CSI: NY s03e14 Episode Script

The Lying Game

What's a woman doing in the men's bathroom? Oh, I can think of a few reasons.
All with happier endings.
All right, she's ready to go.
Who found the body? Hotel guest.
Just before 11 P.
Vic's got no purse, no I.
, No room key.
Our Jane Doe's heavier than she looks.
Check out the size of her feet.
And hands.
She's had her breasts surgically enhanced.
Better make that a John Doe.
No evidence of sexual activity.
We got a visible print on the earring.
Maybe it's the vic's.
Vic has loops and whirls.
No arches.
So I spoke with the night manager of the hotel.
He said a janitor cleaned the bathrooms at 9:00, and didn't notice anything unusual.
Okay, the vic was found around 11 P.
So that gives us a two hour window.
And over 300 suspects.
An agricultural taxes and trades banquet, and a launch party for Diva Music magazine were going on right across the hall.
Right, and every person on those guests lists had access to this rest room.
Yeah, we might want to start with congressman Eric Garth from connecticut.
He was at the taxes and trade banquet, and a woman matching our vic's description got into it with him in the banquet hall.
Angry words were exchanged.
Well, maybe he knew "she" was a "he".
Or maybe he didn't.
Justin, please! Just.
Justin, stop! This is insane.
Just let me come up.
Oh, my god.
Don't you dare.
You said you wanted your stuff.
Justin, put her down, please.
Stop it, Queenie never did anything to hurt you.
- Don't.
- But you hurt me, Trace.
Come on, don't do this.
Queenie! Is that truck spraying blood? Hey, driver's over there.
He's a little rattled.
Where'd the salt come from? City shed in Brooklyn.
Said that he picked it up this morning.
That he had no idea that there was a body in the truck.
Because just maybe the body was in the salt.
Have him show you where he picked up his load.
See what you can find.
All right.
What do you got, Sid? Looks like his hand is caught in the gears.
Cause of death looks like blunt force trauma.
Is that some kind of road rash? Some black reflective material in the wound.
Could be asphalt.
If someone hit him and dumped his body, there'd be bits of broken glass and paint embedded in the skin.
No sign of that so far.
Robert Gallagher, president, Sweet Extreme inc.
At least we have a name.
Now who would want to hurt Bob? Everybody loved that dude.
Did he have any kind of personal problems? Drugs? Anything like that? He was a sports junkie.
Extreme sports.
We do, uh We do marketing for competitions.
When was the last time you saw mr.
Gallagher? Last night.
Who else has access to this office? Clients are in and out of here all the time.
What about employees? There's our receptionist, Liz.
But she's been chillin' in vail all week.
Cleaning crews are in here every night.
We'll need to talk to all of them.
What about you two? I hit the gym after work and then crashed at home.
I was at a marketing seminar at the Stern Institute until midnight.
Are you saying that we're suspects? At this point, everyone is.
Miss Haines, I found this golf ball in a salt mound where a dead body was dumped.
It's a golf ball, detective.
I don't know what it has to do with me.
Well it's, uh, it's an 80 compression.
Women use 80s.
Says: "hole in one 6-14-06.
" This logo here is the golf course.
Do you have any idea who hit a hole in one on that golf course on that day? It was you.
More importantly, do you have any idea how this ball ended up in a pile of salt next to a dead body? I don't know.
I thought I'd lost it at the tournament.
I called them several times for it.
Can I have it back for my trophy rack? It's evidence now.
Do you have any idea who Robert Gallagher is? This man right there.
I can't say that I've ever seen him.
I've never heard of him.
He owns a sports marketing company called Sweet Extreme inc.
, you know? I work for a pharmaceutical company.
I don't see how our paths could have crossed.
Maybe you crossed paths on the golf course Maybe last night between 8 and 11? Last night, I was at a meditation class.
You have anything that can verify that? Cause of death was drowning.
And did you find anything that could help us with an id? No.
But after I removed the makeup, I found a couple of recent injuries.
See this one here? Looks like a burn mark.
Sustained antemortem.
At least two hours before death.
Tox screen showed an elevated blood alcohol level.
The burn might've been an accident of some kind.
Tox screen also showed high levels of synthetic female hormones.
Well, explains the feminized aspects and lack of facial hair.
Looks like our vic was mid-way through a sex change.
I also noticed this significant contusion, possibly from a handprint.
Could have been left our killer when he forced her head into the toilet.
Lack of bruising indicates it was sustained at or close to the time of death.
I found some unidentified trace in the victim's hair.
There was also tissue trace underneath the fingernails.
Looks like she put up a fight.
What do you think, Sid? Are we looking at a hate crime here? Transgender showgirl drowned in a public toilet.
Sound like love to you? No hits on the print from the vic's earring.
You get anything? This is the trace that Sid found in the victim's hair.
It looks kind of like enamel or about a hundred other things I can think of.
Why don't you run it through GCMS? See if we get anything.
So I spoke to one of congressman Garth's aides, and according to him, the woman who confronted garth at the banquet last night was upset about his voting record.
Here's the official statement.
" The congressman is often approached by constituents "who feel passionately about the issues and he is always grateful to hear their opinions.
" Sounds like he's up for re-election.
I also dug up some info on the Diva Music magazine event.
A group of female impersonators called the Raining Queens were the entertainment for the party at the hotel last night, and apparently, one of them is missing.
Quentin Conrad.
Rising star.
A caring soul.
She'll be missed.
When was the last time you saw Quentin? She left last night right after her solo, never came back.
What time was that? Whose curling iron is this? That's Bambi's.
You touch that, you're asking for a world of trouble.
Where's Bambi now? I only tapped it against her neck for a second.
Who knew she had such delicate skin? Miss Thing.
I told you about using my paint.
You want fierce, buy your own.
Unlike some girls, I possess natural beauty.
I was just touching up.
Natural beauty? Natural beauty this.
Huh, why'd you do it? Miss Thing thinks she's all that.
I had to let her know who the real queen is around here.
What happened after you burned her? She threw on an extra layer of paint and she sang her little heart out.
How'd your watch get all that water inside of it? Oh, I always forget to take it off when I get in the shower.
I'm going to need to borrow it.
Okay, here's the sample from the toilet water.
It's got sodium, hydrochloride and calcium.
Check out the calcium concentration.
It's through the roof.
You're right, and then this is the water from the condensation in Bambi's watch.
Some sodium, no hydrochloride, and the calcium is barely detectable.
So she was telling the truth about the watch.
Plus, her prints didn't match anything we found at the scene or on the earring.
But I do have some good news.
I id'd the trace from the victim's hair.
Came back as chitin.
Crustacean shells? Well, they were serving king crab at the taxes and trade banquet.
Well, that narrows it down.
The killer must have been at that banquet.
Yeah, along with 200 other guests.
You know what? Let's just try and focus on Quentin.
Now, we know that she left the Diva Music party after her solo act around 8:30, right? Right, and she showed up an hour later at the taxes and trade banquet.
Maybe she went out with someone after her performance.
Had some drinks? There's an hour unaccounted for, and her tox screen came back with an elevated blood alcohol level.
Hotel bar is on the same floor as the banquet rooms.
Clark, the hotel bartender, said that you and a few friends were in the bar last night with this woman.
Charged a few drinks to your room.
That's right.
Me and my buddies dropped in before the banquet.
This gal joined us for a few rounds.
Did she happen to mention that she's a female impersonator? What? Is this some kind of joke? No.
He was performing in drag at a party in the hotel.
Well, she did say she was a singer.
you are blowing my mind here.
How could she be a guy? I mean, she had breasts.
She looked so real.
What happened after the drinks? She asked if she could join us at the banquet.
Said they wouldn't let her in without an invite.
A taxes and trade banquet? Hardly seems like a fun way to spend the evening.
That's what we told her, but she said someone she knew was going to be there.
She wanted to surprise him.
Congressman Garth? Yeah.
Minute we stepped inside, she headed straight for his table.
Next thing I knew, she was screaming and clawing at the poor guy.
Only heard bits and pieces.
She called him a, a hypocrite, a liar, and, uh said something about how he wasn't going to get away with something he'd done.
One of the congressman's boys had to, had to haul her out of there.
Must have been embarrassing for you.
A little.
Everybody was looking at me like I was with her.
But mostly I felt bad for the congressman.
Altercation with congressman Garth sounds a tad more heated than his aides let on.
It also sounds more personal.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Are you thinking there was a little hanky panky going on between Quentin and the congressman? Oh, yeah.
Hey, Mac.
This, uh, trace you pulled out of Robert Gallagher's facial wound? Came back as silicon carbide grit.
Used in stuff like sandpaper.
And grip tape.
Yo, some of those boards are crucial collector's items.
And we're collecting them.
What exactly are you looking for? We'll know when we find it.
Think we might have found it.
Mac, check this out.
Sample from this chair just tested positive for blood.
Consistent with medium velocity blood spatter.
Like from blunt force trauma.
I think we're standing in our primary crime scene.
Gallagher was killed here, then moved to the salt shed.
How the hell did they get the body out of here? 'Cause this neighborhood's pumping even at night.
Let's take a look at the golf case.
Positive for blood.
Hey, the elemental composition from the grip tape is an exact match to the trace from gallagher's facial wound.
Also has his blood on it.
Our murder weapon.
My mom always said these things were dangerous.
I also found some contaminants.
Trying to nail down their source.
Sulfur, magnesium, oxygen.
Killer could have transferred them during the murder.
The cleaning crew's been ruled out.
It's got to be one of the partners.
They both had access to the office and to the murder weapon.
And they both have alibis.
I called and confirmed them.
Jackson rudnick was attending a marketing seminar, and his partner Steffen Cross, he was at the gym.
What about Dana Haines, the golfer? Meditation class.
Something's not adding up here.
Run down all three alibis.
Go to e'ery location.
See if you can find a hole.
All right.
Just got a case-to-case hit on the DNA we pulled from under Quentin Conrad's fingernails.
It connects to a cold rape case in Connecticut.
Congressman Garth's home state.
What are the odds of that? I'll get on the horn with Connecticut P.
and tell them we need that case file.
No, that could take days.
It's like pulling teeth with those people.
Hey, it's a 45 minute ride.
If I have to, I'll pop in a book on tape and head up there myself.
All right.
Is something wrong? Lindsay's going to take off for a little while.
When? I leave tomorrow morning for Montana.
A couple months ago, I got a call from the Bozeman prosecutor's office.
They apprehended a suspect who was wanted in a multiple homicide ten years ago.
Four girls.
They were they were friends of mine.
I was the only witness.
And the only survivor, as I remember.
They want her to testify.
I still see their faces.
My friends' faces.
The mothers' faces.
I don't know which I'm more scared of: standing in front of the monster that did this or seeing those faces.
You take care of yourself, kiddo.
You're tough, Lindsay.
You'll pull through this.
Excuse me.
How you doing? I'm looking for the Stern institute.
Uh, sorry.
This is, uh, supposed to be the address? No? All right.
Sorry about that.
yo, relax! Take it easy.
Jackson Rudnick completed a marketing seminar at the Stern institute.
Yeah, but the Stern institute turns out to be a beauty parlor, and Dana Haines' shandara meditation center turns out to be a bar.
What about Steffen Cross's alibi? The gym? The gym was legit.
He apparently was playing racquetball at 7:00 P.
After that, took a soak in a flotation tank.
Went home after that.
What are you thinking? These receipts.
They're printed on the same kind of paper stock, only in different colors.
Looks like they've got the same ink wear pattern.
It's faint on the paper, but but you're right.
Same width, same orientation on the page.
So you're saying at some point in time, these two documents were connected? Yeah.
They must have been printed on the same printer.
A printer that was low on ink.
I mean, it's two totally different companies.
How is that possible? Let's try these numbers again.
Stern institute.
This is Andrea speaking.
May I help you? Yes, I'm calling about a coworker.
I understand he was at your marketing seminar last night.
Name is Jackson Rudnick.
Uh, let me check.
Can I put you on hold for a moment? Sure.
Shandara meditation center.
This is Andrea speaking.
May I help you? Uh, yeah, do you, um, offer any classes in, um kundalini yoga? Just a moment, sir.
May I put you on hold while I look that up? Please, sure.
Yes, our records show that Jackson Rudnick did attend our marketing seminar.
Is this a corporate iniry? Uh, no thanks.
That's the same voice.
Fax the phone company a subpoena.
Let's get an address on those numbers.
Tokyo Hilton.
This is Drew speaking.
May I help you? Hi, I'm looking for Mr.
Colby? Mr.
Colby? Yes, just one moment while I connect you.
Thank you.
San Diego optical conference.
This is Drew speaking.
May I help you? The order was placed.
I can certainly tell you how much.
Our technicians handle several alibi accounts simultaneously.
Alibi accounts? Come on.
What kind of game you playing here? It's a business.
You know, some people need help dealing with sensitive issues that come their way.
Those issues include murder? I'm sorry.
Last I checked, murder was not on our list of services.
We mostly deal with extramarital affairs, you know, excuses for work-related absences.
So basically, people pay you to lie for them and make it look real? We view ourselves as professional advisors.
How did you advise Jackson Rudnick and Dana Haines? Can't divulge that.
Our reputation is built on trust.
Okay, well, what would a subpoena do for that reputation? We're investigating a homicide.
We believe your company was used to create an alibi for that homicide.
Our clients sign contracts agreeing that absolute alibis cannot be used for illegal purposes.
Just immoral ones, huh? You ready for this? According to detective Molinari up there in Connecticut, the rape occurred eight years ago after a political rally at the university of Connecticut.
Take a guess who was listed as the primary suspect.
Congressman Garth.
Only he wasn't a congressman at the time.
He was a campaign manager, and the vic id'd him from a press photo.
Well, they had to do a rape kit back then.
So why didn't we get a hit on Garth? Because the vic recanted the next day.
She said she was raped, but was mistaken about the id.
So the case stayed open as a stranger rape case? Yeah, and a few years later, they logged the DNA from the rape kit into the system, indicted it, and waited for a potential hit some day.
Clever way to get around the statute of limitations.
And Molinari also told me that they suspected the vic was paid hush money.
Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, she got involved with drugs and ended up in a bad way.
Her name? Sarah Conrad.
As in Quentin Conrad? Older sister.
Quentin was 14 at the time.
So Quentin crashed the taxes and trade banquet so she could confront congressman Garth.
Maybe Garth was scared that Quentin would go public with the rape, so he decided to shut him up for good.
Quentin Conrad couldn't let go of the past.
What happened to his sister was a horrible, horrible tragedy, and Quentin hasn't accepted that I simply wasn't involved.
Well, if you were innocent, why didn't you supply the connecticut P.
with a DNA sample? Don't answer that, congressman.
It's all right, Tom.
It's a fair question.
And the answer is, I was prepared to give them my DNA, but they never asked me for it.
Sarah Conrad admitted she picked out the wrong photograph.
She was extremely drunk, and she recanted.
Hmm, just like that.
No follow-up investigation, no request for your DNA.
Even at 28, you had some serious power, didn't you, congressman? All right, enough.
I thought you agreed the questions would be limited to last night's event.
We recanted.
DNA from Sarah Conrad's rape kit matches DNA we found under Quentin's fingernails.
clawing at you last night.
Now, I didn't go to yale here, boys, but even I can do the math.
Any interesting new scratch marks, congressman? I'm afraid you'll have to get a warrant to undress me, detective, or at least buy me a drink.
Even if I did have scratch marks on me, it would only prove that Quentin Conrad was a highly unstable individual, fueled by misdirected anger and a desire for revenge.
So you killed him to keep him quiet.
Let me be very clear about this.
I never touched Quentin Conrad or his sister, and I resent that my word as a public servant for the past eight years would be questioned because of the beliefs harbored by a drag queen.
Well, your word is being questioned because you're a politician.
You know, you could settle this whole thing right now by giving us a sample of your DNA.
That's not going to happen.
Congressman, excuse me.
The Hartford PTA is here.
They're ready for you outside.
Thank you, Josette.
If you'll excuse me, detectives.
he just got his dna and prints all over that baby's rattle.
Watch this.
What a beautiful girl.
What's your name? I thought you'd left.
You okay? Yeah.
Just, uh, tying up some loose ends.
Have you seen Danny? Yeah, he's out in the field.
Could you, uh, make sure that he sees this? That's how you're gonna tell him you're leaving? A card? It's not a big deal.
I'll be back.
At least call him, give him the chance to say good-bye.
I had nothing to do with Bob's murder, I swear.
That man he gave me my shot.
I owe everything I have to him.
Your golf case was used to dispose of the body.
The victim's DNA is all over it.
You were one of the last people to see him, and your alibi is a lie.
I'm having an affair.
With Dana Haines.
We met at a golf tournament about six months ago.
We started playing golf on the weekends.
We've tried to stop, we just we don't seem to be able to.
Absolute alibis provides a legitimate cover.
My wife and I look, we just had a baby.
If she found out, it would kill her.
So, if you weren't at your little marketing seminar, what were you really doing the night of the murder? I was at the Soho Regency with Dana, and I was there till about 1:00 in the morning.
The real Soho Regency or a taco stand? The real Soho Regency.
Danny? I need you to get over to the Soho Regency.
Jackson Rudnick? Yes, he checked in friday night.
You sure about that? I'm looking at the reservation right now.
You know what, people make reservations sometimes and don't show, so I need somebody who can actually put him here.
He ordered a bottle of cristal from room service at 9:45.
Maybe you'd like to speak to the waiter that brought it to the room? That'll be great.
It could take a while for me to locate him.
I got all the time in the world.
I just got off the phone with the commissioner.
He said you paid a little visit to congressman Garth's office in Connecticut? Stepped on a few toes? Well, there's more to come.
DNA we extracted from a baby rattle that Garth touched is a match to DNA from a cold rape case in Connecticut.
It also matches the dna we found under the nails of our murder vic, Quentin Conrad.
Are you saying congressman Garth committed a rape and a murder? Well, we definitely got him on the rape.
Things are a little less definitive on the murder.
See Quentin publicly attacked Garth earlier in the evening.
DNA could've transferred then.
And Garth's fingerprints aren't a match to anything we found in the bathroom or on the victim's earring.
We don't have him on the murder, let's not turn this into a witch hunt.
Cross all your "t"s, dot your "I"S.
Let's have Connecticut pd deliver an indictment warrant on the rape.
Congressman Garth's gonna see the criminal justice system from the other side.
I'm going to Queens.
Can you wait a second? Okay.
"See you soon" "Montana" Danny.
I finally determined the structure of those elements we found on the skateboard.
Magnesium sulfate.
It's used in agriculture and gardening to correct magnesium deficiencies in the soil.
Also used in therapeutic baths.
Reduces swelling, helps relieve sore muscles and whatnot.
Epsom salt.
Steffen Cross used a flotation tank at his gym on the night of the murder? Yup.
In high concentrations, magnesium sulfate would increase buoyancy.
Make you float.
I was at the gym.
You left at 9:00, giving you plenty of time to get back to the office and murder Bob.
Oh, no way, man.
We found salt trace on one of the skateboards.
Oh, you mean from the salt truck where he was found? No, salt from the floatation tank at your gym.
Magnesium sulfate.
Its elemental composition is quite different from road salt.
What does that have to do with anything? It connects you to the crime.
When you hit bob with the skateboard you transferred salt from the floatation tank onto the skateboard.
You murdered your partner and we can prove it.
Now, look, you can tell me the truth or you can play this little game all the way through your trial.
I don't care.
The evidence is gonna convict you.
Just might look a little better if you come clean now.
We were opening a virtual division.
Bob was gonna drop me from the company.
And you thought he was prepping Jackson to take over.
I found paperwork from marketing seminars Jackson was going to.
He's been hitting them for months now.
Bob's sending you to marketing seminars.
Why didn't I know? Look it's not what you think, bro.
You know Bob didn't even have the balls to admit it.
He claimed he didn't know anything about it.
I mean how could he not know.
It was a corporate expense.
I'd like to know what this is? No idea.
Why you showing this to me? The marketing seminars that Jackson's been going to.
Good for him.
Why you asking me? You're just gonna play dumb like you're not sending him to those? I'm not sending him to these.
You're gonna lie to me and I've worked for you for three years? I'm very busy right now.
I'm busy, too.
Hey, man, you need to back up.
No matter how many hours I logged, or how many good ideas I brought to the table it was never enough.
Well, looks like you finally got his undivided attention.
I just input everything we know about the murder into the crime re-enactment software.
Sounds like a last resort.
It is.
You want to see? Oh, yeah.
The right index finger is on the earring.
Could be how the print got there.
Look at that.
He's dripping all over the place.
- Check out the water traiL.
- Yeah.
Problem is, by the time we got there it would have evaporated.
And when Lindsay ran the toilet water to compare it to the condensation on the watch, nothing unusual came up.
Uh, why don't you bring up Lindsay's analysis again.
There we go.
There's a high concentration of hypochlorite here.
Here, right? Probably because the janitor cleaned up right before the murder.
He must've used bleach.
That's it.
That's it.
What? Luminol doesn't just react with blood.
It also reacts to bleach.
It's a long shot, but maybe we can pick up some kind of a trail.
Hey, I'd take a single drop at this point.
Okay, it's going up the steps.
It's locked.
All right, we're gonna need a key card to gain access.
So we're looking for a hotel guest on the second floor.
Frank Clark.
Open up.
So what's the matter, Frank? Huh, you don't like our girls here in New York? What the hell are you talking about? Toilet water dripping from your clothes left a trail from the men's room directly to your hotel room.
I was at the hotel for five days.
I'm sure I used that men's room at some point.
Yeah, well, I don't know about you, Frank, but I tend to wash my hands in the sink not the toilet.
Bad news, Frank.
You know those prints we just took from you? Turns out they match a print we pulled off the victim's earring.
Well, I don't know how that happened.
I never even touched her.
Hey, Frank, we know the drill.
You're far from home, in the big city, you get a couple drinks in you, foxy lady comes on to you, gets your juices flowing.
You drag her into the bathroom to have a good time.
What the hell? But then you find out the hard way that she's actually a he.
And you lose it.
Or maybe you knew she was a guy all along.
Maybe you liked it.
You ever see Brokeback Mountain, Frank? It's okay, Frank.
This is New York City.
We even have a gay parade here.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
I'm not ashamed! Damn it! Okay? And I'm not gay.
Then what's the problem, kitten? That queer kissed me.
In front of my friends.
In front of everybody.
And later, after they kicked her out, someone told us that she was actually a man.
Said he was performing next door in a drag show.
Oh, my friends, they thought that was hysterical.
They told everybody I'd kissed her.
Asked her up to my room.
The whole table went nuts.
I felt like I was gonna puke.
I went into the bathroom to wash out my mouth and there he was using the men's room like a totally normal guy.
I think we've had enough for one night.
Don't you, sugar? This girl is beat.
And then he touched me.
And he said he wasn't up for sex.
Can you believe that? Like that's what I came in there for.
To have sex with him.
What are you doing? Stop.
When it was over, I didn't feel sick, or scared or anything I thought I would.
What did you feel, Frank? I felt I'd done the world a favor.
And now I'm gonna do it an even bigger one.