
Who outed Kandy ? According to the IP address on the submission, it came in about a week ago from Kandy's computer.
But the e-mail address belongs to a woman named Angie Charles.
How long were you and Kandy lovers ? A little over two years.
These are beautiful.
Those were from a freelance shoot in South America a few months ago.
I take it these were from a different assignment ? Female nudes are what I'm known for.
When was the last time you saw her ? Last week.
What about last night ? I was at home.
Look, it was a bad breakup.
I wish there was more I can tell you.
The last time I saw Kandy, she was here, she packed some boxes, she split.
We barely spoke.
You asked her to move out ? 'Cause she was moving on.
Some guy at the club she stripped at.
Andy Kula ? That's right.
And so you posted her picture on "cheats-on-you.
com" for revenge.
"Buyer beware.
" Kandy was a gold-digger.
I just wanted her next lover to know all the facts.
I gave her everything she wanted and she burned me.
And someone did the same to her.
All right, I got the vic's clothes off.
First thing I want you to do is visually examine the entire body.
And then describe to me the nature and location of all the wounds and abnormalities.
Got a flashlight.
Lucky for you you're not claustrophobic.
Me ? I do not like confined spaces.
Why'd you choose a career that puts you in windowless rooms with dead bodies, then ? Ladies love the degree.
They don't ask specifics.
Six years of med school to become a player, huh ? No, I was already a player, Messer, I just needed the bank to pay for my Porsche.
You know what ? I officially hate you right now, all right ? Are you done ? Yeah.
Only thing abnormal about our vic is the blood leaking from his neck.
No defensive wounds ? Not that I see.
Doesn't look like he fought back.
Describe the neck wound to me.
No hesitation marks.
One cut, and it looks clean.
A single incised wound.
Is there blanching ? I'm pushing on the lividity.
It's clearing and coming back.
Your victim's been in that position for less than six hours.
Let's get a more precise TOD.
- You're not serious.
- There's got to be a bathroom there, right ? Yeah.
Be a good Boy Scout and find a thermometer.
It's your lucky day, Doc.
Now plant it in the end zone and put some points on the board.
Messer ? Is it in ? Give me a second.
Rigor's setting in.
Welcome to my world.
Temperature is 93.
That means your victim's been dead for four hours, rigor and lividity confirm it.
That's impossible.
The housekeeper said this room did not open up until three hours ago.
If that's the case, then, um how'd your killer get inside ? Everything was a blur after I found Mr.
Hudson dead.
I was in shock.
I don't even remember calling 911.
Were you not afraid the killer was still in the house ? Why'd you stay ? My boss was lying in a pool of blood.
I guess I wasn't thinking about myself.
If you're trying to say that I had something to do with Mr.
Hudson's death, you're wrong.
I loved my boss.
Newspapers made him out to be a madman.
Eccentric, absolutely.
Hunter was controlling.
He didn't tolerate much of anything.
No drinking.
No smoking.
No social life.
But he treated his employees fairly.
Oh I'll say.
We took a peek at Hunter's will.
Did you know he left you a large chunk of his estate ? He told me that I would be taken care of when he died.
- I had no idea - $40 million.
Rest of his employees didn't see anything close to that.
You see why we needed to talk.
I understand how that makes me look, yes.
But you say it as if I won some sort of lottery, when all that's happened is I lost a friend.
Hey, Danny ? Our housekeeper had all the right answers.
Well, maybe she's a really good liar.
The panic room does not open till 9 :00 a.
, yet Hunter was killed an hour earlier.
How does somebody get in a locked vault with only one door ? If Houdini were alive, we'd have our killer.
The only way to solve this puzzle is to find something in that room.
- All right, what do you suggest ? - Let's print the knife.
Now, I saw a coffee pot in there, grab that.
And see if you can find some glue.
Mighty Glue.
Okay, that'll do.
Empty the glue into the coffee pot.
Once you do that, I want you to insert the knife and then turn the machine on.
I think I seen this on an episode of "The Flintstones".
All right.
Yeah, me and my girlfriend, we downloaded the same ringer.
Eh-- speak of the devil.
It's working.
All right, now we're going to need elimination prints.
Pen ink will be great.
Miss MacGyver ? Grab your camera, I've got a foreign print.
That's it, hold that.
Come on, come on Got a hit.
Who is it ? Roger Hagler.
Know where we can find him ? Yeah.
He's Hunter Hudson's bodyguard.
I got to get out of here.
How long have you been Mr.
Hudson's bodyguard ? Three years.
Before that, I spent 15 with the NYPD.
So, you know my service record, and we're done here.
Sit down, Mr.
I'll tell you when we're done.
You really think I would kill Mr.
Hudson ? Sit down ! He left you $2 million.
That gives me the right to ask you a couple of questions.
Where were you this morning at 8 :00 ? My apartment.
- I was alone.
And last night ? I went out.
I met some friends at O'Hurley's, a cop bar in Washington Heights.
You may have heard of it ? I thought Mr.
Hudson didn't allow his employees to drink.
You're right.
I broke protocol.
It was my ex-partner's birthday.
Figured Mr.
Hudson was in his room for the night.
Couple of pops with the boys wouldn't change anything.
Yet it did.
Yo, Detective, you all right ? Yeah, I'm good, thanks.
I think your phone's ringing.
Yeah, I know.
But you're not gonna answer it ? It's my brother.
I've got enough problems for one day.
Found traces of a second skin donor on the klieg light.
DNA was heat degraded.
I was only able to get amelogenin.
Our manager didn't have any burns.
Anything else ? Tree sap.
Sent it down to the lab.
I ID'd our mystery wrestler.
I cross-referenced the inscription on the wedding ring against the credit cards used at the strip club.
Came up with a name : John Grimes.
He's on his way to Interrogation.
- You like strippers, Mr.
Grimes ? - Who doesn't ? That's not what the manager of Raunch'N Roll told me.
He said you did a number on Kandy.
- Other way around.
- But you did hit her ? I was defending myself.
You were lube wrestling.
I wouldn't call that life threatening.
All right, I was drunk.
She humiliated me.
Every Everyone was laughing.
The manager threw me out.
That was it.
Don't waste my time, John.
A klieg light burns at 1,000 degrees.
That's about the heat needed to put those burns on your hand.
All right I realized I lost my wedding ring, so I waited outside.
I figured I'd ask someone to go in and get it for me.
I heard the alley was the place the girls had their smokes, so I went out there, but she was already dead.
Lying there on the light.
Then how did you burn your hand ? She had some money sticking out of her bathing suit.
I took it.
I wish the whole night hadn't happened.
How much money did Kandy have on her ? A phone call would have cost you 50 cents.
Get up.
- Wait.
I didn't kill her.
- I don't know about that yet.
For now, I'm arresting you on grand larceny.
Let's go.
Hey, Danny, I'm back.
What have you got ? I think I got trace.
Looks smeared.
Like it could have been deposited in a scuffle.
Well, we're gonna have to test it.
Look around.
The word of the day, improvise.
All right.
Oh, my What ? What did you find ? - Is that an ear ? - Yeah.
It belonged to Hunter's brother, Joshua.
taken from the house in the middle of the night.
Hunter was sleeping five feet away.
Kidnappers sent back the ear as proof of life.
Parents paid the ransom but the kid was still murdered.
And a few years later his parents die in a plane crash.
Left him all alone.
Maybe the trace on his clothes will tell us something.
I'm gonna get started.
Yes All right.
I got seven lines for the unknown on the notepad and ten lines for the solvent.
That means our ratio is 0.
That's our RF value.
The solvent is isopropyl alcohol.
Okay, and the mystery stain is nicotine.
All right, so, who do we like so far that smokes ? Dr.
Please, whatever I can do.
Ten years ago, you had your license revoked temporarily for malpractice.
Did Mr.
Hudson know that ? It's not exactly something that one would put on a resume, no.
Hudson was a clean freak.
And yet we found traces of nicotine on his pajamas.
See, that puts you inside the panic room.
That's right.
I came here last night to talk to Hunter.
He wanted to fire me.
Why ? He was, uh severely depressed.
He-He wanted me to increase his dosage of Sertraline, but I refused to overmedicate.
- Please, Mr.
Hudson don't do this.
- Get out, get out.
You got to stick with the treatment you're on.
We've made great strides together.
Get out, out ! Out ! And that was the last time you saw Hunter Hudson ? Yes, and he was very much alive.
Now, Mr.
Hudson wouldn't allow his employees to smoke, and yet you did.
Hypnosis is a very powerful tool, Detective.
I bet.
What, you have the pocket watch swinging back and forth ? People get sleepy, and then do whatever you tell them to do ? The trance work that I incorporate into my sessions includes a controlled environment, and a hypnotic suggestion.
Are you telling me that you made him think that you weren't a smoker ? Wow.
What else did you make him think ? I'm not sure why you're looking at me.
I'm not the only one who had contact with nicotine.
Linda Cortez was a smoker.
I treated her a couple of months ago, using hypnosis to break the habit.
Tell me what you got, Hawkes.
Take a look at this trace I found on the light.
It's actually very old tree sap.
Which technically makes it amber.
You ID the black traces ? Well, looks like some type of carbon containing compound.
Flora maybe, trapped inside the amber.
Send it down to the AMS lab.
Hey, Danny.
It's Stella.
Listen, I talked to Dr.
Flack is checking out his alibi but We have a second smoker.
Linda, the housekeeper.
Well, I got a body that's degrading.
And blood that's starting to clot.
Wait a minute.
Sertraline is an anti-coagulant.
If he was taking it his blood wouldn't be clotting.
It does makes sense, 'cause he told Dr.
Penn that his meds weren't working.
Well, maybe what he was taking wasn't an anti-depressant.
Well, maybe if he was off his meds he killed himself.
Whoever swapped Hunter's pills with placeboes wanted him depressed, suicidal And dead.
Can you see me ? Yeah, you look beautiful.
Now get me out of here.
Few more of these, we'll be able to start cutting a new door.
Couple more ?! Sorry.
Hey, Danny, stay with me.
We're getting closer, all right ? Remember that blue trace we found when we first arrived ? Send it through.
I'm sending it through.
Here it comes.
Got it.
- Making progress.
- Yeah.
Crime stopper, run to Ray's, grab me a slice, extra pepperoni, all right ? Bring it back.
Just fold it up, slide it right through, huh ? That's no way to treat good pizza, Messer.
I checked on Hagler and Dr.
Alibis check out.
What do you got there ? Surfactant and hypochlorite.
And for those of us with just a high school diploma ? Uh, soap and bleach.
Laundry detergent.
Someone was in a hurry.
Is that blood ? There's only one way to find out.
It's diluted, but it definitely is blood.
Linda was trying to wash her uniform when Jerry cut the power.
Find Linda Cortez.
Hey, Mac.
Ran our amber sample through A.
Carbon date came back 55,000 years old.
From a Kapok tree.
Silk cotton.
Kapok was used to make blowguns in the jungles of South America.
Isn't that where Angie did her photo shoot a few months ago ? Tell us about this necklace.
It was a gift.
The women in that village made it for me.
We found pieces of it on the light that killed your lover.
I wasn't even there.
- Well, then how'd the necklace get there ? - I don't know.
Maybe Kandy took it.
When did you take these pictures ? This morning.
They're all out of focus.
You recently suffered a trauma to your eye, Angie.
It's called Macular Edema.
It's when you suffer a thermal injury to the retina.
Kandy cheated on you.
And you killed her for it.
I told you, I wasn't even there.
That's not what the pictures are telling us.
I went to the club to apologize.
She was still angry at me for posting her on that cheater's website.
We started to argue.
Things things got out of hand.
It was an accident.
I loved her.
You sure had a strange way of showing it.
Give me your hands.
Smoke ? No, thanks.
That's right You don't smoke.
It's a nasty habit.
Stains your fingers, teeth, messes with your breath.
You sure you don't want a cigarette ? - I told you.
- Right.
I know, right.
But you told Dr.
Penn you smoked.
In fact, you went to him to quit smoking.
Didn't you ? Got Linda in Interrogation with nothing to say.
All right.
Then we'll let her uniform do the talking.
Arterial spray everywhere.
Linda was standing in front of Hunter when the cut was made.
DNA confirms that the blood was his.
Case closed.
Not exactly.
See, if she did slice his throat, there'd be a lot more blood on her sleeve, especially given the amount of arterial spray on the rest of the uniform.
Then how did she slice his throat ? Maybe she didn't.
I'm thinking maybe Hunter did it himself.
Linda forced him to.
She hypnotized him.
That's why she went to Dr.
To learn how to hypnotize Hunter, not to stop smoking.
I'm gonna need you to sit up.
In a few moments, your mind and body will become concentrate on the sound of my voice on the sound of my voice But it still doesn't explain how she got into that room.
Hey, my-my phone's dying.
I got half a bar.
And we have the housekeeper.
Nice, nice, nice.
But I'm looking at what seems to be a secondary blood donor.
If the housekeeper doesn't have a cut on her body, she might have a partner.
Know what I'm thinking ? I'm thinking you got greedy.
You got sick of taking care of Mr.
Hudson, so you killed him.
No, I'm sorry.
Actually you had him kill himself.
At first, I thought it was ingenious, having him commit suicide via hypnosis.
Now that I see you don't have any cuts on you, I know you had a partner.
- Do me a favor.
Get me out of here.
- I'm trying, pal.
Come on.
My partner's got a suspect in custody right now.
It's going down, and I'm stuck in here, man.
Yeah, it won't be long now, I promise.
Get dressed.
Jerry ? She stays here.
Thank you.
Jerry What are you doing, man ? Jerry, what are you doing ? I want you to call your partner.
Tell her to let Linda go.
It's you.
- It was you ? - Stop moving.
Stop moving.
You could have opened this door this whole time ! Stop moving ! Stop ! How'd you get that cut ? Huh ? What, he fight back ? He fought back, didn't he ? Let me tell you something.
This wack job has been wanting to kill himself for years ! Years ! Come time, he couldn't do it.
Stop moving ! Get on the phone ! All right, easy.
Pick up the phone ! - Call your partner ! Now ! - I will ! Call your partner ! Partner's right here ! Leave ! Now or I'll kill him ! Danny ! - Settle down.
Settle down ! - Relax your arm ! - You all right ? - Thanks, yeah.
- All right.
- We got him.
All right, get on your feet.
Come on.
Hey What do you say we get out of here ? You got a phone I could use a minut ? Yep.
- Thanks.
I'll catch up with you.
All right ? - No problem.
It's your brother.
You want to go grab that beer ? Yeah, yeah.
I'll grab you in an hour.