CSI: NY s03e07 Episode Script

Murder Sings the Blues

I gotta go.
It's your night off.
You're going to miss out on all the fun things that I've planned for your birthday.
Like what? Nice try, detective.
To be continued? Detective angell, what have we got? Possible biological, maybe chemical agent.
Lindsay, check with the cdc and local E.
See if there are other reports.
On it.
Oh, and mac, happy birthday.
Yeah, sorry you had to come here on your night off, mac.
This is definitely new for me.
Very strange.
All this blood but no external injuries.
It appears as if she just started bleeding from every mucus membrane.
We have an id on her yet? Still checking with missing persons.
What about witnesses? No reports from commuters, but someone did call 911 about an hour ago.
Who made that call? Bobby vinton.
Dispatch traced the call back and got this.
blue velvet keep working on it.
doesn't look like smallpox or anthrax.
And there's no purpura or macula or papilla rash.
which rules out hemorrhagic fever Still, something caused these symptoms.
Nothing from the cdc or any ers.
Looks like this is an isolated incident.
Means this girl was a target.
I did find this glowstick near the body.
Could be a souvenir from A party or a club.
This girl didn't come from the party.
The party was here.
On the train.
And murder was the last stop.
com/bbs=- proudly presents Season 3 Episode 7 Sings the Blues* Mo liver temp is 95 degrees, and from the lack of rigor, I'd put T.
At approximately two hours.
The subway tested negative for all hazardous materials and biologicals.
If it wasn't a biological attack, what caused this kind of bleeding? Tell me what that medical mind is thinking.
Hawkes? Sorry.
Whatever did this is definitely unique.
If an unknown substance did cause this girl's death, her body and this subway car are our best leads to find our killer.
Hawkes, get this body to autopsy.
Lindsay, process this car.
*She wore blue velvet bluer than velvet was the night * *softer than satin was the light * *ours a love I held tightly feeling the rapture of love* *like a flame burning brightly * *but when she left, gone was the glow* she didn't bleed out? No.
Was multiple organ failure.
I found crystalline traces along her leg here, which I sent to tox, along with these tissue samples from these burns in her throat.
That kind of burn damage to the esophageal lining suggests she drank something.
My conclusion as well.
There's also a similar exterior burn just here, which may have been caused by the same thing.
Looks like a chemical burn.
I believe that it was caused by this.
In japan, a thousand origami cranes are supposed to bring good luck.
Well, whatever's on this crane could just be the answer to why this vic's luck ran out.
oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
A single dinner with this guy sold for a hundred thousand dollars at a charity auction two weeks ago.
Why? What's he cooking? His name's grant jordan.
Manhattan's most eligible bachelor.
Triathlete, philanthropist, and notorious playboy.
Looks like mr.
Hundred-thou's got gooseflesh.
Yeah, water temp must have delayed rigor.
Who keeps a jacuzzi that cold? It's a swim gym, danny.
A motor generates a current - you swim against it.
There's no signs of struggle, so if he was the athlete that you're saying he was, something odd happened here.
Yeah, I'm with you, danny.
Now, the vic was discovered under the pool cover, right? Murder's a tough thing to look at.
Someone must have pushed this button.
I'm his room maid.
His room maid? God, these itch.
I clean for high-end clients- guys mostly- in exchange for room and board.
Every girl athe agency wanted this job.
I mean, can you imagine living here? This was my first day.
What a bummer.
There's an agency? People like grant jordan can't live with just anyone.
So you submit your name, go through credit and background checks, and pose for several photographs.
Jordan had a fondness for blue-eyed blondes.
So why'd you open the swim gym? I heard it running, thought I'd check it out.
One of the benefits of being a room maid is that after you clean it, you get to enjoy it.
Excuse me, miss - did you, uh, vacuum the joint when you got here today? Yeah, I hosed the whole place.
Building's got a central vac, dano - check this out.
Open that, stick the hose in.
Yeah, I know how it works, flack.
This means all our evidence has been sucked into an air shaft somewhere on this building.
The question is, where does it all end up? I hate rich people.
look what I just found.
And there's no evidence of grant jordan being a contact wearer.
Maybe it's one of the maids.
Apparently, blue eyes are a job requirement.
Yeah, I just watched a new one pop hers out.
Do we know who the old maid was? In the works.
these apartments start at over two million bucks and you can hear through the walls? That could be good for us.
Maybe one of the neighbors heard something.
All I heard was that friggin' noise.
Could you be more specific, mr.
Gecko? Well, yeah.
The motor from the swim gym.
I just grinds around Grant jordan was an inconsiderate jerk.
His new year's eve party which we weren't invited to.
Broke the sound barrier.
Okay, what about last night? He was yelling at someone.
Could you make out what was going on? Sex.
He was always having sex.
whole floor up.
Did you happen to see who he was with? No.
I just like to listen.
Byob, baby.
Blue, blue, blue.
a flier, randy? Hey, I could sell it on ebay for $200.
Why, you interested? I am.
You made a 911 call last night.
A girl was in trouble on the subway.
Any idea what her name was? Nah, I never seen her before.
Why didn't you stick around? And do what? Look, the blue train - this is a commodity.
I mean, word gets out that somebody died, I'd be out of business.
You serve anything special at these parties? Byob.
As in blue.
I don't encourage liquor.
Look, I just make fliers, you know.
People call in, they hear a song until the day of the party- and that's when they get the time and the train.
Is there some kind of disclaimer on these? You need help, you get hurt? What, you're just on your own? Hey, the party was over.
I was trying to get people off the train.
So you step over a woman who was bleeding to death.
She was dead when we found her - she was alive when you made the call, right? I freaked, all right? I'm sorry.
I want a list of everyone who was there last night.
I don't know all their names.
Start with your friends.
We'll do the rest.
Grant jordan had a significant difference in iron concentration between the two ventricles of his heart.
So, technically, he drowned? I did find trace on his forehead and it looks like the shape of fingers - unfortunately, there's no ridge detail.
Someone could have held his head underwater.
And we may have a witness.
Found this in the left bronchus.
Looks like the head off a wedding cake topper.
What's a bride doing inside of manhattan's most eligible bachelor? Sextasy.
Combination of mdma and sildenafil.
Ecstasy and a male potency drug.
Somebody snorted it off our vic's leg.
And when he did, he left behind epithelials.
I ran the dna through codis.
James mcquinn.
Felony conviction for attempted manslaughter six years ago.
You know him? I worked that case.
Says here that two years after the felony he was arrested again in connection with an O.
Of a minor.
Look at his alibi.
Randy kern.
The blue train promoter.
Used to work for mcquinn.
There's a connection.
But the problem is that the tox screen on our jane doe came back clean for sextasy.
It's not what killed her, so there's no way we can definitely connect james mcquinn to the victim's death.
James mcquinn is a repeat offender.
You have to remember, lindsay, sometimes the character of an individual is part of the evidence.
This guy was with our jane doe last night.
The ggency gave me this address for the old maid.
Nypd crime lab.
We need to speak with veronica perez.
Right there.
But he was such a good swimmer.
Why did grant jordan fire you? I don't know; I guess it just seemed like nothing I ever did was good enough.
You wear contacts, veronica? We found a blue contact near grant jordan's body.
Now if the prescription were to match yours all right, I was with grant in the swim gym.
And is that type of service part of the job description? Well, that depends on if you want to stay employed.
When was the last time you two went for a swim? Um, I guess about three days ago.
And then he fired me the next morning.
And I packed my stuff and I left.
Look, I may have slept with grant jordan, but I didn't kill him.
All right, then you won't mind giving us one of your contacts as a reference sample.
It was on the glass shard I found on the subway.
Could be what killed the vic.
It's a chemical used in photo processing, dyes, explosives And cancer research.
I found traces of dmh on this.
Hey I know the guy who makes these.
He's a trash artist.
Trash artist? Yeah, I see him on my way home on the seven train.
He makes art out of garbage.
Usually, he asks you for something like a receipt or a piece of paper.
He's really good at it.
Looks like a partial phone number.
Hey, I'm going to run with this number.
How about you go see if you can track down the trash artist.
Almost an exact impression.
A deadly one.
Her parents id'd her an hour ago.
Call me.
Jenny anders.
You knew her? Yeah.
Only for a minute.
Thanks, peyton.
think about it, ladies.
Your own exclusive party at 20,000 feet.
This jet is the club of the future.
Mcquinn aviation is the place to be.
James mcquinn? We're doing media in an hour.
I need an exclusive.
Sorry, don't know her.
Look again.
I'm telling you I don't know her - and I don't forget a face.
What about legs? Your dna is all over the victim'S.
Sure you weren't on the blue train? Maybe slipped a new designer drug into her drink? Why would I do that? Because you don't have a conscience.
Look, randy kern is a punk and I don't have to ride the subway.
I'm a successful businessman now.
And your success has always been at the expense of someone else.
Let's cut the crap.
Randy kern was your employee, your dna is on the victim.
It's nothing more than coincidence.
There's no such thing in murder.
What happened to your hand? Oh, cut it on a deep sea dive.
Took a submersible down to recover a few artifacts.
You're a collector? I'm lots of things.
Including a good friend to the mayor'S.
Is that a threat? A warning.
You and I both know that randy kern is making a mint off that illegal party of his.
This it's his mess.
Why aren't you harassing him? Because he doesn't have a record.
Don't fly that thing too low.
I want to keep you on my radar.
I couldn't find the origami artist or randy kern's friends.
I figured the blue train was the next step.
Did you know randy kern's fliers are selling for $500 online? - randy's paid rent for the next couple years.
Linds, it's 12:05.
You sure this is the right train? Message said midnight, this train.
Wear blue.
hawke! Nypd, as in blue.
What can you make out of that? She doesn't look familiar.
So you didn't see her at the party last night? My art attracts over a hundred people every day.
How am I expected to remember one person? Depends how often your art burns people.
You cops got this backwards, all right? I didn't do anything to that girl.
Oh, now he has a memory.
her trash burned you.
Hey, my profession is risky, okay.
I had to shave my eyebrows two months ago 'cause of diaper lice.
Do you remember anything else about the piece of paper that she gave you? No, all right? I only do these parties for randy kern because the tips are good and they're such fertile ground.
Fertile ground for what? Art supplies.
You're looking at a week's worth of parties.
The contact we found in the swim gym filter was the same prescription as veronica's - grant's former housemaid.
Doesn't prove that veronica was the one who drowned grant jordan.
Try some of the flourless chocolate torte.
It might help.
It's exactly like the one sid found.
Cake order from weinstein's, signed by one veronica perez-jordan.
Jordan? The same veronica perez-jordan who donated $100,000 to a charity two weeks agO.
She was the one who bid on him at the auction.
And when i found that out, I did some checking.
Seems the jordans were registered at barney's, tiffany's and crate & barrel.
When I was looking through grant jordan's apartment the only thing that even hinted at a wedding was a closet full of tuxedos.
There was nothing to indicate he was planning on getting married.
No engagement ring, no honeymoon plans veronica veronica was planning a wedding with grant and he didn't even know it.
Do you, stella bonasera, take veronica as a crazy with a motive? I do.
Grant just wasn't ready to go public with our relationship.
What about the auction? He gave me the money to bid on him.
He bought himself? He had a race the next day.
And all he wanted to do was spend a nice, quiet night at home.
With me.
Is that what he told you? He didn't have to tell me.
I knew what grant wanted.
And it didn't seem strange to you that he kept you, his so-called fiancee, on his payroll? Detective.
Guys just don't get it, do they, veronica? Grant did.
Did he? Did he understand just how much it all meant to you? You two shared a life together.
All those little moments, afternoon walks, evening meals.
You slept in the same bed.
You were compatible.
It wouldn't have worked otherwise.
It had to be love, right? He acted like it was nothing.
Isn't this cute? Look, it looks just like us.
You're just my maid, veronica - get a grip.
And even though grant fired me, he knew we were made for each other.
God, I miss him so much.
hey, danny, tell me you got something to connect veronica the maid to jordan's death.
No, but I do have a saint bernard with fleas.
And a poodle with a skin condition, I think.
The results of the trace? Yeah.
The red granules I found on the condom are sand particles.
That's the same trace I found on grant jordan's doormat.
The sand is dyed with natural iron oxide and used to track river currents.
The dalai lama.
Excuse me?You lost me there.
What? It says here that the dyed dolomite is also used to create mandalas.
I'm still at the dalai lama.
That's good, 'cause mandalas are buddhist sand paintings.
Before the sand is used, the designs are sketched out with waterproof chalk.
Like we found on grant jordan's forehead.
Is the maid a buddhist? I don't think so.
When we were processing the apartment, flack and I heard bells or chimes like they use in buddhist meditation.
It was coming through the wall.
all right, so we're not looking at the maid.
No, we're looking at the next door neighbor.
This is gonna take awhile.
Nah, I got a shortcut for this one - come here.
We go back to the central vac using the reference samples we collected from most of jordan's neighbors compare those to the layers processed in the tec here and through process of elimination, we can determine which layer belongs to the next-door neighbor.
Now, if we focus on that, we can prove that the next-door neighbor was in jordan's apartment.
Welcome to my world.
The anders case.
Got suspects, but no motive.
Sounds like we won't be continuing my plans for your birthday dinner.
Sorry, peyton, I still have four to six hours work here.
It's okay.
I can improvise.
Vending machine, fifth floor, 8:00.
I'll be there.
Oh, sheldon called for clarification on the anders tox report.
But since he knows the victim, I was wondering who to pass it along to.
I'll take it.
Don't be late.
All the glass pieces from the origami artist match the shard I found on the subway.
And they all tested positive for dimethylhydrazine, aka dmh.
The chemical that killed jenny anders.
And if we put these pieces of glass back together, we could figure out what kind of container held the dmh, and maybe lift some prints, which might help us id her murderer.
Why didn't you tell me you knew jenny anders? It wasn't relevant.
I decide what's relevant to a case.
You knew the victim, you didn't say anything about it, why? Mac, I met her a couple of months ago at a club.
I wasn't even sure it was her until I saw my phone number on the receipt peyton found on the body.
That was your number? Your number is on the body.
That's evidence.
You know that, sheldon.
I'm just gonna go check on no, you stay here, lindsay.
You put all our work in jeopardy.
You know the victim, you have knowledge of a case.
You are responsible for pulling yourself off that case.
Mac, I knew jenny anders for maybe an hour.
I was just trying to help.
An hour is all the time a defense attorney needs.
This lab does not make compromises.
We do not take shortcuts.
We follow the evidence.
Science is our integrity.
You're off the case, sheldon.
You know, just maybe, mac, your unfinished business with james mcquinn has clouded your judgment.
we're looking at another "to be continued" for my birthday, aren't we? You could have just told me that you didn't know.
What do you mean? Sheldon's association with jenny anders.
You assumed he was off the case.
Why does it matter now? Mac, that's not what I'm saying.
Sheldon may have violated your ethical code he violated the rules of this lab.
I'm sure that his intentions were good.
The outcome wouldn't have been any different in either case.
How do you know that he wasn't going to tell you himself? I'm not clear on why any of this matters now.
It matters.
It matters because I feel awful that I compromised a friend.
And you let me do it.
You should have just told me that you didn't know.
All right, you can see we have three distinct sets of prints.
So three people handled the flask.
The top print was the vic.
She drank the dmh that was inside the flask.
using a reference print from the blue train flyer, I determined that the second print is randy kern'S.
So, randy handed the flask to jenny anders.
Right - but before that, someone handed it to him.
Beneath his prints are a third set.
There's no ridge detail indicative of a chemical burn.
None of randy's reference prints show signs of burn damage.
So we're looking at an unknown party.
All of the burned prints were found near the neck of the flask.
Whoever brought the flask onto that traiN took off the lid then handed the flask to randy.
So maybe jenny anders wasn't the intended victim, she was collateral damage.
Randy was the target.
Someone tried to kill me? The flask contained dmh.
It's what fried jenny anders from the inside out.
Who gave you the flask, randy? I don't remember.
Maybe we got this wrong.
Maybe you had someone bring the flask onto the train and you killed jenny anders.
No, that's not what happened.
Byob, baby.
You remember all that, but you're clueless about who gave you the flask? A young woman died, randy.
The blue train was about having fun, making money.
And somebody tried to kill me for that.
Believe me, if I remembered who gave me the flask, I would tell you.
Randy doesn't remember who handed him this flask.
Let's let the science do it for him.
Tc analysis confirms that the red sand we found on grant jordan's doormat and in his apartment was also in his next-door neighbor's apartment.
Add the tracers of chalk here and you got your proof.
Grant jordan was living next door to a killer artist.
Seems you logged quite a list of complaints against grant jordan, mr.
Every monday, wednesday and friday you called the super at 8:00.
It's a co-op.
I mean, there are rules.
His swim gym was illegal.
But the problem is you didn't complain about grant jordan the night that he died.
Instead, you paid him a visit.
Maybe I went to tell him to keep it down.
Turn that thing off! Turn it off! I have never been inside his place.
Don't tell me there's a lot of people that work with this red sand, all right? These mandala things you make are rare.
Come on, you gonna tell me I'm the only person in manhattan with a hobby? No but this white chalk that we found on his forehead, you also use that to sketch out your designs.
Mandalas are an ancient tibetan art form.
To create them, you need peace.
And that jerk, he just never understood that.
So you took matters into your own hands, and you did go into his apartment.
And we got the sand to prove it.
I'm shutting this down! This thing is illegal! Get off, get off me, get off and when the maid found jordan's body, that motor was still running.
So you were listening to that thing run all night long.
I didn't mean to kill him.
He was just always making so much noise.
Stand up.
The icp-ms gave us lead and cadmium on the flask.
Cadmium forms naturally on the ocean floor.
Cut it on a deep-sea dive.
Took a submersible down to recover a few artifacts.
And the dmh inside the flask was a hydrozine analog.
Right, found in photo processing, lab experiments and experimental fuels like jet fuel.
so james mcquinn wanted to kill randy kern.
Why? Good old-fashioned greed.
Randy was making money off the blue train, mcquinn saw it as an opportunity.
The blue train was about having fun, making money.
Somebody tried to kill me for that.
Randy knows that mcquinn tried to kill him.
And randy's gonna get revenge.
we need to locate randy kern and james mcquinn now.
don't move, randy.
Nypd, freeze! you can't prove a thing.
Let me see your hand, mr.
looks like a chemical burn.
Only your target wasn't a girl, it was randy kern.
Hey, what are you doing here? I had to see it for myself.
Hey, huh? Byob, as in blue, baby.
we got him.
You know, I wasn't sure it was her, mack.
I guess I just kept hoping it.
Hoping it wasn'T.
It was one night she had lost her friends, was pretty drunk.
So I just took her to get a cup of coffee.
You know, talk.
I'm sorry about this.
I guess I just party a little too hard sometimes.
Happens to the best of us.
Call me if you ever need another cup of coffee or someone to talk to.
I keep thinking what if I'd gotten her number called her.
Maybe things would've turned out differently.
I didn't know if you'd show up.
I was, um, pretty feisty today.
Feisty is very attractive on you.
don't make me blush.
I'm trying to be serious.
Sheldon's my friend.
We've shared four years in the M.
'S office together, and I'm a little protective, but I do realize that he works for you.
Have whatever you want.
It's on me.
Big spender.
you pick.
Anything for the birthday boy.
*Going away to a place that we all know * *come with me, I just want to say hello * make a wish.
*If you need some inspiration before we go* *just know it's the way I have fallen in with you * *it's the way I have fallen in with you*