CSI: NY s02e19 Episode Script

Super Men

1-7 sector George.
Be advised, report of a 10-30 at 695 Two-five Henry, be advised of a 10-31 at Lexington ave.
Between 115 and 116 street.
- Tyrell, can I get a picture ? - Tyrell, over here ! For my kids.
Thanks a lot, man.
Tyrell Mann.
What a day.
One you'll long remember.
We figured you'd go in the first round, but no one thought you'd be a top five pick.
How'd you make it happen ? Well, you know, people underestimated me because I come from a small school.
But I busted open at the combine, Mr.
You're drafted by the division champs.
Any predictions ? Super Bowl, baby.
All the way.
Super bowl blink for the Mann.
It looks as if you have a fan.
Hey, everybody wants to be super Mann.
Hey, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Matthew Palmer.
Found this ten feet from the vic.
Credit card, couple of business cards, all belonging to Matthew Palmer.
No cash.
Robbery gone bad ? Bigger question is, what's with the superhero outfit ? Well, I'm thinking costume party or publicity stunt.
Football draft's in town.
Tyrell Mann was a come-from-behind first-round pick today.
And they call him "Super Mann.
" I'm with the press.
Excuse me.
Oh, here we go.
Hey, Jane ? That tape's there for a reason.
Come on, Flack.
You're only as good as your last exclusive.
Oh, yeah, I know.
When we know something, you're the first.
I promise.
Mac Taylor.
We're on our way.
A guy in a cape.
Clothes left inside a phone booth.
Come on, Mac.
No way.
CSI NY - Season 2 - Episode 19 "Super Men" Transcript : Mack11 and Seth Cohen Corrections : Seth Cohen Give me your wallet.
Now ! Come on, bitch, you got earwax ? - You okay ? - Yeah, yeah.
And the last time I saw him, he was chasing the guy who robbed me.
Palmer, I'm going to need the address of that ATM.
You, uh, thought that was me in the alley, huh ? Well, we found your wallet next to the victim's body.
The man in the superhero costume ? Yeah.
That man saved my life.
I'm never going to be able to thank him.
I should put a "do not disturb" sign on the door.
You're grumpy this morning.
I've got a full house, and your John Doe isn't making my job any easier.
- What do you have so far, Sid ? - Your vic was no man of steel.
He's seen a lot of action, but none of it related to cause of death.
Been pulling stuff out of him all morning.
Round from a .
22 in his thigh.
Three or four years old.
Damage was minimal, most likely a defective load.
Old piece of scissors buried deep in his shoulder.
We have a witness who says the victim was chasing a man with a knife.
That blade came out of a long-healed wound.
At least three years.
By the sloppy scar, I'd say the vic did his own patchwork.
- So what about C.
? - Already sent blood to tox.
Next I'll start taking him apart.
See what made him stop ticking.
Tyrell Mann.
They called him Super Mann.
With good reason.
over 3,000 career rushing yards, and he averaged 7.
2 yards a carry.
Don't tell me you know a little something about football, please.
- Is that so hard to believe ? - No, it's just dangerous.
I might ask you to marry me.
This kid had the best day of his life yesterday.
Somebody decided to make it his last.
Who found him ? Ernie Albergo from room service.
He knocked, didn't hear anybody and let himself in.
And who's this guy wearing out the carpet behind him ? Tyrell Mann's personal physician-slash-trainer.
And he's not leaving until he gets some answers.
Puncture wound.
Seems too big to be from a syringe, huh ? It's odd.
He doesn't have any bruising or any defensive wounds.
Nothing to indicate he struggled.
So the attacker came up from behind him.
Surprised him.
If that's his only injury why is he dead ? It doesn't look like enough blood to indicate he bled out.
Yeah, the carpet is dark, and there's padding underneath.
I'll get it to Pino, see if he can squeeze out enough blood to confirm C.
What could kill somebody this big and this strong that fast ? Let's tackle that question.
Managed to pull a workable print off the glasses found in the phone booth, and they match your John Doe.
So he changed in the phone booth before he came to the rescue at the ATM.
Yeah, it's just like the real deal.
This look odd to you ? No zippers, no laces, consistent with prisoners and people on suicide watch.
Anything from missing persons ? Not yet.
I-I just don't see the upside.
What do you mean ? What would make a man put on a superhero suit and and risk it all ? The naive belief that one man can make a difference.
What you got here ? Glass.
Found it on both the clothes and the superhero suit.
If we can determine the elemental composition of this glass, it might tell us where it came from.
Now it's time for us to use our superpowers.
And help ID our vic.
This can't be right.
We got an IBIS hit from the .
22 found on the vic.
Came back from a solved case.
The shooter's in Riker's.
Said he was robbing a bodega two years ago when a man in a superhero suit attacked him.
Another crime foiled by our mystery hero.
Vigilante's more like it.
Oh, come on, Mac, he helped people.
Yeah, and he was killed for his trouble.
When you were a kid, you ever tie a towel around your neck, pretend to be a superhero ? Little Mac man, maybe ? Sergeant Rock.
Couldn't get me out of fatigues when I was a kid.
Detectives, I've got your LIBS results.
Let's have it.
Look, I just want you guys to know that I ran the test like 3 times, along with multiple control samples just to make sure.
The instruments were working fine, so I did it again and, - well, I got the same result, so - All right, Adam.
Spit it out.
The glass that Dr.
Hawkes pulled from our John Doe it tested positive for krypton.
Krypton ? Kryptonite was superman's only weakness.
Well, that explains everything.
Lindsay, can you hand me that scalpel ? Since when do you work the day shift, Pino ? Hey, I was out of here five hours ago, and then the man came in.
Tyrell Mann.
I could not pass up this autopsy.
You see the air bubbles escaping from the heart ? The vic did not bleed out, Lindsay.
There was not enough blood on the carpet from the scene.
You were right.
The cause of death is an air embolism.
So, air was forced into the bloodstream.
Via the murder weapon.
Something punctured the external jugular vein here.
Due to negative pressure in the veins that suck blood towards the heart, the air mixes with blood, causing the bubbles to form producing a valve lock.
Your vic probably struggled to take one, maybe two breaths, collapsed immediately.
Any idea what the murder weapon might be ? No.
Not so far.
There were two balls signed by Mann that were inflated.
And then there were two that were flat that weren't signed.
Somebody was pumping air into those balls.
A sport pump has a needle that would be consistent with the wound and an embolism.
But, Danny, we turned that hotel suite upside down, we didn't see anything like that.
Killer took it with him.
I may have a clue that points you in the right direction.
That writing was covered with blood.
It appears to be several digits of a phone number.
Now, the woman you're looking for wears long-lasting lipstick.
There's a lot of oil for moisturizing lips.
Doesn't wash off so easily with water.
"Call me".
The last letter is an E.
I found it smeared in lipstick on the hotel sheets.
So I can take the numbers and combine them with the two I found and possibly get to mystery woman number one.
Now for the extra point.
Our vic suffers from a floating kneecap.
It's an injury that he sustained at least four years ago.
There's evidence of injections of corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and the ligaments beneath the patella barely holding together.
Wait a minute here.
Nobody's going to sign him first round if he's got a knee injury like that.
They will if they don't know about it.
Well, how do you keep something like that secret ? You hire a personal physician-slash-trainer.
Pruitt, how you doing ? Some water, please.
Why don't you just leave me your card, detective ? I've answered enough questions today.
Well, I bet you didn't answer the most important one.
You ever hear of extortion ? How much was Mann paying you to keep his secret ? That's a serious knee injury he's got.
Tyrell Mann was healthy.
Don't you read the papers ? He ran a 4.
3 40 at the combine.
Miracles of modern medicine.
You inject him with painkillers and cortisone every day or every other day ? I just did what the college paid me to do.
I took care of their scholarship athlete.
That's not a crime.
I talked to the athletic department.
They said you took a leave of absence two months ago.
Tyrell asked me to get him ready for the draft.
And he paid you with? A promise.
That when he got drafted, I get everything he owed me.
But you never imagined he'd go fourth in the first round.
What are we talking about ? $3- 4 million dollars guaranteed signing bonus ? That couldn't have happened without you keeping his knee healthy.
Keeping his secret suddenly cost him more than he bargained for, right ? Maybe he didn't want to pay you.
And I killed him for it.
I don't know, maybe you two get into an argument.
Things get out of hand.
If you had any proof of that, I'd be sitting in a jail cell asking to make my one phone call instead of here on this barstool.
You were in Tyrell Mann's suite last night.
You lost your stylus.
We found it underneath his body covered in blood.
I stopped by his suite to go over next day's schedule.
I dropped it.
So what are you, his secretary also ? You know that kid was an amazing athlete.
All he wanted was one year.
One year to play football in the NFL and yes, he offered me a lot of money to help him do that.
Now why would I kill my meal ticket, detective ? Why would I kill my friend ? Autopsy report came back on our superhero.
Traces of risperidone and lithium.
Not enough for cause of death.
He was taking an antipsychotic drug and an antidepressant.
Flack just dropped this off.
It's the prescription we're thinking Carter bought in the alley.
It was written by a Dr.
Burr from the New York Psychiatric Home.
New York Psychiatric Home What, what is it ? Tox flagged risperidone and lithium in our vic.
One treats depressive disorders.
The other delusional psychosis.
Explains why our John Doe thought he was superman.
Yes, this is a sheet from my prescription pad but I didn't write it.
I'm not in the business of writing prescriptions to non-patients.
Someone must have broken into my office.
Well, sir, then we will need a sample of your handwriting to compare.
- Of course.
- Was this man a patient here ? That's Clark.
Clark ? Clark Kranen.
His His mother committed him about 25 years ago.
This was Clark's room.
He came to us with developmental difficulties.
He had limitations in mental functioning and communication skills.
What was his official diagnosis ? Well, he had what we'd call mild mental retardation.
But he still needed help taking care of himself.
Excuse me, Dr.
Burr, Miss Williams is looking for you.
Zimmerman is acting up again.
Perhaps mr.
Dox can answer any more of your questions.
Excuse me.
Clark needed help taking care of himself.
Yet he managed to help complete strangers.
I guess when he put his mind to it, he had no limitations.
Hey, Mac.
Check this out.
Old police band radio.
Let's see what else we can find.
Krypton is used as a low-pressure filling gas in fluorescent lighting.
Looks like clark used the broomstick to break the light so no one on the outside would see him sneaking out of the hospital.
That explains why he had the krypton and glass on him.
Karate trophy.
Did he win this ? Mr.
Dox ? Clark was quite the athlete, huh ? That's mine.
Clark liked it, so I let him keep it.
- You two were good friends.
- Oh, everyone liked clark.
What about the man in this picture here ? That's Steve, Clark's older brother.
- He was in a few days ago.
- Regular visitor ? No, steve only showed up once a month.
Like clockwork.
Clark had a routine.
He'd get dressed up, pack a suitcase.
Steve promised he'd take him home one day.
He never did.
The visits always ended up in a fight.
Last one got pretty nasty.
You know where I can find Steve ? No.
We get a lot of mail stamped "return to sender".
We stopped asking.
Thank you.
What kind of man lies to his brother ? Hello.
Mac Taylor.
Stella Bonasera.
The aquaman.
He doesn't like to-to talk.
Clark's dead, isn't he ? Yes.
I'm sorry.
Clark was my friend.
Do you know who killed him ? It's still under investigation.
How did you know that Clark was murdered ? He said there were enemies inside this place.
He was gonna see that justice was served.
So the blood for Mann's championship high school football ring comes back female.
Nothing in the database, though.
What do you got ? DNA from the lipstick on the sandwich.
Also came back female.
The lipstick matches everything I found on the bedsheets.
The bodily fluids, the sweat.
Nothing in the database.
Let's see if we can snap these legos together, huh ? Hmm not a match.
- Two different women.
- All we have to do is find them.
All right, this is the ATM footage from the night Clark was murdered.
There's Matthew Palmer.
Freeze that.
- Can we do any better on the perp ? - Let's get a little closer.
- Do you know him ? - Oh, yeah.
His name's Carter.
Carter England.
He's been feeding the habit with ATM stickups.
Here comes our superhero.
Sounds like motive to me.
I'm confused, Carter.
Up till now, it's been bag snatches and stickups.
I never thought you had it in you graduate to murder.
Murder ? Nah, son.
You got the wrong brother.
Pull down your hood.
Take off your hat.
I want to see your pretty face.
Yo, that nutjob had it coming.
That nutjob stopped you from knifing a man at an ATM for 300 bucks.
In my book, killing him for that is like killing a cop.
All I'm saying is you run around in tights and a cape trying to do good something bad's gonna happen.
I have you on a surveillance video doing bad things, Carter.
So unless you start telling me what happened in that alley, you're going away for murder.
I was there, but I didn't kill nobody, man.
The man you were robbing said the guy in the super suit took off after you.
These kicks can move crazy, you know what I'm saying ? I ditched him.
Went on about my business.
Where did you go ? I was looking to go party.
Bought my ass a prescription for oxy.
- You okay ? - Yeah, yeah.
Got some hillbilly heroin, huh ? It's good to know some junkies never change.
Where'd you get it ? I want the name of the pharmacy.
Cool that.
Cool that.
Took it to the Wallman's drugs on broadway.
What about the dealer ? White guy, middleweight, green pants you know hospital threads.
Got a name ? We never had no formal introductions, son.
- Now can go ? - Sure, yeah.
Officer Nelson will show you to your room.
Come on, Flack.
I thought we were supposed to be like brothers, man.
Yeah, well, sometimes brothers fight.
Hello ? I didn't even know Tyrell Mann before two days ago.
In fact, I'd never even heard of him.
Then how did you wind up on his arm in all the press photos ? He saw me at a party.
We hit it off.
And after the party ? We went back to his room and got to know each other better.
When I left him, he was satisfied and alive.
The bruises on your wrist suggest otherwise.
Did you have to defend yourself, Charlene ? Maybe you said no he wasn't taking no for an answer.
You're not leaving already ? The party's just getting started.
Get away from me ! Baby, a 280-pound lineman can't stop me.
What you gonna do ? You grabbed the first thing you saw.
That's not what happened.
Yeah, there was a little rough sex but that's all.
I don't usually write my number on the chests of dead men.
Any more questions ? No.
Just a suggestion.
Stay in town.
All the envelopes are addressed to clark's brother.
How you doing over there ? I'm finding some similarities.
But Dr.
Burr's handwriting could have been forged.
I just need more time.
Hey, guys.
The stains on the money you found in Clark's drawer came back as phenylenediamine, naphtha, trimethylbenzene and a variety of color dyes.
Consistent with shoe polish.
You are good.
Oh, me and black 49 dye go way back.
In the marine corps your shoes had to shine as brightly as your brass.
Well, I found black, brown, tan.
Makes me think Steve shined shoes for a living.
If he did, I know where shoeshine row.
It's across the street from the address he scratched off the envelope here.
branch of the post office.
But how did Steve get his mail ? There's no P.
Box at that address.
You don't need one.
Window 18 accepts general deliveries for the homeless.
So Steve was on the street.
Well, no wonder he couldn't take Clark home.
I told Clark he needed to stop pretending to be a superhero.
He wouldn't listen to me.
That why the two of you fought on your last visit ? Clark wanted me to take him home.
I told him it wasn't time yet.
He got angry.
Did he hit you ? No, this was Mr.
Dox, the ordery.
He saw us fighting, he nearly ripped my head off.
I don't want to stay here anymore.
I want to go home with you.
You promised.
- Next time, Clark.
- No ! You always say that.
I want to go home with you ! I want to go home with you today ! Let go of me, Clark ! I want to go home with you.
I want to go home today ! Then what happened ? I left, I came back to work.
You were his legal guardian.
Means all federal benefits went to you.
Yeah $400 a month ? Yet you only gave him $50.
We found the envelopes.
What'd you do with the other $350 ? I used to have a gambling problem.
And I still owe some money on that.
It's not like Clark needed it or anything.
Look, I did the best I could.
You work five blocks from where your brother lived, and you only went to visit him once a month ? What do you want me to tell you ? That I was ashamed ? That the home that he grew up in, the one he thought he was going back to was taken by the bank five years ago ? Detective, I live on the street.
How am I supposed to take care of my brother ? I'm going to need you to come down and identify the body.
He wasn't always like this.
What do you mean ? Clark was four when it happened.
My mother wasn't feeling well, and she wanted to lay down and take a nap.
She told me to look after clark.
I was ten years old.
The mice tried desperately to defend themselves.
Steve, look at me.
I can fly.
Look at me.
I can fly.
They managed to revive him, but he was never the same.
My mom never recovered.
She threw Clark in a hospital.
Pretty much drank herself to death.
I have the same thought every day.
I wish I could turn back time.
Why don't you come with me now ? I'll take you down to the M.
'S office.
All right, we have Tyrell's trainer with possible motive.
Tyrell asked me to get him ready for the draft.
We have mystery woman number one Charlene.
When I left him, he was satisfied and alive.
With no apparent motive, but a lot of attitude, which automatically makes her a suspect in my book.
Detectives have interviewed agents, players, coaches, an entire posse of people who only benefit if Tyrell is alive and playing football.
Which leaves us with mystery woman number two who we can only identify from the blood on Tyrell Mann's high school ring.
And we don't have a murder weapon.
We're staring at fourth and long, Montana.
Let's get something to eat.
I think better with food.
Wait a minute.
That's it food.
Remember the guy who worked for room service ? Ernie Albergo.
He told detectives that he came to Tyrell Mann's room to pick up the cart and that's when he found him.
Danny, look at these crime scene photos.
Where's the cart ? It was rolled out of the room.
But according to the police report, not by Ernie.
So, our killer rolled it out.
You know what ? You're on to something.
The carpet is stained in this entire area here.
Yet, the padding below was heavily stained just in this one section, and I couldn't figure out why.
The cart was wheeled out just before Tyrell's blood started seeping into the carpet.
And that is about the size of the wheel.
But Danny, there was no blood trail from the cart.
We would have noticed it.
It didn't roll through the vic's blood.
The weight of the cart forced the fibers in the rug to bend, and the blood was able to seep through to the padding bellow.
So, the killer wheeled the cart out of the room and down the hall.
Away from Tyrell Mann's room where housekeeping picked it up that night.
Which is why Ernie didn't see it and he went in.
But why would I kill somebody then worry about moving the room service cart out ? Because you're panicked.
You want to get out of the hotel, but first you have to hide the murder weapon.
Housekeeping said if they found anything, it would be here.
You'd think they could have organized this stuff a little bit better, huh ? Alphabetical order, maybe something.
Okay, here we go.
This is the exemplar.
The sample Dr.
Burr provided us.
Notice how all the characters slant ever so slightly to the right ? But in the question document we got off carter, all the letters are perpencular to the baseline.
Now take a look at the "T"'s.
There's no pen lift in the question document.
But the "T" in dr.
Burr's sample has a horizontal initial stroke followed by a separate downstroke.
It's made with two hand motions.
So the one that carter had was definitely a forgery.
If Dr.
Burr didn't write that prescription, who sold it in that alley ? Here's your cause of death.
Diffuse axonal injury to the medulla portion of the brain.
Your superhero short-circuited from a blow to the head.
Death was instantaneous.
What kind of force would it take to cause that kind of damage ? Didn't have to be much.
Our victim was already susceptible due to a previous head trauma.
So either your killer had significant knowledge of human anatomy or that was one lucky punch.
Or a karate blow.
So you're looking for someone with karate skills ? I think we already found him Mr.
Dox, the orderly.
Danny blood from the pump came back as a match to Tyrell Mann.
Means it's confirmed as our murder weapon.
And I got nothing from AFIS off the prints I lifted off the air pump, but DNA from the prints came back as a nondescript male also not in the system.
You're very excited right now for someone who's telling me we don't have a suspect.
I'm getting to the good stuff.
DNA from the prints off the air pump and DNA from the blood that you lifted of Tyrell Mann's ring have one allele in common at 13 loci.
That means whoever left the fingerprints on the murder weapon is the father or son of our mystery woman whose blood was on the ring.
- You got it.
- And we don't have any names.
No, but we have a starting point.
The DNA on the ring was degraded.
Means it happened before Tyrell Mann was murdered.
So I say we start at high school when he got the ring.
- Sounds good.
- Great.
Danny, there was a car accident.
That explains the knee injury.
Elaine Bradford was killed.
She was 17.
An only child.
That would've been pretty hard on the parents.
It says Tyrell walked away from the scene of the accident.
He didn't call for help, claimed he was disoriented and confused.
Here's a photo of Elaine and Tyrell at the prom.
You see the necklace she's wearing ? - Can you zoom in ? - Yeah.
Oh, she's wearing Tyrell's ring around her neck.
Her personal effects would've been returned after the autopsy to her family.
To her father.
It's tragic what happened.
I coached Tyrell when he was nine years old.
Flac football team.
Fast whoo.
we knew he had it even back then.
The last time I saw him was over a year ago.
No, Mr.
Bradford, you saw him two nights ago in his hotel suite.
You killed him.
Your prints, they're all over the murder weapon.
- No, I just went to talk to him.
- You had an argument, you grabbed the first thing you could find and you stabbed him in the neck.
He just left her there.
He was driving under the influence and he killed my daughter.
And you know what they charged him with ? Fleeing the scene of an accident.
He did about three weeks of community service.
They didn't want to ruin his future.
So you went to the hotel suite to get your revenge.
I just went to talk to him.
I went there with good intentions.
I swear to you I did.
It's the ring you gave my daughter.
- I just want to give you this, Tyrell.
- You know what ? You keep it.
I don't want it.
I came all this way to give it to you.
Man, why you doing this to me today ? Why you trying to ruin the best day of my life bringing up the past ? That mess haunted me for four and a half years, but it's over.
It's forgotten.
Just get out of here, man.
I haven't forgotten about Elaine.
I haven't forgotten about what happened.
I'm calling security to get you out of here.
I went to tell him despite everything I wished him the best.
I just didn't get the chance to say it.
I'm sorry about your daughter.
I got nothing to say.
All right, well, then let us do the talking.
Two nights ago, Clark sees you steal Dr.
Burr's prescription pad, then arrange the sale with Carter England.
Clark decides he's not going to let you get away with it.
So he changes into his alter ego but before he confronts you, he tries to stop Carter from killing an innocent man.
Sounds exciting.
I wish I was there.
So you're telling me that you weren't in the 64th street alley two nights ago ? Nowhere near it.
I want to believe you, Mr.
Dox, I really do.
Now detectives Taylor and Bonasera here, they definitely don't believe you.
They're all about science, and they've got a lot of stuff that tells us that you're our killer.
Me ? I'm old school.
So I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt by putting you in a lineup.
Thank you.
Before your lineup, Mr.
Dox, maybe you can explain to us why your handwriting matches perfectly with the prescription that was sold in the alley that you weren't in two nights ago.
See for yourself.
Notice how there's no pen lift on your "t"? There isn't one here either.
The prescription's a good forgery.
Not good enough.
You remember Carter England, don't you ? Clark was your friend.
He was a retard.
I got paid to pretend I cared.
So you had no problem killing him.
Said he was going to turn me in.
I was gonna knock some sense into him, you know, give him a little beat down.
Stop right there.
Don't make me hurt you.
Clark, what are you doing here ? Clark ! What the hell you think you're doing ? Who the hell did he think he was ? Was just a man in a phony yellow cape.
Put this guy in the cage.
Let's go.
I wish you could've met Clark.
You would've liked him.
I'm sure I would have.
You know that money that I brought him all those years ? He never spent any of it.
You know, I can't help but think that he knew that I was going to need it one day.
That's what superheroes do, they come to the rescue.
Good luck, steve.
Thank you.
Mac Taylor.
I'm on my way.
*I am, I am* *I am superman* *And I know what's happening* *I am, I am* *I am superman* *And I can do anything* *If you go a million miles away* *I'll track you down* *Girl trust me* *When I say I know the pathway to your heart* *I am, I am superman* *And I know what's happening* *I am, I am, I am superman*