CSI: NY s03e19 Episode Script

A Daze of Wine and Roaches

Org the ambassador.
Monsieur I'ambassadeur.
Je suis enchant.
Your french is excellent,mademoiselle.
I thank you and your parents for cohosting this fund-raiser for the haitian children.
And I thank you for allowing us to use the un facility.
I'm very honored to be able to help.
Mon plaisir.
Excuse us,ambassador.
Evie,they're setting up for the guillotine photo.
Thank you.
I don't feel very well,evie.
Simone,you've had too much wine,okay? That's it.
Please,you can't play the life of marie antoinette without the end.
Mademoiselle? Ca va.
simone? Simone! Luther,something's not right! Simone! Evie,come with me.
It's okay,she'll be all right.
Simone de lille.
She got trapped in the guillotine: A couple guests tried to get her out, but it was jammed.
The thing's just a prop.
It couldn't have hurt her.
This blood's from a small cut on her forehead.
Certainly not fatal.
So if the guillotine didn't kill her what did? com/bbs=- Proudly Presents york Season 3 Episode 19 Her lips are blue.
Symptomatic of poisoning.
Either that or it was a very tight choker.
Hey,mac,so get this the french ambassador was taken outta here by his security detail, but so was a Daughter of a french vip? American.
The only kid here.
The hostess of this shindig.
- The hostess? - Yeah,isn't that something? Evie pierpont.
Yes,those pierponts.
And witnesses say she pulled the handle on that guillotine.
All right,mac,I got this one.
- Flack,you're driving.
- Engine's running.
Have one of your guys impound memory cards from all the cameras.
If she was poisoned here, we might be able to see our killer.
I'm on it.
guys,let's move this body.
Get these people outta here.
This is a crime scene.
Captain gerrard.
Deputy inspector gerrard.
He got made? That gives him authority over the crime lab.
Not just the crime lab.
He's the right-hand man to the chief of detectives.
All right guys,come on,let's bag 'er.
Hold it! Don't touch that body.
Is there a problem? Yeah,death's on un property.
Our victim was a part-time translator.
Un security's asked that the scene remain secured and the body untouched until we get an okay.
Un security doesn't have jurisdiction here.
They've requested cooperation, and I'm extending the courtesy.
They want to wait for formal approval from the french embassy.
That could take hours.
They assured me they would expedite as quickly as possible.
You and I both know this isn't something you have to do.
It's un security, and it's the way we're doing it.
We're trying to solve a suspected poisoning.
Delaying examination of the victim could degrade evidence in the body.
Not to mention our murderer's got quite a head start hey,I don't need a crime scene tutorial I understand the implications.
It's a question of international diplomacy,detective.
When we're authorized to examine the body,we will.
You can take trace and material evidence, but the body's off-limits.
Mac,I can think of at least 20 different poisons that'll be undetectable in an hour.
We need a fresh blood sample.
Which we get how,if we can't touch the body? We already have it.
What? At our fingertipS.
I'm evie's guardian and the family's attorney.
The pierponts are in china.
I handle their daughter.
When are they coming back? They have no plans of returning to the states.
Their business is elsewhere.
I'd think their daughter would be their primary concern.
I can certainly answer any of your questions or write them down and have evie respond by e-mail.
Nice,but that's not how this works.
See,we're old school.
Raw light bulbs,cold concrete rooms.
You took evie out of the room rather quickly.
Why? Evie's quite mature for her age,but she's only 15.
Death isn't something she should witness.
So,you examined the body? You knew that simone was dead? She didn't appear to be breathing.
Alive or dead,the moment was a traumatic one.
There was another gentleman with you? Jackson pillock.
Part of our team of caregivers responsible for evie's well-being.
A licensed child psychologist.
Again,I'd be happy to pass your card on to him.
You just don't get it,do you? I want to talk to them,luther.
I got it,flack.
Simone was more than just my french teacher.
I mean,she actually cared about me.
She was my best friend.
Unlike some of my parents' other employees.
It was her idea to co-host this fund-raiser.
She had this great idea about recreating paintings of marie-antoinette.
Evie,did you notice anything different or strange about simone this evening? She said she didn't feel very good.
Why did you pull the handle on the guillotine? I thought it would be a cool picture.
You know, the blade coming down.
And the shock on simone's face.
So,it wasn't planned? I wanted it to be a surprise.
I mean,I knew it couldn't hurt her.
I just I really don't understand.
And I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault,evie.
But luther says she's in the hospital.
She's going to be okay,right? What you did to simone didn't hurt her,evie.
Okay? meet the former future of the manhattan foodie scene.
Alec green,38 years old.
This was his third restaurant.
He's considered one of the greatest chefs in the country under 40.
- Who found him? - Manager.
Today was the big opening day.
Last night was "invited" dress.
Critics,wine distributors,mucky-mucks.
I thought you caught the un case.
I did.
Saturday night in the city, linds,you know how it is.
Good to be back.
The rigor shows he's been dead for 12 hours at least.
He may have been dead while the guests were still eating their cre brul last night.
This is an odd corkscrew.
It'S it's inscribed with something.
It looks like some kind of an award.
Flack,who's got access to the vault? No one.
The vault was alec's pride and joy.
Only way in was through him.
So this is where he housed the million dollar grape juice, Are you kidding me? This place is amazing.
Mouton rothschild, montrachet, barbaresco,the wine in this vault,dan, worth tens of thousands of dollars.
What do you know? Flack,I think danny's kind of wine is the house chianti.
that's where you're wrong.
My favorite kind of wine is beer.
All right,we got lots of glass and wine spatter.
Looks like the bottle was open when it was broken, so it didn't come off the wine rack.
Came from the table over here.
So we have a glass of wine, and a stoppered bottle, so somebody opened a bottle to taste it.
And then maybe it got dropped in a struggle.
From the diameter of the spatter, looks like the bottle was thrown, and thrown hard.
Okay,so there's a fight, and someone throws a wine bottle at our vic.
Then maybe alec rushes the attacker.
and then he gets,uh screwed to death.
Little shaky on the landing.
What exactly was this chef cooking last night? Can't believe it.
Second day on the job,my boss is dead.
Just my luck.
Sure you didn't see anything? No.
My manager came up, white as a sheet,told me to call 911.
Here I am,out of one job.
Who knew you needed three jobs to live in this city? Thanks for your time.
Let's just stick to what we have, and then we can be ahead of the game when we get simone's body back from the clutches of the un.
Mac loves this litical stuff, doesn't he? I'll take the choker, why don't you go with the wrapper.
anything? Yeah,I found what looks like a bite mark on this choker.
Got a sample to send over to dna.
I'm thinking it could give us a romantic angle to pursue.
Waiting on tox from the blood on my gloves.
This candy wrapper was found under the guillotine, near simone's hand.
See a small hole right there.
It's possibly from a syringe.
It's too perfect to be from a tear.
Also got a partial print on the edge.
A small hand.
A woman's? Possibly.
It's smudged, so no defining characteristics.
Someone injects poison into a candy.
Means they had to know how to get that one piece to its intended target.
He died amongst some of the most expensive bottles of wine in the world.
I hope he took a swig of one of them before this went into him.
Sid,I've got some questions about poisoning.
Oh,you're here about the body we don't have.
Tox on a blood sample from hawkes' gloves just came back negative.
If simone de lille was poisoned, we'd expect some kind of a match.
A few poisons are broken down by enzymes in the blood into natural compounds.
It makes them undetectable.
We see the elements, but not in combinations we'd recognize.
A new kind of compound.
I thought about that.
But what? Dna came back on the bite marks from our vic's choker.
Codis coughed up the name charlie cooper.
Three concealed weapon busts.
Apparently,charlie cooper was yet another one of evie pierpont's handlers.
He was her shooting coach.
Did you say charles cooper? Yes,I did.
Well,I give you charles cooper, shooting coach to olympic hopefuls.
Sent athletes to atlanta,sydney,athens.
Came in two days ago,remember? Preliminary investigation indicated suicide.
We're waiting on ballistics.
So how does a dead man bite the choker of a living woman who's now dead? Sounds like a trick question.
That leads to a dead end.
Oh,but simone's work visa expired two weeks ago.
Technically,that means she couldn't work at the un.
There goes her diplomatic immunity.
Hey,sid confirmed C.
Aortic tear and esophageal trauma due to corkscrew impalement.
Did you get anything off the corkscrew? Yeah,male epithelials on the handle.
Unknown donor,though.
No hits in codis.
But that pink trace we found was composed of resin and acrylic.
It's a fake nail.
The end was jagged, broken off.
Could be related to the signs of struggle at the scene.
Did adam get anything off the bottle? Nothing off the bottle.
But he's looking at the ball bearing I found, see what it's made of,help us, give us an idea of what it is.
Is that the creature we pulled from the vic's mouth? Madagascar hissing cockroach.
This one is covered in three carats of cushion cut emeralds and rubies.
It's worth over $100,000.
Get out of here.
These are real stones? And I'm thinking that this chain was attached.
Which makes this roach jewelry.
Or a pet.
Or a jeweled pet.
A roach broach.
could be the next big thing.
I mean, isn't the cockroach kind of the unofficial mascot of new york? That's funny.
Take it easy there,montana.
so how'd this thing end up in the chef's mouth? I don't know.
But it's worth a lot of money.
Maybe somebody lost it, or maybe it was stolen.
And alec green had something to do with it.
to answer that,we need to know who that roach broach belonged to.
it shouldn't be too hard.
How many people out there put this much bling on a bug? Girls like that really wear these things? she's a real trendsetter.
Bridge,which one of you trendsetters owned this? My client list is confidential.
what's confidential about a list of freaks who wear bugs? We'll subpoena the list if we have to.
do what you got to do.
if one of those animal rights groups gets the list, your clients are gonna have a whole different kind of pest to deal with.
spence evers.
Guys buy these things? got it for his wife.
Even had it gift wrapped.
Thank you very much.
what if the roach was attached to the wife? And the wife was attached to alec green.
And the roach broach lives to tell the tale.
Detective taylor.
You authorized the medical examiner's removal of simone de lille? She wasn't working for the un anymore.
Her visa expired three weeks ago.
Oh,so now you're playing games? Violating protocol because of a technicality.
I have a murder to solve.
Little advice,taylor.
You might want to get used to the idea of playing politics.
If I don't? Might come back and bite you in the ass.
You angry because this made you look bad or because you know I'm right? Both.
I'll forward the autopsy report.
I'd appreciate that.
For all the trouble you had to go to for simone de lille's body, I wish I had something more conclusive.
Any fingerprints? One - from a small hand, right on the carotid artery.
Checking to see if she was alive.
You get a good lift? Sent it upstairs already.
I also ran a sample of her blood through tox, but there were no obvious signs of poison.
No obvious signs? The lungs were edematous.
Swollen with water.
Respiratory failure? Right.
So I looked for cause.
There were traces of chocolate in her stomach, but again,no direct link to a poison.
So I went deeper into the digestive system and found traces of a dendritic polymer- a cutting-edge drug delivery system.
The polymer particles carry a drug to specific parts of the body where it's released.
It's used when a drug is too toxic to be released directly into the bloodstream.
Maybe we can't detect the poison because it isn't in our database of known compounds.
That could be.
Okay,we've got the what, now we need the when,the how and the who.
I can help with the when.
The location of the drug release shows she ingested the poison This fresh scarring? Yes.
And it's associated with this fracture,I think.
Two,maybe three days old.
Someone wanted her hurting.
Someone wanted her dead.
We pulled charlie cooper's dna from simone's choker.
She rented it about a week ago, so we're thinking maybe one night okay,but we need more of a connection than that.
On charlie was originally thought to be suicide, until we noticed this.
There's blood spatter on the palm of his hand.
Makes it impossible for him to have held the gun.
Browning nine mil.
Some skin caught in the slide was sent to the lab.
We got a dna profile, but no match in codis.
That is,until we ran it against our latest contestant.
Who wouldn't have been in codis.
So simone killed charlie.
See,I'm thinking she could have threatened him.
There was a struggle, and the gun went off.
What the hell is this?! Somebody knows about my visa,charlie! You're the only person that knew! Did you tell? Hey,take it easy.
I didn't write that! Simone,put down the gun.
Simone,put down the gun! Simone! oh what would she threaten him about? We found this at charlie's murder scene.
Analysis of the handwriting doesn't give us anything that matches charlie though.
She have this kind of money? Deposits were made into her account totaling $18,000 in the last few weeks.
And all the money came from the pierpont household account.
So simone gets this note saying someone knows her secret.
She confronts charlie, thinking he spilled the beans.
Pierpont,charlie,simone all fit together somehow.
Who else knew simone's secret? Let's go uptown.
Pillock,you accompanied evie to the party? Yes,I did,and i have no idea who wrote this note.
Certainly not me.
Who would have access to paper like that? Any one of 30 people.
You're referring to evie's handlers.
We're a care team.
Evie is like manhattan royalty.
She's not being handled, she's being prepared.
Well,here's a possible scenario.
You wanted more leverage at the pierponts', so you engineer charlie and simone breaking up, using this note.
The way's clear for you because simone has to go back to france.
Ask her.
Ask that little witch what's going on.
I need you to re-schedule evie's fencing class.
And have you set up the interviews for the new french coach? Those writing samples? I'm starting with you.
There's paper in the office.
I need a word with evie.
Evie,did you know that simone and your shooting coach were in a relationship? I mean,they were even going to get married.
Evie,did you touch simone when she was in the guillotine? No,I couldn't do that.
It was way too horrible.
It's okay,sweetie.
Here you go.
Evie,it's getting late.
Excuse us.
Um,I'm sorry.
I have dressage at 2:30 and then I'm performing tonight.
Do you have a card? Uh,yes.
Of course.
Please call me the second you hear anything.
You're the company that insured that roach.
No,I want it done now.
It was from my ex-husband.
A final kiss-off before he took off to california with his secretary.
He thought it was the perfect symbol of our marriage, so I wear it when I get too sentimental.
Any idea how your jewelry wound up in mr.
Green's mouth? Roaches like dank places filled with hot air? That's funny, but you know what,when we found him, he was stone cold dead.
I wore it to his restaurant last night.
I'm a food critic for manhattan weekly.
You always wear bugs to restaurant openings? No,just this once.
In true fashion, alec overreacted.
How you doing? I hope you're enjoying your get that thing out of here.
What are you trying to do? Ruin me? Oh,alec,love,if this place bombs, it will hardly be because of my choice in jewelry.
seems like the two of you might have a little history together.
He didn't like it when i said he only had two recipes: One for failure,the other for disaster.
I was only being honesT.
And then you got mean? We found your fingernail at the crime scene.
Along with other signs of struggle.
That roach is worth more than the two of you make in a year.
I wasn't going to just let him flush it.
Alec,get back here.
hey,get off of me! - Give it to me,alec! - Let go! What are you doin'? Clarissa,you're crazy! I'm calling security! No,no,no, don't go under there.
Don't go under there, get back here! stop! Ouch! I never found it.
Evers,we know people who kill for a lot less than what we make in a year.
I didn't kill him.
The roach was insured, and regardless, alec would have killed himself anyway when my review came out.
So what difference does it make? I got some info on that ball bearing you found at the scene.
It's five millimeters and made from lead.
Now,machine-grade ball bearings are made from hardened steel, so I-I'm thinking bb I-like a bb gun.
Right,but there are no signs of a bb gun shot in the wine vault.
Right,I-I remembered that, so I took a closer look and I found no specific rifling characteristics, so I-it's not a bb.
Cool,so what is it? I I have no idea.
That's fantastic.
Dude,come on,the sarcasm,all right? I'm doing the best with what I got here.
Anywhere on the broken bottle pieces? uh,yes,actually,i,I, i found this stuck to the bottom of the broken wine bottle.
Don't bother asking 'cause I have no idea what it is yet.
All right? I found it in the search.
I,I fumed all the pieces of glass and the only print that I came up with was the vic'S.
maybe he, like,dropped the bottle when he was being attacked? The bottle was thrown; the spatter pattern established that.
Well,alec might have been the one to throw the bottle,then.
This is a 2003 cheau suzanne.
This is a $500 bottle of wine.
I checked.
Since when do you know so much about wine,montana? We're more than beer and buffalo burgers,messer look at the label.
You see that white line? - Where? - Over here on the edge.
See? Now,if I compare it to an athentic label from our database there.
What do you think? It's a knockoff.
Yeah,see,a bottle that expensive¡ª the color of the border would go all the way to the edge.
All right,so let me know, The reason alec green threw a $650 bottle of wine to the ground is because he knew it wasn't worth $650.
Someone was switching labels.
It's the most common wine scam.
You take a cheap bottle of wine with the right shape, you steam the label off, you slap on an expensive label,and you're done.
and boom.
Julian feeney.
Busted for drunk driving.
Now,the only reason his prints would be under the label is if he's the one who switched it.
He one of the people at alec's "invited dress" last night? Yep.
Julian feeney, feeney wine distribution.
All right,so I'm thinking alec green figured out he was paying more than his wine was worth.
Maybe it cost him his life.
Julian feeney.
At your service.
Poor guy's been dead 24 hours.
You're already,uh, taking back your wine? All this was on loan.
Look,it's a shame what happened.
Alec was my best client and last night couldn't have gone smoother.
I mean,this place was going to blow up.
Alec had great taste in everything.
Maybe too great,right? You underestimate him.
Didn't think he'd notice two-buck chuck in a six-bill bottle? The nose on this is wrong.
You switching labels on me? That's the real deal.
For $650? This is anything but the real deal.
I don't know,if it got out that you were pulling this wine scam, I'm thinking you'd be finished.
you might've gave a little twist to that story.
I got male dna on a corkscrew,julian, and I think it belongs to you.
So what do you want me to do,hmm? Spit into a cup to clear this up? Let's just get this done.
I got a tasting downtown in an hour.
Cancel it,all right, because even if you didn't kill alec green, this whole wine scam thing you're pulling, that's ten months for fraud.
All right? How do you like the taste of that? Hey,mac.
None of the handwriting samples we took from the pierpont staff matches the note.
You got something? Yeah,something's been bugging me about evie, so I did a little further investigation.
Now,there are three types of tears: Basal,reflective,and psychic, or emotional tears.
Now,emotional tears have higher levels of potassium and manganese than the others.
I analyzed the composite enzymes of evie's tears.
They're not emotional.
She's faking it,mac.
So you think evie's involved in simone's death.
But how does a child of 15 get access to the drug that killed simone? We need more than that.
Well,the science says that she knows something.
A distraught young girl's tears? Never hold up in court.
We need another angle.
The note at the scene of charlie's death was a demand for money, and there's simone's account.
Follow the money.
All right,I'll subpoena the pierpont accounts.
I'm not sure how, but I have a feeling this is all going to lead us right back to evie.
I have no idea what it is, all right? I've washed it,I've unfolded it, I swabbed it for dna, and I found female epithelials on the adhesive side.
I even figured out that our mystery metal goes right here.
But you still don't know what it is.
No,I'm,I'm,I'm batting zero.
The dna came back on julian feeney.
The epithelials are not a match to the murder weapon.
A nipple marker.
That's what it is.
A nipple what? A nipple marker.
They're using mammograms to search for palpable masses.
Ah,you know,that's what the lead is for.
It would up in the x-ray.
Right,women always forget they're wearing them.
They wind up in the weirdest places.
Yeah,like two feet away from a dead guy? Maybe it belongs to clarissa.
Because if she were breast-feeding she wouldn't have had a mammogram.
It's too much radiation.
Somebody brought it into the wine vault.
One side of the marker is adhesive.
It would stick to anything.
So you discovered the chef, alec green? No.
She came up Radiology.
The busboy.
Sanford? all right,you got the key? - Yeah,this is it right here.
- All right,step aside.
Sanford? Nypd! Mr.
Sanford? Danny.
All right,mr.
Sanford, we see you behind the curtain.
Come out slowly.
Don't move.
Found these rubies in the tread of your doc martens.
You were stompg around on good 13 grand.
Is that what this is about? You tried to make a grab for the ruby-covered roach? No.
He was a murderer with his poisons and his traps.
Is that was this is about? Alec stepped all over you? No,it wasn't about me.
It was about her.
Where'd you go,you little bastard? Hey! Just let her go! Get off me! You're crazy! you killed him because of the cockroach? It's the way you say it.
Just like just like just like they're nothing.
Don't you understand these beings are special? Like what? Like a,like a pet? No! Cockroaches have been around for more than 250 million years.
They can withstand 12 times the amount of radiation a human can.
The military is looking into using roaches to comb buildings for biohazards.
They're that sensitive.
They are that amazing.
You know,we barely scratch the surface of what these creatures could tell us.
Only instead of listening to them,we take them for granted.
Just like fresh water.
Just like the ozone layer.
And one day we'll all be gone.
They'll still be here.
Couldn't help it.
When I saw when I knew what he was gonna do so you killed a guy over a cockroach.
Hey,mac! Mac! I went to the fda to see if I could get a lead on the drug delivery system found in simone's body.
Developed by evie's father's company for a breakthrough cancer drug.
Samples were attached to the patent application.
So who had access? You were being blackmailed.
You set up simone's account as part of an embezzlement scheme and when she found out,she confronted you.
You said you had some questions for evie.
I'm here as her attorney.
I'm filing a complaint with your superiors.
Recognize this? Right.
It's a patent application for a polymer-based drug delivery system.
Supposed to have three attached samples.
Now,I may only be a simple forensic scientist,mr.
Vandeross, but even I can tell that one of these samples is missing.
There's supposed to be three, there are two.
And the application is signed by can you explain this to him? I'm done.
You still have no case.
You know,I couldn't figure out why you would need simone's account.
And then, I remembered simone's not a citizen.
She doesn't have permanent residency.
It would've been impossible for her to open an account on her own.
She came to you for your help and you used her.
Simone,luther's using you.
He's embezzling money from my parents and he's put the account in your name.
He's gonna make it look like you're stealing.
Like it's all your fault.
What should I do? You need money to stay in the country,so just do what you need to do,okay? The account is in my name.
Well,and now, you are going to pay.
She wanted more,didn't she? It's always the same with blackmail.
You had to get rid of her.
Thank you,evie.
now you knew she'd be eating the candy in the photograph.
You helped set that up,too.
I need a lawyer.
Yeah,I'd say you do.
Do me a favor,look at evie.
Take a good look.
That child is poison.
Still on evie? There's something about that kid.
Two people are dead because she manipulated everyone around her.
It all fits if you play the evie card.
That print on simone's neck is a match to the print we took off the guillotine handle.
Evie,did you touch simone when she was in the guillotine? No.
I couldn't do that.
It was way too horrible.
Is there anything we can do? Nothing.
We've got nothing on her.
It's not illegal to be a sociopath.