CSI: NY s03e13 Episode Script


Scott,when I pump fake go on the deep post.
Jessie,block a player.
Mikey,slant across the middle.
Ready? Break.
Come on,defense.
Hey,you get jessie.
I got mikey,I got mikey.
Bryce,your man.
Zone blitz,zone blitz.
Hey,watch the double team,watch the double team.
What you looking at,huh? Let's go,what you got,huh? That's good,good.
Shut 'em down.
Come on,bryce.
Let's go.
Set? Watch it,bryce.
he's going deep,he's going deep! I think you killed someone,bryce! Let's get out of here.
Let's cut through the park! couple of power walkers spotted the vic.
Thought he was passed out drunk until they tried to help him up.
Any id? No.
This guy's got some major fashion issues.
Somebody should have told him it was winter.
No footprints in the snow.
He came by cart.
shopping carts pulled by cheerleaders? And bunnies? I guess our vic's out of the race.
And he finished dead last.
N the apartment's tied up in probate,so no one lives here.
It's been vacant for almost a year.
Any id on our vic? No,trying to contact the owner of the building.
We're running license plates up and down the street.
Who found him? Couple kids came into the three-five,said that a friend's football may have accidentally killed a man.
I locked 'em up for fun.
There's no sheet on this chair here with the rope or the couch.
Every other piece of furniture is covered.
There's no cast off or other blood drops.
Not to mention our vic isn't dressed like a guy who's looking to find a warm place to spend the night.
An odd murder scene.
So what business did he have being in here? I say we let the crime scene tell us.
You smell that? Rosemary.
There's evidence of a pool of blood someone tried to clean up.
Why clean up the blood over there and leave the dead body? Maybe they thought the blood over here might lead to something.
stop shivering like a girl,adam, it's not even that cold out.
I'm from phoenix.
considered freezing.
wanna go shopping? I'll race you to the finish line.
The shopping cart tracks and the blood drops lead directly from here and they go all the way down to the body.
Sporadic footprint pattern.
Somebody got into something.
Yeah,definitely more than two people.
These don't come off that easily.
I believe we definitely found our primary crime scene.
There we go I've removed several pieces of trace from the head wound.
My best guess,pre-analysis of course, is that it's nail polish.
A woman hit our vic that hard in the head? Enough to kill him? Hell hath no fury.
Tox report back? Our vic consumed quite a bit of alcohol, which in his case was a good thing, because he was shot with a price tag gun shortly before he died.
didn't feel the pain but in the end he paid the price.
excuse me.
Idiot-run? You know,like the iditarod dogsled races in alaska.
Uh-huh,so carla,are there any rules to this race? Try to get to the end in the fastest time.
Definitely before midnight.
Two check-in points and then we all go across the street to halligan's and get hammered.
Get hammered,nice.
Where do you guys get these carts? Snatch 'em from wherever we can find them.
How'd your team do? It's not about winning for us.
We just wanna see how many teams we can sabotage.
Sounds like it could get dangerous.
Somebody could get hurt.
Hey,it's all part of the race.
The point is to crash the carts.
Nice patch of ice will take out a team,no problem.
What are you doing? That's our cart.
Know the guy in the photo? That's bruce abbott.
We found him in the park.
Um,you have an idea what might have happened to him? No.
I mean we finished the race hours ago,we got knocked out.
go on.
Hurry up,here they come.
Hurry up.
Look out! Hold on! watch out,watch out! The rest of us were cold and tired.
Bruce wanted to sabotage the other teams' racing route.
So you left him there? We kept expecting him to show up at the bar,but he never did.
Gross examination of stomach contents reveals your vic ate fresh strawberries shortly before he was killed.
Fresh strawberries in the dead of winter? No pun intended.
Maybe he had lunch at a high-end restaurant or a five star hotel? No.
Condition of gastric contents suggests he ate them in the room he died in.
He was definitely a gentleman of expensive tastes.
Well manicured.
Angle of the filing indicates he has them done professionally.
Semicircle of white nail,quarter-inch beyond the fingertip.
High gloss enamel applied to each nail.
Nice skin,too.
Quite a tan for this time of year.
And that's no $10 haircut.
All nicely packaged in a $3,000 suit.
Deep pockets.
At the crime scene we found a chair, some duct tape,rope,evidence of a struggle.
Are we looking at a kidnapping? His family is wealthy.
Could have aed for quite a ransom, then when it wasn't paid they followed through on their threat? One would think.
But you have another theory? I didn't find any traces of adhesive residue around his wrists,ankles or mouth.
Our victim wasn't the one who was bound in that room.
So we're possibly looking at new york city's best dressed kidnapper.
And our kidnap victim is missing.
Okay,I've analyzed most of the trace that you guys collected from the scene.
On the duct tape here,I found some very small, fine brunette hairs that were a match to the hairs I found on the victim's suit.
And with a little un-do adhesive remover and tweezers, I think I got us a little bit closer to the identity of the kidnap victim.
She was bound and held hostage in that brownstone.
But where is she now? Could there be another kidnapper? The partial dna results from the blood you found on the floor says it's from a male but it's not a match to the vic.
There was someone else in that room.
And he could still be holding a woman hostage.
no one's reported a kidnapping to the police,and there's no recent missing persons report for a brunette female.
She probably lives alone and nobody noticed that she's gone.
But what about a ransom demand? If the victim was kidnapped,that would be a possible motive.
Unless they're dead.
Okay,so the door of the brownstone was kicked in.
There was no report of burglary, property damage or nypd executing a warrant.
So,I analyzed the water content of the putty and the wood glue used to repair the door and I estimate it was fixed about a month ago.
So it has nothing to do with our vic or the kidnapping? Right.
Also,I got back a full dna profile of the blood swabbed from the floor boards.
There's obvious degradation.
The blood is old.
Yeah,deposited right around the time the door was kicked in.
You're suggesting there was a crime committed,a possible home invasion,in the same brownstone a month ago? Right.
You're also eliminating the theory of a second kidnapper because we have no evidence that anyone else was in that room at the time of our vic's murder.
Well,we're still asking the same question,where is the woman who was bound and tied in the duct tape? Whoa,hold on.
This is where it gets a little more complicated,okay? I ran the old blood through codis and it spit out the name of the bleeder in the previous crime.
Ex-con named artemis hunt.
Now,I did some checking and he missed a parole meeting yesterday.
I think we need to pay mr.
Hunt a visit.
There you go.
Thank you.
All right.
Take it easy.
Artemis? Sorry to ruin your breakfast,pal.
You missed your last meeting with your parole officer.
It was one meeting.
Where were you? Atlantic city.
You bust through any doors in the past month or so? Perhaps around east 86th street? Why you two sweatin' me,huh? Trying to make your monthly arrest quota? Yeah that's it.
Come on,it's too cold for you out here Take it easy,angry man.
My P.
Got me a job doing fix-it work for a property management company,all right? They've got me going all kinds of places fixing all kinds of things.
I fixed a busted door chain about a month ago.
Mixing putty,stabbed my finger with the blade.
East 86th street sounds about right.
I don't know the exact address.
You have any proof that you were in atlantic city yesterday? Yeah,a girl named precious.
She's listed.
She'll tell you.
How we were gambling,lost all my money but I did get a free voucher for the buffet.
It was the only table I won at actually.
Let's go.
Hey,man,what's this all about? Parole violation and I don't like you.
Many of the footprints at the primary crime scene were on top of each other,possibly indicating a struggle.
I matched several to bruce abbott's army boot.
The others are unknown.
Hold up,check this out right here.
Yeah? And then right there,and then right there again.
There's only a right foot.
Yeah,there's no compatible left foot impression.
So we're looking at a one-legged suspect? I always say if it's odd,run with it.
Gentlemen,I have determined the murder weapon.
All right.
This is the subdermal bruising of bruce abbott's head wound.
This would be the tops of toes.
Which suggests that our murder weapon is a foot.
Right foot of a woman? Right is correct.
And female would explain the traces of red nail polish I found in the wound.
So our murderer is a one-legged,barefoot woman who's got serious kung-fu skills.
Could be the woman who lost this heel,right? One shoe on,one shoe off.
It's not going to leave a pair of prints.
There was a team of women racers at the finish line.
I interviewed one of the girls,and her shoes did not match the rest of her outfit.
And you said that there was one female on bruce abbott's team,right? That was rita.
She drove the cart.
One foot on the cart,one foot pushing off.
Rita was the driver.
Bruce was the dog.
Maybe she kicked that dog while he was down.
Look,we lost because we crashed.
That wasn't bruce's fault.
Some people take this race pretty seriously,huh? I understand every team you were on before this has won.
This is your first loss.
It's a goofy,childish race.
I do it for fun.
First prize is what,$3,000 bucks? You get your mug on a couple sport magazine covers.
That's some pretty heady stuff,no? I didn't kill bruce.
Maybe you just,uh,kicked him out of frustration,you had no idea you killed him.
Stand up and I'll need you to put your foot in here.
So,what's going to happen now? Do I need a lawyer? That depends on your story.
It's simple.
We lost the race.
I broke the heel of my shoe,sprained my ankle, and I won't be able to get into a pair of spike boots for another six months, but that's the risk you take when wearing high heels in a race on ice.
Well,you didn't actually just lose the race,carla.
I mean,you were sabotaged by bruce.
Hey,I give him points for being clever.
Come on ladies,pick it up.
There are several grates along the path.
This bruce guy decided to cover one up.
And you're sure you and this guy didn't get into it? He had it coming,no? Most guys have it coming but not for that.
I write term life insurance policies,okay? It's boring.
The idiotrun and polar bear swim are what turn me on.
I'm not into violence.
You were dressed as a dominatrix.
And that's not violent,it's fun.
Why don't you make an appointment and I'll show you.
I'm not into fun.
But thank you.
Casino in atlantic city has artemis hunt on tape.
Dead end for me.
Remember the smell of rosemary? Air sample from the scene says benzoin resin.
Used primarily in perfumes,liniments and medicines.
Also,sid sent over the tox report.
Turns out our guy had champagne to go along with his strawberries.
Kinky kidnapper,huh? And maybe while he's getting intoxicated, our brunette keeps her head,figures out how to escape,kills him,gets away and ever looks back.
Why wouldn't she call the police,report it? Or at least go to the hospital? She killed a man.
Maybe she doesn't know what to do.
If she comes from a wealthy family, maybe they're trying to keep it low profile.
Detective? If a ransom was requested, they certainly didn't involve the police.
The results of the canvas.
License plate from a car parked outside the brownstone led to a rental car agency.
The car was never returned.
The credit card led to an alex martin.
Okay,I'll process the car.
You track down alex.
I've been alex martin's secretary here at lenway properties for the past three years.
I can't believe he's dead.
When was the last time you saw him? Two days ago.
He was on his way to show a co-op in the village.
You have a property in probate on 86th street? The miller property.
Once probate was final,he had the listing.
And the key to get in.
Could you pull up his calendar for the last day you saw him? Trainer at 7:00.
Breakfast at 8:30.
Two showings.
Lunch at tavern on the green.
What was he doing during these four hours? I don't know.
Once a month he tells me to block out four or five hours like that.
I never ask.
I figured he's seeing a shrink or something.
Did he need a shrink? Do I have to answer that? I mean,I really don't like talking badly about dead people.
Alex martin was a real estate agent.
He made a lot of money selling brownstones, including the one we found him in.
Real estate agent turned kidnapper? The market must be really bad.
There's evidence that our brunette hostage was shoved in the back of this trunk.
Along with a horse.
It's a small car,adam.
Traces of a horse.
Check this out.
We found wood shavings in the trunk of the car that were canadian yellow pine.
There's also traces of manure.
We processed that and found two drugs: An ex-stress and a san-colic medicine.
Well,the canadian pine chips would be used for bedding.
How many miles did he drive after he rented the car? Four.
Let's pull up a map.
We're looking for horses within a four mile radius of the rental car location.
Stables in central park.
that would be harley.
Only horse using both those medications.
Beautiful mustang.
Freaks out at loud noises.
Who owns harley? Elizabeth grayson.
Lives on park avenue.
Has a sugar daddy named daddy.
Nice life if you can get it.
I'll put an alarm out on her.
this is harley.
Born in the wild.
What's this all about anyway? We think liz grayson might be missing.
Who takes the horses out to the paddock on their lead line? I do.
Who rubs their legs down after a ride? Me.
When you said,"nice life if you can get it" how far would you really go to get it,hector? Hold on.
You think I know where she is? There was evidence of wood shavings and traces of harley's medicine in the trunk of a car.
And we're fairly certain the horse didn't do it.
You know a man named alex martin? No.
My job is to take care of the horses,not their owners.
And there's harley,safe and sound.
The question is where is liz grayson? Thought you processed the cart already.
I did.
But I figured I'd take another look 'cause it is all we got.
Rita and carla didn't do it.
Their foot impressions do not match the bruising on our vic's face.
So i'm just hoping that I can pull something off of this basket.
The prints belong to bruce's and his teammates,the rest is ketchup,rust,plastic and some unidentified animal hair.
Odd wheel out.
Three originals,one old rusty wheel.
Frankenstein job,screws and bolts,but it's sturdY.
Except for that clean slice right there in the frame.
I'm assuming it was sabotage by one of the other teams.
But everything else looks like repair.
What are you thinking? What market takes the time to repair a shopping cart? Whoever did this wanted this thing to last.
Carla said that they snatch them from wherever we can find them.
I guess that includes someone who has one.
That someone might want it back.
I did notice a homeless guy at the finish line who was trying to steal a cart.
Okay,well,maybe that's what happened with bruce.
Someone tried to take it and they got into something.
Yeah,it's possible.
We found bruce's body with the cart.
If somebody wanted the cart back, why didn't they just take it? Besides,we're looking for a woman.
So unless this homeless guy's got tiny feet and paints his toenails,we got nothing.
Well,we know somebody kicked bruce abbot in the head.
And we know that he didn't push himself through the park and down that hill.
Okay,so there's got to be a connection to our murderer somewhere on this basket.
Let's find it.
Match to POLYURETHANE Liz's mother gave us the picture and your name.
Her parents haven't heard from her in two days.
We were hoping you could help us.
We're divorced.
Irreconcilable differences.
I don't see liz much.
Well,when was the last time you did see or speak to her? Last month.
I invited her to the christening of my new sailboat.
I got the impression talking to liz's parents that if liz was kidnapped, they'd want to handle things on their own, not deal with the police.
I know that they would.
And no offense,but that's exactly what I would do.
I also understand that there was no prenuptial agreement.
You stop right there,detective.
I love liz.
I don't care what I had to give her in the divorce.
She could have taken it all.
I would never hurt her.
There was foreign substance in the lipstick from the tape gag.
Turns out to be strawberries and champagne.
So alex martin binds his victim and then force-feeds her champagne and strawberries? Maybe this wasn't a kidnapping for ransom.
Maybe liz grayson was what he wanted.
He stalked her.
Knew where to find her.
Had access to a private place to take her.
Which might explain why we're the only ones who think she was kidnapped.
When is a kidnapping not a kidnapping? When the hostage doesn't want to be found.
taylor? But she killed him.
We don't know that.
A woman matching liz grayson's description just checked in to sacred cross E.
I was getting ready to ride harley.
Then he came up behind me.
I screamed.
I tried to fight back,I just I guess no one heard me.
Liz,I'm going to have to take a few more pictures,okay? Will you hold your hands out,please? turn them around.
I kicked and punched tried to pull his hair,he was just bigger stronger.
I felt like I was in that trunk for hours.
Why don't you lay back? Now if at any point you want us to stop,you just let me know.
I'm fine.
He opened the trunk and I screamed,but he had a knife.
He told me he'd kill me if I made any more noise.
I was scared,so I just did what I was told.
did he say what he wanted? Money.
Did you hear him make a call demanding ransom? No.
He ate strawberries and drank champagne.
Do you remember that? I remember he was drunk.
I could smell it on his breath when he untied me from the chair and dragged me over to the couch.
To,uh you know.
I tried to fight him off.
I thought he was going to kill me.
How'd you get away? I didn't know he was dead.
I just ran.
I just got out of there and ran.
What'd you do with the knife? I think I threw it in a trash can.
I just didn't want to have it.
I didn't want him to find it.
I walked for a while.
I remember washing my hands in the snow.
What did she tell you? Quite a bit.
What are you thinking? She's lying.
Let's just go over the facts we do know.
The brunette hair that we found on the body of alex martin and pulled from the duct tape are a match to liz grayson.
Epithelials from the lipstick and the tape around her wrists match her reference sample and the evidence of her dna in the trunk of the car.
There are too many unanswered details.
She said she tried to fight him off.
Sid never mentioned defensive wounds on our vic.
She said her hands were still taped when he raped her.
How could she then grab the knife and stab him? The wound track is inconsistent with that story,and the duct tape was sliced cleanly.
There's no way she could have done that by herself.
In the case of rape,I would expect to see alex martin's dna.
Two peaks at each locus.
But there are four.
Semen from two different men? Maybe somebody she was with before martin.
Have a look at the peaks.
The unknown male's sample has a higher peak, which means that she had sex after alex martiN.
Having sex with another man after you're kidnapped and raped? That doesn't make any sense.
Or that explains everything.
Liz grayson says she tossed the knife in a garbage can.
That's all she can remember.
Wouldn't that be nice and easy? I don't have that kind of luck.
You got something? Yeah,I think so.
Somebody was standing here.
Direction of the heel and the toe indicate they were looking in this window.
If they were here at the right time, they had a front row seat for the show.
And I know what time liz was here and the time of death.
Add a little chemistry and meteorology and we could be able to determine if there was a witness.
Plus a little dna can tell you who it was.
Why would she wipe the knife clean? Oh,see this? White dog hair.
Dog hair? Yeah,the animal hair from the cart is from a white mix-breed terrier.
That should be easier to find than a woman with red nail polish on her toes.
Assuming you know where to look.
And I have a thought on that.
Delfina's market.
Delfina's - that went under when I was a kid.
Yeah,it's the name that came up on the handle of the cart.
I checked out an online shopping cart database and found the old locations of their stores.
One in particular stuck out 'cause it's now an 89 cent store.
Cool,I'll drive.
Let me tell you,delfina's - they had the best mozzarella.
You know,I never really had the real mozzarella.
Yeah? Yeah.
You're coming over to my mother's on sunday.
All right.
Yeah? I'm taking you up on that.
All right.
Hey We're the good guys.
It's okaY.
How you doing? He matches the description.
Now all we need to do is find his owner.
Woman with red toenail polish.
Where's your owner? I think I just found her.
You gotta be kidding me.
It's the right size.
Chipped nail polish.
Yeah,and it matches the single imprints in the snow.
See all that? Impact damage from striking bruce on the head.
And blood.
get out of here.
That's the guy.
Hey,where you going without your dog,buddy? That's not my dog.
Come here.
Isn't that your stuff back there? He's too loyal to let you walk away,huh? What business is it of yours? This mannequin leg was used to kill a guy.
I don't know anything about that.
He took your cart,didn't he? You wanted it back.
You stole my cart! That's my cart! Oh,hey you broke it.
Hey,don't shoot.
Hey! Hey,man,come on.
Why didn't you just leave it at that? They destroyed it.
They cut it into pieces.
It was falling apart.
I seen that snot-nosed kid laughing at me.
you broke my cart! He ruined it.
It was all I had.
They broke it and didn't care.
It was all I had.
I mean,where am I going to put my stuff? Don't move,don't move.
Alex martin didn't have any bites or bruises or scratch marks on him despite the fact that liz claimed she struggled with him.
So why make it all up? She was romantically involved with martin.
The rape was consensual sex.
I've known alex for about a year.
We'd meet once a month.
And you played games.
Indulged our fantasies.
It was exciting.
You could dream up any scenario.
get out of here,punk.
Home invasion was his idea.
Alex hired that goon from the property management company to break in so alex could protect us.
Save me.
That was his fantasy.
And yours was to be kidnapped? L wanted to be vulnerable,taken by surprise.
I like the idea of bondage.
Two days ago,she wanted to be kidnapped.
That wasn't enough for her? Who did she have sex with after she was with martin? The guy who killed him.
It's a common knife.
The fibers we pulled from the murder weapon match the rope on your boat.
Common knife,common rope.
Tell me something,terry.
What were you doing outside the brownstone looking in at the exact time liz was there? you can't prove that.
Actually,that's where you're wrong.
Because I captured time with a little superglue and a snowflake.
I found hexagonal plate snowflakes in the boot prints outside the window.
The glue keeps the structure intact.
You know what makes that type of snowflake special,terry? It could have only been formed at a certain temperature, and the temperature was recorded at the weather service at the exact time that we fixed time of death.
You were there,terry.
Your dna is going to match what we pulled off the cigarette butt you left outside the window and the semen we retrieved from liz.
She left me for another man.
I gave her everything and she left me.
You gave her everything except the thrill.
Premeditated murder,terry.
You went in there to kill alex martin.
I wanted liz to know that I loved her.
This is what you want? He's who you want? you have tget out of here.
I had no idea you would kill for me.
A broken heart,a moment of rage, and you killed a man.
Was it all worth it,terry? Oh,yeah.
Now I know she loves me.