CSI: NY s03e12 Episode Script

Silent Night

Anybody been inside? Yeah, me and first on scene.
Radio said there was a gunshot victim? Yeah.
Allison Mitchum.
She's 19 years old.
Is that the mother? Gina mitchum.
Her baby's name is elizabeth.
A neighbor told me that the husband was out of town on business.
Anybody hear the shots? No witnesses.
I got unis and plain clothes combing the neighborhood, and k-9's on their way up to see if they can pick up a scent.
Any signs of a burglary? Aside from allison's life, nothing was taken.
What has gina told us so far? Nothing yet.
She's deaf.
That's right.
The whole family is.
How'd you know? She's lip-reading.
We're going to need an interpreter.
This is detective Bonasera.
In the meantime, if there's anything you'd like.
Find my Daughter's killer.
Please, help me.
This ain't right.
The house belongs on a hallmark card, not ringed in tape.
No,no,no, you can't go in there, I'm sorry.
I need the keys to the car.
What? - I can't be here.
- Why? - Just give me the keys.
- Are you all right? Take her downtown.
The interpreter will meet her there.
I, uh, sent Mrs.
Mitchum downtown.
The interpreter is on his way down there, too.
Hawks found partials and blood at the entry point.
A broken window that the killer used to access the house.
What about lindsay? I think she's still back at the lab.
Getting the lancaster case ready for trial.
Our victim sleeps in the room next door.
Found her robe at the end of the bed.
Slippers by the nightstand.
Tells me she came into this room probably in a hurry, hoping to stop the intruder.
From what? I checked out the baby.
She didn't have a scratch on her.
Found that window open.
Direction of the blood swipe tells me that was his exit.
Huh, and the killer had a shotgun.
He could have left any way he wanted.
Why would he take the hard way out? Bob, over here! I'm over here! What are you doing? Come on,you guys,I gotta get to practice in an hour.
Let's get it going! Bob, over here, over here! I got it.
Krista, over here.
No no no.
Hey, I'm open over here.
I'm open.
Got it, got it.
Block him, block him! Come on, come on, come on! What are you doing? Go, go! Score! Help! Oh, my God.
Call 911! Mackenzie? Oh, what happened? I thought you were at the riverdale scene.
Yeah, I lost the toss.
I had to come back in theity.
- Who's this? - Mackenzie Wade.
She's in town for the ice-skating regionals.
Looks like a gunshot wound to the stomach.
Let's turn her around.
No exit wound.
So the bullet must still be inside her.
Check out these scratches.
Possible drag marks.
So, she was shot out on the ice.
This is a huge complex.
I mean, there's bowling, rock climbing, golf.
I mean, anybody could have come in here.
Except since the competition, the practice rink's been on lockdown.
Skaters and coaches only.
Who found her? Krista Palmer.
Apparently, she's a hot shot in the skating world.
Mackenzie was my best friend.
She didn't have any kind of support, but she had talent.
And most of all, she loved to skate.
Even then you could see she was champion material.
Krista, do you know of anyone who would want to hurt her? An enemy, an ex-boyfriend, maybe? No.
No one like that.
She never had time.
Skating's all about practice and travel, and the fans.
What? What is it? I let Mackenzie have my practice slot last night.
What the heck is this stuff? What's it doing on you? Hey, what you got? Whatever this thing is, when you move it, it changes color.
That's amazing.
Our national champion give us anything? Yeah.
I don't think Mackenzie Wade was our intended vic.
How's that? Krista gave Mackenzie her practice slot last night.
They were the only two who knew about the switch.
Plus, they were wearing matching sweatshirts.
So you're thinking whoever was trying to kill Mackenzie made a mistake? I think Krista Palmer may have been our target.
What do you think woke you up? Footsteps.
I felt vibrations.
I thought maybe it was alison.
You recently moved to the north Bronx from the upper eastside.
Do you have family living there? My husband and I weren't planning on having any more children.
When I got pregnant,my husband and I decided to raise elizabeth outside the city, where it's safe.
Your husband's a lawyer.
Did he have any enemies or recent problems at work? My husband didn't kill allison.
That wasn't my question.
You speak with your eyes.
Dennis wasn't home last night.
He was in Hong Kong on business.
As soon as I called him, he jumped on the first flight home.
He arrives this afternoon.
As far as I know, he's never had a problem at work.
What about allison? Friends? Boyfriends? She was seeing a boy.
Seth Wolf.
And they'd been fighting recently.
Do you know why? Allison's priorities changed when elizabeth was born.
She started spending a lot of time with her baby sister.
And Seth didn't like being in second place.
Krista,YOU'ER MY HERO!!! So,someone zambonied over the ice after the vic was killed.
And I found these marks on the ice.
So,somebody carved an "I" and an arrow into the ice? Yeah,and there was blood in the arrow, and it matches our vic's reference sample.
Okay, so somewhere after Mackenzie was killed, and before the broomball game.
Frank Hunt zambonied the ice.
He works at the rink.
Frank V.
Hunt? Yeah.
Why? He sent over a hundred postcards to Krista Palmer where he cut photos of himself out and put them in the picture next to her.
Super fan.
Super creepy if you ask me.
Well, you know what? Maybe he wasn't just cleaning the ice, maybe he was cleaning up the crime scene.
You like Krista Palmer just a little bit there, Frank? She's an awesome athlete, so what? Is that why you were at the rink after hours, to watch her? No, I was there 'cause those broomball players gave me a hundred bucks to keep the lights on, prop the side door open.
Then I went across the street.
Got a drink.
And you zamboni the ice before or after that? After.
When I got back.
And when you got back,the rink was empty? Yeah,the broomball players weren't there yet, so I figured I'd soften up the ice for them.
I play hockey,I know how it is.
Yeah, I'm sure you do.
You know what a skate lacer is? 'Cause I found it underneath the zamboni, and it's got Mackenzie Wade's blood on it.
I was drunk, so I wouldn't know what the zamboni picked up.
You were drunk? So, what happened? Did you mistake Mackenzie for Krista? No, no way, I would never hurt Krista.
It doesn't matter what you think.
Oh, yeah? Well, we'll see about that,frank.
Lindsay, hold up.
You can talk to me off the record.
You know that, right? What do you want me to say? You left the crime scene,lindsay.
- I mean,I covered for you, but - Yeah, thanks.
Look, if you have a problem, you should tell someone.
I'm just trying to help.
Well,don't,okay? Just leave me alone.
Clearly, I made the mistake of trying to be your friend here.
So, I'll be your boss.
When you're requested at a crime scene, you show up and do your job.
Speaking of your job, I expect to see you in autopsy this afternoon.
The cod on allison mitchum is penetration of the abdominal cavity due to a shotgun wound.
Entry has a characteristic cookie-cutter shape.
Caused by pellet separation.
Indicates close-range shot.
Couple that with the wadding in the wounds, we're talking four feet or less.
The bruises confirm proximity.
She physically engaged the shooter, fought back.
Why? Maybe she initiated the fight, knew the shooter.
Felt that she could get close to stop whatever was going on.
Peyton,I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for what happened.
I want to talk maybe over lunch or coffee.
I've got a lot of work to do.
Would you like me to send these up to ballistics for you? I'll take them.
Amazing stuff you have here, Dr.
It was green boom.
now it's red.
It's pink,right? Right.
But how do you know? Our lab reverse engineered most of the chemical components, tracked down your patent application.
I blew my mind when I first saw it.
Polyvinylidene fluoride,right? Right, it's a polymer that exhibits a piezoelectric effect which.
enables the paint to change color.
Do you have any idea how it ended up in my crime scene? Or on the body of a murdered figure skater? I don't know, New Jersey Advacned Tech is a secured facility.
We work on military contracts, things like that.
That paint is still in its test phase, it's just It's not possible.
Where were you last night? In my office.
I'm on a contract deadline.
And who has access to the paint lab? Project managers, a few R&D techs.
I'm going to need a list of those names.
Did you get anything on the mystery paint? I talked to a Dr.
Tom Howard who's a project manager over at New Jersey Advanced Tech.
He says he has no idea how his paint could have gotten on our vic.
- Great.
- What do you got here? Super fan number two, only this one was sending stuff to Mackenzie, take a look.
Formula, formula.
You've got an arrow and an "I.
" Same marks that are on the ice.
Yeah, all the letters are the same.
They're full of equations and symbols.
- Yeah, I hated physics.
- Me too.
Fortunately for us, hawkes is a math guru.
Figured I could take this to him, he'd tell us what it means.
You got a name or a return address? Nothing.
But whoever carved those marks in the ice, wrote these letters to Mackenzie.
It means we were wrong.
Krista was never the target, Mackenzie was.
So, if we figure out who wrote these.
we find Mackenzie's killer.
Drew a blank on the prints we lifted from the crime scene.
I also ran the unknown blood I found at the killer's entry point against the elimination samples we took from the family.
Found the wheels in common.
Our shooter is baby elizabeth's father.
Gina's husband just got off a plane from Hong Kong.
There's no way he could have been in the house last night.
Mitchum isn't the father we should be looking for.
Turns out gina isn't the baby's mother.
Why didn't you tell me the truth? Why didn't you tell us Allison was the baby's mother? you have to understand something.
Elizabeth is the reason we moved to the north Bronx.
When our daughter got pregnant, we tried to hide it, but it just got way too hard.
So,you relocated to avoid the social stigma associated with a teenage pregnancy.
I love my daughter.
I don't want to see her have to deal with that.
I supported her decision to have the baby, including making people think the child was my own.
Another teenager.
Both with gunshot wounds to the stomach.
Only young Mackenzie Wade wasn't shot,she was stabbed.
Danny found a skate lacer at the crime scene.
Yeah, that could be your murder weapon.
But the wound is circular, like it's from a bullet.
Caused by cleavage lines of Langer.
The incision cut across the tension lines of the skin, causing the wound to stretch and change shape.
One possible survivor.
So, Mackenzie bled out? Yeah, that's cod.
Lindsay? It's okay.
Why was I the only one? My baby? No way.
You're telling us that you didn't know that allison was pregnant? Isn't this your name on elizabeth's birth certificate? I have no idea how my name got on this thing.
If this were true, she would've told me.
Seth, you were expelled from Columbia six months ago.
You were caught cheating.
year was bought and paid for.
I don't see the point.
The point is, you're a proven liar.
Why don't you tell us what you were doing in the nursery last night? You think I killed Allison? Seth, we're thinking Allison asked you to step up to the plate, man up.
But you just weren't ready to settle down, so you decided to do something about it.
Look, I suppose there's a possibility.
I could be the father, but I had no idea until you told me.
You'd think I'd marry her? She's deaf.
You're a real piece of work.
What detective taylor meant to say is you're a scumbag with an $80 haircut who killed his girlfriend 'cause she decided to have his baby.
I'm not the father.
What can I do to prove it? Prints and a DNA reference sample.
Looks like seth won't be handing out any cigars in prison.
Dna came back negative.
He's not Elizabeth's father.
It still doesn't explain why Allison put his name on the birth certificate.
Were you able to id the ammo peyton pulled from the wound? Winchester double-ought buckshot.
But all I can determine about the shotgun is that it's a 12-gauge.
We need more.
So we can identify the murder weapon and maybe connect it to our shooter through a gun purchase or ammo sales.
What are you thinking, Mac? Reconstruction.
In the field.
Under the exact conditions the killing took place.
Gina Mitchum said she smelled smoke at the time of the murder.
She also said picked up strong vibrations under her feet, which she said felt foreign to her.
That was caused by the high amplitude sound wave made when the shotgun went off.
Doc, grab an m37.
Fire one round into the tank on my mark.
It'll work.
But the reconstruction has to be done at Gina's house, on her wood floors in order to accurately match the vibrations.
Mac, you want Gina to participate in a reconstruction? That means taking her home back to the crime scene.
Gina heard every detail of that crime scene through her body.
Which makes her our best witness.
Are you ready? I know I owe you an explanation.
I can't tell you what's going on, not because I don't want to, but because I'm I'm not sure myself.
You said you were "the only one"? I survived a crime.
A very, uh a terrible crime.
Friends of mine were killed.
I could use a friend here, Stell.
You got one, kiddo.
Go home.
I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
Mitchum, I'm glad you've arrived.
With Gina's help by identifying the shotgun, we were able to match a print on a gun license to prints we lifted from your home.
Do you recognize the name Cole Rowen? - Yes.
- We're trying to locate him now.
Do you think he could be the father? It's possible.
They may have dated.
Cole and Allison went to the same school together.
Manhattan school for the deaf.
But Cole left his senior year.
Why? He got a cochlear implant.
Cole always wanted one.
And as soon as he was able to hear, he switched schools.
Allison told us that Cole's mother and father weren't deaf.
And they always made him feel that something was wrong with him.
The implant wasn't about being able to hear.
It was more about being accepted by his family.
If Cole is Elizabeth's biological father, why didn't your daughter tell you? Cole's ashamed of being deaf.
He tried to convince our daughter to get the implant, but she refused.
And then Cole started to treat her the same way his parents treated him.
Like an outsider.
We got Cole's address.
And a warrant.
Officers are on their way to arrest him.
Go back to your hotel.
You have my number.
We'll be in contact when this is over.
The formulas are about spin rate.
Rotation? Yeah.
And in the context of these equations, the arrow and "I" represent increasing inertia.
And in skating, you would do that by? Extending your arms, only that's counterintuitive.
Skaters put their arms in when they start a rotation.
So someone was telling Mackenzie to do something that would make her lose? That doesn't make any sense.
Well, not to us.
We need to talk to somebody who would know what skating move this formula was written for.
We were thinking about it the wrong way.
It's not about the jump, it's about the moment between the jumps.
The formula was telling Mackenzie to maximize inertia by extending her arms after the first jump.
Right, which would give her the momentum to go into the second jump.
All right, so the guy who actually wrote the formula wanted her to win.
To notice a flaw like that, whoever wrote the formula would have to meticulously study Mackenzie for weeks.
Yeah, but the thing is, the rink had restricted access.
Well, how you how do you notice someone and watch them that closely without being seen? If we can see out, they can see in.
What is that place? New Jersey Advanced Tech.
Nice view, dr.
Seems your paint has problems adhering.
Flakes right off.
It's not perfected yet.
And those are the mechanics of everyday life.
It's kind of a hobby, observing the way things move.
Does that include ice skating? So I watch the skaters.
Something wrong with that? Well, you watched one a little closer than the others, didn't you? Look at that.
An "I" and an arrow.
Exactly what was carved on the ice.
They represent increasing inertia, correct, doctor? We know you were at that ice rink.
What happened, did it get a little boring here in gadget land? Every day that girl was there practicing.
She kept trying to do the same jump over and over, so I figured out what she was doing wrong.
I wrote her some letters, she still kept trying to do it her way, and then I read that the competition was only a day away.
And when you saw her practicing by herself that night, you had to go over there.
I'm Tom Howard.
I've been studying you Excuse me.
I know what you're doing wrong with the jump.
I was trying to help her and it turned into this huge misunderstanding.
It's not about your speed going into the jump, it's about increasing inertia to maintain your angular momentum.
Give me that back and go away! Wait.
Hold on, hold on.
Let go of me.
Are you okay? I didn't mean to hurt her.
All right, here's the deal.
Cole Rowen didn't go to the Mitchum house to kill Allison.
He went there to kidnap Elizabeth.
How do you know? We hit Cole's apartment.
He wasn't there, but we found a lot of brand-new baby stuff.
Crib, diapers.
Cole was getting ready to play daddy.
Gina's not at her hotel.
I want Elizabeth.
My daughter's coming with me.
Turn left at the light.
Call Sheldon.
Give him Gina's number and have him triangulate on her cell signal.
Get us a location.
Cole Rowen has Gina and the baby.
This is Flack.
Get me dispatch.
Repeat, we've got a hostage situation.
Notify highway, esu and hostage negotiator.
Stand by for further instructions.
Once we get out of the city, I'll let you go, but you have to promise me something.
You have to tell the police I didn't mean to kill Allison.
It was an accident.
We were fighting.
Why haven't you returned my messages? Don't lie to me.
I know about Elizabeth.
Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant? Why didn't you tell me? What's wrong with that? Why shouldn't our daughter have a chance at being normal? I'm not going to stand by and let you ruin our daughter's life.
I'm sorry.
It didn't have to come to this, but I deserve to have a say in how my kid is raised.
Just got a 911 from Dennis Mitchum, Gina's husband.
He reported the abduction.
Santucci's on his way to pick him up.
Where? We got 'em.
Just got off the fdr.
Northbound, headed towards the bridge at one-five-five.
Here, here, let's go! Hurry up, hurry up, come on! Turn around! Keep going! Don't move! All right, listen up.
Okay, our shooter's got two hostages.
He's already killed one girl.
I want you and your guys to hang tight until we get this thing under control.
- What's that? - That's an external transmitter.
Cole can't hear without it.
Come with me.
I got an idea.
Stop! Give me the transmitter.
First, you give me the baby.
Back off or I'll shoot her as well! I know you don't mean that, Cole.
Killing Allison was a mistake.
You just wanted your baby.
You could have hurt Gina when you heard her respond to the shooting, but you decided to leave and come back for Elizabeth another time.
I didn't want Elisabeth to grow up deaf.
To have to live in a world of silence.
But Allison did.
She said God made her that way.
She didn't need to be fixed.
How could Allison have been so selfish? Elizabeth! I just wanted my baby! Take care of all his personals, make sure he's ready for me in the morning.
We'll let him sleep it off right now.
All right, first thing.
Thank you.
You helped me.
And I wish I could help you now.
What makes you think that something's wrong? I speak with my hands.
You speak with your eyes.
Um I've, I've finished that report on Jane Doe from this afternoon, so Look into my eyes because I need you to hear me.
I can't promise that I won't ever be hesitant or cautious but I'm committed to making this work.
Trust in me, Peyton.
I don't want to lose you.