CSI: NY s03e08 Episode Script


The old stomping ground.
It's been a while.
Thanks for coming,mac.
You want something? No,no,I'm still on the clock.
You sounded a little rattled on the phone.
Everything okay? I think somebody's following me.
What makes you think that? I'm hearing footsteps and seeing shadows and glimpses of something or someone and look,I know this sounds crazy, but I really feel like I'm being watched.
This is at your place? No,no,actually it's,uh as I go into work, twice on the subway, when I was shopping today.
When did this start? Uh about a week ago.
I first felt it, when I dropped off your birthday gift at your place.
Well,I'll assign a patrol unit.
We'll have some guys outside your place.
No,no,that's not necessary.
A homicide on lafayette.
Come on,I'll drop you off at home, it's on the way.
No,no,it's okay.
I want to enjoy every last minute of my day off.
Just telling you makes me feel a lot better,okay? Okay,I'll call you.
A little early for the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
Well,according to ms.
Lorraine hannaford, a century-old tradition doesn't just happen.
There's months of prep.
Organizers inflate balloons, check for leaks, let their volunteers get a trial run at steering these things.
This big fella was scheduled for a test run tomorrow morning.
How'd our vic get in here? Must be some kind of security in this place.
Security guard.
Norman baker.
Says he was outside making his exterior rounds, came back,saw the door to the alley open,vic dead.
Claims he didn't see or hear anything.
Looks like our only witness is full of hot air.
Expensive marker, top of the line equipment.
We got a paintball pro here.
We have a name? No wallet,no id.
Gunshot wound to the shoulder.
Right at the scapula.
Bullet's more than likely deformed - little chance it'll get us a hit in ibis.
Wound to the chest is a through and through- still looking for the bullet.
Looks like we'll have to perform an autopsy, on our wounded soldier.
They build these balloons in sections and divide them into compartments.
Yeah,that would explain the limp arm.
And our bullet's somewhere inside all that polyurethane.
Thought you might want to do the autopsy.
For old times sake.
This job is never boring.
All right.
The red in the green paint is definitely blood.
But I also found orange paintballs near the body in the warehouse and on the dumpster.
All right,so there was another paintball player in the alley.
Maybe their friendly little game turned serious and mr.
Green paint traded in his ammo for the real thing.
But then where did he go? I mean if you just shot someone why would you run in this direction? There's no way out.
Got a dead end.
Got a locked gate.
And this door is locked.
What about a car? Seems the only way in and out for a vehicle is blocked.
Paint trail starts there leads here and then just stops.
I'm telling you,stella, this guy got to this spot then poof.
He just disappeared.
More blood.
How you doing,sir? Did you hear or see anything strange in the alley last night? Well,that depends on what you consider strange.
I mean,is this new york city,or what? Good morning,miss, were you home last night? Are you with the government? Are you here about the aliens? Uh,I'm with the nypd.
I'm sorry I was whoosh,whoosh,whoosh.
It was right under my window.
Did you see anything? No,I would never look out my window my son said he saw two guys running around with guns.
I thought he was making it up.
Can I talk to him? He's with his mother today? I get him every other day.
I went to bed around 8:00.
Those paintball guys are around here all the time making noise.
Uh,I'll leave my card.
Call if you think of something.
I'll just leave my card I'll just leave my card.
Thank you.
nine millimeter.
It's been a little tough going.
Fragment's really beat up.
bullet must have ricocheted before it ended up in the balloon.
Using the fragment, I was able to reconstruct the bullet to get the general rifling characteristics of the gun that fired it.
Five lands and grooves with a right hand twist, consistent with three different types of firearms.
I'm hoping the little striae that's there will get us a hit in ibis Anything on the security guard's weapon? No match to the fragment, he was negative for gunshot residue.
We're no closer to the shooter,mac.
And this tiny little piece of metal is all we got.
That looks fun.
bullet through the chest is what killed him.
It entered from the back and exited just below the xiphoid process of the sternum.
Take a look at the entry wound.
Traces of black powder inside the wound.
Gunshot residue? He was shot at close range? - I arrived at the same conclusion.
- But? But there were no powder burns or stippling on the clothing surrounding the wound I sent a sample of the black trace to lindsay at the lab along with prints for an I.
Now the most interesting part of this whole autopsy is the gunshot wound to the shoulder.
Examine the wound cavity.
It appears torn and irregular.
There's a possibility the bullet was tumbling before it hit the victim I was hoping to confirm that once I retrieved it, but it wasn't there.
What? The wound cavity was empty.
The torn and irregular tissue is because our shooter removed the bullet? do you know him? Yeah,that's kym.
That's kym tanaka.
He started our team.
Are you telling me he's dead? I'm sorry.
When's the last time you saw him? Uh,last night around 9:30, we were at this club entry playing pool, you know,drinking beers - he was the first one to leave.
He said he had someplace to go.
A - actually,he said he had something to prove.
Any idea what he meant by that? kym had this ongoing war with cyrus menlo.
Both were at the top of their game in professional paintball.
Major competitors.
Did they take that attitude off the field? Sometimes,yeah, but yesterday,most definitely.
Stay out of my face,you hear me? Let's get out of here,kym,come on.
Any day,cyrus.
Come on.
I'll take you on any day.
This cyrus menlo, where can we find him? Well,he had a game here earlier today but they said he didn't show.
We're gonna need a full description of this guy No problem.
That's him.
Cyrus menlo is M.
We got half the nypd looking for him.
None of his teammates or his family have seen him since yesterday.
His father is adamant that cyrus wouldn't have done something like this He was even willing to give us a piece of his clothing.
Now,dna from the epithelials were a match to the blood that danny found in the green paint in the alley.
I guess mr.
Menlo doesn't know how competitive his son is.
The black trace that sid found in the gunshot wound of kym tanaka is not gun shot residue.
Adam? he got the same negative results from trace I collected off the crate at the scene So,if it's not G.
? It's black cocaine.
It's produced by mixing pure cocaine with ferric chloride or iron thiocyanate.
Those chemicals turn the white cocaine powder to purple or black.
Make them undetectable in field drug tests or by drug-sniffing dogs.
They usually hide and ship those drugs in printer toner cartridges.
Get out of here.
You got to have a master's degree in chemistry just to run drugs these days.
Lindsay,check our narcotics database.
Maybe we can track the origin of the coke, connect it to any previous seizures by its chemical make-up.
Flack, see if you can get us a warrant to search those boxes in the warehouse I'm thinking our vic walked into a big money drug buy.
And he got stiffed.
Yeah,that explains what happened to kym tanaka, but where's cyrus menlo? - Lindsay? - Yeah.
You okay? I ran the chemical profileof the black cocaine against our internal database.
I got a match.
Well,usually that's a good thing.
Drugs with the exact same chemical make-up as the trace you found at the warehouse were confiscated in a raid six months ago.
They were held in nypd evidence and then destroyed.
All 50 kilos.
You double-checked this? Mac,I triple-checked it, and it's a highly unique blend of cocaine.
Now we're finding traces of t hat same drug in a warehouse.
And I spoke with two dea both of whom witnessed the incineration of the drugs and the mixing agents.
Even if somebody had the recipe and the ingredients, there's no way they could have come up with the exact same chemical profile.
Means our guys at the raid didn't get the whole stash.
Do you have the arrest report? The lead detective credited with the bust was flack.
It was a good raid.
We got everything.
You're sure.
It was a dingy little apartment there in brooklyn over by the 77th.
- We arrested three guys - thanks,hank.
We arrested three guys, confiscated 50 kilos of cocaine, all the cutting agents.
Inside the apartment,we all split up and searched different areas.
Found several glocks the kitchen table, all the expected drug paraphernalia.
Did you find the drugs? I was in the kitchen.
The drugs were hidden in a mattress in the bedroom.
Which detective found the drugs? I can't remember.
And you're sure it was just 50 kilos? Yeah,we didn't miss anything,mac.
Why? What's going on? We found traces of cocaine at the warehouse last night with the same chemical make-up as the cocaine confiscated in your raid.
agents were secured as evidence and those same 50 kilos got destroyed.
If the drugs were recovered and then burned,it doesn't add up If? Did you say "if"? So you think there was more cocaine at that raid and someone- one of my guys- skimmed from the stash? I'm just asking questions,don.
No,you're not just asking questions, mac,I know you.
You wouldn't be here talking to me if you hadn't already tracked the chain of custody, checked with property, and called the dea agents.
And let me tell you something.
Cocaine from that raid wouldn't last six months on the street So what is this?My interrogation? - You're overreacting.
- Well,maybe I am, but let me save you a little bit of time.
None of my guys took a thing.
You can't be sure of that;you weren't there.
You just said you didn't remember.
It didn't happen,mac.
You're listed on the dd-5 as the recorder at the scene.
You had to take everything down in your memo book.
Every detective who was there, who searched the room, who found the drugs.
Are you asking me for it? You can check your notes or you can let me do it.
Is this official business? It's a request from a friend.
Then I'm gonna have to think about it.
Hey,danny,remember that rust stuff you found in the alley? - Rust stuff? - Rust stuff? Can you respect the time it took me to collect that and at least call it trace? Okay,it contained traces of molasses and non-human blood, - bear blood to be exact.
- What? North american grizzly bear.
But,but there's more.
The blood on this rock is a match to cyrus menlo, but it's also a match to the blood found on these leaves.
Both human blood,right? Right,but you put them together like this.
You got one leaf with a hole in the middle of it.
A hole probably made from a spike or something with a jagged edge.
Huh? Huh?See where I'm going here? Bear blood,molasses, leaves with human blood on them, a spike and a jagged edge.
You're talking bear trap.
Yes,you win the washer and dryer.
Whoa-ho-ho,help me out here.
You're telling me that cyrus menlo was caught in a bear trap? - Yeah.
- You're crazy.
it's the only conclusion we can arrive at with this evidence.
So tanaka sets the bear trap, leads cyrus menlo down the alley, tanaka goes into the warehouse.
Tanaka gets shot,cyrus walks out, steps in the trap while tanaka bleeds to death inside the warehouse.
Moral of the story,all right? Stick with bowling.
What up? okay,let's say we buy that story.
First of all,why didn't tanaka just lead him into the trap? He didn't need to go into the warehouse.
More importantly, if cyrus menlo were stuck in a bear trap, how did he get out of the alley? The rust stuff.
There was directionality.
There were drag marks.
So he could have dragged himself out of there with the old rusty bear trap still on his leg But we've checked all the hospitals and emergency rooms.
His family hasn't seen or heard from him.
I mean,if he got himself out of the alley, don't you think he'd go for some help? Not if he just whacked somebody.
Well,it still begs the question: Where the hell is he? I say we go back to where we know he was last.
Let's look over the evidence from the alley.
Thanks for confusing us.
You're welcome.
- Here's what you asked for.
- Oh,thank you.
I see the look of victory.
Who we taking down? Daryn kramer.
That's two doors down from the crime scene.
See these little pieces of paper? They were crinkled together like an accordion.
They were stripped from the box because of friction underneath.
The box was dragged.
But there would need to be pressure on top.
like cyrus menlo's unconscious body? It was a quick and easy way to get him out of there.
Okay,so now you're saying that cyrus menlo was unconscious and dragged from the alley? Yeah.
But what makes you think it's daryn kramer? Anybody could have grabbed this box and used it.
Right,but that's why I love this job so much.
Okay,you see this black trace right here? Uh-huh.
Black cocaine.
All right,maybe we should ask daryn kramer some questions You took the words right out of my mouth.
You know,maybe I'm not being clear.
I dumped my garbage.
I put the box next to the dumpster.
Now I'm not a drug dealer and I'm not a drug user.
I'm a biochemist.
So when you were dumping the box in the alley, did you interrupt anything, maybe a drug buy? No.
Did you use the surface of the box To cut your cocaine,daryn? You know what? I agreed to come down here.
Now,you got something to arrest me for,then do it otherwise,excuse me.
You know,I have traces of cocaine on a box with your name on it, a man found dead in a warehouse just around the corner from where you live, and that same cocaine at the crime scene.
We've arrested people for a lot less.
Now sit down,daryn.
Even the littlest detail is gonna make things a lot easier for you, so why don't you just start at the beginning.
Look,I'm trying to tell you.
I went to empty my garbage.
Wait a minute.
I- I-I remember bumping into a guy.
He dropped a box, everything came out - office supplies,printer cartridges.
I offered to help him pick it all up.
He didn't want my help and he took off.
I dumped my garbage in the dumpster, walked back to the apartment, that's it.
That's enough.
Hey,mac, I managed to get an accurate I.
On the round.
Hydra shock 147 jhp.
Used in a glock.
Shell casing would have been ejected.
We didn't find any at the scene.
if the killer made the effort to take the bullet out of the wound, he certainly picked up the shell casings.
Yeah,but that's a big place.
He'd have to search for them.
Why take that time? Because you know the casing and the bullet will lead to a match in ibis Which is any gun used in a previous crime.
Or a test-fired, police department issued weapon so kramer's working with the computer sketchartist to see if he can I.
The guy he bumped into What's up? I - I don't know.
I is he watching us? Who? The kid - the kid in the hood.
Hey,kid? Hey! Hey! Hey! What the hell was that about? Who is this kid? I don't know.
You okay? Yeah,I'm fine.
Just forget it,danny.
This is the most accurate reading we can get off the surface of the fragment Down to the tiniest indentation.
We know the bullet has glock rifling characteristics and twelve potential matches.
All are police-issue weapons.
Can we narrow that down? Well,I can do a manual comparison, that's gonna take some time.
Of the twelve, were any of the detectives involved in the raid? Two.
Want to bring them in? Not right now.
We start asking questions, it'll just turn into a drawn- out internal affairs circus- I need to know without a doubt which of the two is our shooter.
I need flack's memo book.
Check this out.
All right,there you go.
It's a piece of the moon.
A moon rock.
Yeah,this rock is-is from the moon.
- From the moon? - Outer space.
Get out of here.
How does a piece of the moon end up in the alley? I- I-I don't know; this stuff is illegal to have and somebody went to a lot of trouble to get it I mean,I've seen this stuff listed on ebay before, you know,and most of it isn't real,but if it is, short of going to the moon they would've had to steal it from nasa.
Something happened in that alley.
And I don't think it has anything to do with what happened in the warehouse.
We've got a match from the print I lifted off that box we found in the alley.
Not what I expecteD.
Print is from a woman.
come on,come on, turn around,so I can see your face.
Come on.
Turn around.
have we id'd our shooter yet? No,uh but he was carrying a police-issue weapon.
Which supports narcotics and ballistics evidence that suggest it was one of the guys in the raiD.
This is really bizarre.
Okay,th-this whole case is crazy.
Would you care to elaborate.
the print that danny got off the box that you guys found in the alley is a match to a trina roubian.
Does her criminal background connect to drugs? No,it wasn't a hit in afis.
Found the print and the name in the columbia university geological research foundation database- but get this,okay? Trina roubian she hasn't worked there for a couple of years.
She's a missing person.
Case file's still open.
Danny just took off to go talk to the husband.
So we have two missing persons in this case: Trina roubian and cyrus menlo, and they were both in that alley.
And now they're both gone.
So is this a conjugal visit? Huh? You're trying to screw me again? How many kilos of cocaine were in the apartment the night we arrested you,lamont? Don't you know? You was there.
How many kilos,lamont? You can't just come in here asking me questions like that and just expect to pay for parking.
Man,you got to at least see that I get some twinkies and stamps on my commissary.
And that's just for starters.
I can do that.
I can also look into maybe getting you a transfer somewhere closer to the city.
You're sure? Flack! I'm a dealer.
You know what you have and what you don't have.
You know what you sold and what you've been paid for.
Thank you for coming in.
You know where my wife is? you know where trina is? No,no we don'T.
But we do know she's still alive.
Now is there anything that you can tell me about her that might help us? No.
I mean,the last time I saw her was three years ago.
I don't know what I'd tell you.
She just didn't come home from work one day.
It says that you didn't report her missing for a week Because she'd stay at work for days at a time.
Trina was a geologist, unfortunately her work was a little more fascinating than I was.
To tell you the truth, I would have felt better if she had told me there was another man - Was there? - No.
- All right,did you bring the picture? - Yeah.
I think I talked to her.
Apartment 102.
But she was the one that said she was abducted by aliens.
Only her name wasn't trina roubian.
It was verna welke.
- verna welke? - Yes? I've come for the alien.
Protects you.
So they can't read your mind.
We're good.
That's him.
That's cyrus menlo.
He's cold.
But I got a pulse.
Hey,central, I need a bus at 171757th street, apartment 102 and put a rush on it.
The plastic keeps their temperature down.
Prevents them from communicating with each other.
Cyrus? I'm detective bonasera.
Paramedics are on the way.
We're going to get you out of here,buddy.
He was here to plant pods.
Co-mingle with the human race.
Isn't he beautiful? I knew one day I'd catch one.
I set the bear trap about a week ago.
Placed a moon rock nearby.
They're attracted to things from their own world.
From space.
Then i heard the footsteps.
he wasn't an alien,verna.
He was just a guy playing paintball in the alley.
I can understand how you can think that.
They have ways of fooling us.
But I saw the blood.
I could tell he was hurt.
I was afraid,so I hit him.
I used the box to drag him away.
Then I put the box back where I found it.
She goes by verna welke now.
That was a character in a children's book that she was writing.
Well,she's gonna be taken to the hospital to be evaluated.
Would you like to speak to your wife before she leaves,mr.
Roubian? No.
That's not my wife.
Trina's still missing.
Did you guys catch the ranger game last night? Pretty awesome.
You know why I'm here? Do you care about the consequences? I know this isn't easy for you.
I'm not talking about me,mac.
I'm talking about the hundreds of arrests this cop was involved in.
The thugs who are going to be screaming for an appeal because his credibility's in question And the ones that are going to go free despite the fact they're guilty and he did everything by the booK.
I'm talking about child molesters,rapists,murderers.
Kym tanaka's shooter stepped over his body and collected shell casings.
He stuck his fingers into the victim's shoulder wound to retrieve a bullet, all to save his own ass.
And he was there to sell drugs.
Poison that destroys families, creates addicts out of babies in the womb, and accounts for twenty-three percent of the murders in this city.
Don't make me subpoena your memo book,don.
The consequences I care about are the cops who never cross the line.
Who now have to face criticism and suspicion because one of their own forgot the oath we took.
Whichever one of these guys is found guilty, I hope he goes away for a very long time.
Because he disrespected the badge that you and I wear.
- Hey.
Heard you found cyrus menlo.
Yeah,and he's going to be all right.
Want to share a cab? Mac,we live on opposites sides of town.
But thank you.
Mac,that's him.
That's the kid who's been following me.
All right,take it easy.
Why you following her? What do you want? Who are you? I'm reed garrett,all right, I just I wanted to talk to you.
Why? - You're claire conrad.
- No.
You mean claire conrad taylor? She was my wife.
Claire died on 9/11.
She was in the world trade center.
All right,and the lady that I've been following? Um,that's a friend.
That's stella bonasera.
We're both crime scene investigators.
Yeah,I got,I got an address from the adoption agency.
You know,and I saw her come out of the, come out of the apartment building about a week ago.
She she stopped by to give me a gift for my birthday.
Yeah,I guess I was just so worried about, you know,what to say,how she would react.
I - I it never even crossed my mind that it couldn't be her.
You know.
Why didn't you talk to her? Because I been waiting to talk to my mom since I was 12 years old You know,my biological moM.
You know,when I saw her well,at least like, you know,who I thought was her and I got,I got scared.
You know,claire talked about you a lot,she she always talked about how she wanted to find you when you were 18.
Yeah,well,then why'd she give me up for adoption? She got pregnant very young.
Your father was her high school sweetheart.
An abortion,uh she wouldn't have one and she wanted you to have a chance at a better life.
Your parents know you're here? Yeah,they're,uh, they're really great about all of this.
So what then,so do I have any half brothers and half sisters? Did you guys ever have any kids? No.
What'd she look like? She was,um, She had light brown hair,big blue eyes and,uh a crooked smile.
She looked a lot like,like you.
Okay,I should really go.
Wait,wait, um,why don't i I'll give you my number here.
Or you can give me yours.
Why? I mean,I'm not related to you at all and what I came to find is already gone,so thanks for the soda.
I hope all my days will be lit by your face I hope all the years will hold tight our promises I don't want to be old and sleep alone an empty house is not a home I don't want to be old and feel afraid I don't want to be old and sleep alone an empty house is not a home I don't want to be old and feel afraid