CSI: NY s02e20 Episode Script

Run Silent, Run Deep

detective taylor.
Detective, I need to speak to someone about a murder.
I have a confession to make.
I'm listening.
We buried the body nortend zone giants stadium.
We snatched the guy from the bronx a long time ago.
I can't get his face out of my mind! I can still hear the gunshot! Now, just calm down.
Where are you? Please get him out of there! I can't take those screams in my head anymore! blood spatter on the back of the hands.
Void on the palm.
Ran the id in the vic's wallet.
His name was salvador zabo.
He was a construction worker from pelham bay.
Vic mentioned the kid may have been kidnapped from the bronx and taken to jersey.
If there's any truth to that, we're gonna be working with jersey csis.
Process the scene.
Where you going? East rutherford.
Now, let me get this straight.
Some whacko calls you up telling tales about a man buried in this stadium, you drag us out here the middle of the night.
We may not be the high and mighty nypd out here in little old east rutherford, detective taylor, but it's going to take a little bit more than a prank call for us to dig up this end zone.
Normally, I'd agree with you,but this prankaller took his own life with a shotgun.
His final words were details about a burial in this stadium-- I take that very seriously.
Now, look.
If there's nothing down there, I'll be the first to apologize for wasting your time.
If there is, I'll be the first to ask for your cooperation.
I'd also extend the same courtesy to any one of you the next time you take the lincoln tunnel int my city.
wait a minute.
There's something down there.
I thought jimmy hoffa being buried in giants stadium was an urban legend.
There's only one way to find out if an urban legend is true or not.
Dig up the truth.
Proudly Presents Season 02 Episode 20 Pearl Jam - < Worldwide Suicide > * I felt the earth on monday * * it moved beneath my feet * * in the form of a morning paper * * laid out for me to see * * saw his face in a corner picture * * I recognized the name * * could not stop staring at the * * face I'd never see again * * it's a shame to awake in a world of pain * * what does it mean when a war has taken over? * * It's the same,every day in a hell I made * hey,mac.
Looks like a fibula.
Feet are pointing southeast,head facing northwest.
Give me the camera.
* There's the worldwide suicide * * the whole world,world over * * it's a worldwide suicide * * the whole world,world over * * it's a worldwide suicide * * yeah,yeah,hey,yeah.
* hey,what happened?What's going on? It's my pager.
Oh,it's a 125-25.
It's a homicide.
- I gotta go.
- Now? I am so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's your night off.
I'm on secondary call tonight.
Do you have to do this? I'm sorry,frankie.
If I didn't have to go,I wouldn'T.
Okay? Duty calls.
Hold that thought,okay? I'll call you later.
- Hey,danny.
- Hey.
What have we got? Hope you don't bank at first federation 'cause the ceo,jim mooy,is rip.
Looks like several stab wounds, but we found no weapon.
Who's the room registered to? According to the manager on duty, the guest always registers his name as "napoleon bonaparte.
" Figures.
So do we have any surveillance cams or descriptions? Signatures? Brought the manager up here to see if the banker was the guy who registered,he's not.
Well,our banker wasn't alone.
Got an unopend bottle of champagne, chocolate- covered strawberries, and my personal favorite la perlanderwear.
These babies sell for $350.
I get my bvds in a three-pack for ten bucks.
Soon as the M.
S remove the body, I'll bag the sheets.
All right,let's try this.
You seeing something here? So the perp wrote this with h finger.
Used vaseline.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Crime of passion? That's what I'm thinking.
Concentric fracture to the back of the head.
Checked the third molar inside your skeleton'mouth.
The medial clavicle hasn't quite fused yet.
I'm guessing he's a young adult.
I'm going to have adam ross run a scan on your skeleton, see if he can't put a face to that skull.
Let's do it.
I want to know what the connection is between the kid in the hole and our suicide vic.
Anything more on him? Salvador zabo.
The only thing I found of interest is on his back.
Give me a hand.
Someone took a laser to this guy.
His tattoo has been removed.
Can you lift it? I can lift the titanic if you give me the prop tools.
What kind of tools do you need? I need a microwave.
" Does that mean anything to you? The tanglewood boys.
Salvador zabo-- you know him? Zabo? Yeah.
We grew up in the same neighborhood.
He was a tanglewood boy.
He was the last time I heard.
My brother louie knew him better than I did,though.
Why do you think his tattoo was lasered off? He'd wanted out; maybe got tossed out.
Why? He called my office, confessed to a murfer.
Get out of here.
Where? Jersey.
Cold case.
Long time ago.
Look,the tangelwood boys are mixed up in this, I don't want you anywhere near this case.
You had contact with these guys a long time ago.
I think it's best to keep you out of it.
No argument here.
Whater you say.
you got that colt 45 to fire? yeah,and that took a while.
The gun was pretty rusty.
I had to disassemble the weapon, make a new gun using a rusty barrel got some good stria out it.
The gun we found in the grave was the same weapon used to kill our skeleton.
The problem is, there's no registered owner.
I'm going to have to run a history on the gun.
Oh,cause of death on your banker: Multiple stabs.
The knife's hilt left several contusions and abrasions on his torso, sternum and ribs.
Means the weapon was inserted with aggressive force.
We're most likely dealing with a short blade, maybe two-and-half,three inches.
Look at his rib area.
Usually st wounds to bone prouduce v-shape patterns.
These stabs are u-shaped, suggesting the knife wasn't very sharp.
So,we're looking for a dull,short knife that makes unique hilt marks.
Is there anything else? I'll take those ribs to go.
See here,the serial number of the gun we found in the grave ends in 995.
And the serial number of the stolen guns end in 996,997,998 and 999.
Guns are often stolen in lots with consecutive serial numbers,right? Right.
Means the person who killed with thgun we found in the hole might have possessed the other stolen guns at some point.
So who got caught with the stole merch? Let's find out.
"Sonny sassone.
" You say that name like it rings a bell.
Put it this way,we have history.
I got news for you.
You and buddies are going to sing sing regardless of who you're connected to-- mafia or no mafia.
We'll see.
Yes,danny messer, he knows all about u.
and we know all about him.
You see,now we're both working,man.
Detective taylor, to what do I owe the pleasure? Sonny sassone.
You're out.
I told you the odds of me going away: Zero.
Tell me about the stolen guns.
What stolen guns? The ones nypd found in your car 15 years ago in 1991.
Illegal possession of firearm.
It got tossed.
So what? Turns out one of the guns missing from the lot you were arrested with was used in a murder at the meadowlands.
What murder? You mean the one where carolina beat up the giants 23 to nothing in that wild card game? I know you had something to do with this.
You may "walk" on me once but not twice.
I'm in your life now, sonny.
Get used to it.
I have to say, I'm not worried about this you should be.
This is state of the art in facial reconstruction.
Looks expensive.
Did I sign a P.
For this? Yeah.
Remember you said you wanted to be on the "cutting edge" of technology? Right, right.
Well, let's see if we got o money's worth.
Fire it up.
All right.
let's do it.
John doe.
All we need is a name.
Check missing persons.
While you're at it, send a jpeg over to new york weekly.
Tell them to run the image on the late edition and ask them not to make a spectacle out of the headline.
It's new york weekly.
I'll, I'll try.
stel, I've got something from the bedsheets.
What's in the bag? Ribs.
From where? Jo jo's smoke shack? M.
'S office.
I'm on my way to reconstruction right now.
What you got? I got bronzed stains all over the bedsheets.
I thought it was odd, so I ran it through the mass spec.
Cam e back hydrolyzed silk, caffeine, glycerin.
I'm going to need more than that.
The substance contains caffeine, reported to help cellulite, and the glycerin functions as a moisturizer.
- Sounds cosmetic.
- Yeah.
air stockings.
Oh, spray on panty hose.
It's an aerosol for women's legs-- gives the illuon they're wearing panty hose.
I love women.
It's all over the bedsheet, so whoever's wearing this stuff was in bed with our banker,jim mooney.
That's really good.
Hey, guys.
I ran the mirror image through "ask sam.
" It's a handwriting database.
Turns out we got a hit from a threatening letter frpm a convenience store robbery.
Lucky for us, though, the message on the mirror and the actual threatening letter, they both share the same letter construction.
Suspect did a stint in sing sing.
And he, uh, got out several years ago.
What's his name? Newt glick.
Ultimate date x-perience.
I'm providing a service for a very privileged, exclusive clientele.
$2,000 an hour, and you can spend time with the finest women in the world.
Selling sex.
The prostitution's illegal, detective.
No, this is more of a mental experience.
We found a message written in vaseline at the von arms hotel in midtown.
What exactly did it say, detective flack? And I quote: "I caught you, bitch.
Get home!" That's right.
And we traced the handwriting back to you, mr.
Care to explain? I don't know what that is.
I mean, you know, I don't write notes to my girls in vaseline.
I just look them straight in their pretty little faces and I tell them what's what.
Right, melanie? Yes, daddy.
Hey, daddy.
We matched the handwriting on the mirror to a threatening note you wrote six years ago.
Get me a drink.
See, uh that was the old newt glick.
The new newt glick is all about mang dollars legitimately.
I do everything myself here.
I book all the appointments.
I screen the clients, I make the deals, and then I just I send them out like top gun jets.
I don't believe you.
See, I think you were ther I think you wrote that note to warn one of your "bitches.
" Which one, newt? I was not there, and I got nothing else to say to you.
Yeah? Well, there's some bedsheets over at the von arms that put a woman at the scene.
Let's send them up, flack.
- **** - ****** thank you for voluntring, ladies.
We'll be in touch.
Manning, I'd like to ask you a queion that's not in the article here.
Your son how long ago did he disappear? Here's a picture from back then.
Very sorry for your loss.
Can you recognize this man? His name is salvador zabo.
He's a member of the tanglewood boys.
I've never seen this person before.
Did your son have an affiliation with the tangle wo boys? Tanglewood boys? No.
Forgive me for asking, sir, but did your son sell drugs? Is it possible that he sold them to these kids? My son did sell drugs.
He even paid bills for me when I was out of work.
I could never scold my boy for making a buck.
I'm just trying to understand the connection.
What is it, montana? You beeped me 911.
Are you all right? Yeah.
The dna sample from the cigarette we found in the end zone came back to internal control sample.
What do you mean? That means the smoker works here at the lab.
How can that be? Have you tolanybody else about this? No.
Just you.
Mac, you got a second? Wh is it, danny? Lindsay got back the dna from the cigarette butt.
It came back to an internal control sample.
The dna on the cigarette butt is mine.
you know, what you say to me is testimony.
Mac I do not need a boss right now.
Alright? I need I need a friend, all right? I'm in big trouble here.
Just, uh hear me out? Tell me everything.
My older brother louie is a tanglewood boy.
He's been running with sonny sassone for god knows how long.
But like I said before, I never ran with those guys.
Except that one night.
Summer of 1991, 15 years ago, my brother louie calls me up, he says him and a couple of tanglewood boys, they're goi down to A.
To party and gamble and whatnot.
Like an idiot, I go.
Needless to say, we never got to atlantic cY.
Ended up in a parking lot at giants stadium.
Yo, louie, sorry about the detour.
I had to pull over.
I'm hearing all kinds of knocks and pings in my truck.
buon giorno.
Stick around, messer.
Don't turn away.
You may learn something.
So the tanglewood boys at this time consisted of sonny sassone, salvador zabo and your brother.
And that's it.
I was just tagging along.
let me catch you selling drugs in my father's bars again, I'm going to bury you in that stadium like hoffa! Come on, enough already.
The kid's bleeding from his face and everywhere else, sonny.
Leave him alone.
Louie, school your brother.
Take off.
Hit the road.
Get out of here.
Hit the road, D.
You embarrass me in front of my boys? Get out of here.
You're a disgrace! Get out of here! things between my brother and I were never the same after that one night, mac.
He calls me up a couple days later, he tells me though, they dropped that kid off in a bad neighborhood and went down to A.
As planned.
He lied.
how could he do that to me? He always showed off in front of sonny.
But my brother, mac, he's not a murderer.
The fact is, right now, danny, you're the murderer.
Your cigarette butt was in that hole.
How'd it get there? I don't know.
I swear on my mother I do not know.
Louie was always bumming cigarettes from me back then, but I swear to god that I never took one step into that stadium.
I believe you.
Unfortunately, the evidence is telling us a different story.
I'm going to help you, and you're going to help me.
So, I have no choice.
You're going to be placed on modified assignment.
The duty captain will relieve you.
You'll be assigned to a desk-- no gun, no shield.
At some point he's going to want to talk to us both.
You'll be assigned to the rubber gun squad.
You sit at your desk, you keep your mouth shut until the evidence corroborates your story.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is he okay? He's as okay as he can be.
Well, I've got some good news here.
We got a winner.
Melanie stefano.
You remember her.
Slinky brunette with the getaway sticks.
The one nibbling on glick's ear.
I'll have one of my guys scoop her up.
Better yet, you and i should handle it.
I don't buy this ultimate date x-perience for a second.
Excuse us.
Party's over, people.
You, get your clothes on, and stay put.
You, take a walk.
Now! Hey, boxer shorts cold shower's this way.
Let's go.
You're a busy girl, melanie.
That wasn't for money, if that's what you're implying.
Well, have evidence that you were in bed with a banker who was murdered at the von arms hotel.
You do wear air stockings spray, correct? Yeah.
It makes my legs look sexy.
See? I don't like fishnets.
It gives me an itch.
Give it up, melanie.
I like men.
So why don't you just tell me why you were in bed with a banker on your day off? It's my day off.
I can do anything I want.
That banker was just a guy I was sleeping with.
- For money? - For pleasure.
Does newt know what you do on your days off? No.
And he doesn't need to know.
Come on, melanie, you're making a little money on the side? You know, day off, no newt.
It's pure profit, right? You know my rates, right? You can do everything and anything you want with me.
I don't say no.
You're on.
I'm going to jump in the shower and powder up a bit.
Get ready to play, you big stud.
My guess is, when you looked in the mirror, you got the message.
And now the banker's dead, and you and newt were the last two to see him alive.
See, evidence shows that you two were in bed together in more ways than one.
Said you wanted to talk? I'm listening.
Your brother's in a lot of trouble, louie.
I heard his side of the story.
What's yours? What went down that night? You and danny get into it over sonny slapping around that drug dealer, danny leaves.
Then what? Me, sonny and sal, we dropped that kid off in a gang neighborhood, we went to A.
Why? We found what was in the end zone, louie.
I'm getting the feeling that danny only knows half the story of what went down that night.
You want to fill me in now or go downtown? I told you everything you need to know.
What I need to know is who shot bobby manning in the back of the head and put him in the grave.
Who pulled the trigger? You? Sonny sassone? I heard somewhere salvador zabo pulled the trigger.
Salvador zabo? What's he, a tanglewood boy? Where is this salvador zabo now? Enough with the head games.
Come on, detective, you know where he's at.
City morgue.
Suicide, remember? You saving that smoke for later? Yeah.
I'm trying to quit.
I've been trying to quit for years.
What about sonny sassone? If he finds out you're talking to a cop, he might get the wrong idea.
Don't worry about sonny.
He's gotten danny in enough trouble.
We ain't spoken in years.
I've got plans for him.
What kind of plans? Don't worry about it.
All I care about right now, is protecting my brother.
Don't worry.
No live animals were hurt during this experiment.
No worries here.
So you're looking at hilt marks, right? Yeah.
I was inking the hilt of the knives.
I'm gog to compare the hilt marks from your pig to the banker.
See if I can narrow down a weapon.
Ink and link.
All right, I'll stab, you compare.
- That's it.
- Yeah.
It's an oyster shucking knife.
Hey, mac, dispatch just called.
Somebody did a hospital job on louie messer, danny's brother.
Beat him within an inch of his life.
Ems said he wasn't breathing at the scene.
- Where's danny? - I don't know.
What do you got? What do you got? Got 60 over palp.
Airway obstructed.
Louie, louie! He's my brother! Louie, can you hear me? Louie, louie, listen, who did this to you? Everybody, get out of the way! Come on, move! Louie, who did this to you? Don't you die on me,louie! louie! Smells like smoke in here.
Ah, it's my clothes.
You have a cigarette behind your ear.
Smoking experiments.
The butt on the left was partially smoked.
The butt on the right was fully smoked end to end.
The partially smoked cigarette has tar stains on the mouth end only.
Cigarette smoked down to the butt has tar stains on both ends.
Whatre you comparing it to? Cigarette butt we found in the hole at giant stadium.
Tar stains are on the smoking end only.
Means it was a short smoke.
What does it matter if danny had a quick smoke or a long one? I don't know yet.
Just trying to understand how danny's cigarette got in the grave if he wasn't inside the stadium.
The fact is, stella, danny's fate hangs in the balance and we're out of evidence.
We're never out of evidence.
Your words, not mine.
You saving that smoke for later? Yeah.
I've been trying to quit for years.
Louie was always bumming cigarettes from me back then.
Get out of here! louie.
Any word? I don't know.
Still in surgery.
You okay? Yeah, yeah.
I've had better days, to tell you the truth.
He's a tough kid, your brother danny, he's gonna make it, all right? Lindsay, you get louie messer's personal effects and get them back to the lab.
You stay here with danny.
Make sure this doesn't escalate.
I don't want the tanglewood boys seeking him out.
Or him seeking them out.
You're responsible.
Yeah, we're not going anywhere, trust me.
What do you need from us? A list of all of your clients, for starters.
Names, occupations, contact numbers-- you know? Your little black book-- I know you've got one, mr.
You take care of all the bookings, remember? Newt, no.
No way.
She'll put us right out of business if she has that book.
News flash, sweetheart.
You're already out of business.
The only question is, do you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars? From an evidentiary standpoint, neither one of you have a leg to stand on.
You were both in that hotel room.
You're on the mirror and you're in the bed.
In a court of law, that looks bad.
Let me take a look at melanie's clients, see if we can tie anybody to the murder weapon other than the two of you.
You can give it to me now or later, either way, it's mine.
it's an oyster shucking knife.
Yeah, these are fine.
Let me get two boxes of blue hill maine and a box of the european flats.
- You got it? - Paul sabotini? Nypd.
You look a lot better with your clothes on.
Uh, you're the yeah.
Why don't you hand over the oyster shucker.
Nice and slow, mr.
Looks like blood.
My guess, it's jim mooney'S.
What is it, mr.
Sabotini? You want to move in on newt glick, become melanie's new pimp? No.
Nonot at all.
You got it all wrong.
I didn't want to be her pimp.
I wanted to save her.
You know, why don't you come home with me, huh? Let me take care of you.
In time, baby, in time.
I promise.
I started getting suspicious.
she wouldn't let me come by on her days off,and she kept rushing me out.
So one night I got an extra room key and I paid her a visit, and got the surprise of my life.
Who the hell are you? Well, whthe hell are you? Where's melanie? She had to run out.
Oh, you're the oyster schmuck.
The guy paying for the room.
Saves me $600 a night.
Mel's expensive enough.
Melanie always told me not to be a "captain save-a-ho.
" Turns out, she was right.
But she played me for the last time.
I guess, uh I guess I thought I could save her.
Some people you just can't save.
You're under arrest, mr.
Louie messer's personal affects? I think you might want to see this.
He was wearing a wire.
It was badly damaged from when they beat him.
See if you can pull any trace off of these clothes, I'll be on this tape.
Sonny sassone.
How you doing, louie? I'm all right.
How you doing? Good to see ya'.
Yeah? They found that kid in the hole, sonny.
They think that my brother's got something to do with this.
What do you want me to do? Walk in and confess to that mutt, mac taylor? You know that my brother wasn't there.
I punked him out of there.
I knew where you were going that night and he wasn't ready to see all that.
Yeah, he bitched out.
You, me, and sal put hoffa in the end zone for the touchdown, so what? What are you going to do, arrest me for digging? Murder two, for starters.
You know what, I still gotta say-- I'm not worried about this.
You should be.
Keep listening.
Speaking of, "bitch," zabo cried and threw up all night.
I was the one who turned his light off.
sweet dreams, dead man.
No! pure and simple.
Mafia style you worried now? Looks like I finally found a way to shut you up, sonny.
Now it's my turn to have the final say-- on your feet.
Sweet dreams, dead man.
What are you up to? Came all the way down here to bring me a present? I wanted to surprise you.
I know I came off a little harsh the other night, so I made you something.
You did? What is it? See for yourself.
Oh, my god.
Frankie, that's beautiful.
It's called "aresanob.
" The many faces represent your amazing vision of the world.
Coarse orange scales represent your tough outer armor, and the solid white skull is your pure angelic soul.
Aresonob? It's peruvian-- it means "sl of a woman.
" Research.
I love it.
It's beautiful, frankie.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, it's me, danny.
Just talked to dad.
He's coming down here with mommy.
Doctor says you're in a coma and that you might not make it out of here.
Listen to me.
I heard you on the tape.
That nig, you got me out of there on purpose.
I never knew that.
You couldn't have just pulled me aside and said you were putting on a front? You got to keep that up all these years? I mean, you can call it tough love if you want, but I was young, man, and that hurt me in the heart.
But I want to tell you here and now that I forgive you, 'cause now I understand why you did what you did.
And I just want to say, thanks for that, and I love you.
You hear me, louie? You, uh I'm gonna go get some air right now.
You just, you just stay.
I'll be right back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's your brother? Lindsay told me you, uh, listened to the tape.
We did everything we could forensically, but in the end, it was louie who saved you.
You okay? They beat brother pretty bad.
they they beat him really bad, mac.
" No such word.
"Did you mean 'aresanob'?" Yes.
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That's "bonasera" spelled backward.
Oh, my god.
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