CSI: NY s03e05 Episode Script

Oedipus Hex

Hey, missy.
My name is Carensa Sanders, and I'm recording this application to be a suicide girl.
I figured if I could let you into my world, here in heart-stopping casper, wyoming, that maybe you'd let me in yours.
As you can tell by my bedroom, I'm a typical high school senior.
My parents think I'm little miss "a" student.
Little do they, know Carensa, why is this door locked? What are you doing in there? Nothing, dad.
I'll be right out.
That was my dad.
He's part of the reason I want to be a suicide girl.
I just don't fit in out here.
Missy, I know in my heart that I am a suicide girl.
All I've ever wanted is to be around other girls like me who can accept me for who I really am.
Want to take overalls? Sure, Mac.
What's going on?You all right? Yeah.
I'm fine.
No shoes.
What is that all over her body? It smells sweet.
It's not blood.
Looks like fake blood, movie blood.
Maybe cherry syrup? Like from that movie scream.
Something tells me we're not going to like the way this picture ends.
"Til death do us part.
"Omen 'N " someone.
Looks like they beat the name right off her chest.
That's pretty cold.
Sharp object, causing death by sharp force trauma.
Multiple puncture wounds in her chest and the top of her cranium.
Depth of penetration? About an inch deep in her head, causing massive hemorrhaging beneath the wounds.
Mystery is her cranium is still very much intact.
No indentations.
It's almost as if her skull was perforated with a spike of some sort.
What else? Her left hand u- shaped bruising on the topside impact abrasion on her palm almost as if her hand was "stamped" on both sides.
I'm going to need to get a better look at this chest piece.
What's bothering me is that the wounds to the chest are localized.
It's almost as if someone was trying to remove the other name.
I got it.
I just got off the phone with intel.
Our t-shirt killer, Shane Casey's been spotted.
Where? An atm, in battery park.
Units are responding; risk assessment is still medium.
Notify our surveillance teams.
Tell them ian casey's defense attorney Jerry Ganvile and Dr.
Sheldon hawkes are still viable targets.
I can't believe he's still out there.
What do we got here? Welcome to the rucker, rucker park.
It's a mecca in this city for anyone who's ever put up a jump shot.
Kareem, kobe, Earl the goat they all played here.
Not to mention yours truly.
Really? I've been the resident larry bird, five years running.
This is alonzo "Chopper" Tevis, aka "the human helicopter.
" Just yesterday, I was up here with my ymca kids, watching him go one-on-one with dante hope of the knicks.
It was unbelievable.
All tied up here.
Next basket wins $50,000.
Look out for Chopper.
Here he comes.
Watch the spin move! Oh, he got him! Rucker is love, love, baby! We holding down basketball for all of New York.
Yeah! And in the end, David slew Goliath.
He definitely was a playground legend.
Pockets are turned out, like he was robbed.
He did take home a check for 50 grand.
Where's home? Right here, the street.
We got a crescent-shaped gash on his head.
Someone was using his head for batting practice.
There aren't many baseball bats that would leave this behind.
Jagged at the end, like it was broken off from something.
And abrasions on his forearms.
Piece of glass just below the elbow, and trauma to? Blood trail.
Directionality indicates he came from out there somewhere.
Medium velocity blood spatter.
Could be where the head injury was inflicted.
Drag marks come from up there.
Let's see if we can find the top of the trail.
So Chopper wins the tournament, leaves the park and crawls back.
The trail starts here.
This doesn't make sense, Mac.
Given the severity of his injuries, this just isn't enough blood.
Maybe he was beaten somewhere else and dumped here.
Still doesn't explain the blood spatter at the end of the alley.
And then he dragged himself all the way back to the basketball court.
Why? Where was he going? Or who was he trying to get away from? S.
What the hell does that mean? I know what S.
Stands for.
Yeah, I actually used to date one of them.
And, uh, yeah, she-she kind of broke my heart - It's not time - never mind, never mind that.
What's this mean? Oh, uh, she's a suicide girl.
I'm looking for missy suicide.
The founder of the suicide girls.
I'm missy.
All right.
Who are you two? Zoli suicide.
Amina suicide.
You guys sisters? We all take the same last name.
I'm looking for a first name.
Is she a part of your club? Oh, my god.
That's Omen.
Omen? Omen's her suicide girl stage name.
Her real name's Carensa Sanders.
When's the last time you guys saw her? Omen was at the punk show with us last night.
We opened for thrill kill.
We do this skit from the movie Carrie before the main band.
That explains the fake blood.
She had a tattoo on her chest that said "till death do us part.
Omen " and someone.
You know who that might be? A boyfriend? She have a girlfriend? What are the suicide girls? Group of girls contemplating suicide? No.
We're a sisterhood of 1,200 punk rock, pierced, goth, glam, pin up girls.
We're not the baywatch girls or the playboy bunnies.
Or the Pussycat Dolls.
Missy: We're the bettie pages of this generation.
The suicide girls are about being strong, sexy and confident, and above all unique.
Whose is this? Mine.
What are you doing with a trash picker? Picking up trash.
I'm doing community service for the sanitation department.
Assault charge.
Bitch deserved it.
Oh, I bet.
Why aren't you out beautifying the city right now? I'm on my one-hour regulation break.
Missy's shooting our new sets.
Looks like I got a set of my own.
A sharp object testing positive for blood.
Doc, i got your beep.
What's up? Hey.
Trash picker came back positive for blood, negative for human.
Negative for human? Well, what is it? Rattus norvegicus.
It's a rat.
Amina was telling the truth.
I'm doing community service for the sanitation department.
Assault charge.
All is not lost.
Sid found a green substance in the punctures of Omen's skull.
What kind of substance? Shoe polish.
Tell me Omen was stomped to death.
Am I right? I don't think so, Danny.
There were no abraded wounds to the skull like you'd expect if it were a stomping case.
This girl was bludgeoned.
Uh, you two have a visitor.
Carensa Sanders' mom's in the conference room.
Did you, uh, tell her to come down? No.
Well, why don't you take it? I'm gonna follow up with the shoe polish.
Oh, sure.
Leave me with the distraught mom.
Stick Lindsay with the jobs nobody wants.
Hey, what's the matter with you? You've been acting funny since we got to the crime scene.
Look, I need you to take this, okay? Why? I'm no good with mothers.
All right? Fathers, I can give bad news to all day long.
I can't face mothers.
I need you to take it.
All right.
Okay, I got it.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs.
Your daughter she had a tattoo on her chest that read "til death do us part.
" Omen and someone.
I don't know anything about any tattoos, detective Messer.
Before she ran away from home, you'd have to tie her down to give her a shot.
This is not my daughter.
Sanders, I'm afraid we have her prints.
That's not what I'm saying, young man.
What I am saying is, this is not the daughter that I raised.
With the body piercing and the tattoos.
She looks like some sort of freak.
Does she look like a normal 18-year-old to you? That's-that's really not my place to judge.
I don't know your daughter.
But what I did know is that she loved you.
my apologies if I offended you.
Just take a look.
There's so much more I have to tell her.
I never told her C.
Blunt force trauma.
Also have quite a few injuries.
Start with the right wrist.
Burn marks.
Isolated in a definable pattern.
Right, and showing early signs of healing, which means he was burned at least six to eight hours prior to death.
But I couldn't determine the source.
Moving down to the leg area.
Compound fractures of the right tibia and fibula.
Took incredible will to crawl as far as he did.
From the street to the court.
Needle marks on his insteps.
These aren't fresh, sid.
Means he's an ex-addict.
Given his good physical condition, I'd say he hadn't used in months.
By the looks of it, this guy might've been trying to turn his life around.
And this is how he's repaid? All right, shoe polish was found in the wound, maybe the murder weapon was a shoe, right? Next step, we find the shoe, we find the killer.
That might do it.
If Omen wasn't stomped, it's likely the killer held her stiletto like this and attacked her with the heel.
Let me give this dummy a beating.
Wait! Let me get out of the way.
Is it safe? I'll tell you one thing whoever did this got blood all over them.
All right, look at me.
Do I look like something out of that movie saw? Medium velocity spatter.
Listen, I got a lead.
Did some digging.
Went to the punk rock venue where the suicide girls were last night.
Found this.
Nine suicide girls all wearing green stilettos.
Minus Omen.
That's eight suspects.
So if the shoe fits hey.
I'm in partial print hell over here with this glass from Chopper's arm.
so, what did you make out with the fragment in Chopper's head? It's brass, but my print didn't yield anything.
Now this you can run with.
Dante hope, the next big thing in the nba.
Cut! Dante.
That was great.
All right, we have to rerig for the next shot.
Kill Chopper? Y'all are trippin'.
Are you telling us it didn't hurt to have a streetballer take you down? You, the NBA's next best thing? I'm sure it cost you some of that flash money that they throw at you.
Don't y'all read the papers? I just inked a $70 million contract.
Losing to some old school chump don't mean nothing.
We also have your print on a piece of glass.
It was embedded in Chopper's arm.
Did you two go at it after the game? Man, what are y'all talking about? Chopper beat me yesterday, but I had nothing but respect.
Real recognizes real.
And check this.
If things would have gone differently, it would have been Chopper playing for the money and me hustling games at the park.
You feel me? No, I don't feel you.
If I find out you're lying, you're gonna be feeling me.
Ladies! You brought your green stilettos.
Thank you.
Do I get them back? In time.
Name? Fractal suicide.
Fractal? You, uh, mind spelling that? N- I-x-o-N.
Like tricky dick.
Hey, you've got quite a nice jaw line.
Maybe I'll take you home with me? Back to my question, all right? Who was Omen seeing? Omen saw a lot of guys.
And girls.
Mostly women.
A woman understands a woman.
Okay, out with the gum.
Razzi, do you need me to give you a time-out? Classy.
Sawa's my name and nothing for you is my game.
Shutting off now.
Is that your natural hair color? Answer the question.
where are your green stilettos, Al? I tossed them last night.
They had corn syrup all over them from the punk show.
You're a scientist.
You know glucose is murder on pleather.
The plastic ripples.
They were ruined so I tossed them.
Or maybe you threw them out because they were covered in blood.
In my darkest moment when all seems lost, You are at my side.
I appreciate you, too, Stella.
What's it from? A greeting card? No, actually, it's from Chopper's prayer card.
father, we found this prayer card shoved into Chopper's sock.
It has the name of the church and the date written on it.
Chopper dropped by yesterday morning.
He's been coming around a lot lately.
You know, trying to do better in his life.
Making progress, too.
At one time, he worked out with ten NBA teams, but that phone call never came.
And then the drugs got him.
Father, what did the two of you talk about yesterday before the game? Well, he took confession.
I was minding my own business saying a prayer, and this dude rolls up on me with this proposition.
He says he wants me to throw the game.
The man said he'd give me $100,000.
Can you believe that, father? But would it be so wrong? I mean, that kind of money changes people's lives.
Can you tell us who he was talking about? Wouldn't say.
Did he light a candle? These caused the burns on Chopper's wrist.
It's a melted button.
I told you I'm not going to throw the game.
Wrong answer, Chopper.
It looks like a face.
The eyes, the nose.
Must be customized.
Narrows our search.
This is an enhanced image of the button we found at the church.
On the right is the imprint I found on Chopper's pants.
They're an exact match.
Looks like some kind of logo.
Or a trademark? Taylor.
Where? Hey, what about Shane Casey? All right.
They didn't pick him up.
Oh, damn.
Flack got a hit off Chopper's 50 grand.
His ex-wife deposited it into her bank account.
See if I can't make a deal with the devil.
You forged his signature, Ms.
That's right.
He left the check and I cashed it.
So, if Chopper really gave it to you he did give it to me.
Chopper owed me.
He intended me to have it.
Okay, fine.
Then why didn't he just endorse it himself? Look, I didn't kill him, okay? It went down just like I said.
So he came back here after the game and we got to arguing before he signed it.
It's over.
Just get out and take that money with you.
Kendra, come on, you're more important to me than any damn check.
All I'm asking for is a second chance, baby, please.
No, no, just go.
Tevis, were you at the game? I watched from this window and I cried when he won.
When we first met, I knew there was something good deep down inside Chopper.
Last christmas, he calls me, telling me he wants to get back together, but I said, "hell, no.
" It's too late.
I had already let him go.
What's up, blue? Sorry about your father.
Excuse me.
What'd you and Danny get out of missy, Amina, and what is it zoli? Yeah, Zippo.
Zippo on Zoli and Amina.
Missy is the only sane one in that gaggle.
So what's next? Well, I'm gonna go take a look at Omen's chest, see if I can't figure out who's the other half of "till death do us part.
" "Till death do us part.
"Omen'n al.
" Let go of me, pig! Let go! Hey, take it easy.
"ymonster"? That's your name? Wow, what's with all the nicknames these days? Do me a favor, ymonster, take your boots off my desk.
There you go.
Now talk to me.
What's your beef with alice over there? My beef? More like her beef.
She just jealous 'cause I hooked up with her girl a couple of nights ago.
We were both drunk, she was having girl problems.
Guess she broke up with her girlfriend, al.
Omen and I got to talking, and I ended up becoming her tattoo artist.
I did her chest piece for her as a favor, help her win her girl back.
What happe That rip what's that, a burn mark? Yeah, I burned my pant leg on the tailpipe of my harley sportster.
Didn't burn my leg though.
Why don't you lift it up, let me see.
All right.
You beat guys up often? Only when they've hooked up with my girlfriend.
You and Omen were lovers? At least I loved her.
Did you know the wording Omen had tattooed on her chest? No.
I knew she was getting her chest ink done the night of the show, but, she said it was a surprise for me.
Well, I think I know what the surprise was.
"Till death do us part.
Omen'n al.
" You.
Apparently, she loved you, too.
Here's our logo.
Lucky for us it was custom ordered by Hector Moody.
Damn! Hey, hey, moody! "to clay, love lily" Never seen it before.
Nice try.
Did you forget that I was right behind you in the alley when you decided to have your liquidation sale? I'm all about business.
Ah, that's right, loan-sharking, drugs, gambling, fencing stolen goods.
How much was Chopper Tevis into you for? You how interest mounts up.
The only things mounting up in your world, brother, are charges.
I had this watch dusted for prints and put through the system, and guess what? I got one.
Gave me a link to a piece of metal sticking out of Chopper's head.
Piece of metal? Where'd you get the watch, moody? From one of your goons that killed Chopper? Hell, no.
Some young entrepreneur sold it to me.
Man, he lifted it off some tourists.
Yeah? And might you have a name for this young, business-minded fella? Do your own damn legwork.
You leaned on him, moody.
You offered Chopper a hundred grand to blow the game.
It's simple, chop.
You stick with dante, play him tight, let him win at the end.
You do that you get a hundred grand.
I was just offering Chopper a way to get out from under.
He was a two-to-one underdog a week ago, but he was training like a fiend, and the odds dropped to even money.
No, you thought you could twist the arm of an ex-addict and he would just jump at the chance, but he d So, naturally, you had to teach him a lesson.
so you say.
Me and my lawyer say different.
We're at a dead end with moody, but what's troubling me is that stolen watch.
Maybe we should work it from the other end.
See if there's a complaint report filed by any tourists.
Moody won't give us what we need, maybe they will.
We were robbed! A man with a gun.
We were just leaving rucker park.
Was anyone injured? No, but he took all our money and my husband's watch.
What should we do? As long as no one was hurt, you'll have to go to the precinct and fill out a report.
But we're not from here.
All right, let's talk it out.
Omen and al were lovers, okay? But we don't have al's shoes.
She tossed them.
Ymon Ymon monster, whatever that kid's name was, he was at the punk show last night.
But so was every kid under the age of 20, so Omen was found without her shoes.
The killer could've used her shoes as a murder weapon and then tossed them.
Sure, probably, but we don't have the shoes, so we can't prove anything.
All we have left is this stamp on both sides of Omen's hand.
I got it.
You know those vintage motorcycles? The harley sportsters? Anyway, they still have kick starters.
You have to kick down to start the bike.
So the semicircle on the top of the hand could be from the heel of a boot.
And the bottom bruising is from the foot peg.
And I interrogated that ymonster kid.
He said he rides a harley sportster.
hey, shut your bike off.
"'til death do us part.
Omen 'n al.
" Ymonster? Aka, your real name, albert leinhart.
Al for short.
What happened? Get yourself caught up in a love triangle or was this just some wishful thinking? sorry.
You all right? Want to stop? No.
I want this moment to be special for us.
Let me make sure I got this right.
You want "'til death do us part.
" "Omen'n al"? And you thought "omen'n al" meant you and her.
What you never figured was it was her and her.
That's perfect.
"'Til death do Omen'n al.
" She is gonna be so excited.
She? Oh, I got to go.
The punk show starts in an hour.
So your ego was bruised.
I mean, you thought just 'cause you took Omen out that one night, it was all about Omen and al Albert Leinhart.
But then you went to the club, and you found out who the real al was.
Al suicide.
want to play head games? "Omen'n al"? You're kidding me, right? You played me, bitch.
I did everything I could to cover my tracks.
I threw the stilettos in the hudson.
Cleaned every inch of my bike.
How'd you know? How'd you know I killed Omen? Hawkes.
You made the mistake most killers make.
You didn't use your head.
This is yours, correct? Thank god you found it.
I gave it to clay for our anniversary.
You called 911 to report that you'd been robbed after the game.
You were told to come to the precinct, file a report.
You never showed.
Why? We just wanted to get out of there.
We're from out of town.
Why don't you tell us about the robbery.
Well, it all happened so fast.
Right after the game, we went straight back to the car.
- Hey!Give me your wallet!Give me your wallet! - Hey, man!Take it easy.
I'm getting it.
Shut up, give it to me! It's fine, there you go, take it.
You, take his watch off.
Give him the watch, honey.
Give me the watch! "Teacher of the year award.
" That's quite an honor.
And a murder weapon.
What the hell do you mean murder? Oh, my god, clay.
Be quiet, lily.
We had just been mugged.
Lily! We could have died, and then, as if that wasn't bad enough you got a flat tire.
We just made it around the corner.
So you stopped to change the tire.
And this man, he crawled right up to us.
I was already scared to death from the mugging.
How much longer is it gonna be, honey? Honey, just wait in the car, okay? Just wait in the car.
help me.
I don't have anything!We don't have anything! I'm not gonna hurt you.
Don't touch me! I need some help, please.
Honey!Honey! Help me, please.
He just came from out of nowhere.
I didn't think I hit him that hard.
I just wanted to him to leave us alone.
Look, it's not like we went up there to kill anybody.
We just wanted to watch a basketball game.
A basketball game won by Chopper Tevis.
The man you refused to help and ended up killing.
Need some help cleaning up? Sure.
Give me the watch.
Give it to me! Okay, take it easy.
Helicopter man.
You've been grounded.
Help me.
I don't have anything! I just cannot see honey! my turn.
I'll do it.
You sure? Yeah.
It's the job.
I know in my heart that I am a suicide girl.
All I've ever wanted is to be around other girls like me who can accept me for who I really am.
I- I want to live the life that my mother never had a chance to.
I want to be a part of something.
I want to be happy and belong.
I just want to be loved.
I just want somebody to love me.
I loved you.
I loved you.
nixon suicide, right? You're free.
Never wasn't.
Feel like going out for a couple of cocktails, maybe knock back a couple, see where the night takes us? Well, I got to say, that's pretty tempting, but I don't think that's such a good idea.
Maybe next time.
Being with a suicide girl, you don't know what you're missing.
let's get out of here.