CSI: NY s03e11 Episode Script

Raising Shane

all right, I'm heading over to the hospital now.
I'll catch up with you in a bit.
Straight-up robbery.
Bartender's the vic.
Her name's kelly jones.
She took two in the chest.
Ambulance picked her up, took her to bellevue.
We're trying to locate her family now.
Witnesses? The bouncer, nick davis.
Says he and kelly were closing up when the shooter pushed his way in, went for the register and then bang, bang.
Any description of the shooter? Yeah, I put it over the radio: African-american male, green hooded sweatshirt, black sweats.
Turn around and put your hands behind your head! Do it now! Don't move! Step out of the car.
Let's go! that's the guy.
That's him.
All right, you're under arrest You 100% sure? Yeah, I'm sure, that's him! What are you talking about? jimmy, make sure you get all of last night's credit card receipts from the bar.
Okay? Taylor, when you're through handing over the evidence, I want your entire investigative team out of this crime scene.
All right, listen up.
I want all nonessential personnel out on the street now.
All you uniforms get back to patrol.
First officer stays.
All right, so, what? I guess there's nothing we can do.
We just leave.
You know the drill.
We're being pulled off the crime scene.
I just got an update.
Vic's in critical condition.
And hawkes is being held over at the precinct.
This is crazy.
They found a wad of cash in his pocket? Two hundred and eighty dollars.
And he was six blocks away wearing the exact outfit the bouncer described.
There was also a positive id.
Yeah, from who? One guy, a bouncer.
Hey! How many times I gotta tell you to get your team out of here, Bonasera? Or you're gonna have two of your guys under arrest.
Seems you and taylor got a knack for hiring hi-tech geeks with a penchant for committing felonies.
Why don't we step outside, grandpa? I'll show you what kind of geek I am.
Danny, get the hell out of here.
Someday I'm gonna beat some sense into that kid.
Let me tell you something.
You threaten a member of my team again, and I promise you I will make it my personal mission to have your badge.
Crime scene is yours, captain.
I hate the view from this side of the tape.
So now what do we do? Scratch our asses while these guys decide hawkes' fate.
we do our jobs.
We got a dead body in times square.
You and danny take it.
Aw, come on, mac.
Danny, you're going.
"The of whore.
" "When a soldier's unit is taken by surprise " danny.
What? You don't want me to ruin the ending for you? I need your mind on the job we have to do here.
Hello? What is the job we have to do here? Welcome to peeking tom'S.
You looking for anything in particular? Let me guess tom? The man, the myth.
Detective Bonasera.
The law, the order.
Booth number three.
Thank you.
Freakin' junkies.
I'm trying to run a reputable business here.
Reputable? You gotta be kiddin' me.
We interrupting anything here, detective? Cute.
Apparent overdose.
Peeking tom came in here to clean the booth, found the vic just like this.
Swears he didn't touch him.
Never come into the booth.
I figured a dead guy in skivvies on the floor of a peep show booth constituted suspicious circumstances.
All right, let's see what we got here.
Yeah, these needle tracks are fresh.
Yeah this guy's got old track marks between the toes.
He's definitely a junkie.
Are there any witnesses? No one saw him come in.
Ironically, peeking tom doesn't have a surveillance camera.
Privacy issues.
How about one of the girls? Anyone dance for him? I haven't interviewed any of them yet.
Ah, well, I suppose we can start our canvass right here.
How you doin'? Did you dance for this guy right here? No.
Some odd trace on his back.
He came into this place wearing only his boxers? Junkies come in here all the time to get out of the cold.
I guess it's possible some skell came in, saw the vic, and lifted his clothes.
What? What are you thinking? How the hell did that bouncer id hawkes? We've been over this.
What, 20 times? You're supposed to be on my side.
I am on your side, sheldon.
You want me to go, I'll go.
When internal affairs comes through that door, you're on your own.
No preferential treatment.
So tell me again.
I went for a run.
Next thing I know I got two plain clothes with guns out, stopping me, saying I robbed the joint.
I'm innocent.
You had $280 in your sweatshirt, sheldon.
How do you suppose that happened? I don't know.
You don't know? You don't know how $280 magically appears in your pocket? I don't know.
Or how you were wearing the exact same clothes id'd by a bouncer? I don't know.
Oh, you don't know? Or how six blocks away there are at least five people I don't know.
Detective taylor? Bobby rossmore.
I'm sheldon's attorney from the union.
Don't worry about a thing.
I'll take good care of him.
Hang in there, okay? Taylor.
Where are you going? Taylor! Don't even think about it.
What the hell is going on, sheldon? Swear to god, mac, I don't know.
What do you remember?Tell me what you can.
How's the girl?She gonna be okay? - Open the door! - She's in the hospital.
What do you remember? There's nothing to remember, mac.
- Open the door! - Gonna break this door down any second.
Give me something.
I went for a run, next thing i know I'm staring down the barrel of two guns and brought to the bar.
The bouncer id'd you.
No, I can't believe this.
you better believe it.
This is real.
You were six blocks away, the clothes, the money.
The money! It wasn't in my pocket when I left the apartment.
Okay, I was nowhere near the bar.
Are you saying the officers planted the money on you? No.
I don't know.
Damn it! - Get him out of here! Now! - What happened while you were running? - The bouncer was wrong! - What happened while you were running, Sheldon? - I didn't do this.
Talk to the girl.
I didn't do this! your ass is mine, taylor.
You threatening me? Oh I got this, Fellas.
I got this.
Captain, let me handle this.
Just take a walk, flack.
Captain he's not doing anything you wouldn't do if it were me in that room.
Now, I'm asking you a favor.
Please let me handle this.
You get him out of here, now.
You got it.
Thanks, guys.
We got to talk.
Didn't have enough time in there.
Mac, I just got a telephone call for I want you to go to the hospital and talk to the girl, the bartender.
Hopefully she's out of surgery and she can talk.
The bouncer had a gun in his face, maybe he didn't get a good look and id'd hawkes from the clothes he was wearing.
Mac kelly jones was shot in the chest.
She had to be staring the shooter in the face.
- So maybe she can - Mac! Kelly Jones is dead.
So what's the cod on our john doe here? Tox results showed elevated levels of heroin mixed with fentanyl.
Street name magic.
So we're looking at a straight-up overdose? Yes and no.
I found traces of gunshot residue in the nasal cavity.
But no gsr on our vic's hands.
Somebody held our junkie up for his clothes or drugs.
Now, we found fresh injection marks on his arms but no needles or tie offs anywhere near the body.
I also collected traces of an unknown substance on the victim's upper back and along the collarbone, here.
They'll find the guy who really did it.
I know they will, sid.
Aren't you performing the autopsy? Conflict of interest.
Both sid and I worked with sheldon when he was an M.
don't worry, dr.
Cardena is one of the best pathologists in the state.
Unfortunately Stella, I'm going to have to ask that you leave while he examines the body.
What? First the brass kicks us off the case and now this? I mean, what's next? Are we gonna be banned from our own building? This isn't a request from the brass.
I'm the one asking that you leave.
I don't want there to be any question about the integrity of the autopsy.
Well, Peyton, what exactly do you think I'm going to do? I'm sorry.
Of course.
Uh, are we done here, sid? Uh, trace from our john doe.
Sorry, montana.
I kind of got hung up.
You want to get on our peep show vic's undies? I already did it.
I found some trace on the fabric.
I'm just waiting for the result.
All right, what are you waiting here for? I can't go into layout.
What do you mean? They're processing hawkes' clothes.
Really? See, jake's got nitric acid, filter paper.
He's testing for gunshot residue.
It's positive for gsr.
What?Come on, already.
That can't be.
Well, it turned blue, that's the only conclusion.
It's just a presumptive test, lindsay.
Yeah, I know, but those are right 99.
8% of the time.
What are you talking about? Hawkes' clothes just tested positive for gunshot residue.
What? They were testing the cuff of his right sleeve.
It's consistent with firing a gun.
And he's right-handed.
We know he didn't do it.
Well, you know he didn't do it, I know he didn't do it.
But the trouble is, now we have an eyewitness and more importantly the evidence, that contradict what we all think.
Oh, how you ing? You on your way to an eye appointment? I don't have a problem with my eyes, detective.
You id'd the wrong guy.
My friend, okay, i mean, look, I get it.
Some guy come in, swinging a gun in your face, start making threats, demanding cash and you're thinking you're the muscle there, so you got to do something about it.
All right, but then you start sweating.
You getting nervous, wondering if you're even going to get out of there alive and then, bang, it's over.
In a split second, so you got to wonder, did you really see him? I mean, come on.
Did you?You got to ask yourself, did you really see him? There's no way, it happened way too fast.
No, man.
That's where you're wrong.
'Cause it happened in slow motion.
I saw the bullet leave the barrel of the gun and slice into kelly's chest.
I saw the color drain from her face as she hit the floor, man.
That's rough.
Yeah, he shot her, even after he took the money.
He didn't have to do that.
He didn't have to kill her.
black sweatpants, green hooded sweatshirt, dark eyes.
That's who I saw.
Then that could be him right there, that could be him right there.
'Cause they all fit that description, nick.
Don't get in my face and tell me I don't know what went down the bar last night.
And I'm not changing my story to help you protect another cop.
I get it.
You want somebody to pay for this.
So do we.
But that somebody should be the thug who committed the crime.
Not the first face you see.
The man they pulled out of that car that's who shot kelly.
It wasn'T.
That's who shot kelly.
That's it.
That's it.
I can you finish this up for me? Gcms, please.
Where is sheldon now? He was arraigned on homicide charges, no bail was set.
They're holding him at riker'S.
Do you have anything for me? One bullet was removed from kelly jones' chest.
The other was a through and through.
Which stella pulled out of the mirror.
They're running the bullets through ibis right now.
Was there any trace, wound characteristics, trajectory analysis that might help identify the gun or a suspect? I don't know.
And dr.
Cardena told me all that he could.
We're going to just have to wait for the autopsy report.
The money they found in hawkes' pocket had the victim's prints all over it.
Mac you're going to find an explanation for all this.
I'm on the outside looking in.
I don't think that's possible.
so if you find out anything else, you'll let me know, right? Uh Yeah Absolutely.
I'll see you both later.
I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner.
I figured out how the gsr got on hawkes' clothing.
Hawkes was working in ballistics yesterday.
He test fired two different handguns.
So if he fired the gun, then slid the sweatshirt on later at home, traces of residue could have easily transferred to his sleeve.
So we've explained the gsr.
What about the cash in his pockets? Yeah, let's treat hawkes like what he is.
Our only viable suspect.
Let's interrogate him.
Right here, right now.
Ask the hard questions.
See what answers we come up with.
So what the hell was he doing on greene street that early in the morning? He works the late shift tuesdays and wednesdays 4:00 to 8:00, and I know for a fact that he goes running after he gets off.
He says it's the only way he can wind down.
Okay, good.
Has he been in that bar before? I say two or three times maybe.
Well, it's possible he was casing the place.
What was his motive? Maybe he needed money.
He never mentioned anything about being strapped for cash.
Well, he just started working the night shift three weeks ago.
That's overtime.
And he did move into a new apartment.
I'm telling you, stella, the motive is not money.
Well, how can you be so sure? 'Cause the bouncer said the shooter fired his weapon after he already had the cash.
You talked to the bouncer? Danny, what were you thinking? You could be accused of tampering with a witness, or interfering with an investigation.
Gerrard is looking for any excuse to come at us.
I'm sorry, all right? I didn't break any rules.
All right, I just bent them a little, but I didn't break them.
But look, hawkes was pulled out the backseat of an unmarked police car.
His hands were cuffed behind his back, and I mean he looked like a suspect before the guy even I.
'D him.
I just wanted to know the bouncer was sure.
And? He said that hawkes did it.
And that after he took the money from the register he still shot the bartender.
Someone's framing him.
There's no other explanation.
He had to have been planning it for at least the last three weeks, they must have been watching him, they know he was working the late shift, that he goes running after work wearing those type of clothes, running in that particular neighborhood.
Yeah, but how would they know that he was working ballistics, and would get gsr on his hands? They got lucky.
Why would somebody want to take down hawkes? And why this way? Because someone's trying to prove a point.
A bartender took two shots in the chest, the arrest was made based on the id of a single eyewitness.
The bouncer.
It's not much evidence to go on.
The average citizen might just believe that the justice system doesn't work.
Sound familiar? Shane casey.
That son of a bitch is back.
Your attorney, second from the end.
Hey, sheldon.
You got to be kidding me.
Look, I know this looks really bad.
This was you? But I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of here.
You did this to me? Oh, yeah, but that's what they told my brother - Guard! Guard! - Who ended up serving a life sentence.
This man is a fugitive.
His name is shane casey.
He's wanted for murder.
Multiple murders.
- My client is very Unstable, he's desperate.
- I'm not his client.
You need to sit down and calm down, or I'm gonna have to take you out of here.
He's being framed.
- That man sitting right there is not a lawyer.
he's wanted for murder! - We can maybe plea you down To three to six years.
Do something! I need you to calm down.
You're out of here.
Okay, obviously, you're upset.
I'll see you another time? I want to make a phone call.
Trust in the system, sheldon! Casey's not gonna quit till he gets his revenge.
He still thinks his brother didn't shoot the bartender.
And he is not going to stop until he makes everybody involved in his brother's case pay.
He's all over the surveillance tapes.
We've got half the department out searching for him.
I've spent the last two hours trying to figure out how the hell casey could have pulled this off.
None of it makes sense, mac.
I left the lab, went home.
Put on a change of clothes to go out for a run.
Few miles to the park and back.
I usually stop off at a newsstand, swallow down a water.
Who was there? Yuri, a russian guy, owns the stand, opens up at about 4:00, stocks the morning editions.
Another customer was leaving when I got there, and, uh another guy.
Spilled coffee on a stack of papers.
he was drunk, definitely had a few too many.
The bars had just closed.
Didn't get a look at his face.
he was wearing dark sunglasses and a hat.
That must have been when it happened, mac.
I'm so sorry.
Watch what you're doing.
Oh, did I get you? No, I'm fine.
That must have been shane casey 'cause I didn't get Turn around and put your hands behind your head.
I said turn around and put your hands behind your head.
Maybe we can lift shane's prints off the cash, but that still leaves the question: How did he get it? Right.
There were only three people in the bar.
The victim, the bouncer, and the shooter.
Find the shooter.
We may have some help.
I hold The Key To Freedom.
Come alone.
* That's him, mac.
What does he mean about "key to freedom"? Peyton.
Look about what happened yesterday.
Mac, don'T.
There is no explanation for what happened in the hallway.
I've been through them all already.
Knee-jerk reaction, not what it looked like, a stupid thing to do.
Not even "I'm sorry" can erase how I felt in that moment.
You have to know that i didn't mean to hurt you.
I know that.
But I realize that You're just not ready for us, and I don't want to be an office secret anymore.
That's not what this is.
Isn't it? I should be the one apologizing to you.
I wanted to make this work so badly that I forced you into doing something that's just too complicated and messy for you.
That's not true, claire.
I suppose I should be flattered because I know how much you cared for her.
Peyton, please, i just want to talk.
I have to go.
Guys, come on.
Look, if there was something we could do, mac would let us know.
In the meantime work? Right.
Come on, stella.
The peep show guy is a drug overdose.
End of story.
I don't think so, danny.
I mean, someone placed that gun up his nose.
I think there's more to this story.
Now, look, the green trace we found on our vic- it's clothing dye.
>From the dye pattern on his neck and his collarbone, it looks like it was new clothing.
You sweat a little bit, it rubs off on your skin.
That's exactly where the story stops making sense.
This specific dye is found in a high-end clothing line.
Well, maybe that's why he was naked.
Maybe he was desperate for a fix; he was going to sell the clothes for drugs.
Did you find something on the boxer shorts? Yeah, the analysis of the trace came back as disinfectant.
Well, that makes sense, we found our vic in a peep show booth.
They have to clean up once in a while.
Yeah, but the stains weren't smeared.
They were gravitational dropS.
Almost like somebody was kneeling over him.
Peeking tom came in to clean the booth, found the vic just like this.
Swears he never touched him, never came into the booth.
Peeking tom.
Peeking tom.
Thought you said you never went into the booth, tom.
Yeah, we got a little thing called evidence that says you did.
You own a gun? Wait.
Wait, wait, what does a gun have to do with it? And no, I don't own one.
It's like I said.
The guy was already lying there dead in his underwear.
He od'D.
Yeah, we know.
I took the needle out of his arm.
What do you mean, took the needle out of his arm? Suddenly, your story's changing.
You familiar with obstruction of justice, tom? All right, look, I tossed the needle in the dumpster out back.
I don't want my place associated with drugs.
Success in this business is 60% reputation.
is that it?Is that all you took? Yeah.
I swear.
Come on, tom.
Don't make me bring you in and ask you again.
I should be able to keep this for my trouble.
Yeah, right.
Found this on the floor next to the guy.
Good man, tom.
All right,Mac.
************************************************** Hey,sorry! You know, we've got to stop bumping into each other.
Why did you bring me here? I need you to get on elevator five and stop at floor 25.
Mac's on the move.
I see him, I'm right behind him.
this elevator is out of order.
Stella, stop the use of the northeast elevator.
I haven't seen casey yet.
what game are you playing? Well, let's see, it's very simple.
I have the gun that will clear sheldon hawkes, and you can have it.
All I need you to do is find the evidence that clears my brother's name.
He was convicted on the word of a single eyewitness and no evidence.
What I need you to do is to find some.
How do I do that? I don't know.
Framing a man for something he didn't do won't exonerate your brother, shane.
Aw, it doesn't seem very fair when it's happening to one of your own, now, does it? Come and get me.
Okay, both the elevators are moving.
I got nothing.
My line of sight is blocked from here.
Stella, casey is in elevator six and he's got a gun.
Shane's elevator stopped at the top floor.
That's a restaurant.
We're going up.
Everyone else stay in position.
Shane casey is armed and dangerous.
Uh, we're closed, sir.
Did you see anyone run through here? No, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one up here.
Is there a stairwell exit? That way, but you got to have a key.
stella, flack, notify everyone at the exits, check the loading docks and the stairwells.
Stop anyone going in or out.
Flack's got photos of casey at the airports and train stations.
He's also notifying the jersey state police.
Shane left his cell phone on.
We should be able to narrow down his location.
Okay, right now, he's still in manhattan.
If he knows we're looking for him, why is he keeping his cell phone on so we can track it? He wants us to find him.
He's playing a game.
That's his brother's case? - *Ian Casey Convicted in English Ale House Murser* - Yeah, this is a picture of the bartender he shot.
Eyewitness testimony.
No physical evidence.
Jury deliberated 15 minutes and convicted ian casey of murder.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's the ring.
That's the ring peeking tom found in the peep show booth.
That's the same ring.
What's the bartender's ring doing next to the dead junky? Guys, you're not going to believe this.
Jake just told me that the gunshot residue from the wound in kelly jones is a match to the residue we found in the nostrils of the peep show doa.
So you're telling me that both of these cases are connected? Our peep show guy is the shooter.
African-american, five-nine, dark hair, dark eyes.
Perfect description of sheldon hawkes.
And casey set it all up.
He just needed to find someone crazy enough to go along with it.
Or desperate enough.
Yo, man, you selling? I need you to put these on, okay? What for? Hey, you ever want to get high again? Put on the clothes! Sick bastard was willing to kill an innocent girl for a nickel bag.
Casey planned every detail.
So you have the gun and the money? Yeah, sure, sure.
Cool, cool, cool.
So that's it, right? We good? A nickel bag every other day just like you said.
Give me your clothes now.
give me your clothes or else I will shoot.
And he takes the money from the robbery, heads to where he knows hawkes will be jogging then makes the transfer.
All right, so if we can get this to the D.
There's a chance that the charges against hawkes are dropped.
But sid could only find gsr on the peep show vic's nose, not on his hands we can't prove that he was the shooter.
Well, prints on the gun might.
Prints on the casings still in the gun.
We need to find the murder weapon.
And shane casey has it.
He's at 148 seely street.
Wait a minute.
that's the scene of the crime.
The old english ale house.
That's the bar where his brother shot the bartender.
I know a thing or two about going to bat for your brother.
he wants me.
He wants you to prove his brother's innocence.
But we just found the evidence that proves his guilt.
That ring.
*Send Messer.
* shane.
Shane? Shane.
oh, I love this song.
No, I'm not gonna let them catch me no drop the weapon.
- I'm not going to let them catch the midnight rider.
- Drop the gun, shane.
Drop the gun, shane.
Drop it! What?I can't hear you.
Hold on.
What, you want me to drop this gun? This one? I'm sorry, I can'T.
What do you want? Oh, come on, you guys are the science guys, the experts in forensics.
That's what you say in court, right? Get to the point, shane, 'cause in about four minutes 20 guys are going to come through that door, all right, and they're going to be quicker to shoot than I am.
Why'd you ask me here? You remember what you told me in the car that day? Huh?! You said, "shane, I know a thing or two about going to bat for your brother.
" Remember? Yeah, I remember.
You loved him.
You believed in him.
I know a thing or two about going to bat for your brother.
I know about your brother louie.
Always relying on his younger brother to bail him out, right? And you always did.
I guess we do have a couple things in common.
So guess what? Today, you're going to go to bat for my brother.
I see you brought your lite science kit thingie there.
So you can take your lasers and your swabs or whatever the hell else you carry in that thing, and clear my brother's name.
It's not going to happen.
Where'd you get that? I found this next to the junkie that you hired to frame sheldon hawkes.
I want to see it, let me see it.
No, I can't do that.
It doesn't belong to you.
What did you say to me? I said it doesn't belong to you.
Yeah? Or your brother either.
It belongs to the bartender that he shot.
The hell it did! I'm sorry, but that's the truth, shane.
The truth? Oh, my god, the truth.
You guys are always pretending to know the truth.
You don't know a thing.
Your brother was in this bar, he was standing right there.
He shot the bartender.
The money now.
Do it! okay,okay!This is everything! All right, but before that he took his ring.
And that, give it to me, hand it over.
You don't know what you're talking about, man.
When the officers arrested your brother, they didn't know the ring belonged to the bartender so they vouchered it as your brother's personal property.
Then while he was in jail, he killed himself.
And when they released his property to you, you thought the ring belonged to him.
I don't want to hear any more of your lies! I do not want to hear any more all right, shane, no more lies.
Just look at the ring, man.
All right, look at the ring on the bartender's finger.
Man, I know what it's like to want to believe, shane, I really do.
You say to yourself over and over again there's no way he could do this.
Not this.
I know what it's like.
All right, look I'm gonna come over to you, kid.
just don't do anything stupid, all right? It's over, kid.