CSI: NY s03e04 Episode Script

Hung Out to Dry

Whose room is this? It smells in here.
What are you doing? What the hell, Blake? What? Don't tell me you're not into this.
Stop would you just stop for a second? There's something dripping on me.
You don't feel that? Feel what? You gotta be kidding me.
Oh, god! Oh, my god! College tuition: $40,000.
Room and board: $10,000.
Puking and passing out on your parents' dime: Priceless.
We're looking at a suspect pool of about 200.
Were you ever in a fraternity? No, I went to plenty of parties, but I don't recall ever ending up like that.
What have you got? Amy Feidler.
22 years old and a member of sigma theta delta.
Britney and Kevin came up to do the nasty.
Instead, they discovered the nasty.
No sign of the head either.
He took the head with him? The base of the neck appears to be burned.
Explains the smell.
Witnesses? I mean, sober ones anyway? No, I waited for you to get here before I started my interviews.
I'm looking forward to that, too, by the way.
I swear to you,if one of them calls me bro Danny'll help you out with that.
All right, good luck with that.
I'm gonna go deal with the greeks.
So This is what they mean by higher education.
This took a lot of work.
Severing the head, stringing her up there.
Who ever did this wanted her more than just dead.
He wanted her displayed to the world.
The human body contains approximately five liters of blood, so based on the position of the vic and the amount of blood on the bed, she's about tapped out.
This is where he burned her.
What the hell are we dealing with, Mac? Lindsay, you and I are on blood and fingerprints.
Hawkes, grab a ladder.
We're on the body.
Let's do it.
Did you see her go upstairs? Yeah.
Yeah, she went upstairs.
She did.
Was she with anybody? A guy or one of your sorority sisters? I don't have any sisters.
No, one of your sorority sisters.
I'm not in a sorority.
I just come for the parties.
It's called edward fortyhands.
You know, like edward scissorhands except for, you know, with 40s.
Get out of here.
No, serious, that's really what they call No, no, I mean get out of my face.
I never want to see you again.
Whatever, Bro.
Did she have a boyfriend that you know? Was she hanging around with anybody at the party here tonight? No, not that I know of.
Amy was, uh She's a fairly private girl.
She's pretty smart.
I don't know who would do such a thing.
Yeah, we're trying to figure it out.
Do me a favor, though: Give me a call if you hear anything.
You're the only normal, sober guy at this party.
Will do, detective.
The head was seared off, not cut? Come have a look.
Without the victim's head,there's only a limited amount of information I can provide, but the neck tells us what we need to know.
See the area around the third and fourth cervical vertebrae? Huh, burned through.
No serration pattern or hesitation marks.
Explains the lack of blood on the floor at the crime scene.
The neck was essentially cauterized, stopping the flow of blood.
But when she was hanged upside down, gravity caused the blood vessels to burst, draining the victim's blood.
So our murder weapon is most likely an acetylene torch.
Something portable brought into amy's room.
Any idea if the decapitation was pre- or post-mortem? Well,the rawness of the flesh indicates that she was alive during the beheading, but I- I bet she didn't feel a thing.
She was probably unconscious.
Her blood alcohol level was.
The highest I've ever registered was.
23, but that was in celebration of my first divorce and, you know, I fell down a flight of stairs and didn't feel a thing.
Is there anything else, Sid? Uh well She also has trace amounts of GHB in her system.
Date rape drug.
Yeah, the strange thing is that there's no sign of sexual assault.
There's nothing about this case that isn't strange.
Prints were a bust.
Afis was about as helpful as fema.
I got nothing.
How about you? Took blood from the t-shirt, but it's most likely the victim's.
I did get this, though.
Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Well, it's definitely not human.
Coconut hair, actually.
Where did you find it? On the victim's clothes.
Why? You know how it got there? I think we have a suspect.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Now I got this tropical rash down there to go along with the tsunami in my head.
Large black coffee, please.
Why don't you start telling me what you do remember.
Well, uh The most vivid memory I have has something to do with jell-0 and a tweety bird pez dispenser.
You know, Ethan, you're dangerously close to studying abroad next semester in rikers.
I highly suggest you start taking this seriously.
I'm a suspect? She had coconut trace on her clothing.
She was strung up with the same string you used to make your bikini.
Yes, that would make you our prime suspect.
This is insane, okay? I remember going up to amy's room.
And the room was kind of spinning, you know? We started to have sex and she asked me to, uh choke her, you know, where you Erotic asphyxiation.
So I used the twine from the bikin the coconut thing.
You choked her with it? Yeah, I guess.
I thought I dreamed that.
That's all I remember.
I don't even remember leaving the room.
Maybe you'll remember at the precinct.
Is it possible? Did I do this? Bonasera.
You guys ready for this? Who called it in? Richard Simmons back there says he took a break from jazzercising when he noticed his dog digging under a rock.
Only it's not for a bone.
Buried it under a rock.
It's as good a place as any, I figure.
Not this.
There's got to be a message he wants to send.
The brutality wasn't enough? Thanks, guys.
I told them not to touch it until you guys showed.
Must have been one hell of a party.
This party's just starting.
Turns out your victim wasn't drugged after all.
Sometimes the body produces ghb naturally after death.
In order to determine if it was administered by the killer or produced naturally, we look to the vitreous fluid in the eyes.
Where does the conversion occur? What happens is the krebs cycle stops after death causing a buildup of succinic acid.
The acid drives the formation of succinic semialdehyde, which is converted to ghb by succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase.
How cool is that? So the vitreous fluid was negative for ghb meaning amy's body produced it naturally.
Ethan Tierney didn't drug her.
If you look closely, there is a ligature mark that stretches across the victim's neck.
The width looks consistent with the twine we found.
Ethan said he choked her during erotic asphyxiation.
But the depth doesn't appear to be enough to cause death and there's no petechial hemorrhaging.
He could have applied just enough force to cause her to pass out and then off with her head.
Six-headed dragon.
My guess is the artist was trying to depict the hydra.
The hydra.
Greek mythology, right? Yeah.
Hercules's second labor.
But the problem with this t-shirt is the hydra had seven heads.
And here's your seventh.
So, Hercules had to kill the hydra by cutting its heads off.
And every time he cut one off, two new ones grew back in its place.
So he burned the necks so He could prevent a new head from growing back.
Yes, except the last head,the immortal head.
What did he do with the last one? Buried it under a rock.
The t-shirt is an extra large, which is way too big for our victim.
So, the killer brought it to the murder scene and put it on her.
He was sending a message.
Amy's one of his labors.
Check this out.
Says, "everything and nothing".
And the "3" Is the symbol for cubed.
"Everything and nothing" cubed? I'm not sure what that means.
There's also 12 xes and they could be crosses.
We need to find out who made this shirt.
Would the killer be that transparent? It seems so easy.
One of the bozos I interviewed at the sorority was wearing a shirt kind of like that.
His name was shane something or other.
All right, Danny, why don't you bring mac up to speed and, uh, go talk to this shane guy again.
Maybe he designed the shirt or he knows who did.
I'm on it.
"Kodecon"? Yeah, man, this shirt is definitely not part of the series.
What do you mean,"series"? It's called edoclaundry.
You might want to think about doing some laundry.
Hey, I got a whole system.
So how well did you, uh, know Amy? Uh, well, I knew of amy.
Everybody did.
She was smart, sexy.
I mean, she seemed cool, she wasn't a princess or anything.
I told you I have a system.
"Edec" backwards is "code.
See, there's codes hidden within the designs.
See on the lions' manes? Right up here? All lies.
- Pretty cool, huh? - Is that the only code? See these lines right here of dripping paint? They kind of look like that, well, this one on the left has 26 notches in it.
You know how long it took me to figure that one out? All right, so these other lines there match a letter in the alphabet that spells something? It spells out "call me a patriot.
¡± So what do you do with these codes? Uh well, it's a password to a fictional murder mystery.
I'll show you.
You go to edoclaundry.
Click on 'nothing' to hide.
What's "poor Richard"? Oh, it's the name of the band.
Basically, one of the guys killed another member of the group.
I'm personally leaning towards the drummer.
I think he did it.
So, you type in the code: "Call me a patriot.
" There you go.
And you get another piece of the fictitious murder mystery.
With, uh, each shirt, you get further along in the story.
How many shirts are there? There's eight so far, and I have all of them.
I'm telling you, dude, that's not one of them.
Where did you buy them? The guy that makes them sells them down at washington square park.
There's our guy.
Can I help you? Just browsing.
You two look like you should be shopping at barney's.
So what's up? Detective Taylor, New York crime lab.
So you want to tell us where you were last night? That's never a good question.
A professor was giving a special lecture on semiotics.
It's the theory and study of signs and symbols, especially as elements of language.
Also referred to as semiology.
All right, so you two are the smart cops.
Somewhere along the way we learned to read, yeah.
So, which member of poor Richard is the murderer? I'm sorry, detective.
You're just going to have to wait till the next series of shirts comes out.
Actually, they already have.
- What's this? - You tell me.
This isn't one of mine.
What the hell is "kodecon.
com"? Son of a bitch.
Somebody's knocking off my shirts? Where did you get this? Where's the other half? Found it wrapped around the head of a decapitated student.
Sorority girl.
I heard about that.
So where do I come in? The design bears an uncomfortable similarity to your shirts, mister? John Hayes.
Look, there are eight designs in this series, and you're looking at them.
Somebody else did this.
This isn't mine.
Still browsing? - How much are they? - $29 a piece.
I think we'll stick to barney's.
"What is the code? Uh "Everything and nothing"? Bingo.
Okay, I don't get it.
What are we watching? I'm not sure.
How is this connected? Score! We need to find out who created this web site.
Excuse me.
Vic's name is kenneth chandler.
Male, white, 32 years old, lives in ozone park.
He used to bounce at a bar over on sullivan street.
Looks like, this time, someone decided to 86 him.
Shot? Stabbed? What are we looking at? Well, this one doesn't really fall into any of the normal categories.
And neither did the last one.
This guy's not subtle, is he? There's meaning behind everything he does.
Like, "I'm whacked out of my gourd"? That kind of meaning? Railroad spikes run through the ocular cavities into the tree.
It's one of his.
No one goes home until we get this solved.
We got a serial killer on our hands? We definitely have a serial killer on our hands.
This guy never heard of a gun or a knife? Perhaps a simple poisoning? Well, there's nothing simple about this killer.
He's very deliberate, and he's trying to tell us something.
If I had to guess,your victim saw something he shouldn't have.
Thus, the concentration on the eyes.
After he kills, he places a t-shirt on the victim.
The first one related to mode of death.
Well, as a certified medical examiner, I can tell you with a degree of certainty that this guy was definitely not pecked to death by a peacock.
I did some research on hydra.
Research? You're greek.
Don't you know all that stuff? Yeah, well, even we greeks have to brush up on our mythology once in a while.
All right, according to this text, Hydra was regarded as an obstacle to justice.
The answers are staring us in the face.
What's the significance of the peacock? Argus, the mythological watchdog.
Kenneth Chandler was a bouncer.
- A watchdog in his own right.
- Yeah.
Well, the story goes like this: Hera, Zeus's wife, called upon Argus to spy on Zeus, who she suspected was having an affair.
Well, Argus was the perfect watchdog 'cause he had 100 eyes.
Zeus had Argus killed because he wanted to continue the affair.
When Hera found out about Argus's death, she had his eyes placed in the feathers of her favorite bird, the peacock.
So, it's possible that the killer had a relationship with Amy Feidler and caught her cheating with Kenneth Chandler.
But Flack and Danny said that there was no boyfriend in play.
Any luck tracking down the owner of the web site? Not yet.
He covered his tracks pretty well.
There's no credit card number, he updates the site remotely, and there's no address other than a P.
Box registered to a mr.
Anon Omus.
I did find this, though.
The substance used to draw the eyes on the second victim contained ammonium alum, potassium bitartrate, and mushroom extract.
It's identical to the dye used to make the t-shirts.
However, it's available at most art supply stores, so not much help.
Any luck deciphering the second shirt? Another mythological connection, but nothing that tells us who this guy is.
Another password? Ah, I didn't check it out yet.
Everything and nothing.
Maybe the phrases relate to numerology.
In what way? Well, numerological divination was popular among early mathematicians.
Pythagoras, for example.
Everything and nothing is the number zero.
Consciousness is the number seven.
So, everything and nothing cubed could be zero, or maybe he wants us to think there are three zeros, plus the number seven.
Evidence without context.
Let's hope we don't have to find another body to learn the context.
all right, the first video clip didn't have the skyline in the background.
But see, the camera followed the bubble up to where we now have that section of Manhattan.
But we don't have an object in the foreground with a known size.
Well, we have to use the bubble.
We can estimate it at approximately 15 feet.
All right.
Secondary object in the skyline there.
What building is that? Trump World Tower by the united nations.
All right, we need a tertiary object.
Far right.
That one there.
Trump Tower.
You got a thing for the donald or what? It's the hair.
All right, that should tell us how far bubble boy is from the buildings.
- Boom.
- Long Island City.
Super remembers the kid living in one-C.
The owner is listed as a henry calhoun.
He died ten years ago.
The place hasn't been sold in over 30 years.
- No knock warrant, right? - Most definitely.
Boiled mushrooms.
The substance used to draw the eyes on the second victim contained ammonium alum, potassium bitartrate,and mushroom extract.
It's identical to the dye used to make the t-shirts.
This is his workstation, where he creates his shirts.
Nothing on the first floor.
Ooh, we got a hair on this one.
Well, at least we know we're in the right place.
He must have known we were close.
Looks like he abandoned everything.
Victim number three? Victim number four? Filling in the blanks? - Most of them.
- What are we missing? We need to identify these last two figures.
Now, the skull represents death.
The underworld.
Who ruled the underworld in greek mythology? - Hades.
- Hades.
God of the dead.
This winged figure I'm not sure about.
Hermes maybe? Makes sense.
Zeus's messenger.
That's hypnos, the god of sleep.
Didn't think I knew my greek mythology, did you? I pinched this guy for some opium my first year on the job.
His dime bags had that logo on it.
He called himself hypnos'cause he said his product lulled his customers to sleep.
- Add it to the board.
- All right.
So is this guy going all Da Vinci Code on us or what? What do the numbers mean? We still don't know the connection or the order, for that matter.
He's using numerology.
Every word equals a number.
Numerological divination was popular among early mathematicians.
Evidence without context.
He's also using roman numerals.
See here in the jawline the mmiii? It's a criminal court case.
The docket number.
- "Kodecon.
" - Right.
Rearrange the letters.
It's spells "docket no".
The "t" is the balance scale of justice.
You add a period here, and you get "docket no.
" - Right.
- Wow.
He's referencing a queens case from 2003.
Just need to figure out the sequence of the six remaining numbers.
There are thousands of combinations.
We'll let the computers do the work for us.
Nothing yet? Nothing.
Entering our victim's name into the database, nothing comes up.
How about as a co-defendant? I tried.
No arrests.
Might have to do this the old-fashioned way take a list of docket numbers, go through them one by one until we find a connection.
DNA came back from the hair you found on a silkscreen.
Oh, tell me he's in CODIS.
No, but his brother is.
Ian Casey.
Arrested three years ago for murder in queens.
Docket number 2003qn000871.
Consistent with the numbers in the t-shirt.
Ian Casey.
Danny and I interviewed a Shane Casey.
He knows all about these shirts.
Let's check out that docket number.
Where is he now? "Defendant deceased.
" Hanged himself the day he was sentenced.
And Shane is looking for revenge.
Kenneth Chandler.
He's targeting people in the case.
Flack has practically everyone in the city looking for Shane Casey.
Plain clothes are sitting on his dorm room and outside the apartment building, which, by the way, is where he and his brother grew up.
Now the parents are deceased, so the odds are good that he's left the state.
He's still here.
Hasn't finished what he started.
Is this his brother's case file? - This is it? - That's all of it.
Autopsy report and a couple of dd-5'S.
No prints,dna fibers? All came down to the word of Kenneth Chandler.
bar he works at with the owner when a white male entered, robbed the register and shot the owner.
Luckily, Kenneth Chandler says he was spared.
Ian Casey was arrested three blocks away.
He fit the description, but no gun, no cash.
Kenneth Chandler id'd him.
What did amy feidler have to do with it? She was the forewoman on the jury.
They deliberated 15 minutes.
So what are you saying, Mac, you think he was innocent? I don't know.
Forensic link would be nice.
Just wish there was more.
Apparently, so does shane casey.
Well, we know he's targeting at least two more people involved in the case.
The shirts we recovered from the house referred to hades and hypnos.
Hades, god of the underworld.
Also known as god of the dead.
You don't think Who conducted the autopsy? - Sid! - Yeah.
Where's Hawkes? I just saw him a minute ago.
He was is everything all right? Hey, Mac.
What's up? You need something? Shane Casey.
He's coming after you.
You testified at the trial? Yeah.
But it was fairly routine.
- Are you sure about this? - You saw the t-shirt, right? Hades.
God of the dead.
The skulls.
You remember the top of the shirt? The profile of the human head and the outline of the brain.
He was referencing the medical examiner.
That was you at the time.
This is crazy.
I testified a thousand times.
Why this case? Why now? The evidence against the brother was minimal.
Clearly, he feels he was innocent.
I didn't testify to much.
Straight-up shooting.
Twice in the chest.
I remember cross-examination was weak.
A couple of softball questions.
Prosecutor hounded me to estimate the height of the shooter but I couldn't make a determination.
That's good stuff for cross.
Defense attorney didn't even bring it up.
He could have hammered me on a couple of issues, but he was asleep at the wheel.
The defense attorney.
He was asleep at the wheel.
Hypnos, the god of sleep.
I called the court, he has no cases on for today, and no one's picking up the phone at house or here.
Could be too late.
police department.
Shane Casey! Come on! Suspect's heading down a fire escape in the alley behind 13625 fourth avenue.
units, 13625 fourth avenue.
In alley behind location.
Flack, keep going down, try to cut him off, I'm going across.
No, no, no! Don't do it, man, don't! Son of a bitch did it.
where you going, huh? Where you going? Don't move.
Get up.
Get up, get up.
Slow it down, central.
Suspect's in custody.
I repeat, suspect's in custody.
Convict him for the rest of his life.
All because one guy points and says,"that's him.
That's the guy right there.
Justice, right? The truth will set you free.
They deserved what they got.
They deserved what they got.
I don't know nothing about your brother, Shane.
I don't know if he killed that guy or not.
You loved him.
You believed in him.
I can appreciate that.
I know a thing or two about going to bat for your brother.
But your actions were twisted, kid.
In the back of a squad car into an eight-by-eight cell of your own.
It's not what your brother would've wanted for you.
And it's not going to bring him back.
Shane Casey is just escaped.