CSI: NY s02e12 Episode Script


*My hump, my hump, my hump,* *my hump, my hump, my hump,* *my lovely little lumps,* *check it out,* *I drive these brothers crazy,* *I do it on the daily,* *they treat me really nicely,* *they buy me all these icies,* *Dolce & Gabbana,* *Fendi and Nadonna Karan,* *they be sharin' all their money got me wearin' fly,* *but I ain't askin',* *they say they love my ass in* *seven jeans, true religion's,* *I say no, but they keep givin',* *so I keep on takin' and no I ain't taken* So, Brigitte, has he changed fashion ? I don't know how he do it *My love, my love, my love, my love,* *you love my lady lumps,* *my hump, my hump, my hump, my humps they got you* *She's got me spending* I'm Mark Steines, backstage, with a sneak peek at the event of all events, the unveiling of Gavin Ruvelle's spring line.
Now, they are keeping the lid tight on this one.
He's got something special planned, but I will be right here in the thick of it all, and that means you get the exclusive : painted-on swimwear.
Look alive, ladies.
No slouching.
I want you walking down that runway like you're stepping on those people's faces.
Serena, Nadia, you're on deck.
*They say I'm really sexy,* *the boys they wanna sex me,* *they always standing next to me,* *always dancing next to me,* *tryin' a feel my hump, hump,* *lookin' at my lump, lump,* *you can look but you can't touch it,* *if you touch it I'm-a start some drama,* *you don't want no drama,* *no, no drama, no, no, no, no drama,* *so don't pull on my hand, boy,* *you ain't my man, boy,* *I'm just tryin' a dance, boy,* *and move my hump,* *my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,* *my hump, my hump, my hump,* *my hump, my hump, my hump,* *my lovely lady lumps,* *my lovely lady lumps* Serena ! Oh, my god ! She's not breathing.
We need a doctor.
Serena ? Serena ? Stop flashing.
Stop taking pictures.
Please, stop ! Please, stop taking pictures ! There is a lot of confusion and questions.
We are not sure exactly what happened, but what we do know, Mary, is that police are investigating the death of one of the fashion world's top models.
That's right, Mary.
It happened right here at Club Vista.
What's with the paint ? Gavin Ruvelle, he's a designer out of Manhattan.
Air brushes his models with his upcoming swimsuit line.
Fashion from the hardware store.
You can get a shawl and a chamois in the same aisle.
Who's our vic ? Serena Portinova.
Her face is on the cover of every magazine, not to mention a billboard in Times Square.
Mac, you've got to get out of the lab.
A lot of blood.
Suffered blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
Gravitational drops every two or three feet.
Blood trail ends here.
It's going to be difficult to find signs of a struggle in this mess.
Wasn't as hard as I thought.
Think you found our murder weapon.
And about a hundred suspects.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 12 "Wasted" Transcript : Mack11 and Seth Cohen Corrections : Seth Cohen I'm the only body painter for Mr.
Ruvelle's fashion.
I'm responsible for it all.
Then you can tell me why there's a blood-stained paint can in the corner of the changing area.
No, I can't, detective.
I'm an artist, not an inventory clerk.
All right, so do you know what Gavin and Serena were arguing about ? No, but it sounded quite serious.
He grabbed her and he wouldn't let her go.
Yes, I had words with Serena.
I needed her to focus.
Tonight's show was about my career, not her.
What's wrong with you ? I told you, I'm fine.
- You're hurting me.
- You mess up my show, and the next runway you see will be from the window of an airplane, taking you back to miami.
Don't threaten me ! And you found a way to make that clear to her ? I thought she was drunk again.
She could barely stand up.
I didn't want her stumbling down the runway.
Ruining your show.
Hurting herself.
Are we finished here ? Definitely suffered blunt force trauma.
Note the crescent shape of the wound.
Minor hematoma.
But not enough to kill her.
No, she survived the blow to the head.
It was her heart that did her in.
Her heart ? Official cause of death was ventricular fibrillation.
Heart's rhythm becomes disordered.
Losing its ability to pump blood.
She may have been beautiful on the outside, but it was armageddon on the inside.
So if the head injury didn't contribute to the heart malfunctioning, did you find anything that did ? I examined a sample from the lining of her stomach.
Severe derioration due to malnutrition, which might explain the void, but there's a void ? Yes, in her stomach.
Nada, zip.
Well, that's not surprising.
Every self-respecting supermodel suffers from malnutrition.
Yes, but she was an otherwise healthy young lady.
Yeah, which begs the question, what caused her heart to short circuit ? - Hey ! What'd I tell you ? - Get your hands off of me ! That was a double homicide.
Got prints off the weapon.
The blood spatter ! That's right, three strikes ! Yeah, it's a through-and-through.
Excuse me.
Where is detective flack ? Flack's right there.
Sounds good.
I just shot a woman ! I think she's dead ! Okay.
Calm down.
Just relax.
What's your name, buddy ? Paul Richmont.
I just shot Dr.
Rachel Jeffries.
Her body's in an alley in Soho, outside her office.
This is expensive jewelry.
Why's she carrying it around in her purse ? Gunshot to the back.
No exit wound.
Another wound here on the back of the leg.
There's blood in front of the door which leads to her office.
She's got her keys with her.
If she came out of that door, why did she head towards an eight-foot wall ? Because Paul Richmont forced her to go that way.
But she'd have to climb up.
It's literally a dead-end alley.
Lindsay ? - Lindsay ? - What ? Sorry.
I just I thought I just saw that portobello mushroom move.
You did.
I think it's a leech.
That's so strange that it's even here.
I mean, they feed off of Hey, what up, doc ? I got a straight-up full handprint on the paint can.
No hit in AFIS.
That's not surprising, because Serena Portinova died from something other than the injury to her head.
Yeah, this is starting to make sense, now.
How so ? The blood from the dented paint can isn't Serena's.
It's from an unknown female donor.
Okay, so we have a dented paint can that didn't kill our model, and an unknown bleeder.
And the jury is still out whether we even have a murder.
Detective Taylor, proceed to 14th and state.
We have a possible homicide at Club Vista.
Crew from this truck worked the fashion show last night, packed up after it was over.
The day crew unloads the truck, though.
That was about an hour ago.
And that's when they found her.
Body number two.
Anyone see anything ? Once you're inside the security perimeter of the fashion show, it's difficult to keep track of who's doing what.
Everyone assumes if you're there, you've got a job to do.
Feels like a fracture of the cervical vertebrae.
Trace of paint.
Same color as Serena Portinova's painted-on swimsuit.
Everyone's wearing green this season.
What else do you want me to say ? We have been over this time and time again.
I knew what I was doing.
I shot her.
End of story.
You know, if it's all the same to you, Mr.
Richmont, we need some details.
Why did you put the leeches on her body ? It was symbolic.
All part of the plan.
Premeditated, isn't that what you call it ? They take that into account, right ? When they decide whether you get life or death ? Symbolic of what ? Dr.
Jeffries made me believe that she could cure me, but it was a lie.
You're sick ? Blood disease.
Hereditary, ultimately fatal.
She made me believe that she could help me.
So I spent all of my savings believing it.
She's a leech, so I killed her, because she deserves it.
I looked her right in the eye, and I shot her.
No, you didn't.
She was shot in the back.
Never saw it coming.
You couldn't have looked her in the eyes.
You weren't even there.
That's why you just reacted the way you did when I mentioned the leeches.
- It was a surprise.
- I gave you that gun.
My fingerprints are on it.
That's all sound evidence, Paul, but it doesn't mean you fired the gun.
Bullets are magnetized.
You are as smart as you are beautiful.
Don't flirt with me, Hammerback.
Yes, detective.
Stay focused.
- Hey, want to see a magic trick ? - Sure.
Is that Paul Richmont's gun ? Good, it's going to come in handy.
Not finished yet.
Take a look at this.
Now that's a match.
That's new.
Somehow the gun and bullets were magnetized.
Well, there are a lot of things that could make that happen, right ? That's true.
But this kind of change in polarization is usually temporary.
These bullets are still electrically charged.
Which means our mystery shooter, the gun, and the bullets were exposed to a very strong magnetic field within the last six hours.
So you're still thinking Paul Richmont is innocent ? Yeah, I do.
Unless you have evidence to prove otherwise ? Just the GSR on his hand and on his jacket.
That just means he handled the gun.
The leech in the chinese food box was full of blood.
That's the reason it didn't make its way to Rachel Jeffries' body.
Make its way ? I found traces of distilled water and hirudosalt in the take-out boxes.
Those are two things you need to sustain leeches.
Okay, so the leeches were stored in the boxes.
And the boxes obviously dropped and spilled open and the leeches made their way to the closest source of blood Rachel Jeffries.
Except for the one.
Our portobello guy he stayed in the box' cause he was full.
He didn't need to feed.
Which is odd.
Right ? So I tested him.
Where was his last meal ? Even though the DNA results from the blood don't give us an exact match to our suspect I did find traces of Demucosal a drug used to treat people with blood disease.
Paul Richmont.
So you're saying Paul brought those leeches into the alley ? Well, it puts him at the scene.
He confessed to the murder.
He's connected to the gun and the leeches, and he has a motive.
Sounds like case closed.
I just can't buy it.
I can't shake his reaction.
I mean, he was definitely shocked when I asked him about those leeches.
And why would he let one feed off his own blood ? I mean somebody brought those bloodsuckers down to the alley, Lindsay but I'm sticking to my gut and saying that it wasn't Paul Richmont.
I found microscopic trace on the body of your second victim, Jennifer Fazotti.
Fungal spores ? The physical characteristics aren't very distinct, so there's more work to be done.
I just find the stuff.
Sounds like a job for Adam.
COD is fractured lamina of the C4 vertebra with penetration into the neural canal, causing partial cord transection.
A broken neck.
The result of a lot of force.
Not necessarily from the object that hit her, but certainly from the from the hand behind the object.
This looks a lot like the injury to the first model.
Yes, but this one is a perfect match to the little can of paint you found at the fashion show.
And Jennifer Fazotti's DNA matches the blood on that can.
That solves one mystery.
Still doesn't fully explain how the first model's heart failed.
Well, she was intoxicated.
An impact with nearly anything backstage could have caused the laceration on her neck.
Still doesn't answer my question.
Maybe this can.
I got tox results back.
I found high levels of ecstacy in miss Portinova's lungs.
Lungs ? She smoked ecstasy ? I've never heard of it.
I've never seen it.
Don't know if it's even possible.
It's time we find out.
That's not your lunch, is it ? My own little drug lab.
Smoked ? Strange way to take X.
Not only strange, virtually impossible.
Pure X, no vapors.
Vaporization temperature is too close to the combustion temperature.
Drugs on fire.
Not a good thing if you're trying to get high.
So the verdict is you can't smoke ecstasy.
So then how did Serena OD on X without taking any ? - Aspergillus sydowii.
- I was just thinking about that.
It's the fungal spores found on Jennifer Fazotti's body.
Fungal spores ? Says they're indigenous to the Sahara desert.
How does an african fungus end up on a murder victim in New York city ? I don't come in until 9:00, but Dr.
Jeffries usually schedules appointments as early as 7:30.
The TV wasn't like this yesterday.
The patients, they come in and fiddle with it like they're at home.
Did you see the doctor this morning ? I was late.
Do you know anybody who might want to hurt Dr.
Jeffries ? No, she helped a lot of people.
I mean, her patients adored her.
What about her personal life ? Dr.
Jeffries really didn't have a personal life.
What happened to your neck ? Scratched myself.
I was in a hurry this morning.
Like I said, I was running late.
I need to notify the doctor's patients, you know cancel appointments.
Stella ? It's all just a little too neat.
I'm going back to the crime scene.
Please, can you just tell me what happened ? All I got was a message saying that my husband was here.
Rachel Jeffries was found dead this morning.
Your husband Paul has confessed to the murder.
- Can I see him ? can I talk to him ? - Not yet.
He told me he was gonna kill her.
But I-I didn't believe him.
Do you own a gun ? Paul did, but I thought he got rid of it.
She was evil.
She was trying to help your husband.
It was all a scam.
She promised him miracles.
At first, she seemed like someone who really wanted to help him.
She was the one doctor that never said that his condition was terminal or fatal.
Did you ever have him see other doctors ? Yeah.
I-I told him to get another opinion.
But that doctor told Paul that he was still dying.
So it was clear that all Dr.
Jeffries was after was our money.
How much money did you spend ? Everything we had.
She used old folk remedies and put leeches on his body and told him it would draw the poisons from the blood.
I'm going to save your life, Paul.
Jeffries was using leeches ? $3,000 a session.
Paul says she's raising them now.
- Them ? - Leeches.
She believes that she's the answer to the viruses and the cures that conventional medicine can't cure.
She's preparing for an epidemic.
She had live maggots in a tank.
I looked it up.
They're used to eat dead flesh to fight infection.
Bee venom is supposed to help with arthritis.
Oh, if you take a spider and you wrap it in a raisin and swallow it it's supposed to be a remedy for malaria.
I mean, stella, this woman has a medical degree from a prestigious school.
Sounds like she was moonlighting as an alternative healer.
So Dr.
Jeffries was using the leeches to treat Paul and she was on her way to bringing them to the basement when she was shot.
So the leeches used to connect Paul to the alley, but now they just connect him to Dr.
Which supports my theory that Paul was nowhere near the crime scene.
It's all very strange.
So we have one model, Jennifer, dead from a broken neck.
Another model, Serena, who died from an ecstasy overdose.
Jennifer had african fungal spores on her body.
Adam's sure of it.
Has Jennifer Fazotti ever been to Africa ? I called the modeling agency.
They said she hasn't been anywhere near the continent.
Do we even have a reason to believe that the two deaths are even connected ? Citrus green body paint.
Portinova, our first victim, wore a green painted-on swimsuit.
Fazotti, our second victim, had it on her neck from being hit with a can of green paint.
Yet there was a full supply of green body paint at the show.
murder weapon, never opened.
We need to test the green paint that came off our first model's body.
You good with a wrench ? Am I good with a wrench ? Positive for ecstasy.
Serena Portinova inhaled the green body paint.
That's not possible.
There were no traces of pigment in her nostrils or her throat.
The heat from the runway lights vaporized the paint.
She inhaled the fumes, causing her death.
All right, now the question is how did the ecstasy get in the paint ? Oil-based paint means the ecstasy was in an oil-soluble freebase form.
Which vaporizes easily, explaining how Serena inhaled the ecstasy.
Danny, we've uncovered an ecstasy smuggling scheme.
This wasn't just tablets simply crushed and mixed into the paint.
Yeah someone had to convert ecstasy powder to its freebase oil-form.
Someone with a significant knowledge of chemistry.
This is a sophisticated operation.
Nice theory, but we didn't find a trace of ecstasy in this can.
Only pigments, oil and alcohol.
There was a full supply of unopened green paint at the fashion show.
Means it was switched.
Someone replaced the spiked green with regular green, and our second victim, Jennifer Fazotti, caught them doing it.
So our first victim died from the paint, our second victim died for the paint.
Yeah, we filled the order for the fashion show.
Gavin Ruvelle had us send over the entire rainbow of colors.
Hey Joey, that's oil-based exterior, aisle four.
We stock every paint you can imagine, from boat paint to body paint.
I keep telling my boss we need a better inventory system but Here we go.
Angelic body paint.
It's made in Georgia.
Yeah, folks pay big bucks for this stuff.
You ask me, there's better products out there, but hey, what do I know ? I just haul it up from Atlanta.
We're gonna need to take a look at this supply of body paint.
Knock yourself out.
All right.
can talk really fast.
- Doesn't he talk fast ? - It's that southern charm.
Is that what it is ? No, everything's slower in the south, I thought The TV wasn't like this yesterday.
a water main break in Washlow avenue and currently on 54th street, only one lane is open there.
We've tested every can of paint for ecstasy, Mac.
Negative across the board.
So far, only the paint on Serena's body was tainted.
I mean, either this is the smallest smuggling ring in New York, or they Smugglers knew we'd get to the paint warehouse.
They got rid of any other evidence.
Where does that get us now ? Back to the fungal spores.
Perfect timing, fellas.
We are looking down from We found those spores here on earth, Adam.
I'm a scientist without a badge, Danny.
Trust me.
This is global satellite imagery, Danny.
The white and gray areas on the screen represent current cloud cover.
This is what today looks like.
But take a look at three weeks ago.
A yellow plume.
Now focus your attention right here.
The continent of Africa.
Transatlantic dust cloud.
We know where the fungal spores took off from but Where did they land ? Three weeks ago, part of the Sahara desert rained down on Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.
I know who brought them up to New York city.
I have a possible suspect that I can't connect to the murder weapon.
Well, that's not good.
But it's better than what I've got.
I can only prove what I already suspected, that Paul Richmont didn't do it.
I found dirt and fibers in the cylinder of the gun.
It holds five bullets.
Two are still in the gun.
Two we found in Rachel Jeffries' body, and the last one was fired after she was shot.
Well, that's weird.
The dirt and the fibers, they're not consistent with anything at the crime scene.
So in other words, Paul Richmont fired the gun somewhere else after Rachel Jeffries was murdered, and that's how he got the GSR on his hand and his shirt ? Right.
He must have wrapped the gun to muffle the sound of the gunshot.
He's covering for someone, and that tells me that your suspect that you can't connect to the murder weapon is our only suspect, so tell me what you got.
Well, I started with the jewelry in Rachel Jeffries' purse.
It wasn't hers.
The rings were all different sizes, and there were earrings.
And she doesn't have pierced ears.
Okay, so are we now saying that she's a jewelry thief ? No, she didn't steal it.
But her alternative medicine is so expensive that I think that the jewelry was what her patients were paying her with when they couldn't afford her fees.
That gives us a whole new set of suspects.
But you've narrowed it down to one ? Yes, I have.
I started with the locket.
I found two sources of DNA.
One, I pinned to Rachel Jeffries.
She had an abrasion on her hand.
The other gave me a profile of a caucasian woman, blond with hazel eyes.
And that describes Lynette Richmont and Rachel Jeffries' nurse, Tracy Colton.
She had that scratch on her neck.
Lindsay, you're killing me here.
- Tell me who it is.
- Okay, so There was a photo in the locket of a child.
I aged it.
That's our suspect.
DNA profile is dead on.
I can't put the gun in her hand.
But I can.
It's a small world after all, Todd.
Here we go.
Angelic body paint.
Your world is about to get even smaller.
Is that supposed to mean something ? It means you hid Jennifer FazottI's dead body in a truck outside the fashion show.
Aspergillus sydowii don't travel to New York, but they do make it to the southeastern portion of the United States, somewhere around Georgia.
So I'm the only guy in New York city who's been to Georgia ? I don't know a judge who will buy that story.
Well, maybe you know a judge who will find it odd that your handprint was on the paint can used to kill Jennifer Fazotti.
She caught you trying to switch out the paint cans that were mistakenly delivered to the fashion show.
Am I right, Todd ? What are you doing back here ? And since the models keep their belongings in that room, she must have thought you were stealing.
I'm calling security.
Meanwhile, Serena OD'd on ecstasy-tainted body paint.
You killed Jennifer with one of the untainted paint cans you brought in.
That's your print.
So what ? I handle paint from the warehouse, A lot of people do it.
But you handled this one as a weapon, leaving a full print on top of all the others.
And you left the murder weapon there because you didn't think it was as valuable as the green paint cans of ecstasy that you were going to get.
The switch should have been easy.
You're the paint supplier.
You return under the guise of dropping off a few cans.
Make your way backstage.
But when you get there Serena Portinova's already covered in ecstasy about $20,000 worth.
You'll be charged for the deaths of both Serena Portinova and Jennifer Fazotti.
The difference between murder and manslaughter is the names of the guys you answer to.
Who do you distribute those drugs for ? Mr.
You're free to go.
What ? - You're free to go.
- I confessed to you.
You've got this all wrong.
Paul, tell them what happened ! Help me, please ! My wife is innocent ! My wife is innocent ! - Let her go.
- Do you understand me ? She had nothing to do with any of this ! You've got this all wrong ! I killed Rachel Jeffries ! No, you didn't, Paul.
You know that.
Lynette did.
She went to Dr.
Jeffries' office with a gun in her purse.
Your gun.
She lied to us.
You never got rid of it.
No, no, you can't go in there.
There's an MRI in progress ! Stop ! Stop ! Excuse me ! How can you live with yourself ? How can you cheat people ? I will not have this conversation right now.
Jeffries, I tried to stop her.
Lynette didn't know that an MRI magnetizes metal.
The magnet causes problems with the picture on certain televisions, just like the one in Dr.
Jeffries' office.
I tried to stop her, really.
How many others have you swindled into bankruptcy ? You've taken everything.
How can you stand there with that smug look on your face wearing my locket ?! It was payment for giving your husband hope.
Hope ? You lied to him.
He thinks he can live forever.
I want something back ! Take this.
Leave now.
Don't look at me like you don't know what's going on.
You've taken jewelry for payment.
You're not so innocent in all of this.
Jeffries left her office, Lynette waited, and that's when she shot her.
I need I need some air.
It's okay.
I really believed that Dr.
Jeffries was a miracle worker.
After my first visit, I was feeling better, I mean really feeling better.
Before I knew it, all my money was gone, and I was dying.
Everything that I was leaving Lynette was gone.
She told me months ago to stop going, but I couldn't.
And when she found out ? She was furious that Dr.
Jeffries had taken advantage of me.
I didn't think she'd kill her.
She told me and I told her that I would take care of it.
And that's when you fired the gun.
You knew we'd find GSR.
I shot the gun into the ground outside of my house.
I used a towel to muffle the sound.
I know your plan was to stop the investigation before it even started, before we could prove Lynette did it.
That's why you confessed.
You were hoping we would just lock you up and the whole thing would go away.
Is there anything that you can do ? What do you mean ? To make it me and not her.
To prove that I did it.
I'm gonna die soon, anyway.
I'm sorry.
But no.
I'm sorry, Paul.