CSI: NY s03e20 Episode Script

What Schemes May Come

I was here first,dude.
Go find your own space.
so,I've considered all possibilities for his wardrobe.
Too early for halloween.
Shakespeare in the park is months away.
And it's monday night, so broadway's dark.
All right,that leaves us with a medieval costume party.
Well,if that's this guy's story, that was a killer party.
any I.
? Nope,no I.
,No wallet.
No family crest.
Anything from your witness over there? Yeah.
Do you know that sugar you put in your coffee in the morning? Not sugar.
- No? - No.
Granulated tracking devices that the government used to keep tabs on us.
- Good to know.
- Yes.
Okay,let's get a closer look here.
armor's made of some kind of lightweight tin.
Chain-mail feels like polyester.
Something you get at any costume shop.
Even the sword is made of plastic, rounded edges.
So our vic was playing make-believe.
His attacker wasn'T.
This lance was made to kill.
blood trail.
Directionality leads that way.
I found cherry blossoms in his hair, and somebody kissed his ring.
Lipstick kiss.
Think maybe our lancelot had a rendezvous with guinevere in the park? com/bbs=- proudly presents Season 03 Episode 20 Hey,flack,over here.
This is it.
This is our primary crime scene.
turf is all torn up.
These impressions in the mud? They're horse tracks.
more than one horse.
Dead knight.
Go ahead,say it.
Ouvic was jousting in central park? New york city's camelot.
Yeah,that's exactly what I said.
Doesn't look like our vic struggled or resisted.
I think he was a little preoccupied.
Didn't see it coming.
Oysters on the half shell, expensive champagne,caviar.
Penthouse suite.
Must've been quite a night.
It's a $40,000 night.
It's the hotel's premier package.
The best of everything.
Including your own personal fireworks display at the statue of liberty.
Viewed from that window.
And our vic,bob smith,paid in full.
Perfect nightcap to an evening like that is sex.
Well,this night ended in murder.
Ice pick was plunged right into his brain stem.
Death was instantaneous.
He didn't feel a thing.
Watch out.
peyton! You all right? They took the body,mac! I just heard what happened.
Danny,check the van.
Get a doctor down here.
- Let me see.
- I'm okay.
No,you're not.
You're bleeding.
No,mac,I'm okay.
Tell me exactly what happeneD.
I'm not quite sure.
I mean,we,uh,got back from the crime scene and,uh louis went inside.
it was an suv.
Uh mercedes,I-I think.
I'm,I'm not sure.
Did you get a look at whoever did this to you? I don't think so.
Peyton,what were you doing out here in the first place? I was supervising a new M.
It was his first time in the field.
Oh,I'm fine.
I - I don't need a doctor.
Yes you do.
Go ahead.
danny, what happened at the crime scene? A few witnesses said the vic was in some sort of distress before he died.
And when you got to the scene? Routine.
Photographed and processed the body.
No keys.
No wallet.
Nothin' for an I.
Pockets weren't turned out so I didn't think it was a robbery.
Cod? Couldn't say for sure until I got him back to the morgue.
The vic was bleeding from his head and his nose.
So it could have been blunt force trauma.
But the way that the witnesses were describing his behavior, I think it could have been poisoning.
Can either of you give me any reason why someone would want to take that body? Up all night? - Uh,yeah,you,too? - Yeah.
I was processing the horse.
Found wear marks, possibly from a bridle.
Which means that horse was pulling a lot of weight.
Hooves were full of dirt, cigarette butts,even a half a knish.
A horse pulling weight on the streets by central park exactly.
I'll call you.
Thank you.
Blonde hair.
Bleach damaged, so I can't get mitochondrial dna.
You? No prints on the ice pick.
And the palm prints I lifted at the scene, it belongs to our vic.
Anything from our bed sheets? Small traces of vaginal fluid.
No match in the database.
And no trace or prints other than our vic's anywhere else in the entire hotel room.
So our killer is probably the woman bob smith had sex with.
And she got lucky with the hotel surveillance.
A maid's cart was blocking the camera right when she walked into the hotel suite.
So,basically,we have no way of knowing who our suspect could be.
The hotel did say that the vic got five calls all within minutes,all from a woman.
So,I'm tracing the number but you thinking something? Yeah.
That this is how people get away with murder.
Yeah,that's the guy.
He took both the horses and the carriage.
This one came back,though.
I washed her down.
She was sweating like she just ran the preakness.
You've got an impressive rap sheet,J.
Oh,so you think I'm lying? I'm just letting you know before you tell me your story that I think you're involved.
And it's up to you to convince me otherwise.
Well,you can just stand there with that smirk on your face and listen because I ain't making this stuff up, all right? Couple comes by guy gives me two thou,cash.
Plus he even gave me his wallet for collateral.
So,look,I was wondering if I could take your carriage out for about two hours.
I only do an hour run,tops, through the park.
The seat gets kind of hard.
Actually,I was kind of hoping i could take the carriage out.
Just she and I alone.
Get out of here.
It's a special night.
The woman,can you describe her? Nah,not really, she was back in the shadows.
She had great legs though.
I mean,the outfit she had on could have fit in a martini glass.
Would you recognize her if you saw her again? Yeah,maybe,I-I don't know.
How about the vic's wallet? You still got it on you? - I tossed it.
- Why? Credit cards were no good.
How do you know that? He wasn't back in two hours,okay? I didn't know if he was coming back at all, so I was hungry, tried to run across the street and get a nice porterhouse steak.
On a credit card that wasn't yours? It was collateral,okay? And you're missing the point here,detective.
I am the victim.
He's the thief.
And maybe,J.
, When the card was denied, you went looking for what was yours, got into a tangle, and things didn't end so well.
How could you think such a thing? Huh? And that rap sheet that you eyeballed? Did it say anything about me being a killer? Don't go anywhere,J.
Oh,and another thing,detective.
I want my other horse back.
It was an suv,a mercedes,I think.
We lifted an imprint of your license plate from a dumpster in the alley,mr.
I was running late, so I took a shortcut.
It was a dumpster.
I'll buy you a new one.
this isn't about cutting a check.
What happened to your face? Basketball game.
Do you know this man? No,I don'T.
What do you think? that's the guy you saw behind the wheel? The brown hair and the complexion.
Danny,I really don't know.
All right.
Look,I have my schedule from two days ago.
I had an appointment three blocks from here.
I was running late,clipped the dumpster.
It happened this morning,christopher.
Paint ecks from your car were still on the metal.
An eyewitness described your vehicle.
Silver mercedes.
Lots of those in this city.
You've got the wrong guy.
Well,if that's true, you wouldn't mind if we took your prints? Okay,lower it down.
The harbor patrol was right.
It is an M.
that's our victim.
Our stolen body.
He's got some bruising on his sternum.
he's alive.
Get this guy to a hospital now! he was dead.
We've just we've just witnessed the impossible.
Who pronounced the vic dead at the scene? Was it the new M.
? Why? Because only somebody new could have made a mistake like that? I'm the one who pronounced him dead.
Based on what? based on eight years of training and another eight years on the job.
I haven't forgotten how to tell if a vic is alive or dead,mac.
Peyton,I'm not attacking you.
I know.
I know.
It's just this whole thing, it'S it's just not possible.
There are procedures to follow.
I never put a body in a bag until I've done two things.
I check the pulse and then I check the eyes to confirm no constriction in the pupils, and there was nothing, absolutely nothing.
He was not alive.
I need to find out what was flowing through his veins.
I'll push through a warrant, draw a sample of his blood.
This needs to happen fast.
Somebody just said the vic was alive? How'd that happen? We're going to find out.
Off the record.
Christopher bowfield.
The kid driving the mercedes? Councilman craig bowfield's son.
So you're saying I'm gonna feel some heat.
Yeah,and this thing ran up the ladder quickly.
He spoke to daddy, daddy made some phone calls.
If you want this guy, you're going to have to do it soon 'cause they're circling the wagons.
What kind of window I have? I need to see this kid's vehicle.
He was there when the body was grabbed.
First he lied about it, now he's running for cover.
Well,that car's sanitized by now,mac.
Well,I still need danny to process it.
Christopher bowfield had bruises on his face, I'm guessing from air bag deployment.
He claims the accident with the dumpster happened two days ago, but the bruising was still red, not purple or yellow, which would be consistent with his story.
You can bet that air bag's history,too.
Doesn't matter.
It's a late model mercedes, means it has a brain,a kind of a black box, which records the time of any air bag deployment.
It's a way we can definitely connect him to the time the body was stolen.
I'll work on getting that warrant fast.
So our knight had a brain tumor? Inoperable,but that's not why I called you in here.
These two bodies have something in common.
Other than being stabbed with sharp instruments, that is.
Take sir lancelot here.
Thumb and index prints near the eyes? Right,'cause someone closed the lids.
Well,it could have been one of our med techs, right? I thought about that,but hold on.
Take a look at the vic from the hotel.
Same thing.
Prints on the eyelids,same spot.
Icing on the cake the prints match.
These cases are connected.
Dna from the fingerprints tells me it's a woman, a match to the vaginal fluid on the hotel room sheets.
No hit in codis.
So the same woman who was in bed with bob smith touched the eyelids of our dead knight.
So why would this woman kill these two men? Stella,what you got? Hey,prints on the lance belong to our vic.
See these smudges here? Indicate directionality, like he pushed this further into his stomach.
He killed himself? No,no,I don't think so.
It was more like he finished the job.
See,his prints are too close to the neck of the lance.
It wouldn't allow enough force for initial penetration.
So i went by the restaurant where our vic's credit card was rejected.
It turns out our knight in shining armor is a stockbroker named derek curson.
Also,three days ago,canceled his credit cards and closed all his bank accounts.
Anything new on your end? Yeah,dna came back on the lipstick from our knight's ring.
Didn't match the dna on the prints on our two vics' eyelids.
So the night derek died, one woman kissed his ring and the other one touched his eyes.
An additional analysis of the blonde hair tells me the woman who killed bob smith is a marijuana user.
Hey,I just got that credit card report back for bob smith.
Get this.
Not only did he pa$40,000 for a night at the chase regency,but he also paid for the lance that killed your knight.
So I got a name and an address of the person who made those calls to bob smith's hotel room.
Stel,want to take a ride? Yep.
You made five phone calls to his hotel room.
I needed to reach him.
I was handling the sale of mr.
Smith's chelsea flat.
There were some out-of-town buyers here that evening.
They made an offer and I needed an answer.
I can't believe he's dead.
How did you know he'd be at the hotel? Mr.
Smith had a lot of money, liked his privacy.
He wanted to be somewhere else while people were looking at his flat.
Do you know a guy named derek curson? No.
Where were you last night between the hours of 8:00 and midnight? I was having dinner with a friend.
We're going to need the name of that friend.
I don't understand.
The suspect we're looking for is a blonde female.
Would you mind giving us your fingerprints and a dna sample? Actually,yes,I would mind.
Ratio of truth to lies? Lying through her teeth, start to finish.
So we know that one woman is connected to both our vics, but without her prints, we can't connect her to derek curson.
Looks like we're stuck.
Maybe not.
I'll pay another visit to my horse buddy, see if he can identify isabella as the womann the shadows.
If he can means we may have found our killer.
Our victim's still without a name, and doctors say he's in a permanent vegetative state.
And christopher bowfield's prints weren't a match to the prints I lifted from the door of the M.
Just means he didn't open the van door.
I also checked the air bag in bowfield's silver mercedes.
It was gone.
And whoever did it got to the onboard computer, 'cause it was empty.
I need you to take a look at what i pulled from the body bag.
Raw silk? On steroids.
A spider that produced a strand this thick would have to weigh 150 pounds.
So I ran it to dna for a species determination.
Our spider has floppy ears, he bleats,likes to eat garbage.
You lost me.
It's from a goat.
Do you know this man? Yes,that's one of my assistants, cort peterson.
Did you know he was found dead only half a block from here? Dead? What happened? That's what we're trying to find out.
How well did you know cort? He was an employee.
I never had any problems.
So your relationship was a good excuse me.
Be careful with that.
Would you mind explaining to us what you're doing here with this goat? Transgenics.
We splice spider dna into the genome of a goat.
Goat produces silk in its milk.
One of the strongest materials in the world.
Five times as strong as steel.
A cord of that silk the width of your thumb would support the weight of a jumbo jetliner.
But we need it produced in bulk, and spiders can't do that.
We found traces of silk on the victim.
Makes sense.
Cort worked on this project.
You know a christopher bowfield? No.
Did cort come to work this morning? Yes.
And you didn't find it strange that he left and never came back? Detective,for me, "strange" is a relative term.
Ooh,uh what am i looking at here? let's say you were born without an ear.
What we do is genetically alter the rat to remove its immune system, then attach the mold of a human ear with your muscle and bone cells inside.
Because the rat has no immune system, it won't reject your human cells.
Instead,it grows an actual ear into the mold.
Then we graft the ear to your head when it's ready.
Yeah,it's a rat with an ear on its back.
It's a brave new world,detectives.
We just saw a rat with an ear on its back.
I mean,I got to be honest.
I can handle dead bodies,obviously.
Floaters,old ladies cut in little pieces.
But mix and match with different species what's the expression? Progress is a great thing.
Just went on for too long.
So what do you think of our boy? I think quinn is very good at dodging questions he doesn't want to answer.
And I think he knew cort was dead before we gave him the news.
There was bruising on cort peterson's sternum down at the river.
Whoever stole the body performed cpr on him.
He was in a body bag.
Why would somebody try to revive a dead person? You wouldn'T.
Means whoever grabbed him out of the van knew he might be alive.
so I found our horse guy.
But he didn't recognize isabella as the woman in the shadows.
I would've done better showing him a picture of her legs.
Sorry to interrupt.
Bob smith and derek curson had something else in common.
Tox report on bob smith says he was suffering from leukemiA.
And derek curson had a brain tumor.
So they were both terminally ill.
Maybe a month or two left,max.
I'm not through digging around,though.
These two guys are full of surprises.
Guy loves his job.
Flack,we're looking at the wrong thing.
The artwork in isabella's office.
What do you mean? isabella's self-portrait.
It's the latest thing.
We're looking at her dna.
The dna from the artwork didn't match the dna from the fingerprints on the eyelids.
But when we compared the artwork dna to the lipstick mark on the ring, we got a match.
Same woman.
That's it.
Isabella cooksey is connected to both our vics.
She made all the phone calls to bob smith, and she kissed derek curson's ring.
Yes,but she didn't touch the eyelids of the vic, so there's still another woman t there.
We need to find our marijuana smoker who left that blonde hair in bob smith's bed.
Yeah,and as far as isabella goes, she's not gonna confess to anything.
And we can't convict her without proof that she was at either crime scene.
Long ago in fiji, a little girl was punished by her mother.
She ran away and got tangled in a white, flowery vine.
Her tears turned to blood and landed on the stem of the vine, turning the flower red.
Thus,the tagimaucia flower.
Which is what we found on our vic's armor.
Fiji? So it was imported.
Because I checked the soil fragments.
I found peat moss, but I found no sand,silt or clay.
Which means that this flower was grown in a controlled environment.
- Greenhouse.
- Exactly.
Lots of greenhouses in new york,lindsay.
Well,that's true,flack, but the flower also had yellow discoloration on the petal.
Which means it was exposed to calcium hydroxide.
Used in watering plants to neutralize acid water and remove impurities.
So this plant was grown in a greenhouse that was in the wind path of a chemical toxin.
I'm so glad that figuring this stuff out is your job,not mine.
Anticoagulants - that's what I found in cort peterson's blood.
In massive doses.
That would explain the bleeding from the nose you found at the scene.
Lot of other stuff on this list.
Hydrogen sulphide,silver nitrate, potassium cyanide,elemental iodine.
All that plus a mysterious compound that I've never seen before and I can't identify.
Anticoagulants to thin the blood.
Silver nitrate as an antiseptic.
Hydrogen sulphide to reduce metabolic activity.
You asked how the impossible could be possible.
It's how you can appear dead when you're still alive.
There's no other explanation.
Hydrogen sulphide replaces the body's need for oxygen.
Increase the dosage, and you can trick the body's cells into thinking they don't need oxygen, and the organs become dormant.
But,mac,hibernation's never been induced in human beings.
Yes,it has.
By accident.
In norway,a woman was at the bottom of an icy lake for an hour.
No heartbeat, body temperature of 58 degrees.
A child froze in canada in the snow, had no heartbeat for two hours.
Both made full and complete recoveries.
Bob and derek,both gone.
I deal with dying people day in, day out, but you never really get used to the finality of it.
Are you a doctor,henry? Yes.
I'm a psychiatrist.
In addition to my practice,I also run support groups for terminally ill young people.
That's how you knew bob smith and derek curson? Yes.
It's one thing to be old and diagnosed as terminal, another to get that kind of news before your life has even really begun.
The tagimaucia.
Hard to grow,but I decided to take a shot at it because of what it stood for.
Tears ushering in new life.
Do you know who else would have access to this greenhouse? Lots of people.
I often bring groups up here for sessions.
Did you ever see either bob or derek with this woman? Isabella? Of course I did.
She was in their same group.
Isabella cooksey is dying? You'd never know it,would you? Beautiful,vibrant.
The people in that particular group were very close.
They came to the sessions together, they hung out afterwards together.
It's not always like that.
They had a special connection.
Thank you for your time,doctor.
That's it.
What's it? Well,we've been concentrating on the killer.
We've forgotten about the victims, what was going on in their minds.
Flack,they wanted to die.
Which is why bob smith dn't struggle against his bondage.
And why the prints on the lance indicate that derek was pushing it in instead of pulling it out.
They were young and attractive,bright futures, and then life throws them a curve ball, and this was their revenge.
Okay,so you're saying since they couldn't control the when of their death, they'd control the how? Right.
I mean,think about it.
Planning your fantasy death is the ultimate finale to life.
Yeah,but we're talking about ice pick to the brain,stel.
I think you might be romanticizing.
Oh,that's marijuana.
Yeah,we found traces of it on that blonde hair.
Any of the patients in your group use medical marijuana? I wouldn't know.
You do know it's illegal in new york,yeah? And there happens to be a plant right over there that resembles a marijuana plant.
It would be very helpful for us to have those names.
A few of my patients use it,yes.
We're looking for a woman, a woman with blonde hair.
Who we think killed bob and derek.
She's gone.
Looks like our killer had her own fantasy death.
it's dead.
It appears dead, like our vic in the street appeared dead.
Now to bring our mouse back to life, simple oxygen.
Our vic was exposed to oxygen, so why didn't he revive? There must be an oxygen inhibition property to that compound you couldn't identify.
These guys were in uncharted waters.
No legal constraints, no ethical boundaries.
I knew it,mac,I knew I was right, but after a while I just started questioning myself.
I kept going over and over it in my head, thinking, "did I miss something? Had I got something wrong?" Scary moment.
Some of these chemicals that I found in cort's blood, they're strictly controlled, I mean,beyond what any lab assistant could get his hands on.
And I think I know who put them into his hands.
Like I told the guy out there, I'm not giving you guys my prints.
We'll have your prints in an hour and we'll match them to the M.
In the meantime,why don't you tell me about christopher bowfield? Never heard of him.
He took a genetics course from you at university last year.
I've had lots of students.
But only one helped you steal a body.
Here's what I think happened.
you,cort,and christopher saw the money to be made in human hibernation.
You started experimenting, slowly acclimating cort's body to the solution.
Maybe this day he did something different.
He opened the floodgates on the hydrogen sulfide and it went wrong.
What'd you do,cort? Oh,my god.
What's that thing you guys always need? Oh,yeah,proof.
All your research is dna-based,right? The goat silk,the rat.
Strictly dna.
We took a look at what you've been ordering at the lab: Potassium cyanide,hydrogen sulfide, silver nitrate,iodine,all with your signature, and none of which have any function in your research.
You're looking at attempted murder, you and christopher both.
What murder? Throwing someone in the east river.
That usually qualifies.
Cort was already dead.
Cort was,and is,alive.
He's at trinity general.
Alive? Brain dead.
Coincidentally enough, his body is filled with potassium cyanide, hydrogen sulf that th-that means it worked.
We did it.
Human hibernation.
This'll be the scientific breakthrough of the century.
This will make long-distance space travel possible,um sick people can hibernate till a cure is found.
You're going to prison,quinn.
tell me how christopher bowfield is involved.
Maybe I'll put in a good word for you.
I'm not telling you anything.
I'll be rich,famous.
will know who you are, but my name will be in history books.
get this guy out of here.
It worked.
All right,that's enough.
Get up,turn around.
Your father's not in.
What are you doing here? Got a warrant for your arrest.
You don't have a single thing on me.
Well,let's start with the easy stuff.
You're a graduate student in biology, you took a course from dr.
Quinn brookman, and there's the prints you volunteered.
They were contaminated with silver nitrate and they reacted to the uv rays in our lab.
I don't work with silver nitrate.
I haven't touched silver nitrate.
You touched cort.
Come on,cort,breathe.
Look,forget it,he's gone.
We've got to get rid of this body or we're both going down.
You can practice your hibernation in jail,christopher, 'cause that's where you're going to be for a long time.
Don't do this.
I mean,think about it.
Cort was down what? Five hours? And then he came back.
I mean,your own people thought he was dead.
I mean,that-that's a miracle.
No,it's attempted murder.
Cort's brain dead and quinn's in jail.
That only leaves me for the research and we're on the brink of saving thousands of lives.
Let's go.
Listen,I'm the only one that can take it to the next level.
You put me away, you slam the door on the future.
Talk about the future to cort 'cause he doesn't have one.
We made a pact.
None of us wanted to wither away hooked up to tubes and machines, so we agreed to help each other die the way we wanted to die.
Knight in shining armor.
Marilyn monroe.
I was going to be juliet.
To lay down on a bed of smooth stones and let the poison take me away.
But you didn't go through with it.
I lost my nerve.
It suddenly felt wrong.
I tried to call bob, but it was too late, and then I went to central park to stop derek.
I want this,isabella.
I brought the flower,thinking hoping that it was a symbol of all the living we had left to do.
And now they're gone.
I broke the pact and I'm alone.
But you're alive.
I was alive with them.
We lived more together than we had ever lived before.
Jennie was stronger than me.
That's why she offered to help bob and derek.
What she did was commit murder.
She gave bob and derek a gift.
I think about bob, looking out at the fireworks for the very last time.
It's time.
And derek,dying so heroically I should have joined them.
Isabella you could live longer.
There are treatments and there's always hope.
At least you didn't say that you can imagine what I'm going through.
Because I don't think anybody can.
What are you doing here so late? I needed to talk to you.
I was inspired today by these three kids and how they lived knowing they were dying.
Mac,there's a dna test that detects hiv.
It shortens the window.
Which means I would get an immediate answer.
I was hoping that you would authorize getting the pcr kit that's needed to run the test.
You want to do it here in the lab? Well,we have the equipment.
Adam has the graduate degree.
Top of his class.
I know.
Thank you.
You ready for the answer? Whatever the outcome, I am bound and determined to live every day to the fullest.