CSI: NY s03e06 Episode Script

Open and Shut

Please don't let go of me.
No Don't drop me, please No Beautiful! Hey, you there! That's right! Mandy, over the shoulder.
Okay, great.
Mandy, love, I need you to turn to camera for me when you hit that ball, okay? Then move the camera, tony.
I'm not a contortionist.
Finally, I called about these pillows two hours ago.
Could you set those lights up for me over there? Thanks.
What is this thing made of? Buckwheat hulls, they conform to the head and neck for maximum It's lumpy.
Well, this is our gelly neck roll pillow.
It's therapeutic moldable gel This is it? This is all you have? I just flew in from milan.
Is it too much to ask for a decent pillow? Hello! I asked you a question.
Mandy, uh, I need to touch up your makeup.
Get out of my face, tess.
I was just trying to help.
Mandy: Thank you for your concern.
I'll call you as soon as I'm ready for a touch up.
And as for you - call me when she's done.
- Okay.
I said, "Is it too much to ask for a decent pillow? " I'm sorry, ms.
I'll check the pillow menu.
I'm sure I'll find something that you'll like.
Somehow, I'm not in the mood for volleyball anymore.
I'm going to my room.
All right, everybody take five.
Don't drop me, please.
Where's mandy? Please.
Right here.
Sir, stop that.
please excuse me ladies, excuse me.
They were shooting a swimwear ad on the rooftop lounge.
Mandi foster found the body.
Is our vic a model, too? Hotel concierge.
Sara jackson, 20 years old.
Moved here from minnesota two years ago.
Based on the trajectory I'd say this wasn't an accident.
I got a partial print off the fingernail.
Possible defensive wounds on her arms.
I want this section of the railing to go back to the lab.
Have adam check it out.
What about the vic? Remove the body with the spike intact.
That was a gunshot.
Sounds close.
Danny, stay here.
Hold the crime scene.
to the soho regency.
Send some backup, we're on our way.
I got two down over here.
We got two down.
I need a bus and put a rush on it.
Copy that.
We'll notify.
Is there anyone else here, ma'am? I'm gonna pick up the gun, okay? He was hitting my husband in the head with a hammer.
He just kept hitting I didn't know what else to do.
I shot him.
Are you hurt? I don't think so.
I'm detective bonasera.
Grace thomason.
That's my my husband, Dan.
Cancel the rush on the bus.
We got two doas.
Do you know who this man is? I've never seen him before.
Do you have any idea how he got in here? I was upstairs getting out of the shower and I heard this strange sound.
I saw That man hitting my husband with his hammer.
And I didn't know what else to do.
So I I shot him.
Grace, why don't we go outside, okay? No, I can't leave him.
He's lying here on the floor no.
We'll take good care of him, ma'am.
Let go.
Let go.
I want this case.
I'm a therapist.
I counsel trauma patients and look at me, I can't even think straight.
You've been through something that most people don't experience in a lifetime.
It happened in my own home.
You're supposed to be safe in your own home.
Do you own the gun? My husband.
What about the hammer? It was ours.
Before I got in the shower, Dan said he was going to hang this clock that we got online.
Do you have any friends in the city? Anywhere you can stay? My sister.
I'd like to go upstairs and collect a couple of things.
I'm sorry, grace.
It's a crime scene now, okay.
I understand.
You think I'll be arrested for killing that man? It's not my place to say.
But the da doesn't usually prosecute in self defense cases.
There's one you don't see every day.
Betcha kind of wish you were still in the M.
'S office, don't you? No, I can safely say the thrill is gone.
All right, we have two crime scenes.
We got one in the hotel here, the other in the apartment building next door.
I think it was a full moon last night.
Any way the two crimes could be related? They don't appear to be.
Okay, you two hook up with stella.
Danny's gonna work the hotel with me.
Husband sustained blunt force trauma to the head consistent with hammer blows.
I count one, two three circular skull fractures.
Our attacker took two rounds to the back of the skull.
One's a through and through.
There's also something written on his hand.
That's this address.
Why would he write the time and address if he was coming here to kill them? That sounds more like an appointment.
An appointment for murder.
The spike penetrated the chest wall and perforated the aortic arch.
A couple of centimeters to the right, she might've pulled through.
When I was an intern, they brought in a guy who'd fallen from a loading dock onto a container of steel reinforcement rods.
- Talk about a 1, 000 points of light - Now, sid, I'm sure that's all fascinating, but I'm kind of jammed up here today.
Why Why'd you leave this on? Oh, yeah, look at this.
Cartier came out with these bracelets in the '70s.
They're supposed to represent enduring love.
Only way to remove it is with a special screwdriver which is kept by the giver of the gift.
Of course, I could've cut it off, but i couldn't bring myself to damage such a sentimental part of the victim's life.
What about these gouges here? Uh, fingernail marks.
I collected some kind of oily substance from the wound tracts.
Her vaginal sample tested positive for seminal fluid and I also found some hairs on her inner thigh.
They're not hers.
So we have her bracelet, fingernail marks, sexual activity and foreign hairs.
Add it all up could be looking at a lovers' quarrel.
A lovers' quarrel.
What were you up to, sara jackson? Oh, man this oily substance it found, not only do I not know what kind of cell it is, I don't even think it's human.
I'm having the same problem with the hair.
Microscopic characteristics are sometimes hard to nail down.
Just keep at it.
Camel hair.
Camel hair? What are camel hairs doing on our vic's thigh? I use that brush in my work.
We found camel hairs on sara jackson's body.
And evidence of recent sexual activity.
We'd like a reference sample of your dna.
What, so you can stick it on some government database? No way.
I know my rights.
We have rights too.
They're called warrants.
Okay, so I partied with her last night.
sex in not a crime.
No, it's not.
However, several witnesses say that you left the roof lounge the same time as the victim.
Yeah, so what'd you do? Wait for her in the atrium? I came back here to my room.
When these supermodels pitch a fit, it can be three, four hours of down time.
That's enough time for another round of fun and games with sara.
So what happened? You make a play for her she shut you down? Bruise your ego? Let's go back to my room.
No, no, just let go of me.
the only reason I was even with that girl 'cause I was doing mandi a favor.
Having sex with the hotel concierge was a favor? Look, mandi introduced us.
She told me sara was an aspiring model.
And asked if I'd take her headshots.
Mandi and sara were friends? I don't know what their deal was.
I just take the pictures.
We're going to need some fingerprints to go along with that dna.
Our hammer man's name is ron blunt.
He's already in the system.
For what? Indecent exposure.
He took a bath in the lincoln center fountain last year.
Any history of drugs? Tox screen showed traces of an anti-psychotic called risperidone.
All right, maybe he went off his meds and had a meltdown.
We found out that his name is ron blunt.
Does that name ring a bell? Ron blunt.
He's the limo driver.
He drove my husband home from the airport a few weeks ago.
Something happened? He told dan that he could speak to spirits and fly above the trees.
He started driving erratically, and refused to stop the car.
Dan, I really think you should report this to the police.
It won't do any good.
They're just going to rubber stamp it.
Well, you have to do something.
The behavior that you described me indicates paranoid schizophrenia.
He needs help.
I called the limo company and told them that one of their drivers was potentially dangerous.
And that he needed a psych evaluation.
And did they follow through? Well, I don't know if he ever got treatment, but I'm pretty sure that he was dismissed.
I should've listened to dan.
I should've just left it alone.
This iS this is all my fault.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm such a mess.
Um, I was wondering when I could get back into my apartment? It's kind of hard living out of a tote bag.
Well, we're still processing the scene but even if we weren't grace, I know you think you're ready to go back in there.
But you need to give yourself some time.
Now, I would be happy to send someone back to your home to get a few things if you'd like.
You just let me know.
My home? When I close my eyes I can still see the blood all over the kitchen.
And Dan lying there on the floor.
Prints from the hammer.
Some were smeared, but I did get a partial from ron blunt and a set from the victim.
Thomason's prints are on the hammer because he owned it.
Which means that ron blunt came to the scene without a weapon.
So the murder wasn't premeditated.
I'm surprised you're jumping to that conclusion, lindsay.
Just because he didn't bring a weapon doesn't mean he didn't have intent.
Well, so far, we don't have anything that says he came to the scene with the intent to kill.
Well, we have blunt's background check.
Not only does he have a history of psychiatric problems, he was fired three days before the murder.
That sounds likea revenge killing to me.
Well, what about the flowers? Here's his autopsy report.
Peyton found traces of pollen on his hand.
I fumed the wrapping from the flowers and his prints were all over it.
Well, maybe he used the flowers to get into the apartment.
I mean, looking through a peep hole and seeing a bouquet of flowers isn't exactly threatening.
True but dan thomason knows what he looked like, so he wouldn't of just let him in.
Well, he must've.
There were no signs of forced entry blunt didn't break in.
You know, maybe we're looking at this the wrong way, stella maybe thomason got scared when he saw blunt at the door, despite the fact that the flowers are just what they appear to be a peace offering, his way of saying he was sorry for the whole limo thing.
He came to apologize, found it unsatisfying and took it to the next level.
Hey, I'm I'm just doing what you taught me.
I'm just asking the tough questions.
But you're looking at a schizophrenic and expecting rational answers The only two people who know exactly what happened in that room are dead, lindsay.
It's our job to collect the evidence and examine it.
And the sooner we do that, the sooner we can all move on.
We're fine.
I spoke with grace thomason.
She's blaming herself.
Common reactioN.
You know, we go to crime scenes and we start rattling off platitudes to people.
Words of pain and loss and healing.
And the truth is, all we really about is the business of death.
I know this has to be a little tough on you, stella.
Actually, I think it's good.
It's bringing out stuff that I haven't dealt with.
Yeah, I look at grace and I know what she's going through.
Tracy davis.
That's our very first case together.
I remember the look in your eyes at the end of each day, when you processed the crime scene and analyzed her clothes.
I'm going to tell you now what I told you then: It's hard to separate yourself emotionally, but in the end, always comes down to the evidence.
I didn't forgot that, mac.
This case is different.
Hell, I'm different.
I know what it's like to be trapped in your home.
And I have a vivid memory of that horrible moment when you realize the only way out is a bullet.
I have no choice but to be emotionally involved.
You got anything on the railing? That's a joke, right? Call it wishful thinking.
It's got more trace on it than a public rest room.
Actually, I have no idea what I'm looking for here.
Well, sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you find it thank you.
Our photographer's prints didn't match the print we found on the vic.
We got a hit on someone else.
See if you can put it on the railing.
Mandy Foster, oh.
Uh, I love Mandy Foster.
You were picked up three years ago for assaulting your assistant with an ipod.
Police report said it wasn't the first time.
I tossed her my ipod.
It accidentally hit her in the head.
That's the truth.
I was there.
She sold her story to the tabloids for 50 grand.
Bought a tanning salon with it.
You're the stylist, right? Tess larson? Yeah? We don't need to talk to you right now.
Could you leave us alone, please? Tessie, how about some water? Volvic, room temp.
Thanks, tess.
We found your fingerprints on sara jackson.
I must have touched her when I found the body.
I remember checking for a pulse.
On her fingertip? What can I say? I've never seen a dead person before.
I was freaking out.
We have a witness who says that you knew the victim and that you arranged for her to get headshots.
Deluca, that idiot.
We'll take that as a yes.
I met sara here at the hotel.
We talked a little.
She said she wanted to be a model.
I tried to help her.
End of story.
And you did all of this out of the goodness of your heart? Yeah, that's right.
Models have hearts, too, you know.
When blunt attacked thomason with the hammer, he should've ended up with some medium-velocity blood spatter on his shirt.
I can't find any.
Any spatter could've been covered when he fell into the blood pool.
Yeah, well, let's spray it with luminol.
Maybe we're just not seeing it.
Hawkes, I need you to take a look at something.
Brain tissue.
From the blood i collected in the bathroom.
It's dan thomason's dna.
So how did dan thomason's brain matter end up on the bathtub? I don't know.
I mean, there was no blood trail leading in that direction, at least none that we could see.
There's also a possible inconsistency with the spatter on blunt's shirt.
Looks like we've got some unanswered questions.
Then let's answer them.
So I finally I.
'D that substance we found in sara's arm wounds.
Bovine stem cells.
Cow stem cells.
Those are used in medical research.
As far as I know, that's all they're used for, but I'll keep looking.
So I went down to the deli to get a cinnamon twist, ran into a friend of ours.
Paparazzi must've been hiding behind a potted plant.
I don't know.
The angle's pretty low, and look at this bracelet.
It belongs to sara jackson.
So she took this photo? There's just one problem with your theory.
That was the editor of entertainment worldwide.
The photo came from a digital video which was uploaded to their web site two hours after sara's murder.
Get a subpoena for the video.
Whoever took it could be our killer.
All right, according to grace thomason's statement, blunt was standing about two feet behind her husband.
Just about here.
Ready? Yep Okay, here we go.
Medium-velocity blood spatter.
Thomason went down with his head right about there.
- His arm was bent - And his feet were over there.
All right, you ready, hammer man? Okay, concentrated blood pattern on the chest and the blood pool.
Medium-velocity blood spatter on the neck, shoulder, and arms.
There should have been a similar pattern on the shirt that blunt was wearing.
And the fact that there wasn't suggests that blunt didn't wield the hammer.
What else do we have? Okay, let's check the gravitational drops.
Bring the hammer down.
No match.
Lower it again.
Still no match.
Lower it again.
We have a match in stain size.
One foot, eight inches.
Okay, adjusting for arm length.
Whoever held the hammer was between 5'2" and 5'5".
Ron blunt is six feet.
You wanted to see me, sid? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh, glove up.
You're gonna want to check this out.
When sara jackson's body went into rigor, something interesting happened.
What? Look.
Check her right hand.
It's not in rigor like the rest of her body.
Muscle exertion at the time of death caused her hand to go into early rigor.
That would only happen if she was clutching something when she died.
We didn't find anything at the scene.
Maybe someone pried her hand open and took it out.
Once the rigor was broken, it didn't return.
You're looking for an object that would have fit in the palm of her hand.
Sara was holding a camera when she died, wasn't she? How should I know? Because you cracked open her hand and took it out.
Leaving your fingerprints behind.
Why do you guys keep harassing me? We tend to do that when we think someone is guilty of murder.
This doesn't make sense.
Why would I kill her? Because you found out she was videotaping you.
You got angry, told her to give you the camera.
When she didn't give you the camera, you had one of your outburstS.
Only this time, things got really out of hand.
Give me the camera.
Give me the camera.
Give me the camera, sara! No! Let go! Okay , I admit I took the camera, but I'd been through a traumatic experience.
I think you guys are forgetting that I'm the victim here.
Really? I don't think sara jackson's family would see it that way.
I'm really sad about what happened to sara, but she was already dead when I found her.
What'd you do with the camera? I got rid of it.
Where? Why does it matter? It's evidence.
Well, it's in the hudson now.
If you threw the camera in the river, how'd the photos end up in entertainment worldwide? You sent them, didn't you? It was a business thing.
What kind of business thing? Sara was supposed to videotape me, leak it to the press, and in return, I was supposed to get my photographer to take head shots of her.
I don't know what went wrong.
So you're telling me this whole thing was a publicity stunt? look at kate moss.
She's gotten over nine international covers since she was videotaped doing coke.
Stand up.
What are you doing? We have enough evidence to charge you on probable cause.
But I told you I didn't do anything.
You were at the scene of a homicide, you took the camera out of the victim's hand.
Look at it this way, kitten.
It's free publicity.
Son of a bitch.
Grace planned this whole thing.
There's sara.
Looks like her camera had some kind of clip-on attachment like a cell phone.
Here's the cover shot.
That looks that's the thomasons' apartment in the background.
Where'd you get this? Sara jackson took it on the roof yesterday, before she died.
So it looks like mandi was on the up-and-up about the videotaping.
Still doesn't mean she's innocent.
Hey, what time was this video taken? Around 9:35.
So you'll never guess what bovine stem cells are used for these days.
Oh, that's a new one.
Yeah, apparently it reverses the aging process.
Only a couple places in manhattan do it.
Lucky for us, one of them is the soho regency spa.
Was mandi foster on their client list? Along with her stylist and her agent and about seven other hotel guests.
Well, now all we got to do is narrow it down.
The blue markers represent your biologicals.
Baby spit-up, semen, e coli bacteria, saliva not all from the same person, I hope.
According to the dna results ding, ding, ding! You are correct.
What are the yellow markers? Uh, consumer goods.
Juicy fruit gum, eyebrow pencil, pomegranate juice.
That's a great antioxidant.
Next, you got your reds.
Metals and minerals.
Copper, brass, gold, 14-karat, 18-karat.
There was a mix of turquoise and silver.
Turquoise and silver? Uh, yeah.
Tess larson.
Tessie, how about some water? Volvic.
Room temp.
I need to see that turquoise and silver trace.
It's right down down it's right here.
Scratches have a forward directionality.
Imprint is pretty deep.
Minute amount of silver trace actually embedded in the wood.
Would take a lot of pressure to do that.
Someone leaning over the railing holding something heavy.
How much did the victim weigh? Uh, 115.
What are you talking about? You pushed sara over the balcony in the atrium, and then you tried to save her.
I wasn't anywhere near that atrium.
When you leaned over the railing to grab sara, your navel ring imprinted on the railing, leaving microscopic amounts of turquoise and silver.
We were able to simulate the conditions and get the same results.
Tons of people wear navel rings.
How many of them also had a bovine facial in the hotel spa? What does that have to do with this? Everything.
We found bovine stem cells in the wounds on sara jackson's arms, transferred from your nails.
You were the only hotel guest who had both a bovine facial and vip access to the rooftop floor.
So you want to tell me what happened? I've been with mandi since the beginning.
She gave me my start.
I just wanted to protect her.
From what? The paparazzi, the tabloids.
They're waiting for her to screw up.
They're just they're like sharks circling, they're everywhere.
Tess, mandi planned this whole thing.
It was her idea.
What do you mean? Mandi arranged for sara to videotape her on the roof for publicity.
It was all for the publicity.
That's not true.
Can't be true.
I just Is it too much to ask for a decent pillow? I asked you a question! Mandi, I need to touch up your makeup.
Get out of my face, tess.
I said hey I saw what you were doing.
Give me the camera! No! Give it to me! No! You don't know what you're doing! You can't do this! Let go of me! No! please please don't let go of me! help me, please no, don't drop me! I just wanted the camera.
I just needed to get the camera from her.
I didn't want to kill her.
The evidence we got from the crime scene reenactment was damning, but inconclusive.
So I had to go back to the only real solid evidence we have.
The brain cells from the blood in the bathroom.
I couldn't figure out how they got in there.
And then it hit me.
Grace didn't take a shower before her husband was killed, she took one afterwards.
So you're saying grace killed her husband, took a shower and then shot ron blunt? Mac, grace planned the whole thing down to the last detail.
And this is proof.
I enhanced the video that sara jackson took from the roof.
Okay? see, I think grace had already bludgeoned her husband at this point.
Notice she's wearing a white t- shirt, and her hair is dry.
So she hasn't taken a shower yet.
Now she's heading to the bathroom here.
Probably to take that shower.
When she took off the bloody t-shirt, a drop of the blood containing her husband's brain matter must've fallen onto the bathtub.
So this is all happening right before we arrived at the hotel for the jackson murder? Exactly.
See, I checked the police report, and we entered the thomasons' apartment at exactly 9:50.
That's 15 minutes after this video was taken.
Grace had wet hair and she was wearing a pink shirt, remember? The question is, where's that white t-shirt? She could've tossed it.
There's an incinerator shaft in the hall.
No, I don't think she had enough time to go out in the hallway.
See, ron blunt had "10:00 A.
" Written on his hand.
When we got there at ten to He must've arrived early.
So she had enough time to change her shirt, but not dispose of it.
And there was no opportunity after she shot blunt because we were on the scene within seconds.
That's why she was so anxious to get back into the apartment.
I'd like to go up to sara's and collect a couple of things.
I was wondering when I could get back into my apartment.
To dispose of that t-shirt.
Framing a man with known mental problems was very clever.
But then again, you're a therapist; you'd know who to pick.
I really have no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, see, now, that's a clich? I would've expected something far more imaginative from you.
Okay, that's just being passive-aggressive.
You had it all planned down to the last detail, didn't you, grace? See, the only thing you couldn't have known is that we were seconds away on another case.
You know, I just buried my husband.
Why are you doing this to me? Ron blunt's funeral is tomorrow.
See, I doubt anybody will be there, because the press has painted him as a depraved murderer.
Because that's exactly what he is.
Now, that's projecting.
You're the one who brought that poor man to your apartment.
I mean, what did you say to him? That you would help him get his job back? Well, you tell me.
I'm sure you have a theory.
Well, he brought you flowers.
I'm sure he was just trying to make a good impression.
And then, you led him into the kitchen where the body of your bludgeoned husband lay.
And you shot him in the back of the head.
and then you put the hammer in his hand, so his prints would be on it.
I suppose you have evidence to back up this outrageous accusation.
I found your little white t-shirt, shoved in the vent in your bedroom.
That's why you wanted to get back into your apartment.
Wanted to get rid of all that stuff.
How am I doing so far? You didn't have to live with him.
Maybe not.
But murder isn't the solution.
Isn't that a bit hypocritical? I mean, coming from you.
Excuse me? Yeah, I read somewhere that you shot your boyfriend three times in the chest , point blank range, in own your apartment.
Was last year, wasn't it? That was self-defense.
I was a victim, and you're a cold-blooded murderer.