CSI: NY s02e13 Episode Script


Stop the train ! There's a man on the tracks ! Open the door ! catching bodies on the way home ? Well, it's more like the bodies are catching me.
Wow, look at you.
You're all gussied up.
Fund-raiser for the mayor.
Randy Williams, freshman at Chelsea university.
I got an address at a campus residence.
Money and credit cards still on him.
Looks like he took a beating.
Couple of shots to the head, but there's no evidence of a struggle here at the scene, so I'm thinking what happened, happened somewhere else.
Maybe that's where he lost his jacket.
It's freezing down here.
High concentration of metallic residue in his nostrils and on the front of the clothing.
Steel dust from the wheels of the train ? Not enough dust on this track to merit the amount found on the clothing and in his nose.
Must have picked it up somewhere else in the subway.
Where ? Rust-colored droplets here on the chest and the shoulder.
It's not blood.
Still wet.
Satellite spatter and the placement of the drops suggest the vic was standing up but moving at a high rate of speed.
This kid was subway surfing.
And he never made it out of the tube.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 13 "Risk" Transcript : Mack11 Corrections : Seth Cohen Well, hello, Miss Monroe.
you clean up nice.
You go to the mayor's party also ? I was at the opera.
I am hanging out with all the wrong people.
You know that ? So, this is our subway surfer ? As far as I can tell, he didn't fall from the top of subway car.
There are no injuries consistent with a fall from that height at that speed.
What about the bruising ? Looks like it was caused by a significant impact.
It wouldn't have that if the body was dragged here and dumped.
The scapula and ribs aren't broken.
The clavicle didn't collapse.
Means he didn't bounce, flip, ricochet, nothing.
When he landed, he stayed put.
All inconsistent with a fall from the top of moving train.
So he was subway surfing but he didn't die doing it.
Pushed, fell, thrown, whatever.
This guy came off of the train in front of mine.
So someone on that train must have seen something.
I'll start with the body.
You two start with the person who watches everyone get on and off the train.
Wood splinter from your vic's forehead.
And more where this came from.
The splinters entered the skin at a sideways angle.
My guess is with a wooden stick or a club.
The blow was fatal.
He died instantly ? No.
Could have taken a few hours.
He suffered significant swelling of the frontal lobe, then flatline.
Here let's roll him.
These scratches are scabbed over, probably a couple of days old.
Looks like a special someone left her mark.
This story isn't over.
At first glance, it looked like a compound fracture.
I pulled this from his hand.
A shark's tooth ? Coney Island trink or real ? I'm not sure but it took a whole lot of force to drive it through his hand.
That's just the first course of our seafood buffet.
Take a look at this.
Want to go fishing ? Until they're cleaned up, it'll be difficult to determine species.
There's a lot of superficial damage from the stomach acids.
I'll send this toxic stew over to Adam in trace.
I estimate the fish were ingested less than 45 minutes prior to your vic's death.
They were alive when he swallowed them, but they didn't last very long.
Neither did he.
Jammer, the most notorious trader in Manhattan.
This guy was a Rambo.
Half a billion in assets, trades commodities for a living.
You think betting the NFL's tough, try betting on pork bellies, coffee or grain.
How do you bet on grain ? Listen, what I don't spend, I put in the bank.
What makes a hotshot like this jump out his window ? Bad day in the market ? Hurricane Katrina terrorism, nuclear threat in North Korea, bird viruses.
Commodities is a risky business.
Anything at anytime can make the market tank.
Okay, I want to box all of his computers.
Take them back to the lab, find out what kind of day he was really having.
Sorry for the delay.
and I were busy necking.
Come again ? Necking Looking at his neck.
You don't think I'd kiss a corpse, do you ? No, no, of course not.
- That's disgusting.
- I agree.
Long as we got that straight So, said - Cause of death ? - Cause of death, asphyxiation.
However, not from hanging out of a 40-story window.
Tachea in both eyes but no hemorrhaging in the ligature furl on the neck.
So his heart stopped pumping blood before he was hung.
Strange thing is, he was strangled at some point prior to his death.
See the bruising around his neck ? The noose didn't make these marks.
These are fingernail marks dug into the neck.
Lucky for us, the killer had something chalky underneath the nails.
Look at the thumb bruise.
All right, let's run a mass spec on that.
See what this guy had his hands on aside from Q.
Jammer's neck.
There's something green in his throat.
Do I really want to look ? Evidence knows no bounds.
Hold it.
Give me a second here.
Yeah, perfect, perfect.
Green fibers My guess is the killer suffocated him with something green.
A pillow, a towel handkerchief, maybe ? All right, let's run a tox.
This case just went from suicide to murder.
I'm Bobby Martin, his "under" broker.
I work under Q.
, cold-calling clients managing new accounts.
How was business today ? Tchernobyl.
We had a down day in the market Mr.
Jones, we are at "Defcon Five" in this climate.
Your pork belly and cattle contracts are losing $50,000 a penny.
We're down ten cents already this morning.
Sorry to interrupt, Mr.
Jammer, but there are ten calls waiting.
- Not now, Debbie ! - Talk to me, Jammer.
Sir, at this point, it's simply about how much pain we can withstand.
About what time did you find him ? Not long after the market closed.
This ought to cheer you up.
just announced a huge drought in Brazil.
Oh, my god ! Q.
! I ran to the secretary's desk and I dialed 911.
Then, I went to the bathroom and threw my guts up.
Where was the secretary during all this ? She left not long after the market closed.
You know, she's a part-timer.
A temp.
What about the other brokers ? Did they all leave after the bell, too ? They're on a retreat at Club Med.
stayed back.
He said he wanted to earn some extra money to help build his lagoon pool.
Looks like someone threw a vase.
Is this the only security camera on this floor ? As far as I know, yeah.
Educate me.
Why would you need a surveillance camera in a brokerage firm ? Q.
's got a lot of million-dollar clients.
Not all of them know how to swallow losses like the ones we had today.
Subway surfing was much more popular, late '80s, '90s.
But we still get these doot-da-doots every once in a while.
"Doot-da" whats ? Doot-da-doots.
You know idiot, moron, knucklehead.
Where you from, Jersey ? Forget about that.
We think a kid was surfing the rear car of your train last night.
You sure he came from my train ? Yeah, it had to, because the victim was lying across the tracks, and I was riding the train behind yours when I saw him.
If another train passed, he would've been sliced in half.
- It's the risk these kids take ? - Yeah.
I don't get it.
White, you're the conductor.
Did you notice anything unusual on that run ? I see "unusual" on every run.
It's a subway.
You want unusual, you're going to find it.
Well, do you remember anybody causing any trouble ? Any doot-da-doots get your attention ? That's very nice.
She used it in a sentence and everything.
Look, I open and close the doors.
I'm all about staying on schedule.
Last night wasn't different than any other night, nothing special.
That's it.
We're going to take a look at your train.
And do me a favor, in the meantime, if you remember even the littlest thing, - get in touch.
- All right.
Look, if you need anything else, just call.
They got to pay me overtime every time they change my run.
So I'm always available, if you know what I mean.
All right.
I got blood, and a load of footprints up here.
How you doing ? Typical new york city subway car.
A million fingerprints and a smorgasbord of trace.
I got evidence of two surfers up here.
And it looks like they both made it down from the roof.
Looks like Mac was right, Monroe.
They had him down and back inside the train.
I've got medium velocity blood spatter.
Looks like we may have found our primary crime scene.
All right.
Now all we've got to do is find our secondary surfer.
Chill out.
What time is it ? We're looking for Perry Lohmann, Randy William's roommate.
What's happened ? That's what we're here to find out.
Mind if we come in ? Thank you.
Perry Lohmann, wake up.
Subway surfer, we've got to talk.
You're a lucky boy.
Can I use the bathroom ? - I'm a little hung-over.
- Make it quick.
You can have a seat.
I like what you did with the place.
- Don't move, don't move.
- What the hell did I do ? Nice collar, Monroe.
I already told you.
I ran because I figured I did something wrong.
Sometimes when I drink, I do stupid things.
Things I don't remember.
Yeah, well, you remember how Randy Williams ended up dead ? I still can't believe he's dead.
I was just with him.
We went partying.
He can't be dead.
Those are some interesting scratches on your back, Perry.
Randy Williams had the same scratches.
It must have made you kind of angry that he was sleeping with your girlfriend.
Actually, I'm Randy's girlfriend.
Randy and I have been going out since high school.
I didn't want to hurt him.
Perry and I It just happened.
So where were you and Randy partying ? I don't know.
Lot's of places I guess.
I was trashed.
I only remember bits and pieces.
Start with the bits.
We we were at some club on Broadway.
Broadway's the longest street in the world, kiddo.
There were girls dancing.
We had a problem with the bouncer.
That's all I remember.
Well, that narrows it down.
How about some more bits ? You said you had a problem with a bouncer ? We were way out of line.
We pissed him off.
He and Randy really got into it.
Hey, watch it, Jerk ! Man, leave him alone ! What the hell ?! Randy was hot.
He wanted another shot at the guy.
We waited outside until the bar closed.
Then you confronted the bouncer ? We followed him into the train station.
They had words that's it.
The train came, we got on and went to the back.
You see the bouncer on the train ? Not that I remember.
Look, we were clubbing, got trashed, got stupid, headed home, the usual.
I left Randy on the train, went to another club and now he's dead.
You remember surfing on the train with Randy ? Maybe, I don't know.
We do it sometimes.
We were hammered.
Do you remember killing Randy Williams and throwing his body on the tracks ? Look, I've got nothing else to say.
You like being punished, Perry ? 'Cause that's what we do.
Except we don't tie you to the bed, and spank you with some pledge paddle.
We throw you in jail.
So you won't mind if I borrow this, right ? See if Randy Williams got a punishment he didn't deserve.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's our security camera treating us ? Well, I looked at the footage from about an hour before the market opened through the trading day.
Not much happening.
Jammer's under broker, Bobby Martin, pouring himself a cup of coffee in reception.
Secretary leaves right after the closing bell.
That kind of thing.
Then this guy comes in and he's not happy.
And here's where the broken vase comes in.
Did you get a name for our angry guy ? Name and a location.
Reiter, do you want to put the weights down, please ? When I finish my set.
48 Mr Reiter, we need to talk to you about the losses you took in the market.
- 50.
- Right now, Mr.
Bunny What's my money got to do with you ? Q.
Jammer's dead.
What'd he do, jump out a window ? Now why would you say that ? I'm sure all of his clients took a bath yesterday.
Including me.
Mueller's magic grip.
Athletic adhesive used for rock climbing, discus throwing and look here weight lifting What's all this about ? We know you paid Q.
Jammer a visit earlier in the day.
And thanks to your powder here, we suspect you had your hands around his neck.
Look, it's not every day you lose $2.
4 million in six hours.
So I paid him a visit.
We had a little client-broker heart-to-heart.
Just the two of us.
Look, orange juice is down for a very good reason, Mr.
Farmers are worried about another Katrina.
The only thing in the market today is oil, and that's only because Bush wants You got me in to this market, you better get me out, or I'll pop your head off like a mushroom ! I lost my temper and my money.
- And a vase.
- What ? You want me to reimburse him ? I think I could find five bucks.
Let me get my wallet.
Yeah, do that.
We're going to need your I.
to file assault charges.
Give me some good news, Adam.
This is the contents of Randy Williams' stomach.
I found chunks of macadamias, almonds and cashews.
Perfect description of bar mix.
What about the shark's tooth ? I'm still trying to figure out how something like that got stuck in his hand.
There you go.
There's tool marks at the top of the tooth, by the roots.
Looks like it was mounted on some type of setting.
Maybe a necklace or a key chain.
No broken chain or setting found at the crime scene, no indication that the tooth belonged to the victim.
Strange case, you know ? Bar nuts, shark tooth, tropical fish.
Betta splenden or siamese fighting fish, to be exact.
The brilliant colors are exclusive to males, males in the same tank will kill each other.
No wild, wild, wet.
Whoa ! That's a very hip very salacious Manhattan club.
That just kind of popped in your head like that ? And your point ? Well, I just you know, I I didn't think that you would The bar's over on Broadway, near Chelsea University.
Fighting fish on every table.
It's a short train ride from where Randy Williams was found.
You're the man ! You can hang anywhere you want, huh ? I was at the scene of a crime, Adam.
Bouncers went a little overboard, ended up killing some kid from Staten Island.
Shrimp cocktail is fantastic.
Get me something more on that tooth.
I like shrimp.
I remember him, yeah.
Two guys.
College kids.
Couldn't hold their liquor.
Come in the other night causing trouble, so I taught 'em a lesson.
What kind of lesson ? They were swallowing live fish, knocking over drinks, causing big problems.
Oh, my god, he's eating the fish.
Hey, what are you doing ? I softened him up a bit.
Enough of a lesson that he won't be coming back anytime soon.
The kid in the picture won't be coming back at all.
He's dead.
Axe handle.
Who does this belong to ? Paul bunyan was in last night.
He must've left it.
Well, you won't mind if I hang onto it until Mr.
Bunyan comes back.
I don't care if you stand in the corner and spit wooden nickels.
I got nothin' to hide.
Looks like blood.
You keeping score on how many heads you bash in ? Put it this way.
There ain't a notch on the bat with that kid's name on it.
You better hope not or you'll be living in an eight-by-ten cell with your name on it.
The "c" in this case does not just stand for "commodities.
" - What's it stand for ? - Chloroform.
Tox came back on our vic.
Someone knocked him out and then tossed him out.
So we've got our "how," we just need to find the "who.
" Okay, take a look at this.
Minutes after Seamus Reiter left the building, this man walked into the office, - wearing a three-piece suit and - Green handkerchief.
He was wearing it when he walked into the office But Not when he walked out.
Here's the catch.
We can't prove that he went in to Q.
Jammer's office.
But Sign-in at reception has a Cecil Arthur visiting the floor around that time.
He's a client.
His profits for the day, $840,000.
He's actually one of the few who made money.
Who makes money and kills his broker ? Those commissions can be murder.
Cecil Arthur ? Yeah.
This is how we feed the world.
Why don't you stop feeding the world for a minute and come over and talk to us.
I'm giving back to the earth that has given back to me.
The pigeons can go hungry for a minute, okay ? Buddy, you got three seconds to stop doing that before I come in there and get you.
Oh, for the love of Caesar.
Eat ! Out of the limo now, I says ! That's how I live my life.
When I lose in the market, I lay in bed and eat fig newtons all day.
If I score, I celebrate by giving back to mother earth.
Arthur, just answer the question.
Why would I want to harm him ? Q.
was my broker, we had a phenomenal day in the market yesterday.
At least I did, anyway.
Not to mention that I am the most important client he has in his book.
His book ? The manifest of clients.
He handles 81 speculators, net worth of $50 million apiece.
I have $700 million with him myself.
Where's your green handkerchief ? You had one when you went into Q.
Jammer's office.
You came back out without it.
I sneezed.
What's that bulge in your pocket ? And don't get cute.
Circular stain.
Can you explain that ? It turns out Mother Nature gave something back to me.
They say it's good luck, you know ? We'll find out.
How we making out with the wood samples, Danny ? Not good.
And Adam called : blood from the ax handle doesn't come back to our vic.
Means the bouncer used it on somebody else.
Take a look.
Splinter on the left is from the ax handle, splinter on the right's from our vic's forehead.
Like the frat paddle : doesn't match.
So the search goes on for our murderer and our murder weapon.
What you got there ? Results on the handkerchief.
Negative for chloroform, positive for bird crap.
The shark tooth you guys found is from the great white.
Now, the length and the number of points along the edge of the tooth is used to determine the size and the species of the shark.
This one was around 21 feet long and weighed over 2,500 pounds.
Great whites are migratory fish.
Right ? They're prevalent all up and down the East Coast.
Not to mention a bunch of other places.
Which is where my closer look comes in.
Check this out.
See, the enamel on this tooth is worn.
Aren't most shark's teeth that are sold commercially fossils that have lacquer preservative ? This tooth came right from the shark's mouth, so the person who owned it likely caught the fish or knew the person who did.
That could be in Australia, for all we know.
My friend Grateloupia Turuturu would beg to differ.
Brown algae ? A microscopic diatom found in the pulp of the shark's tooth, usually found in cooler waters of the North Atlantic.
Now, only two sharks of this size have ever been caught on the North Atlantic coast, and the last one was in '92.
If I could get my hands on the list of fishermen who are involved in the charter boats maybe a name pops up ? Good job, Adam.
Remember that question on the CSI training exam ? Look, there are a lot of questions on the training exam, Hawkes.
There was a chloroform question about solvents, leaching versus bleaching.
What's your point ? Yes, I was just looking at your overall photos, more specifically, this one with the pillows.
Now, we're looking for something green that might've been used to smother him, right ? The pillows on this couch aren't green.
That's my point.
Maybe the pillow used wasn't green.
Chloroform can sometimes act as a solvent when it comes in contact with fabrics.
Leaching can occur and turn certain dyes a different color.
Like turning a blue pillow green.
We can't get a print off a pillow.
Who was the last person to see Q.
Jammer alive ? Bobby Martin.
I've been through this footage a thousand times, and his alibi checks out.
Bobby got a cup of coffee in reception went to the bathroom for two minutes, and then walks out of frame.
Okay, and that's when he comes out and calls 9-1-1.
So we can only assume that he went into Q.
's office, found him dead and came out to make the call.
And according to him, he went into the bathroom and puked his guts out.
- Can I sit for a second ? - Sure.
I'm gonna rewind the tape for a second.
I've been here for a couple of minutes.
The steam on my tea is still going strong.
He walks into the bathroom with a steaming cup of coffee.
Seconds later, he walks out.
No steam.
He knew he was on camera.
He went into the bathroom, he emptied out his coffee, put the chloroform in the paper cup.
Only I checked that office high and low, I didn't find any paper cup.
Let's fast-forward the footage.
Came out of Q.
's office without it.
Probably hid the cup on his person, threw it away in the bathroom when he was supposed to be throwing up.
That's how he got rid of it.
Evidence gone.
Taken away by the cleaning crew.
This isn't gonna get taken away by the cleaning crew.
The "C" exchange by-laws.
From the editor who wrote the Times article.
Seems the underbroker told a big fib.
When Q.
Jammer went out the window, his underbroker, Bobby Martin, inherited his book.
Okay, so we don't have the paper cup, but we have the motive.
Gentlemen, we have to find that cup.
You get anything else from the splinters, Boss ? Yeah.
Antifreeze ? You might wanna take a look at what Lindsay and I pulled from the New York public library.
Tell me on the fly.
What's the rush ? I have a train to catch.
We're gonna take a little ride, Mr.
We need to talk.
It's a tragedy to all of us, Ms.
Chandler, but the market goes on.
By sunrise, we'll be open for business, and I'd be honored to make you a killing.
And I'd be honored to bust you for a killing.
Hang up the phone, Bobby.
Bobby ? You look good in this office, Bobby.
You look like you'd kill to be here.
You murdered Q.
We pulled your print off the paper cup.
demands that all its brokers get printed when they receive their series 7 license.
Your name just popped up like that.
What it didn't say was whether you take chloroform with your coffee or not.
We also found this.
"C" exchange by-laws.
You stood to inherit his book.
Jammer was the senior partner.
You were the underbroker.
You knew staging his death as a suicide would enable you to get your hands on all of his clients.
We lost $17 million that day, and I did the impossible.
I made Cecil Arthur money.
Tough day, huh, Q.
? Tchernobyl.
It's a good thing Cecil Arthur took my advice.
He made a killing on those oil contracts.
What are you, an authority ? You make one right trade, and all of a sudden you're an expert ? Get the hell out of my office ! Go fetch me my coffee, cold caller.
Jammer's got a short memory, and like every other mega-millionaire egomaniac, he thinks he's the genius.
You bring $700 million into a commodities firm, you get made partner.
Not here.
After three years, I was gonna get mine one way or the other.
So what, were you gonna party making millions, is that it ? You think this is about the money ? This is not about the money.
It's about the book.
Because, you see, life is about being at the right place at the right time for the right reason.
Winning and losing fortunes with a single touch of a button ! Now, if that's not living, nothing is ! That's not living, it's called gambling, and you just ran out of luck, Pal.
Put your hands behind your back.
Market's closed.
Let's go.
This better be good, Detective.
Train master's not gonna be happy that I was pulled off my run and the trains were delayed again.
You let me worry about that.
You ever heard of ethylene glycol ? I can't say that I have.
It's an antifreeze used on the electrified third rail.
Keeps it from freezing in the winter.
Well, that's very interesting.
What does it have to do with me ? Well, some of the splinters taken from the victim's head wound were saturated with ethylene glycol.
Yeah, so ? Your shoe paddle is used to separate the contact shoe from the train from the electrified third rail.
Over time, the wood absorbs the ethylene glycol.
Yeah, well, there's a ton of shoe paddles in the system.
Every conductor has one.
Not all of them.
Test positive for blood.
You're gonna have to do better than that, Detective, or we're done here.
We're done when I say we're done.
Stand up.
Lift your jacket.
So I like fishing.
What the hell's this got to do with anything ? It means that the shark's tooth missing from the setting on your key chain here was found embedded in Randy Williams' hand.
That tooth came from that shark.
Your train was running late that night.
Reports were filed to explain the delays.
Randy Williams and his roommate were slowing you down.
Okay, I ain't gonna tell you punks again.
If I got to stop the train one more time for you dirt bags, I'm gonna come back here, and I'm gonna hurt somebody.
You ain't gonna do nothin' ! Get back in your choo-choo box.
these kids nowadays, they got no respect.
Every man has a breaking point.
Get off the door.
Last chance, Randy.
One more drink ? You go ahead, man.
I'm done.
Get out of here.
You son of a bitch ! I'll kill you ! You ever had anybody spit in your face, Detective ? I have been hit with soda bottles, cans, called every name in the book, but nobody's ever gonna spit in my face.
You deserved it, Captain Crunch.
You're just a two-bit conductor.
So somehow, beating a drunk and vulnerable kid to death and throwing him out the back of a train makes it right ? I make $43,000 a year to keep this thing moving.
People depend on me and these trains for their livelihood.
But who's got my back ? Who cares about me, the working man ? I did until you broke the law.
Hey, Mac, I'm on the train now.
I'll probably gonna lose you.
I'm doing a 4:00 to 12:00 tomorrow.
I'll see you then.
Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna go straight home, I'm not finding any bodies.
Trust me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bye, bye you too.
Oh, get out of here.
Hey, how you doing ?